Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 10, 1947 · Page 5
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 5

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 10, 1947
Page 5
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ii» *±~*i Market Briefs .WAV.L. .STREEt . YORK—(/#—Steels, rnotors "-% lea a slow retreat in to. market. -, .Hhar'es dlrfted most of the ses- ^ slon, as early (rains for some rails *- ajsappcnrca nricl -moderate selling; nf. rested Other sections ol the list. Many leaders finished at lows for the day, with losses ranging to around 2 points, transactions were among the llghest of tnfe year In the neighborhood ot 680,000 snares. . Pr6iWnent orf the losing side were American .Telephone, Chrysler, u. s. Steel,iYbtinfffltown Sheet, General Mo- tdrs, Goqdyear, Norfolk nnd Western, Uhlon'.PiiclfJc," Decca Records, Trans- ccititiftahtal anrt Western Air, Inter- natlorial. Nickel, Klnnecott, Anaconda, Ollvsi- ..Corp., and Boeing. Pacific Telephone regained, part of the ground lb»t after reductlcfrj of Its quarterly dividend Iftst Friday. Others holding galtis. Included , New York and Har- lenlj Texas-Pacific 1/and Trust '(At a ne^v' high), Coca-jCola. South Porto Rico Sugar, Goodrich, Sears Roebuck," J.C. Penney and American Can. Disturbed labor nnd foreign' situation and uncertainty over fate of lax Jeglslatlin were said by brokers to bft • keeping -customers on the slde- llnea, A few earnings and divided announcements brought select!/) res- •ponse while professional bidding fpr a qtilckturn lent support to some sections. Somn railroads bonds advanced. NfeW YORK STOCKS . (BV Tho Aspoolated »•">»••> Am Airlines .. "" Am Tel .& Tel Am Woolen ,. Anaconda Cop ATCH TASK . AvCo Mfg Beth Steel .... Chrysler Corp C6nt Motors . ,Cont Oil Dol ©BY fiiAim Howe CISTBiauTtD By MM 9EBVICE. 20 37 , 11 20 a n 10 so 13 11 28! az'y, 7-1U •IT's 70',i iVjXJllV, V^ll AJMI - - Curtlss Wright 11 KCeeport Slph .. t Gen Elec .... 3fi 3fl4 Ifl7 33 ?!V' •10% 4 VS S-l MAGNETO yREPAIRING All Work Guaranteed RADCLIFF BROS. ELECTRICAL CO. Cadillac Ambulance Service ; Phone 400 Duenkel-Carmichael Phone Ask me about my business 988 or 47 TUB STOnYl t tta* off In bonrdlng tetiool tvhrn Hit- Tol- HvcrN flrnt cnmr to O««OBO. Futher wrote thnt In n Abort <lmc Mr*. Tolll^er nnd her three dnnfirbl^r* Iind nlrp.idy iirovlded plpnly of food vor RrnNxIp. They hnd rented ihc big Cnrfitvnn' bnimp next to oiirn, nlthonfth everyone kneif their finnncci were limited. The two ynmiKent ClrU—-Flofrn nnd Alinnlwllc— wt-rp benutteH nnd onenly mnk- Jn(c n piny for the two well-to- do nnd mlddle-n^ed bnchtlom Snni nnd Nelson Forben, A few week* nftcr I cnme home for T»<Mif!on Florn ploppd with jonnit Boli Flnnernn. Mr«. Tol- Jlver refnked to accept htr iin- proml«lnB *on-l>i-lnw, niiil the roans conple went to live Tilth Bob'n inothrr. Mr*. Flurii-rnn took them In willingly onongh lint her constant whlnlni? drove Florn ornzj-, * * . * X LORABELLE at first went every day lo see her mother anti sis- s, then every other day, finally not oftener than once a week. She was at our house a great deal. As time passed she grew thin and pale and laughed less and less. She told ( me she often walked the streets * yather than stay with her mother- in-law • .{'hen Bob was not at home. My mother had grown up with Mrs. Finneran, and I had often heard her say that sh'e had never known anyone who could so quickly or so completely wipe the joy out of life as Peters Finneran. After Mr. TTinneran's death she took to expecting the worst in a big way. Now, if Flora appeared in a thin dress, even on the warmest afternoon, Mrs. Finneran would na.g her almost into Q frenzy, by insisting that she change to something warmer. If Flora coughed, she had to fight not to go to bed with a hot-water bottle. If Flora laughed, Mrs. Finneran would sigh that she too had laughed when she was Flora's age, but only too soon life had taught her to laugh on the wrong side of her mouth. "Flora, we've got to make plans, 1 ' I said. "Ypu can't go on Jiving with that awful woman. You just can't," But Flora, who had shown so much spirit and initiative in planning my supper dance, was now as spineless and planless as a half- drowned kitten. I talked over Flora's troubles with my intimates, and with the enthusiasm and generosity of youth we all agreed that it was up to us to help xthe two babes in the Woods. * * * TT was Charme and I who found A a sunny three-room flat in the Spangler Block for fifteen dollars a month. It was Maudie and Kay who organized the boys of our crowd to paint and paper the flat as a belated wedding present to Flora and good old Bob. Janet Phelps gave a linen shower, I a kitchen shower, and Kay a "what have you in the atyc you can spare" shower. Father agreed to pay the first two months' rent, and Annabelle offered to make the curtains and Amy to braid some rugs. How we kept it a surprise was nothing short of a miracle. We all worked like beavers, making a great lark of it, and in no time at all had the little flat shining and bright and sweet, completely furnished except for a kitchen stove and a refrigerator. "Why don't you get your cousin Sam to help?" Leah asked. "He has a whole store full of stoves. Your cousin Sam was never as black as ne'e painted. Anyhow it won't hurt you to aslc." Greatly daring and against Father's advice, I did ask him. Cousin Sam not only agreed to contribute the stove, a new one, but the refrigerator as well. By Friday everything was ready. Saturday evening Dick Foster went after Florabelle and Bob and brought them over to the flat, in the tiny entrance hall was a placard: "From Us All. God Bless You My Children." * * * JpLORA laughed and cried and ran from room to room, ad- mirine everything. < B6B flUfdTall the fight thingi, but I noticed that he seemed more embarrassed than pleased. He must have been asking himself how he would face his mother. We found out later that Mrs. Finneran had recently lost money in a bad investment. She now really needed the money Bob paid for his and Flora's board. _ I shall never altogether forgive Mrs. Finnetan for spoiling Flora's first pleasure in her new home, as I shall never forgive her for msking Bob feel a great sense of guilt for deserting her. Instead of insisting that his mother rent a room or two in her ample house, Bob compromised with ' his conscience by promising her ten dollars a month out of his meager salary. He was already pledged to pay his Aunt Mamie another ten a month toward the three hundred advanced for his honeymoon. That 'eft Flora and Bob around seventy- five dollars a month to live on. With the rent paid for two months they lived very well for a while. Flora was so proud of the flat that she wanted to show it off to everyone, and it seemed there was hardly a day that she did not have a number of us there for lunch or cards or dinner. Flora may not have been so expert with meats and vegetables, but she cer* tainly could make the most wonderful salads and desserts. She claimed her housework v,-as nothing. "Bobby washes the dishes, and t dry them." She laughed. "He loves to. If I allowed it, Bobby would do every bit of the work. He's a lamb pie. I don't know how I ever came to have such a wonderful husband—or such wonderful friends. I tell Bobby every day of my life that it is better to be 3orn lucky than rich. The greatest tick of all. is having you for a friend, darling Louise. . . ." I went back to school with Dora's praises and Flora's happy '.aughter ringing in my ears. I was jlowing with the virtuous pride of a good deed well done. It did not occur to me then or for many years that perhaps I, as much as anyone, was to blame for vhat happened between Flora and Bob. (To Be Continued) west.. Cash corn was. fn Tess urgent demand than last week and prices cased. Hownvcr. Imokine-K of corn from the comity remained light at 77.- OOd tuiKhelK. Wheat doped 17',,-2% lowor, July J2.21-S2.2IV,, corn was £ cents lower 'to .V, higher. July Jl.ST'.i-"^. nnd oats werfi V.) tD I cpnt lower. .Inly Ofii.i-'/i. The luf.ll offi'-o uf thf ("nnimocliiy Credit Corporation announced it our- clia.serl loo.iniii hush r>ls of corn last r-Yiilay, lirlncfns: to .'S.032.500 litishflK' t>i>'- amount of r-nrri pnn'lias«:Tl sirn'o HIP buying program sinrtrtl. KANSAS CITY LIVESTOCK KANSAS CITY. Jiini' !' --t/Pi - (I7R- IJAj- Cuttle 13,000; rsilvm i:',»n; plaueh st.^ers. hoiforK and rniMPcl yrnrllncs pveri, nrlcos mo.stly .«te.ifl.v i Mir Kr-atterpd Mai*** weak to 25 lower: j fnirly active on Mlrlr'tly R-oofl ami ohoi'M> gr.'ulop 1 . voalevs ami calv^n «l(iw; Cow snlos weaker ;md many bids lower, prartioali.v on heavier; around 1o perppiit of run comnrisefl stocker. y arid ft-i'der.s: strictly fcoi>il and rhoice craiicj! mostly s'tf-ady: run nn l»e«.'f sU-crs and y*':irlinu>- fully normal: large wharf of .stt'(-r." grading Sfood and (Mioir-r. Kolel 2-l.SO-2C.2ri; moderate .iimrtly mndium and low pood Ktpt-rs'»-23.firt; good and clioirf. fed heiferx and mixed yenrliiiKi* largo- ly 24.0n-2rj.75: comparatively few good WK itvnllahlR selling i7.ono-is.fin; most huyer.* bidding 21.00 down on .vfiaJers with o'SS. tholce 2*.0rt: medium and pood stock steers largely IS 0022.00; (rood and r-hoU-r; Mock' heifer." V.).bl!-2t).7fi; -.-uws and ejilvps nuni'-r- oiirK at 1.~>.00-K>.25. Hoes 3500; slow, uneven. Sin Ib nnd down .steady to 25 lower than Frld.nv'.s averaffe; practical Ion 2--I.SO; mof-'l K"»>1 nri dclu,icf- 170-L'IO Iti 2-1. 2:. -Vj; NOW." ' FORT WORTH LIVESTOCK For;T \VOHTH. .Itim- :) - i.Tj- .-( 'at tie 7.?00; cfilv.-s 2. foil; market UIK-vi-n; medhim I" good ytpfi-s ami vparllngs Oft; good fat rows ir..r.»-is.fio; f-oinnviii to medium rnlvr- i;i du-l.s 5<i.-4 o<- 1; •-.•!• steers and v.-arlinifs ].".ViO-' 20.7.",; strickcr '-a!vr;,« mostly 21.00. 21.5": few to 22. ."0 ytnr-l-er cn\r- in mi. U.Sn. Hoc-* 1.100; fully active a'.d sU-ndy trn ^'.i.7;i ua ill for mo*t trood :uid ! choice liiidvln-rK u-c i(rh inc 1X0-300 II.- I If'iod nnd clioir-r- H25-IOO |l, 2'i.2n-2 1.."0 ; I sow" l!'..Vi-2«.fift: .itt»>ki-r viKf ) c .oo- j CHICAGO WHEAT I'HTCAr;'). Jun'' fi- -I/PI AVlieal: <M>en Ilieh l<(i\v f'l'i-'f. Jly 2.2SH-22'.. 2.2:!'i 'J.'^i oai.-jpj Set) 2.20-201;, 2.21 s. if, 2 l'i-19i; Dec 2.1!",;-: 2.1:': 2 H; 1 ,; 2.17 Miiy 2.11)'...-'.:, L'.II;'.. 2,j:! T 'i 2. U'/.-'t. CHICAGO PRODUCE (.•Hic'Ano. .rune ;<- t/r-1 ~f rfiiJAi-- T'otaloes: KiiDnllos e«ti'"'lnlly of C;lli- Pampa News, Tueftch*, Jurte 10, 1949 '"*"'":. PAGE £ Turnesa Relurns With Briiish Golf Trophy NEW YORK-— 'A'.!— Reminiscent, of ;tho -Jays wliflii the great Bobby Jones usc-rl to r-omc home Jrc:n his poll conquest abroad. New York rhf!ftcr Countv po'frr who- brqugntr back from Engljnrl the prized Bm-' Amateur championship trophy. WilliP was grooted ut the Queen Elizabeth's pin- by his wife, his father. Michael. Rr., s former greensk.-'cppv, anil fno of his six Ij'-oilKTs — Phi!. Fmk. Joe, Mike p. no Hour:—all pros ra metropolitan lumultnn,,, wMcom, ^rdny "^ g»»- ^ ^.^^ to little Willie Tuniesa, young West- Krtlional sir-arly: .-IIMI'UPS ,,)d st.n-hs lijrht: I'ali- rnrni;i lr,u :r«.». hit<-s- :-'..-"i-i.nn w^isliffl: Alahannj hliss irliimpli.s .'<.!iii-4.ii'J ';i)l I" S N'l I M'taiity). NEW ORLEANS FUTURES .\r-:\\" 'II;I>KAXS, .rim,, ti - i,p/ -(•<,'- t'.in riitnrcs advatifi'd her.- todnv on mill nrii.-i- fixitur niifl sliurl coviTine. r'l'i.^iiiLr m-i'-r-s \vi--rc stc.-ti'.y TT, I-I-IHS lc f'2 n.", ;i i,:<||. higlu/r. i >ppn jligli l.wo (.'Insp If fundamental principals must be .sacrificed as the price for achieving oreanir unity, then the price is too high.—Philip Murray CIO president. PAMPA MONUMENT CO. Cemetery Memorials ED FOKAN, Owner 601 E. Harvester Phone 1152 Gen Motors .. 27 fili Goodrich BF IB DO Greyhound Corp M as Gulf Oil J.|, Houston .Oil .. 21 22',ft Jnt-Hnrvester .. :i SI Kan City Mouth 4 is<i Lockheed Alro 12 11! ]Mo-Kan-Tox ... :( 4 iUonttv Ward 17 fi3»J National Gyp .. 7 17' Ohio Oil .. 2(i 2.'i-?J Packard Motor L'S :,\-' t Pan Am Air IK l«i.<. Panhandle P&n :t Mi Penney JCV .. la 41V', Phillips Pe? .. r> fi.l'i" 217% li-l',4 SO "' IX 11.M 27! 10'A 4% r.4%" 22I.< 30% •1J% Pure Oil .... llartld Corn Am lU'inihlic Htpol Scare J<ni>l>m<ls .Sinclair Oil .. Hconny' V:tru. •.Southern Pac Stand Oil Stand Oil Stand Oil .Sun Oil Trjxnsi To ..... .TPXHH C'o. .. Tox r.ulf Prod Tex Gulf Sulph :Tex Pat' CitO Tlilo Watnr A r.-il Ind N.I .. 24 I, 7 ; 2-t'V DC'-10'. TS' .-,7 fil". II H rt't 19 29 I!)' 3 4'..« 5li',i .11)1,4 7!','. t. Cflts 0(1 T-K 12V'. 1!) U. S. Hublier- 132 41-% l.i. H. Stool .. H2 (15 1, J West Un Tte! A !> lilT-i \Voohvorlh P\V II 4SU 7'4 CHICAGO GRAIN (.'1 HOAHO'— WJ— Hodfi-liiK- urr-ssiire DK' wheat Inft'njised on the Imard of i rude today, and prlcipK fell 1,,-u-k several ot-nts without showing much rallying power. Clear \voutlif.r In the- and expectations of n rapid ilncrca^e. in harve.stlnK oimsed the .sell- >>ng. Corn nnd oats declined with whoat, and there \vi\s somo sellinR on more fnvoruhle KfowhiR weather In the mid- rayTfi>w/^«.I, '^;*-fV; ; /^ /%r^>'""'''"\ •>','-' -'- v> , '• ;,'/', *• */' '-'• .'*• --; • \* '. - ,*<*•»->*. f'^^g&'^'s^^V^•'1 s :'/" **,'(' > ': ; ',"--'.,'- •', ' * -'- 1 '•'- •'.-'<••"*!*•*?!* •'' •.',*,• s s /./.,.> •THIS IS THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT 'i! IF JACK WAS HE MADE SURE IT HAD ADEQUATE WIRING Kitiowcttt SOUTHWESTERN COMPANY l\ MODEL 201 AC-DC Superheterodyne 5 miniature tubes $ 5 Tubes—More Than Ywiee tne Volume of Comparable Sets. 9 Built-in Antenna. 9 High Quality Speaker. • "E-Z SEE" Sliderule Dial. • Handsome Wood Cabinet'. COMBINATION fhis ii value! Enjoy one hour's entertainment from record? without stirring from your chair with this fine instrument. Handsomely styled radio-phonograph, beautifully finished in two-tone walnut veneers. A modern "electronic" wonder ... at a down-io-canl) price! Offers amazing £>ig set" power and volume, plus full rich tcne, lyr be>ond anything you'd e>>-<ccr in any lable model set! RADIO-PHONOGRAPH COMBINATION RADIO-PHONOGRAPH COMBINATION RECORD CHANOiR • Ploys fMords up to 12 with lid dosed. 8 .Continuously variable tone control • High quality Alnico speaker. • "f-Z Sff" illummoted slide-rule dial, • light-weight. Easy to tarry. Handle,. • Built-in loop antenna. • Over 1 wott undistorted output. Smtrcly finiihcd in rich >imul«ca U«ther wjth sturdy handle. Light- Wtifhi. £«y 10 «rry. AC only. Be Wilt- MIY TIRMS1 108-1Q4 S. sjfcsirsss^iM-aaiS-- ;,'i i>; ;> ' . ,• ; ^ <JL «• H . • t. i * , , , -. .• ?<••-.?,< Ife^^S^Mf* 'X *,* f'*5 \^. <r,y- *\ •-,'» i '"';".,- *. ' .' M^^^S&fe^i^rf.^itfjyill'&A'^ i.,.lfe3r?w&-.. r '.t,'» ,-,. .k i .';. > ,r*.v.s4#.,,....' -it, .'-..,"...LJ'.. '*, v^i i . ., *^ -£***. -i 4a&.«^r.^

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