The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 23, 1962 · Page 9
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 9

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 23, 1962
Page 9
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HZOSPORT AND BRAZORIA COUNTY. TIXAS, THURS., AUGUST 23, 19« TMI BXAZOSPORT PACTS .dams Offers Sale if Oilers To HSA ^IwUSTON (AP)-K. S. (BudliAdnniK said, "within (he pnsl two Editorial—Adv—BE 3-351 I—Classified—BE 3-2«ll PAGE 9 « f In 'hnlminn of Ihe board of USA, jnf unity mid for Ihe host Inleresl.i TOIHV* n.t«*;nti,i, NATIONAL r.KArit F. u , An rlf Won , B2 . 7B . 78 t lhe interest of unity nnd ild n Iwotenm situation si lo lhnl In Dallas. llouston Sports AssoHnlion nt-'.nl Ihe fnns In Houston...! would (sin |;ils, owners of the National i ll(1 willing lo srll Ihe Oilers 'o'p]",'^""" jiKUr Tolls, said Wednesday' 1 ^ USA.... jsi. um, ., turner! dnwn nn offer to hnyj "Because nt persistent nimors; p^" rt "f". | team, champion of the Amerl-jIndicalinK another professional i cutr-nrm F'nothall I.enj-iie. football lejim would romp ln(o I "?*''?„,>< ' ••; nssocinlion innde Us Blnte-'lloiiwlon, 1 felt I should make Ihlsj'" (VKII; a<|pr Adnms said Ihe Oilers; offer ami avoid a possible con- I ' ht "" 1 " 11 """, |!d not piny (lie l!)ffi season Mid." •(•'nrinnili'i !>.' Auxiliary Coll Slndium. Spoils assucialion officials hnrli 1111 *" 1 ' 1 "' * nms said he offered lo sell.hopes the Oilers would movp. | o i rill "'""« (1 * |Ollers herause of slories hpjf'oll Stadium this year nnd slayjsin runrin )iil Ihe sports assorln-!there unlil a domed, all-weather!,-,,,,^"^!! <J ( Inlent to bring another pro;county slndlum Is completed, j iKn»nr» nei Irani In Houston If the' Adnms said, however, that Ihei* 1 ' ( |JI|,'Ji f v n ri?iri!" ' Ol did not play in Colt'Oilers will continue at the .leppe-ji/u AIWIM iPwio-n n-i |Him. ,sen Public School Slndium where i Hm ,;['7'"," 0 ' n *^ n "M, icnuse of my position nslhe has made about $300,000 ini rtnw n-fli. muhi ' of the llouston Oilers and (improvements the past two sea.! AMK.KIC^V Stockholder In the USA,,' sons. :^ fw ynr i. Pirates Ruin Colt .45 Pennant Hopes PITTSBURGH (AP) —To thos^R.imp and a hnlf from thorp, now." who fparlrssly prprllctod thp Hous-j Rturdivnnt won hi.i sixth name I'm Colts wouldn't win thn Nalion-jaRalnst thrpp losses and had a nl LOCKUP pnnnant this ypnr, frctino-hltlrr for 4 1-3 innings bpforp ' l/»l Trl. HrMnrl 15 III 11 5:1 57 .5W I2. 4 W ,:,M IJi t no fiirlhpr. Thpy won't. Blanda In Offer lineup Oilers Meet Bills Tonight waHH^i£.Hj^^'^"«^^-rLrs.. ., , ilfal Smith singled to lefl. Ali si . Rns "'. ^'""oralion afler win-,Inn, finally Inking a hrief spell |nali grad Ihrew three victory, Ihe Cincin- touchdowi a much was not expected to see much ac- .81') .Ml n .r,7 tv'M i/i m Anrt'lM |. '«Bi 5. 10 Inn: Isnill 1. nltl u-lon D. nixhl \"1 (iAMF.K Unrlfhiil IS?) n n-lt.i mil 3-Ot nt The Colls, winners of 45 gamesIspnnftler's Iwo-oul single in' lhe! nill(? ! hf "'* r .'' n "' ] K{ra] * M Ameri-jat quarterback last Salurday right'passps. He added another in the' 1 ' 0 " unH! tho rp ^ lar season he trips in their first year, sixth and Bob T.illis' Ipadoff don- <lfm Krxilhn " league titlo last I in a 20-10 victory over Boston, and Den ivnr gamo. ,] ......... - ..... - .............. ..... '•• nwi-- . , >• ------ •--> ....... -....., ^.,,,,, . officially wprp pliminalPd from the- hlc '" lhp nl "'h wore the only J'. CBr ; h " r ' c lo lla " 1 mlt vpnerahlnkominR in to kirk four field goals ; f^n's pnrformance has gins next month. pcnn.inl rare Wednesday night,|"'her hlows off Ihe one-time New losing lo Pittsburgh 3-0 on Tom'; York Yankee star. SlurrHvanl's Ihree-hittPi-. Eveni wilh Ihis fale, Manager Harry! Craft Isn't complaining. : "We haven'l even thought of' beitiK elimlnaled," Craft said, "It's farthest from our minds.] We still have a Iremendous lot of| W'nrk to do the rest of thp spa. ! rest oi me spa- „,„„,.„., pirmBLiKiii Box Score George Blanda for a vigorous i before workout tonight when (hey playlver. Ihe Buffalo Hills in an exhibition! In th given I Berra Leads Yankees Over Angels 4 To 3 Yogi Berra, a roly poly Satan, | It was Ihe second sudden-ending son." The HOI STON has shoved his pitchfork rfeht into: finish the Angels' inflaled haloes. | whose suffered dreams hy the Angels ninth-place Colls are fhc, w ,,«irk rf'j oVinoni, •t phiimwphu: second team to drop from the of/i-i i-inn 2i> n o i o •i mi h. '' ial <lh:is ''- ' nm New Yr)rk Mcts " • lr " iicconipliBhpri it earlier this ; month. first, in the AL with a 4-2 triumph over Boston In Ule Na(ional , eae , |9 phi ,_ '' n \Vnn l/»l ITt. Behind Sports Briefs HSST COLUMBIA (Sp)— Sea-|leH«ue limit of M. ftlikcts fnr Ihe Columbia High . foolball games ai'p now on i at thn School Business Office [West Columbia. The Rough • s open the grid season 7 when they host HolinR. WIU.TAMSPOHT. I'a. In I.iltle league World Serl nn 11 Ion here today Kanknker, 111. meets Pitman, N. ,1. nnd Mon - ClrvrlAnrt TlDHlnn . . 72 . 71 . W . 62 SI . ffi . 59 r,n «2, ei si w Wl B9 79 5'i It I»H 30 WKDNWIIAVK BKMI I.TK Nnw Tnrk 4. !/>< An»Hfl J. nljhl '>vrtrmd 7, llrlrolt 3 Chlcnjto 7. Pnltimori 1 fi. nighl Knn^fts OH- 1. nr^fm 2, nlihl PS ac n!nR* IIP. rnllpd mini VVn«hlnR!t)n 8, Mlnn'^nlfl f. nlghl (10 In- TlinAVS OAMt-'i <>vHan(l ifjrnnl 6 Si nt Detroit (ARtilrrej lerrey, Mexico, tansies with Sun' "' V "In one sense, we're not dlsap-: FmHh poinled," said Craft, who became 1 n°«"™ used in disappoinlment with the'»«'«""»" lowly Kansas City Athletics in the » lc ^" h<m American league. "IJefore the season, all of thn polls had us; finishing in Kith place. "If we can't slay out of last wilh the spread heiwcen us and the Mi-Is we heller hang them up. I even think there's a chance thal! fi ".'" tlv » nl ""• we'll finish eighth. were punctured rirhn The veteran calchcr played a!Tuesday night when the Yankees .,„,„,,. , , . „ ,, i = "!devil of a game for the New Yorki* 1 ""* ! ™ seven runs in the 10th P ^noc-ked off the «o 1 osiiinni-r""ii 3 i i "(Yankees Wednesday nieht, drivingjinning and an 11--I triumph. | 1/>s -^^'es Dodgers 5-1, the New 7b 2JSon"™"™ii,',i?J !in lhrpp nms anr ' "PP'JinK I »P! The la( P st n ^«t dropped the! York Mcls Pfi ^'l second-place m ih 2 n n n nirrno c ii n i n-erusher against Ihe pennant-hope-(Angels to third place, six garnesjSan Francisco 5-4, Cincinnati • ' b ' n ? n r'"'i"rV 2b soSoi'"' 1/>s An £. p>s Angels with a two-j behind Die Yankees and a half- j pulled to within four games of the mn M s o o nFiurrfivnnt ri 3 o o o! nln eighth inning homer lhat gave j game back of Minnesota. The!'np by beating the Chicago Cubs the American I^aeue leaders a 4-3;Twins moved up to 514 back when!9- s in '0 innings, Pittsburgh vif ' lor y- i their game with Washington was i Hanked Houston 3-0 and Milwau- Berra dro\'e in Ihe first Yankee [halted hy rain aftpr 10 Innings tee defeated St. Louis 6-4. Plt ,,. |run with a single in the first in-;wi(h the score tied 8-8. — '»nd Pen-;ning. In the eighth, wilh the world World Series at Washington, Pa. s o o 01 .100 flFlurrilvnnt - • " " " ! 2 nn n i no n p f) n o n all 30 It 3 n T.vlaU J9 3 I 3 Filed out (or Kmwl In Blh. I CUT and WRAPPED ARMOUft STAR HIAVY BEEF »R YOUR GIROUARD'S SUP« MARKET tt* w. 2 . ra ..^, Irtlflon. I/)B- !l™ ! 2R ctrnnl, r.'lll 1 It K'l RR SO 11, • i I ''" — \Ve re only a wm.h, w Elsewhere, Dick Donovan i ln |champions Irailing by a run in the poster! victory No. 16 as Cleveland! second game of Ihe key three-lbelled Detroit 7-3, Mike Hersh- eries, the 37-ypar-old re-;berger's ninth inning homer gave! b ceiver tagged a two-run homer!Ihe Chicago While Sox a 7-6 de- ! "•lhat knocked the Angel haloes Vision over Baltimore and Kansas Cily's Moe Drabowsky won his 1 WATCH FOR OUR ANNIVERSARY SALE THE HOBBY HOUSE — 101 W. Broad ,c * (Sp) . Calif., ... . -Sweeny HiRl^The other four teams, Kunitachl, conch Rcl WnRRonor has an-Llapan; Del Rio, Tex- Stonpy •ed lhat Ihe Bulldogs will I Creek, Ontario, Canada, and Ihe an intra-s(|\iad Rame at i team from Ihe U.S. ;Ro.wn «Ul York nl K«n>»» AnR*!*" .. Army post at |k Manley Kield here Satur-j Vienne, France, have dropped in- I nlsht. Game lime Is 7:30 p.m. jlo Ihe has gqoner has fio l>oys out for i nine. The Sweeny Booster! serve free coffee to! consolation bracket. ,,,. ... " A1 - I -A>> 'Terry H-10r «t W«Fliln([lnn (Itrrhntiffh 1-1 rind B S-IO» nt Minn<»sM« fOomfll I Fin* 3-3) IZl, twl-nl«M A1IKRICAN AssrHIATION «nn l/xl rn. Krhlnil Om»h» ...... 'sw) 59 /,W ;iin\rr B1 a .515 Indications i Oklnhttmn o'rV" V! 77 W lauending'the'satutiia'y nigl. ^f™ 1 "*;' 1 "! N ™ Cleans will j """^,^^., ^,.^ t>p \oltxl into Ihn Amoncnn Koot-!| R iinin»poiu ». i»*m»r < nail [.pnyiin for ]%3 jj ,^ a ,. irinmtui 9. nmuc-Knt-t worth 5 .,,„,... *.,,, ... . ,' ' •* j I/njnvi!!^ 12 Oklflhom* fit'- .1 .,,,„,.,„ T, . , K • '" w '"'" I-aniar Hunt,; TOSIOIIT-S CIAMKS AI.LAa (Al j l — nie. American;Dallas owner and chairman of Ihe • Okl " h " m " ''''> "' """" hhnll Uapue has Rono through j expansion commiltpc, and Bud • "™n h ,Vor'i wor"h"5i""yiuUviii» Ifirst cutdown and more than: Adnms, Houston owner and mem- TKXAR i.r.\i;i>: Tiird of the rookies still arp on : ber of Ihe commillec • - """ '"' "" « « .5m A1 K4 .Wfl meet in R, P , rosters. The clubs nnd to trim (Miami, Ha. Their (earns clash™" by Tuesday A ««nd cut : that nigh.. Adams said a. Hous- A S^ Iw lo 38 next Tuesday. Ry Ion Wednesday night that he ' "«" *" 1 4 all must be down to the fnvoreri New Orleans. . Amnrnio w •'" ' 3M [exas Junior Golf Moves ito Quarterfinal Round ANTONIO (API-San An ;iaking out Mickey Riley of Bay- i nnd Corpus Christ! each i players loft today as Ihe town Wednesday, shooting 2- Junior 'Golf Tournament • llnrtPrpnr K ° lf anfl sinkin « a *- inlo its quarterfinals. fn<lt birdie pull on Ihe I2lh hole. Grant of San Antonio met MclYiwell had to go 20 holes McDowell of Baylown in! before he could lx>at Ras Allen Bltle of extra-hole winners. : of Dallas. He also was 2 under straggled 19 holes before par. «TMo RE "KEEP HOME PAY" ,oprou R "TAKE HOME PAY" with our .OW COST ECONOMY LOAN CASH YOU GET 30 MO. It MOI. $2028.27 $ 80.00 2513.49 100.00 $ 85.00 2957.40 117.00 100.00 Abov« includti Lift Injurants. Alio lo«n« for imlllir imountl. ALLIED FINANCE CO. MIS HWY. 281 FRHPORT Phone HAROLD LINDOFF JR. II 3-2i?i Football Player Dies GIUJSSP1E. III. (API — A:| Gillcspip Hieh School football,| player passed oul in a lof/Ker i room after a momine drill i Wednewiay and died about three, hours later nt St. Francis Hospital. He was 15-year-old Andy Yurko-l vich. fi-foot-1'j and 244 pounds,! ,lhe son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph: Yurkovich of nearby Bo.nld, 111. Coroner James Warden said an! autopsy showed the cause of death ' to be heat stroke. A teammate of Yurkovich, Patrick Wesley, 15, of fiillespie also complained of feelinc ill in Ihe locker itxim. He was in salis/ac- tory condition at the hospital. Brazoria Boosters BRAZORIA (Sp) - The Bra - : zoria Booster Club will sponsor a barbecue Sunday between the hours of 11 a.m. and .1 p.m. The event will be held at Ihe American I^cRion Hnll in Br.izoria. A $1 donation will allow the iwtron a barbecue plate. Prizes will also Ix? awarded. Proceeds from the affair will KO toward paying off a liaseball pnrk building fund. Edward Bear is in chanjc of arrangements for Ihe barbecue. FRESH SEAFOOD resh or Frozen Speckled 'PAN SIZE SNAPPER s u, '1.00 SHRIMP s u B,X '3.50 u. 59c Lb. 49c U. 35e ROUT RED SNAPPER LING FILET r ie»h 1WHITING FLOUNDER Lb. 59 CE CHEST Reg. S4.95 NOW ONLY $ 3.50 SAND TROUT. CIGAR FISH, CUT BAIT, SQUID & SHRIMP FOR ALL YOUR FISHING NEEDS. Harbor Fish Co. 100 W. BRAZOS — DIRECTLY BEHIND A&P ON WATERFRONT—BE 3-4101 JACK REID'S 12th ANNUAL SUMMER EVERYTHING REDUCED!! SALE ENDS AUGUST 25 FIRST COME — FIRST SERVED 1 CooKng atone fe not I enough! It takes | motstwe removal, too— BIG CAPACITY "liilIIUf!lliC ffl AAA BTUX* ] 8,00 V /^R FRIGIDAIRE AIR CONDITIONERS 1—MODEL AD-6LE 5—MODEL ACD-9E 2-MODEL ACD-15E Buy these Frigidairc Air Conditioners at the YEARS LOWEST PRICES *Raled cooling capacity per WMA Standard CNM960 & • Quiet, steep-easy operation ':.' • Cools around you, not at ?w |<> • Easy installstoa § FRIGIDAIRE WASHERS & DRYERS 1962 CLOSE OUTS I—MODEL DDA-62 DRYER. $ New warranty on demonstrator .... Now Only 3—MODEL WDA-62 WASHER, our most popular model. Simple, dependable I—MODEL WCDASP-62 WASHER. ALL PORCELAIN, wash and wear cycle f Now Only i l—WCI-62 WASHER, Custom Imperial, ALL PORCELAIN, Our top model I—MODEL DCI-62 DRYER. ALL PORCELAIN CUSTOM, Imperial The Best I—MODEL DD-62 DRYER. 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Double insulated Warning light. 14 Cu. Ft. O7Q 95 Capacity Now Only £i / W JACK REID APPLIANCES 30 CIRCLE WAY CY 7-2416 LAKE JACKSON

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