The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on May 22, 1952 · Page 20
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 20

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 22, 1952
Page 20
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PAGE20-THE BAYTOWN SUN, THURSDAY, MAY 22, 1952 A '. . . \ /~ A J -r* A I Goslin Press HM Dramatists To Present Annuals, Caps And Gowns And /s> Winner O/,' Three One-Act Plays Today 8-Page Paper Are Distributed ILPC Award Bobbie Nixon Elected Officer Of UT Choir The amount of used in car se nation's largest turers AUSTIN—Bobbie J. - Nixon, Uni- "i ues - °r more than Pio versity of Texas student from Bay- aroun d the earth at the outstanding in band work. Patrick known football player and SSLC E. Lee Reporter was photographer for the Gander member. Seniors &re busier than a "one Gazette and the annual this year millstone wheat town this week. also. Pair^^^an^ajl^rwnd stu- Band_ Practicing Ar.nuftis were distributed yesterday, so tbe trrid:ii<Hial annual signing Is gripping the school. Classes are delayed until everyone in the clsss has signed everyone else's book r ' and generally nobody gets The Robert band is now dent, belonging to many clubs and having high grades in school sub- pract icmg bard 3 ecLS - Jackson, Miss., from June 3 to 7. Cecile is also an honor student, J. C. Burket, band director, is . . , especially interested - in the planning xo have a medley of Dixie Goslin Press of BJH at the state convention •'of the Interscholastic League Press Conference. May 1-3. , This is the first year the Goslin for the trip to Press has j o j ne< i the ILPC. The award of achievement is given to papers in all levels. It is Three ninth grade speech plays will be presented at 7:30 p.m. today In the Horace Mann auditorium. - The first will be "The Great Joanne" with Patsy Hutt, Edwin Barrow, Marian Stout, Tommy Nix, Beverly Gibbs, Juanita Swick, Bobby Jones and Shirley Fisher. "By Special Request" will be the second play. Playing in this ere Kenneth Humphries, L; V. Hanson, Billy Mac Dixon and Shiriey Fish- toy™. h» be«,^ vice-presl- student council work. any \vori; eoiie. Bui it is just for a few days. During the second and activity periods Tuesday, the" sailors practiced for the graduation services to be held May 30 in-the Memorial stadium. Caps and gowns arrived Tuesday :.-and were being distributed. Betty Quimby is a terrific "art tlie slay. numbers for a repertoire during ' the h -S hest award for a staff, be- Dorla Mallory, Ann Davis and Car:student and member of the History club and Press club. Mariha Tiner also is an exceptional band student. Some that the group is practicing on now are "Is It True What They Say About Dixie?" "Swanee," "Home Town Band," "Home cause it recognizes outstanding progress and achievement made Tiny Doss will be Brigadier vice- On The Range," "Robert E. Lee," president next year and is how a member of the Press', chib. Jan Ferguson is a Junior Classi- Seniors wUl not""have to "go to cal League counsel. school Tuesday. Annual Staff Picked .The arrival of ihe eight page special Gander Gazette yesterday -. disclosed next year's annual staff members, Patricia Ball will be editor, Cecile Treat is assistant editor, Betty Quimby is artist, Patrick Ball is Chester Burchett is a and "Dixie." Marilyn Padgett will be the band vocalist during the stay. The whole band will stay in the well New Royal Hotel in Jackson. 'CT L leen By MARGIE POLLOCK Jerilyn Wilburn Girl Scouts are on the business staff, and Tiny Doss is a helper in ihe planning.- Patricia and Patrick Ball are' Ch ariae PI ans Of Mary Ardens For Day Camp 115 East Texas Open Until 9 P.M. THURSDAYS Irene s Fjrst in Fashion Finest in Qu Baytown's Exclusive Slorss tor ' Women 1)5 EAST TEXAS DENTON—(Sp)—Jerilyri Wilhurn of is now vice-presideit of the Senior Mary Arden club, women's social and literary organization at North Texas State college, for the fall term. Miss Wilburn, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Theo Wilburn, 1400 E, Texas, is, a sophomore student majoring in education. She is a member of the Women's chcir, Women's Recreation Association, and Alpha Lamba Delta, organization for freshman and sophomore women with a B average in scholastic work. {Fraternity Has Frank Busch As Secretary All plans for intermediate Girl Scout day camp have be.en changed for the summer, Miss Aranna Watson, area field director, announced today. Miss Watson also said that the change in plans cancels a workday meeting of Girl Scout fathers scheduled for this coming Saturday. The intermediate Scouts planned to camp on. a site in Cedar Bayou, flliss Watson said plans had been changed to camp on ihe back part of Camp Keber. More, definite arrangements "wilt be announced later. Brownie Troop 9 Has Flower Ceremony Mrs. Mildred Vaughan is sponsor of the BJH paper. 9th Grade Banquet Ninth grade students of Baytown Junior High will be honored by the Mothers' council at. a buffet style dinner in the school gymnasium Tuesday. The big affair will begin at 7 p.m. All faculty members of the school will be guests. Swimming Parties Swimming parties from the eighth grade are being planned also. Elmer Hargis' homeroom had a swimming party at Roseland Park, May 15. Members of Virgil Hargis' homeroom occupied Roseland May 19. Mrs. Bonnie Adshire's homeroom will have a swimming party at Roseland, May 27. Legion Award Students at BJH arc wondering: who will receive the American Legion award, for the outstanding hoy and girl, in assembly on the last week of school. Each year at BJH a certificate is given to a ninth grade boy and girl who has been the most out• standing in grades, activities, and personality. ilW&^W W sagging backache; loss of pei>and energy, j ,',,,7 hKidachesan'Idixzire&s may be'due to elov.'- :;.»-. down.of:kidney function. Doctors say good -""-• kidney function Is very important- »o<good i DENTON— (Sp>—Frank Busch of Mont Belvieu was recently elected secretary of Pi Omega Pi, honorary business education fraternity at North Texas State college; for the fall term. Busch. son of Mr, and Mrs. F. -Busch .of Mont Belvieu, is a A flower ceremony highlighted the program of Brownie Troop 9 Tuesday in the Grace Methodist church. Miss Aranna Watson gave the girls their Scout pins and wings following a short talk. i--.vj fieelth. When some everyday condition,such i junior student majoring in.' busi- Lynette Bishop and Kav Fene- Ts 5f_ s i r:c ± K . an f L t! ?. iR - ^ lufi «, tl ?, i ». I^Pf 1 *" 1 ' HPSS fidn«it.lnn »t KTSP w^ ?c « Ion demonstrated the Girl Scout Choir Picnic Members of the BJH choir were honored with a picnic at the home of Travis' Porter, a member of the choir, last Sunday. His home is at 186 Bay shore Drive. The hosts for the party were Marshall Watkins,' Travis Porter and Robert Jones. Students-went for boat rides behind the Porter's home in Crystal Bay, and later had soft drinks and hotdogs to eat. They also listened to wire recordings of their concert which was held April 27. ol Hamon. Faye Simpson will be announcer. The last play will be "Quiet Home Wedding" with Anne Cline, Reagan Dennison, Shirley Wilkes, Dolores Williams, Bobby Lynn Reynolds, Mildred Little, Beverly Gibbs, Sylvia Lile-s, Billy Hinkle, Last Teen Page; Reporters Cited By MAIUJIE POLLOCK Since this wlu uc ...^ ^ast Teen Page for this school year, the teen editor wants' to thank alt those school representatives who have helped, her during the year. As one .can see by every Thursday issue, Wanda Jones has been our steady reporter from Robert E. Lee. The Sun is very proud of journalism-minded Wanda, for she is now working for us as a Sun telephone operator part time while attending school as a busy senior. Robert (Pokey) Phillips and Janice Le Blanc have also been dependable helpers in gathering the Horace Mann and Bay town junior high news. Both are intelligent, popular, and active students in their respective schools. Neighbor news comes- from. Hazel New at Crosby high; Harvey Honsingrer as Barbers. Hill, and Margaret Hay Bodine and Aiden Forsyth at Cedar Bayou. Though it is harder for them to get their news in, their stories have always been well written and accurate. er. The plays are under the direction of Mis. Sam Powers. Another Tomorrow "Quiet Home Wedding" is the play selected to be presented at the Cedar Bayou auditorium tomorrow night for Hie Boy Scout talent show. Senior Edition The final senior edition of the Matin Mirror is to be on sale tomorrow ftt noon. The journalism class has been working on this paper for the past three weeks. Such feature* AS the class will, in which the 9th grade students will their possessions to the eighth graders; class prophecy, which is a humorous prediction about some of live ^tudenks 25 years from now, the ABC's of the graduates; and "Don't You Wish You Had," features will highlight this paper. Ping Pong Finals The girls at Horace Mann have just finished their table tennis intramurals. The three victors are Marian Williams, 9.2; Shirley Berry, S.I; and Judy Bell. 7.9. Second and third place winners are Estell Goldsworth, Dorla Mai- lory, ninth grade; Barbara McCarley, Glenda Lawhon, eighth grade; and Betty Jones and Billie Hamilton, seventh grade. dent of the A Cappella choir for member of. the quartette. He is the son of Mrs. Carrie Nixon, Herrington And Mrs. Broodo To Graduate Robert Austin Herrington "and Mrs. Dorothy Jean'Marshall Broodo are to be May 31 graduates from the University of Texas. Herrington will receive a bachelor of science degree in architectural engineering, while Mrs. Broodo has a degree in fine Try a Rice Casserole Tonight/ fsjjictiontosljwtlown.snans-fotkasutrcrnag- ness eaucauon at i\ JLiU. Jle IS a '-" """'""^"" > - c " , siag backache—feel miserable. Minor bind- . member of the Future Teachers of -signs and handshakes. tiericriUitLoos due to cold or w run 2 dset may cause getting up nighis or frequent passages. Don't neglect you- kidneys if these conditions bother you. Try Dean's P Jlla-a. mild diuretic. Usei! successfully by millions for T>can's Jii'.'e happy relief from these discom- liksor l;idney tubes andfil- .c. Get DOER'S Pills today J America. At -10 miles an hour, automobiles jn 1930, averaged 15 miles to the gallon. Twenty years later the the gallon. Folding a flag wes shown by Patricia Lcigon. Tvlary Lee Anderson gave a speech on Girl Scout history. The other members of the troop recited the 10 laws While lighting candies. SAYS SPAIN" WITH WEST KANSAS CITY —(U.R)— Spanish Ambassador Jose Felix Lequerica said yesterday that Spain "is ready to stand beside 'you to withstand any possible Communist aggression." The amhassador spoke at a luncheon of the Kansas City Chamber of Commefcfe w C*n everyone MO Craa tbst >errou. Jittery look la roar ey«s tbat you are jviflerinz "ehaase-cf-llle" misery? Sure, mais-up may Jielp some, yet It can't tike tl>« pain &ud nervousnes5 out o£ your eyes. But Cirdtil of lea dees. A Uttle Cirdui each day ttt be!jv«i thousancJs o£ women build new reslauaet tnd vitality, cbimttni: dark months and years M oclshter. happier ticaea. So let Card ul he! D you look. .-cisr and Bleep better. Get Cardul "tzumraDra* 1 I»om your dtiler today, (Say: ••cord-yo-j-«vs">. MONTHLY CRAMPS CKAKGE OF UF£ Drink Phenix Buttermilk for a Delicious Health-Giving Drink, It's Full of Vitamins, Protein, and Minerals to Help You Feel Your Best, Per roany of this country's 25.000,000 overweight adults, reducing dirts have be- com« a dominating influence. But the frightening fact ii thai many of the ir.ost popular diets are extremely dangerous. In an article titled. "Which Diets Are Dineerous," R re-: cent issue o' a natior.n.1 maRBtine lists some of the most prevalent reducing plans and tells'-why they can cause Mrsous trouble. Why not try the Barcentrate way. to take off ugly fat? Barcentrate is the original BTapefruit juice recip« for weight redaction. No stanration dirt. No calorie countine. No vitamins, for yon can't live on vitamins. You must hsTe food to live^ Nothing harmftil in Bartxntmte. Nearly foar itnd a quarter million boltles aold in Trxa» in nsne years. Just go to your drnggist and ask for four ounces of liquid Barcentrate. Pour into a pint bot- tle or Jar, Add enough grapefruit inJce tcl fill bottle. Then take just two tablcspoonsfnli twice a day. That's all there, is to it. If the! very .first bottle doesn't show yi\a the way to I redaco easily, sensibly and safely, return the; empty bottle for your Money beck. 40 Pounds Lost "My doctor told tec I must lose -weight,! so 1 started taking Barc*ntrate. I lost 40! pounds taking eight bottles," -writes Mrs.! John Trahan, Route 1. Box 102. Alta LomaJ Texas. "I ate what I wanted and I feel bet- p te'r than I hive in several years. 1 think; Barcentrate is wonderful. Reduces 12 Pounds Mrs. Maude Kelley, 1720 Avenue E. Gal- \ veston, Texas, wrote ns as foUows: "I have I lost : 12 pounds taking- Barcectrate and 3! think it is a wonderful medicine." ARMOUR'S STAR fteiS •S^SSs?^ ''' 6 TO 8 IB. SELECTED SUBS LB. lU;S. GOOD OR CHOICE idHUCK BEST CENTER CUTS 69cLB. LE. RED RIPE CANNING LESS THAN 3e PER LB. SPAGHETTI VcHHSCELLi HORMEL'S SMALL 'Short--'JRibs-. Or Stew L |3 9« ?.-~~K&;-^* iWAX KING REFILL ROLL .BV^-Lb.. Exira Drain Opener and Whiz Mefa! 25-Lb. BAG $2.19 ADMIRATION -. With Glass. VA -Lb. ALL FLAVORS OF Boxes FRESH YELLOW ARMOUR'S LARGE HEADS EACH IBS. 3-Lb. CTN. PER ..LB. REG. I0c THiN GILLETTE BAIOR BLADES ECONOMY SIZE * COLGATE TOOTH PASTE Tube 42c C lfiABPTTPC POPULAR lUAUCi ILJ BRANDS Cin. BAHDAIDS From Robert E. Lee High School) Friday & Saturday Open to 8 p.m.

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