Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on March 4, 1969 · Page 6
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 6

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 4, 1969
Page 6
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JOSEPHINB SEAT Shuttleworths are feted at Open House on Silver Anniversary WEXCOME GIFT — Mrs. Frank L. Grccmray. righl, chainnan of the Con- ictnporar3' dub's pMlantbroiiy oonuniticc acted on behalf of the dub >t!ster- day in presenting a chsdk covering the cost of a Surgi-Lift for Rcdlands Community hoqjitaL Loddnc al the new pleoc oi eciuipment here ai« Mrs. £mc«t Ridtaixte. dub pnesident; Mies Eileen Farley, aioiiolant hcn^iial administrator; George DcLanse, administrator, and Mrs. Grcem\a.v. ( I-IBCJS photo) Coniemporary club presents Surgi-Uff fo hospital Ctdmiiutiaa of a maior |iroj-|"TlM)''i« all diiUiva — tbr^Mid. and ollfmi of bdp ma> cct «as realijwd j««t«xla.v by «iJ<lert ia the buoA are re*Vii be iiretied lo tbe Cbmnunil Surp-Uft pimtoMsd far lied- -totheaAiteiwrt*neawbfor lands Comiminily Im^ntal «Ys;ideiuitr. the t«a taon sdpiilii m 4lisp3a>> jsd a titetk to cover Us eoA ««« prtmtei to The Ihrpc cUMrcn of Mr. and sprinkled with siU-er sliUer. Un. SUmley Brown Shuttle- Wirins their coaKratnJaUons mtirtli were hwU and hostess,««re Mrs. Shuitlewnrths cousin, for a reception Sunday honoring<.Mrs. Charles Ijidunan and Ur. Ibdr parents on their Sth «vd- Luckman of Bel Air and Mr. dins anni«'ersaiT. Shut! lew orth's cousin. Morlyn h. XboM SSO guests attended an Brown, and Mrs. Brown of La Open Uouse at Uie ShuUlcwtNlh Jolla. home. 429 NorwtNid street. It The !9mtUcworths were mar-, was planned by Mr. and Mrs. tied Februar>- S. 1941. in St.' LuTf C. t:anonica (Sandra PaulV in the De»rrt Episcopal ShulUemmh). Stanle>* B. Sbul> rhiirrh. Palm Sprinss. tlewofth Jr and Richard licwis She was the former Miss Sbutilewoiih, all of Redlands. Frances Louis« Gimlin of San i Amoa$ the tsicsts was Gcorse Kranciiica. doushier of the late! i\V. I«wis of Lemon Grow who Mr. and Mn. Horace Mann I was best man at the wedding. Cimtin of San Francisco and< ' Sen-tng were Mrs. t«wis: rhicaso. III. She attended San] iMmes. Alan Levine. William El- Franci>co ttbooh. and graduated] mer Kingham. Wiltiam \V. frnni Saline - Johmiooe School j ^Gla\s. Emroett Osbun. all of for IVivate Secmaries there, i |RedUsd$: Mr*. Tretw S. Shaw She i> nw employed b>' Aero- Jr of Redondo Beach: Mrs. sp -irr Corporation. James Sarkdt of Ri\*er»ide: Mr Shuttlrwonh i.< tl<e son of Mrs. M. Richard Marx of Los Mrs. Paul II. ShulUeworth of; .\ncclcs: and Mrs. Charics D. Ridlands and tbe laie Mr. SbuLj ' j Wilkinson of Cot ina. ile««nh. He graduated from' Miss Oinaie Glanville of Red- Rcdlands high school and at>| lands nceik-cd Uie gifts. tended San Bernardino Valley j The Shuitlewortbs cut their College. He is now emplo>-ed bs, annhvrsary cake with a steiling the San Bernardino County; jsth-cr taufe presented lo Uiem Planning Department and works 'by Uieir three children and too- paittime as a local pbotocrapb- inlaw. Fresh ftowcrs decorated cr. j he cake. In addition to their three cWl-: CAPE KENNEDY IVPl)- Ihc bouse was decorated with :>rm. tbe couple now has two'Rocket expert Dr. Wember «-on tilttr iMwls of pink rotes and srandchiMren. L. Cbristopbcr Braun. commentins on the sig- white daisies and fern, all and Michael Sean Canooica. niflcance of the successful ApoUo 9 launch: i "I beUere our chances of , UodSng on the noon Cm are ioow substantially better." Mm NOW AND THEN — Kay CtetcIIo. ten, i.s as Ruth in the Redlands high school's production of Noel Coward's "Blithe Spirit." a role played by Marthana Pahie. right. In the Footlighters' staging of the same show in 194a The RHS drama department performance, directed by Billie Daniel, will be given tomorrow. Friday and Saturday at 8 p. m. in Grace Mullen auditorium on campus. Tickets will be availabte at the door. Also in the cast are Ed Macdonald. Cathy Fauntleroy, Becky McKcnzle. Terr>- Hydinger. Pat Bradley and Ruth HalseU. Quote of the Day Georce DcLanse. bacpitd ainirtralor. Mrs. Fratflt L, Greenway. chairman «if the dob's pbilan- Mary Elitabelb (Mrs. Robert) -T-.' fcjkj ikUii Mt OnwfordL Mrs. FVfM NifliolMKi. dfflSrm - «^p*Jw>u-- i*""^ ''••^ ad- 1 Mrs. DooaU GriswnM ga.« the S*?iJ!?t«JSSJI??. s;^rfThe *LSs.f irris nois^ ai^ds announced that a «f "^^^ Fertital at tbe Onmse ftilfiilmenl a ^Jesltc «« hadtwofewn L.*B»y and K.9 fttm h-^^^ v^erfat wm " DdMee!0»<)« *> powible for Ibc Mareb E. Iiotme* Jr. and Mrs. she Jstroduoed Mr, and made tbe pretcrtaiioo of the check to Un aad to Miss Efleea rmi^'. assisua adtnlaiMrator. In cxpressiac bis ttianlcs to tbe dubxioaeB. Mr. DieUace told of tbe inuy ntes aid a of eqcupment would bave ai the bo^iital and refemad lo it as "a nuKC's b»ck-»a»w." With Loiaa Mrs. diaries Wiatberty as vraMB. On Use tea were Mi*. Olhw of Dimes lo }»ajt*a>* a badly R«»«« H- oeeded pniiecter for tit« ia f«awin<» ._ sbowias of its film <m binb dc- l^<>»>«7>)^ llt^ J''" bcis. tin. VerBoo Mundoek. Pominc wTf« Mmes. Robert ITrawlerd. KarrisoB. Jm«ph L. unien- '•paticaA.** Miss Farle): denwmfitrated bow the M It usMl to trmfted patientc Speaker 1^ Ibe daf «u Tm 6:Kle. conttnelor. witaae iatexBst- ing tojMc was "The Now Ga»er- a'tion" and use «f daneemts <irass. lie anwunced Utat SO per cent of Ibe rovBi peogile be Aetii with fa Ms wvric at a COOD- nelor are im«h«d wilb dnigs. He cutliDsd seMnl actual cases to flbtflrate tbe serions- nefis of tlic ciu'Jttit sitiiitlop and noied ttut "you mast rewemltef tbal dniss are fanlaalicaUy ap- PMliac 10 ;«ttnc peepte.** He fcrred to LSD as *1be atom bomb of dntss" and STP at "a wild, neta dnti;.*' Mr. Bade sai« Ibe IHCMcaias report that -it if estimjto] ifaal one balf of tbe trasquiUaert pr»- 4uoed legally fa tbis oauuuy newer pass ovtr the drocgia 's ooualer.*' HM aftnaidfae praCit by tboM w4ui deal ia tbe sale of dnisi ffloplljr ««• poimad out. Tills SMMVliM finds it bard lo cnderslaiid the preseal teeo- agw. be said. *T reaHy doat lomr wtat it's tfke lo be R fa fects. Mrs. Clufflcft Witnil>ciii}>' HUMSC fv*MH»*.-c di^^*SS^fS?^ SKand Ckaries tOmberty. Vitb l]SJruS .^s "Ta43 ^ jfbtelS^*^'" atvl-bdp is wseotl}' ixwdelshe "* arrancemea. April Morning club shares treasure trunk "Tncasures From a Trunk" or -My CrMdmolber Had One 3a«t Like That" was Ibe to- irigomg siObjcct for tlie rKcol aeccmg of tbe April Moroing rtnb. Mrs, A. R. TbompHW. tail Mir»d<ra. was bosleM to rMtt Oaarified Ads Caa Sd AnytUsg liestaurant. MEXICAN AND AMERICAN FOOOr TONICHT IS FAMILY NIGHT Featuring BUFFET DINNER OF MEXICAN A AMERICAN DISHES Bufltt ALL YOU CAN EAT $1J5 Mtiw Hours 5-9 Chadrsn Under U SI Also FHONE m-S*15 1579 NO. ORANGE, REDLANDS AKIMBO' ELBOWS LOOK YOUNG AGAIN! MR. AND MBS. STANIEY BROWN SHUmEWORTH MM hf Wm. Omm Ktijkim UR Drama Trio lite SPoup w*b Mrf, Oral Baker fg. n»rform foT church women Senior Citizens League to meet -|lc« can the senior ctii/en insirc the rrtircd years against Bttcnam with the acditm o< mlUiian"" is tbe imporunt RiV. MCHARO VAMf R« Calvary Baptist church special series continues wbartestc*. :4r», •TUIJIP* ratlci prcMdrd IT itx- iirtirrbmrnt tahlc which t.i« cmirrod wiUi a Spria; llor- iHc« •v.wjk vtr.xr*" Uti week mbftxt lo be considered at to- i-J Ixnjqurt. j^t KimbetO' IT.V the Beta morrow's mrctia: of Redlands Mrs, C ,\ja^ a s«lasif«r '«>* »•><• taneoiiy c< Rett memtiers ot U>e Califonaa ata UmatT mrmhtr of tbe Saa la«>il» I>'a«a T»w» w .a pioms Uj-ue of Sensor Citiiois. Bwaapdino CoodwiS ladarihet a t«vxw ol Xt>en Jcfts- xa senior crtuens are imrit. li.ranL btwsjjbi wiUi ber a baad- »«*>'* M« >*I')- "^^ Cit« H lo the mectios wbiefa win become miqae lealbercomtd SuBivao- for tbe „ |0:30 am. fa tba lOOF inmk. From it sbe look tbe fas- Coosresatwaal cburcb lomomiw |,,u, ojj»^ ^ Cams avenues, riaaiine nvasures warn or used ^ ' f"*- ^ There is ao admissioa cbarpe. w "trandmother-s era." a tl ^ P'?> *» * *^ Ttus is one m a series of free wiiicb bad been ««lk«l«d « |1« «1 «** f"*^^ mecilnes placned for Uiis ihtwash Ibe jtars in tarioiis B™"* ""^^'r^ •» ''•»««^ prominent :i 'S!?L ''^.l '*J».'. ^^^y} S>cake« and open discussioa on ^.if^-H* 52125' B«- Vart »e«, «a faf- "^^^ "^T^ -red SiUivan opcrdtas. i ^bl^'twic ^Si; the weU be- of tbe psydwOocteallr ortcaSad ^ missioBaiT .enioe Jl VJI^T^SLT^ '» ^ las the 3» milboa Mniar draasdid Ml «»wi exist." liTS. SSLi^TTSi iJvJ^ "** Taalson. tbe ^ iOaiim. wife of Uie aoUm-. jTiJ »..i«r^ o(«mmmk»te ««b the y^ta^m^^^^J^jTc^^J^ ii ^*^' eocrfocicd ibe butiaess Of,^ ^no pUy* to iocbde mu seoentin -wto do not wwt «o S^MyB^ SS^afa. be left alooe, ei«ii if Ibeyre ran- nise.*' ««s cnpbasited. sic. Presbyterian women iBtcrspersed Uirou«ba(it U>e to meet at luncheon actiae are many of the most MARCMS- OovMSMVfw Mdty WiaWsii OHiSaNMby CialeHsMdi MarwteAteida J.OimitmPnm J.J.«aaia KabortCtMn WMMKMb David Lawaan Mared UqwlMra URarLa* JacUoBrias Jr. MwCavKn LoMMfd R<l Haanr Mrtbday II C «ala Mb IMM A salad htadicaa ia John Knox ball ai noon Mnorrow will pcv-i cede Ibe projonun prepared fi^ ncfflben and fnends of the; !3 ;,„'ti "-r ?JZ Area Christian fa Hashate Oty vtere Mr. Vai^ L_. If A »jin bets served as intfor of a Bap- •<> ^^^^ I ^OFeaR tiiA ctatrcb OBlSI a rOipisM pastor was caOed. lie has also beta imvlsod fa buBdins dwicbes ^ has «it.di») tbe loral laawtaac ite SrAi^ dance. Mr*. Jim Eselia mtU bM « El Raacbe Verde Frank MarqaardL Haroid Jeo- sra and Don Leonard will preside at tbe salad buflcL Aa is- nmaUoa «riU be a -Family FKI- McKialey PTA will meet at irwship" condDded iqr Mrs. Doa 7:M p,m. lomomw m Uie Giffonl. Mrs. GretsoiT Daaafai- sdMMl auditorium. -TTic Ccaera- eer wffl lead Un derotiooi and pcfMlar of Ibe Gilbeil and Sol. lit'aa )0nics. from such operei- llas as •Olw Mikado.** "Piaa- ^ 'TV OnodLta?^ Women's Asaodatica of Ibe First ' -thask-Yoa. America'* loar. a* oarraior pla>^ pment a Bwp of^bideMs Ibe McKinley PTA to Fiiday at El Raacbe Verde While 00 fwtaufe. Ibe Var- c^umry ddb fa Rultn. berss and Oieir dddrea wffl live Orphaned at U» ace of 7. be . .i:.*. fa a MfaB. «w ^dopicd liy a Us Aasdea panelists Speaker laaormr cttniacfamfly aad, with Ibe aid of wfll be Bev. Boa Bolt of Pa-scboiardiipa. sradnated from dOe View BopOtt dantb. Tor- tbeelaeical scniaary. Daftas tba _______ ranee. On lhanday. OapWa past lew wccki. Mr. Sons haa|ik« Cap" win be ibe topic of Judy Kmse aad Canlya Weis- C«raM W. ONE. I3SN. ira« O addres«ed BMI« Ibaa SMW shi- a paad disemsiaa oMdenled by brad of tbe O. of S. wffl pre- Tom Naifae Base ««l itwak deMs fa CaUfanda. at wtfl ti Rev. Cenijse Graham. UR chap- trat a natical talcrlada and Ibe (OOBfacBee w« eoBdade adttlt onaaitaliaBS. lata. PaaeliKs will be Gilbert SaadB)' wKb Bev. Ceorce S. Mrs. Rita llartcy wiU d«B- ftrtigrr. camidor at Moore r««"«» Johnooa of Assam. India. s ;ieak- osslnle Japanese flower ar- JUS: Mix. Urry lleadon. sixth plf KUf If IT ins fa Ibe mondas and Rev. rancins aad Hiccial music w!ll trade iciacber: Mariba McOoo- LSj^TtJIIrrik.i aad Mrs. Jake Scbapf from be prosidcd by Uada Knowles. aU. UR iaaior: Rick Crratura. BOOKSIlOrJ Brtiil at 7 o'cfack fa Ibe ««• All woowa aie iavited and RHS Jnaior. aod Lec Bartoa. nins. nuy make retervatioas by MOO Cope JliS student FifUi srMie WMM Tbe p(Mc is instod la aay tomorrow widi Mrs. B. IL Wood- dastes wiU display ibcir woit ^sMi Akimbo® special by Charles of the Ritz at tbe services. bom. uu BcOevne avcaae. M. IM3Un L HcMTOSN MMATRIST- FOOT SFICIAUST Has Moved His Office to CAJON PROFESSIONAL BLDG. 340 CAJON BLVD. Redlamls PL 792-M66 fa aoctal studies. ouiBissni RENT A PIANO tfHY RBIT ON PIROUSE HOLLEY & JACKSON Redlandt Blvd. «t New York St. 750 eflirendii Morah 31 When you wear sleeveless dresses you tan't see your elbows. But everyone else can. And elbows have the nastiest habit of looking older before you do. Xow Charles of the Ritz changes all that With' Akimbo. Hs 2 steps smooth roughness away. Magi- callyl And they do pretty things for heels and other rough spots, too. Do try Akimbo now and save half the cost! Cosmetics. HARRIS' HAS IT! Siiep llafrhr Mandoy end May ftSI) s.m. to 9 p.m. - Other Days 9:30 «.m. to 5:30 p.te.

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