The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on December 18, 1960 · Page 10
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 10

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 18, 1960
Page 10
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FACTS aM Bmorta dounty, fttt* Sun., -fretttte European Visit Not So Costly _ i- Tn*-f/^U Kv Dreamed at tfsfflns Europe? Sou-will nevaf have a better «aiafiee to d6 W than on June is when a special 17-day visit to seven European countries begins rort. Seven Burope™ ww»"«=.. a " at Houston International Airport. it is th« Brawsport Facts Head- iirW Tour. Total cost including a round-trip 4$u*e jet flight: $1,Arid to maiflB it even easier for Brazorla Counttans to make the trip B» Bradshaw Travel Agency and Th* Facts, which are in charge of aU plans, will arrarm -.*3 __.* _.._.....•.« «>itiAriiim i arge o a pans, w deferred payment schedule, i hem to Zurich by way ot rtonv burg. The seventh and cigh" days will be spent in Zurich. Rome is the next stop for three day visit of one of .... void's most interesting. cit,es. Th^n, the parry wffl b« ,<* ° en, Paris for two days and London for two more. The return trip home will be by way oPAmsterdam and Montreal £«h the LKM flight landing in "Cry* d'etVof the entire trip wul be throughly planned to pro- the best facilities, routes and . possible. The trip, a once- OBSERVER ABROAD Sectional Feeling Runs High In British Isles, Texan Finds * . ........... «.. -.*...„» «ms to be held i Perhaps tltesectlonall m of Wales. Wlille touring the ruins ™"_ Driving through of Conway Castle on the western British Isles one would coast I had the opportunity to usually have no inkling whatso- overhpar a group of school chil- ever ot the sectionalism that conv ersing in this local lang- still exists between England, common ly used at home. Wales, and Scotland, not to men- l agkcd a natlve he re- Uon other components such« tte, hat ln all probability their Isle ot Man and the Isle °> f ami i lesr did speak more Welsh or Wight. Some weeks ago i on a tour by some of . cousins to North Wales. I was • to find so many differ Celtic at home than English! Not only has this ancient tongue kept alive but the people themselves as Welsh and not English. I was cor- The gathering was to be held outside the town on a farm named "Corra" owned by Tommy Nicholson whose father was the holder of nine Olympic gold medals for the shot-put around the early part of mis century, The Old West in America must have been much like Scotland still is! The people create their »*"* " i Perhaps this sectionalism ta «M United States is not our °wn * duct. Perhaps it is in th» duct. Perhaps it is in th» vw* make-up of the people ; themww* Inherited from gyrations ol tort- fathers who had this str°«S «**» of what we today hear called "provincialism". , ' At any rate, ask • So* abnj his provincialism and he te dartB proud ot itl ______ own tan. SSSrf to M so many differ- ^ ta in , y ^English. I was cor- ences between tlie English and tne i ^ several times by incorrect- Welsh. It was quite hard to realize ,, mfe them "English", that Wales had been bonded into ^ring my stay near Conway I the United Kingdom many ecu- L, me pleasure of meeting a ruries ago. coal mine engineer, who readiy Of course, English is the cssen- h , 8 opinions O n the world Hal tongue spoken in this tiny * ltuation , or Wales, "was his „„„ h,ft it is not the only lang- opinion that farming and the tra- s - . diUonal agricultural life in Wales uage is was partly responsible for their schools L-i»n feeline of independence and tei to IM b« if! I tt in < ier: art I A.M. «m b. to sa pen w e co — pared to enjo^our often-j j-acisJ^adHnejroHrJ^r^^^ ^ ^ .-— Byrd Seen AS "PP.^ bi J-* M5 ^^.^^ir^^ * .. ,._,„ mh =, h^ takes office might bo tempted to submit D . Pa .. to suggesting '°rfl!° tern5 t for him ft nals i* panne. Late on the fourth day, the party n a , will inove to Copenhagen and on ane w the gixth, a brief flight will tane headaches when he takes office , , that .Byrd oueht to step out of kent in the Elc ^ Kennedy Welsh ancestry These electors, opposmg Kennedy, A few ^ These eieciuia, u^^^'-o— - • have announced they will vote for own tun. . •»»" &~" ""• - "• Far away from civilization, this farm was alive with accordian music and singing. M Tunes like "Scotland the Brave and other patriotic and traditional songs were still the favorites. They became livelier ° «" evening progressed the and more enjoyed by around the (people today often brand "provin- lalism". . . . When I started to leave I asked "oh, IETTERS Dear Santa: I wint a train with a ami a cross, over track WASHINGTON (AP)-President and a cross over CTBCR «"•" •» cm iu " feestte tracki Please bring me a turn. "Play-DOh" set And I been real Byrd, mod. ' nance *^^ /' r* A Ma fllcWnn U.n.ra tn to counter the economic down- Gene Cushion Freeport who heads the Senate PL, Committee which would I have'to pass on any such reduction said he believes any action 'to cut taxes which woud result in a budget deficit "would be tlie Broad *n JTQ.1 ».--- ~.i» tnn n mm too and supply, i™ 5 . i" u " ,—_, _j naence nui"«« — Byrd said. "It would be almost certain to result in a further flight of sold. "Piling up deficits is no longer merely a matter ot adding to our national debt. If we don't protect me position of the dollar in world exchange, we will be courting dis- Dali SUM, a a.uuvu=u. .—., boy suit too, a gun too and army 'set too, a filling station, a train set too/an airplane. Love. . t *° •> ,^ 3J tTnllatr ongre»». If he accepts the weight of opinion among his advisers, Kennedy is not likely to propose any public works spending program to meet a recession. Most of these dvisers think such programs operate too slowly to help in a tem- norary recession. Kennedy said during the presidential campaign that a temporary reduction in some taxes would be considered if the business recession, to contendedI was aster." Byrd, who has denounced the platform on which Kennedy wa elected and who did not support tlie Democratic nominee, indicat ed he believes the gold threat wi laree fireplace. Toward the end of the evening the language changed from Eng- sh to Gaelic and then this Texan was completely lost. Finally the parly took pity on me and sang "Home on the Hnnge". To me it is very Interesting to see a small land such as these small British Isles with such sectional differences and strong ocal pride. In Scotand and the Isle of Man much local governmental _. j_ -till *mtnlt*H*fl. FORT BUSS, Tex. — Bert Phillips Jr., whose parents live at «B E. Miller. St., Angleton, re- ccntly was promoted to specials! .four at Fort Bliss. Tex., where he is a member of the 1st Guided | Missile Brigade. f Specialist Phillips, who " . .... Yt_..,3*.>l>i..tat l ll Mm! pecas , assigned to Headquarters i Ehrttery of the brigade's 1st Guided Missile Group, entered the Army in Feb- ness recession he comenueu „»» under way then should deepen this winter. inter. ,-. -m Sen. Paul H. Douglas, D-IU., the Senate - House committee forecast an increase in joblessness a . the way of the : Kennedy legisla tive program because of his opposition to the party platform and his failure to support the presidential nominee. Byrd made it clear he would welcome a Senate test on this ssue It could come shortly after he opening of the new Confess Any member could challenge and eet a showdown vote on Byrds tenure as Finance Committee election by tlie Senate of its committee heads. Byrd. STATED DRY CLARKDALE, Aril. Wl — The trailer on a cement truck overturned in this small northern ArUona community ittee heas. The Senate hasn't taken away •• since 1924, and nore , and covered a block main sir eat with pounds of drr cement. 11.000 A ieW WCtKH mici «••« "" "•• iother tour by another cousin I found the same sectionalism. If not much greater, in Bonnie Bonnie, Scotland. Undoubtedly these are the most r u g g e d and independent lot in the whcte of the British Isles. I laughed when told that there was in existence a society for the independence of Scotland. I later found that it was very true, though not large '^ •* . . ' „.,,, initvmrltntn mmi iimvn • => power is still retained. Yet, despite these sectional differences those smaU wuitries united to form one of the mightiest empires that the world has ever seen. At one time they controlled over one-quarter of the 21-year-old soldier Is e -ye- 1957 graduate of AnRlcton High School. He attended Southwestern Business University, Houston and t was employed by Southwest S ed| Products, Houston, befoie enter- I ing the Army. His wife, Sharion/ 3. • lives In El Tex. >unas 01 u.j The cement was ankle deep before city workers cleaned up the mew. One cily offlcia - "Well, st least i* very true, i u u « »•• •— -—=enough to cause any immediate concern, yet. Our party was most fortunate to be invited to a Saturday night Highland gathering while in Tign- r . c. »lH«f1 fnrnnnllTired ^Periiaps this deep pride and strong sectionalism was partly their secret for success. It is even more interesting to see this same type sectionalism in parts of the United States and even in our mvn State of Texas even in oui ""•• «•»•- ,, . Where this deep local feeling and pride can be found in the United States the ancestry of the people nd Dear Santa: I have been a good girl. is what I want *" """'" A play typewrit— play corner store, bar bank, some clothes doll, some oranges, apples, i a football, and a stuffed < that I can.sit on and watch vision with. L,ove. Ssitstf.-ja.«. — *• - • - too) LOS 1 IN ... Contali S3I cnainiiujt^u^ "••.•— — • Byrd isn't cnqugh disturbed to nabraugh, Scotland, Tenny-braugh) oyru iai» i ^«.u««.. offer even a mild gesture toward Oiler -even «>• *»»*™ r> the Kennedy administration. CORNING WARE COBN1NO WARE UOYAL FAMILY SET 6IV K A «. gift that cool, °«™g- ^revolutionary new n^J' M co , d am't hurt it. He matches his leisure with the luxurious comfort of a casual arart that is smaxtly cut, metlcuJously tailored. Select his sport ahirt today from Manhattan's handsome collection . . . dacroa ... _,.,_ .,, .„._,.„ ^ -.I-MS ihwks & ROlids. & tOUXjiVu, UTiji ilj "- r->"" •- ••-'—- * Some continental styles. 32 to S6 sleeve lengths, 1«4 to »M neck sizes. $5-$5.95-»6.95. MAN PLEASER! FLORSHEIM GIFT CERTIFICATE! Give him the "choic S ,"-a Gift Certificate that entitles him to E e,ect his own M*a shoes. OUt-hoxed free of « £ .handsome imported bone shoe horn, „ —, ^ ^ Florsheim QUO OttUUuXti* tuna v^» - •-— - chaso and are available in any amount. 9. YEAR REPLACEMENT APPROVED AUTOMATIC ELECTRIC Bold Elsewhere at 16.98 Grants Regular Price 1J.98 NOW 12< s, camel or green. IRBY'S HOME FURNISHINGS HIGHWAY 288 GRIFF'S MEN'S STORE BROWN'S MPT. STORE W. T. GRANT CO. CUJTE CUM-W. PARK FREEFOR? E. PARK FHEEPORX TARPON INN rREBPOB* Ct I * *.>"' . V l;i CHEISTMAS SPECIAL! GIBSON * GUITARS BEAUTIFUL STUFFED ANIMALS FOR FUN AND ADVENTURE ... GO OUSHMAN DOG v»lue BEAR BEAR * 95 .„* road M 100 miles per gallon. An ideal gilt. JOUSAN MARINE CO, Do you have a youn g8 ter who wants a Guitar for Ohrlstmaa, TUU year ma,e it a mus.clal Christma, Oive him a Guitar. Inquire ftbout our rental plan. CORN INC.* WAR! H & H MUSIC CO. VKEEFORT control, can be used as ft plate warmer. Only WB.BS- LANDRY HARDWARE 112 W. BROAD "HOME OWNED

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