The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on May 22, 1952 · Page 18
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 18

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 22, 1952
Page 18
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fAGE IS-THE.BAYTOWN.SUN. THURSDAY, MAY 22, 1952 ,< EDITOR'S NOTE: The writer of tite ioUoxving; dispatch, member of th* United Press Waiih- ln$toa staff, has just toured T. & militsjy Installations in Europe.) All uniformed, women in Berlin have been replaced with men. Soldiers living in with their families in Berlin are 'gradually being replaced by single men. So too in Vienna. - By RUTH GMEIXER . J .. FRANKFURT, Germany — (UJE1 — _^ Americas military authorities in Germany are prepared to move out __ dependents and eivthan job-holders instantaneously with the onset "'of any Russian attack. 'The civilians themselves seem Utterly unconcerned snd calm about their situation. War jitters, which :snnerved ...^.'American civilians in the U. S, zone In. the uncertain daya after the Korean Attack two years ago seem almost wholly to have disappear- ;, Tn • August, 1950, during a visit i in Frankfurt this reporter found < A number of families of occupa- uon. troops had packed and gone home. Others were preparing 10 leave. Wivej» v:ho decided to sit o-jt the immediate. ; crisis were packing: to send home eilver, china " ind other European treasures which they knew they would have t to abandon if war broke oui. ' Not every dependent and pverv civilian in the American zone carries precise orders on what he * should do in the event of ."X-day" ., —the day "of..Communist attack. The zop military brass hero is Jreluctant to talk about pians to _ t ;move out the big- civilian population. Bat Gen. Thomas T. Handy. U. S. commander in Europe, s«Jd e "definite" ON THE SAX .IAO1NTO MEMORIAL Orville R. Pipkms—Channel view. •Mrs. Dewey D. Fisher—Greens Bayou. Mrs. Jo« Bowman—-205 Williams. Mrs. Arthur G. Whitehead—2007 Terrace Lane, Mrs. Annie Romanek—Crosby. JvFrs. James Henkel—220 Arbor. Msr Roy Adams — 21&5 Alabama. MariJyn. McNaJ lie—1012 Parkway. Jo Nunn-3402 1 /s Blin- C-yde Hart— 1015 Park- Bill Has Hew Approach To U.S. Flood Control Brigadier Council Has • Last Meeting Of Year Brigadier council held the last meeting of the year last night in the Guild room of Trinity Episco- pal P arifih house The new officers were guests of the council. The council reported on the Brigadier Week activities, discussed and revised the rule on scholastic standing, heard a report from ell officers on their'year's'work,, and made suggestions on how the new officers could improve this year's work. New officers present were Peggy Campbell, Suzanne Felton, Migr- non Harper, Evelyn Doss end Eula Pearl Flynt. Others present were Jane Bonds, Mary Lou Bui ord, Mary Lou 'Williams. Lula. Floyd, Charlotte Mc- Xulty, Janice • Davis, Pat Kinghorn, Lucy Stallworth, . Juanita Cruller, Mrs. StancJl Norton and Miss Alvere Griffin. For Easy Sewing Graders Have Party ^ Sam Houston Parent-Teacher association honored the sixth grade pupils Tuesday with a wiener roast and swimming party at Roseland park. Special guest was Mrs. Mae Jarrett, sixth grade teacher. Room mothers and parents acting as chaperones were Mrs. S B. White, Mrs. Coy Thompson, Mrs. T. B. McClain. Mrs. A. T. Tucker. Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Bays and L. D. Overstreet, evacuation plans *nd Plsl>nra»p He said * " d v v- ,. v *r^,rf >: ^ felmost .^ ore the armed might a few miles to the WASHINGTON — (Oil— A House Agriculture subcommittee has unanimously approved a bill proposing a "new approach" to flood control by retaining rain water on the lend where it falls. W. R. Poage (D-Tex^). would au- . - , , . . . ., »-. » ». "* *- *** *•* *- - s-^*CAi. 1 \J *» V-<^4L 1.C71J thorize the ^ A ff«ulture^_pcpa.rt- whethe i it - s Ehe type you uant hy iking the label. "Fancy Solid - —it" describes the choice cuts of projects in smaller water- tuna , arge pieci?s wjth one Qr nvo r-t. . . , ,.,.,, small pieces to bring the contents ^subcommittee hop eo tne oill to che required , veight , -standard" TUX A' FISH GRADES When buying canned tuna fish, p m e m b e r that you can tell t- r' » - UTUC-KS ana ment to help local organizations The double duty ensemble is practical for all ages! What could be beiter in daughter's warm weather wardrobe than a princess sun- back with" its own shading bolero! (Panties included, too. • No. 2399 is cut in sizes 2. 4, 6, 8. Size 4 dress, panties, 2 yds. 35- in. Bolero, % yd. 35-In.« Trim, 4Vi yds. )n Modeling Business - ' Beautiful Babies Bow To Ones With Qi, By ELIZABETH TOOMEY . a baby's face, they could worry a pective baby NEW i'ORK IIP>—Babies who aren't lot less about whether or not they by mothers who beautiful are corrung into their own were movie, material, said Miss on by admiring in the modeling 'business. Con- Bannister. She s been taking pic- tives. stance Bannister" says, and grown- tures,o£ SlO-an-hour big sisters for "Advertisers UDS should take note. • the last ten years. * '. perfect bal '"II only the' mamas would re- Everyday m her combination different " lax and sH'e out with the same apartment and studio overlooking sa j d _ ..fa freedom of expressions that cross Central Park she interviews pros- counts, it ears stick out" or 0 • oii Brush Teeth And Eat Wisely For Smile That's Dazzling By HELEN FOLLETT Snow white, highly polished teeth are a dazzling: .contribution to the sum total of beauty. You them a isn't-pSfe^^fV She's hopeful that »~> £fn ST * <« *"T*V%« . . 4 healthy pink look -that f '^ Q Parents maHes teeth seem whiter by con- °^ nuj nor about witt notice that girls who have them do R lot of smiling; those don't f01 get that lipstick calls attention to teeth, especially vivid shades. To be in first class condition, teeth should be brushed after each meal, and very soon after, ats food parnclos loft in the mouth can change in a few 2605 SIZES 12 - 44 trast they Seem to now, she < The brush is the best weapon orous baby against decay. The next best is tions under the _. .. ... . _. vitamin C. You will find it in helped. A lot of iL<: with teeth that do not qualify tomatoes, lemon and orange juice, pretty, but there \ are conscious of this drawback m ilk *nd apples. All these fpods isn't adorable." and seldom smile. So, if 'you are are of cosmetic value, - having a She's been tacking to look like a happy person, take favorable effect upon the com- tures that bring chuf excellent care of'your biters. And piexion. \ One folder is fuji 1 '' ~~"~ ~* Teeth, it appears, thrive on r<amir "' food calcium. Milk contains this element, so lap up a quart a day. It is good for a lot of things that may ail you. Calcium is also found in a limited amount in cheese, buttermilk, cauliflower, babv . , . , dandelion greens, figs, oranges, Ibaby. Thev're not nours, forming perfect homes for Boston brown breadi cc l e ry, eggs are mighty cu?' Hi and tarroU. The girl who has no finicky ideas about groceries, who eats ! whatever is put before her, is j ate. slier 6r :>si her of f-V 6 fL bab y h "Then then man baby, m bacteria. The bedtime grooming is especially important. Small children should be made to attend to this treatment no matter how much they fuss or protest. Tootpaste. by the way, is go- in§T glamorous. Many of the new offerinsp are flavored and colored. There's one, imported from England, for example, that's as red as a ru'ny. The paste is pretty and Wonderful formula for a home frock; take easy back-wrap lines. add comfortable band sleeves and Quite tasty because 3'ou can handy big pockets! This is also'a choose such flavors as pepper- Guick-sewihg trick in the collared mint or spearmint 'for ;''adults; version with short length'sleeves';' strawberry or banana in a spe- Nb. 2605 is cut in sizes 12, 14. IS, cial paste just for children. Be- of the Lady Kygeia, IS, 20, 36, 38, 40, 42 and 44. Size sides" cleaning teeth, this new Breathe deeply, eat wisely, 18. 5 yds. 35-in., 4 yds. ric rac. paste rose-tints the gums, giving bathe daily, get plenty of sleep. likely to have fewer good-looks I griefs than the fuss-budget-, who'! likes only a few dishes. The latter j does not get ail the elements she i needs. i It's fun to play with beautifiers b tit, after all, the temple of i beauty is built upon health. Cosmetics play a part, but accomplish little unless one is a follower &* t /i '•£ Serve Rke and Fub Tonigliij « 3ourns this year. _ Poage said his proposal is aimea at combating the real flood aangei— heavy snov and rainfalls u pstre«un that do not "sink in the east behind the Iron Curtain. Thev can bl passed before Congrc-ss ad- play bridge and complain about the schooling their children get in the American schools. They gossip about the general up the street who staffs his household with enlisted personnel. They talk about & rcur 'd-" whether they will keep their maids efter the Army stops paying them in early June. Life groes on much the same as it does in the suburbs^of am* U.S. 'city. ^ ; "After all, you can't live in. a tuna per rneans the balance of the cacch wkh & not more than cent fiaj^gg -pjekes"" Thev're pieces of t ^e same tuna broken during the canning process a: i; e f ac torv. * LIVES &•! I Za*f PORT WORTH (UP) (USDA1 Cattle 800. Afostly steady; some DECORATIVE HINT In a small room, it's good decorating to blend your wail color to the background of your drapery fabric. Repeat this key shade in a different value on a sizable piece of furniture. 2690 SJZES 14 - 43 _sjCfX& of tenyion forever," said one cows stronger; few head commer- who v.-as here when the Ko- rea4i war started. The&e civilians, and the military and good slaughter yearlings, 27-32; beef cows, 19-22.50; cutters, 13-19; bulls, stocker year-.,S:J leaders, ere well aw a -e that "X- ™*dium and good day" may come, unannounced and Ungrs ' 2732: Io£td HO^IEMAKERS CSLAivS Hbmemakers Class of Cedar Bayou Baptist church will meet at 9:30 a.m. tomorrow at the church 832-lbs , IQr a Behind iary might. An. order prevails throughout the command which keeps at least 50 per cent of the Armed Forces Sn duty at any given, rime. An.- 32; steers, 27.25. Calves 300. Mostly "steady; good and choice slaughter calves, 30.5034.50; utility and commercial, 2230; culls down to 38; medium to choice^ stockers. 27-37. Hogs 500. Butchers weak to 50c lower; sows and pigs steady; choice 180-240 Ibs., 21-21.25; choice 155-175 Ibs. and 240-3SO~lbs. GENERATION ETOIANAPOLIS — OJ.PJ— Dr. Norman Vincent Pcale, pastor of Marble Colltgiate Church of New- York, said last night that Americans now ere "probably the most nervous generation" of ail time. "The patron saint of the Irish is St 19- Patrick; of the English. St. . . r . . . otner 35 per cent are allo-wed only 20.75; sows. 16-18; feeder pigs, 15- George: and the natron saint of zemporiry leave to nearby areas. 17.50. Americans is St Yitus"- P COMPLETES AN OLD FAMILIAR. VERSE FOR ALL BRIDES . . . "Something old, Something new*, Something borrowed, Something blue . a Sixpence in your shoe FOR EVERLASTING GOOD LUCK AS SHE WALKS DOWN THE AISLE TO THE MUSIC OF THE WEDDING MARCH' : , has a stock of sixpence, direcf from England, and alf prospective bndes are inv'rfed to g«t this ' &*&&>•* - j • ,1-ittl;?? & * " i "* r traditional good luck piece with best wishes : ; % JS from ROBSON'S TEXAS AT GATO^ARD COMPLETE SATISFACTION GUARANTEED G B) A /* Kill 901 W. MAIN MARKET PHONE 2124 WE BESEBTl;] THE RIGH1 TO UWU* MAY 23 AND 21 - Nothing'is as useful as a .shirtwaist basic: This one is neatly tailored but not without fashion news-—witness the collared, sweetheart neckline! Choose your sleeve length, trimming interest. ]\ T o. 2690 is cut In sizes 14, 16, 18. 20. 36. , 38, 40/ 42. 44.- 45, 48. Size 18, 4% yds. 39-in., 5Va yds. trim. The flared skirt of this pay-long bolero dress is .very much in fashion; so is the deeper dip of the neckline'. Uncluttered basque styling is especially smart for new prints and sheers. . No. 2600 is cut in sizes 10. 12,14, 16, 18. 28, 36, 38, .40. Size 16. for ensemble, 5*& yds. 39-in, . Send 30 cents for PATTERN •with Name. Address, Style Number and Size, Address PATTERN BUREAU Baytown Sun, Box 42 Old Chelcsa Station, New York 11. New York- Just off the press! The SPRING- SUMMER FASHION BOOK, with its deligfetful presentation of the .newest fashions in the form of de- .pattera designs—over 125 of them, for every ag^ and every'typej B£ an early bird, sesr sow with this book as your guide. Price just 25 cents. * ' BEWIEY'S BLUE RIBBON While Speoal Pack Lasts a PEANUT BOTO WITH VEGETOU NiN CROWN BRAND No. 2V2 Can GRADE A VEAL SHOULDER GOLD STANDARD . ' ' Lb. -. Can" CRISP PASCAL FIRM, JUICY FREMCH f S * COLGATE 27c SEE

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