The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on September 11, 1897 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 11, 1897
Page 3
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FRESH CAUGHT IVItfMMtt !47 Slfttek, 1 $ *" T ' - ' & ** t fits <»«* ing, ' ^^ r< < ^ ' 'i-^' ' -A 'hrippS' fireside i* for tefcbt tfifttta /Sit bank siccx'TOt., The •**: for" Iow«jr' GtwcraHy &iH<]*tnjBt rtnd • The Mlch'M?*J Central will *u&* a pcol-tt excursion to Stnrth Havktt 'Sept. GftftOItlCIifc SOMBER 11, No objection to this weather. . The Mew bieyclo path is aft right. Excursion td Toledo otfcr tho D. ,T. & M. tomorrow. Battle Creek objects to bptng made a dumping RTottnd for pampers. Tho Beo isiys that the A$hens babies h&ve organised ft bawl etufe. • „ • «0rgp$E$i& tiftt tHe frame up fora •'house fen oast Prospect street. * Mrs. Harry Hulett has been ill for th« past sovefol days btfi isMw able to ritffe The Indies bieyete club propose giv-1 Mies Bwaie^PetWs tefieteftoai ,Chiea- inp a series «f ^entertainments in.atd olLp^«u " . . ; tho bie#e^ pat^. ; ',, , , •» j^ Blanche dfatmmjand Miss bo believed some M$8S May Hatter has arrived from Toledo, Mis$ Gertrude Kelly to hotna from New York eity, Misa Attnft Hungerfofd, of Albion visited Marshall friends this week. Rev. tf , E. Walton spent ft greater pftit v ---.-, otBrttea rkrtnfr yes- Neatft ftettiBg* Sfarshall terday. . funny things Tiave el our trasSneeft^egpte -1$ aftt*, 7 '»' .. tvth.6 base ball ... _ r _, t .._~beeft increased x , tfce sdditkm of t»rtr bleachers, so that 2,000 can' how be accommodated, entertainment of th»Iee"tj»re cour&C occurs October 2fst.- The Mai tieridfc concert company will bo tho .attraction. " . today, " & JS/Shtitttway aWd tesuTWiSS. trlu to AlbW tfife Mr*. 4md' MM.' B. made WELL WORTH YOUR WHILE TO fiUOANT Aston, 3?rfbun« tfte -Etettoit yee< will arrive • The question of b/nilding ^ from Albion' to Charlotte via I>uck lake i» now being agitated. , Seventeefr tickets wore sold for the ex* enrsion to, Detroit .th|a worn wig at the Michigan Central station. Twenty-two little friends of Miss Ethel Ruddnvk helped her celebrate her ninth birthday ywtvrday. \ ' ~Df, Hmiley returned from Lansing today. Hi- reports his sister Mrs. Flora Johnson, as" slightlyiniprovi'd. Stiss Mary O'Leary is <jn!te sick, and will be unable t<? keep hor engagements with her customers for n few dajs. Mifes Margie Geer entertained her friends? at a bio clo party last evening. A most enjoyable time is reported, The Michigan Centra} railroad sold .18 tickets to the- stato fairiit Grand Rapids /this week an'd the D. "T. & M. railroad sold 4f>, I The Ladies "A id society of thn Christian church will ts'ivo ^ lawn soejtd ftt Mrri. C3..II. Dobbins" 'fluesday' evening, Sept. M. . lee cream an& i'!iko I0c. Not the least, clue lias been obtained of the whore-about9 of tlu» >ountf tfirl, Gertie Trmpble, who disappeared from Buttle CrCk, Wednesday afternoon. She has been working for si Bedford farmer, and has only one relative in this section, an undo by the name of Raymond who resides in IVniiHeld, The bicjele party tfiven by Mrs. G«o. Bullard last evcniqg was a;raost enjoyable afl'nir. About twenty-livo wu^'ts were In attendance/ Elegant refreyh- inonte and progressive euchre, occupied the early part of tho evening, .Lilter a two-hours run was taken, Whioh owin« tUittio brilliant moonlight and the cool evening mr proved delightful. ^.According to an act passed by the letcialaturo hibt Ht-ayor>, if any t«n> citi- •zims-will petition for :t bell at u erdssing tho rrtilro^d t-itimniiHioiujr i» bound to invcfltigal^ eaiiie and, si'e if such a pro toction is hM-dwl, "arnl if *<» order a belf that will bo run« by approach!ntf trains', und that can be hearif for ,\ conaidcrfible distance. Tins, Inw wont iuto' Hfect September Hr«t, s ; A ladi<?4 bieycls cluV was organized in this city yesterday with it luMubiTuhip ;of thirteen;—ThTF fullowtnjj unitx-rs were elected: - President, Mrs. C.NS. Uorham; vice president, Mrs. J. Jt., Mtisas; treasurer, Mrs, l'\ A. fttAmrt; set-rutary, Ifliss Grace flapilum, Thw cluF^ will mt:t4 with Mre- Gorhftiij 1 at eight ' thi^Ovufling for thu -jjurpo.-w of in^ the wrgantitatiou. At tho of th^niuetlnK'a run will be takuu over ' the nO'Sf p£th,"1iibO w<«*thtfr permitting, "Aff Albion dispatch aay>vthat August , „., .„ g3 f and Adolph Kadtke, 'bis eousiri, *tarte4 fo* tho Klondike gol'd 24, Th« fortiue? hae r«- He r^acUkl Py o* and it would ep$t Wx* »«ch to pack his oatflt, over tbe Cliik'oot and «o returned. .Indium? ftfe W « tiot\ to dj^tgeeaborbit»Bt priees for aet- vices, He says that when' he left there thero were at least lOjPOU m*R stranded 'at liyea, Jie says that no uoe ahould that Mrfe. Albert Sharpsteen, <n M*rshaU township „ died Friday afternoon of Braght's dteeaac, after a lingering illness*. The funeral will take place Sunday afternoon at 2:30 at the house j ' 4 • Mies Lillte Smith entertained her friends at hor hoinr on Kalntniww avenue lost owning. The guests were entertained with a rnock wedding and a hay ride. 'Ijesdatues C. «> Smith, A. B. ScHb- iwr,°W. S. Smith, mid C. W. Itobiuson have issued invitations for a progr;ssive ouehro parcy to occtir rtt the honto of Mrs. C. H. Smith on Wednesday evening next. Writers of love letters will be more careful horaftbr to put on<tbe necessary postago before (dropping them in the postoffice. It is proposed to authorize {Histmasters and deputies to i|pen all let- tors on which no postage stamps have been placed, to lenrn tho narao of the writer and' avoid sending them to the dead letter office. « Will Connor,son of Kobert Connor,'for- niorlj of this city, but now of Jackson, some time sinco fell from a shed breaking his arm. It did not heal readily nud this w.eek'he submitted to a most painful opemtion which necessitated the renioval of a portion of the elbow. Dr. Robinson was the attending surgeon and ha was assisted by four other physician* The following dispatch from Jackson refers to a forulor Marshall resident; Mrs. Laura Sprat an active member of Bo-oral swieties, has had a warrant issued for Prof. Leon Marrad, who claims to be a European clairvoyant. A wonk a^o^Mrs. Bpratt let Marrad have a 320 jjold piece to inagnoti/e, so «*»• chtrivoy- ant could diat? n<)8e tuo Hhu'as'of Mrs, Sprat's husband. The money waa handed over, tk)gettter with ^ t "), HH pa\ for carrying the $20piece around. 'Marrad dis- Hla>eda telegram eallinK him to Philadelphia. He has not boon been since, and as he did not return the money Mr». Sprat believes she wa» swindled. ' terday. Mrs. James fMtti $ew\yoj*k city ilrs. Mftt^ Mitchoil w6nt tcf .Chicago this afternoon. >.' M^iseBva Watwjn retnmod to tnazoo today. those who went to Detroit thw Mn and Mrs. T". L, Cronin, Mr. and Mrs. G. E. 1'age, Mr. and Mrs. A, Cooley, Mrs, F. C. Stuart, |Mrfl. O. B > Rowley, Charles Painter, A. Reese x «nd Will Dowsett. Public School Notes. Theschodl year opened Monday morning Sept 6th» witli »n Increased attendance in most o£ the grades. The greatest increase Hin the high school, wherir a\ the end of the first week 135 are enrolled, against JH^ast year at the end of the first month. The increase of the present year is due to tho largo number of pupils from the country, there being $2 <£ , ' ' __ of New Goods ~ attractiv of GOODS I SILKS. / Great Bargains in this enrolled, The over crowded condition of the See our 25s fcll wool Novelties Also our special drive ill 50c CfcevibtS. ^ *M«i* «^ m rnt^****'*********' 1 *^''* 11 ''''*' 1 *'** R. & G. Corsets BEST ON THE MARKET. ' ""T" _ - ^ ___________ ^ ___ ^_2^_^^*j^j^^ i SPECIAL PRICES IN UNDERWEAR AND HOSIERY Wo can a* to both quality and prieo tho Latest Fads and Btaplefl in GLOVES Every Grade and Colon ' pD/lCUCC 4c yd.and upwards 'UflHOriLO G-ennlne Bargains, A Complete Lino of Children's JJriderwear / Services. \V. J. £Jwgi? will address the B. Y. PU.. tomorrow evening at B:UO sul>joct ••.Success.'.' A cordial invitation Is ex- lendea. ' Rev. J.B. Walton, wijl conduct morning service at the Episcopal chart-It dwriu« the remainder of the moath. A quartet, cSompOrfod of Mr. and Mfs. W. H' SiraooB, Mra*KvertsttStuietteomhand' Mr. Z, B. Damn, w^ll sin«- at $he Metho diet cbureh tomorrow, Regular services of first church of Christ', Scientist, will beheld »t the G, .V. ftr h»U Sunday '»,t V)-.:iO u,'m, All seventh grade will necessitate the open - ing of another room for tho accommodation of tho pupils. A new English course hus been adopted by tho board. The major part of this course in given up to the) study of tho English branches. Tho design also is to •make it a business course and it comprises two terms of bookkeeping,_gne of commercial law and commercial geography, one^term -at U. S. constitution. 'Provision has been made in the course for preparation for teaching by the introduction of such studies as the Science of Education; Theory and Methods of Teaching and 'a review of the common branches. Then also for those who desire to prepare for the B. L. course in the university certain substitutions in language work and mathematics imiy be made to meet the- requirements of the- university. Several of the rooms "were photographed during the week. Owing to the oppressive heat tho high school had but one session, from 8 to 1 o'clock, on Thursday- and Friday, This plan will bo followed until it becomes coolerV JVlisH Pinnell of ' the Park school was absent a part of tho week owing to the critical illness of her brother. Bar place was supplied by Miss Ruth Smith. Miss Pinnell expects to resume work Monday F. V. Lainberaon IB here in Marshall with his cold blast I'e&tber Renovator He will come, right to yoor house with his- feather renovating car »nd clean your feather l^eds and pillows., Work guaranteed. Prices reasonable. AND MATTINGS In this department \ve have an extra iar^e and fine stock this season and" no dealer is makingydlower P rice on warrantable good.' than \ve are. . LINOLEUM IN ALL THE LATEST STYLES. • / r ' Call and lookXis over before the asrbrtment is broken. %«» . ——-. u PERRETT & SONS. Jood Reasons Whv yoolpua Must Advance. From Alexander Hamilton's low tariff .1 to roliove tht» rtt-itenpd rircum- tances of the treasury m* .17Hi>- to 1861. ?he tariff was a nominal ftlfiiir 1 , 18(54 it •as raised by successive acU tx< an aver_(,'o of 17-()6 per cent. The MeK.nley tariff was 50 per cent ad valeWtnn and 44e i pound weight on woolens. Th« Wil sou tariff was-50 per cent nd valorem ,nly. The prewnt or Dingey bill. i« &> «T »-M»t ad valorem and 44 ceutHti pound. I.iriir ivct of 1H64 had Oe a-iwund on w«)ot, tho MeKinley bill lie, the -Wilson nil mostly free. The Dintfly bill has 11 te 12c. This must raise the prioo of Totuof row will be the closing exorcises for ^his conferencejieau at ths'Methodiat 'During tbw past two years the lias preached " Ml swtnons, "?8 into church tuemberehip, %b ohlldreo and 3* adults, sinveraioo the .««, ~. ^* thft youiigeaH 34 weddtaga and 34 f uawrais atvd »b«Ht 7Ut> i>W^>ral .ca^la. The panlor „.„ wile will attend emifer«m» which wiU couveoe at £ala,ui!WMx> W* Wedpeu BiahppJohn ye AB ei.ehy.oge says that the auJ* pa> a tbe priutijif these 44* i* bi^wl ' the kiegdoflj to w^ae i^> wi}J *>e A piHCt; 4 little higher than the Hia bame wifl b^ written at the the column next to pure rettdinjf f,, W iucul poij e, a}id uathio^ ic tt>» hoaae will be gfx>d «n)ough for hiux He is the beat beeau*? it IB on.iy aiffr-half the cobt of abingles. It can be applied on flat or efceefTroote, Anybody e«m put it^o EWe A, '97 model bicydej will sell finquire at AWBTJC laundry, north of jGreene'a drug store. JuHlHM Blavklug ao tabor, no due^ Trjcei lOc , All aeponnta due tb* tetp flciu of P rln & Biflboe »re due and payable to I. H. , and , . . the twiitora, wtiUti al{ the dolin- subscribers wiU uuye to *•* %* pfrf^JOM^ tmd ail up us ttiife eatiw of «U the blomj. ' MilJinery Openingi . &RAMAM& STONE norta of Strong New Millinery Store • T^ w t It Saves tlio Oo»py Children. AVJPW, Va.-"Wp have a Hph-ndid sail) on Chjouborlain'fl Cou^h R'-nwdj, and onr customers cbmitig from far and near, epeak of it in the highest terniH. Vtany have «ftid that thd'r childnm would have died--pf croup if Chauilwr- ain'a Cough Remedy had not I wen KI\ <•'»• KKJUI.AM <te OPKHKN. ' The 2T> and '5t> cent sizes for sale at Drug Store. Tariff is simply a form of indirect taxation. The importer paya the duty at ;he frontier adds tbe amount to former 2ost theo adds a profit oa his in vestment fo» the retailed who add« rt profit for the consumer. Our underwear was nil pnr- :hased in April and la now In stoek. The best 25<s and 5lte each shirt and drawers ever sold. Our suits and over are also in stock at prices worth a good advance today. Our morcpant tailoring! d< batter stocked thitt ever »nd our prices will prevail ttotil our proarant Stock is faausted. . v i H*£ can be con?ult*d on aUthftatfates and huniao dostiny. Sittioi U A, m. to W «. *B- at Park feow^ N ea« State street, Opqt>^ua4ay9. Misse^ Sanders and MeJCary will open dresfr waking iqouja 0^5^ t" ' "* to the ^tetrad office, ^^ r _ 16^ They are both „_ fadle* at tbe buwneaa ap4 wW %* plewwfl to secure the patrooa^e of th*>& friends » .. . _ _ _. .*. .. i ». ._ •__ Tho Weapon Small — but None More Certain or Affect!TO. In those tlmf«i when hacks, arf lamc, v wtu-ii almrwt every .othi-r om- we m«cl luw oow and then, or all thetiint, a l>;i(.k tliiil s or pains —"a w?uk litw'k, 1 ' "u bad ;" u l)unk that, inukcs 'It^'ir jiff a sry to be*rr-ap*l ftill tlusy go oir<ky bj day in pain and suffering. Now 'tis the saaiest thing in lue wurld to j;' v e thib played opt back "a blow " that «Ul ht-ttta ft, and put iu its place » new ouu ctiuul Ui U»y., It's just Jlkw this: hit ut the eiiHyt-j aiost backaches come from Uiduejj dUf»i'- 3era. lieaob the kjdwya. stsr^, tl^'W ilogged-up tlbrrts In operation; whi'ii thii ia done you can say good-t»> a to h«« ktithf. Here Is a CUH«J f rom Battle <'rtvk, 'klr, , jsitth M. Shoup lives tfl fii Bitfftd Wtr«H, lie waa a mejnber of the Ifau^le (.'nut police force for many ypars. A* a m<'«nbe» " the force be served tlto city v,^lL tiut .«^ rough weiitjUerhe wus oftt-ft *nl>j« ted to laid the foundutum o'f kid»ej disorder, wuJch haa troubled him v«rt »t«ch, U( n* ia,what bo auysftbout it; ; > • "About three years ago, wuile- on uolk« farflft T M>ntracted from exrH«sure a Uoufakt no . through my kidneys iwd »^TI»^ the sn|alt of wy back; if sitting down mid I wanfet, to s^iiid up, I bad, tin arise vety «lrm)v »n*' gfrHtly to avoid iiK-rwisiH? the puin ; 1 Inu; such tjre«i-aut feelings »ll (ue tiwxe. ami I w»s steadily ' uywths »go^ l*jlls. J, get a wa* most compete, thi^ rtawovt^l tl»e aching .pidua {OF good. 1. can uow gn ur^M)u<l m quitkly as anybody. l>oan'si Kidney PilliareoertttiBl 4W i%.-r<jficuUt( F«r sab .. t'fc ((»d tfekw uo «tu«r. ll sells Mo»»£aia Java, it i» the a of of Bitoteftfl*, Feaiters, Vlaw**, •!«• Opposite P»rt»«0» in inrphif 1 ! OW Again we annonce the arrival ..%. Fabrics tbM, tuw ever been our goo,4 for wo aw uaw awaiting Why Not Educate -AT- AND School of Shorthand and Typewrtiug, IIATTI.K liundrwlfi of young mt»n HIK! wHrqien hay* l n Hft'dil iann''pr»irtnhl<« «-iluc:ttloii. Onfl it th» Ixwt «qili^tp«l UIIH|IIH«J« (iil!(.'j.-i" ID Ui« •otintry. U C*U on or Vrttp -fo^ i<-iru uluit. <in<t " Eitabll»hed.l882, Incorporated 1896. GEORGE INCERSOLL, ^ « «( ^iia i . f Prob»t* wilt tfiva upeclAl attenuoa in In I'rubate Ouiicu. , Ua>vnj|! bui*iwi=4ti in pro(i»tti p.oui'M nut,?, tod U V> tUelr lltcrtit to rou«ttHnt«t. • '; . WILLS, .Deeds, tf for » aupti coiup»oi««. ' } ,* J. J. "T a-v?" i?« «« fi "h \ W*b A 1»fU I^Mtjf Cbwwaw, * w** at «^, Jagmttf^""^^. ^^Vtp^oitfla^ wi2 j «»u J rty. frwa^ p^^Sre^«*« JPW|«M»W »»i4 d«*l WI4*UA3I *1£S&^ ' §. I <\

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