The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 16, 1959 · Page 14
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 14

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 16, 1959
Page 14
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Bragosport &nfl BratorH Contrty, T«TM Wed., i«pt. 1«, 1061 THE BRAZ08PORT PACTS ._ .,., ^il< t..( ••• .-',!<.;-•".-»-• ,._.. .y.l...:...--..../-.-'-* ........ ^ . ... WHY CAN'T YOU 86 LATE- OTH UKBOTHBR WIVR9? SOMESHOPPINS Aug. 23 is Handy Kevin, ««» el.Mr.«nd Mrs. F.C.Ennis,o Freeport. Th6 young man welsJieo In M eitfft pounds, six ounces fo Brazosport Memorial Hospital BE 8-2JM THE ROV8E OF HITS SECONt) BIG WEEK /MAHOWN V-sW-FLESH / AM' BLOOD AWFUSHTff, I DRAVJED \ TL Thi mterWnnwrt •gtf» fort womhfful rr pttAKS A F*Pt>yS HEART TO ACCUSE HIS C*>4 BEUWIDI ADMtBSIOM: $t»t «n«'.Mi ; FEATtlHEB AT 6;»,- 8:5» ULV ABNER GontlntKnu Shows From 1:10 KND3 TONITE A PRIVATE'S AFFAIR WHAT CAN X PER VOW, HTDMDBUMI IN VORE MOUTH AH'TWO OOUERS CASH ON CREDIT, STARTS THURSDAY OONTVEHEAR TH' CUSTOMER BIO TWIN TERROR SHOW! ALL NEW! IN TECHNICOLOR! SNUITT SMITH A HAMMER FtM FMOUCTIOH HA/IU.BBT HE PRIMES A BUCKET OP WATBIt NOW I NEB? A UTTUE DRIHK Of VWTER DO ANVTWN6 IM A BEETLE BAILEY Matcrnitv Steven Conrad tipped the scales at seven pounds, 12 ounces at birth In Brafewport Memorial Hospital on Aug. 26. Mr;, and Mrs. A. N. Miller 'Jr. of IPreeport are the proud parents. •. ; • ... . .****.- . ,, ..Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Evans of Freeport chose Lorinie .Wayne for the name of their new son, >born AuiJ. 27 in Brazosport Memorial ttdsplttl. Seven pounds/six ounces was his birth Page 15 "**„**• ' • A new Angteton resident was born in Brazosport Memorial Hospital Aug. 28. David Harold is the son of. Mr. .and Mrs. B, S. Guthrie and he weighed eight pounds, eight ounces at birth. . •' ; **'»»' ''.'•• Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Buras, Freeport, are proudly announcing the arrival of thotnas Jules, six pounds, 13 ounces, bom on Aug. 28inBrazosportMemorifll Hospital. ; . .. ... ,«,***.. : : ...... :.... , Sbndra Annetapt things simple by weighing eat even six pounds at birth on Aug. 28 in Brazos- port Memorial Hospital. Her parents are Mr. andMrs. Charles R, Beeson, Lake- Jackson................ »-*** " ' Patrick Joseph chose Aug. 28 for his arrival in Brazosport MemoriaTBospital welghingsix pounds, 12 ounces. His parents are Mr. and Mrs. Pat BuUard, Houston. tal dn Aug. 31. Mr. andMrs. Ervin Dwiford tiimM that daughter Sheila Denlse. She weighed sevm pounds, four ounces. at birth. **•« Evelyn Denise chose Sept. 2to arrive in Brazosport Memorial' Hospital to Mr. and Mrs. M, D. White, Freeport thelittlegifl weighed six pounds, 10 ounces. » * »* Six pounds, 13 ounces was recorded as the weight of Jacqueline on Sept. 3 in Brazosport Memorial Hospital. She is the daughter of Mr. arid Mrs. tony Michaelangelo of Brazoria. • '• •• ' •* * ** • Janice Helen made her debut Sept. 4 In Brazosport Memorial Hospital. Five pounds, 12 1/2 ounces was her Weight and her parents are Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Maywald of Angleton. , ••«*** Clute is Thomas .Jorgen's hometown. The young man, borr Sept. 5 in Brazosport Memorial Hospital. Is the son of Mr, and Mrs. G. W. Petersen. . He greeted the world, at nine pounds, five ounces. •»*•*••• Terry Neil was born Sept. 8 weighing an even eight pounds He is the son of Mr. arid-Mrs 1 , R. H. Shanks, Chile, and arrived in Brazosport Memorial Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Dempsey Ruthledgc, Freeport, have an important armouricefhent! Be-' erly.Gay was born Sept. Bin Dow Hospital weighing seven pounds, fiVe and one • fourth ounces.' . ^ • *»* « " •. : Adona Rene Is the name Mr. and Mrs,Donald GlennBLascMe of West Columbia, chose for their baby born Sept. 9 in DoW Hospital weighing eight pounds, 13 ounces. .'••_•' •:.:-'. X • * * * It's twins! for-Mr. and Mrs. Frank Allen Risinger of Lake Jackson. Born Sept. 9, Rhonda Sue weighed four pounds, 131/2 ounces Whileher brother, Randy Ruben, weighed six pounds, 11 ounces on arrivalinDowHospi- tal. ' • ._ • * *-*.. . ., Seven' pounds, seven ounces was recorded as -Bryan Paul's weight on Sept. 13 when he was born toMr. and Mrs. Paul Emi' Blaha, Angleton. Dow Hospita was the youngrrian's birthplace ... * * * » Siri Von is the name Mr. an Mrs. -David Jones, BrizTia chose for their daughter born «pt. 12 in Dow Hospital weigh- ng six pounds, 15 ounces. . • '•»»»*. - ; . ' j- DoW Hospital was the stene when Louanne itiade her debiif" Sept. 9 weighing stven pounds,. 12 3/4 ounces. -Her parents are Mr> and Mrs, Clarence Lawriejr, of Brazofla. '•••"•* NpTTMEfYPE A fr'i* ; .r-"-l '-.ut'it' rel..*«-."-d t'a^Ite mrirtJVT'"So n slo.'e. It a t «hop, filled w:ih pelii of oihsr sqairrels. But after the squirrel was caught, the shop mjrmer.hgd it friad in a ttsM. "Hi 'Tasn't our iyo»," I 1 !* m ••a'jar- expl'TJ»«£ •di "',"'•••' -I^Ti'l "i« Engl'sh Friends and relatives of Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Edwards of Freeport are greetingtbeirnew son. James Jefferie, bom Aug. 31 InBrazosport Memorial Hospital weighing eight pounds, 10 ounces. • • **» , A newBrazoriacltizenarrived Community Calendar- tOVK FAMILY I SBN. MON. .TD * » * * : . ,:'';. . Mr. and Mrs. Axei-J. Farm, Clute, named their daughter Endla Ellen. Sept. 9 is her birthday and six pounds, 11 ounces is the weight recorded at birthinBrazosportMemorial Hospital. * * * » It's a girl! Mr. andMrs.R,E. Kelley, Brazoria, are the parents of Rene Annette, bom Sept. 10 in Brazosport Memorial Hospital with a birth weight of seven pounds, 11 ounces. » * » * Brazosport Memorial Hospital was the place where Rebecca was born on Sept. 13 weighing six pounds, nine ounces.. She is the daughter of Mr. andMrs. J. S. Corona, Freeport. ** ** A Lake Jacksonite chose Dow Hospital for her birthplace. Anne Louise was bora Sept. 8 to Mr. sad Mrs. James Kelley .Phillips. She weighed seven 'pounds, 13 ounces. i *,•. •*** Mr. and Mrs. Charles Allen Gay, Lake Jackson, have a reason to be gay-William Anthony was bom on Sept. 8 in Dow Hospital. Tbeyoungmanweigbedin at nine pounds, three and a half : ounces. • •• *••« Kelly Ranelle is the name Mr. and Mrs. Joe Lloyd Parteu of Angletoo, chose for their new daughter born Sept. 8'«n &w Hospital weigtnngsevenpounds, eight and one fourth ounces. ..' WEDNESDAY. SEPT. IS 5:45 ajn.—Lake Jactaon Optimists. J & J Cafe, Clute 12:15 p.m.-Freeport Kiwanls, Dow Hotel •"•••• 7:30 pjtn.—Angleton Chapter, De Molay'g, Masonic Tempie •:•'-:• 7:30 pjn.—Brazosport Camera Club, Brazosport Savings Center : • 8:00 p m. — FOE, Surfside Boad 8:00 p.m.—Freeport Alcoholics Anonymous,' American Legion Hut: THURSDAY, SEPT. 17 7:30 pjn.-K of P Lodge No.. 475, K of P Hall, Frerport 7:30 p.m.—knights of Cr.lum- bus. Council Hall. Freeport 8:00 p.m.—Freeport ftebetohs Lodge No. 257, IOC* Building FRIDAY,' SEPTEMBER 18 12:15 pjn.—Braxosport Rotary Club, Port Cafe 7;30 pan.—Women's Aux. Int. Operating Eng. JL«cal No. 564. Union Ufll "•" lies Anonymous, Call Tlf; MONDAX, SEPTEMBER &v| 7:30 p.m. — Jaycees, Laltl^ Jackson Club House, 8:00 pjn.—Lake Jackson •cons, Masonic Hall . 8:00 p.m.— Freeport Oddfel«"l lows Lodge No. .951, IOCS'..!: Building . •': 8:00 p.m.—Arthur. 0. Larsoit , Post NO. -43«.; VFW. 108. South D, Freeport -^ 8'00 am.— Alcoholics Ariony«T mous,. Call CY 7-2940 ,.V. TtESDAY, SEPTEMBER 2^ 7:00 p.m.— Brazosport 8576, VFW, Clute 7:30 p.m.—Lake Jackson E tern Star, Masonic Hall 7:30 pjn.—K-of P OuU Lo,^ No. 197, K'ot P Hall, Velas co • «7:30 pjn.— Freeport Lions Club, Port Cafe 7:30 p.m.— VFW Aux. 434V VFW Hall, Velasco rr. 1:30 p.m.—Ray Raney Post" 410, Fire Station, Clute •'•'• WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 23,=" 5:45 a.m.—Lake Ja.ckson Op-.-; timists, J'&'J Cafe, Clu»i- Call Fweport BE 3-4411. Extension 3-2508 for listing Presented u » public service by, ClHEMICAt "• Texas Division I TRY FACTS CLASSIFIED SHOWING WED. - THUES. '-'FRIDAY TENNEMB WHXIAM8 E1AY-BOLD1 DAWNQI t DO BEUBVE MY JOINTS, ARMS AN 1 SHOULDERS ARE I KNEW ALL ALONG THOSE ACHES WEREJUST • PLUS 2nd FEATURE • MOM HUSHING STAGI HIT Of SIX IN THE ^UiUtiSI ' M-&M p.~«» * »«m «">S HOOUCT10N DORIS DAY - RICHARD WIDMARK "THE TUNNE^Or LOVE" GIG YOUNGTeiA SCALA In OfltnuScopc ttlAKDMA -HE » CONSIDERED THE \ ttTMWOFOWZ Sl&.ti DONT TEU ME I KHOM-M AN&EL LIKE VOO COULD OWLV COME FRCM TME6KV ABOVE/ \NELL-L-L-l- I DWJT KNOW ABOUT THE ANfiEL PART/ ALWAYS 2 COLOR CAETOONS MEAT COMPANY SPECMUZING IN CHOICE MEATS CUT TO SUIT YOU! WE CUT AND »'«« WRAP FOR YOUR DEEP FREEZE T8 OPEN 7 DAYS A WiiK iw^" 1 "" A niUT ssff «B«S MBDO : • ••» &:?t&i: -' : $$$P$^^. , ,n~*HOWJCAMeTD\vaf6 -POOR60SWI5M»AM*AKAC" •••fUUUOPWIt PUU._gf PUM, ^CHASAPV1Cej|>CAtS: LAK E ^ ' tAKt STARTS WEDNF.SDAY FOR ONE BIG WEEK ,ttl»» ntnttt* 1 * «SH«ATY PORK BONES PUKE PORK SAUSAGE IB HOMK IIXCET BACON.. LB 39 U.S. GOOD T-BONE OR II SEEF FRANKS 39t POOO BRE^^tJESSLY ra.dng from Manhattans U .JESSE ROVCt LANMS «AlfRED HITCHCOCK RIB STEW MEAT 37< LI FRESH GROUND FRYERS A GRADE 60V. INSPECTED LB FRESH PIG im IB Lb. US GOOD FARM PACK FED BEEF SALE SHOULDER ROAS1 -47' MBJOMNF 10. US POTATOES 35< U. S. GOOD VEAL 33 ROUHD ,. SHOULW U. SMOKED SAUSAGE 3 LB. CELLO BAG SHOULDER ROUND ROAST L» U. S. GOOD STEAK CHOPS u m K! hlilF BLVDT^REEPORT. TEX,

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