Forest Park Review from Forest Park, Illinois on February 17, 1971 · Page 20
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Forest Park Review from Forest Park, Illinois · Page 20

Forest Park, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 17, 1971
Page 20
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FOREST PARK REVIEW, WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 1971, PAGE 20 Vote for X EDWARD R. LAMBKE for COMMISSIONER HONEST SINCERE LOYAL Keep Our Village Progressing LETTERS to EDITOR The White House Washington February 2, 1971 Dear Larry: On Friday, January 22, 1071, the President set forth six great goals wliich presage no less than a New American Revolution. . In the coming weeks President Nixon will outline for the Congress the specific proposals lie discussedinhisStateof the Union Message. I am enclosing for your use a booklet containing the State of the Union Message, the Budget Message and the. Economic Report of the President. I hope you will find these materials helpful in your analysis of the President's domestic policy initiatives. With best wishes, ' Sincerely, . Herbert G. Klein Director of Communications for the Executive Branch Dear Lurry: 1 thought your readers would be interested in the following communication. Howard Attorney-General William "Scott Office of the Attorney-General Springfield, "Illinois 63701 Dear Mr. Scott: Pursuant to the Air and Water Pollution Prevention and Abatement Act of 1'JC'J, I.H.S. Cl.i. 11, S. 12, I request that you commence "an action in proceeding in Circuit Omit, fur liiandaimi.s or injunction, to prevent pollution of the Uesl'laines River hy the North Shore Sanitary District of Lake County, ' ' •' The people of thi Western suburbs of t'hica'.'o'are quite concern.'d •by Ihi:- I'i.-lrict' plans to dischan 1 .' pai tially-li cat.-d. seuai-o into 't'Uis i jyei. . ' ' • . • I !iii'.:'-i Man i thai !l;i- :n-li«n m.r. ; n in? tinted /.itlioiit io;aMt>. pl'ocet ilil; ':. i.i [n r . ,i[|'. .-(.it > .1 • .-ni ', . ''ill'-' ! • !'• , ' . To the Editor: I am a homeowner in the vicinity of Elgin and Lexington. About three years ago, an OK was given to let a Car Wash be installed at Lexington and Harlem. Since (lien we have had nothing but headaches! These people that use the Car Wash are very inconsiderate. They pull in drive-ways, back into streets and alleys. They block off sidewalks on Sunday so that anyone walking to church has to walk around the cars. They also clean ashtrays onto parkways, lawns and streets. That problem was supposedly cleared up last year but - 1971 seems to bring the old problem back plus more.problems. Yes - more. They let this Car Wash add an additional entrance and complete wash rack. They now ice up the street so that cars are skidding on to Harlem Avenue. This was called to the attention of Village Officials and .the street was cleaned up. But days later, the same situation prevailed. 'These people that own this Car Wash make promises but don't keep them. Just this past week, Lexington was iced up two blocks down to Marengo. I personally know of a party that lost their footing on this particular iced street. When will this "village" take action! After a tragedy? I am sorry to sound irate, but I am. I am concerned for my children and any?one who uses the streets in this vicinity. Mrs. L. Cirrintano • . - Letters to Editor Dear Editor: ' 1 woiiM like to thank the Forest Park Review and all the people who helped make "Operation Snowball" (Mental Health Assoc. of Greater. Chicago) a success last year. We are embarked in the New Year and I would like to let people know how they can-help in 1'JTl. Anyone -.Uio ran knit and/or crochet, -we can use slip.peir, :;loV'-s, MM! is,, etc;, '.ill si/i's I\«i"iii''ii, women and children. II' 1 ton •'•.'.- ami v:; -uiil like. In helj mak.- tote bag:;, ]>li ;IM- contact ur lie 1 . 1 , spapor but ! '.^int on Gilbert Boose who is .pear : : ii: ' . ' This i:, Hi'.- first till].- I have wi itten to to say iio'.v much I viijuy.-il articl studying Baboon;- in \\c:;t Africa. . - Today it is difficult enuiR'.h for parents to raise childi eiramlliope they turn, out all ri'.'ht. Your story said it's not tnii-that .ill new ideas h.ive I'fell 'levi.'lopeii am) that a young man does not have the.- chance for advancement that his forefathers had. It said these youw. men are trying to mak' America a better place to live in, 1 likeil that anil it truly gave me hope. I have three boys and the oldest one is interested in science. The other 1 two like certain things for a "while and then they lose interest hut i am going to encourage them like Gilbert's parents did. I think his parents did a good job in wanting their boy to earn his own'money. Nowadays ton many kids can't be bothered with a newspaper route or delivering groceries. They want to make big money without working too hard. I think Mr* and Mrs. Boese had (lie right idea and now it is paying off for them. That training and ambition started when their son was little and now In: had won .several honors. I hope.a lot of parents read that story and got some hope from it like I ilid. So much is printed in the papers about the kids that go wrong and your paper is to be congratulated for printing something about good kids. 1 hope we call see more stories like that. Yours truly, l.'lixabetli Kurt Mrs. 1 ii'-ill.. IV'Vle i'771-8f)^0) Dear 1 Sir: • lam writing this letter to you lor what it is worth. Last -Sunday my daughter's car was hit by a hit and run diiver right in fi out of our house to the tune of $3UO,00 damages. (She ha:: .>'l(J(l deductible). .Sunday, January .', my '-ar wa.s also hit by a hit and run driver at -1 p.m. in the afternoon. In our opinion, both drivers, were drunk. In the case of my car, I saw one driver .stop three cars away and then go on and hit a second car a half a block away. Are people so casual a.s to .see an accident and pass it by without thinking it may be themselves someday. I admit that I did not get the license number even though I wa.s by my car that was liit, but I had not recovered from the shock that it was my door, sheared off by the impact, sliding on the ice In the street that I panicked. The Police Department can do nothing unless we earn the right to say we believe in justice and stand up and be counted.. Mr. Editor, we are out $200 but we wonder if others may not lie out more if-not insured. Some years ago a village official made a statement regardim 1 , an accident but said "I can't become involved." Are we all Forest Parkers to be like him'. 1 Nani" withheld by request By Silly Sh»w /\ DEAR SALLY: An act of friendship has backfired on me! I was foolish enough to give a new neighbor woman the name of our baby sitter and now whenever I attempt to hire this sitter, the neighbor lias invariably already booked her . . and added to this is the fact that she is paying the sitter 25 cents more per hour than we did. Don't you think this is unfair? And what can I do about it? TOO GENEROUS. DEAR TOO: There IS more than one sitter in the world, you know, and either you find a new one or try to out-jump your neighbor by contacting your former sitter farther in advance. Of course, in tills latter case, you'll probably have to meet the new rate. DEAR SALLY: I'm a widow of 35, with aneight-year-olddaugh- ter. I am now engaged to a very fine man of 36 and we're to be married next June. He has now thrown a question to me which I find difficult to answer. The apartment building in which he lives suffered a big fire and during the remodeling he has been asked to take temporary quarters elsewhere. .He has asked if he. might move into the spare bedroom in myhomeduringthisper- iod of about three weeks. Do you think I'm being too old- fashioned in thinking such a setup would be overstretching the bounds of propriety? OMEGA. DEAR OMEGA: -Certainly not! There's nothing "old-fashioned" about placing a value on your reputation! DEAR SALLY: I'm in dire need of advice! Just how does a man go about breaking off with a steady girl friend? This is a fine girl, and that's what makes my problem such a tough one. It just happens that I have come to the conclusion that she and I are entirely unsuited for each other and that there's no sense in our continuing a relationship that can never lead anywhere, 0. U. .T. DEAR O.U.T.: A mail breaks off with a girl just by TELLING her as kindly and gently as he can that he wants to be free. ,Tell her that you're convinced that your relationship can never develop into anything serious so far as you're concerned andthat, under these circumstances, it's best to end it now. DEAR SALLY: Do you think I'm wrong for refusing to permit my Ki-year-old daughter to sliave IIIT legs? She says all her girl friend:; do this, and that she is embarrassed because of her "hairy b-^s." However, I think slip's- .still ton young In do this. MUM. UK.'U; MOM: Wiiir 'daughter is • imt ton young to look well- groomed and .since smooth,hairless logs ai''.> very much apart of g(joii--LTooming, ] strongly advise that you go alinig with her uii this. NOTE TO AN.Mr.TTl:.: 1 think as his promised^ wife, you have every right to tell your fiance whi't you've told me -- that you love' him and that you want to be pnnnl nf. him but that his teeth arc .spoiling his otherwise •gmui looks. Implore him to visit an orthodontist where modern methods are today working wonders for just such cases as his. ><| ELECT Jeremiah (Jerry) CURRAN for Commissioner

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