The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on January 12, 1961 · Page 4
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 4

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 12, 1961
Page 4
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4 ******) «****«** i /., t Ganders Come Home Friday Grid Banquet Ducats Ready T."x;.is Cty. opecied Jo i»~ good' The G.'iridors will h,'i\f- " nss. OvvrJ-s HolmsTvn. v, Hv:!o sirirtinc: d>!ty on a Ive> :-.nd :V-!i .'-re f,V- l2-4\ basket fa,':!] race Ons height .'-if ;n Their first ••.-on!'?:encc th*' principal «:'. has b&f.r. hv::sir up to ex- outinc against P.':s,'id'";v-, an-.i ;";rn' rc-x<;s t: •<-M.','ior.:. to the fixif-nt of Ix-hv-'. outside work, probably ;is i;o<x5 startin>; ff:,!;r- K'itcr th.'jn c-x-peci''".:. ;n s;>o-t« as anything i:;ey hav ••' '" " "' '" Tin- S;iin"s ro;r.' 1 to B:iytowr.. fAo'-d so far. /;•;•.- r..rh! n.-.>iy to tr-ai-h th< ' hi^ Tor:;n:v Bf:!!. a G foot, iwl-'rs .'1 lei.-'.>n in rounah.'iH th<-> :nch ss/nior who is havir.i; his fir?' b.-- i.n>>-M !<••!-.-••• ?*-<-:! ':} in;; :o tcsxti ' or '' A '0 rr-.'i.! injury - free sea.-or,. give* C.i:nmin::s r ,s<..'vs. * T.^xa> City strencth under tb<. h.-sd qood solid £;-:;. ;f-ATI, ::-f?ijr. ; 'h:iv. w^s look- boards and a sood eye '.vhiic B:i: Holr.-.ster., as : ;-.? <-'.;nX' nw strawy W£f- Ive-y. a eanciins ie'tonr.aji who alternately ho 1 sdi.-jv i"i «• ;:ti< v rnpt lo pull to- \c'\ a stron; i:r.j.ress:;or: ?•'.-..- not enough a. the? a v.-nmirs pi fort after ab- son. gives the Stings a pood cfis- to hit six f:oi_rj rb;" thr third loss of the sea- tani. 1 --- c ho',. !•"*->' and R !o<: Tuesday in their 39-33 win when Galena Park's fourth cuar- „ Thc '- v ?ot Thoir firs: one a samst< t .-. : --r :hn« - ivaten Smiley by t(ir ^^ ttw?j> th> , f .^ t bla k Snuley and conu- to Baytowi, rr;-; u j d <_ h day prepared th'- hands cf i-iaien^ Park These v jiisrit wheti • are Texas C.:> s while Don CJ.T; b-^.'k of Tevs5 Ct;. soonn? ;ve bounces per tiame Texas Qty ctoch Bill Mernn w n ? . r clubs". :u:si with that dr;-.^--.!T^ in as marsy as 1:0: his first U-4A disappointment bvocithcr a now lousi. on a top Bt'l paced th? Stings the second time out this season *l vo; ^ n &*'• ----'-^ race. ^^ Thc-y .Erot their first one against .;'; d^:- 'A po:r.B. ~ U Wro:e the !,r-" ,". ckivtcwn coach Jay Boliinjrer m ^ T ' a ? a:ns L c ' " -.'.'.-s \j:).-Y^?r.r:ifir.!>' f':av : - mouthed Merntt had counted heavily or. nvon foe -.:.,,. iiiter Wcdnosr.ay's workout eon- .winning the i" first thn?c or four" p<">>'t(."A> na i-!\- cr-n.r.; his latest inno\ations in sanies to build momentum and;";*-* r f- e< v v-i-'r- th« Gander gan:e. spirit or. file squad and to put : st !^ >;: ' c ' c ! > _ t ;!f w;'< "Its »;ne-th;n; I've l.x>en think-' Texas Gt >" in a P^ position toj^? e - ^^- . . >., r -_. ...-, p-QOjjt for some time" Bol-^S" 1 * or * D championship right :U v- '--, ' t*-- 3 '-'-- 1 -. -^ I'jr,..'," ss ;^ ••and""aftor\v;itcnine:^ OWT1 lo tne ' v ' re - in , °. We p -~ ar ''- ls - _ th? the v.-ay Galena Park workc-d j The Stings took the ioss hard Br-^os'-j-Tt ^ Pn'^wH --- Tuesday, I decided it:and were counting this week on; Ci*'v vas Viodc^'n--off'' o_pu- li in." •cctring a breather "with the txvo To ' n " .1^4%.. ^r n 'in"~ ar na: Soph Drops Duke C11 n C h e r Texas Panhandle Fete To Honor Athletics' Best i Tuesday. Guest Uckels for the annual Candor football banquet now are available at the Athletic. Office at the school administration building. Athletic- Director Dan Stallworth said Wednesday the tick^ Pa ^r, t0 i 1;i ^ e * ine , sc ' L " c ' nd -- ets. priced at S3. will be avail- rti Park is t.he omy com- : a {,|,, ^ t | lp general public until 5 p.m. Jan. 20. The baJiquet. honoring 1960 football lettermen, is scheduled for the Uobert E. Lee High. Sthool caieteria Jan. 21 at 7 p.m. Claude (Chena) Gilstrap, head coach at Arlington State College and four times named Texas Junior College Coach of th( x Year, will be the speaker. Al Melinger is master of ceremonies. ^ u ^. both Tt.vis n:e; in uiy th st'.nus by a -! and took tr.c «nt own ie!' ar.d to; T o x a s GETTING UP IN THE WORLD—Skiing is much more fun for this young lady, Lynn Cutler of Hamilton, Mass., now that she can utilize" this latest in uphill ski devices. It's a tu-o- passenger, gasoline-powered "Ski Doo" which can climb the skroes at Cannon Mountain. N. H., at 20 miles per hour. Bv DON WEISS and ucseu marked the coilege ranked Bh;e DeViis can':? fror; } : .--y,, this Heyman's stiJi.-ll points behind v.-ith 2:45 ieft an ; 5 - ji—artir.^ lijce the sophomore finally edged upstiri Virgin-a program in genera.! \v r>! a!! co'.leyn baskc-tball as he and.92-90 in overtime. :rJ2ht. Si. Joseph's (Pa. The Duke ii;ue DevUs drive' }t was He>Tnan % s field goal v.-ith'^th-ranked St. John's 74-71 be-.•Avard the re-gtiiar season Cham- ^5 sec-ones Jeft in regulation tirr.e v>1 .; t-ir, f> i K'~ct-'n '-"xi J-'ck' i-'.-onship in the Atlantic Coast thaj clirnaxed an 11-0 burs: arid''-"l'^_ j^"'^- " v V^i'^' u/""- pnia Conference. ;finally .got Duke even after Jir- ^= a " j^est^a'" doubieheader i Just eamjjg a starting _spot on : _r^a J2-11) had taut an _.M-rQ ^ Q? , ned u ., trj x .,.. v y,.,.-.. Um j versity's 70-67 up.set ot Teisiple. , MeviTiar/s doing"inuch more. Like, ; that won it with 12 second? re- j- 0 rthe fi^n^rn^ts^o^lfS • \Vs-lnesdsy night wnen the eignth- mainin?. Pr:A'ider.c^ *9-2i beat neighbor-. :<:»:<j rival Rhode Island 6S-6B or. . ju:r.p shot by 6-f'>:>t-10 Jim Had- (2-11) had buOt an SI-70 veteran team irlght have',lead- In overtime, it was the 6)*:-en honOT enough, but young Artjloot-5 sophomore's soft push shot the touted Wildcats 64-49. | Dayton's Flyers beat Duqi ana Tribe's Ptersall Doesn't Want To Foilow Old Boss AMARILLO TAP) — Top coaches and athletes aion? with former •major league outfielder Boh Seeds .will be honored at the Panhandle ; Sports Hall of Fame banquet here ; Jan. 22. i Seeds, who spent 10 seasons in ;the major leagues, wlil be install;ed as the third member of rhe Clip This Coupon for Information on HOW You Can Buy a Complete «s c& Decorating Job, INCLUDING LABOR (using your own contractor) with NO DOWN PAYMENT v —and Pay for it in Easy Monthly Payments ' This convenient, budget- pay decorating plan which includes payment of any labor costs — plus add-on privileges at any time, is another exclusive service of Cook's Paints. opEX DAy SATURDAY COOK'S PAINTS 51S M'. TEXAS JT 2-5085 CAI.T.. US FOR RELIABLE PAEVTERS AXD PAPERHANGKRS i Georgia Tech rolic-d to an S9-SO LOUISVILLE. Ky. (AP>—Cio.-'- ;o\-ertime triumph over Georgia, .land ouu'ir-:dc-r Jimmy Pier*.'-;'.! : Man-land (S-3i got 16 points says he wouldn't, be happy ii :from Bruce KeUeher in a 55-47 traded to Kansas City and. if he i victory over Georgetown, and Air had a choice, would take Boston 1 Force squared its record at 5-5.' over an. v other town. idowning Centenary 61-59. Florida : "It's more satisfying to play fc-r 1(7-6' dominated the boartis and a pennant contender !ik-p Cleve- -^ ]rallied to spin Miami of Florida:land, than for Kansas City. ! ^ c:aber in 1939 . Blair C! ;to its fourtn loss in 12 games. .<r rank 1 Lane has a Ions. na ™ Arr-irillo Hi^h "srhool and Tnver j 81-73. and ToJedo '9-1) won its puil ahead of him there." j sirv of "Texas football ca'-i ' r.v« i fourth straight Mid - American L;ine quit last week as Cleve- the second to be honored ! Conference test, 6.5-66 over Bowl-i an d' s general manager to take- s Coachps and " athletes ' f ,, r the He o\vned and ser\-ed as president of the AiT.arilio Gold So\ irom 1939 throudi 19-57. Knoxvn as ' 'Suitcase" Seeds, !:,•;• now lives on a ranch n-:-:ir h»s native city of Snanirock. J-se Fortenberry. former West Texas State and Phillips C»3 bjsket- Aii-Amerim, was tiv- first ing Green. joo mtn Kansas City. vear aiso win b i Illinois Coach j Texas Speaker ! AUSTIX (AP) — Bay Eliot, ! longtime football coach at II- i 1'nois, will be the principal | speaker at the annual All-Sports | banquet Saturday nijfht spon- j sored by Texas University's ex- Btndents* association. Six major I>onghorn awards will also be presented at the banquet. | Bob Murphy, Nacogdoches district attorney, \viJl b«? master ot ceremonies. i Later, he suggested Piersau be i ; traded to the Athletics. - , ,.,„_. T , . ,.,. . ... , , „. .. ,, , me coaches: football— F.i len- ' V a,' 1 ^ to have Rersall. he njck Uf basketb iI'.-T-.-. I aid. "He-d stir up the fans w H Bm .^ mclc-Fr^z Kansas City hke he did in Cieve-, Mvattt Pa i o ^^0 o j Am.irillo: - Palo Dil , iiand. He s just what we need. Ue:. itu.'u. tit-& juai. »IJUL »^c i«rr;-a. M-: ; £Q.f John Parker Palo D'ir^ rf have to brine people into the ball X^'arijlo; tennis^-David ' K« m! parK, and who can create more ; ^^^ Hi5h basebai i_^ llpr excitement than Piersall. i\T^r. a ^ 0 v P^i^no-.t,- _,. ... ... , , , i.iv.^.cu.t., Plamview. j Piersali. here \\ednesdav for a ",,.,. ^ i_ n T • l^,,.^.!,,^ f .r, Ta g C .m en t <4ifi he The athletes: football— Jun;r- Irea!izes"Lane"has' "Rot'to keeo the ^ey Dimmitt: basketball-Milt 'fan= coding He apparent:-,' thinks ; Fitts. West Texas Stats: track-' ,1 rr.-zht help. I appreciate that. | Jl ™ P a ,^- * s ^ ^ .Vr-.anllo; But if I was to be traded andlf^T 0 ^"'" 1 ^"'^, •"-- m S, n . i ' fJl i ihad a choice of cities. I'd take ^nnas - Bettj-e GUdden. TrJoy i Bc , on u . hr .. n ^v uife alld E<!VCn ;To\vnsend, Memphis fstMo dou- ch'-!d pn'iivr-' " ibles champions); baseball—Larry ' HP also took i?<w with L.-ine's'. Stroud - Far "P a - ; statement that his batting evrr-j ANNUAL MENSWEAR Still in Progress . . . Moke Your Selection Now Men's Apparel. Good Selection Available Famous Names of * SWEATERS * SUITS * TROUSERS * SPORT SHIRTS * FANCY TEE SHIRTS * CAR COATS * JACKETS * ROBES PAJAMAS * SPORT COATS * HOSIERY ....REDUCED! FLOBSHEIM •- FREEMAN SHOES AT REDUCED PRICES 217 TEXAS HOURS 9 TO 5:30 JU 2-2996 ; "firopp''d 2C 1 points after Jimmy Dyk»'s took over as Oeveland ilana^r." Piprsall s;iid his average slipped :"bu? not because of Dykes. I | was hitting .^00 up to "Sept. 1 !wh»n we were playing in Baltimore." The outfielder said he- injured ; one loot and "never did get to I feeling right the rest of the sea- Shots - McNamara Puts Money Into Trust WASHINGTON (API—Robert S. As for antagonizing umpires. McNamara, while serving as sr-c- Piersall continued, "who antego- retary of defense, plans to put the nizfs them more than Lane?'' i money received from sale of his | Ford Motor Co. stock into a trust I fund. 1 McXamara, Ford president b*>- fore ho agreed to serve in Presi-i .,. .. , ,-. T , ,, i r,f A i'^«« ivj,« -c- ir« A • • (Continued From lace 3) dent-elect J onn * . Kennedy s ca r> inet, received more than $1.5 mil-'ij ;tr •' »,> sa\s "and I wouldn't | lion for sale of 24,705 shares ol talk about it ' if I didn't have 'Ford stock. Iprwf." He made the kill with an ; Senators said that under tiviArrr.y - type .45 automatic using 'proposed trust the money coukiiharyMoaried ammunition. • be invested but McNamara would} It's a good thing he Has proof, j net know what it was invested in.; As I re-call my armed-service He would have no control ovr-r'days. the .45 automatic jv'as dc- jthe money until he stpps out of scribed as effective at >•) yards government sen'icp. .or k-ss. and most of us who had The Senate Armed Servicr-.s any dealings with that weapon Committee staff is examining thi-; c-onsidf-red it most effective .'is a proposal. 'club. We thank you for. .. THE BIGGEST YEAR IN CHEVROLET CAR HISTORY featuring AMERICA'S POPULAR PAIR lNUAl MENSWEAR SALE! MICHKAL STKRNS AND I-HEEOMAX MARX OXK GKOl'P OF FALL SUITS 55 W to 89 50 20% O OFF MICHAEL STERNS and KRKEDMAN MARX SPORT COATS 35.00 to 45.00 20% OFF HASER AND ESQUIRE SLACKS 9.95 to 24.95 20% OFF OUR ENTIRE STOCK OF ; OUR ENTIRE STOCK OF MEN , S I MEN'S AND BOYS' TOP COATS j Sweaters Vz Price 20% OFF j- DIsrCVTIMT.n STYLES OF ALL XA3HF. DKSI«VK» ', Rtq. 20.95 • 24.95 Now 14.80 - 18.80 KATRIBES JU 2-4385 r rhe best seJlino- The "car of the year'' Overwhelmin^ acccpr:inc-c of rhc nc\\ r 1V61 models introciurcd List f.ilI-to^'tli.T \\itii the m-iiiriuions siic'ccss of the '60 (;ln'\ i-o!ris—h;is sent Chevrolet passenger sales to .m -.sJi-inne \e.irl\ hs'uh. More new Oievrolefs ;iii ( ! uru (iorv.iirs \veir " > * (icii\x-reil to more people >(unn^ the p.i-i \e.u- e\er hon^ht ;in\ make of ( ,ir in a sjn^K- vc;ir before. \\V and \.>nr ('!,,••-. rolct dealer thank you for your conimiiin;^ conlieience in, ami prelerence for, (llicvroli-r. Your ri-corii-brr.ikiu^ pu rc'h.tscs of Clu-vrolfts' h:n'e si<jn i I ieanee io eNcrumr thinking of buy in-.: a ne\v ear this \t'ar, ami—since sales of ne\\- 1^61 ( JUA roli-ts ; j, u j (; or \'airs continue ;u record-hrt'akin'4 le\els —are a healthy indication of the inherent strength and \ ii^or of our national economy. tin nc^c (Ji ( ;/'//// rdt -,. (Jt, ; j ( .'>> riiir\ tnitl the >ir^ ('.nrccttc at your lot ul aHthori :-d1 C/tc-rro/cf dealer' i BUCK CHEVROLET COMPANY 115 N. MAIN ST. BAYTOWN, TEXAS JU 2-8007

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