The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 23, 1962 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
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Thursday, August 23, 1962
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5 TEXAS LEGISLATURE WILL FACE NEW TAX PROBLEMS WHEN IT CONVENES-PAGE 2 Per Single Copy To Subscribe Call BE 3-3511 Freeport THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS SERVING BRAZOSPORT, ANGrLETON. Wr-ST COLUMBIA, BRAZORIA, SWEENY, OLD OCEAN, DANBURr and DAMON tacit Clo«i(fl«d: IE 3-2411—All Other Orficet: 81 3-3511 Per Single Copy To Subscribe Call BE 3-3511 Freeport VOL. SO NO. 150 Associated Press Member THURSDAY, AUGUST 237 1962 Freepert, Texas IN MILLWRIGHT STRIKE Weekdays 5 Cents Most Crafts Back On Job WC-Brazoria Budget Up For 1962-63 Sunday 15 Cents An Increasing number nf work- nen returned to their jobs at Plow Tim status of Ihe undecided crafts may he less indefinite af- conlract constnicllon projects Ibis ler today, if a decision is reached morning, most of them showlngjat n meeting in Houston today, less uncertainty as 'hey drove! It wn* reported that repicsen- past Millwright pickets. jtnlivos of crafls affiliated with Hut several key crafts, Inelud-j Hie Houston nuilding and Coning Hie Hoilcrmakors and Carprn-jKtfticlion Trades Council would ters, were observing the picket |discuss the action taken Monday lines and slaying off the Job. j by Ihe fialveslon Council, and do- Without these crafls, observers jcide what Iheir own position felt, work would eventually be would be. halted for Ihe rest. < (Jalvcslnn voted lo lift [fa sane. An observer commented that j tion of the strike and advise nil "when one craft is missing, it is: crafts I hat workers would return just a mailer i< lime until lhe> their Jobs Wednesday morning. job is shut down." Auction Is Included In Clute Jubilee WASHINGTON - A Slate Department spokesman .said today llhe United Slates has no intention of recognizing the Communist East The budget for the West Colum- Gc '™ an r ° Eime Or any adminis - bia - Brazoria Independent School Irative entities of it. District has been officially adopted by the Board of Trustees. Tay rate for the I9f,2-<i?, year was not set as Ihe Board o f Equaii/ation has not yet corlifif.1 the total ta\ roll. Total taxes needed lo support the budget are MPs Insist On EscortingReds HOI STO.N — Frederick String- about 10 p"r cent more than; -; g jta.vcs collected in 1%1-K. As toi #$' I just how much <l .his increase' • 'will In 1 covered by changes in valuation will have to await final; tabulation of the lax roll. BERLIN (AP) — U.S. military ,bovsky, Ihe Soviet commander for er, 21, marrle:! only three ueeki, Police insisted on escorting three i East Germany, who has headquar- was slabbed to death as his Soviet armored cars into West | ters at Potsdam, Just west of Ber- bridi- watched tixlay in the aft- , F ?" rlin , Ma - v ' ri " s P itc a Soviet ,i in . •ihrnat to put an rsmrt on every ( ,,• ermath of « drag race. Two 'American car going into East 1 . Wcslern °"' clals viewed the ac- men were arrested and question- Berlin or using the highway be-j'' on as a Communist effort to cut • I. They are Jamiw Matthew s, • twecn West Berlin and West Ger-i one mor e "slice of salami" from 3."., and Sidney Clayton, 31. m " ny ' • Western occupation rights in the .soviet ami American sedans;campaign to force the allies out MIAMI, Fla. - Eastern Air ^'[^^^^^^^e city. Communist propagan- jTho Galveslon Council contended that in Ihe Millwright strike, mcmltors of the striking union were experiencing /nil employ - menl, ami Hint it had reason to believe that work jurisdiction was involved In Ihe Millwright negotiations for a new contract. Neither Millwright representa • lives nor contractor spokesmen have either denied or confirmed . this prevalent report. They say' they are hound by an agreement PRESIDENT SAY Si lo say nothing except hy way of: , The budget provides for an ex- '- incs ' employes crossed picket |hf)( ff;r (hp mom ,, nt a t least'there ! da Or 8 ans wcre expected to argue ipenditure of $1.707,894 for the lines today as the company put its was no RPnpra i interference with: lna t the Soviets no longer needed i school year of 1%2-ffi. An addi-: entire jet fleet in the air, ending Kast-West. military traffic. :a military authority in Berlin and A reliable source said an East! neither did the Allies. The United States, Britain and Kl.fXTRIUANK I'REI'ARK TO DRIVE ACROSS I'l.A.VT H I'ICKET l.fXE .Men Confer, Then Cross Millwright Unn A* Group About g A. M. Today . . I • 1 1> • t • l " ' " * ll'/l I Illlp; "At I 111. II V « «1 V Ml A " ™"™: ^'l':"™; T?"!« J«'nl xlalomcnl. n.ore'has been dance exhibit, dancing and crown- !t)() si|( . h Ma| , US Will Pass Reds In Space In Decade ny IXH (iLAS II. (OKNKI.I, i Kussia or Russians figured in ..action in alulishing ils WASHINGTON' (APi—President one way or another in a witleidant'y office in Berlin certainly State Funds Ing of n queen nre nnmng events: Ru[ 1( ( rn t, m t i n t,> scheduled by Cluto .laycecs for' „,'Galvcston. and their fund - raising jubilee Stil U |.| ()( , h(l ( . raf|s j day 8 p.m. !/• m.dniglil on the; ||in ( , otlstm ,. tion j( ,,., , | parking lot of McArlhurs .M'per,^.,..^, w ^ G , Market on Highway 2SS. ; c ., , , , , , Bra,osport merchants who have, | donated arliclcs to he auctioned include, Coleman Aulo Parts. ,Iarvis Trim Shop, I-nnicr and Thomas lumber Co and Nor- nn -"'' lllvc lnstn "' tlo "s '''""> unmn Kennedy says Ihc United States range of conference topics. man's Sen-ice Stal'ion, B and M | {1 P"' :il '"'-'"ivs - that is, meni- is pouring billions of dollars and For example: Auto'Parts Wacker's. Word rum wr|1<% '"''' ""'-' " olllr| nnl hp a tremendous effort into overtak- Kennedy said nnd nuensi'ng. 'Younglandia and in * ln " '"''' '" <'""* lh<1 l'"cs. i"g Russia in space—'and I think meant the Communist bloc—has Shonf TV ' • ' ! '' liS mp;int " lnl ' r " m s<>mp '' v h >' lno ™ (I "' tnp uWade we will.' put large quantiti-s of supplies Getting clnn."- to horn". Kcnne- And. K'. Wolcn's, Kelly's Scrv-:''' lls ' s '"''' " s """ '-ilwcrs, s,,me Tnis was a sort of hopeful look and an increased number of tech- dy put himself in the chfjring sec- Ice Station, Klrkp'alrick's Auto|"''"' '>''"' k '" w " rl <, others did at long-term prospects in nicians into Cuba in recent weeks..tion for a Senate sulK-ummillc-'s Stippiy Lack's, Lester's Tacklo : " 01 - : to a news conference question He said there is 110 similar jnfor- investigation of profits on Amcri- Sbop Morgan's rWmiiiyV Snra-l T '" s '"""""H "«' Klertrieuuw, .Wednesday atwut RiiMiia's 01 bit -• maxim, about troops. . •'• 'en's ftorkpife of- £t billion In (oga'lnn Swann's Western Aulo, wll<) had ol«crved the picket lines ing of twin t iA«n(.:ta«n. . - I!,.- said Cut it Soviet I>,.:i^i-:T »tnii.[-,-,s nttij(:./is. White Auto Store and Young's -WcdtK'sday, gathen-d at the It was tempered by mention an .'Khrushchev romes to the l'nit«»l Th,- President s-ii'l and repent- Prescription House. 'Catcs. As the 8 a.m. clock-in time even dozen times that this toun- Nations this fall—and he doesn't ; ed tta: extn-nv-lv large profits Music for dancing will IK? pro- approached, they drove as a-try now is Miim!. second, or late know that Khrushchev will—"Invert- made by the Hann.-i Mining vidcd bv "The Diamonds" and a ;crm 'P H'l'ougb the lines to the or that the .Soviet* have a lead. '•. would hope I would lave a chance Company «ith very lilile risk to queen will be selected and crown- :clo< knoom. Kennedy Mid: "Anybody who at-to talk with him" nnd any other-the finn, tK-it );c" .wild under- ed on the basis of the numlier n, '^ sr> " r cc assiK-ialed xvilh con- tempts to suggest Uiat ive are not heads of government who might stand the desire n' some witness- votes received at five cents a tractors on the Dow projects said 'behind misleads the American come. es i loimit tlx> investigation by j tional amount of $?,,«« will have a to be levied to pay the interest on bonds due In September and iOclober, 1%'i, before any taxes :nre. coll"cted. Of this amount : $629.707 is earmarked for new i buildings and equipment, and ! $lfyi.r/X) for debt sen-ice. Other budget divisions, and the amount provided by ench division are: Administration. VJO.B.V): Instruction. MM.."!.'!?; Health service. 5200: Transportation, $5S.SOO; Operation of Plant S7'J,700; Maintenance of Plant, S."il.4fM); Fixed Charge.-. Sll.OOf): Student Activities, S17.WX); Community Sen-ice, S1..VX); Food Sen'ice. $5,500; and Transfers $1..VX). This makes a total irquircment of 51.711.659 for 1M2-6.1 Mstimatixl receipls for ]9fi2-*Ti comman-are: lj\-?.\ la.\e=. S7f>l,961.00; R .. -Berlin official had told Communist! AKItOX. Ohio - Allan Law- reporters that his government does' renee Tope, a Tt-ycar-old Anier- not intend to interfere with West-' France tool< thp - view tha t the sud- ican filer, ha<» been whisked «;- ern military traffic — but at lhe;°'en switch of command on the erelly from an Indonesian prison same lime insisted that Western i Soviet side did not aMect Western two sons in the IUllcd Stales. made Stolen Check Is Passed !n AHeton , ,j ., : . , jMiifucrtii, nuuso ana r rencn told ,t must accept an American , mmmandants in J^HJ, The So . Army escort to,he war memorial. vie( ,. ommnn(lant was mB oKida] • aj - to whom the Western commandants delivered protests against com- I cannot hy itself affect U.S. rights Transfers, 51.400; and balances, a m o n s about S'JO.Oflfl in checks back, based on a four-power agreement $Ki1.KL'0. Tliis makes a total esti- stolen in Aransas Pass, was re- A U.S. The orders were issued Gen. Allicrt Watson II, U mandant in Berlin a( . (ions , thc East German re- The Russians protested but went ?jme a , fe( . til , s Wcst Bcr|inprs ^ Allied personnel in West Berlin, A worthless check for $1',2.9^, under escort lo the memorial and as well as protests against the "The Bloc"—he with the Soviets, Britain and mated funds available of 51,711,- ported (n Freeoort poj'ii-e by a "lo- onVy ^onfirm^haM'he^m-^^^rars •' hoolini! of Etlsl ^rma" 5 "T'ng Jacobs Due To . -X .r- .-• Testify About Deals ca] b-ink Wednesday. It w a s remained at the checkpoint for at cashed at an Angleton sup«r least an hour. escape across the Berlin wall. Western protests now must be made by Allied military com- 1 manders in West Germany to Ya- ing sought by Freeport police for vehicles. inHuding American ar- SZ"kV h,, t, T.nL „« '•^^li^^l.^ 1 -;;-: -- - — — * ^Swin^muSa, p S: fed. Hie Rus«;,,n commandant'iti Tln> endorsement used on ihe- West Berlin. | worthless check was John I.. War- 'Hie Russians began using ar- iner, Ihe same name signed to the morcd cars after West Berlin riot- vote. Ilia t about half of the people that people." WASHINGTON" 'API— Queen candidates nre Marian would ordinarily have manned j "•' Coleman Ann Branson, Dianne'«'»'' J nhli Ihere were tack at work. ' it Green Libby Wall?, Virginia Key- '• ™™ '" nl this time work for I * nolds'Gail George, Palsy Pate." 11 wll ° ^^ returned, he said. . * - —. ; Tlimiifh rr*«i"tnvli tl \nct thtn-n un. 'n,c President said that Russians ciiarging it is an attack on former , arm ' aid ' 0 , fi( . ia , Empre E . '. Ta . . reported blocked by three Amen- "'' r Huntsviiie Youth Ki!'s Father and Linda Evmns. •President Eisenhower, but I think (T , b5 a kpv fj ,., lr<> in the'Billie Sol hllr! : lar >' of Velasco Seafood Co. can vehicles. Later, there was only p the Congress o'isht to do its job." Es , P!! ( . aso lal;ns tno w j, npss in Froeport on Aug. •>. At that one sedan parked crosswise in Kennedy spoke of former Secre- <t;4nf ) tor ], 1y in a c^ng,,, i nvost jga. !>"". 1)la nk checks were stolen. [ ront o f them. Three other sedans tan.- of the Treasury' George M. tinn " then forged and passed by a man appeared ready, nearly an hour Through rescheduling, there ap-' HUNTSVIL1.E tAP.i A u I h o r i- Harold, still in blood-llexked Humphrey as a responsible ofW ipeared to he work available with- ties arrange<l an inten-iew witli^-IoUiing. said they nevertheless cial of the company. Humphrey Amerriment''constitutional prot'eo- Southern, according to merchants pTOvide'the csco' Imn. Jacobs invoked the Fifth men loraefl and passed hy a man appeared ready, nearly an hour n • T I » idetilified from a picture as and a nalf aiter , hp i r arrival, to DrQZOflQ I 016111 Tide Schedule Today No High Ix>w 4:24 p.m. Friday High 12:11 a.m. and 9 a.m. Low 7:21 a.m. nnd 5:22 p.m. out the missing crafls for some- a psychiatrist today for s.-holariy loved one another and he kept h:ls contended the inquiry is an at- , inn a ^ a inst possible self-incrim- j thing like two weeks. Evcnlually, Harold Russell. 19. who clubbed repealing- "I just don't know whv trmpt to slap nt Eisenhower i how ever, the projects would Ix-- his college professor fattier to', _,-,..„ ' ib-'ugh him«elf. I come dependent on work that death. " ho ( ' a!:h « 1 , ... .. „ (nation las! mnnth in refusing to inswera number of questions in a Aransas Ti». ng ociurrfti as Dr. He and D, Russell have lived K « ^" ^ .^'"nvo^e ^^!^ ^ Mm C ' '£» tnolSeTcne "^ imiisl lie done by Boilermakers j Carpenters. Harris Kussell. 51. s..<i drinking alone. His parents were divorced, large profits by a g'xv] many ' renders Ihe progress of lx vfee in their living room His mother, now Mrs. James Kay P»P'.e. checks. A spokesman said Wednesday a ClmiMf T«* Dnltnfic^A Pass police notified ^minute delay was due to the jHOW 10 1X6116(1 lb€ ficers Tuesday morn- f;u , t |he pscort was not rpady stolen in Aransas Although East German guards A rehearsal for Brazoria Beauti- „„...,. , ,,, m made no attempt to interfere with ful Association's talent show is April, Jacobs was forced I? 00 " 1 * '* cncs f " r "-°? "^ '° the American vehicles. U.S. an- scheduled for tonight at S at Bra- t o Iconstruction uncertain. "We are Wednesday jnot assuming that we can con- morning. of Chicago, was reported en Tllp with reporters got out nf his job as onr of fivo deputy ruin 1 , in isiraiors of l)ie Ir.ngah Shrimp Co. for SI.XVSO, farni aid an( | °^. in var - vir ? amounts n ^^ s| .. (no par , v zoria Elementary School Auditor- Sun Data linkeil with Sets Tmliiy 6:>1 p.m. Rises Friday 5:51 a.m. Sen Friday 8:53 p.m. County Ally. John Phillips said route here. The father taught at ulxll>r vva . v ui!h "< nvf: trom Ken- ' ', '„'. ..' m a!l( , r hj ,| name had ,„,,,„ and payable to the Gulf King jtuiue working. We must exist tho son told questioners the mo Sam Houston State College. ntxi - v lllat lnc u - s " nuclear sub- ~ uu.i_._ r--. --•..» ,-•:..- .,.- ^ trc-m day to day," the source said, had quarrekfl over a personal' Phillips snid Dr. C. A."r>\ier ""rine-i Skate and Seadragon. one 'Hie strike hy Millwright Ux-al matter Ihc day before, and his a psychiatrist with the slate fl ' onl "'<• Atlantic Fket and .me •-':':i'J is limited to construction at'parent threatened m lake away prison' sjstem. would join Dist. (lonl """ Pacific, had met under |the IXiw plants in Bra/osport and a car given .vning p.ussell for ail,Ally. Gus Lnnier in inteniewing thl> Arctic ice ilhc Mon«mto plants in Texas "A" grades at the University of the ytith. He is charged with f;u ' ri1 together through a hole at jCily. Texas. iv.unler. 'he North Pole. Kennedy called it "an historic rend (() oom . hl(1p , hat harassinR Dave Oakes Attacks Record Of Opponent 'as- mm. ,, ,,,.~ .K..I.C „>.» »v,, . ... m -i-> «rn-iiui in the offing. The show will be held Friday at Estes' in Texas courts sh " n i p L "" tll " f K ' ns 1( ' c Ca One US. .rrny vehicle crossed S p. m. at the auditorium. Tickets Hilry. and Gutf Trawlers. • [mm W(ls( Br ,.,' in into !hp Com . f or t |, e show will be available at told the Si nale Investiga- numist sector just before midnight the door and are 50 cents for SuN-ommittee Wednesday he r:«U r... r.;j... and returned '.vithout difficulty adults and 25 cents for children. throuch Checkpoint Cliarlie. entrs' There will be a first place tro- . , . croup is stud>ing Petes' prof- " point through the Berlin Wall for phy and a second place plaque ivnnedy^rai.iM it j,_,|,| t , 1|nd allegedly illegal i-otton The Frceptirt Cimtun and LAPM militaiy pereonnel. awarded in four categories that l.vvmis.^ an ex- ,(,,.,1^ a ,,,j js t r\ing to find out il 45 will spon.«or a fish frj' from 5 Two more U.S. Army cars fol- include dancing, singing, musical lVP i i ?ij !,! lra '. '• aivl oon ' the IVcos. Tex., financier was lo S p.m. Friday at the Like Jack- lowed without meeting any delays, instrument and or piano, and Emulated all involved. , .1 i, N r »lnical influence. son Park. The Russians announced• novelties. c«p and h.,,1 sur- 01;;™;,^,;"^;; 'it*"w<-^™. Fish Fry Friday From there he went into a bid for Congress to hurry along ap- Tlu- s.itk-ommitteo has boon lold son Park. Tickets for the event, is Wednesday they were doing away Persons interested in entering proval of a farm bill, one to light- ^ en drug laws, a constitutional I amendment lo outlaw poll taxes jas a voting requirement in f<\lt'r- ;al elections, his foreign trade bill wilhout rt'N'triclive amii'idnient>. 011 and a $10U million l><m 10 the t'nitcil Nations. Tills was ihe iij;ht seawii In Jacxiiis—purporling to relay opon lo Ihe public, are priced at with Ihe office of city comman- the talent show are asked to come !c\>.s of Undersecretary of Ag- $l for adults and 50 cents for cliil- dart and trans/erring his duties lo rehearsal tonight. Mr?. R. C. riculture Charles S. Murphy—or- dren. i "temporarily" to Gen. Ivan Yaku-'Rost is chairman of the event. tieriM a riged investigation of Ks- - ' ~ !i->' cotton deals. The testimony hy Thomas II. Miller, a high ranking agriculture D.ivc O.ikcs. candidate for Con-j Oakcs said, "He docs a lot of he h,,» driven I'J.uOO milcs CHAItLKS and JO ANN MOSS ""'^ fl> "" llu> Ni '" h I)isll "''^li.lkiiig »l<out his K iimeiH to;cveiiings and week ends- and talk- '.','"'", v".",'""""" '""" '" ""' d.-piirtmcnt uflicial, brought a of U, holding forth with an im- map l lo<l ',"," llls '•"''l™gn with lo-' , „ w , ( ,| , 0 ll.uou people. He has o,n- '^' ™. , ' -.., charge from Oiairman John L. nl . '..,,, ,ff,vl-iti-h" . „ ,.''»l '{cp'iblican leaders here rues- . • . chidi-,1 llul "lh«- iKvple who vole ,,, M ' ls '\ "M.-l'leilan. D-Ark.. Uiat apparently ^ends'»;,:; ^c;™ i, J,,v *» »»" •«*« ""•»• ^ ^ «*.•«»'«,»« - ^ «•» ™ »».••*. for lh( . „,,„„„j ^^ ^ ^^ ^ri^^irr;,,;;r! ™<™ °< f ™ 11 ^ ^- tins r.icc iH'cause his opponent; taut if you lion t go. He dw.-n I are lackadaisical alx>ut politics . pjnuu ( , !lju . i . Murl j, y ,,. Secrctan- Or- biis "one nl the sorriest words^o." who ai.. not informed who just c ,7'n'l "' ^'"aTf'""ll" \ vllu ' '- r'lwman-was involvwl in in the House." , During n recent WashingUm vis- wander down and look for a f.nni- '," , , ' . '. ,.,i '- i,,i ! ' treatment of Estes. AlMUl Xi rcpicM'iilalivcs from it, Oakcs said be talked with com- liar name nn the ballol " .' .',_, ''" ."', '! """I* 11 ""'" _ . SHEP McKKiTIIAN of I, J. Jil "7:' H "' « » •'i'n >', A n « 1 e- ;mittee saff mcmU-rs and lean,. "We donl luvc any money, but '_£ „,"V,!" !^^, i^'w vkend WoM+horrflct among Ihosc altci,,l,,,g .!.„ k C.ix "'",' l-»''''l-«l and Alvin me. that TOom^on has attc,«l,,l we do have .VXI volunteer ui.rke.-s al , v, d ,,;,,,,„' ,n , , s, W 60 "" 6 ^ 051 j ni , ,, Ki ' ' the largest single expense will 1*. Day in Breck™rid K e Ihls week. :lK [ s »' ""' I -'" i " ^'" Sli'l.'.lesM than 10 per cciu of .!„- tune, throughout ,h,s district," Oakes „,.,„,;',,,„;„,., , s>n ,, l , 1 ', o ' ,-,,,,,,. j..,,.,,,. cloudv. warm, widclv: 11,^. 'funds are provided in the In the maintenance category, with ™ct Three following close He was invited l» join a Kl ™,, "«'« AnncMo hear Ins views and' "On Ihe lrcmendou>ly un|h.r - de, !ar«l. "ami we will sec an u^.i, lml „„,, Philadelphia to deal i-'.iltcr.Vl daytime thunder.shower.s, 'Counlv budget which las been tt,329,000 to be spent. The regular bind. of Houston - Gnlvesti... area Cox ''""'iwwi plans. U.iland rosier ,/ lam Irade bill, which can ser-'sct vicloiy in November if we wilh urlun plv ,,| rms ls lm ,|e, r.uxieialc ^uthcrly winds. Ixiw given'Iciilalive approval by Com- construction item is listed at $116,- Total to IK- spent by Precinct campaign leaders who <lcw up for ' J ' KI ' J '"' 1>sim l"'«'- 1 "<'<il. Among .imisly damage our me evpurls can just contact enough of thf'^^,]^.,^, 7S high Fndav 92 'missionei-s Court which is 'due to 'MS, and Ihe ad valorem ranstruc- One for maintenance is $507,000; the celebration. . . those _ present _ to pledge supixnl ;hcrc and liwc lh,)usiu»ls of joks.jvolcrs and offer them a real' - - -'- - — ....•.— — tioji at J71S.770. with lhe Vr ^.- ini , t Tiiree total set ped by on moving *!a>', Weclnc day. Hie MOSSES left linlay fur Cleveland, Ohio, whcro he's hc'i IransfBrii'd by Dinv. . . Budget Includes $2M For Roads, Bridges An expenditure o( over $2 mil- act formally on the budget at the:largest listed in thc 1963 budget, lion for roads and bridges i s - s<> Pt- 10 meeling. Precinct One will spend the larg- plannul by Brazoria County dur- Of the n»d aixl bridge funds, es( H|m , unt Qf ^ pre , i"B '*"• lhe largest single expense will te.^ Th _ ^^ ^ ^ MAHK I;IIANUJI-:AN. (lAltltlSt)N DON-.'" 1 ' - s ''"'' Senator, and 'ninrnlou:Oakes poinlixl mil. "Our Con- Among tho questions Oakcs an- anil HI'UCK NIK STItANI), HKI.KN CAN- FlKi.U, BI-.TI'II': ANNK FAH- MKU and MliS. ItriiV I'.IU.FS- .Chambers of Alvin, Itcpublu an guxnian showed up twice, for swcnnl at Ihe close of his lalk was •enmity (1iairm.ui. :ii,,,ui l.i niiiiiiics. In over 'l.OUH.nie l.xini a man who asked why Oakcs. a (K-tii'leuni engineer: pages of testimony In- is mention-1 Oakes was "working of frnni DII kiii.sdii. h.'iiil that ! ' ' ' ' PII'' all cclebialin- liiilli.lns to '"" "" kinMl "' s ' lil1 ">"' •" ; > : ed twice, askinn inn.x-uuu» qucs-'the Kepuhlican P.uty." liny'KOI- MKS Gil I I-'SPIF . l: ''"" M ' l ' v '" lv ' 1 '"' ''•" ''"inpcllc'l to ii,,ns to which he should already Oakes replies! that he wa. Su'rfside icM.leiii H\ the V7lh' K ''' ','"" ""' ""'' '"''""'"'' ' ""' luu ' k '" m " ""' «"« >l ' l '»- TiieJml Uiat it was customary Aas not, "ci.diM pliinncrs uuiilil luke us net die, I is Hint Ihe Ninth candidates tu have their own or- i.ick to the iioiseanil buggj d,i\ s giosion.-d Disliut dm-Mi'l n:(iii/.uiiin Hii.l umkeiri MI as lo Alien man dmmnaicd man I'licy ba\c a icpic.^eiilaiive." noi overlniid regular puny iJti- it's ni-1-cs.Miry to hau- Ibis O.ikcs then c\:inuiii'l j-pccilic cialv and workers TON of FP cnlcminimi as vri "" k "" u '" K I' 1 ' 11 ""' 1 ' '» Wiishinu- hsues ,,n whirl, he didei.s wilh 'Hie same man'aU. i|uestum,-,l tors his sisier M M \ t'MIFU '"" '" '" "" ' 1- '"" i;Sl A ' s " ' ( '"-:Thompson and in'-'.li-d c,.iii|.:iii - il.ikcs as lo his new ol the John WOOD nnd H'|[ Hi" ' fill i n« M ' n ' llni '' ' bchevc ill a po.siiuc M , M , declaring, "• ^raliMii is ui-jllin-ti Society. The canrti<iale said «ijun, ami, i. n I Uto.-,,,,,,,,,,,.!,, ,„„, ,),,,, 1,,^.,,,, respon-iil.iy the icKicssKiMW way of do- ; hc didn't know loo much about sihilily lo the individual. America :|n K thi.^s. It is complete reui-iihr croup IHII the momhvrs that has piovcd that frciHloiu dues nu'iilaiioii, and that's mi uld idea Tie knew personally he fell to lw «"!'k." ^ tthii-h has iit-vtr worked. Conser-1irspw-mble people who had tha CoiiKivsMiiaii t'liirk Tli.niipMin's -. vatism, ihe philnsuplo ul lice- IH'.M interest of ihc immtv at iccord came under fire, us Oiiki-sidum, is Ihe now way. and it does heart. declared that "Ihe incumbent JIIM work. Ours is the only turn, "f He said that u lot had boeu iiiisn'i p.ud attention an ihe t>pc.jjovcmmenl winch gives every wiiuen alxnit ihe Kirch Soc.eiy of hvisl'-Hinn Ih,u Imx cirssi-il ins level ol society tlie I»>| i< niH-:and that if they had taken some Idc.-k. F.itlici he hasn't taken the ieii:il ilun^-s and lhe be.-i of spin- •! I be uicsp.-n.sible actions of jlmic^lu read it or lit' doeMi't jlu.ii values" nlu. h they Ate accused, he would | L ' alL '' I Oakcs said Uiat suice t'ebruary jiomlemn Uieni (er that. liKHOUAIl COI.KMAN of Chile marking tier filth lunli.l;i\ uilh a family parly. . . MR. and MHS. f. (i. HANKS both of Sherman. For a cleaner beach: Clear Your Litter and a Little More wit |, ,| U , pr Other expenses include 573,700 a , ^| 7i ixx) : Precinct Two, $205,- tor administ'-ation and engineer- lloo . and p,. Pl . ini . t f outi jjTo.COO. mi;: $42.000 for Commissioners' | a-isically, Pet. One will spend Cuiiii salaries and cxpi>nscs: ?n,-| nlore on t . vt ,,. y Uem o( ma j n ten- o f HIICC Hian oilier precincts, with the t OM.iaS.SUINAI. I AMIIIHII-: M'KAKS IN I'dl \'1V 1-lnm Iflt, Thurulun Cbamberii, Uulaud I osier, Mr. And Mrt. Oakes POO fur the county's portion Social Security: and SHU*! tor |ho t , Xl ,,,p, ion . s of the O il and the couiuy's |wrtion of insurance. Uas iI(M11| an(I , ho Category for It is expected that Sl.lKUb of ,M ist .(,ii iini , ljUS R, ja d Material, lor this amount will !.«.- collected from whidl lv , . nil . ce has but i g eted ivgular loiul and tn'idgt. 1 taxes, | ; t ri , or amounts j and S71.S.77I) irom .stale ad valor- Thc i^\ ml j, cm s ],, ms 5190,000 ^-m ui.xcs for roads ami flmxl con- | )llu ,, t , u , ( | |, v p t .,. (i|,,, : 5170,000 by .lii.l. Another $175.l»)i) will n'«i« p t -i! Three; $101.000 by Pet. T\vo; tfrom autoniobili; ivgislraii<.n fees. .,,„, j 7u ()00 | )y p cl t - oll| . i Other income cxpccleil for the For oil all ,^ , ; . is _ however, Pet. jiiuid and bridge department, but Tnrre , wi |[ sporai all oslim ated i not listed in the S:',:M)7.0S:i loial in $K) m as n)m p- m .,l with half- |llu- ISta Rmul and Bud-,- Kudgcl, lhal amounl fo r Pel. One: 513,050 j include S&.UOO. fur shell tax re- fo ,. lv , -j^,,. an d jij.ftX) for Pet. !fund; i'i.OOO fur certificate ol title j.- mll . 'fees; SttMXW from justice court .M a ' t .| mll , o . u< paiis will cost an fines; and S-Vi.lXXl (rom lateral .-...i,,,,,,,,^ i'iO.IHii) in Pel. One; • 11 w)d credit. S'J7,m)u in Pi-i. Three; $15,000 in This brings the total lesources Pt , t - ou ,. ; nnf \ 511,1110 m Pet. . f"i the \eai- In $L J ,-l^i.OSJ. j- uo i.MAIM'KNAM'K I In the Maintenance Item, the) (Coniinued On 1'aje 3)

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