Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas on January 20, 1939 · Page 2
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Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas · Page 2

Corsicana, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 20, 1939
Page 2
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> • ^ "i -< ;^- r ^? ; , '' ;» >' THE CORSICANA SEMLWEEKLY LIGHT, FRIDAY, JANUARY 20, 1989. GEDY OF STRONG MAN WHO WENT BACK ON BEST SELF* Famous Incident of Peter, the Rock, Who y, Crumbled Before the Jibes of ( a Servant irvl—A Little Study In Human Nature At ' It/Worst—Crash Possible to Everybody. J Now we come to the blackest r- £;•:.• chapter in the life of that over'$>'•' interesting character, Simon '% Peter. Whether up or down, at ••'•' his best or at his worst, Peter i commands attention. A groat edl- fe tor once remarked to me that >',' there are certain personalities, ,< -like Theodore Roosevelt and Wll- i; ' llam Jennings Bryan, who aro " news-makers. Whatever they do X or say, and wherever they go, ,"•'. they hold the. public eye. Other men, even greater, do not thug •• ! draw general public Interest— r' they are colorless. Among the i Twelve Apostles, Peter alone had ii ; 'this quality. His was an Indivld- J uallty that could not be Ignored. ' He was the mnn of the flashing sword, the flashing word. '•• -Even to this day the crowing of c- a cock is associated with Peter's '• Shame. His was the roof-top •' vision at Joppa. He was the first -;-.' definitely to perceive the Mes-'•-'•- siahshlp of Jesus. His was the voice that defied the entrenched •-'- religious leaders of his day with, V "We must obey God, rather than ..• men." He was the thrilling, bold ff" preacher at Pentecost. Ho was *-" the disciple whom a jail could '•'* 'not hold. It was he who dared 'to walk the waters at the appearance of his Lord. He it was '• !who burst into the open tomb on *iV Resurrection morning. And it fv was a humbled Peter who was £:':'.. summoned to "feed My sheep." q;. . • A Crash for Self-Confidence >•'•" • Cock-sure and self-assertive, &' iFeter sounded a jarring note at K ?:' the solemn session about the "''•- -Last Supper, by declaring boasts' ,;fully that, though all others ft ','-j might fall the Master, ho would 5?" "be faithful, even to the death. '?; '.That remark waa strangely In$X !.,considerate of the feelings of the jj,'other disciples, and characteristic S:: i>of Peter's rash impulsiveness. ii"> i Our world is full of boastful |&; Peters, strutting In pride. They S-- '"are sure of themselves to an of? , Vfenalve degree. There were many s) : .~ t'of them in 1929, confident that fe i'their wealth and position were p ^''permanent strength and power. ?i, ;' We have hoard some of those »¥-' same men whimpering In pover- sfe": ty . and defeatism, during the S$'if'year* that have followed. A § <t Scripture word that merits con';'{ 'slant conning Is, "Let him that fcj-r'F'standeth take heed lest he fall." fpt'Even the ripest saint is ever in If,-i-i dapger. Passing Newgate, with yi>! : i a, murderer's corpse swinging on Kf'^'the gibbet, a great Christian exit•':'' 'j.-; claimed, "There, but for the |.i'v ,'grace of God, hangs John New- By WILLIAM T. ELLIS fcft",'i ; , Some of us who have been alert K, '"to Christian events over the past § generation could write a fearsome list of one-time Christian leaders who have collapsed, moral ly,- arid ihave' disappeared ^from :«,, Vpublio view., A noble and saintly 2'j'Cjv minister i>nce said • to ', me, In !? • -'conneotlqh .with the shame of a ?.;• aifallen leader, "I find in myself •V 'the very same temptations to ¥• .'which he succumbed^ Only the <v {(.'grace of God has kept me from i;' iigthese shameful sins." ' • Evory iv'^Kreftder of those words knows that P'». f.'the crash of self-confident Peter ?'•{>-» is .possible to himself. K '*. . 'TJie Leader Who Knew 'A•'••' v- We tarry for a moment by the Jv Sf'saered scene In the Upper Room. &•':• •;, Jesus had poured out His lov- fif- ,.; ing,/breaking heart to His friends. !', -THe loved thorn to the uttermost, ij(.r ^although fully understanding jS Jthelr fralllty. One mark of a id-it- '.true leader Is patience with his •'v followers, Jesus knew Judas and they knew f So he addressed the latter not C!:}by his rock name of Peter, but S'.,'BIS Simon—Simon, the old, weak, ?. ; *waverlng, up-and-down fisherman : ,i'who had yet to come into the &f^Ull inheritance of his new name. Slf Seeing beyond the craven de- (|,fnlal," Jesus' bade Simon use his r >SfaH and Its lesson for the Djjfstrengthenlng of the brethren, "lat is the one useful remnant _. a -slump 'into sin; it enables Bffs.' Christian .patiently and sympa- v",thetically to help those who are 'Peter better than .^.themselves. ijike manner tempted, course,: .cook-slire Simon that he had no need 'such warning; ' he was' ready follow his Master even to prlson and to death. Then fell words, ., k ,.._.. not crow this day, until jnthou shalt thrice deny Me." The ..'awesome foreknowledge of what Mawalted Him and Hla friends 'j:,was-the heaviest end of the Sav• "*'— : -'- cross, By the Wrong Fire ,» . JJDV it be said to the credit of .BjetMmbllng Peter ' that,, .aftft his Impulsive act of courage in the 'iff-' poooooooooooooo Oi t The Sunday School Les- o 'son for January 22 is "Pe- a ter Denies Hia Lord."—Luke ,o i 22:81-34; B4-62. o I •>> •• ' - . -• ; O 0,000000,00000000 "SAVE on SHOE , EXPENSE CHILD'S •, HALF-SOLES . r-KORRY KROME | It Last* Longer. pair 50c i CHILD'S HEELS 25c Green toe Shop Shoe , . garden, when he had drawn his sword and cut off the ear of the high priest's servant, he did not flee; but, with John, followed the Prisoner into the court of the high priest's palace. His courage, though, was good for only half- wny loyalty. Peter joined the miscellaneous crowd about the courtyard fire. Tho cold of the night was as nothing compared with the chill at his heart, which no earthly blaze could drive away. Peter's blunder was that ho tried to warm himself at the wrong fire, where the foes of his Lord were gathered—just ns many Christians today seek their pleasures in worldly associations and pursuits; and then wonder why their faith is faint. Those who would keep In-and-in with Christ must be out-and-out for Him. Then the tragedy befell. A mere serving maid pointed Peter out as N a companion of Jesus. As impulsive in his fear as he had been in his faith, Peter Instantly denied the charge—as If a man can over really escape his identity. We are what we are and we only store up trouble for ourselves when we protend to bo what we are not. The recent Coster case is in point. The Christian who tries to conceal his religion finds himself in difficulties that destroy both his peace of soul and his power of witnessing. Twice more the charge was made that this stranger by the fire was one of the friends of the Accused—and poor Peter denied his Lord, even with cursing and bluster. And then the cock crow! Worse befell, to crown Peter's misery. For at that moment—Perhaps as the Prisoner was being led across the courtyard—Jesus looked at Peter, with the • hurt look of a betrayed friend; with the yearning, compassionate look of a loving leader. That look broke Peter's heart, and he burst out Into the night that was not so black about htm as the darkness in bis cnyn soul. Ho had denied his Lord! , "In the hour of trial Jesus, plead for me; Lost by base denial I depart from thee. When thou seest me waver, With a look recall, Not for fear or favor Suffer me to fall." SEVEN SENTENCE SERMONS Search others for their Virtues, and thyself for they Vices.— Fuller. • * + In find that the great thing In this world is not so much where we stand, aA in .what direction w& are moving.^r-Ollver > Wendell Holmes. * * • Could we with Ink the ocean fill, were the whole world of parchment made, Were every blade of grass a quill And every man a scribe by trade, To write the love of God above Would drain the ocean dry; Nor could the scroll contain the whole, Though stretched from earth to sky. —Anon. A friend Is one with whom you can walk for an hour, neither saying a word and yet both being helped.—Thoreau. * • • Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter; Fear God, and keep His commandments; for this is the whole duty of man,— Ecclealastes 12:13. * * * If you do not shine at home, If your father and mother, your sister and brother, if the very cat and dog In the house, are not the better and happier for your being a Christian, it is a question whether you are really one.—J. Hudson Tayor. * •. » The stars shine over the land, The stars shine over the sea, The stars look up to God above, The stars look down on me; The stars will live for a million years, For a million years and a day, But God and I shall live and love When the stars have passed away. • —Anon. REGISTERED COTTON SEED SOLD MEXICO BY LOCA1. BREEDER Shipments are now being made from Corslcana dally on an order for thirty-six car loads of registered cotton seed which was placed recently with John J. Bryant, well-known Navarro county breeder, by the Department of Agrloulture> of the • Rep*ubllo of Mexico. ..The selection of Navarro county seed was made •.• after representatives of the Mexican government and others interested in the project had visited and studied the varieties offered by leading cotton breeding farms of Texas and also several of the large areas planted to registered seed. The seed will be used as a part of a co-ordinated program to increase yields and quality of staple on a large project along the Texas border extending from Matamoros to near Laredo. The move Is sponsored by • the government along with cotton merchants, glnners and growers. The area was formerly planted in any variety desired by the individual farmers. The practice wag banned .'by governmental edict and a decree issued requiring importation of registered seed for the coming season. Bryant seed are now to ba found almcfst over the' entire state .of Texas and In Mexico a* well. Last year a number of West Texas counties adopted the Navarro county breeder's product 'as their official variety and the order of the Mexican government will extend the. planting* from the Panhandle to Mexico, SpnjetWug? Try ft Courthouse News District Court. In the case of A. Q. Thornton vs. C. O. Curington et al, Injunction, relative to the possession in 1939 of certain real estate, a jury Tuesday afternoon rendered a verdict on special Issues for the defendants. The jury for the week was excused by Judge Wayne K. Howoll. District Clerk'* Office. The following cases were filed: F. M. Yerby vs. Julia Yerby, divorce. M. B. Golden, ot al, vs. Ernest Watson, et ux,, suit for breach of warranty. M. B. Golden, et al, vs. State National Bank, Corslcana, garnl- shee, garnishment. Ex Parte, Regan Rutledge, liquidator for the First National Bank of Purdon, Purdon, Navarro County, Texas, application to sell property. M. M. White, et al, vs. 8. E. White, et al, appealed from county court County Court. A Jury commission composed of Alton N. Justiss of Corslcana, E. B. Walker of Rioe and Bob Holloway of Corslcana was busy Wednesday selecting petit jury lists for service in the Navarro county court. The Jury for the week In the county court was on hand Wednesday morning. Criminal matters were scheduled to • be heard. Sheriff's Office A car reported stolen from Sur- sula Scales, negro, Waxahachle Route 3, was recovered abandoned on a highway near Corsioana Tuesday afternoon by Deputy Sheriff Jeff Spencer. . A man was arrested by Deputy Sheriffs Spencer and George Brown for Waxahachie authorities. He Is wanted there on a charge of disposing of mortgaged property. Three men In Jail at Waxahach- le charged with burglary in Ellis county will be returned to Corsl- cana for Investigation In concc- tlon with the attemped robbery of the Stone store, intersection of East Tenth avenue and South Third street, last Thursday night. Sheriff C. O. Curington stated Wednesday morning. No charges had been filed here. Marriage License. W. H. Ward and Thelma Shue. Warranty Deeds. Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Texas to B. F. Easterllng, 126.84 acres of the James Johnson survey, $3,000. Thomas L. Smith, et ux., to A. L. Edwards, 3-4 acre of the James DeArman survey $32. . Mrs. Mildred Meador to J. B. Jones, 17 \ acres of the John H. Yerby survey $850. Joe Sheppard et ux. K to T. L. Whorton, 16,2 acres of the Ottl- well survey $1,000. Bella Bell, et vlr, to Bernlce Davis, et al., Lot 8 Block H, George T. Jester addition, Corsl- cana $108. J. R. Mnckey, et ux, to E. B. Boone, 103 1-2 acres of the T. T. and B RR Company and M Boren surveys $3,750. Sudle .Jetton to Eugene OHphant Lot 12, Block 4, Price addition, Kerens, $10 and other considerations. Lillle H. Pearson, et vlr to V. L. Summorall, a part of the Jesus Ortez survey located north of the northerly corporate limits of the City of Corslcanta $500. Justice Court One was fined on a theft charge Tuesday by Judge A. E. Foster. A civil case was tried In Judge Foster's court before a Jury Tuesday. One was fined on a speeding charge by Judge'Pat Geraughty. A forceful detainer civil suit waa filed In Judge Geraughty'a court Tuesday. Senate Committee Approves Hopkins For Cabinet Place WASHINGTON. Jan. 18.— (ff)— The senate commerce committee approved today the nomination of Harry L. Hopklna for secretary of commerce. The vote for Hopkins' nomination was 13 to 6, with all republican committee members voting "no." Democrats supporting Hopkins included Sheppard of Texas. Hopkins, regarded as one of President Roosevelt's most Intimate advlsera, waa subjected to critical questioning by committee members last week on his. administration of the WPA. The new . commerce secretary conceded that as WPA administrator he had made some mistakes. If he had the job to do over again, he added, he would not make political speeches. WUHani A. Harriman, New York banker and -chairman of the business advisory council, testified in support of Hopkins' nomination, which probably will be taken up by the senate for final action tomorrow. Etcher Gets Approval. WASHINGTON, Jan, . , , . . The senate banking committee approved today the nomination of Edward 0. Etcher, former Iowa congressman, to be a member of the securities and exchange commission, MODERN MECHANICS ft take* modorn mothwh, tooli, tor Modern Motor HepalNl FMtor- palril Oo*t no mor«, SATW mi Tucker Brother* Garage LIEUT/GOVERNOR COKE STEVENSON PROMISES HIS AID WILL ASSIST O'DANIEL IN EVERY SUGGESTION FOR PEOPLE'S WELFARE AUSTIN, Jan. 17.—(ff)—Lieutenant Governor Coke Stevenaon promised today to cooperate with Gov, W. Lee O'Danlel "In every constructive suggestion which will promote the general welfare." "It shall be my endeavor," he said In his Inaugural address, "to promote the best relations possible between the legislative and executive branches of government. We welcome the new governor as bur co-laborer in his department of our government. It will be his duty to submit a program of legislation to the legislature and I pledge here and now on behalf of the senate that hla messages will receive earnest attention and thorough consideration." "His philosophy of business principles In the apllcatlon of government authority Is a wholesome one and one which challenges the attention of thoughtful men throughout Texas. .We look forward to a successful ad- ministration and the fulfillment ot our hopes for achieving the highest objectives of any government at ,any time, which are the preservation of life, ^protection of property and provision of an opportunity for the pursuit of happiness." Most of Stevenson's talk .was devoted to a vigorous defense of the 63-year-old Texas constitution against criticisms of those who believe a new one should be written. "The spectacle of every dictator in the world today," Stevenson said, "la that of a public servant who has become temporarily the master of hla people. This mastery has been achieved by first destroying constitutional government. Constitution Assaulted. "The constitution of Texas !a being assaulted by the lovers of an extravagant and bureaucratic government and by them Is termed to be outworn, outmoded, and only a patchwork of organic government at the present time. "The -argument Is advanced— shall the age of the wheelbarrow and the horse and buggy control the age of the automobile and airplane? Shall the age of the tallow candle and coal oil lamp control the age of electricity? Shall the age when messengers carried the news of events by word of mouth control the age of the telephone, telegraph and radio? "My friends, all of these modern Improvements reflect the progress of civilization but they do not change fundamental prln- mum ANDERSON SECURES RELEASE BY HABEAS CORPUS FORMER JUSTICE PEACE CONDUCTED OWN CASE IN COUNTY COURT Garland (Snooks) Anderson, former justice of the peace, Tuesday afternoon successfully carried out a personally-conducted and written habeas corpus proceeding before Judge Paul H. Miller. He was released from custody. Anderson was lodged In the county jail by Constable W. G. Ivey Monday night on a capias issued by Judge C, A. Stccle of Rlchland, precinct 6. The capias was on a charge of alleged disturbance of the peace near Rlchland recently, Anderson attacked the legality of the proceeding in three counts: First: That Judge C. A. Steele of Rlchland was a first cousin of the defendant. Second: That the justice court waa not In session according to ciples. They represent a high standard of • modern living and a standard which we should by all means strive to maintain. But the principles by which they are to be maintained remain the same today as a century ago." law as he was brought before the judge at the court's private residence, 'and; . . Third: Anderson denied that he entered any plea to the charge, either guilty or not guilty. Judge Miller rendered hla decision, after Criminal District Attorney Charles T. Banister had pointed out that under Article 5, Section 11, judiciary section, state constitution, a person related to another could not try a case involving the relation. Judge R, H. Owen testified,, by request of the court, relative to the law governing where justice court shall be held. Judge Miller ruled; "The defendant Is Illegally restrained and shall be dismissed for the reason Justice of the Peace C. A. Steele was barred by law from serving due to the relationship of the justice of the peace and the defendant by affinity, and for the additional reason that sentence was passed while out of the designated office or courtroom of that court. 1 ' , Anderson resigned as justice of the peace, Precinct 7, Eureka, more than a year ago. In the 19S8 elections, he was nominated and elected as constable of precinct 7, but has not qualified for the office. He advised the commissioners court recently he did not Intend to qualify for the constableshlp, but requested that he be appointed justice of the peace at Eureka as the regularly-elected judge had moved from the precinct and did not Intend to qualify. No action was taken on the application. Use a Daily Sun Want Ad for quick roiulU. NftSONT. AMBASSADOR CHIN! TO REPORT PRESIDE! WASHINGTON, Jan. Nelaon T. • Johnson, American ambassador to China, returned to Washington today to report to President Roosevelt on the wan. In th* Orient . He said on landing' In New York • lait night that the Chinese were "very hopeful of an eventual victory" over Japan. With Johnson's arrival, the United States now has four ambassadors here, and only two of the top-flight posts outside Latin America are occupied—Rome and Tokyo. Ambassadors Kennedy, Bulllt and Wilson, accredited, respectively, to Britain, France and Germany, are here for conferences and the post at Moscow Is vacant. Officials were Interested In dispatches from Tokyo declaring Japan's willingness to conclude peace in China and to guarantee American and British rights there In exchange for trade concessions and for lowering of barriers against Japanese Immigrants Into the United States and British dominions. , The dlnpatches Indicated to some observers that Japan was sending- out trial balloons to get reactions from foreign nations. •--• i HERE ABE JUST A FEW OF THE MANY REDUCED-TO-CLEAR BARGAINS YOU'LL FIND AT PENNY'S! • In every department there are outstanding values— • specially planned bargain* and new merchandise as • well as odds and ends. Check every item In this ad, f stop In at our store to see the many Itemi not listed 1 ' —you'll save I Remarkable Values! SLIPS Of Bayon ^ ^^ ^~ Taffeta J-O 3 for »«^*» Lace trimmed and smartly tailored styles with adjustable straps. 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