The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on September 10, 1897 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, September 10, 1897
Page 4
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•&<•" ' £ ' (fe'L Mangled and Torn would' sicfen tho fiear<5 (rf jp wy. Wrt jmi tako tq thoro irott any J(M$ cWrtaifl, tto isnfiStf how ntrusted totttif cftra*fl<l fe> t*. if ap> v^hole Mid sound as'w'hen brought tn us. Anybody «*& launder a. hft^ke*ebtef-tt*tt%ti "art .te a laoe curtain jti-the Way they redotw at the StoatM IjOUlictry, HatelTBlock. YELLOW twelve Suarjieiou* 6&se* lad* lated in On* Slock At the BIGHT REAL CAST& AT TTSAi th* 8«<»urse K» »te«*iteiw in'Kdt fit* fpvcf t>y family td ifee of the talk About style, talk about it! But ve you tleen the etyJtejkr weeing irtvi- tatiortB, party cards, Individual cards fcre putting ottt? They're pure style t>on'i jrott need a trifle of ptfintSng Sntno ftbdve lines jtttrt about now. Wo th* newest andjfttest script tyj>e. , for Salfc 66 tteirtt4dfl fiotsl, ttttoStt^es, a*wi«e lot witllMrf ami Marshall, Mich. Atfcotinty (air te Jet. W. H, 'ARTHUR* Secretory. t)f. treating the B098tr»e-fa«ftity up to MorWlay Iast,'t8 no^ sit?k.hJftW«t Mfirt n& fatnlly «se* ttat aawlt frfe Fak Trains , t fe. Bay v^' Via, G. R. « Sumraer HfhedriU} is now in ' 1^4etil»i>- train JS^JZ .leaves Kala- niaxoo lii^JO p. UK, and Grand K^mls ji;20 p. m., arrrViu^ Traverse City 7AW p nu, PatoakW 7:55 p. m. B.iyVipw 8:(>3p. m. and Hnrl)cr Springn S:2Ti p. m. This Schedule t*p«?ially acctiniodates passengerB coming from {[other Hu> •«• Send for folders and further information to C. L. LOCKWOOD, •O. P. & T. A., Grand Rapids, Midi. -4LACC STEAMERS. ' tOW TO MACKINAC PETOSKEY CHICAGO;. Feu" TRIPS f>cn WCRH BitwcicM Toledo, Detroit ^Mackinac MsTOSKEY. THE "SCO," AlARQUETTH AND DULUTH, tVe«V £VC.NlN.O BETWEEN Detroit and Cleveland Connecting with Rarliest "t ruin* at Cleveland for all pqint* Rait, South and j,' South we»t. «und«Y T<lp» fUfli, July, August and *«pU«btr Ort» 2 NJBW Steel Passenger Steamers Hive jnst feeeu Bttiltfor erurTTppcr lAke Rout« / cdattOK $300,000 each. Bend for illu*>-fttca pamphlet. Addreu. *'. A, •eH^NTX.-A.r- *.. •«T«?».T.' Ttie Detroit 4 nrevaiand 8team ytr. fiohne, fa ttiao'oti the slch H«t. There are now, in all about ten oasea oi; ad- m',fet*d v yeilotf fevenv, hot aro *ar n*» deaths.- All isf the stek ate doing wHl and n<T aefloua -wiwlts^ >*re TMiedt. 1 J*r t L, C. luebo. a pfomment physician of this city, reports ft rasp of Wfcck,V<Wnit, but the patent Is doing- fairly well* X>T. ^. tt-' a'aCkett«?lnforrns tne AS»o- cifttfd UjcehS eorresipondpnt .that tie has in his practice -eight caeca ef genuine y^Oow fever siatts-r^d «lt over tnfe city. •At the ct?>Sf> of this report there are stiil no deaths and none imminent. °.<4»»ph'lntl« sloluiCHH at N«-w Orlpail-i. Me* Orleans. Sept. lO—'fhc board of hcftkh last night, announced that there ere twelve aUspli'louB uaSPS in one blwrfc dow'tt town. Under ordinary clrcum- stanci ls i these rases M/mild nrtt have evpn been deemed suspicious, but two weeks ag'b a lefugce from befan Sprlnpi* dtnl In .that vicinity and since then the fovur has spread there. Npn«< ol the patlehta havfi dhnl^ nor- are any spryms'ly i!J, The board of e#I><*rls has been studying t-hf cases peveral days, Uut ha« not bei-n able to reach a, tleflnlt« conclusion and It was flnally decided to report the cast's as suspicious, In ai:cnraant c e with the board's pledge to keep the pubjlc fully in its confidence *th6 board of health has placed guards about the Miuafe and ordered a'-styiitary inspection for five sqUares around., Twelve C«ws in One Square. „ Those twelve cnst« are on-one-Hiuare, in a i^iv of six small tiou'?»s. - In one ot" thew houses a young lady from Ocean Springs, who was visitinif a fani'ly ;h'ere, died. Her remains Avrre sent ^o Ocean Hprlngs for interment. The at- lendlcf? physician had no suspicion that 4hc di»'<l<of yi»ll»w fev«r. Dr. H^S, Oulley, Mlaslasippl's state health officer, has ordered the g.ulf and Ship-. Island railroad, -running from Itattlfstmr'K to Gulf I'crt, closed to traffic of any until "fiirthfir notice to '.• -prevent' tlic sin end (if th'p ft-vcr from the Infetr'U'tJ towns -On th« gulf to intei-i.or points, Nut hint; of moment h'as developed at Mobile. • Quarantine 1 has been declared there against- Perklnston and Hardily, Jackson 'county, Miss. The decision of Dr.' OuHerair' has set at rest all doubf thsit yellow .fever exists at - Ocean ° i—A *97 moMbieyele; win* sell s&ah. Enmtitte'ftt Arttortean Iniindry, fiofrth.of Greett&'s drug stW. TO CORBlilfliTtSFEPSii Appotle* •«»•» Gbott t>f#*»«t«tt « irtolC* A ttlttl of gtdhtt** - «ln Tablet*, rtf »n __ • J(o Hrt>»We-te mote common- or more uiift- undef stood than nervous dyspepsia. Peo pie havinjr it think that their pervesare to blame and are BUrpnsed tthnt they nrc not cured by nerve mnaitrme ttod sprin* rcmc- dies} the real neat of the-atineMef is Joss sight of; the stoirtftch id the ofgait to be looked after,' • Nervous dyspeptics ottco do not bft** ahy pain whntovet in Hio »touiflct>, not perhapf any of ihe usual aymptoms of- stomach wenknesr, Nervous dJspepiia ohows itofelf not m the atutuaeh so much as. in nearly Orery other organ; in some cases the heart palprtBtes and is irregular; in others the kidneys are affected; in others the bowel» are eonstipBted, with headaches; still others' are troubled with Joss of flesh and, appetite, withaocumulation of gas, aotir rimngs and heart burn, ' /' Mr. A. W. Sharper of No 61 Prospect £f „ ludlaaapoh*. Ind., writes as follows "A ittoiire of pure gratitude pronips me to write thlaw few lines roKanliuR the new and valuable medicine, Stuart's Dygpepam Tablets. I have been a Buffering from nervoue dyspepsia f < r the Ia»t four years; have uijed. various patent medicines nod • other rtnte^ edins without any favorable result. They •winetimes gavo temporary rohef until the efforts -of tho-medicine wore off. 1 attributed this to my sudontrfry habits, hem« ft boodkooppr withhttlc physical exercise, but ( aip tflftd to state that the tablets have overcome all these obstacles (or I gained »a flesh, sleep better, and ttrn better in every way. The abor.e is written not for notoriety, but is based oh actual fact." KeHpcctfully yours. A. W. SHAIU'ER, 61 i'rospect St., Indianapolis Ind. His safe to say that Stuart's" Dyspepsia Tablets will curp any stomach weakness or disease except cancer of stomach. The] cure i«n;r stomach, gas, loss of flesh and upputite, sleeplessness, palpitation, heartburn, -constipation and headaches. „ Send for valuable little book on stomach diseases by add resting Stuart Co., Mttistmll, 5ASLOMAM SOLE PROPRIETORS. will be .paiS for the arrest and coftvictioto of any j>jje clftiectetl*refilHng onr bottles. For sale by W f T. PKAtiK and A. O. HYDE. | Three Opinions: All druBgii-tS sell fait Jtized paekagea at 5(i FRANKLIN• MIODSE maTJtat-iaHeo »«»». Cor. Bates and LArrted Sta., « BlUb I>ii->td I>lH«aMu Oopxti't Stay Inolateil. But the people (there find' pome con- so!ht!on in the fad't thkU peculiar <;on- {^Itiijiis surround the dpath of t?hor ! *y •Seyn.our. who wa» officially declared yestfiday-to have succumbed to yellow fever. He wa» In bad health'before- he waft slHfkbn, won dissipated and un- ne<t>«aurlly *>xin,»»>d h-lynHelf, lie was lli^t troatfd with prlml( methods \>y hi« family;'no pbysiffan was failed tor foyt d,a^s. and' \vhr>n he showed tcmpor- nry PI KiVpiy h»* ovcr-atP hfnlMjlf :iii3 dk><l. !>!•: fJuifras, Dr. Murray and all VlKi iKii'th'iiiatod in th« autujwy <ltr- rlaifd, hijwvvpi. that th«-re waa no quts- tloh ihat'ths? man had di«»d of yellow •ft'\fer.\ t)"m? iit Dr- ("Sult«jr«»' doubtful a c tdltl, dlfd yesterday. In ujiiiUoj) th« prevall ; r.K f«'Vti Is nlst yt-llow fever, but there Itir itolattd liftit'.* of that di<*ad dlseti»« .Mayor' }' 1 l^\vfr..,,.of New, Orlearis, was liskivl \csjU'nl!n if th*»" ft*V*T \\nu4dt thiTiti>ct «.if Jrului'lHg the authtr.l- S'ftfd; Time and Hurvo»t. Is a -g^»4, opKortutiity to 'enquire about farming laWHiti South Dakota.' only one days ride froirife^ucaiio. Bountiful' crops of wheat, corn, bart^j- and tlax reward th(? till r of tho >M»,il. A«N^»r««:k and dairy 'country South Dakota leads nli the world. Fir« elaiw farin lanqs with TavHrby market* ioaii now be bou«ht tor _from |10, -$t2, Sl6 t ,nnd upward*, per acre,'and thin is I he tune to nveat. For further particulars write «^ Oeorge H. Hoatford, Oenersl Pasaenger A^eut, ChicftKO, Milwuuko^ St. PaulRsrtl- »• iy, Old Colony Building, Chicago, 111. That th'a best Una from to irrlpiUo Cr*ek, Colo., J'Ort! "The CHICAGO RECORD is a motel newspaper in every sense of the wdfd."~- Harrisburg (Pa.) Calf. • 'There is no paper published in America that so nearly upprioaches the true journal" istic ideal as The CftJCAGQ RECORD."From "Ncwspapejrdom^ (New York). t( I have conic to f the-firm conductor, after a long test anjd aTter a wide cor parison with the journals of many cities and court" tries} that Th£ CHICAGO RECORD comes as nee.* being the ideal daily journal as: we, arc for somcf time likefc to find on these mortal s/Jo/^*."— Prof. J, T. Hat field it The Evanioton (III.) Index. A Sohlbij newsdealers everywhere > and subscription? mciict! b'lal! mtMatters. Addtcsa THE CIl'l RexTablets are sold under a positive guarantee to cure or refund the money, and we jstand by our guarantee, (koi<£s all Nervous Diseases, Impotence, Varicocelc, Lost VitaHty tnf old ot- youn^\ Nightly Emissions and Wasting Diseases, and all effects ol self- nbu^c or^cxGcs^es^ Stops dangerous drains. A Kemnnexiierye^onic. Shows immedi- nte improvciment. The grandest remedy of modern iitacs. Pon't buy imitations. Get HEX TA^L^TS. Price 50 cents, or six 'packages (a fyll treatmemy for $3.50, by mail, in plain N p ac ' ta B e » on Receipt of price. 1 Circular free\ KJNfl REMEDY (JO M ? For mile »t M*r»hBll,,Mlch, by A\, O. HYl>B. ' CH1CAO" op !!*• rtniljud i»i tiic negative, but" added that ,; fi ,•!•!.!,- I illlipliai.t liOlIf'Vrfl u tlior- ou^h-'klcaiiljiK v,cis itciiulu-ii to keep the fovi-i out. tt uouid ii^ done. Thiovi^h- nui 'tin- otjr y*8tir<Jaj*« |ilugr»* 'wrfr-e o|wiir<i hi ciilt-r (hat tln-> iifUtlcvs riiifilit »ii»- ttut-ht-si, I'aswPii^pi tittlo^ leasing tlu» <'ity <a,rt'l*d o»ily oidiiittry- KCIS, IV. -jStoly. wtio has ueen ' iJ4tuiitM ni ocean Spcfi^b, has hltK'H<M3 vvitii jellow f«»v<»r -at his *t Pi'tlilnattiu. 4U,s* Thw <*»<' has uJBi'tallr rMrtrnu-il ana Or' H- ^ <5ut lev-, of M*'i1dU«. state i)t-al(h oftloer. - -ha* Kott^^rf-p*rldTii4t^t^' .cwrapunylng m»p ... .. ;Ul<ai80 & Alton R. B. \Vrlt» or call to-day, for lowwt rates Anc alj p«rtli:ul»r». R, 8*in»frvllls. General Agem '•ineencer n*partmeiit. 101 Adama 8tr»et, Alar i«tU» Bui'diug^ CUicauo. illlaotfc . «AVE*T» t 'RACK MARK*. DESIGN PATGMTS, COPYRIOHT8, M i,r1ii r 'irniaMoa mi 1 free Uan<l}n«)'< « rlf(> to Ml NS « iU. :»t fcno»nW»t, Xaw Y"«R. , xdcst \ iirt-ft'i fur WvjnnS pntcnNltt AWfl'TI. rv,'i'>' vnii-^i'iy'uiit.'bv U»l» Jir.nixnc bi'fors the puUli: l>y & ni-t/iti tflvuo frie W uluuaa lu Uw rin of (Uiv w'tentlllit pilDPI" '•< *he M* I'lu-itnitoi). hi> lutcllljrot au MinuM/tv v. ithni.t ». WwlrlT. (p.l.OOa .SI .•-jTiiif. MM. Attr^H*. M(",N * 0^. Ur «i.!**nv, J,i!« Vofli CHv. a new pair of kidneys «» WANTED ooatrlbution MtbeUt- er»turo of MM worJM Or^torfc la «li ih*° rwjtfa of literature Uiew tf / ou woUier toooff Hke > ( ' BIBLE HISTORY 1 1ft ttal* liook«e can be touod «WU>tor- wiuijU by ttvury BjbJ» 4fM4B Jr ol w yoww, scbelorlK or f the !uwn and est<»bilali \V»ah|iflatim, <t tt> t. 10,yUV. John K rap ted to Rursvfln cjtrieral yfestwday as fuUt>w» from *>t-p«n ijpiiUKU'. Mlna.: "Ol thiee c&*x!» »'ct>vi'tfd by i conttrrti* y«i»pw fev<- third «»«*' is- i*of yellow fe'VWj, | %iav« Htusrti aw^tlK-J" *"«•!!«' *tf yellow fever. We havi- thi-n t*o ca*^ th a »lcl< list «>f forty. Tii4?i-B have U&«tn itere a ft-w D£ yeiiovv ftv«r IB tht* rotd»l of .Mi • * Write tor ?HE descriptive <m4 bwwMiu wphlet (Ujtpil^jij^ailw 0.6HEPABO«J. , THAT PANAMA CANAL RfcPQRT World from C'oluu, Colombia, \Voi-IJ e<'rf«sp«A4em OIM> B«t no tontij'ttia tii'U of tlw n?t*>it that the P*u- «nna ca«*f ftanehte ^o« been toy « ftrUtah corparatten usdvr the tectiou ef are^t Biitaln. _Tb|i( report la JOB MWheeis, BELVIDERE. «PWf iBpHMBWw * W' JWW^^^pWW ^p^^^^^^ For tH$ last 20 yea^ we have kept Piso's Cure for sumption in stock, and would sooner think * .groceryman could gefaJortg witno^it' wgar in ifls ?te*rUtiftf w^^eoW wi^heut Ko*s Cure./ fe is a sure ^ler;—RAVEN ^ CQ., Pwggto Ccresco» Michigan, September 2, 1896. «(jucc-ctneiit the Coictu 'by aa- Gri-ai Britain had ,*w«ui't.(J U)t> fraik bl*t aad tt'L>uW toiiual the watt^way be- A its otic »tid Pacinc octats. I »oi Ln/qimt d Bugem. aT.&M,R.R. TnO»» »*»• M»uwlx»lJ «* i vsM,*t*V ft. «V« P. A. / ' is the title of a- tittle book,'of 90 page*, which gives complete instruction con- cernins the- wotk performed oy the Icid/ neyn, and the harm done to the system wh*Ti they Uil tofulhl the dutlc* imposed upon tliein. It dtscrlbes in language in' ^ -' •• ctionnoftl . jjIble w chiWrw, the function* otthew filtef#uj the tyitL-m.ind their intimate re- latiun tottifi welfare qi the human body, free by iiijilltrf-tlic asking:- to bad of.,..,. OW MARSHALL, MICH \, \

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