Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on April 6, 1971 · Page 3
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 3

Del Rio, Texas
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Tuesday, April 6, 1971
Page 3
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Supper qnd Hunt Honors 7 Seniors Seven high school seniors were honored at a scavenger hunt and supper Thursday evening in the home of Mrs. Scott Stiles, 221 Park Avenue, with Mrs. Stiles and Mrs. E.A. Davis as the hostesses. Six of the guests of honor are seniors in Del Rio High School; the other "guest of honor is a senior in Comstock High School. They included Misses- Becky Brien, Dana Monroe and Susan Lowry, with Raymond Quigg, Dennis Rowland and Tom Swinson of Del Rio High School and Webb Williams of Comstock High School. Heart Association Memorials Memorials gifts to the American Heart Association have been acknowledged by Mrs. Fred W. Nelson, chairman of the memorial program for the association. Gifts may be sent to the organization at Post Office Box 704 in Del Rio. Gifts acknowledged include the following: Mr. and Mrs, Fred W. Nelson for James B. Anderson; Mr. and Mrs. Leroy W, Kesler for Mrs. Abe Jossie; Mrs. Paul Rudd for Paul Rudd; Harold Griffin for Mrs. Helene Griffin and Mrs. Mary F. Mullen for William Martin. Memorials for R.M- Fraim were given by Mrs. Mary F. Mullen and Mr. and Mrs. E.J. Petty; Mr. and Mrs. Ray Ross gave a memorial for Mrs. Hulda Abbett; memorials for Mrs. A.R. Brotherton were'given by Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Martin, Mr. and Mrs. H.R. Averill, Mr. and Mrs: Anson Hoover, Mrs. Homer B. Jones and Mr. and Mrs. Pat Rose. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Home and Cindi gave a memorial for Joseph Haywood Stewart; memorials for Robert Baker were given by Mr. and Mrs. Leroy W. Kesler, Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Martin, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Smith, Mrs. Barnett Adams and Mrs. Felix Harrison. A memorial was given by Mr. and Mrs. H.R. Averill for Col. (ret) M.M.Roland; memorials for Mrs. Dave Stool were given by Mr. and Mrs. George D. Fisher, Mrs. Barnett Adams and Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Nelson; Mr. and Mrs. Dow E. Palmer gave two memorials, one for Mrs. Fred Gilbert Sr. and another for Fred Gilbert Jr.; Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Smith gave a memorial for William McCuller. Memorials for Mrs. Florinda H. Ramirez were given by Mr. and Mrs. D.A. Herrington Jr. and Mr. and Mrs. Anson D. Hoover; the Basse Truck Lane, Inc., gave a memorial for H. del Poso while memorials for C.J. Harrington were presented by Mr. and Mrs. Leory W. Kesler and Boy Scout Troop 178. Memorials for the Rev. T.S. Stauffer were given by Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Nelson, Claude C. Miller, Mrs. Barnett Adams and Mrs. F.S. Dobkins; memorials for L.D. Brauer were presented by Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. -Nelson, Mr. and Mrs. H.H. Petty and Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Adams. WIN AT BRIDGE Supper was served before the hunt. The service table in jthe family room was laid in brown burlap and centered with an arrangement of flowers in tones of salmon pink and yellow. Individual tables were laid in red and white cloths and centered with red tapers encircled with daisies. The winning team in the scavenger hunt included Miss Susan Lowrey, Gene Caffey, Miss Tayna Lemon and Larry Hutto; low prize went to Misses Katie Riedel, Peggy Eardley and Debbie Pusley, with Wayne Block. Following the hunt, the group returned to the Stiles home for dessert. Thirty attended the supper and hunt. Club To President Members of the Cactus Thorn Garden Club will honoi the president of Texas Garden Clubs, Inc., Mrs. Henry B. Horn, at their annual flower show. Mrs. Horn, a resident of Del Rio and a member of the Morning Glory Garden Club here, has been very active as state president. The - Cactus Thorn Garden Club chose the theme. "This Is Your Life in Flowers for the show in Mrs. Horn's honor. It will be held in the home of Mrs. Thomas M. Johnson Jr., .5 Palm Drive, Thursday morning beginning at 9:30 o'clock in the morning. Dona Jackman Wed To Vizza Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Vizza are at home in San Antonio fallowing their wedding there in March. Prior to their wedding Mrs. Vizza was Miss Dona Jackman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. K.D. Jackman of Del Rio. She is a graduate of Dei Rio high School and received her bachelor's degree from Texas Woman's University in Denton. The couple reside at 2139 E Hildebrand in San Antonio, where he is employed by Tobin Aerial Survey Engineers. He is a graduate of the University of Mont an an at Missoula. SOCIAL CALENDAR WEDNESDAY The New Century Club will meet at 4. p.m. in the San Felipe Country Club with Mrs. Earl Bowers, Mrs. Ray Hill and Mrs. J.B. Phillips as the hostesses. Mrs. Wayne Love and Mrs. James Simmonds will present the program. THURSDAY The Del Rio Study Club will hold Guest Day at 4 p.m. in the San Felipe Country Club with a program presented by Max Stool on his travels to Tokyo and Hongkong. Smart Law Breakers Win NORTH A 102 V K Q10 4 4QJ83 *K105 WEST 4AQJ43 V A6 • 952 + J73 SOUTH (D) AK876 V J75 • AK4 *AQ6 Both vulnerable North East EAST A95 V9832 41076 *9842 West 2* 3N.T. Pass Pass Pass Opening lead— Pass Pass South 1N.T. 2* Pass " PEAR AB8Y i Man She's Living With Doesn't Want hfarriage Mink on Prints By Abigail Van Buren le inri * CMCM* Trttww-N. Y. Ntw* tnt.. uc.1 DEAR ABBY: My problem is the man I am living with. I love him very much. We have two kids and we aren't married yet. He always has some excuse. Sometimes he stays away from home a week at a time. The only time I am sure of where he is is when they detain him in jail. He makes good money and he's not stingy with it. I hate to leave him because everything we have is paid for. And like I said, I love the guy. Write me back and tell me what to do. UNDECIDED DEAR UNDECIDED: It's my guess that you've already decided that living with him is better than living without him. Face it, as long as you love the gay you'll always find a reason for not leaving him. DEAR ABBY: Our daughter is 18, and she's engaged to a young man who is 22. They want a June wedding, and here Is where we disagree. They picked a dirty old run-down hall with outdoor rest rooms. Also, they want a justice of the peace to marry them, and a reception later. For this they want bridesmaids and ushers and my daughter wants a white gown and veil. We are well able to give them a beautiful wedding in a church, with a minister, and a dinner and reception at a nice club. There is no sentimental reason for their choosing this dirty run-down hall. It doesn't even have an organ or piano. Our daughter was raised to the Lutheran church and her fiance says he's an atheist. We just can't see it their way. Can you help? HAVE PROBLEMS DEAR PROBLEMS: It would appear that your daughter Is anti-establishment and wants a wedding In keeping with her sentiments. JX you insist that she either have a fradition- al type wedding or the kind she wants without you, prepare to be excluded. DEAR ABBY: I am caught in the middle. My mother and my aunt are both on me to take my cousin to the prom. They got me to take her to one school dance and I have never been teased so much in all my life. I was the laughing stock of the school. I told my mother she would have to kill me dead before I would take my cousin to the prom and my mother said, "Well, that can be arranged." What can I do? COUSIN DEAR COUSIN: Get a friend of yours to take her. That way you'll be off the hook, your cousin will have a date for the prom and everybody will be happy. DEAR ABBY: There is a school teacher in Hamilton, Ohio who is either very mean or very stupid. She is constantly asking the kids to write something about their dads. What they do, how much daddy means to them, etc. She has asked the kids to make up poems about their fathers, to write an Imaginary letter to their fathers, etc. Yesterday my son came home -and told me that this teacher gave the class another "father" assignment. This time each one had to stand up and describe bis father. One kid, with tears in his eyes said, "My parents are divorced, and I don't remember my father very well." Abby, doesn't that teacher know that some children have no fathers thru death or divorce? I hope you think this is important enough to use. OHIO MOTHER DEAR MOTHER: I do, and I shall. What's your problem? You'll feel better if you get it off your chest. Write to ABBY, Box 88700. Los Angeles, Cal. M069. For a personal reply enclose stamped, addressed envelope. North's two-club bid was Stayman and South's two- spade call showed four cards in that suit. When this hand was played at New York's R |e g e n c y Whist Club, Tim Holland, sitting West, had to lead against the no-trump game. Tim, one of our best amateur golfers and perhaps the World's best backgammon player, is also pretty good at bridge. Tim led the three of spades. He didn't mind fooling his partner. It was apparent that East wasn't going to be taking any tricks. South reached over to dummy and played the deuce. He didn't think of playing the 10 and when Oswald & James Jacoby East played the nine declar- wor fc er was dead. It didn't matter (wfou Pick up "Win at Bridge frvith JACOBY MODERN" or feny other book that covers ifthe play of the cards and ^you will find a table that fshows which card to lead '/from various high-card com- ibinations. $ These tables aren't exactly •the same, but they do agree jfthat the proper lead against "no-trump from a suit headed |by ace-queen-jack is the foueen. &i On most occasions you i/want to knock out the ad- Inverse king and set up the 'ii-est of the suit while retain-;Ung control. Like all rules at ^contract they applyrin gen- PeraL The winning player f should learn to break them the proper time. and J it ,. instruction. whether he played the king Service will or ducked. Tim was sure of meeting, four spades, the ace of hearts and a profit. (NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN.) Quemado Quotes Twelve young people of the First Baptist Church of Quemado were hi Del Rio Saturday night .to attend the monthly youth.rally of the Del Rio-Uvalde Baptist Association hi the Baptist Temple. The program was presented by the youth group of the First Baptist Church of Del Rio. Accompanying the group from Quemado were the • pastor, the Rev. Kenneth Green, and Mrs. Green. The spring meeting of the Southwest Texas Odd Fellow and Rebekah Association will be held April 10 in the Crockett Hotel in San Antonio. • Registration will start at 8 a.m. The all-day meeting will begin at 9 a.m. President Murphy J. Marrow of San Antonio will preside and Dr. Ben Parker of Pleasanton will be the guest speaker following the business session. A noon meal will be served in the hotel. The afternoon sessions will include degree work, charge on your old Air Conditioner during our pro-Mason Trade-lrt-Sale! « Carrier schools of A Memorial end the day's Elsie Fisher of Quemado is secretary-tre.asurer of the association. We'll give you a trig check for $75 cash a* a trade-In on your old worn-out room air conditioner or condensing unit (or anything else you've been keeping cool with) If you buy a new Carrier air conditioning condensing unit (38GF Series) now during our Spring Trade-In SALE1 The exclusive round Carrier unit comes In 12 sizes . . . to fit any home ... or additional space that ycoi may want to cool. Buy Carrier now ... and get your $75 cash trade-In. (Offer caniiiil apply lit equipment uiititi'tl.ljfiiir Itt February I, III7I. Offer appliex only In rcAjili'iiliul .equipment. .mil li> t •efnpern or buihtent.) it </ri' ">• The bidding has been: West North East South ' ^ IV Pass 2* Pass 2V ' Pass ? You, South, hold: *A2 VAJ4 *6S *KQJ753 What do you do now? A—Bid four hearts only. This is a very slight underbid. TODAY'S QUESTION Instead of rebidding two hearts your partner has raised you to three 'clubs. What do you do now? --• Answer Tomorrow J.J. Magallanes, who was seriously burned in an accident in his home in Quemado three weeks ago, is still a patient for therapy in /the Maverick County Memorial Hospital In Eagle Pass. His mother, Mrs. Dolores Magallanes, reported his condition is favorable. This w* su0**t you wire flowers to distant sweetheart and mother for . Easter throufh ADAMS' FLOWERS PEL RIO (TEXAS) NEWS-HERALD, Tuesday, April 6,1971-3 ^!!^T™"™^""*""•••••^—^^^•^^^^^^•Hints From Heloise '"Breezing by softly is this triple-tiered Autumn Haze, : Emba natural brown mink capelet by Vi Raphael for Turk-Tucker. Print dress is by Teal Traina. A perfect team for a spring or summer evening. Quotes from Quemado ' Q U EMADO The Rev. and Mrs. Kenneth Green of Quemado announce the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter, Sue Anne, to Orvell Thomas Wells Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Orvell Thomas Wells of Melvin. The couple will be married in the First Baptist Church in Brownwood May 15. The Rev. Mr. Green will officiate at the ceremony. Miss Green is a 1968 graduate of Lake View High School in San Angelo and is a senior student at Howard Payne College in Brownwood. Her fiance is a 1968 graduate of Melvin High School and he is also a senior student at Howard Payne College. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Turney, Elizabeth and Paul Turney, and Mr. and Mrs. Leon Miller and their children, Chip, Tommy, Mindy, Johnny, Michael and Timmy were in Laredo during last week to attend the Laredo international Fair Exposition. Elizabeth Turney placed second with a heavy weight British breed calf. Chip Miller and Paul Turney also won remarkable showings with their calves. The Rev^jnd Mrs. Robert Sa.chtjen of the Quemado United Methodist Church were in Uvalde last week, where he attended a pastors' study for the Kerrville District of the Southwest Texas Conference of the United Methodist Church. Special services at the Quemado Church of Christ will continue through April 11. Nightly services are being conducted this week at 7 o'clock. Charies - Thomas of is the speaker Liberty, Kan., for the evangelistic services. The public is invited attend the services. to DEAR HELOISE: Here ia a ne\y way to color Easter egga. Use the ends of waxed bread (or roll) wrappers. You'll notice that some pf these wrappers have stars, circles or checks. Cut the wrapper ends In squares large enough to fit around the eggs. Now when the egga • have been hard-boiled and are atttl 'hot, dry them with a paper towel and take one egg at a time and roll it in a square of this printed waxed paper as tight as you can, twisting the ends tight and pressing gently all around. When you remove the paper, the egg is plaid, or decorated with whatever kind of waxed paper you have used! It's different and so quick to do ... Grandmother I think this grandmother Is really a slick chick to think' up this novel way of dying eggs, don't you? Will save you time as well as pennies. Heloise • * * DEAR HELOISE: , I keep a birthday box. I drop in. a dime a day (or whatever change I have). In this way, I always have gift mohey ready. Mrs. McLeod * * * DEAR HELOISE: Here's a practical use for discarded shifts . . . Cut to desired length. Turn Insidfe out and. sew across the bottom. Then turn rlghtslde out and hang on wooden hangers. They're ever so handy to store seldom-worn clothes In, as well as things to be mended, dust cloths (the untreated kind), etc. And the zipper opening makes the contents Sorority Chapter To Meet Mrs. William S. Caldwell will present the program for Alpha Beta Epsilon Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi Sorority tonight at 8 o'clock. The meeting will be held in the, home of Mrs. Michael Neuman, 100 Aduna St. A film, "Journey Into Darkness," will be shown by Mrs.CaldwelL easily accessible. Jflargaret Jensen • * * * DEAR HELOISE: ' I wanted to make brownies the other day and couldn't find a pan 9"x9 t 'x2" as the recipe called for. So I took my 9"xl3"x2" pah, lined it with a piece of foil long enough to turn upwards at the end of nine inches and double back again (for extra strength), making the pan just the right size. I also made the same double fold against the other end. It held the batter In beautifully. When the brownies were done and cool, I simply picked up both foil "handles" and lifted the whole caboodle out to a cutting board. Easy as could be! Shery Joyce * * * LETTER OF LAUGHTER DEAR HELOISE: If my dogs dig as many holes In the yard next spring as they did this spring, I won't have to worry about making a garden plan. I'll use theirs! A Friend DEAR HELOISE: Did you ever notice how 99 out of 100 people, when serving or transferring liquids, soupy foods or gravies by ladle or spoon from one dish to another, hold the empty dish above the full one ? .If one holds the empty dish BELOW Instead of above the full one, there would be no drips or spills on either of the dishes. Irene Sommer SOCIAL CALENDAR THURSDAY The Cactus Thorn Garden Club will hold the annual flower show at 9:30 a.m. in the home of Mrs. Thomas M. Johnson Jr., f> Palm Drive. The show will honor Mrs. Henry B. Horn of Del Rio, who is president of Texas Garden Clubs, Inc., and will be entitled "This Is Your Life in Flowers." Remember Church • with EASTER LILIES front ADAMS' FLOWERS May We Introduce. . . Hortencia Medina Recently with the Fabric Mart. Hortencia is now ready to assist you in selecting the finest SPRH6- New shipment of beautiful Polyesters at unbelievably low wholesale prices. See to appreciate these fantastic values. 64' Double Knit $3" YD Polyester YD 44 c SAN ANGELO llEatt Ave. B' 6BS-6881 u DEtRIQ* 8801" -' W. 105 So. Main (Next to the Club Cafe) OPEN Monday thru Saturday 10 A.M.'til 8 P.M. WHOLESALE WIGS & FABRICS (Retail Buys at Wholesale Prices)

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