Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 20, 1946 · Page 7
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 7

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 20, 1946
Page 7
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».»* Jttfitfl itttnt* DtMHffd 8«oW«#. Jtaftfy About tfffl» MWfc A6 is w6fti)9) word Hln. Wo™ nift* wul*Q JSia* **** M& ISSTOANCE aflnichael ED FORAN Cemetery Memorials |2S7 r Buri(iah Phone 1152-W SltjAlttES, 113 W. Tuke. Phone |742r Oenernl garage, overhaul and repair Eagle Radiator Shop 16 W. Fd«t*r Ph. 547 [CbVneliUs Motor Company 18 W. Foster Phone 346 Yobr Chrysler and Plymouth Dealer lave tires. Being unratloned dries hot jiaka 'tlrw rttttre plentiful. Protect those > Srou have by having your wheel t checked on our Bear Equipment. :iay Bullick, Body Shop 'do upholstering in ears, glass In ortV glass fuhners, neat coven, head tailor^nade. , Foster Ph. 143 tinner's Generator Shop. lotof'Tune and Brake Work |18 W. Foster Phone 337 |-8 motors for snle, '84 to '42 Universal IfldOr? malts -35 nnd '30. our^ expert washing and Libricating. We also special- Eei in Steam cleaning motors hid.fcliassis. Come in today, rursley Motor Co. Williams Motor. Co. has /'absorbers for Buick, plds,*Pontiac, Chevrolet and irysler products. Call 101. your next Job here and you' .•we know pur buamesa on motors. HeM.Onrage, 308 W. Kingsmill. Ph. 48. Hall & Smart Garage liW. Foster Phone 484 /sjorieral motor repair nth i, complete satisfaction tudeo'aker .motor for sale. or check up see us. New iM BilH« Martin 40Sl.Btllftrd pirt atett* hs ll»lrti ri CARL STONR, Water «ell fepalrlfi», and tubing palled. MilU Kutalled. Tele- phbn« 2288J, Plaitts Dejtt«r Cft., Ph. 1434 Washing Machine Repairs WATER WEM, tnblng polled, to*ers and mHH emte«. Conrad' Kotnra. Phone 1880. 116W Tukg St. BXI'ERT stove adjusting done after 7 p.m. Call 1863> . • • - Texas Furniture Cdfnflafiy February Specials U*ed itertis lner room suites *?9.50. Child's oak desk ftnd chair IS.OO. Tlaasock *».BO. MattrfM M4.66. rjccasioiial table 15.00. Coffee table KM. Other gfbod used Hem*. Call 607. Economy FurnitUr« C»Y 61S W. Foster ' Ph. 838 tyf 4iave several hew pieces of ophol- fetefy mntertal. We, m«k« olfl fqrnitttre like np\>. We buy good used furniture. 17-^Beaufy FKBRUARY Special $10 cold wavd per- mnnent* only $7.50 La Bonita Beauty Shop. Phone 159S. 621 8. Barftes.. PERMANENTS cnn be purchased at any beauty shop, but Mr. Yates' knowledge of giving ringlet end permanent can not. Tinting and bleaching done by a pro- fessionhl. Flione 848. IT'S NOT too early to Ihlftk of your Easter permanent. Let us give you a cold wave yoii'll really 4>e proud of. Elite Beantjr Shop, Photl* 768, .. ' ., • THRILLING, different, soothingly comfor' table, exceedingly beautiful, has always been your wish but now -'It can be true. Helene Curtis Cold JVave. Call Ducheaa Beauty Shop. Phone 427. JEWKLL'S Neighborhood Shop affords convenience, modern methods of beanty work nnd satisfaction Call 898.. 802 E. Francis. IB*—Painting, Paper Hanging PA1NTINO and decorating waht^rl. Icnjy Hotel. Phone JIS38. S. F. Cowan. 19—Moor Sanding MOORE'S Ficon, have ttuxc floon finished by your local floor undine puny. Portable equipment. Phone «1. 21—Turkish Baths, Swedish Massage ILUCILLE'S Both Clinic, 70S W. Foster. Phone 97, Take a course of treatments for reducing. You'll feel better in every way, 22—Radio Service Dixie Radio Shop & Service 112 E. Francis Phone 966 25—Upholstery 4 Fum. Raped SLIP COVERS, draperies and curtains made to order. Guaranteed to fit nny Btylej_ coats and packets lined. We do general sewing, also zi|>pers repaired. S. Cuyler. .-- •• •''.-•• ... Slip Covers, Draperies and Curtains Made to order, guaranteed to. fit any style. CoatH uiul jackets relined. We do general sewing, ulxn zipper rcpalh 524 Cuyler. ' ' J. E. BLAND, the upholsterer who konwi how to make old furniture like new. Get nn estimate today. 328 S. Cuyler. Phon 'ampa Radiator Shop . and Garage ' W. Foster Phone 662 ster St. Radiator Shop Ilkton cleaned, repaired and recored Utf'W. Fo»ter Phone 1489 lip covers and upholstering, 'hone 2060. 317 S. Cuyler. trummett's Furniture Store. -Lost and Found : 8—Laundering One (lining room chair, between . nnd Le.forg on highway. Call 181H. wn town Saturday. Liidy'fl block contained $40 nnd ear papers anli deposits made to Mrs. 't. Q. '"-, and Mrs. Willie Walker. Will . ..'bo : found it please call OOGW ?;K. i Starkweather or leave at Pnmpa -'^.Transportation pSTLEMAN wants ride to Los Angeles, ,-'Oapahle driver. Coll 381. reference. [JRfcEY BOYD |>v!nB. Call 124 vice*. Transfer, for quick Baggage or and careful A.;Adams, General Hauland Moving. 305 S. Cuy- Phones 2090-1209J. ise moving and winch e:ks for service. Call 2162 It. P. Harrison, 914 East leirick. TRANSFER, 020 S. Cuyler. Local Id long distance hauling. Storage space. ' lauling and moving, local ervice. v€all Brbwn-Silvey. lone 568. IPS N. Hobart. ^independent. Sell Raw gfi> Products. Good nearby jte open in Collinworth pity- >,Prnducts . sold 30 Write today. Raw- •igh'.. Dept. TXB-584-DA, lemphis, Tenn,, or see Jack leed, 316 N. Dwight St., nny a, Texas. - .- Femple HeT^ Wonted Womnn o.rk./and care- of |eg'» Qib Stand. '___ for two general children. house- Apply aT) yf'Lady fo.r inventory clerk, must to type. Bee Mr. McClelland at in Auto Supply. Exiierienc^d stisriograWiei •;16n,-40 hour, five day week 'IJ, I,., care Pampa News. ituation Wanted Housework or ciiie for chil «r *• nlfrht. Violet Guerin, La Opportunity Well impraved 140 ven room house in «!*•• . condition. City > lights and gas, double r&K ^ other ^one mile of st office, P, A. Witt ', Canadian, Texas. those drains, vents i _»$ repaired. Call 10? Shop. . ?>n4 way tan need of genuine _ remember p» ( 516 S. Cuy ve W ftt«r Qkprt and delivery !7—-Cleaning and Pressing A. JONES* 319 W. Foster, has per ected a 'dy6 for ceUmese, that works won ra. Let us dye that faded garment now WASH, rough dry and finish worl one at DeWiU's Laundry, 801 Campbell " f e do carbon black wash also.. Soft wa r.-Photic 22B6W/ . Allen & Allen Laundry 32 W. Foster Phone 784 Vet-wash or-'help-yourself. Open 7 to l^kup and delivery.'-' > •' • - • VET'WASH, rough ,dry .and finish wor! one nt .DeWiU's Laundry, 901 Campbell oft water. Phone 225SW. 29—Dressmaking EWINU, titehinjr. uyler, alterations, buttonholes, hem All work guaranteed. 311 S t)R SALE: Phileo semi-table model fate in fcbod condition'. Price ?40.00. Call 21 W_ after 5:30 p.m. or itvnnlre 722 W. 'rnncis. SALE: WashbuHi piano. Set- I. T lotfjnight. one-mile south of Old Mo- 'OR SALE: Opod modelU Alls Chalmers Wheatland tractor bh rubber I/ocnled ht 401 .W. Browning. Ear) rtley. 'OR SALE:, f-12 International Fnrmnll, 15 model Indian 8<?but mOtorfycle for sale r trade for saddle norae. .feSO.;N. Suninqr. 'OR SALE: 110 volt 3 K.V.A. A-CTlight ilaht for farm or ranch. Practically hewi Jo storage batteries necessary. Fully «u- omatic. Price $460. AInaco Construction Jcott Imp. Co. John D*erc Sales At Service, Mack Truck MODEL U Alls Chalmers tractor. Ofle 2x36 International. One 3-bottom mold ibard plow, all tn good condition. O«- ,0rh Machine Co., 810 W. Foster 1 . Ph. ,94. r-Tgi~i.T~'; -. .'. r ... .^.j.jw.iag SALE: fdtlr "todfti modern hsnie 1 , iorth of Dtffrlftg*!- Rasollfi* Plant ftl» Pexa* Co. leiiiif. tetm, Texan. A. K. thirt- lam.. ^ .^ . J ^. 3 .. M ^ J ^..^..>. J _.^.^_,_,,. J ^-.,..-^,i^,.-.. 72—City roperry POR SALE: Team of seven year old worfc 'lontes, weight about 1600, with harness. Will nel! chSap br Wade. M. V. Watkirts, 1209 S. Clark St. Phone t99J. 53—Feed. FOR SALE: Black cow horse, five years bid. 713 E. Campbell. 'OR SALE: Six room modern house, one mile north of Skellytown, i/i mile north f Northern Natural fias. Possession with ale. : Harvester Ph. 1130 Feed Company. 800 W. Brown Attention All Feeder*! Feed bf all kinds is getting more scarce every day. There seems to be ho relief in the hear future. Feeders who are Unable to buy cattle tubes, we offer you gpod yelldw born at $2.75 per 100-lbs. bulk. Corn will get results and is so much' cheapen Fohti Haggard, Real Estate Duncan Bldg. Phone 909 'oar room hotite, Fihley Banks Addition. 'ivt> room and four room house on Miami ighwhy. Six room house on N. Nelson. 'Ive roorh house on E. Francis. Four roow J. Russell. Four room In Tnlly Addition. Hhcr , good buy a, . J> E, Rice Phone 1831 )own town filling station, rood locution. 56-^-Baby Chicki Jameft Feed Store S22 S. Cuyler Phone Book your orders how for baby chicks. T). 8. approved bfeod.tested. Gray Co. Hatchery Chicks Blood tested popular breeds. Hatching Mondays and Thursday's. Joe Hunter. 5B-—Cat*, Dogs, Birds Hobbs Trailers Oil Field—Cattle—Vans—FtonU Sales—Service Tull'Wei'ss Equip. Co. TULL-WEISS EQUIPMENT International Sales-Service Trucks, TraStor, Power Units 45—Wearing Apparel ?OR SALE: Biack two piece broadcloth mite and black wool coat, newest model Klrshmoor, shie 42. Both perfect condi- :lon, worn only two or thre climes. Trto small .for owner. Will sell cheap. 722 W. Francis. Call 821W after 8 p.m. WILL GIVE away five weeks old small tyty puppies. 6jl,Pitts St.. 59—Bba*der§ Wanted THREE family style meals served dally. t,\ihches put 'up. Rooms If deslreil. Call 2347J tti 1 Apl. 2. Tyhg St. Apartments. FOR RENT—REAL ESTATE 60—Sleeping Reams BEDROOM for rent. 221 E. Brown. FOR RENT: Front bedroom with kitchen privilege* in modern home. Couple only. 619 S. Bollard. BED ROOMS nnd apartments for rent, close in. American Hotel. Phone 953S. FOR RENT: Bedroom for girls or couples, 435 N. Ballard. Phone 1202W. MEN'S clothing, sice 40 trousers, waist 35, length 33, for snle at 721 W, Francis. Phono 2109J. 46—-Miscellaneous FOR SALE: 30.06 sporting rifle with ammunition. 209 N. Purviance. FIVE room house, furniture, piano, bicycle, ice box, business lot, for Rule. 311 N. Ballord.. Phone 1Q?C. : , FOR SALEs 18 quart pressure cooker, electric washing machine and double tubs. S. fiamep. • •. : Radcliff Supply, 112 East Brown. Phone 1220. Buy your garden hose now while We have a good supply. 63—Wonted To Rent WANTED TO RENT or lease, location for beauty shop. Prefer north of tracks Reference furnished. Call 427. WANTED bV couple with one child and dour Want "three of four room fiirhlshet or unfurnished apartment. Phone 1806J V. H. Parr, boiler Inspector. Cull after 5:30 p.m. RELIABLE couple desires three" of fou room house or apartment. Please call Mrs Hudson. Phone 1574W. WANTED: Two ol' three room furnishei apartment for business couple. No chil dren, no 'pets. Call 778, 7 lorence Husband's Fur and Sew Shop. 710 N. Suraner. j. G. Runyon, Singer agent, 214 N. Cuyler. Wo rent and repair belts, buckles, buttons lolea. .. ^ .'^ Phone. 689 machines, cover, and make button NOW OPEN Radio Service Shop We are. now equipped to handle repairs on all makes of radios. V, ' '. . '• ' '; " - - ' "*" , Get your order.jn for a new 1946 Motorola car radio. Now on display at Pampa Home Appliances. PAMPA HOME APPLIANCES ll 364^Ask for Harold Beckharii Returned veteran, permanently employed, wants to rent or will consider buying house or apartment furnish ed or unfurnished. Have one little girl we want to keep wfth us. Call 27. 70—Business Property 'OR SALE on Garland St., my two bed- oom home, floor fnrnnce, lovely floors, scant now. Wl.'l take in light cnr on rade. Inquire 1129 N.. Starkweather.. , CLOSE IN business property, vacant, hree room hon«e. Eight room duplex, po«- csston soon, well located lots. Mrs. W. C. Mitchell. Phone 288W. Lee R. Banks,. Real Estate First National Bank Bldg. Phones 32 and 388 r 'our room modern house with two big ots, 100x140 ft. 81* room house with two three - room apaftmehti In back, reflting for (50 pet- month. Price $6500. 14000 cash, balance 150 month, on pavement, close in. Good restaurant doing excellent business, well 'dcated. List- wi'.h me. Beautifully ftirnished six room home, double garage for sale at $6500. Half cash. Call 1264. M. P. Downs, . 1398 Booth Weston 1978 Six room house. Hose In. with rental property in rear. Six room Btncro, $H5 Five room house on N. West street, newly decorated. Sin room brick, nlso lovely five room house on N. Clmiles, near new high school. Four room modern house, double garage Inundry room, chicken house, <'<>w linr nnd fruit trees. Lot fiOx.100 ft. oti Clarendon highway. Possession with sale. Four duplexes, furnished or unfurnished, al! north of tracks. Three bedroom brick on N. Russell. Four room efficiency with large garage, only $2100. List with us for. results. ?5»*-$iit-df-TowA Property LOVELY Bi* room brick home in Arrta- rillo, will trade for Pnrtipa home, duplex, or other property. Writs Box 601 or Phone 124. WTLt, TRADB lot in Odessa. Texas for Pampa. Btnt 96. famnfl. Texas. 76^—Farms and Tract! Totrt Cook, R«al Estate 900 N. Gray Phone 1037J flood half section of Innd close to Pampa. One .tourist court, goo'd income property. For Sale or wilT consider trade. Have 500 acre stock farm, well improved, also Five section ranch. Prefer large home in Pampa. Ph. 1202W. Pampa Garage and Salvage New ftftttllt ¥tn>S. tittitttfti LfnttJln and Chevrolet motor*. N** »nd nt*a part* tot all cart.. Guaranteed repair Work. 808 W. KingsmilL Ph. 1661 Wanted to Buy Used tires and tabes of all kinds also 1ft inch wh*eh of all kinds and wllj bo» any kind ft car or truck parts. C, C. Matheiiy, Tires, Salvage 818 W. Foster. Phone 1051 Five acre tract northeast part of town for sale or rent. Lee ft. Banks, call 62 or 388. Brown & Childers, Realtors Phone 127 Lockhey, Texas Irt The flenrt of The Shnllow Water Belt. Two story brick hotel, 30x100 feet. Well furnished, Ifi rooms, connecting bath, Indies and gents rest rooms, large lobby, dining room and kitchen, well furnished. Including large refrigerator aftd all other furnishings except dishes nnd bed linens. Two large offices; reserve one-bnlf norlh wall, arranged to build brick building adjoining hotel for Chrysler Axito Sales. Price $18.000. Half cash, good terms on balance or will trntle for farm land in Floyd county 3G7 acre, extra well improvpd, large modern home, hnnlwoovl floors throughout, Butane plunt, pressure water BVS. tf-m, new modern bftrn, 8fi acres alfalfa Price $105 nrre, a real farm, close in. Possession if sold this month. IfiO :icrpa well imprnwd, 14. r , acres cultivation, irrigated 3!i acres nlfnlfn, h room modorn IHIUHP, fnir out buildings. Priced $110 per »cre. Possesison if sold al once. ,ed Gertie Arnold, Realtor. Rm. 3 Duncan Bldg. Ph. 758 .Lovely five room home near~new high ichool, possession with sale, $9500. Nice 10 room brick home, 137^4x140 lot, plenty of shafle trees, three garages, large basement, best location in Pampa, possession soon. Four room house on two BO-ft. lots in Finlc-y Banks Adidtion, $82(50. Three room house in Tallcy Addition, $1500. $7lib cash will handler' ""Three room and bath, 3. Somerville, vacant • now, $2500. Three rooms, modern, 8. Russell, on pavement, $2950. One three-room and one four-room on N. Russell. One five-room house B. Francis, $42. r .O. Five room holme, E. Craven, $3950. Six room house, carpet on front room, three bedrooms, lots of closet space, on Charles St., $11,500. 'I have some good farms and ranches for sale. Also income property. Hotels and apartment houses. DISABLED veteran, buy good income property with small capital. Be independent and sure of monthly income, always rented. My nine unit apartment house, completely furnished, now for quick sale. 629 N. Russell. Owner leaving state, wants to sell one of Pampa's leading hotels. 19 rooms and four apartments, all furnished, including linens and nice Living quarters. Liquor store connecting, ... optional. Call 2372. C.;H. Mundy. .-,,-.' Mrs. G. K. Reading, Realtor Phone 946W Thre ebedroom brick home. Furnished or unfurnished homes and duplexes. Residence and business lots als otwo furnished houses lo be moved. • List with me. Fondanelle Blouse Shop Rm 6 Duncan Bldg. Ph 1897 'ou'll be pleased with our tailored and nncy blouses, suitable for all occasions or nny type suit. Also dressmaking; and alterations.. , ' ' . 46-A—Wanted To Buy WANTED to buy electric refrigerator!, oe Hawkins, 413 Buckler. Phone 514. Custom Maid Shop Hillson Hotel Lobby. Ph. 646 ''or n pre-sprine tonic to your tired winter wardrobe see our gay blouses-and lickies. .-•••; 30—Martreuet WE RENOVATE any type mattress of any size. Cull 638. Aj-eri Mntlvess Factory, 817 W. FoBrer. The Hawaiian Steel and Spanish Guitar School of Music. 706 W. Foster. Ph. 403. 35—Dirt Hauling Griffith & William. Sand, Gravel, and Fill Dirt )rlyeway material, no job too large or oo small. Day and night service. - Phone 36 at Lefors 37—Household Goods NEW YOUTH bed and soil proof 'mattress. 817 -E. Craven Ave. it SALE: Two .piece living room Buit, trns range, baby bed. Phone 852W. TOR SALE: Eight piece, solid oak dining •oom suite. Price $125.00. Mrs. Wayne 'olinsim, Noi-thern Natnrul. Gas Plant, iXellytown, " ' Stephenson - McLajughUn Furniture. 406 ,3, Cuyler Phone 1688 Used-sink and metal cabinet, divan,' rock* erg, round onk tables, .tlresaera, chest, bed. steads. W« buy g<^od uaed fuVniturt. . for Sale: Six booths, White Seal Refrigerator, cafe size, jish washing tubs, metal, double type. Court House Cafe. FOift SALE: Nice prewar bathtub. Call 98W. Cun be esen nt 809 S. Somerville 5:30 aftto ^^ ^ Pampii Home ApnU»r}ce 119 N, Frost Phone 364 Wo h,uvc just lecelve a new shipment ol box sprli)gB «pd {ioUywoaci beds, alsa tiev, shipment (n( "InvHe Rest" mft%efaeg. QoQd gas h,euttrp, Iwt water henwra, floor fur- nacea. Nfew shipment of 'retfoi'ds and latest '? New ^agortment lamnju W, slightly wse4 five piece dinette tuiteB, Three nAm^t new fAur piece t,««lr«H»n; suites, thr«* good used twin Want; to buy '37> '38 and 39 Fords or Chevrolet. Con- act Earl Isley at O. K. Tire Co. 47—Instructions W. T. Hollis Ph. 1478 Hotel, 15 rooms, J6COO. Income $300 per mOnth. 22 room apartment house, $4750. Four room modern house, Finley Banks Addition, $3250. Four room modern house, ctdae in. north piiie, $3250. FOR SALE by owner, five room modern home, built convenient for additional second atory.'Two lota. Inquire 605 N. Hobart. FIVE ROOM rnOdefn ' house and three room, wash house, bat'h, four'lots. "Will ti-ade on farm hear Fort Worth. Will nell separately or ail. Inquire 201 E. Ford St. Six room b,rick home, two ots, electric range, rugs, double garage, servants quarters. Price $10,000, immediate possession. Ph. 1766. Stone-Thomassori. Owner' leaving town. Will sell six room house with glassed in back porch, with three acres of land, g-arage, barn with water piped to it. Concrete cellar. Trees, grass and everything. See it any time; Tracy Cary; 1311 Rham St. Phone 739W. 51—Fruits, HESH milk and eggs foe sale at my place. Joe Dunham. 9030F4. ^__ Jones Quick Service Market Corner Fredrick & Barnes [f you haven't been in to trade with us we're both losing money, Make our store your habit. Complete stock of foods. Neel's Market & .Grocery 319 S. Cuyler Phone 1104 Sunday. Closed Tuesday only Pampa Food Market 518 S. Cuyler Ph. 2189 Open ?very doy. Try our fine;grade of m'entB. Complete utxick of groceries and trulti, :•• ..... . „ :.. FOB BALE: Three bedroom home in Fjn- Ipy Banks, $31'50. Three room house, Fln- }'fy Banks, J1B75. Five room house south sjde, garage, chicken house, wash house, close in, t2400. ,W. T. Hollia. Th. 1478. FOUR ROOM modern, Venetian blinds, garage, south front, will sell.or trade for Amarillo property. Thelma Berry, 1404 qioyer Drive., Amarillo. Texas. LANE'S MARKET and Service Station.. , Make one atop for groceries, meatp anil Lovely five trucker'8 supplies. .Lane'snt Five Points, town, $6600. Good • Buys in Good Homes J. E. Rice Phone 1831 Lovely six 'room modern, floor furnaces, caVpeta, Venetian blinds, large lot, $11,600. Swell five room' N. Charles. Eight room duplex, two bnths and six room duplex, two bbths. Three room apartment' in rear, double garage, east part of town, $9,1)00. Sixteen room modern furnished apartment White Deer, $4000. Large three room modern $2860.' New two room fearage apartment, Urge .corner lot, J1850. Large .five room brick furnished, east' part of town. Large six room brick, N. Russell. Large si* room briok, two lots, double garage. Lovely nine roym home, eight acres,, Lovely ?ix room brick, lots 'of outbuildings. Eight acres on' imvement. Seven room duplex, furnished oh payem'ent, Nice home, Clarendon highway, room hotne, east part of •Y HER5HBERGIR Mrs. Clifford Braly, Realtor Phone 317 jovely. home on Gray street with floor \irnnce, • furnished, income property fn •enr. Eight room duplex with double mth, excellent location. Several nice tracts of hind' near Pampa. Five room .house, [1500 will handle. List with me.- We have several laree tracts of wheat land priced $30 to $(!0 per acre. Some tracts for a term cash lense with fivi year option. If you want to sell, your lisUnwt wil 1 appreciated. If you wnnt to buy flee lln EIGHTY acros of land, one mile north o Wheeler, Texas, running stream and lahi of water. Large vineyard nnd orchard Rood Improvements $4,000. Mrs. Maud Chisum, Wheeler, Texas. Market Briefs STREET NEW YORK, Feb. 19—Of)—The stock market today suffered one 'of its worst slumps in almost six years as he.-ivy selling hit virtually «H departments for losses of 1 to around 0 points. Causes of the tumble varied. Further profits WPI-P rnshed by thoso who could take advantage of the lone-term capital gains tax. Pessimism over the outlnok for more rigid governmental price controls, failure of the new pny-price formula to quickly Iron out labor disputes and belief the market had attained n climax In its lengthy push tr> 16-year peaks served to extend the liquidation which got under way Monday. Some comebacks were in sight near the close. Transfers were above 2.00C.OOO shares. Prominent on the retreat wprc U. S. Steel. Bp.thlehom, Chrysler. Onernl Mot-ors. Snntn Fe. Southern Pncific, South ern Railway, Union Pncific. U. S. Rubber, American Telephone, Unitr-d Corp., Electric Pow»'r A> I/itfht, Commonwonltb & Southern, KennM'ott, Americnn Itadiotor. T»stillc.rH Corp., Snurl llopljnck. Wool wurth. Knslprn Ail' Lines. Iluuglas Air croft. I)u Vont, Union f'jirliide anil U. S Gypsum. Bnnils null comnifitiitif-a li]vh(-ii tiov.'ii want. commis«;on . Onts finished tmen»hB«a fe in» yesterday's close, Mfi^ tl nchaneed to 2% lower. Miy 12.14. corn and barley refn*fn«d at eellfrrg (rrfcifc $1.80%. $1:18% and tl.ZZ'/S ri«t>«!tlv%V. FOnT WORTB FOftT WORTH, Peh. 19— f -Cattle 1,400: entvp* *B«ft; (rtHW ttw strone with b!(r paekers pra'etfcftW &&t of the market. Good beef steer* «nd JMNfn lings 1S.50-1S.OO, short load choice steel* 17.S5. the tocal Cffling, mefllotn Shot*. feds 13.50-15.00. MetWmfi and goO/l 'be** cows 10.50-13.00. (lood and choice f(rt lvpfl 14.00-15.50, common and me^lailfi h-rt 11.00-13.50 Grind afid choWe MfMt. er cnlves nnd yenrlings 18.50-14.78. Hogs 600, active ind steady, finni and choice 155 Ibs. up 1-1.65, ceiling. Sow* mostly 13.SO. Stacker pigs scarce, a few <o 11.00. Choice Farm Lands J. E. Rice Phone 1831 Half section wheat farm, five miles east of Pnmpa on pavement. 35 acre tract, close in, $4000. 11 acres, close in on pavement, $1750. List with me for quick sale. Half section farm land well improved, very close to Pampa. Looking for a ranch? See this 2760 acres on paved road. Two sets good improvements. Two 3-bedroom houses, one modern, six water- Wells, located between Alanreed and Lefors. See John Haggard, Duncan Bldg. Ph. 909, Pampa, Texas. 77—Property To Be Moved FOR SALE to be 'moved, four room modern frame house at Kellerville, Texas. Inquire 1'honc S, A. C. Little, Lefors. NEW YORK STOCKS Hy 'I'll*' Aftsociiite*! I'rcKH Am Aii-liries _- . 21 "li'/i 7:i'j 7n'.j AMN T&T ______ 28 I'.M'i, l'.U -1(12 Am Woolen ______ «5 43's -10 4H'<, Annc.mdu Cop —98 49 46'i 47 H ATHK ___________ 20 102'-'. 100- 100 ',i Aviatinn Corp __247 2.1", !2>,'i )2 : ,'i Beth Steel _______ 911 107 102 ',4 103 Braniff Air ______ 111 »0',i 2S 2Si.v, Chrysler Corp _ fi.'i l»l : }i l!« 1W\* Cont Motors _____ 134 21 '/. 211", 21 '.i t:«>nt Oil Del „- 2. r , 37 '-j 3«'.i SO", Curt ins Wright -.325 10", 97; 10'x Fi-eeport Sulph — 3 r,3'., 42'i n2'.i Gen Elec ________ 84 50 '4 48',:, 48% Gen MotorH ____ ICf, 77'! s 75 75% Goo.lrlch IllFi _._12 77 72 72V ; Greyhound Corp -41 35 33U, 33'.;. Gulf oil ________ s C2'4 coy, r,o-y + Houston Oil ____ 5S 25^ 24 «<, 25 Int Harv __. _____ 15 94 U 92'H flS'A Kan City Sou ,._31 2S : 'l 2C»4 27% (Lockheed Airc —32 3!)^ 37'^, 38'i Mo Kan Tex ____ 31 15 14'.s 14", Mont Ward ______ (II KlU 77 S 78'i. Null Gypsum — 4« 2S«; 2(i : ;s 2U'j No Am Aviulion__4I IB'... 15 15% Ohio Oil ______ -__50 Xl»i Zdy, ' 21 Packard Motor __32fl 12% ll'<, ll'.-i Pan Am Air ____ 150 2:i-N 23 23 1 /, Panhandle P£R*_53 11% 10% 10% Penney WC) ____ 20 5C 53 53 Phillips Pet ____ 8 54 52% B2'!<, Plyrn Oil ________ 45 22 21 V t 21% Radio Corp ____ 222 17'.'. 1CH 16% Beth Steel ______ 151 3?Vi 3", 36% Sears R ____ -- — 100 41% 42% Sinclair Oil _____ 149 19M 18% 18% Stand Oil Cal ____ 35 46 46% 45'/. Stand Oil 1m! — 45 40% 39V. 39% Stand Oil NJ —49 07'.'. fiB'/i 66% Sun Oil ________ 1 67 Texas Co ________ 27 57 Tex Gulf Prod —43 11% Tex Gulf Sulph —12 52 Tex Pac C&O ____ 11. 25 Tlduwater A Oil— 30 20% US Rubber ______ 24 GOV> US Steel ______ MR 91 ',4 Weal Urt Tel A— 79 50% Woolworth (FWt 28 SC'l( KANSAS CITV LIVESfOt3t KANSAS CITY. Feb. IB—(*)-"• (UftDA) —Cnttlc 7,000; calves 600; generally st*Bdy on all classes, killers, stockers and feeders alike, slaughter steer and yeafliri* trade fairly active, bulk steers of good and choice grade selling 16.85; major pnckern and order buyer* both paying Il5.,»fi-17.0ir on choice meffium Weights end strong weights, although tndftt packers buying below 16.50 early j scattered loads medium and good steers 14.2515.50 Brnhmas at 14.25; good 1 and low choice heifers and mixed yearlfngS I6i00« 16.25; odd lots common and medltlm h*if» era 10.25-13.75; medium nnd good COW8 11.50-13.85; good and choice vealers lB.00- 17.00; medium nnd good 300-500 Ib. 12.5V" 14.50. Hogs 1,600; active to all interests at ceiling levels: good and choice 170 Ib. nnd 14.55; sows moslly 13.80. CHICAGO PRODUCE CHICAGO, Feb. V.I-I/P)— (USDA)— Po- tntoes flow, no fnrly sales reported. Idaho Russet Bui-banks, U. S. No. 1. $2.903.10; Colorado Upil MrClures, U. S. No. 1. *!i.75..S3.flO; Wyoming Bliss Triumphs, U. H. No«i 1. *2.!i5 ; North Dakota Poli- tinrs. commercial, wnshed, $2.25; Wisconsin Chippewas, U. S. N<». 1 and general food (iu:ility. S2.25-2.40; Bliss- Triumphs, fair Duality, $2.00. NEW ORLEANS COTTON NKW ORLEANS. Fell. l!l-(/P)—Spot cotton rlnst'fl slrady, $1.75 a bale lower here loiliiy. Siil^a 2,4.",H. l^iw middling 1'u.("..">: middling 25.05 ; good middling •26.05. Ri-ceipls 4,4r,:i; stuck 229,606, 'Fay Monroe, Rial Estate Call 1959 31oee in, 12 unit anartincnl, income month- y $375. Business location, close in. ;List with me for quick sale; FOR SALE: Farm house and out house to be moved. Three miles northeast of White Deer on Cargary road. Write or phone Allen J. Bryan. Clarendon, Texal 79—Real Estare Wanted Gertie Arnold, Room 3, Duncan Building. Phone 758 Tjfot your oroperty with me for oalr.k dal* LOANS PLAINS FINANCE CO. H. L, Phillips Room 8, Duncan Bldg. Ph. 1205 B5>4 10 50% 24'4 18% G3% «8'/, 49% 53 GRAIN 19— (/P)— Wheat 55% 10'A 60-y, 24'/v 20 C8 88% 49:"i 53-"' s SERVICE Any Make Washer, Electric Irm or Motor—Any Hour! Bradshaw Washing Machine Co. 438 N. Carr Phone 2072 FORT WORTH PORT WORTH, Feb. No. 1 hard 1.78 r ;i-84. Oats No. 3 white 90i,i-Sl%. Sorghums No. 2 yellow milo per 100 Ib. 2.48-61. S. H. Barrett, Real Estate. Phones 293 or 1959 10x18 ft. heavy corrugated iron garage to be moved. Nice five room house fenced in back yard. Possession within 30 days. 1300 block on Mary Ellen. Priced for quick sale. Ph. 1766. Stone- Thomasson. M. P. Downs, Agency Real Estate, Loans, Insurance Five room modern home, garage, one acre tract of land, $3750, Good place to keep cows, hogs, chickens. 201 Combs-Worley Bldg. 1264 Phones 336 Mrs. G. K. Reading, Realtor. Ph. 946W. Business loca- Will pay cash for good four room house, needed immediately. In Finley Banks or E. Fredrick St. Call 1264. List your properties with me for a quick sale. I buy Vendor's Lien notes. John Haggard. Phone 909. 80—Automobiles ORDER NO. nnd $200 equity for $100 on new Pontiac. Also* large two wheel trailer. 1325 Starkweather. FOR SALE: 1937 Tudor 441. City Cub Stand. De Luxe Ford. CHICAGO WHEAT .CHICAGO, Feb. 19 Open July l.SO',2 Sep 1.80'/. Dec Close 1.80 y, 1.801/. l.SOV- CHICAGO GRAIN CHICAGO. Feb. 19—(A 1 )—May rye and deferred oats, the only active contracts at the Chicago board of trade, were weak today. Easiness developed Immediately nft- «sr the opening of moderate selling by FOR TRADE: '42 four door sedan for cheaper car, contact Earl Isley at O. K. Tire Co. FOR SALE: '39 four door Plymouth sedan, new '46 motor, 95 h.p. 912 E. Browning after 5:30 p.m. FOR SALE OR TRADE: 1940 Ford coupe, 40,000 actual miles. Cull 2218, Jack Hailey. 1940 FOUR DOOR Hudson, good condition, gopd buy. Call 2218. Jack Hailey. 1941 CHRYSLER New Yorker "8", four door sedan. Six good tires, radio, heater, body in excellent condition. Inquire at 111 N. West St. FOR SALE: 1941 Hudson, fair condition. Sea Douglas Bailey at Chevrolet Garage. ONE 85 horsepower 1941 Ford motor, complete, ready to install, new guarantee. Price t800. Cull 9W. ' Cash for used cars. Rider Hobart, brick building, hotel, 16 unit overnight court; going business. Duplexes, lots, 22 lovely homes and houses, $450 and up. Call gain. Special Buys—C. H. Mundy Call ,2372 Large four room modern home, douWe garage, furnished, immediate possession. Grocery store doing good business. Six room modern home in connection, on pavement. Possession 'with sale. Immediate possession on'three rpom modern home'in Finley Banks, $2100. Nice three bedroom home, 'close in. Eight room, double bath, duplex and garage, on pavement, $5750. Beautiful five room home near new high school. Nice four room modern, double garage. Six room duplex, si* room apai't- ment in rear, possession with aale, $6500. Nice three room on Wynne, $3160. Downtown cafe, ready to go. Two nice five room, homes on pavement, nil ready to oc- Motor Co. Phone 760. For §«!« by owner; Lovely five room home, living room 13*2.4 ft., hardwood flopr". Venetian blinds, cedarlmed closets, garage, wash hpu<e, lanced in back yard. Shrub- hiry and Uwn, P*ve,d **»"*«*. 3H ft, FuVyigince. Ph. 58», SA'tB: „ fuvnisjved .insulated h(?me, garaae, lawn, Bhrwbbery, P,avfne, one "bVock^WoBarow Wilson Behoql, Ph. """" """,.-. . _ nd wssh:room, double garagu, yard, ifopd t»*«B an^i mrtfliT One-half Wook <?f Wooa^w WlUKm 1. rW? JSTJS W >Mi ow?i«r »t 9U viford. • t-v~- —- p — •—" 81—Trgcks FOR SALE: 1941 two and one-half ton G.M.C. truck, army cargo model. See it at Sun get Drive. Price $1500, FOR SALE: Good two wheel trailer. Price $05, Inquire G01 N. Christy. FOR SALE: Factory built covered wagon trailer house. 1940 model. New 660-16 tires, all metal construction, insulated walls. Phone 1574W or see at 420 N, Frost. fw Reliable Painters »n« Paper Hangers HOME BUILDERS SUPPLY 114 W, Faster Plton* 1414 OVERHEAD GAHAGE DOOHS A brand new overhead type garage door. All aluminum^^ construction. Noise' less operation. No head room needed- Easy to install. See them gt iros. f Inc. Ph, Receiving Limited Quantities Firestone Tires Each Week Ask about the Firestone "2-Way Plan" for your driving safety. Factory Method Recapping. Passenger, truck and tractor tires. Firestone Stores 109 S. Cuyler Phone 3119 MAGNETO i REPAIRING Complete Stock of Parts Factory Authorized Sales and Service for WICO Fairbanks-Morse K W Bendix SPLITDORP Robert Bosch EISEMANN American Bosch All Work Guaranteed Radcliff Bros. Electric Co. Phone 1220 Pampa 517 S. Cuyler Visit Our Workshop Yoo'll find factory-skilled workmen; factory facilities and factory equipment for Auto repair, in our workshop. Plains Motor Co. De Soto—Plymouth 113 N. Frost Phone 380 TO ALL CAR OWNERS If you have put off getting that dent in your fender repaired bring it into our body shop now. We have specialists to do the job. COFFEY PONTIAC CO. 6—Pontiac—8 220 N. Somerville Phone 365 ACME QUALITY House Paint, Enamels, Varnishes, Stains, Red and Green Roof Paint Aluminum Paint, Kern-Tone in All Colors Full Line oi Painters' Supplies LIN-X for your Floors & Linoleum , the WQter- proof cement pgirrt. Window Shades 25% D.D.T. Concentrptf,.. One gallon makes"5 gallons ready to use, per gallon." ~ Di&lPainl VR^^^v^PW |^w ^^^^WPSp

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