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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 2

Del Rio, Texas
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Tuesday, April 6, 1971
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2-DEL RIO (TEXAS) NEWS-HERALD, Tuesday. April 6, 1971 Stravinsky Dies Of Heart Attack mm WORLD By MARY CAMPBELL AP Music Writer NEW YORK (AP) - Igor Stravinsky, the most influential composer of the 20th century, died apparently of heart failure today at his Fifth Avenue apartment. He was 88 and had been in failing health for the . past several years. Stravinsky had suffered several minor "arterial strokes" since 1967 and was in Lenox Hill Hospital for treatment of a pulmonary edema in March. He was released from the hospital "in good condition" last Tuesday and moved then from his previous quarters at the Essex House Hotel to the new apartment on Fifth Avenue. Wtih him at his death were his wife, Vera, his associate, Robert C raft, and his personal manager, Miss Lillian Libman. He is survived by his widow; a daughter, Mrs. Milena Marion of Los Angeles; and two sons, Soulima, a pianist who lives in Illinois, and Theodore, a painter, of Geneva, Switzerland. The composer remained controversial as well as Celebrated over the .last.,60 years, with a constant capacity to disturb and astonish listeners. Stravinsky, who was born June 18, 1882, near St. Petersburg, Russia, flashed to the attention of the musical world in 1910 with the performance of "The Firebird" in Paris. An unknown of 27, Stravinsky was commissioned by Serge Diaghllev of the Ballets Russes to write the score for a ballet based on a Russian legend. After "The Firebird" premiere, Diaghilev said: "Mark him well He is a man on the eve of celebrity." The following year, Stravinsky wrote the score for the ballet "Petrouchka" for Diaghilev. In 1913 he wrote for him "The Rite of Spring," score even more boldly polytonal than the other two, with intricate rhythmic innovations and explosive dissonances. "The Rite" nearly touched off a riot at its premiere in Paris. The savage priraitiveness of the music led listeners to beat on each other with canes and drown out the orchestra with boos and catcalls, Stravinsky fled out of the theater through a backstage window. By the next year, however, when "The Rite" was repeated, it scored a triumph and was hailed as a break with the sentimental, romantic past. Pierre Boulez. the French composer-conductor who has been named music .director of the New York Philharmonic, says "One finds in it (early Stravinsky music) a point of departure for a new conception of rhythms and esthetics. In general, the work of Stravinsky has been indispensable in the establishment of contemporary language and style in music.!'. Stravinsky is said to have influenced every composer writing at the time of "The Rite of Spring"—except himself. He never wrote in the style of his flamboyant "Russian period" again. He moved to Paris in 1914 and began writing in a delicate, sparse, dry style, harking back to the 18th century. His so- called neoclassic period lasted through his first full-length opera, "The Rake's Progress," in 1951. After that, he began using the 12-tone system of Arnold Schoenberg. Schoenberg, the spiritual father of atonality, though his writing output was small, is considered Stravinsky's nearest rival as the 20th century's most important musical influence. Stravinsky's fragile, bird-like appearance belied his seemingly indomitable physical and esthetic strength. When he was 70, he traveled a great deal, to conduct. He always considered himself the best conductor of his own works and wrote strict metronome markings in his scores, to prevent "interpretations" of his music by their conductor*, which he abhored. When he was at home, In a hillside house in Beverly Hills, Calif., he worked 10 hours a day on music and did vigorous daily exercises. Before .embarking on a conducting tour through Africa" when he was 79, Stravinsky quipped: "If a lion eats'llhear the news from him. He will say, The old man was tough, but a tasty meal.'." Stravinsky was born in Oranienbaum, Russia, and was of the Russian Orthodox faith. He was the son of Feodor Stravinsky, leading basso of his time at the St. Petersburg Opera. He studied under Rlmsky- Korsakov, composer and or- chestrator. He wrote "Fireworks "in 1908 for the marriage of Rimsky's daughter and it was that piece of music which brought him to the .attention of Diaghilev. Stravinsky became a citizen of France in 1934. New Head Start Programs Start '/ agree, Charles. We SHOULD think twice about future international commitments, too, but is this 'neo- isolationism' thing the answer?" Spanish-Speaking Nuns Organize 'Las Hermanns' Antipoverty Funds NEW YORK CAP) - Rep. Charles B, Rangel D-N, Y., says $6 million in antipoyerty money for Harlem is missing, largely because the re has been no proper accounting of such funds in his district for three years. Threatening to go to court to force opening of the books of «HARYOU-Act and other Harlem antipoverty programs, Rangel blamed what he called a whole new class of "poveriticians," comprised of "black bourg- eoise"whodo not live in the inner city but collect big paychecks before returning to the suburbs, "If they (the program directors) won't let me know what's going on, I won't know Who to protect or know those who should be indicted," he said. The president of HARYOU- Act, Marshall England, said "Mr. Rangel's charges are ridiculous and wrongly motivated," HOUSTON "(AP)-Pledging to "contribute to the rebirth of an awareness of and pride in our cultural heritage," Spanish- speakingnuns from eight states formed a national caucus over' the weekend. The new group, to be known as Las Hermanas (the sisters)said they represent more than 1,000 Spanish-speaking nuns among the 169,000 nuns in the U.S. Roman Catholic Church. The 50 delegates came from eight states—Texas, Colorado, California, Illinois, Iowa, New Mexico, Missouri and Arizona— and included one delegate from Monterrey, Mex. The group adopted guidelines for the future and agreed to meet again Thanksgiving week at a site to be determined. Amongthe objectives adopted were ones to establish a training force to activate leadership and to participate in cultural leadership and to participate in • cultural awareness among Spanish speakers. "We feel we can best meet the needs of the segment of God known as the Spanish speaking, "the statement said. It also established a clearing house for information on education, social and political subjects "to stimulate awareness of the needs of the Spanish, speaking. " Sister Gloria Gallardo, 32, of Houston, was elected president of the group and said that, except for the last two or three years, the Roman Church in the United States had done little to recognize the Spanish speaking community. "The church has moved slowly, but it is coming around," said Sister Irene Munuz of Muscatine, Iowa. Sister Catarlina Fresquez of San Antonio said that "In order to be heard you don't cry out alone, you seek support from each other." Spanish speaking priests, black priests and black nuns formed separate caucuses several years ago and have supported a variety of minority causes. "Spanish speaking priests have more freedom than nuns," said Sister Gregoria Ortega of Houston in explaining why the nuns'waited until now to form their group. "We are still under superiors. Then too, blacks are just one group, but the Spanish speaking include Mexicans, Cubans, Puerto Ricans and others who must be brought together." Eighty students in addition to the 100 in the pre-school programs already funded under Title I and Migrant Funds were added to the Full Year Head Start Program which started Monday in the San Felipe Independent School District, according to Donate Rodriguez, San Felipe school district coordinator. The Full Year Head Start Program is being funded Flu Outbreak At Lackland Passes Peak SAN ANTONIO (AP)-An influenza outbreak that peaked at Lackland Air Force Base late last month appeared to be diminishing Monday. Officials said 96 airmen were hospitalized and 116 more were in a special medical barracks for r,est and observation. These figures compared with highs of 190 in the hospital March 27 and 166 assigned to the medical bar racks as precautionary measure. No deaths have been reported in the outbreak. Lackland is the home of the only Air Force Basic training center and most of those stricken have been trainees, officials said. A spokesman said Monday's total was the smallest number of patients in the hospital since the outbreak began about two weeks ago. through the Val Verde Community Action Agency on a month to month basis. The program in the San Felipe District will run through August 13: The first day of the program was spent primarily getting students registered and explaining procedures to the student's parents. The students will be picked up by a school bus at each of the area elementary .schools and taken to Sam Houston Elementary, Rodriguez said. Nine classes will be conducted under the program and regular classes started today at 8:30 a.m., running through 2:30 p.m. with the students being served a free lunch and snacks. The Del Rio Independent School District has added no additional sections under its Head Start Program. The district simply added more service to the already existing four sections of kindergarten being conducted under the minimum foundation program for the educationally or economically deprived, according to Joe Brown, federal coordinator. . The new benefits which will be added to the programs in which 85 students are currently enrolled will be smaller class size with a smaller student-teacher ratio, an additional snack and more extensive medical coverage. Another class will be added to the current four sessions of the being conducted at Elementary on Las Vacas Street, Brown stated. program Gar field The Del Rio District will begin a new term for pre-schooj students who will be in the age range of 5 years and 2 months old to six years old as of Sept. 1,1971. The second session will start Aug. 23 and end Nov. 30. Registration for that session will be conducted April 26 and 27 by the principals of the elementary school in whose attendance area the participants reside. More information may be obtained by calling the principals of the participants respective school as well. Infant Killed In Car Wreck SAN ANTONIO'(AP) - An infant, riding in a car on her mother's lap, died early Monday after the auto crashed into a utility pole and a concrete bench. Mary Jane Flores, 8 months ,old, was the victim. Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Guadalupe Flores Jr., were Injured. The mother had to be pried from the wreckage. "P olice found a frightened white rabbit hopping around the smashed oar. They said it may have been the infant's Easter Bun' ny. Voting Aid Sent To Appeals Court Del Rio™'" * Back When. Variety Answer to Previous Puzzle IN MOONEY CASE Testimony Keys On Missing Book SAN ANTONIO (AP) — The in both Mooney Aircraft, Inc., stock fraud trial of two former and Mooney Corp., a holding Kerrville aircraft executives be-. company. gan its third week Monday, with testimony centering on a record book which the government says is missing. Mrs. Joan Ford of Kerrville took the stand again Monday, after testifying Friday that she had maintained the chronological listing of stock certificates Two Texas Men Killed in War WASHINGTON (AP) - The Defense Department announced the names Monday of two Texans killed in connection with the fighting in Southeast Asia. Listed as killed in action were Spec. 4 Rfcger D. Whirlow, husband of Npla R. Whirlow, 305, McKnightf>t, Odessa and Spec. 4 Michael D. Wright, son of Mr. Donald E. Wright, 1318, Courtlandt, PI., Houston. She said Monday that she has not seen the Mooney Airraft stock register since leaving the firm. Government attorneys say they have been unable to locate this record. Under cross, • examination Mrs. Ford also said she could not tell whether a book purporting tobe the Mooney Aircraft stock register contained the same entries that she made in the missing book. On trial in federal court are Hal Rachal of Midland, former president of both Mooney Air- craftand Mooney Corp.; and Ed Hunnicuttof Kerrville, former secretary-treasurer. The government contends they sold common capital stock in the firms without registering it. The charges against them also include mail fraud. Mooney is under new ownership. ACROSS 1 American inventor 7 Introduce 13 Rounded 14 Tidier 15 Cleaning gadget for small arms 16 Disfigure 17 Flush with success 18 Writing tables 19 Employ 21 Devotee 22 Study for an exam (coll.) 25 Measure of length 27 In old time 31 Assist 32 Lifetime 33 Narrow inlet 34 Depot (ab.) 35 Red or Yellow 36 Land parcel 37 Gull-like bird 39 Lamprey 40 Favorite animals 41 Aged 43 Pronoun 45 Sticky substance 48 Fungoid disease of rye 52 Uncovers, as a jar 54 Armed fleet 55 Applauder (slang) 56 Labored taxingly 57 Penetrates 58 Buries DOWN 1 French verb 2 Transaction, 3 Feminine appellation 4 Scientific treatise on . plants 5 Siouan Indians (var.) 6 Masculine WASHINGTON (AP) - A ruling that illiterate Mexican- American voters may be helped in marking their ballots was sent back for a ruling by a federal appeals court by the U. S. Supreme Court Monday. The 8-1 action saw Justice William 0- Douglas, as,the .lone dissenter. He wanted the high court to uphold the ruling and said the case should come di- reatly before the high court, TSxas had authorised voting booth aid only for the blind and physically handicapped. Last October, a three-judge federal court in San Antonio declared * * the Texas law unconstitutional in the matter. The state then appealed to the Supreme Court for a hearing. The law was struck down by U.S. Circuit Court Judge John R. Brown of Houston and U. S. District Court Judges Adrian A.' .Spears pf SanAntpnio..and Jack, Roberts of Austin on a suit brought by three illiterate Mexican-Americans, The three judges held Texas was Interfering with the Mexican-Americans' right to vote and discriminating in favor of the physically handicapped. * * nickname 7 Indiana (ab.) 8 Requires 9 Freedom from hazard 10 Greek letters 11 To matter 12 Very (Fr.) 20 Expunged 21 Patterns of perfection 22 Fling 23 Ceremony 24 Hebrew month 26 Curved molding 28 Shield bearing 29 Tumult 30 Consumes food 38 Marked with spots (bot.) 40 Let 42 Victim of leprosy 44 Wading bird 45 Unadulterated 46 Presently 47 Highlander .49 Strong wind 50 European river 51 Children 53 Elders (ab.) 54 Panay Negrito Illiterate Voters Getting Help Today Texan Sentenced In DEL RIO NEWS-HERALD Del Rio, Texas 78840 Published each afternoon except Saturday, and also Sunday Morning) , by Del Rio News-Herald, Inc.i up) _ Dale Hue Page, 33, of Second Class Postage paid at Del 1 - • - • SAN ANTONIO (AP) - Officials said illiterate voters would receive help in today's city council elections here, despite a U.S. .Supreme Court ruling in Washington. The high court temporarily set aside Monday a ruling that illiterate voters in Texas are entitled to have help in marking their ballots. It sent the case back to the U.S. District Court here for a ruling before the case returns to the U.S. Supreme court. -•'• There was no elaboration on the high court's action. City Clerk Jack E. Inselmann said illiterates will be given assistance, based on advice received from the Texas secretary of state's office before the Supreme Court took the action. "We dont know what it says since we don't have a copy of the order," Inselmann said of the court's ruling. In Crystal City, Tex., where citycouncil elections also were under way today, officials said they also would proceed with plans to assist illiterates. Mexican • American groups both here and in Crystal City had closely followed the illiteracy issue when it came before a three-judge federal court here last year. The court declared unconstitutional two articles of the Texas election code that prohibit aide to illiterates in marking their ballots. The court denied an injunction request, saying the Texas Legislature should have an opportunity to rectify the election code articles. The Mexican-American Legal Defense Fund filed the case, saying it involved 700,000 Texas illiterates, including 300,000 Mexican-Americans. The state appealed the San Antonio ruling to the U.S. Supreme Court. A record vote was expected in the council election here, the most controversial local race in years. City officials predicted from 90,000 to 100,000 voters, compared to a record 67,17 5 in 1969. , A record 53 candidates filed for the nine council posts here. Several runoffs were expected. FIVE YEARS AGO April 6,1966 Walter Grimmer Jr. and J. .Conger Jones were thrown into a run-off election for mayor, in •the city elections, when a total of 3,229 ballots were cast by Del Rio residents. The student councils of Del Rio High School and of San Felipe High School are holding a barbecue together, at,the QeJ r Rio Yp,uth, Center. **** TEN YEARS AGO April 6,1961 ' Seeking their first District 29-AA victory the San Felipe Mustangs play hosts to the Devine War horses at Roosevelt Park. Songs by the Del Rio High School Choral Group, directed by Leslie Ross, were presented for the Rotary Clubs at their luncheon meeting. **** TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO April 6,1946 Dr. D.A. york will continue to serve as city health officer, Mayor Frank Walton announced. Dr. York has served as city health officer for several years and will continue in that capacity. Coach Jimmie Jacks will taki.- his Wildcat, track and field team to Uvalde for the district meet, field events will be held in the morning and the track events in the afternoon. **** THIRTY YEARS AGO April 6,1941 Climaxing the activities of Ft. Clark Day will be the dinner-dance in the Del Rio Country Club this evening. Season tickets-for the Moore t Park swimming pool will be sold this year by the Firemen's < Auxiliary, it was announced following the meeting of the ' auxiliary in the Woman's Club. #*** FORTY YEARS AGO April 6,1931 Del Rio's co-op delegates to the national meeting of the National Wool Marketing Corporation to be held in Chicago will leave Dei Rio • today, Judge C.C. Belcher and Horace Fawcett announced. Raul de Leon was elected G esident of the Del Rio exican Chamber of Commerce at a meeting of directors held at the Latin-American Club. GUADALAJARA, Mexico (Newspaper Enterprise Ann.) Bio, Texas. SUBSCRIPTION carrier in Del Rio-$2.10. By mail in town or out of town- $2.10. Bert Woodson ., Publisher Dan Bus Editor I ma Jo Fleetwood .. Assoc. Editor Carlos Sotelo Bus. Mgr; Ralph N. Skelton .Cir. Mgr. Any erroneous reflection upon the character, standing or reputation of any person, firm .or corporation will gladly be corrected when such occurs in the columns of this newspaper and are brought to the attention of the management. The Publisher is not responsible for copy omission, typographical errors, or any -unintentional' error that may occur other than, to make corrections after being brought to -attention. Advertising accepted on this basis only. Denton, Tex., was sentenced Monday to four and one-half RATES-BV, years m prison on a conviction of possession and traffic of mar* ijuana. He also was fined 3,000 pesos ($240). Police said Page was arrested April 12, 1970, In the parking lot of a luxurious Guadalajara hotel as he got out of a rented car he had driven from nearby Lake Chapala. The marijuana, police said, was found in the trunk of the, car. \ Thl» «• tuff at* you bright*) •orrtton*** I If* with aim of bwutlful frMjb flowers from A DAMS'FLOWERS CONGRATULATIONS to Mr. Glenn Scallorn, Mr. Frank Ramon Jr., . and Dr. Hi E. Newby on their election to the Board of Trustees and my best Wishes for a very successful term of office. > .-,,.. THANK YOU to all the fine people who voted for and supported me throughout the campaign. l. ; < (Pol Adv Pd for by Ramon Vasquez) f Very Sincerely, , Ramon "Ray" Vasquez NOW SHOWING. Mcnuerao From , _,,90East 775-4541 tie creators of "On« Million Yean B.C.", thalr most gl B antic ipecticlo....' . A tUmmtr Film Production "WHEN DINOSAURS RUEEDIHE EARTH" VICTORIA VETfi! Technicolor' \ PLUS 2nd FEATURE "VALLEY OF GWANGI" CAN CURE THAT HEADACHE! Bills got you in a tizzy? Be smart—consol idate all your debts into one easy-to- handie payment with a loan here. Take up to 36 months to repay. Save your credit rating .«. save your sanity! See Victor Lee or Leonel Martinez Today At THE Del Rio Loan Co. 701 S. Main 775-3272 f

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