The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on September 10, 1897 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, September 10, 1897
Page 3
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f»E DAILY SEPftMIIfcft ''M, mi. FRESH CAUGHT 4.8.00X81. The hot wave !« to continue until the 14th. ' Mrs, Harvey Dixon, of Madison, WiS.» IB visiting at <T. P. Kinjfc'a. Owing to «h« dfltmth the potato crop in Branch <jonnt? IB a lailure, ,Mr. and Mrs. <3teorf?e Wilson will occupy the ttKeefe house" ott,#attovi3t street, Mrs, Wm« Ctennof feafrbtten in 0ran*i Rapids this week attending the state fair. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Ben Weattall, ofTSnJSrfoftnvKnn^ SiftrtSfti, *~ds&fclrtet. Ci •< The anntfal ffflialotrof ths Seventh Michigan Calvary will be held in K«la- mnvsoo Oct. 19. »|tfdtanter retariOetl yes- t«aSy af terooon front ft visit ifi " * arid Battle Creek. NQftTH MARSHALL. By special invitation Mrs. John Thoraae" • v~i_•__!_ «t.t¥i Ant-nota!** thtt T,nrt>PB of ConvSa wiTl entertain the birthday club of North Marshall, Friday afternoon, Bfept. 17, 1897, _____ The next meeting of the Marengo Literary Society will b^at W. B, Cary'6 afternoon; Sect. lo. All VY fnaiwwif "***"•" »™««.| "-j lofr?i of the society are eord to be present. ipt. I lially ** V* ftR&Vrte''^" . itjtA t . ff _' -v-'j' _ to fbiiKtaiSr&W/^ One wefejc of schodl gone" dtf«ady^ ThankBgivin Mrs. Sarah Hall returns tomorrow." ';• The open season for hunting <h«;k be- last Wednesday, < • " The estimated wheat yieia of Michigan it 24,852,887 bushels. Mr, and MreVjAv. O'Keefe loft today fora two weeks' visit at Gall lake. The weather "for lower Michigan --fair 'tonight and Saturday, warmer tonigh"f. The new Eagle street paving is rapidly C088. Jntetett Jn tfae e&al ItriilM* Abatement of •there will be a poverty social atH&hsha Wilson's Wectn«nifty evening, 8%^ IStB, supper l<fe,' Kmn witft ydar old elflffi on 01 be prepared"to pa* the follqjrinfl! flnfefc; Ere ring*, 10 Bente; klerieal ties* 2 sentm breat pinsj^.seftts; know apnrn, 2 sent; Wrings, 3 Bfente; wool Bents; j 3 B«ntf; fftlw^toed shwe, 1 sent njtiatAsh, 5 aentst Wl«l jblkekddbttteda^nf^j 1 aetft, • A one < "Who«|e r*6» indidfttes tft* WELL WORTH YOUR WHILE f D dUfi 5ds at A fcfeyele pWy v-,.. -, —-,-5,- (•3Ste$«» ,Mr. Banna mast be[ much of a patriot as Orever Cleveland. Any way &e hired two $u> The difecto** of tie library association - A Coldwat^r lady had her bicyplo tires punctured by a rattlesnake the other day, Charkfi Brown and family, of Free. port, Mich,, are staying a few days with ' Miles Fish. DWe will "give the Dingley bill credit for one thing and that is raising the price of cigarettes. It is said that.korospne is the beat thing for making hardwood or stained floors look bright and glossy. The State Railway Cointoissfoner will make a trip over the Michigan Central and be in this city next^Tucsday, Itiehintl'd that a-littlfe money invested in wheat just tieforo the Ohio election wjll pr'oveXK 00 ^ investment. Mrs. Stephen Taylor, of Junction City Kan., who' haa bw»n visiting friends and 'relatives in this" city, left Wednesday for Batavia, N. Y. ,i At u meeting of the board of education held yesterday morning Mr. Porter was chosen moderator, Mr. Gorham assessor, and Mr. Dobbins director. . We hav^ ?t)en only one person cycling on the sidewnlkfin the past two or three weeks. bnt we. would never dare tell who -M wa»/' It might prove embarraKsing; Superintendent Lohr has been in the city but a very short time; however, he. has alreaay pade, many, friends, aiyl it is evident thdt&ie board of edueation Iws made no mistcike in their seleciion, Michigan [traveling men are so thor- oughiv diesatistM with tho new interchangeable mileage, ticket that they will urge CJovrPiugree to call a special at*Bion of .the -legislature und thut a Hat 2- ceijt far,e will b« on'o'ctf tho subjects con; aidered;, •" . •., • . One million Cuban dollars o h'avo been iaaiu'd .by our mint at Philadelphia. They are the eizo iind -Duality of. the Amerfcab standard dollar and are passed ' l(irg«ly m tUis country as souvenirs. Five thousand were brought to Detroit the fW8ti week far Michigan circulation* Ke ports, to the ntate board of health show that rheumatism, diarrhea, neuralgia, bronchitis, aud intlut*u!sa, in the- order named, c&tubed the jwwfc alcJuwM. in ^Miebig»«' dating tha pail woekl'IDou- v auwDtiao w»9 reported »V 190 places; ty- p^oid JteverVe W*, diphtheria at 11; meaiJ- • ie# at- 18; jWttri«t f evef at U ; »n4 whopp- ' wift have fc'tnoeting tomorrow at four o'etoefc. A full attendanc& is re* quosted. , "'"" \MisS Ora«e Burgdorf leave* lor Jack* son. this evening Where-she will resume her d,uti&S In the pchools of that ctty on. Monday.' <Kli88 Martha Oardanier'will meet her *^*,-^, -« - h <25i_ a i ^^ timorrow mornTng for the pnrpoae of arranging hours,, etc. Mrs, Charles Harrington and little grandson left aj B noon today for a visit to Niagara Fall*.', They will bo absent until Tuesday. u.Dr. Smiley wenf to Lansing today, caHed by the iflfiess of his sister, Mre.^ Flora Johns*)/ who is threatened with typhoid fever. / Indianapolis Sentinel: /t will never do to base a- permanent system of finance for the United Stated/upon famines in Asia anoVbrop failures in Europe. The Ladies Aid/society Of the Christian church wil^givo a lawn social at Mrs.O.K. Dobbins' Tuesday evening, Sept. 24. Iwi cream and cake lOc. "''Mr. ana jnre. jv. «UI?IA»»C«IU, vi^^.-v. attended the §«hday sctittot wcial at Hammond's. • , Misses Belle ahd Pearl Dooditig r«- turned home Saturdfty fmfn a-w^kft visit wJQi «6%ft sisteffl in Albion. - • day in Chicago; , *---'', Mfes Bell* DontHng ie teaching in the Porter district on account of the sick- n«Hd Of Mise Hasbrottck. , . , Miseos NonnaLane and Nina Scott wilt attend" school in Marshall the "—'•"» ' . _. rti ^, -^ * One of New It is justi as well to' renlemlwr that ambitious^ Klondikers are taking a lot of money/out of this country. Whether ,they/firing any back remains to be seen. The flve-monthBrold child of Mjrs. Frank Darling, of Battle Crerk, tutrned over a kettle in which meat was being boiled.-and was probably fatally scalded on the head, chest and back. The American societj of professors of dancing have decided to abolish the waltz. HowevenrTt~Ts~ suggested that devotees of the terpsichoriari, art fl w»ll have something to say ou the subject. Wednesday the cotumon council, of Battte Creek, decided that it wOuld do tlife rest of tho city paving without the aid of the contractors, having demon- atrated that it can be done just as cheaply.- ' • The State Teachers' association, will hold the annual uipetint? at Lansing Dec. i!8. The county school couinuBBiiners* section will meet Dec. 17. A now departure wilt be the substitution of a banquet and social session far one of the evening lectures. t L.I*otter, of Albion, called on' friends in this vicinity Saturday and Sunday. Kenben Hawkins is home for a few weeks' visit. The social held ztQ Hammond's was not largely'-attended owing to the busy times. - *• Mrs. Wheaton is attpndjng the Bta fair at Grand Rapids this week wher she has on exhibition some of her line sheep, Mrs. Harvey Potter has purchased a now wheel. Mrs. B. Hammond left Tuesday for a visit jn New York state. Miss Mary Haahrnuck is reported no better. ^TEKONSHA. T.' "You may think you are honest but God Almighty may *ot think so, and it all depends uiK>n what «od Almighty thinks". Such was the language; of a "Com* order" preacher recently, at a cump meeting held north of town. Snch was the effect of such dramatic and emphatic preaching that men wanted to ttoy old debts right then, and there that had outlawed. The cash receipts, of the merchants ta-4eteti4iavftJ>eaa.BweHed by the payment of accounts long since forgiven and forgotten. The business men of the town are going to induce the ministers of the place to adopt tho same style of prwichiug and thus organize a novel collecting agency. ^ DRESS 4,' V-'i'M "«. ~V\ t ' " Great Bargai«a4ti this Birds. . a fine assortment of <«anpfry See our 2Sc all woal Npvel ? •<tl«». Also oor special drive iti 50c Cheviots, RX& Q. Corsets BEST ON THfi MARltET. . •fci . PRICES IN UNDERWEAR AND HOSIERY W« rnn please JOT a* to both qualitjjitid prln» -* Aft the Latest Fads ahd Staples in KID GLOVES ^ Of Every G,rade add Colo*. CRASHES 4c yd. and upwards Bargains. A/CJomplete Line of - -^ a Children's .Underwear ICARPETS AND MATTINGS " In this4epartmeflt we have an extra large and fine stock this season and no dealer Is flaking a lover price .on warrantable goods than we are. ' *• -. \ " LINOLEUM IN ALL THE LATEST STYLES., .Call and look us over before tjie assortment is broken. . PERRETT & SONS. I have singers for sale. Call and see them/ \ * Miss EL.-LES PLOOW, \ 34 S. Monrbe,*treet. - For "Sale A 'ftj/'model bicycle; will sell cheap for cash/ Enquire at American laundry, norftfof Greene's drug store. AU;hj(8on Globe; having aug-. geBtions to make ct>noeruing Drake Watson's new bouse should get them* ii/at once or.thoy will be too late. 'all the Wold T?M&* Are pqw attracting the attention of the whoh/world, and the' remilt* of placet mining are fully eUftl to the son, is,, anxious to uccouimoda neighbors, but he- is anxious to get the house inclosed before eoja weather, whether it'suite or not K. Ji. BWin.g» ba^leflM the irtor* 1 railwajr. finds »t nnggetts In ^he early California 'days and extraordinary, inducements are being offered to prospectors, practical miners and investors. ' j • f By fc,e*t spring the gold fever wUl have taken possession of thousands of people, and the western roads will haV* all the^ to transport the fortune hontera. * .fit- P* u niano pupils in beaerit of h» in- atroetion for ft?* weeks longer, h,e having consented to continue hie •yiai^s heie Thi greatest been will b» received with tisfaction by tboe<* who Vw° infltruction du wwned by Mrs, C, , ^^ 1 .^ ! rail 4^t>» [„ Wiib&tej; formerlyStbe thlr4 «U»rJ gold , - IB the mean* i front will be pufcin*nd "remodeled, snaking it on» of stores in the city. <<w tb R hold* that . ineurhdce corn- the Fidelity & eka« here and is loath to g>¥« it up. Battile Creek, dapato^f September 9: Muw Gertie Tr«Oibittll,Xyoung girl from Bedford, cajjae fa tM» city yestetaay o'clock to ^ af terixxm she j^ the e to (fo/to tfae po»toSiee f . Sinc«> tton aed J^ to this afteraoop not A twice of fa^ elj* fownil. although, the police dt%«»tly twarchinif tor ber, i» no koowa cause for her .diaap- She ia 15 ytttirs old, and .,, , 4 in Michigan a^ajnal ai«?k' The question parsed, ppon U q«ite t one, auid jthe iusnri witt govern himself by . lt« conneetiog U«H*b offer facilities to' reaching We AtaBka Detroit, <Joo*rKeaso«H Whr Woolens Most Ad va >ce. Kiuiu Alexander ^amUbin'^ tow U> relieve the*Btr.uti«no.l HtMnces of the treasury in 1780 to 1861. T1*e tivrifT was a norounl affair, 1804' it rainwd by successive acts to an fiver- age of 47J3ti per cent. The McKinley tariff was 50 i>er cent ad va|orem and 44c a pound weight on woolens.' The'Wil- B«)n laritf wa^ 50 per cent ad valorem only. The present or Dingby bill is 55 pt«r f'-eut ad valorem and44 cents a pound.' Tjnitfact of l»54 had 60 n pound, on W<M.|, tho McKinley bill lie, the. Wilson bill mostly free.- The Dingl> bill htisU !&:. This must raise the prie-o of W(n>tenn. ' * 'Tariff is simply a form of Indirect tax- a^V>». The importer pays the duty at the frontier adds the amount "to former cost then adds a profit on bis investment for the retailer who adds « profit for the consumer. Our underwear was all pur- ctiftfled In April and ia now in stock. TheJ It SavWthe'Cronpy Children gK A vijzw, Va.— We have a splendid on Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, *,»„, M -.- said th»t their children would have, died of croup, if Chamberlain's Cough Remedy had not been given,. Why Not XSducate ——AT-—• , . The 25 and-50. cent sizes for] sale at Greene's f^rug Store hut None Mot* Certain or Effective. AND School of Shorthand and Typewrtlug, CttKEK, MICM. \Vh(»iv hundrcda of young ineii »nd women •flcuMHl « naelttl and, ptofltabl* educ*l»on. C.tpe 6f th« be»t eqiUppwd t>«*ln»»« college in uie rountry. - Call on ot wriw for particular* »ud - • In these times when backs are lame, when ulmost every other ono we meet \iu& now and then, or all' the time, a buck Ihut - ., » •_ . ,.!_ »t / I m .. L......I *^**| *^* •««« vr«^* «.---.-- T — _-..-. uinfl— "a weak back. 1 "" » bud k that makes their life a nm —and still they («> on day by and ufferin. K JPor f mte MeroeV, M)<^i«an &•; and art of moeio. rojr - , larecBll ut the echonl or and 5uo eaolt*hirt and ^. r ,.,, fr . jgver fold.j Our suits and ovw ceata are alsp in stock at prices worth a good advance today. [it taJiloring -departman,^jM than eve* «id «»«* P* 5 * 1 ^ wihes or back," a ary to.l iftV lO -*W*F* B »•"••*• »--•• gy- — • - ». - saeiest thing in the /vorld to give played out b«ick "» blow » that will settto L iud put to Its Place a new one l» my Jt'8 lust like thisr MHtt-Uie cause; most backaches »>me from kidney '"— Jen*. Reach the kidneys, start Dgged-up filwes In operation; win done you can say guoti-byu to —,— „ — Here is tt o^ from BattltJ Cr«*tk: Mr. member of tM-Battlft_Ort«k po- Eitabtiihed 1882. lnoorporate<H«96 GENERAL illliiery^ppenWg GRAHAM & STONE g,Ut»tloQ to . btwUMiM in prob^e oourtu ma» _ robtttM will ia-feoli*t» Court*. Titles to lleal Es«a<« •lit atttHKlto M&e otl rfl»l Lttj4tolQ|*r ; State street, the o dresp and ahirt waint; the tog» of i»e» efaoee. fiJ&Sf. , never taiu. the femaus O%awa| New Millinery SEPTEMBER Mi««* Sanders and McKary will ope» kpftfcflWP Fe»B8« o*«? tj|^ p^»t»fp» to the abstract office, Wedn«aday, . 15. They ate noih eJtperiaBiOed at th* buaifi«*a and will be plawwd of tteir iFiendi* *d auxttui* in p*Ju» for f<w4.,, I cun-oio w *»• auickly »* anybody. Mwnr.W4»A* w&Mti***, '«>• ^*" They S»ttw% - l« Again the b-» •^v

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