The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 22, 1962 · Page 10
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 10

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 22, 1962
Page 10
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IUGE8 Editorial—Adv.—BE 3-3511—ClnsjIflH—BE 3-2MT THI BR A Z6SFORT PACTS BRAZOSPORT AND BRAJORIA COUNTY, TEXAS, WED., AUGUST 22, BRAZOSPORT FACTS WANT AD INFORMATION To Place Your Ad CALL BE 3-2611 — BE 3-3511 RATES Cite er Two Consecutive Days 2oe per agate line per day Monday tnrouqh Friday Three ta Five Consecutive Days —19e per agate line per day Six or More Consecutive Days —17e per agate line oer day WAN1 AD HOURS: 8 AM to 5 P.M. Saturday 8 A.M. to 12 P.M. All charges are based en a 3 Itm minimum. Cancellation deadline is ? A.M. of Publishing day. NOTICE of typograpVtol Smnmertimejs^unning Out... But Anytime Is Classified Time. CALL BE 3-2611 31. SERVICES OFFERED ACME PEST CO.XTROI. Termites our speciality, ror.rhes $2 (VI pe room Call nE 3.311)1 day or nlnht. ATTENTION' KinPV OWNER? imps your Kirov have the suction lhal I had when new: 1 K. M. HOPKINS X<t Wnidms Way c-y 7-7IS3 AirTHORlZEM REPAIRS AIR CONnmONlNQ A.VD P.KFRIOER. ATION Installation and repaint on com. merclal and central residential units C*M CORPORATION. AN S-23S1 or nlKhts AN 5-5741 ARE for one nr two little m private Christian home Ion, TI 9-7fi:r>. Htrls iS-lOi nrar Annie- E rmi.n CARE cE G'.i d.lys. any hour. Licensed 106 iV. Pecan Lane. Clule Can Mn. Cora Prather CARPENTER-Weleome small Job! about, your home. Will furnish local refer- \ ences. Remodel, repair, cabinets built Ins. W. L. ER1CKSON. CV 7-7171. FOR THE PROTECTION Of Our Readers and Advertisers Cleie Ceniorlhip ii exercised over all CI«nifi»eJ advertisement! accepted for publication fn« Sraio.port F»;<< never knowingly publiihti CU.iifi.d ti.em.nt, that «r. untiuthful or frsudubnt. fn.t might b. iniuriou, lo fh« health or morali of our r.aderi, that »r. Ind.cent vubar or iuagnitive: or, that tend to b. intentionally mi,l,,ding Any .dv.rtii.rn.nt which w. know f»i|, fo e . mp , y wi ,j, ^^ standard, is restricted from our adverting column. Readers are urqed to ch.clc Businei. Opportunity odv.rtiiing with fh. B.ft.r Business in th- town wher. the is op.ratin, b.for. making investment! The Brozosport Facts ELECTROLUX Cleaners and Waxer«. Sales ana service.!. Henry c. Schnlze! ether errors must be given before the second Insertion or claims for refund or extension will not be rwotjnlied. Therefore, we must be notified of error before ? A.M. of second publishing day. After an ad is ordered It cannot be cancelled or changed before publication. , u 5 Insertion deadline for reader ads --— Is 9 A.M. ef publishing day. All! No " OSIE is cm display and box ads must be In byl"- n °. UI '??. in - ".1". l™crae. Free esti- 53. MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE FLOORS REFIMSHKD Quality Work-Personally supervised by qualified craft BRAIOSPORT FLOOR AMI r.MtPKT < o. (formerly Tapps Floor Toi E. r. Phillips, sole owner 317 South II BE 3 _ 5:5S PAI.\T-BY-.M;MBER SETS I-arge selection PSc -JS95 HORRV HOUSE. 101 W. Broad RKCORI1 rUVYER-Zenllh hindelMv console. Excellent yalue Sinn. CY 7-i;SW K7. UNFURNISHED HOUSES FOR RENT 5 IAKE JACKSON-1 11 A.M. of previous Publishing day. The Braiosport Facts reserves the right te edit er relect any ad that It deems eblectienal and to change the classification order to conform to the policy of th« miner 1. SPECIAL MOTICES mates. Call Capitol Fence Ce . Dl 5-33«. West Columbia. ' M ,,.,f u r^n' t eV S "i,4 needle -,„ ,.« 88 ' BURNISHED HOUSES modern cabinet for S73.IS balance FOR RENT • ed. or will accept fS.ifl per month. — nsi i II collect Ansleton TI 9.5304. QUIET FURMKHt AD UBS by Larry Hurh 125. MOBILE HOMES 110 R «• HoiM Trailer. 1 hen-room, In good ivinrtlllon. »150n. call AM S-MSS. 127. 7RUCK5.TRAILERS 5 * '* lon i" 1 - 1 " 1 " 1 Call UK J. ( w>|. •HEVROI.KT-ISIM sood shape, and Chile. AN 5.I7W. half ton pickup In. l tires, SJJ Avery, i Texans Not All Equal In Voting ORIl-in- Rancherol rvllmler. fiMni'Ro In lh» rrv-Pnt prlmsrv rlpctlons. 'Ilir slnte Const Hut Inn provide- foi- nn ex-oHlcIo board lo inert ninl i-rdblrlH lprjln.ln.tlvo positions nflei- n 10-yeur census If the | P( r) s Inliire fnils lo n milKlrletln'ir flcl ilsclf. Miller's stlil risked thnl snlnries of the officials on the honi-rt h* wilhhelil hoi-mine Ihpy rllrl n ,,( nnd .set tip new cash price. N nfie,- « P,,. jail Call RK n.v non HOOKER , ,,.,„„,„ AUSTIN (AD-Te.vnns nre nnl'il districts, nisi. .Tiirigo" oT'lS! 128. USED CARS FOR SALE probably swine; about half or rii IMrrl Ihe w ., rlwrllor, vou I request. "Remember this 'Business For Sale' ad I w« telling you about boss?" — • 'TYPEWRITERS: ADDINC? MACHINES? TREE CARE I CALCU1.ATORS- Trim. Top and Remove. Sjirayinff and Sales-Rent—Servif« Free Estimate! • ~ Insured and Bonded, SAVINGS STAMPS T. L. HANCOCK TI S-SITO or CY 7-1538 Underwood lraS ™' "' ~ AKCney BE 3-4981 ^n^rtn?". 1 !•""."" " nd """'• k"«it» r plne BE 3S-4S "" r - BF ' " liardfop, . power BOK'K-IBM century » dmir air rondltlnn. power hrake< •teerlns, aiilom.itle clean. 56 Elm Court, U. I=RINC)~I1S~ YotiR""cAR.".|V,," ,,. « tltT TR AUTO SALES. AN . ., Aulnmatlr lransml«lon. 5^ "T-, "'* h «"»r.''. »1IW- .'12 Smith , Shady Oaks CY Mill would snld his noxl |o nsk H Ipmporary in- I on election rlny K Ihe fnnner tip (he rontl or the jimi-llnn Ii) wilhliolrl Ihp small town resident, i An example of unequal This sllimtion may IK. rhaiiK- sontnllon In Texas cont?res<i|nrinl IIIR. The Texas Cunslihilion commands that representation In the legislature anrl CoiiRress hi districts is a comparison of the Dnllas Dlslrirt nnrl Ihr- 4th, f or . inerly helrl hy Ihe lale Sneaker Sam Rayhnrn. on population. Tlion, II adds | Ilallns' had 951,527 people restrictions, it ] many stales, Including Texas, for (representatives to refuse to ohev Ihe Constitution an;1 voler has less thnn one-fourth the representation of a Bonham rrsl- dent. Kvea thoiiRh the Ir-gislnliire re- iT-.ipportlon'dislrlcled for state reprpspnta- iivrs and senators last year, rep- brands, I. E. C. CORDER. of 315 No apartment 15. will not be re for any debts contrat-ted by «nl.'' 19S2 ' '"'"""'' '""' """' TREE SERTVCE—Top, trim, remove. progress. WHITE uirvoJ. nsu """' c - rr " "tlmatcs N. Gulf. BE 3-2;.,^ HENRI'S TREE SERVICE CT 7-6269 ,„._ _,„. 7 WASHING MACHINE—Used anyone nb BUI and sell houses to be moved. I malic washer. J40 ni»l HOUSE MOVING INC.. Rt. 1. Box 77, Brnzoria. Kosharon. Texas, Jlilam Caldn-ell Ar-l- mla —•"• la-Windows s, frames 71" used SJto-- „,„..,.. a,e now ln|90. BUSINESS RENTALS AUTO STORE > «°2""'.i, W - B °" d "'»»^ o' 17« West Bin SI. w(Il not be responsible for am- mv e,, 00 ",,'™",:" by " n - vm ' wh " '"»" m.'self afler this day. Aumist 15. I9S2. without my wrltlen consent. SPACE for lease. Private >. Janitor service, utilities, air ~ .-,,' J«t*»on Professional 53. MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE .r- Windows «:, each, after 4 p.m.! • .'--Q-H or no Primrose Jones Creek i • — -..*.«. un\e JH Ream-. CY 7-4111 55. SPORTING GOODS NOTICE E. C. Phillips announces that he A ™ /-'"^'DITIONERS-used-SSO. and t",, ,. ' ' ow •"'onmii! washer Hi Holly, Lake j.,. kMn . up. ' 1!>fi ° SB. I Kmcfish ^ 1960 14 Morphe BOATS ANI> SUPPLIES : 14' SWANKRAFT fiberslnss boat.! 2S hrr 101. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES supervised floor service. CLCTTHWO .NEEDED Good I used clothlnB for tile Communltv . Service ctnter-Salv.tion Armj Unit. *f/ m ? **««* tntaM to donate Take .hem by 308 Avenue t. South, between 9 «.m. and U a.m. »nd 1 p.m. and ;_» P.m. on Thursdays BE 3-3101. ITT1C FURNACE-Used. room house. See at 601 Ansleton. Texas. i.. , -------- ' .!' Will heat 5j "P Joh s. Velasco. AliTO Ain COXDITIONING Install J239.95-Terms BE 3-1532 days, CT 7-3159 nlshts bnat trailer. 1937 25 hp' M * tn St. motor. Complete rii; .. J695j « soinir 1 ,ihcw Deluve boat, I960 40 hnl Ph - Ml. Johnson electric start with ueneralor ; p boat trailer. Complele rii! only 5793! 3fi iellow Jacket Cruiselte. 1957 Its! John.son Javelin with generator. c,al- '• I.,-J 1 "? 1 * b " al t«"er. Complete rie S793:. "A1 Il9n ( In- Hellon Runabout. 1937 35 hpi' Vp wl " Johnson electric start. Kingflsh hoat! """ ir '' trailer. A K ood fishiwt rig.. Onlv $595 MACH1 r.u.MKirs sronn.Nc, noonVi ««i h> " W. LJ Road AN 5-2415 """~ Gulf Service S-.vccny. for stalion. al »xJ4 -~- M " 1 - T " h rubs. Total price ™. „.*?":, dlmn - ROWLAND REALTY. CY 7.SS4J, AN S-2552. CY 7.3IKS SALE ill awnings. 117 B1 .TfKST * PRETTIEST-22- mrljcnttl! 1.-S hp do-s 35 MPH. Captain Muecke. Freeport Yacht Ba start ?o ?; You m, von mu SPARE TIME SERVICING ROUTE WITH ',ef A , U ' Y KXOW ' N " rwrwnslble person In "«" r x- '" vlrln|t NE;V CANPY experience necesiirr ' ! deT, 0r " m " y "' "mlngSS-:! h« ? J"^ °"'- V """^ llm « l" ! IIUI.ILAKE JACKSON-IM Liiac at center ?L*JL-? .'T.'reom. J bath, famllr room. _ ~ r*ora or 8 NK\\ homes to choose from, one readv. — lo occupy, others iiailcr ronstrufllnn, ! MERCURY C( ' ^o« J "?'™'«^Kf < oi-LWo'"oi;"'A 1 ri'm'.'' "air"™dl«on7lo r w ml7e'a B e r ""nne ow'n'eP j "''flic '"ToxaT*l CKNlalUri? rer)l« ifr °*,"i e '*•»"?" "'* '" K c ' n ' lrBl| y •HON. c\ 7msi. EARLE PEARSON oLiwMOBii.E. BE 1 ,-....,™! fni .in „ , ,tTedll«l wilh Iticquilies in rpprc- rACRES. < nttm .mfmT.he-d-ho.seru- -^~~ - ^^^"'.Z*^?! 1 ™^"™*™ '" »"»t slates, includes trailer. 36x10' patio enclosed. I M 5?Ctmy—1950. In centnil air. carpellnn. drapes.'BV ap-': polntment only. CY 7-2H6. i hov j deep well, feni-ed. black top "road?"* LAKE JACKSO.V-Si: circle Wav. J bedroom. 2 bath, double earaje. This house l« located on one of the best lots In Lake Jack.son. right across Ihe street from Jr. Hlgti School. Situated on > beautiful landscaped water-front lot. a choice location for convenient and living. call AMERICAN fair ,h,o, ii" 5 ~'''"!? spnnlors in 19BI ' but did not! Texas'" P " flA jjjf" 1 "*; 1 ""• *™«« '" 0««™«.i The ccns,, s shows 75 per cent IWhcn Texas picked up Us 23rd of all Texans live VR In urban areas. CY 7-74'*6 miles Braiorla. McDonald Tra'ller Saies^ • w^umb,.^^,,,. - ME,;™RY n MET K oK ,« 4 door ^jreprescnla.ivc MJeVthc^ ^ ^l^ em m ^ m ^^ . ^^.^^"^.Vncer^:!-^^^-^^":-^ "'"l h^' 1% "I?'?" - l -'«^.*»»-i''«I PnpulaMon IncrZd^« p^r per month. ABC. BE 3-5J34. nights i Ol.l'.'MOBII.B—WO K«s futlasj Coupe ! e nrsl attack on Texas »»- ! • •--.. ... . ' CY 7.7026. nearly new. New i-ar warranty. 2700, Portjonnirnt of its COIlgrPSSI xss suss «w£i m *-**-*»-*** ...u», KAR,. K P E AR S oN-oLn s i np-:cent, but Ihe urban population swelled «.S per cent while the population dropped 1B.7 per The lopsided apportionment in _ .. '"'" «ni) death of our beloved CAMERA EQUIPMEXT-S MM focusing mother ami grand mother. | lense camera, leather case, 500 w«« KISTHPCTPP"™^; i projector, beetled screen, light bar. i £, , , f OT - A n '"^" "• > : ' e ? ""'>'i 106. ' , : " <e> r9M> '' a!l A '" s * 5-511-9. The Family of Mrs. Alma Bm«n M- TRAVEL INFORMATION - ,lng-uils horn, ha, light meter, splicer. SSo. CY 7-:306. surance. CY 7 56. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS' 15. BEAUTY SHOPS COMPLETE HOUSE FULL of furniture Including refrigerator, gas range 7 piece living room group. 5 piece dinette ' set, compiete bedroom group with mat-'ALTO SAXAPHONE—Holton tress and box springs. All for J699J5, ; r l-ARINET— student only J69.95 down. KO per month i CT 7-W65. kitchen. Tree shaded privacy. This Bra7.i a low equity and only mem,. It won't 1,« ',„„» ro „„ „„„ •d fenced yard for" NBW 2 bedroom house In Iianbury ready « Oaks hcme hasj I?,? 0 " lnln on l«rge lot. S3.485, onlv H.v S59. month pay-, l -''-" 1 l»r- month, no down payment BRAZOSPORT I.UMBER CO. BACK TO SCBOOL SPECIALS »7.50 Permanenls for J5.00 Jlo.OO Permanents for S7 50 J12.50 Permanents for J10.00 BROWN BEAUTY BOX, AN 5-2172 - «i, mSHIRLET ' s BEAUTY SHOP ~ MO.M Permanents for I 7.50 Permanents for .. '""days, Wednesdays, TrniridaVi •S 1>. INSTRUCTIONS DINGLE FURNITURE CO. 515 W. 2nd. IrOrVlTr""^ Freeport and 221 Parking Way. LJ. i A °o'ainn,l" American, 550. CONCRETE CLOTHES LINE POLES ClLTE-918 Old Angleton B~oad Tbed- FORn—1355 fordor. Owner's equitv Assume notes. CY 7.7038. gmners flute Mrs. w. I- He ke to buy a used be- n good condition. Call: nard CY 7-2C80. ; GEPAHTS For Genuine GE renewal parts for washers, dryers, etc, see your GE Dealer. CLIFTO.VS APPLIANCE :06 W. Broad BE 3-1221 i ONE WEEK PIANO I The best Piano's. We have a l?rce _. , ' ;!-' r£ ' tt - 4 oedroom bricl "e. 2 baths, large lot. long terms Colemao Hardwar- .„< Lnm,,,, *K 5-2423 PAY CLOSING COST and move Into this nice 3 bedroom, double garaie house on Hanley Rd. 75 x 450- lot Also small I ;. '?? mvt " > . u '.' i" «"- AMERICAN! REALTY. AN 5-2526. nights CY 7-«205. "YOU'LL LIKE 'EM- EMERALD FOREST On North Jhanki In Glut* AN 5-2446 103. LOTS FOR SALE Gyroscope For Migraine ' . ..i? lnclujl "« 'he floors. ilSiS?' 1'^,"^.' c!o ""« COT|1 ' SAUER. REALTOR. CY 7-2418 fullv 100x200 BEAUTIFULLY WOODED HOMESITKS- Large well drained lot.. 10% j™ 5 "! r .'J5.W- H. J. DAVIS R E TfV BE 3-522S. BEGINNING and adva ; theorj'. Mrf. Glynn Fit _ Lake Jackson o"r CY ' MALE HELP WANTED Iver their newspaper "n 16 Houston 1 boys lo Freeport, GARAGE SALE Thursday and Friday-9 am to 3 pm Furniture, lamps, bric-a-brac and miscellaneous items Cash and Carry 1702 West 11th. Freeport ;GOLF EQUIPMENT-Iadlei right handed - - woodies. 4 irons, and putter, bag folding cart, zlove. !15. CY 7-23W. PIANO — Howard walnut finish, mlrrow front, restvle. new damp chaser, A-l condition. Complete action guaranteed 7118. REALTOR, cr 7.2418. "KEEPING UP WITH THE JONSES" i* a breeze wheo you select from IRBYS HOME FURNISHINGS, "ft PIANO—Small upright i Bood conflilmn. |450 p.m. ry 7-6670. «d. .230. SW 8. :«--WXTRT ATMOSPHzr.K. CITY CO.V- I iJi^L™ T_ W 2 Brockman. nute. ^•rciarte-ir/ £$,£» ?.'f S^/%^.JS? Call after <:30: CY 7-2418. REALTOR. Laks Jackson. By owner. All brick. 3 Bedroom. 2 bath, electric kitchen, dish washer, paneled den. patio, 2 car gar««e. central air and heat Corner lot trees, many others. No high water years old. 111.500. AN 5-23S9. Glen wood. J CLUTE— Two Street. Clute. """"' STORMY waves are pounding rocks—inside your head! Migraine has struck again! Allergy, menstrual periods and other conditions can bring on sick headaches. But high- strung, overworked minds and low-down feelings trigger most migraine. If you inherii an unstable nu tomatic contro center, emotion at storms ex p1o d o into pounding throbs. From the center stream nerves Dr. Fern that automatically control blood vessels and internal or- gani. An unstable center swings swings the other way. hy Dallas „ iii seeking the Wily from two constitutional for congressman-! provisions. ! One puts a maximum of seven I representatives from any one ! county until the population ex- I feeds 700,000 people and then per- jmits only one reprcsentative for each added block of 100,000 residents. The other sets a Hat maximum of one senator per county, regardless o/ population. The 1961 redistricting plan marie representation somewhat more equal in the House, but weighted " •SSI^^n'^tel^.f-! ^^ '"' "'""""""" '"""-»""• '57. BUILDING MATERIALS ^^gllHoH manazemen^ 8af t l7a , tln " hSS a plannp( .Tm,"fri,?ve r 'bl?;of" n ^V"!'£ r-nSr-Ilf^r' ".Ss^ElfSHrl 1 ^ ;rrr-r,,brs,rT-£ tralnlnj desirable Good ««i«rv i P^j'o'ne',""" 01 '" '""''""• """»'" ' confidential. ' Ca mns> A1J lep!le PA Sicle OUT , KS " "'" hav " »»''•'» Apply no»° U <'a,l° P CY 7™« 7 '" Fr " P ° r 23 SAM-SMEN WANTED 26. MALE rEMALE HEUi- torie 1sEC ? ; 'yeau N i'one!re' l ".h r em.s',1v* >r "' La^n'co"^^,,^,- " A^r^^r^'"-'--- 26. FEMALE HELP WANTED COLOREf) ^BEAOTU-UN™"^!,^^ WBDli^&ErTlvOMAN- "to ca,"e ""for "^ ' j-hMrw 5 dajs a week, can AN "; VJJTRE8S-E>:i»rlenced waitress "»,"„;;. L«M». Apply In pe'rso/''" 0 " Bo "' l: "' ' 19. EMPLOYMENT WANTED ^iw C ,i^,'^!r,"' )< '" <i °'"»«"- ' i Ronnie Renirk «t BE 3-«i.'5 ' cr 5 West 7th ?t , Fieeport. \O (oreign substance remains In a n Deaned with Blue UKtre. Ptayi c!c longer. Iianvowi Furniturp. ,, SPECIAL REDl-CEU I-HICE 27 Rubber base paint 12 • Outside paint jj _ 9x12 Linoleum rugs ' y jg Shlplap lyp> i ,n BIMZOSPOnT LOIBER CO : AM W32J ciute 2S. MALE FEMALE HELP I?: 8 ?: 4 , T. um £ um r ndow Bmu Iiy — | v ruins me i fiBjri Hlnl»i 15r Kqn»i-« j& ***** NEEDED IMMEDIATELY TOP POSITION WITH LOCAL FIRM IS OPEN io a mature man or woman preferably well known In the Braioiport or Braiorid County area. Mult be of highelt moral character; neat in appearance; self itarting indmd- ual. Top ulsry will b« paid tor tne riqht perion, plut bon- ui. preitiqe, auto allowance and many other benefit!. Should be experienced in retail or profei- sional salet. Send Complete Resume and Recent Photo To BOX 1055 B FREEPORT, TEXAS All applications will b< kept confidential. ...... .... '.N.ST Paint .firn line, J3.M gallon WESTERN I.UMBEP. 4 SCPPLY [ CO.MPANY 1 600 south A BK 3-3IS1 61. LIVESTOCK-SUPPLIES IDUKAC ROAr.-p.ezXtered. » months olil ; Price 135. Call CY 7-752U 1 PONY— Eight month c/id snelland pon t for sale for 175. W. fall BE 3-i:.'39 afte 6 pm. (62. PETS-SUPPLIES : FP.KE beautiful kittens. Call AN 5 5782 iBEAOLK PUPPIES-Rezistered 215 Red ; wood St. Lake Jackion. Call CY 7^1)3 81. BEDROOMS FOR RENT .MCE l-AI.i.K iltan bedroom c. Men on , b- Pruate or scmi-pnvatc. B?; 3-917S ; ur 731 West 7lh ^t.. Kjee[.ort. .PKIVATK BEDROOM and t.aih aw«y j f:om hnu-,e. Ajipiv Jj(c \\' eil g (fl K ^ . »' *'all Bfc; % ;j';i;j. 36. FURNISHED APARTMENTS FOR RENT KURNISHKD MOBII.K HOME for rent. •ICELY PURNWIEI,- 3 roorn , parl . me,,,. |H. WMk ,,. No hll| , pa|d AN ORTO J.-RKKPORT-2 rooms and bath Apply at 806 Ave B or call HE 3-3227.' MAIX < loom garaze apartment. Adults only. Call BE 3-9178 or 731 West 7th rreepon. 06ti WEST BKOAD— Garaje aparlmtnl Tool and pri.ale. Keal nice. Water THERE IS NEWS TODAY IN OUR 'WANT ADS' EXCEPTIONAL BUYS ding site. FREEPORT SURFBIDR BEACH isew furnished J bedroom cottage or. large I corner lot Instated lor jear around !li ™th Anglelon living. All eleetnc kitchen. back and forth, like choppy seaa. Everything )„ ""j g""-beds. dishes, etc. Priced »! J7500 S-,^."'ir ST BROAD-M. large den. with Rar««e apBrtmcnt rfnlaij. IMMEDIATE POSSESSION . 5 * "-<«* ""Chen. Owner— BE 3-1067 ship on swings over to one aide, making- arteries tighten ; nto spasm, choking off moat WE HIS \V. Broad F01-. ho -i'-». c*nlr«| h«»t, double garag*. (TWO WOOUEn ACRES•*II. ABC, BB , Larje ranch! IVJOK town. Mint i' nlfhti CT T-7036 ' •u.iTulJy wooded water i n^XrTo'aTr ""''™ "-"'"• '• alio have a few M, W | restricted Lake Forest. SALK OK TKAIJE-one 4 r house, one 5 roc.m house and a 7 [ hou>e. Will connder trailer houVs I '' ^»--a,5 or nijhts KW 8-7750. KREKPORTl7.i;rc]o."m7 C oIt7TnrmoT;i "- 'bedroom hogie »lth double 1 closets. 7-65U. .. wtc*.nrj-tattrv;u'to!— ME - R - lc *-- RE ^ L i^ : _*'' »•=» rpeting. 110.275. ROWLANI) iKOT NKCEMARr'"to pay ~for thls're^^ CY 7-65(3, AN 5-2552. CY 7- ; lr ' cl "l 'i "ere mwded lot m full be. j fore building. ABC. BE 353H. nome. larxe bath, vamtv ! 'W. DOWN ol. Isrje bedrooms, manv ROWLANIl KKALTY — — ;j- "-'^ 7-6W3. AN S-25.52, CY 7.2,1* You can't eat. Your stomach feeU queasy. Appendicltla-liko pains pierce your abdomen. You mcarefull); f eel dull| d l zzy anrj moody . Sparkling- lights Hash In front detached la. ran AN 8-2552, CY 7-2466. j,^ ««-.,«. C.r^WHY PAY . iTRADB YOUR EQUITY for lar«e shadv 1 homesite all cieaied. 90«!76* Brazona. shell road. of half-blind eyes. You drool and eyes tear. Blood can barely trickle Into kidneys. Fluid can't drain and your system grow* bloated. Now, the unstable conter O 186J. Kin* yemture, Arteries relax and blood thun- dors into tiny vesseis inside the head. Each wave feels like a ' as ,„ the Scn ' ale . pounding- breaker. | _ Aspirin and ice packs can help soothe mild migraine. Tranquilizing- prescriptions help restore an inner tropical calm. Talking- out your troubles may bring back smooth sailing. Ergot tighten throbbin ^liclncs can' usually ;ed arteries to stop migraine. A Ugh! Accident Report Two youths were drivers of vehicles involved In a collision in head bandage squeezes throb- ,..,„„,,,.., bingr. temple arteries and slows j" 16 /™ B .' 0< ^ k ,°' Ma P le ln Free ' down thundering waves. ' Not Always Kffectlve port about 3:30 p.m. Monday. Officers reported that David H. Collins of 731 West Eighth In Ergot pills don't always work, '' Krccport was driving a 1961 Ford especially when migraine shoots norlh nn Maple when the auto down check and jaw. That's be- : collided with a 1962 Ford pickun cause some migraine is caused ; lrurk driven hy Andrew L Hie- by natural ergot chemicals, the 'gins of Brazoria same chemical, that shrink pu- | The atito's Wt front and rear n«i, d 8tU " y !ondm nmi lMm f er • < "™<* th* i lfl 't front bumper and fender of A new medicine helps pro- j the truck according to notice vent both kinds of migraine.. Methysergide'R works llk« a I Freeport police were called lo chemical gyroscope to steady • West F,[|h ami Cedar about 1 :hat unstable control center. If p.m. Monday Ir, Investigate a «?™atS? K to ° far ta wrfl ' k " lvolvinR San Anlonl ° siwl /Jr. Fern's maillot it Alvin drivers. According to ofticcrx, a 195S open far letters /r<mi rentiers. Chevrolet (Irivpn by Cordean M. . . While he cannot undertake to Hlnrkmnn of Alvin wan going *«st individual letters, he will '"n \\>Kt Klflh, Hrxl a 1057 Pnntiar <*a readers' qucjifjmi.T j n All Hrivi-n by Ktyward A. Rllrhlc of column \rhrnever possible and Xnri Antonio wns going north on vhen thiy ura o/ ycncral inter. when thpy t vj||| ( l«l HI thp ejf. Aiidrrss your letters to l)r,, Intelwclion. •rn in cart of (ni,, n*ir*p 0 p«r.' Alxmt V250 in ilamnuos «n- Byndlrate. in,- cslimat«l (or the Ponliac mid :alKiut $.V) tor the Chevrolft. Near electricity, i,i,. , «rvlc.. KOWI.AND REALTY. AN 5-352 or CY 765(3 Ihey'11 Do It Every Time Pill OAk-3 bedrooms. 1% bath, lam-!"" K)f '-E ROAD-o>ster c,,,, f,,,,,.,, ! ilr room, aiih.ssher. electric kitchen, i J" v « »•>'. Jarage. tool house, bearing 1 2 «flndo» units, fenctd. Equity |«00/ '" "««• MOKK1BON AND 8 t- I. SAUKH. REALTOR, CT 7.2(18 - REALTOR, r.T 7-2(18 GLABELLA.WHO RUNS THE LENDING LIBRARY, STOCKED TWELVE COPIES OF THE NEW BEST SELLER- BUT IT WASNT ENOU6 3 128h .,° hU! * NrlKR - J -- BUSINESS PROPERTY brick, bargain * *AUER|JUNK8 CRBEK-2 «m. RKALTOIt. CY 7.2(1! ere. with 250' liont- on H»j. .u. W |||, business building, ence. garaga and deep well. 105. ACREAGE FOR SALE •JUST MEN TAKEN - 12500. equity. Sell or >' 10 POIN.-iETriA 2 u«« 4 bedroom all brick 1 ' ' Vlf * neiaohorhood •mailer 3 bed,oom houu. L <» lo* HU term,. , WK HAVK BUVKRS lor 3 bed™,,, rie 2 b«d;ix,,n h.,rr,e. homes In Uka Jackson. See Jo. Tal- II.„„ ,.,„ , . ' " •" '•"Illy loom.I hot Kfalty, fry 7-((M — - ' M *ny < lo^eti ( window units Can h« bedrooms, l.r*. f.m-j Purchlsea „„ , ow nu . "» WK AHK B ^^ Y " H.n>• closels. 2 car «««""'» ,qu"y' B °"' : " r ' i «K»I-TV «>- «rAi-.,. u aiie.rty our Rt-AiTv r.i'-'i, monlh:y - ROWLAND! RtALry, CV 7.6M3. AN 5-2552. CY ^.' ,,.,„., 106. REAL ESTATE WANTED Bay I ' o 6LABSIE BOU6HT TWENTV '•all AMKRK-AM REALTY. AN S-->526: fls A/.AI.KA nights ry 7*205. rjood ,,, n d., MORE COPlES-BUT A NEW BOOK HAS WOWED THE REVIEWEfJS- HERE WE 60A6AIN.'.' Kt ; ou - wo ° "*'"' "M'«t« 1WATS THE ON WANT WEET COUIaUlA. 1LX.

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