Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 20, 1946 · Page 5
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 5

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 20, 1946
Page 5
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1 y HrSfij JT«Ik American Newsmen, HacArlhnr Is a Very Great Man' 20—(/p)—Emperor told three American ncws- executives in a rare interview Week that the speed of his bcat- feft Mtiofi's recovery depends on the fc'fitfperfttidu of the United states. in an atmosphere of unusual in- fAtmUltty, tlie emperor re'eiveri Jfobert McLean, president or Un> f'hifedtlphfa Evenin?; Bulletin mid pf iJhC Associated Press; Norman tihflridler, president and publisher the Los Angeles Times; and Ben- tlv.,- jamin McKchvay, editor of Washington Cvc-r teacups, they discussed n wide range of xvibjocte non-political, with the emperor observing at oflr point: "• "Ma.: Arthur is a vrry great man." Airicr.'can troops nrc conrinctin;; themselves "coopc-rnUvcly" he said. Japnn also "is vt-ry anxious to cooperate,' .snid Urn nnprror. IK' gravr-ly request >-tl hi-, viiiitor.s to re-port fully their impressions of .I;ip'in RS "n contribution to internal ion; 1 1 "1 hope you wi'l report conditions in Japan fir, vou iii:d (hem because I believe such a report will "ontri- butc to internatio'.inl understanding and to thf :7Rure of the world," the cmneror snid. Chandler snid the reception chamber is n lartre room on the third floor of the 1 stone household ministry. It was decorated in im- a new ZALE for tjoiir $49.75 Your diamond will larger, more beautiful than evir in this elaborately carved mounting set with 4 side diamonds. No extra charge for lotting or Sizing. Terms Gracefully designed mounting of yellow gold, Illustrated on top, richly •ngraved to accent your own diamond' $14.75 Four brilliant side diamonds in this smartly fashioned veil-" a o I d mounting. $49.50 ~ Use Your Credit All prices include federal ~'ax Liberal Allowance lor your old mounting. 107 N. CUYLER maroon afld gold. Owe was flanked by n glided screen, the floor was covered with a thick maroon carpet The publishers wore dark business suits, an un.«ual procedure in f> eourt accustomed to formal diplomatic dress or uniforms. The newspapermen entered th^ aiidievier chamber with Itsuo Onto, chief of the protocol se-'l.ion of the iitipcrial household ministry and who served ,is interpreter, ilirohito nnd three major eourt officials en- U'rcd from anotlvr doorway. The emperor walker! up to hi; visitor. 1 ; and .shook hand:; wi!h e;ieli. fnyino; thvouiili t.lio intrrprt'trr: "I am so happy '.o have you here today." Th-- 1 rjiir-sls v;ere ;-e;i|ed ;il jndivi- dtinl contiiiental .••ni-i'I lea |.nbl''s. Ther cliairs V.'I-IT upln l >l i ster ri (i will' maroon clamark. Knpli.^h tea. \vilh .sugar and cream, rind -uke.s were served by fornu]Iy-dn:s?fd all end- nuts. Hirohitf) \vor-i rimlesK sprelrvck's. The newspapermen fiaid he smilrd frequently during the conversation, which ranged from hobbies to tragedies of the war. In response to a question, the emperor said Japan "should become a peaceful and a democrat!: nation/' Hirohiio told the executives that he was a subscriber to the army new*p?vpe<-. Stars and Stripes, hut that liis "English is not good enough lor me to read it." lie said 12-yoar-old Crown Prince •Akihito is studying English. The chubby heir to tlie throne is in good health, ho added. Hij-ohito mentioned also that his own principal interest is biology— a hobby for which he maintains a modern laboratory within the pnla:e. He expresssd hope that conditions •would permit him to return to'-'his summer palace 'it Hayama, where he could collect .-.eashclls in connection with the study. The emperor and McLean then ?hattcd on the latter's hobby—huiu- inp:. v "It was very informal throughout." McLean commented. The interview lasted for 30 minutes. Court ofi'icials observed that au- cV'cnces usually last only a few minutes. Cniy rarely arc foreigners invited to 'tea. Informality alao is an exception. JCPDN 1340 on Your Dial 4 :00—Times 4:30—Th* PoMrttier &>••««. •1 :i;* --V()ic*? of fho Army, fi :OU—Tlpr»>'» Howe>—MBS o:! Ti—Jimmy :UH! Rotr"r. 5:30—Cnptnin M'Mniknt—MBS. B:I5 T..m Mix--MfiS. C:!)ft—Full-tin Lr\»is, Jr.—MRS fi:ir, Tlir Korn K.ilitilrri -MRS.''i-nnk Kinitinoi---M !!S. C. Infill.. .S|i.,rfK MBS. 7:»fP -Whnl.'s ihr' Nnnu' i.r Hint S.jiip 7:30—"Tiie F*"6h-Up Fhnw"—MBS. X:«n- (;.'tl,i-i,.| H»ni*---.MRS S-:I5 H-'iil K:orii':i F'r'i mRi-iil Life- -MBS. *::iO—Sptillleht Rnnda-.-MnS. Hill MrCiinn's ri,, h. MHS. -All the Mcwo- MRS. !->v| Kwli's iivi-'i. MI'.S. H"y Afillinn.vV. llr.-li. Mf'.S. i Mu(u;it l!'i'"i'ln tl»- N"ws- MHS. C. ,.-.•!ov-ht. Racial Disturbances Reported in Texas AUSTIN, Feb. 20.—UP)—Nearly 1,000 racial disturbances in Texas "every one leaded with dynamite and bearing the potentialities of a major riot" have been reported by Homer Garrison, divecior of tlie state department of public .safety. In a tabulation yesterday, Garrison said 46 police dcpirtmcnts, rep- scntins 1,873,000 inhabitants, reported 147 .racial disturbances in 1944. By 1945 this had jumped to 924, an increase of 500 per cent. "It is only because of quic!:. decisive and Impartial action by local officers that Rang fight:; and minor riots have not developed into somc- 'thing much worse," f;aid Garrison. He characterized as "a significant and dangerous trend" the fact that those cities .reporting an increase in arrests also reported an increase in the carrying of concealed weapons. Life insurance originated in the earl days of Rome. SETTER REACH FOR "GRANDMA" WHEN YOU HIT THA T HILL NOT ME .. / USE GASOUNS % \C ".1 #** . WM SOLINE •MOTOR Oil ' LUBRICANTS I N.D E PEN DENT DEALER SISTEK ACT nefs fo fet you know what the stars have In store for you in return for "a piece of paper money—any pie:e." The most common of all Indian streets acts are the "battles" between a snake and a Mongoose. The snake has no channe. The Indian entrepeneur builds up hi" audience by rtehing a ip.rgc snake By HAL BOYLE out o f a basket nnd banginr it, r.t- NEW BELKI, Feb. 20--'/Ti-You! thrj tired little Mongoose he has l<:t. don'L have to seek entrrtiiiiunejit, i:i Leaves From a Correspondent's Life Notebook \ - - Wgdftesdfqy, ^bruary SO, 1^4g PAMPA ritlWS l^jj^^J Weslern Union Granls Relroaciive Pay Raise Texas. Oklahoma. Arkansas, i iana and New Mfexico. DALLAS. Feb. 20.—f/P)—Western T.tarvf-1 P.uxene Rake, M/c. bb* 14.12. wa.- honorcbly discharged tiffin the navy Feb. 9 at the navy SfejAf* India. II. romc.'.s t.o your dour. Particularly is t-his Inn. i:i Bom - ba.\, win-re every liolr! windo-v oprii- '.iv,', on the street- is ;' box In n ;Fri"R of ccTittirio.s old Tnrli:iii v;ni- cieVillr rifts in which the aniin;il:i UF.ually OD all Hi' 1 work and tin- Pf.kirs Collect, all Hie rupee';. So fnr nobodv has ri'ine OJt of a Eiif-ny sack. The. Mongoose only looks 'x>red. He kntr.v.s IK doesn't have to i«o t,o work on tlv' bif5 snake unless there is a law crowd around that, will throw mil, several rupees. The day I watrhed from my hol^l win'lov;, the siw'r'.o rhariiu-v tile •snake loose and it v.rilhrd rl I ilv m'.'ny. The Mongoose was rlo/im who eau do !he Inrlian rrpr trick, •inci I brtven'f, met. anvone out lieie who lias cv'.-r seen it p ri r1urmr-il. II, is just a Icynid—like Chi us ind Paul Bunyan and tlv five-cent beer. One of the dreariest acts consists of a tenm made up of n .small boy who sings "Pistol Packin' Mamma" and an old woman who plunks an accompaniment on a battered guitar. too. But his boss pave him ;i "the phow must f;o on" plan'v and the Mongoose and. with a borer! expression, bounded after tlie nnake. in two leaps he had cuut'lit it be- 1 ind the head, then crunched and killed it. He l.-t it l&y arid trotted dronyjily back to Itis gunny sack. Bystanders tossed a total of six annas to the pavement—about 12 cents. The snake charmer dropped the dead reptile back into the ba:> : U/VljJv.T.0. r eu. ^u.-—in; ¥Ti-oi.(iii . - - .- - y-fcj.1 i Union Telegraph companv employes I ation center at Norman, Okia. •i in the southwest will receive $5.000.- ! After serving three months JOOD in retroactive pny. crinrlr-s Gilt- |--e:is. his lsi:;l station was on tfte -irr. r,r-neral vice pres.denl. of the j USS ffobaio (S3 302), and Ports- 1 telfL'.rai-ih '.vorl-.'-rr; Intjor union <AFI,p nioiith, N. H. • | pnitl. . ^ .— j The payments are to be pax! un- i tpnd thfi CIasstf1pds ln ^e der a ruling of (lie national wnr i labor toard providing for a retroac- | i live increase of id cents an hour j fnr pnch Ijoi./r v/orked between Nov. | j 10. 1943. and Dec. an. 1345, dat-f: of | ; thf- niiintj. | i The southwest nreH inclndod ! ! k"t. pinked ip "if :oins :MH.| sirollrdl ; off satisfied v.'it.l\ his profi'.. iABY'S COLDS Relieve misery direct -without "dtoslny. VAPORU0 Your sympathy for this :ouple is tempered by the knowledge that in this country nice old beEj?.ir ladies have a habit of renting their friends' children, because people are morcj inclined :.o be ':h:vritable to youngsters. Beggary is in organized racket here, an it is in China. Bearded Yogis in tuibans roam i Announce they have resumed every strret and ambush you on cor- fne prac tJ C e of medicine and Dr. M. C. Overion and Dr. J. W. Howze he Kansas sunflower blossoms Itr lissourl for Dean and Evelyn Mc-l (inney, vqcal duo, heard dally from' it. Louis on "Shady Valley Folks," roadcast over Mutual Monday hrough Friday with Deacon Moore is master of ceremonies, the Plan- lation Plowboys, the Buckeye Four, tM.Hajlk_!-awson.'s :30— Yawn PnUol. :UU— O)jeii liible. :3fl— Johny BoUs. • :4B— Sonea of the Range. ..00 — Fruiter Hunt, News — MBS. :15— Shmly Valley Follks— MBS. :20 — Shiiily Valley Folks— MBS. :BB - Morni-nts of Melody. ' :00— Unco Over Llclitly— MBS. :lo— Kuith In Our Time — MBS. :fl3— Kun With Music— MBS. :00— t'cril IJi-owp— MHS. :1"i— Tnko It Ka.iy Time— MBS. ::)!) --Klsu Maxwell 1'nrty I. inn., Vii-lor A. I.inrhihr MliS. ;ntt— -l^ylt?, Nowrt--MIiS. :1B — Sonea by Morton Downey — MBS. :30 — J. TJ. Swindle. _ ;.tn — Voii-f.. of the Ai'my. -.00 — Scirii-s liy Irmu Fruncla. :1B — Lum and Abncr. :80 — T.nneliFiin With L<i|icx— - MBS. MB— Joliii 3. Anti.ony— MBS. :00— Cccli-ic Foster— MBS. :!.•- Smile Time MBS. :80— Qnwn for a Day— MBS. : nd— Cirif fin .KeportinB— MBS. I'lilmcr. House Concert — MBS. :30— UpmiTriliiT— MIJS. :IB- -Kiiinr" In it MmliTii Manner. :00— Krskin . .Tnhnson- MHS. :!(")— The Jolmaon Family — MBS. :S(l— Mut\ial Mol<«Iy Hour — MBS, MJO— Tunes' IW llriiiiest. TttniKrlit «n Networks NBC—7. Mr. and Mrs. North: 7:30 Mil- rleuunl.-: S Kildip Cantor: K :.1n Mr. Pis- I rift Attorney; II Kay Kyscr . . . CBS— 7:110 Kllr-ry Queen; 7 Jack Carson; 7:30 Dr. Ciirilsian; S Frank Sinatra . . . ABC — -7:30 Fishiiur and Hunting Club; S Swinnintf On, Too Golden Gate; 8:30 So Yon Want to Lead it Hand . . . MBS— S What's the Name or that Sons'! '• 7 :'M Bert I.ahr Comedy; S :3U Spotlight Bunds; 1) Huilio Auction. Tumnrrnw on Networks NBC—K:!;i) a.m. Daytime Clnssii'8; 12 noon Sketches In Melody; 7 Burns and Allen; 7 :!il) Dinah Shore; S liins Crosby; n Abbott and Costello . . . CBS --2:30 p.m. Sinr; Alunir; << :30 Mr. h'tvn Tracer of Lost riiKnius: 7 StiHpcn^e; S Aiulri- Kostel- nnely.: S :.'(N HoWiy Lobby . . . ABC,—r.! noon Hreakfasl in Hollywood; I -.30 BriuV and (inuim; 6 :XO Professor Quiz : 7:30 Town Meet'in!?: S;:(» Detect «nd Collect . . . MBS 3:li(l p.m. Melwily Hour; 7:30 Uiiguu'B Gullery; S :3U Trensure Hour of Sons. Among those recently announced as discharged from the army at the Fort Bliss separation center are: Sgt. William G. Kimtell, 712 W. Foster, S/Sgt. Pol Valliant, S/St. Charles J. Holinsworth; 2nd Lt. George E. Taylor, jr., 632 N. Nelson; 1st Lt. Lester A. Jones; Capt. Travis Lively, jr., and Major John P. Studer. NOTICE TO CREDITORS THE STATE OP TEXAS, ! ounty of Gray. To those indebted to, or holding claims against the Estate of W. S. Wills, Deceased: , The undersigned having been duly appointed independent executrix of the Estate of W. S. Wills, Deceased, late of Gray County, Texas, by Sherman White, Judge of the .County Court of said Coun- y on the 14th day of January, A. D. 1946, hereby notifies all persons ndebted to said estate to come forward and make settlement, and .hose having claims against said es- ,ate to present them to her within /he time prescribed by law at licr residence, Pampa, Gray County, Texas, where 1 she receives her mail, this 12th day of February, A. D. 1946. MARY B. WILLS, Independent Executrix: of the Estate of W. S. Wills, Deceased. Feb. 13, 20, 27, March 6. APPLICATION FOR LIQUOR PERMIT The undersigned is an ap plicant for a Retail Liquor per* mit from the Texas Liquoi Control Board and hereby gives notice by publication of such application in accordance with provisions pf Section 10, House BUI No, 77, Acts of the Second called session of the 44th Legislature, designated at the Texas Liquor Control Act, The Retajjl Liqupr permit applied for will be i»?*d in the Wm. T. Froser & Co. The INSURANCE Men Automobile, Compensation, Fire and Liability Insuranre 112 W. Kingsmill Phone* 1044 surgery. Office 303 Combs-Worley Bldg. Day Phone 1030 Nite. 680 SAFETY IS ONE INGREDIENT Have your prescriptions fill-" ed here with confidence. You can be assured that only the purest and finest quality ingredients are used— that every prescription is compounded accurately by a registered pharmacist. Our label is your guarntee. HARVESTER DRUG WE GIVE S & II GREEN STAMPS No. 7 Work Fabric-Chambray! Work Shirts Packed with rugged strength, dependable long wear. SANFOR- IZED to assure yuu a perfect fif. Neat, too, with dress type collars/ Super Values! MEN! COTTON PLAID SHIRTS 1.39 Burly outdoors shirts to keep you extra warm in coldest weatherl Red or green with black MEN'S FINE PONYSK A N JJACKETS 16.98 Smooth, strong ponyskin in a smart cossack style. Slide closure, fully lined, three pockets. STURDY COVERT PANTS FOR BOYS 1.O7 Tough trousers for rough wearl Hord finished cotton covert—Sarn fai'zed fot Bermanent flti. BOYS' MATCHED OUTFIT, Sanforized SMri ]89 p m t, J98 j they're tough, 8-oz. army rwil 1 j —long wearing, good looking! Regular,style shirt. Ages 8 to 18. Where looking Neat Pays Off! Matched Outfits Sanforized cotton in herringbone weaves for exfra wear, vat dyed to hoid their color, double sewn and bar tacked! Blue, tan, green; For Every Kind of Job! Work Shoes 352 K98 Cuidi'onaJ Curve Top for Added Comlort LIGHTWEIGHT POPLIN JACKETS * 2.98 Men, they're Zelan treated to repel raint Double thick ov#i t, Side tafc^ slid* 3 PAIRS GUARANTEED FOR 3 MONTHS! 3 pain, With new CURVE TOP you can bend over witta out lop of work $ho« hurting your ankles) Beft Quality, with tire cord soles. 6 lo 12. TIRE CORP Ol LEATHIR $0Uf stronjfly b«OI|» work shoes. Sizes 6-U

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