Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas on January 17, 1939 · Page 7
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Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas · Page 7

Corsicana, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 17, 1939
Page 7
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/ l « . \ \ * „ ' • ' TSS CORSICANA SEMI-WEEKLY 'UGHf, TUESDAY, JANU4 ^^^^^^^^^^•"^-"^••"•^••••••B (Markets Local Markets totton ,,,„ 8.25 Cotton tetd $21.00 Cotton • '.- Texei Spot Mnrket _•' DAI/IiAS, Jan. 10.—«P|—Cotton 8.08: 'Houiton. 8.40: Qnlvcston, 8.36. Now York Cotton Tnble NBW YOUK, Jon. 16.—(flV-Tuturei closed 1-13 lower. Hltn Low Oloio January 8.10 8.2rt 8.,15 March 8.41 S.!I6 8.B8 'May 8.14 8.0H S.1,'1-14 Itlfy 7.811 7.S3 7.87 Vtober 7.48 7.117 7.20-n lecember 7.113 7.40 7.42-b Spot nominal: middling 8,93. n—Nominal, ' New Orleans Cotton Table NBW ORLEANS. Jan. 10.—W)—Cotton futures closed steady at net declines ot 9 to 11 points. Onen Hiirh Low Cloae January ... 8.41 H.41 8.41 8,4l-b March .. ..8.6'J 8.53 8.40 8.58 May 8.27 8.27 8.31 8.24 July ...... 8.00 8.01 7.05 8.00-01 October ..., 7.58 7.6S 7.57 7.64-b Mar. (new) 7.06 7.86 7.96 7.r ' Grains and Provisions Fort Worth Cash Ornln. FORT WORTH, Jan. 10.—W—Demand was only moderate lor wheat and wu slow for other llrht ollerlnn on the cash grain market here today. Wheat No. 1. hard 88 3-4 88 3-4. Barluy No. 2. nom 64-55. Sorghums No. 2. yellow miio rjer 100 Ibs nom 03-06: No. 2, white katflr om 02-04. Corn No. 3. yellow 65-00. Oats No. 2. red 40-42. Wheat Prlcet Rally CHICAGO. Jan. 18.— m —Wheat prices •allied Irom early small IOMCS after noon loday but showed no irowcr to extend tho recovery very (or. Wheat closed 1-8 to 3-8 higher than Saturday. May 68 3-4 7-8. July B8 7-8 US; corn 1-8 to 1-2 un. May b'Z 3-81-2, July 681-2 6-8: oats unchanged to 18 higher. (1040) r.aab 7.8 New Orleans Spot* Lower jNEW ORLEANS. Jan. 10.-±ur> —Spot 'cotton closed steady 2 polnta down, Sales 003: low middling- 7.47: middling 8.82: good mWrtlini 0.17: receipts 1, , ,344: stocks 602,782. Liverpool Cotton Quiet. K LIVERPOOL. Jan. 10.—W)—Cotton 1^,000 including 000 . American. Spot i Quiet, prices unchanged ;quotations In 'psnce: American middling 5.21. futures closed 1 to 4 lower. Pan. 4.82: Feb. 4.81: arch 4.80; May 4.76: July 4.66: Oct. 4.50. lit N«w York Cotton Opens Loner •••• NEW YORK, Jan. 16.—W—Cottoi futures opened 2 to 4 lower, except thu •pot month which was 4 higher. Lower ' cables offset trade and some 'foreign buying. Offeringft came from New Or- <Jean0 and local speculative Interest*. January 8.40: March 8.40: May 8.13; JUlv 7.80: Oct. 7.48: Doc. 7,62. Except lor scattered trade bidding and i iome commission hon»o Inquiry, trnns- • actions wore few following tho opening i cill. Prices held to IOSRM to 1 to 8 ." points at the end of the first hour. S OoUtKis »* ">o low point in the range. ; mo&»J from 7.48 down to 7.40. March •»o6vtrcd 'o 8.41 for a net loss of 1. ^ New Orleans Cotton Declines. h. 1 ; ' NEW ORLEANS. Jan. 16.—W!— Wf datlnn and scattered reallizlng resulted • in opening decline* of 2 to 4 points 1- i the cotton market here today. 1 January opened at 8.44 bid. March 1 8,53, May 8,27, July 8.00. Oct. 7.B.R, S Dec. 7.80 bid. March (new) 7.66 bid • and May (1040) ot 7.08 bid. ' ' Near mid-session contracts sold at < 8.47, May S.2.% July 7.W>, Oct. 7.52, •i Dec. 7.58. March fntw) 7.63. or 4 to '*10: point* net lower. N. 0. Cottonseed oil Steady. NEW. ORLEANS. Jan. 16.—Wl-rCnt tohseed oil closed eteady. bleachabli crime ' >unvmer yellow fl.5fln: nrlmi erode B.75-8.00. Jan. B.66b: Mar. A.n3b May B.74b: July 6.83b: Sept. 6.00b.. r b—Bid. Dodd Indicted As Hit-and-Run Driver Monday HANOVER COURTHOUSE, Va., Jan. 16.—-(ffhr-Dr. William E. ~Dodd, former United States am- .assador to Germany, was Indicted i. a Hanover county grand jury day- on a charge of hit and run .Ivlnfe - and causing Injury to lols Xtrlmes, four-year old negro child. His trial was set for March 2. Visibly nervous, 66-year old Dr. •Dod dentered a plea of Innocence •when the Indictment was read at his formal arraignment. He attempted to explain his plea, but at the repeated Insistence of his atorney, Loon 'M. Bazlle, Dr. Dodd took his seat after the plea. . "Please, sir, not another word, 1 Bazlle counselled his client "Take your seat. Only say 'not guilty. 1 lf . V. Bazlle sough > unsuccessfully to ,have the trial delayed. Supeme Court Has Refused Review Garment Case '»> WASHINGTON, Jan. The International Ladles Garment Workers' Union, .seeking the right io > picket the $1,000,000 Donnelly ' 'Garment Company of Kansas iCity. and to unionize Its • employes, .failed today to obtain a supreme . court review of. a decision ordering further proceedings before the - r /Western Missouri federal district y-dourt. ;-The tribunal postponed at least until Jan. 80 decisions on constitutionality' of the Tennessee Valley : ,Authority power program and on "HTrlght of a state to ratify, after .hoe rejecting, the pending constitutional' amendment to abolish hlld labor. _ Tyler Bookstore Owner Seriously Shot Saturd TYLER, Jan. 18.— (P)— Beg Bag- Ion, 67, continued in a critical condition here today from a bullet wound received Saturday, after he discharged an employe of his bookstore.' . N Doctors said he. was "barely i alfce," Held in jail was Wilson , Allison, the . former employe, r b'ooked on a charge of robbery '' ii;wjth firearms. No formal charges ,, had beon filed. Allison was ar;-'i rested when, 'lie thumbed a ride i with officers. They were seeking a 'man who kidnaped Li L. : i^Danlel after the shooting. Daniel ijeapefl from the car at Linden. •Says Holy City Is V Able Absorb 100,000 $ , Of German Jews r WASHINGTON, Jan. le.—ffl 5 )— ipavld Ben Gurlon, an official of ctoe Jewish agency for Palestine, i said today provision could be made \3n -the Holy City for 1.00,000 Ger- J "-an-Jews. In an'address closing the Natlon- r Conference for Palestine, Ourlon arned Jewry that "the shadow of 4tl*tr" wpuld be present at London [conferences next month. The con- frenpes have been called to reduce :lotlon between Arabs and Jews In - estlne, pllcitOr General Robert H. Jack- addrjsslQe the conference ye«- «r, saiJeoV on the Christian *, toV'make good the promise ewJeb national home in Pales. Chicago Grain Table. CHICAGO, Jan. 16, — Ml — WHEAT— High March May ... OS 7-8 July ... Sept. ... CORN— March .. May ... July ... Sept. ... OATS— May ... July .. , Sept. ... , Low ..... 68 1-4 60 1-8 08 8-8 00 3-4 00 1-8 52 64 637-8 287-8 277-8 273-8 635-8 643-8 291-4 28 271-2 086-8 U73-4 7-8 . 08 7-8 110 00 3-4 6-8 521-4 62 3-S 1-2 63 1-2 5-8 543-8 201-8 28 271-S Kansas City Cash Grain. KANSAS CITY, Jan. 10.—Wl—Wheat: 88 cars; 1-4 lower to 1-4 higher. No. 2 dark hard 701-4 773-4: No. 2 hard OS 1-4 72 1-4: No. 2, red nom 68-08 1-2; Close: May 65 3-8: 64 5-8: Sept 05. Corn, 42 cars: unchanged to 1-4 higher: No. 2, white 391-2: No. 2 yellow 491-4 491-2: No. 2 mixed. 49. Close, May 496-8: July 501-2: Sept. Oats'. 3 care: unchanged. No. 2. white nom 29 1-2 30 3-4. Chicago Cash Grain. CHICAGO, Jan. 16.—Iff)—No caeh Corn No. 2. mixed 53 1 ; 2 (mostly white) No. 3. 61: No. 5. 49: No. 2 yellow 621-43-4: No. 3. 811-4 621-2; No. 1 whlla 663-4: No. 2. 66: No. a. 54-541-2: No. 4, 431-2: sample grade 49. Oat* No. 1, mixed 32 1-2: eainplo grade mixed 24; No. 2. white 32 1-2 :ia: No, 3, 28 3-4 32: sample grade white 84-30 1-2. Produce Markets Btendy. CHICAGO, Jan. 1(1.—(/P)—Butter 085, 373, steady; creamery-specials (UtJ score) 253-4 SO: extras (92) 251-2; extra firsts (90-91) 26-251-4; llrsts (88-89) 24 1-2 3-4. Eggs 3.458. steady; iresh graded, extra flnsta local 10. cars 19 1-4. Pultry llye. 11 trucks, steady; hens 5 Ibs 18. 5 Ibs and under 17: Leghorn hens 13; broilers colored 15, Plymouth Bock 18, (.White Bock 151-2; Leghorn ohlckena 13: springs under 4 Ibe colored 16, Plymouth and White Bock 181-2; roosters 12 1-2, Leghord roosters 111-2; turkeys hens 23, young tonve 20. old IS, No. 2. turkeya 16: duckn 4 1-2 Ibs up colored 121-2, white 13, small colored and whlto 11: geese 12. Drcseed turkeys firm :bbls young hens 28. old 25, young toma 26, old 22: box packed young none 29. young toms 1216 IDS 27, 16-18 Ibs Z1 1-2. 18 Ibs 27 1*2; Southwestern young hens 27; young toms > 2 It. Potato Market Dull CHICAGO. Jan. 16.—(/P)—(-USDA) — Potatoes. 211. on track 380, total US shipments Saturday 784: Sunday 33' Idaho russet Bur bank" US No. 1, few sales 1.60175: Nebraska Biles Triumphs Sfi per cent US No. 1. n.nd better 1.7500; Colorado red MeClurcs US No. 1. cotton and burlap sacks few pales 1.052.00; Wisconsin round whites US No. 1 1.26. US commercial 1.17-221-2. Livestock Fort Worth Livestock. I-OBT WORTH.' Jan. 10.—Iff)—CATTLE 2.300; calves 1.000; most plain and medium steers and yearlings 6.50-8.00 good heifers 8.50-8.75; yearinc steers to 0.25: bulls 4.50-6.50: slaughter calves largely. 6.25-7.60; yearling feeders 8.00 HOGS. 1,100: top 7.25, paid by packers and city butchers: bulk goof to choice 180250 Ibs 7.10-7.20: gooc to choice 150-175 Ibs 0.50-7.06: feeder pigs 5.7R down. SHEEP. 800. good woolcd lambs 7.768.00: good e.horn lambs 6.76; fall shorn lambs and yearlings 6.50. Chicago Livestock. CHICAGO, Jan. 18.—W)—(U8DA) — HOOS. 10.000; active: 15-25 higher than Friday's average; 7.85 top: good am choice 160-200 Ib averages 7.60-80: 230 205 Ib averages 7.25-40: 270-310 Ibs butchers 7.0-15; good 350-500 Ibs pack Ing sowe 6.25-60: few light weights to 8.75. CATTLE. 13,000; calves 1.600: strictly good and choice steers and yearlings steady; other grades weak; largely »teer run; with comparative short-feds pre dominating: prime offerings absent: largely 9.00-12.00 market; with most inteersta going slow; yet numerous loads sold at 10.00-10.25: best 12.76: heifers steady to weak: cows weak: bulls weak to 25 under last week's high time: with 7.00 practical top on heavy saunage of ferlngs: vealers with weight sold spar ingly up to v 11.00: mostly 10.00 down stackers and feeders scarce; Montana scaling 80 Ibs selling to country at and 0.25: cutter cows 4.50-6.50 fat cows 6.00-7.00. SHEEP, 12,000: fet lambs active: 1585 higher; bulk 0.15-85; sheep steady bulk fed western ewes 4,60. Kansas City Livestock. KANSAS CITY. * Jan. 16.—OT— (USDA)—HOGS, 1600: ton 7)65; good to choice ' 160-240 Ibs 7.35-50. Sowi 6.15-40. CATTKB. 0.000: calves i;BOO: calves good 1342 Ib fed steers 10.65: load 820 Ib fed heifers 9.85: most butcher cows selected vealers up to 10.00' choice yearling slockers I).60; strong weight >auenge bulls 6.50-75. : SHEEP. 6,000: choice colored fcr Iambs 0,10: other fed lambs down to 8.65; top ewes 4,26. The Weather Bast Texas: Cloudy and not so cold, rain on lower coast and in southwest portion tonight; Tues- d a y occasional'" rains, increasing '| east and southeast winds on the coast, becoming; fresh to strong, Tuesday. West Texas: Considerable cloudiness, probably rain in southeast and rain or snow in north portion .tonight and Tuesdays RAIN warmer In southeast portion tonight, colder in west and north portions 'Tuesday. Oklahoma; Mostly cloudy, probably snow In extreme west, not so cold in east and south portions tonight; Tuesday cloudy, rain or snow, colder In extreme west portion. Arkansas; Partly cloudy, not quite so cold In west and central portions temperature slightly below freezing tonight; Tuesday -cloudy, warmer In east and south, probably rain in west and central portions, Louisiana: . Fair, not quite so cold In west and central portions, frost In southeast, temperature 32 to 37 degrees in sugar and trucking region and near freezing in the northeast portion tonight; Tuesday Increasing cloudiness ,and somewhat, warmer, occasional rains In extreme west portion. Gentle variable winds on the coast, becoming moderate east and southeast Tues. High and low readings on the local government thermometer for the 34 hour period ending «t 7 o'clock .Monday, morning were 45 ~~tl 29, ' Use a Daily sun Want Ad lor flulck — LEADERS 1 STOCK MARKET LANGUISHED GENERALLY MONDAY SOME STOCKS IN ALL DEPARTMENTS, HOWEVER, MANAGED HOLD OWN NEW YORK, Jan. 16.— (IP)— While a few stocks In moat departments managed to give a fairly good account of themselves today, market leaders generally languished at moderately lower lovols. With the ticker tape crawling during the greater part of the proceedings, transfers approximated 650,000 shares. About the best that could be said of closing prices was that they were a shade Irregular. Profit-taking on Saturday's run- up was In evidence from the start. NEW YORK, Jan. 16.—</P>—Tho stock market started the new week with slightly mixed trends today. At a quiet opening Issues up a shade Included Bethlehem Steel, Texas Corp., Sperry, National DIs- tlllerb and Douglas Aircraft. Down a trifle were U. 'S. Steel, Standard Oil of N. J., Chrysler, General Electric, American Telephone and Westlnghouse, Sterling "wna off 1-8 of a cent at $4.67 B-8 at the beginning of foreign currency transactions. ECONOMY MEASURES OF RAIL COMMISSION PRAISEDJY SENATE LEGISLATURE COMPLETES THE ARRANGEMENTS FOR- O'DANIEL INAUGURAL AUSTIN, Jan. 18.— (/P}— The railroad commission's current campaign to cut its payroll 20 per cnnt gained the praise today of the Texas senate. The upper chamber adopted a commendatory resolution offered by Sen. Morris Roberts of Pettus, the economy-minded chairman of Its appropriations committee. The commission Friday discharged ten per cent of its em- ployes and announced It hoped to bring the total to 20 per cent. Both houses completed preparations for the Inauguration as governor tomorrow of W. Lee O'Daniel. The house suspended its rules so that O'Daniel's first measure to the legislature Wednesday afternoon might be broadcast. The lower chamber adopted a rule providing that final action could "not be taken on conference committee reports on appropriation bills until 48 hours after they had been printed. / Sen. Joe L. Hill of Henderson Introduced a proposed constitutional amendment- providing that any state officer becoming a candidate for governor resign his state office. "The existing system,' Hill /said, "encourages, or at least tempts men to use their powerful official positions primarily as a spring board to jump Into the governor's office." The house's restrictions on lobbyists were modified. The new rule merely provided that each person appearing before a legislative committee make a sworn statement as to all the persons and corporations he represents. The house adopted a proposal asking the state old age pension organization to make a full report 'on the operation of. civil service In that department. The legislature will consider the question of putting all state employes under civil service, Allred Holds His Last Conference Of Press Monday AUSTIN, Jan. 18.—(/P)—Governor James V. Allred today broke a tie which for eight years has connected him with the people of Texas. He held his last formal conference with Capitol press correspondents. "It lan't a very happy occasion." he said. "I'm going' to miss these conferences. After I'm a federal Judge I can't hold press conferences. My opinions must be written out," The routine of past conferences started. The governor was asked about his plans for the day and tomorrow in connection with the Inauguration. This, afternoon he planned to have h)s picture made with all living for.mer attorneys general of Texas In the office of Attorney General Gerald C. Mann and to dine with them tonight at the home of former Attorney General W. A. Keeling of Austin. Tomorrow ho will deliver a short farewell address just before W. Lee O'Danlel is inaugurated, and immediately afterward will depart with -Mrs. ^llre'd for. Houston. ' McNutt Presidential Boom Is Started INDIANAPOLIS, Jan, 16,— (IP>— An organized campaign for the 1940 democratic presidential campaign, apparently the first, started here today In behalf of Paul V. MoNutt, United States high commissioner to the Philippines and former .Indiana governor, < 'McNutt's'supporters opened headquarters In a two-room hotel suite next door to the democratic state committee;- > and laid plans for statewide organization of McNutt-For. President clubs, later, to reach out Into other sections of the country, ,' Sick and Convalescent. Mr.- and Mrs. E. A. Penney of Kerens are the parents of a daughter, born Monday morning at the P. and S, Hospital. Mrs; Isaao Levy was a medical patient at the P. and S. Hospital Mohday. Oar) parsons who recently un. derwent an appendectomy at the 11 " J ° jHospttal, ll rapjdjy Jnj. 'HE CALLED ME BABE' Babo Ruth, 'last bedside visitor before the death of Col. Jacob Rupport, owner of tho New York Yankees, gazes solemnly with Mr0. Ruth at a picture of the colonel. "It's the first time he over called me 'Babe 1 to my face," Ruth said after his visit with the colonel. "He always Just called me 'Ruth'," REVENTLOW GREETS SON Lunce .KovunUow, 3, center of a bitter marital dispute last summer between his parents, Count Haugwltz Reventlow and his wife, tho former Barbara Hutton, Is greeted by his father in St. Moritz. The boy was reported to have been sent from London with two nurses while his mother wont to Paris. (Associated Press Radlophoto) IT'S ODD Bui it's Science By HOWARD BI-AKESLEE AP Science Editor. WILMINGTON, Del.—Tho story of uncovering a $40,000 smell Is told by James K. Hunt of the duPont company. The smell la synthetic musk. Tho real musk, from a Tibetan doer, is estimated to be worth $10,000 a pound If it could bo VWULD YOU LIKE had In. a pure state. The artificial article Is the equivalent of pure musk, : It was found by accident. Chemists were Investigating the structure of rubber, gelatin and cellulose, which are made of chain-like molecules. Those molecules are like a string of .shakes each hanging to the tall of another. As a rule these materials have no smell. But occasionally an unexpected fragrance was found. It was Identified as coming from molecules which had curled up in. rings, as if chain of snakes had let go of each other and each swallowed Its own tall This difference in structure was the sole reason for the fragrance. The ring strducture, moreover, was like that of musk and the fragrance the same. Formation of the rings In the rubber-like materials was a rare occurrence. By learning how to mako all the molecules behave In this unorthodox manner the chemists produced synthetic musk, . '••'•. Janu'ary_ll, 1989. Plan Single Body For Junior College Athletic Programs FORT WORTH, Jan, 16.— (ff>)~ A -plan whereby all of Texas' junior colleges will be re-united into a single athletic body was being formulated by a committee here today, Eight schoolmen made up the joint committee of tho Texas Junior. • College Athletic Association and the Central Texas conference. The committee will report to the annual meetings of the two groups here In April. Attending the meeting was President MoLemore nt the Texas Junior College Association from Paris; Sue Hamll ot Marshal; B. B. Masters of Kllgore and Wilson (Bull) BJUlns ot San Angelo, Lost Something? Try a Dally Sun Want M, * ( YMCA BASKETBALL LEAGUE GAMES FOR WEEK SCHEDULED In tho Monday night YMCA basketball league the Independent Bryan girls will meet tho Byrd girls at 8 o'clock. A second game will be played between the Byrd boys and a team of their own choice. At 7 o'clock tho Coca Cola girls, will hold a practice game in preparation for a game In Dallas Saturday aginst the Old Union team of the Dallas league. This Dallas game will be played under the new A. A. U. rules which allow four offensive players. A return game with the Dallas team will be played In Corslcana. Friday, night the Navarro boys defeated the State Home' boys, 26-10, and tho Cooa Cola girls won over tho Bryan team, 20-13. Tuesday night the final week of the first round of the YMCA men's independent basketball league will begin, C. F. Broughton, physical dldector of tho .YMCA has announced. At this time Dr. Pepper will play K. Wolcns at 8 o'clock and Oil City and Union High will play at 9 o'clock, Thursday night -Currle will meet Rural Shade and Bazette will face'Union High.. Tuesday night, January 24, the first four high teams of the league will bracket'off into one round robin tournament to determine tho 1, 2, 3 and. 4 positions, Tho lower throe will participate In a similar schedule to determine other low positions. Championship 'games will begin February a between the No. 1 teams of the lower bracket. All team rosters have been completed and no new players are allowed to enter. _ JUTENDAIENOTSO GOOD SUNDAY ON MP CHURCH SERVICES Attendance did not come up to 'expectations at the Methodist Protestant church .Sunday, but a large congregation heard the P&s- tor, Rev. M. B. Howell, preach on "The Hands of Jesus" at the morning hour. At the evening, .hour the Rev. Mr. Howell broug'ht an eva'hgells- tto message stressing the Importance ot accepting God's promises now Instead of waiting for a more convenient time, All the Christian Endeavor Societies were well attended and excellent programs were presented In each. Windshield Wiper Service font take chances while It Is raining, it your windshield wlpe.r does not worh, drive, to us, we con repair It. Our 'prices are -very reasonable. SHEPPARD PREDICTS RETURN PROHIBITION IN ANNUAL ADDRESS SHORTCOMINGS OF LIQUOR STATUTES POINTED TOBY TEXAS SENIOR SENATOR WASHINGTON, Jan. 18.— (IP)— Senator Sheppard (D-Tex), asserting liquor control laws "have failed either to control the traf- flo or to promote temperance," predicted today tho return of prohibition, The Texan, known as tho father of the prohibition amendment, addressed the senate on the 10th anniversary of the 18th amendment, a practice he has followed annually. Tho amendment was repealed five years ago. "Every facility known to mod- orn publicity methods has been seized upon by the trade to stimulate tho sale and consumption of that which always had been productive of social abuses of the most serious nature," Sheppard said. "Those abuses are now legion. We find Intoxicating liquors confronting men, women and children with the drink temptation In almost every place where the business of life is conducted. ''Women and children wore denied admission to tho old-time saloon. At present three times as many women and girls are work- Ing In liquor-selling places as there are women students In the public universities, colleges and teacher normals of the country. Women customers of such places are becoming so constant and so numerous that the old problem of tho drinking father has been added tho new problem of the drinking mother. ROOSEVELT REPOTS DN EXPENDITURE OF EMERGENCY EUNDS ANNUAL REPORTS OF SIXTY- FOUR AGENCIES AGGREGATE $9,632,271,228 WASHINGTON, Jan. 18.—(/P>— President Roosevelt reported to congress today the expenditure of $9,632,271,228 of the $10,349,125,793 emergency funds appropriated for tho fiscal years 1935-39. He submitted an annual report of the national emergency council, showing disbursement by 61 agencies for tho following purposes: Highways, roads, streets, eto., $2,503,719,922; public buildings $746,146,608; housing, $119,547,962; public recreational facilities, $735,003,177; conservation work, $1,045,663,278; electric, water and sewage utilities, $508,531,654; transporatfon facilities, $247,503,444; educational, professional and clerical projects, $950,084,013; sewing canning and similar projects, $772,396,022; rural resettlement and direct relief, $478,314,606; grants to states for relief, $933,442,607. Administration of the spending, which primarily was through the WPA, cost $504,927,867. The report, which showed detailed figures on how and where the money was spent up to December 31, 1938, showed that expenditures included $1,305,802,580 by the WPA; $029,721,347 by the federal emergency relief administration, which preceded WPA, and $541,034,556 by the Civilian Conservation Corps. The remainder was disbursed by numerous regular and new federal agencies. The $9,632,271,227 was disbursed In some of the states as follows: Arizona, $61,560,640; California, $516,435,045; Colorado, $120,302,871; Now Mexico, $63,176,312; Oklahoma $171,001,070; Texas, $270,740,861. Texas Received Plenty AUSTIN, Jan. 16,— iff)— The National Emergency council for Texas, In connection with President Roosevelt's report in Washington today on work relief since April, 1936, said Texas had received $270,740,561 of the $0,632,271,228 expended. The council said the funds were disbursed as follows: Highways and roads, $71,417,018; Public buildings. $1D,322,D21; Educational projects $22,677,858; Conservation work, $86,646,462. Expenditures for payrolls In Texas, the council said, were $127,- 2J0.738; material and supplies, $23,711,544; equipment. $2,034,522, and construction, maintenance and repair, $6,664,250. Another classification of expendl- VJ r 2!,, ln Texas b y. the council showed $125,788,050 for the Works Progress Administration, $27,418,067 for the Farm Security Administration and $16,168,266 for tho Public Works Administration. Reciprocity Is Demanded In Case Foreign Fighters GENEVA, Jan. 18.—W)—French Foreign Minister Georges Bonnet told the League of Nations council today that the . complete ova- oimtlon of foreign volunteers from Spanish government territory must be followed by complete evacuation of foreign fighters • from Insurgent Spain. Bonnet spoke immediately after tho committee sent to Spain reported that It was "morally convinced" that' all foreigners had been withdrawn from the government front. "That Is only half of our work," he said. The committee report said evacuation of foreign volunteers now concentrated In camps behind tho lines was still to be completed. When this Is done, Bonnet declared, foreign volunteers ' with Insurgent Generalissimo Franco must go. 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Puffing and weary from carrying hand chemical . extinguishers, the firemen arrived at tho scene—only to find the store's sprinkling system already had put. out the flames. Of All Times! BLUFFTON, Ind., Jan. 16.— (IP) —Bluffton high school teachers didn't hoar their safety talk. The speaker, from the State Highway Department, telephoned he'd been held up on the road by an automobile accident. Wasted Zeal. MISSOULA, Mont., Jan. 16.— (/P) —A war veteran's desperate , at- tampt to qualify himself for a Civilian Conservation Corps post brought only bitter disappointment, The veteran, name undisclosed, pawned his false teeth to buy food to strengthen his body for the physical examination. Then he was rejected because of lack of tooth,.. Now he Is attempting to raise money to repossess his teenth. Corsicanan Member Winning Debating Team at Baylor Ralph Noryell, former Corsl- cana high school student and member of tho 1038 debating team, was a member of the winning Baylor University ' debating team at the Intersoholastlo Collegiate tournament held In Waco Friday and Saturday. Approxl* mately 600 college students participated in the tournament. Norvoll and his colleague, Sam Waldrop, represented Baylor University In the junior division. Sell it Qulok'Through Want Ads. Complete Gas Servleo For Rural Homoi. Low Cost, Safe and Odorless. Lef us show you and give you estimate. CHARLIE STEELY Plumbing das Systems 317 North Beaton Bankrupt Stock PAINTS ANP WALLPAPBH 20,000 Rolls New Wallpaper from Oo to Wo a roll. House Paint, Jl.oo gallon, BAVH HALF spun MONEY 117 N. Beaton St. Merchandise Article* for Sale 30 '.GONE WITH THE WINb"—Two Sew "-— l.BO onoh. 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Bun otllo*. \ Used Cars Automobiles for Sale 57 OAKS FOR SALB—1H31 Pora_ coacn, rood rubber; 10SO Ford coach, new paint, new upholstery; 1080 .Ford coupe, clean, nnrt good mechanical condition! 1034 Ford V:8 'ooaoh. real; buy. For bargain* see.McMillan, at Bar and Flint .Oarage. . ..•:•'•.' '••'•' Three Thousand At • King RancK Barbecue For Legion Head KINGSVILLB, Jan. 16.—(i The King. Ranch's famed fospl- tallty was extended today ^o 8,000 South Texans :at a barbecue honoring Stephen .BV Ohadwiolt of Seattle, national commander of the American Legion. Chadwlck was Scheduled to ftd- dress,.a meeting of 14th district Leglnnalres this afternoon. He spoko briefly earlier to students ot Texas College of Arts and Industries. Al«6 on the program to-^ day were Rep. Richard M. Kle-, berg or Corpus Chrlstl and Vincent Chlodo of Houston, state Legion commander. Richland PTA Will Meet Tuesday £ The P.-T. A. of Richland will meet Tuesday evening at 7 o'clock at the sohoof house. Everybody Is urged to come a's there will be v things Of Importance brought up for discussion at this meeting.— Reporter. '. Easy, convenient, Cheap • • Just Phone Your Want Ad to 168. Poultry • Poultry We will pay top price for poultry at all times in line with market conditions. Will pay following until next Thursday: Turkey Hens, pound 170 Oood Colored lions, lb..,.llo Good leghorn Hens, Ib... 00 Cocks, pound Bo Good Colored, Fryers, Z<4 Ibs, down, Ib...r.,,.14o Good Leghorn Fryers, lb.,12o Number One Hides, Ib.., 7o Fresh Eggs, dozen Ho A. B. Walker and Son iV "* -. ,n> ' ft, 1 ,,

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