The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 22, 1962 · Page 9
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 9

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 22, 1962
Page 9
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AND BRAWWA COUNTY. TIXAS, WID., AUGUST », I9U THE 0RAZOSPORT PACTS BRAZOSPORTS By FERGUSON SPORTS KIIITOB There Are Reasons For That Weak Grid Schedule By Hoqs I. A J ..I _ ^ Bill Wade On Sidelines Today —.-. ' '" SAN ANTONIO (AP)-Bolh Ihe - ._.. ''*'" ^^ f ^^^^^^••••••(••••^•••••Mb mnrlnltct atwl »»„*„.. J'«_ _t . _ _ ™—'—' . ^^ Editorial—Adv._BE 3 35n_Cla«med_8C 3-3*11 PASS 7 S ports Briefs SAN ANTONIO (AP)-Both the medalist and defending champion were on the sidelines today ns the Texan Junior Golf Tournament entered a second round of match play. Medalist Harry Taylor of Cormis Christ! was fellod hy Charles Kniery of Corpus Christ!, 3 and 12, Tuesday. Benny Sharpo of Third Pro Win In Steve Freeman Wins Again F'iu'l» News Servlon HOUSTON -' Jake Jackson's The Ixnit went (he six round distance hut freeman easily won Conch Frank Rrovles WICHITA FALLS (AP) —jBr.imnont look out defending (it_. . • *»- .JwlRhl Johnson of Norman kirk-: lisl ™ly Wade of Kreeport 2-up Slove '•'''"'man won his third each round AiKaimi., RnzorhnrkB will, Rnylor f «vl thr oxlrii point after Okla- Sl 'ai'pe played Donnle Unwell of! slra 'R ht t" 1 " <>' his young profes-i Freeman'sent DnnH-i. i not piny Olc Miss this .venrJlv must nav-,1 '. «^^' nm! '' S lm "' nilmvn and it meant i (; «lve ' in Ihe second round nndi siomi1 hoxln K '" tm r at Sam Hons-' knms in the second round h?i Inkes l,l,: nn e hl/m.M , IOmrP( nM 7 t V ';''? ry ,T' r 1>xas in thp !n mpry '"* Jnhnny Barlow "''I?" ColisPum h<lre T»<**>y nteht.|tou B hm from' Ihe Ala Okl-ii, c.i l(? RlW P mvf>r while Arkan-: 0 ' 1 Rnw 1 '""tball K nrne •niesday! Rf ' ; ' ll mont "' - - -•-•-' '• -toad. n,, t thi?'";!;™ 1 ;; 11 ;^;,:!^ ™«*•• ^ *»• am™., „„,,. ^ •*?>? *»«M ^ *«**> Ihe Hn/orbark fans.' |'" r nmwnl 'or nil three of their '"!£' non-SWC for., ln -62. . fpnse ^ . Hnu-evrll eliminated The University of Arkansas hns' been the object of much criticism! ' n ' Prp ar(1 more reasons for the "• of Inle bnrniisff of the weak non-!«'eak schediillnc too A-I, I sfsars i, afca.* «-™«= ! — - «, nrrn fmm n i,i«.;,u A..I >n* \viih tlieir won n (Incision over' himcvl to A i • i 1 """-o •" <MOJ wiui rrneman lor: • ••••iint irm.ii I in; Km in* • • -•••••,.. .1 '-•JMiiijidHAj dimniv ••*"••" v ••*• • s'''y oi ofin Antonio, j tlv of (ho wi v everythini; except Ihe »rorp,|K«?.v of Midland, 5 and 4, ami ™ w youthful Brmtnsport ladj It was the third win for Fmo • minK up 290 yards in total of- '""'low defeated Mike Delarios ofi stmt Gregory to the canvass in man who made hii nrn hnvim, .i ' 'nse and holding Oklahoma to! D;ll| as, 3 and 1. the first mimd in = i,r,™,i,,,,,, „. : u... . . '" w)xln K «e- In Ihn main event on the six- bout program, Rip Randall, 145, of Tyler used a stinging right hook to Ihe hody to heat favored Sumlin, 149, of Mobile, Ala., in a matcliing of ranking welterweights. Randall won a unani - I and fans of schools, however. "I f (he Ttnzorhacks conference j So'uM 1W p S ? Co'nfpron^ rac'e"' a daisy while nil SWC i P J 1| ) 0r KnM hcrc Tll( ' R ' la y ; Rnfapl Osiln;i t Mexiffl's ticst nls plnyor in yrnrs, has nouncetl that the Oilers will piny aying and. mnking money. Arkansas hr Ray Neal of San Antonio upset' lem P ( Boh Ix-ftwich of Houston, 1-up. —A news- "c"! met Ronnie Anderson of Hehurne in Ihe rerond round, ten- Anderson got there with a fi and 5 triumph over Mike Hohhs of Beaumont. The best medal score wus 2- under-par B!) hy Mickey Riley of Haylown in a 2 and 1 victory over John Bohmann of Seguin. .., Ras Allen of Dallas beat Dick •r j Proctor of Dallas, 1-up in 20 i- holes, and Jim Crowley of Dallas' first round in a knockout at- i hut sevem ' , '" ***** Jcppescn downed Mason Adkiiis of Antonio, also ].|ip In 20. Phillies Win 2 More Over Houston .45s PJflLADKLPHIA UP) ptelln record that began i in 3958. ' Dou S !as bout fcalhpr «'' >i <; ht division. JEarl Gilliam promoter! Major League Won I/M STANDINGS TIF.inAV'S IIKSI I.TS [New York 11, I/i« AnKPlrs 4. in inningl. San Philadelphia Phillies boat the Houston Colls for the 14th and The Pittsburgh •t The Arkansas fnn Is only roll- ••• --• * ^J-i cerned with the trip to the grid- L Iron — across Ihe Oznrks to Fny-jt lmc rlleville, throiiRh the stnto 'o'swr Little Rock's Memorial Stadium l' or up the road to Tulsa — to call j the "Big Red" or "Wild Hogs" -n, n i> ' ,, and see 'em win. H, 4-^T ''f" mVe """^ in i "IP .>\U. rhamnlnnnhln piclure for ,..-. , , ., . . l \? (ViC " m , ol "*"• .° lllpir , »»" ' or 3 T , < *** W "' M not lak<> ari ° PP ° rtUn " J ' Kln "z, tf z ^r^ipi^xr^o^f r ia^Sr'& S r<^ ,As S o<.ialion, owner, of the Colts, I town, who took out Mike Ivu,ghJ T ±l,v n ieW N " "'"' jand he doesn't know, bo finandanman of San Ar-tonic, 6 and 5.J M ^»«m, the Phillies ^S , ^ ,' .^r'.^'^j 10 " 14 (hp °T»™ ^ Art MahaffeyiH 79 .651 .«:< .'ill .STfi ir> .<73 .373 Ml .!46 51 'situation of the Colts. iCrowley ' But the Arkansas athletic heads Requests For Grid Tickets Pour In At FP Sandy 10 Innir , h ho Jim Grant i of San Antonio, j Tf S ,T m p rS . °J' "om p 'nins by Johnny Callison, The Racks' three non-con-! A , d — ^Ollf IH flf fl* I™ «. »n ^. ^"^.E ^^ "" ^ " "^ fcrenec opponents this season are' i . A " d ° Vcr ."', f!alon Uou « n lhpr( ' ^;Lr:i,™e"k a t!b"i^— - ] = - pwln Tto' I OR, take• on torw 1 ^ K " mM have nlrpad y lwn '°,,, ""I " raros P ort «' h «"«. pre-i Antonio, who beat Mike Dunkle iTT~r£3SSa«. jiFTsSSST " =^' " te *5^£!^=5S5S=»:ASS.-a Florida, and Miami of Miami. \'" fn * °. f " fripml , who bou * 1 "p'tickntTfor honT nmcOhit W | )y , Isome of Ihose tickets." ; i«Keis mr nome games that "We'have to play big names In 1 ^™ , ohsm ' rr ,, said f'™ lhnl ' |National football tnI draw crowds" '.^ ls °" P 'f pr "l" 1 ™'^.: I said one SWC official recently.'!^ ™",.?" *™" »™.™«> Won Iml Prt. Rrhlnd 5 Rose Bowl Pact CHICAGO (AP, -The Rose owl, Rranddaddv of all New lArkansns." Arkansai fans are I breed. able , ,, rpss wpotlJ1 aw , i« .sports writers claim that New Or- w Purses totaling S239.SOO pistributed to horsemen on have bee resen-alion." only a . ' have failed to reserve the season seats they held last year." » UF -' y uas tlle lasl <la - v 'or the fans who purchased season -i mis ininkins; was slimmed up U< ' kots last ypar lo reserve the ins a result of Ihe .11.000 -plus same scats a!;i ' in 'or this cominc " j fans who paid to see the Houston . spason - Season tickets went on -'-- • sale to the general publ downtown j * liv_* l\ll lllr,lf ( v I, ll)llt:ll ra ™_jtinuous contract Tuesday wherr- the Big Ten's "most represen- /ill appear in the classic yearly against champion. n* KIO \VILUAMSPORT, Pa. thisjPitrnan, N.J.. eliminated Del Uio. ticket|Texas. 2-1. in the opener of ;Little League World Series here Oilers and the Boston Patriots in ----- Hie exhibition game there. morning at the .harnpagnt Stakes day program; That's fine. We're for New Or- offi( ' c ' , it Aqueduct last Oct. H. Verne leans getting a pro team it they- Fans ma - v "'serve these season,Tuesday. Kankakee III., one of owner of Donut King, want it. But did those fans pay :tk ' kots b >' tdpphoninE BE 3-1781! the favorites, sent Stoney Brook. """" "•'"" " " " o;™»'nR atJho office in_person.-0nt.. Cniiada. into the elimination bracket. • •- - Pitman meets Kankakee in the building and the door is clearly Second round, at 2 p.m. Thursday, marked "Football Ticket Office." In today's games, San Jose,: Houltra Office hours are from 7:45 a.m.;Calif., meets a learn of American' to 12 noon, 12:45 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. boys whose parents are stationed ,'' The tickets will be available the in France, at 2 p.m. and Mon- .^-iiaraTu first wcvk in Sept. hut must be terey. Mexico, plays Kunitachi, " cm ' picked up by Sept. 7 according Japan, at 5 p.m. to Hopper. P mi. c ,,, owner 01 uonui Mng, want it. But did those fans pay : " CK " s D > '""PnoninE KK 3-1781! |ollected $146,800 when his colt,to see pro football or Louisiana's or '-'""'"R at the office in person.' [on^hejChampagne. [own Billy Cannon? Thc t ' t ' k(>1 office Is located at the jgjjji^-—^=i^====^^^-^--------- - ' : - 'Foiinh Street entrance to the ; The best of enemies love » Young America's Finest Fitting Shoes n M m. for schooltime... or anytime,.. Designed to talto the roughest (renfment he can give... the styling that she loves ... yet liKhlwei'uht, flexible and sturdy With "snug-hug" heel. So scnsihly priced, too. Individual game tickets will go on sale at the Hopper Field ticket fate on Tuesday, Sept. 11, 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. The field ticket window will lie open the same hours on \Vodnosilay, Sept. l:!, and from 2 until game time on Friday. Sept. 14. The same hours will be ol*a,'rv- ed by the Hopper Kii'ld tiirket of- ice each day, each week except ion away-game Fridays when the {window will be open from 9 a.m. ito 12 noon. I Tickets at the Hoppor Field office will not bo reserved hy telephone. Kans must call in portion for these tickets. Hopper Field scats S.413 persons and an <ldilion:il 1.000 end- zone hlriu'hcrs nn> availahlr when ni'inled llopprr said A total of 2,200 scats were added to the west stands «t the stadium in lime for Ihe Hnytown ganu- — the last Kiirm 1 of the season — last year. An estimated 10.000 persons jiim- mcd llu 1 stadium for thai game. lloppor siiid that an area near Ihe lever on the high school side of Highway 2KX will Ik- shelled In 1 - foic the first game on Sopt 14 to help hund!,' the large number of cars. He pointed iHit that consideration was bciiiR gis'cn to preparing H piirking area for some ,VX) cars inside Ihe stadium fi-ncr for this SIMSUII. 'llii.s parkiiiK area would IK' IH-IHIVII (!»• west stands mid ilk 1 liirt^os Uivor. Thrre was sonu- talk following last focillwll season Hint an nddi- linivil 2,2iX) scuts would bo added to tin 1 t-asl sliinds (it the field for his iimiing season, liupiwr did ml cuwnirnt on this (Msslbilily,! however. i _ -_ rrl _^^^ : i IT'S THE MOST TOM GARRETT'S PHARMACY NEW LOCATION SOON At Tb« Iroioiport Village Shopping C*nr«r Clut*— Lake Jackson Sensibly priced and Expertly fitted at: ANGLETON ' WEST COLUMBIA < lAKf IACK50H P.oole DO IPOT ADS . . Tou Arc) 3b r h hi PHII.\nFJJ*Hn Warwick rf Triple 2b 4021 K?v.;< ^ •JOOn ('.Tii.trtn 3h (1)00 ?;'<\T-; rf .1000 hr,or ; jalc Ppnrf!f(on !f 4 0 1 0 Torre lh H J-'mltfl r ID 2110 r«,v,-aire II 1 0 n o p'rtTr;H P 0000 A mar*! Umbrjfht p 0 0 0 0 M* h jif> Total* 31 3 1 3 1 a--!*njjp*'(! frj\ fnr BrjfT 1.1 7th. b — Ran for «:rven in 7th; c—Ran for Coving-ton in lib. Ifnntlnn 09* 010 000—3 , _ . 3W fAP> — • KXo-*. PO-A- ore tin «n—4 ?00 (Ml flft\— ". 1 Bali'moif 9, Chirneo 1, night 'Ijctrolt 10, Cleveland J, night = Mlnn*»so1fl R. Washington 2, nieht Boston 11, Knn*fi<; flty R. night : TODAV'S OAMEH |Cleveland HJonovan 15-7> at Detroit fKlfne .Chicago 'Buzharrit 7-10) at Baltimore (Pappaq ll-8i night j Boston rconley Mli at Kansm citj- J iDrflbow«i)cy 0-0' nfght iNcw York 'Ford 13-6. at Los Angelei I <Lee 10-ftj. niirht twl-n!ght Washington mutcon 6-10» at Minnesota ijtt, nipht; <r}om*r. l-2i. nfght AMRRirAN ASSOCIATION Won I/>8t Prt. Behind ;Indianapolis ... 73 50 ,W9 — at Ph!larMphia.' 0maha *& 59 .535 3H i Denver B7 P2 .513 1114 - .. ... ..... lUnitvllle 61 67 .477 17 •ight Oklahoma City 5fl 71 .450 ^O'-i ' at Mitwa-jkcp .D»lla»-Ft.Worth 53 7(5 .«! 2JH ! TONIGHT'S OAMF.S at Pittsburgh i L>*nver «t Indlanapoliu ! Louisville at Oklahoma City Omaha, at Uaiias-For! Worth BACK—TO—SCHOOL IN mi pedwin CARDINNAL This Pedwin it smartly design. ed for todays style conscious Teen-Ager. Eddy's Shoes carry sizes to fit most every Ine. Check sfie block below S 8.99 TO $ pedwin. TEXAS Kl Paso .... , Tulsa = Austin .... ,'AlbuiUFrque ttirt Prt.B^hlnd 10.99 SIZES 3A to 11 ft 12 Wldflii From A'i to D't 9 'A 10 Va 11 12 X X X X X X X X X X X x xxx x x X X X X X X fi4 .. 61 EDDY'S SHOES Your Family Shoe Slore 109 NORTH PACKING PLACE PHONE CY 7-4291 DOWNTOWN LAKE JACKSON DRIVE-IN CONVENIENCE with SUPER MARKET PRICES! r SUPER MARKET 626 West 2nd. FREEPORT, TEXAS SPECIALS GOOD FOR THURSDAY, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, AUG. 23-24-2 r KRAFT MIRACLE WHIP qt. WISCONSIN HOOP (RAT TRAP) DUNCAN NINES LAYER CAKE MIXES LINCOLN HEIGHTS COLORED SUB-DIVISION HOGG MANSION RD.—West Columbia ThrM Itdroomi—All Mod«r» Ffraturai Beautifully Decorated $150.00 Complete Down Payment W. C. MEYERS—OWBM t SaleuncM See At Sub-DivUlo. or Call Tl *-«»! Aggleton. Teiat HOME3UILOERS METRECAL6pak $139 1 Lb. KRAFT'S All Purpose Oil qt. 1 I McCarmicL Black PEPPER 4 o, 35° McCormlck Vinilli EXTRACT , o.. 39 C Libby'l Tomato JUICE J 4c °; n 29 c UncU Willi.m'i BUcUy. PEAS N,bi»t l Whol. K.inal CORN Libby'i SPINACH Bdma Peanut BUTTER 2 No. 300 Cam 2 12 Ot. Can, No. 303 Can. IS Oi. J.r OPEN EVENINGS Toll 7 PM. H.ini Hut Dog RELISH no, Nabiico Premium CRACKERS i»l-Kill lni<ct BOMB u or. lolgat* Tooth 19 I Lb. 7QC Box *•' 79 PASTE «. 39 C _._ 2 Bir ,39 c Bath Slid ZEST Dolioy, Whits or Colored TISSUES 2 R o,,,25 c Serber'* Straintd BABY FOOD 10 c . n , 99 C Ivory LIQUID . Sue BAMA MIX or MATCH APRICOT PRESERVES PEACH PRESERVES PINEAPPLE PRESERVES GRAPE JAM RED PLUM JAM 12 Ox. JAR S 1 Whol. or Sk«nk Hams _ . Lb. 49° Armour Star Werners '%£ 39 C NOTICE TO CAFES. RESTAURANTS. DRIVE-INS, ETC. See ill for Ready Mad* Armour'j leaf HAMBURGER PATTIES ARMOUR STAR HEAVY BEEF RUMP or PIKES PEAK ROAST > 69

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