The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on December 18, 1960 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
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Sunday, December 18, 1960
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FOR HOLIDAY ENTERTAINING TRY OLD OCEAN RES/DENT'S HERSHEY CAKE-THJS WEEK'S REC/PE ON PAGE 2 HE BRAZOSPORT FACTS SERVING BRAZOSPORT, ANGLETON, WEST COLUMBIA, BRAZORIA, SWEENY, OLD OCEAN, DA W8t7RY and DAMON VOL, 48 NO. 254 Associated Press Member SUNDAY, DECEMBER 18, 1960 Freeport, Texas Two Roads Get State Approval Two state road projects, calling for ir combined tolnl expenditure Thc section of Highway 36 to be Improved Is a concrete road of $1,529,000, were announced td-|of n width now considered sub- day by W. E. Carmlchael ot Houston, district engineer for the Texas Highway Department, One of the projects la improvement of n 10-milo section of Highway 36 between . Brazoria and Jones Creek. The other calls for Improvement of Farm-to-Markct Road 521 (Cedar Dine Road) from Four Corners in Brarorln County to F, M. >!57 in MntaRorda County. The Highway 3G project is a part of a continuous prop-am by the Highway Department i n bringing the slate's principal traffic arteries up to current standards. Several portions of Highway 26 have already l>oen improved under this program, and the new project will bring to current standards the full distance be - tween West Columbia and Freeport. Funds for the Highway 36 project had been previously authorized by the Texas Highway Commission. A total of $T6C,00 wns earmarked lor improvements bo- standard by the Highway Department. It Is badly cracked. The two lanes of concrete will be widened and a base prepared. An asphalt seal coat will overlay the road surface. Miksovsky is also in charge of preparing plans and construction management of the $324,000 i n Improvements to F.M. 521. Construction plans will begin at an early date, Carmichael said, and as soon as these are completed and righls-o(-way needed for the improvement obtained, thc job will be contracted to a low bidder. "Constantly increasing traffic volumes, as well as increasing load weights, necessilatc. a continuing improvement prog r am," Carmichael said. 40 Die In Plane Crash In Munich DESIGN FOR NEW FREEPORT LIBRARY IS SUBMITTED The now city library building ior Freepori, io be built at a cost of $$5,000 early in 1961, will look something like this •ketch by the architectural iirm of Caudill, Hewlett and Scout of Houtlon. Two parallel brick walls form the sides of both !ha building and ihe court in front of it. The entire front of lh« building it of glass, looking out onto the court. Hal! the court is io be landscaped; the other half will serve as a "reading court" for reading io groups of children in suitable weather. At the front of ihe court is a row of steel pahnos. The Freepori Council if expected to call for detailed plars Monday night. When these are approved, bids will be railed on boih ihe library and Fire Station No. 2. MUNICH, GERiMANY (AP) A U. S. Air Force Convair transport plane plunged into the heart of downtown Munich, Germany, today. Police say between 50 and says the plane was attached to the third Air Force and had just taken off for home base at Nord- when it took off from Munich." holt, England. The Air Force It was the second time in two; of the crew mr ! days that an aerial disaster hit a i Today's crash occurred in tha : i busy downtown section of Munich, i crowded with Christmas shoppers, i ;The plane had just taken off from ' the Munich Airport. '•. Flying at low altitude and al- '. it knocked otf a g crs w ;|] not I. * of «» have 60 persons were killed. The plane carried 20 persons. It's not known how many of these were victims. The 20 aboard the plane included seven crew mem bers and 13 passengers. Air Force Headquarters i n London says American students from the U.S. University of Mary-1 jland at Munich were b^'eved. ^u' r 'ch Tteeplc' and"'then'"cra > s'hed ' Brookfy^'where nine persons died among those killed. A spokesman i into a ^.^ slrcet . cai , on the gra ' ; says the students would have NEW YORK (AP) — Throughout the bitter cold night a small army of police, firemen and federal officials probed through the smouldering ruins of a block in Solons See Rocky Path To Aged Care Editors: This Is another In a tween Brazoria and 'a point 0.8 1 serins on prospects for Ihr, logls- miles east of the Jon»n Cr o ek'| u | ure , tnkim partly from an A Bridge. Carmichael said that additional funds authorized this week by thc Highway Commission will permit the construction work to be undertaken at an early date. The Highway Commission act- Ion added $649,000 to the funds to be used on the project, making a total of $1,205,000. This work, Carmichael said, "is a part of the Commission's program to Improve ami modernize the roads in Brazoria County survey of senators ami representatives. By ED OVEBIIOI.SEK AUSTIN (API— Elderly Texans can expect the legislature to come to their rescue in meeting medical bills, a survey of members indicates. But don't get sick yet. No one to standards desirable for the pre sent and anticipated traffic vet- incnt umes to be using sections of the'bills. grounds state money was not, crans land program bonds, creat- This approach is reflected by avaiable. Conceivably this could ing new hospital districts, allow- Dallas Rep. Tom James who said liappen again although Gov. Pricejing the legislature to set interest!he favored it "if funds are avail- Daniel rates this legislation "near;rates and regulate money lenders;able after meeting other needs. ' the top of the list of the unfin-jand providing $4.800 annual sal-i One veteran House member rec- ished business of this administra-1 aries to lawmakers. i ommended passage of a bill tion" for the session starting) Opposition is inevitable on all (drawn "on a very strict basis Jan. 10. jamendments and enabling bills,!only." Rep. Jack Cornell of Wich- For every dollar the legislature i with the biggest turmoil expected j ita Fails said he is against pas- appropriates the-federal govern- over the anti-loan shark amend-;sage. mtnt will put up $3. Cost esti- ment. Those who fought the "Medical care must be pro- mates are about $8 milion a year amendment previously contended : vided. but solely on a state basis one of utilizing a program which Raise age requirements is an accomplished fact," mented Houston Rep. Bob hardt, a liberal leader. The federal plan provides for federal participation in expenditures for medical services up Io a maximum average of $12 a month for all persons. There are 223,000 persons 65 or over on the ground after one airliner i ! This morning rescue workers 1 crashed in a crowded area, been dependents of US. Military jand fir(!mcn were stil , frantically i More bodies may be in the personnel stanoned in England. i djgging , hrough tne rntanglcd |ruins. In Washington, the Air force masses o( the destroyed street- The Civil Aeronautics board car,and the sections of the plane, 'has impoundeo. recording tapes looking for bodies and possible;and an automatic jet flight re- survivors, corder in hopes of learning why Eyewitness descriptions a re; the United Airlines Jet and the evidence of the horror of the ] Trans World Airlines Constella- crash. tion rammed each other some for One shopowner near the scene 5,000 feet over Staten Island, re-'says: \ The jet wobbled eleven miles Ihe; "The big plane came down like : before crashing in Brooklyn. The war-time german dive bomber. 1- ""' A -'— •-—•--' -•- "-- < com-j House and Senate members; Eck-'duce size of membership in House. Extend the line of succession ' II made a horrible, whining noise. to the governorship. We all dashed for shelter. Then Authorize a $2,000 tax exemp-'came an explosion which threw tion on homestead property owned : us against the wall. \Ve ran out- by persons over 65, ' side. old age assistance rolls in Texas.' property taxes. Exempt motor vehicles from! "There was a burning mas? of ; TWA plane landed in flaming sec\ lions on a tiny Army air field •. ' on Staten Island. ;. Of the 128 persons aboard ; two planes only an 11-year i boy survived. Ironically, pla j from the same two airlines I This • plane and .street-car. People liv-! date with death over the . can say for sure what a legisla-ifor the state in addition to thejthe legislature should not be put rather than insidious lederaljyear lure will do. More than two years ago voters authorized the state to put up matching funds to enable persons 65 or over to receive pay- tor medical and hospital present state aid limit of J4T mil-Jin a position of being able to re-(plans. I am opposed to any legis-i program the federal government lion for old age payments and for aid to dependent children and the blind. vise interest rates at the drop of iation that must suffer coexistence i would provide $24,OS1,000 and the special board. a hat. Few, if any, legislators ;with federal aid," said Rep.-elect j state will (Don Garrison HigluRiy • Francis Miksovsky, senior resident engineer for the Highway Department office in Angleton, will be in charpe of preparation of plans; and lor 'lonstrtiction supervision after the contract lias been awarded to the low bidder. Carmichael said that this work should be contracted early in 1961, possibly in February and not later than Mavch. The Associated Press survey j come out openly in opposition toj "The question indicates enabling legislation alsojthe medical care amendment. In-iaccept federal f wilt he niyssed for constitutional'stead, the.argument will bo that ( our funds three for one is not a would mean $32,112,000 a I Require the legislature to redis- ing in the neighborhood of the j Canyon in 1956. At that timej and under the maximum I trict Texas after each federal cen-'; crash scene rushed !o the rescue Perished. sus or turn the job over to a;of those injured, laying moaning Bad as the disaster was,'J in the street eould have been worse. As pro- > "Firefighters and Red C r o s s •. big jet screamed down on a tei ' Brooklyn neighborhood school the balance, 58,028,000. A! Extend the veterans land i of Houston. | stricter program would reduce the I gram to finance rcairs or addi-; ambulances arrived with sirens ;'"S Brooklyn neighbo ion of whether wettotal but the 3 to 1 ratio would itions in private homes; increase j wailing. It was a terrible inferno." : narrowly ^missed a sc il funds that match ! remain. j total amount of bonds issued by; A priest at the church where taining 1,700 pupils:. Mischief Reported A case of malicious mishchic.' was reported to Frccport police by the manager o( CUton's Electrical & Appliance Center, 206 West Broad, at 9:30 a.m. Friday. The man told officers someone was shooting holes in his garbage can, and he requested a close patrol of the business. The last legislature took no ac- jameJiuitSwiis at4>;iSi:U tion to make it effective on raising the interest ceiling on vet-- ! slate can't afford it now. the amendment is finr but the'question of whether we favpr the • Itabi^ss^i'v/feh ' but;;jKv»nVb-. Day Named Postmaster General PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) — President-Elect Kennedy completed his Cabinet today by naming Los Angeles insurance executive J. Edward Day post- master-g-jncral. Day stood at Kennedy's side provision.- ';• Dewcy would permit voters to Rep. B. H. Dewey of Bryan, a i the state. the steeple was hit, Father Karl The jet. en route from Chicag prospect for the House Appropria-i Then there was the'proposal toLForeiich, said: ? carried $1 persons. The -'M-..''•jr-.^W'—wH|Witiwto levy property; "It was terrible. The burning;PJane had 44 aboard. It wns the a cpn?UtuUvinal'taxes fcr 1 mosqiito control pro-! plane flew .very tow. It was visi-jfirst time in US History?, that a {amendment making several '•_ grains, rhisone didn't hove much! bly Icsing : height. It shaved offipurely jet airliner crashed, (changes in the state's poll tax ! nieces*: I the steeple and then plunged into i " was established that the appointment of W. H. Brawley the Senate Post Office Commit' a.s deputy postmaster-general. He's chief clerk of the Senate tee. Brawley has worked undei Post Office and Civil Service both Republican and Democra- Committee. Day is 46. He's a Democrat i" ! tic chairmen of that committee. mocratic party affair?. He serv-, trim! months residence in a couii- ed as assistant campaign mana-fry instead of six months. Rcp.- ger i;i 1956 for Stevenson, whoigi^ was the Democratic for president. . Needy To Receive Christmas Trees when the President-Elect made (and once was a law partner ofi the announcement of his ap pointment. Kennedy is at his parents ocean-front home in Palm Beach, Fla. Adlai Stevenson, who will oe ambassador to the United Nations. Kennedy described Day as a man who has had a distingush- ed career in both government and business. Day now is executive vice-president of the riuueniuH iiisuiuiiLe *Juuiu,[ : ,i»y, in charge of Western operations. He was Stevenson's law partner from 1945 to f949. When Minor Auto Crashes Reported Analetort Church Plans Announced Bids will be received until 3 > <I1 ,,. 1 . hv . ,,.™ „„_ p.m. on Jan. 17 for construction Stevenson became governor of incomi , lrtc until p,j llce , aUc , 0 a of an educational building at Illinois, Day was named Illinois | woman wno lc{l thc scene ^ Kr insurance commissioner. He ser- , ho co | lisioni but who was located to Freeport police Fri-l At 7:55 p.m. the car was located day. No report was made on two of the collisions because of light damage, and another wreck was University of Texas n n d daughter of MR. and MRS. CARROL STEVENS of LJ, start i n g work Jan. 10 as part-lime secretary for REP. NK1L CALDWELL of Alvin, in the Capitol at Austin. MRS. DORA FERGUSON of Nashville, Ark., visiting in t h c LJ homes of her sons, GEORGE and EARL FERGUSON. . . BIL L Y ED WALTERS, North Texas State College student and son of MR. and MRS. J. B. WAI^ TERS of LJ, one of 23 chosen by the faculty as charter group for "Tulons," a working honor society. They were chosen from 4,600 students on lender ship, character, scholastic ability and school loyalty. . . In a letter from Clearwuter, Fla., parents of Farts Business .Manager JOHN GREEN, reporting lliey were watching u Houston Oiler football game on a national' TV network. During the linlftime ceremonies Die camera followed tile Exporter Band formations, which they found particularly impressive. . . R. V. ROBINSON and MARCARET GLOVER, clue to have birthdays on Sunday. . . The BOB ELDERS, visiting in Louisiana. , . The GLEANERS SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASS of FP First Methodist, out caroling Thursday night . . . Angleton First Methodist Church. The plans and specifications have been released by Duryea and Elkins—John A. Greeson, ed from 1950 to 1953. Kennedy's aids describe the President-Elect's Cabinet as the youngest of the 20th Century. associated architects, for a two-i The average age of the 10 mem-j C . U1TO( J. Friday night. Police went to the 1400 Block of Brazosport Blvd. at 11:55 p.m. when- a rear-end accident o c - story building of about 6,759 Iwrs is 47, The aides say they've in the 1100 Block of West Fifth. They reported she was in bed due to illness, and that she was instructed to contact the accident investigating officer Saturday morning. Reports were not made on an accident at Bay and West Second at 1 p.m., and another at the Seven-11 Store on West Second about 12:45 p.m. ! the street-car jammed with pas-'P'anes collided when wreckage pi isengers." •' Jet engine was found on ,the Windows and doors of nearby plane that crashed in Jlater. fs- buidings were smashed when the j land- Only three of the jet «• en> plane hit. U.S. Army fumi t u r e i R illcs couM be found at the Brook| stored in a former beer-hall was ' lyn disaster scene. !set afire. The CAB put more than 30 in 1 i Man y families had to be r e-.vestigators on the case — its y ear ls moved from their homes which:largest crash probe ever. The Strove of Campbellton; ' nominee sai d t# favored abolishment ot' AS the poll tax and the substitution I* 9 ? 1 ! „ ... . . >».•<.»• ..«.,. u..... ......^., .......... -...- -- .-- of a workable voter registration evm8 a a™*""? 8 trce to an V were damaged by debris which: Federal Aviation Agency also en- law, ''nee* fam ^ ""a™ 6 *° P"/ cha , se !flew through the air in all direc-; Wed the case and so did the In the constitutional amendment j"*-.. aub . riP ^ ident C Mt>IT ' S ! tions. '- FBI. »W nnnth... ma .t«, .l m «t «,,. I CaT"™ S 3 " 3 toda y- He urges anyone who irm'Iy to or port and give the information attendant on duty. ... .~^-!' -.-. > ---I. ^ r— .-'-. •- - - field, another matter almost certain to pop up again is rura! vcr- i . sus city representation. Last ses- i °_ ™_ a sion the House passed a Senate | committee approved an amend- !„ ment limiting counties to no more j than nine representatives up to! population. An aiiutuuiidt member would be provided for each 400,000 in population growth. i would like to thank all the people 'who A socalled women's rights -. , \ .:• ine uircrau LTUMU^I uiiu a i m ovi^ !bui!t - u P arca abol!t four mi!es ' ovi ' ha ' hem bill" caused a flurry of activity in the Senate. Other amendments which may be reconsidered in 1961 after winning varying degrees of success last year include: them again next year. Sun Data Sets Saturday 5:25 p.m. Rises Sunday 7:11 a.m. Sets Sunday 5:25 p.m. square feet of floor space. The building is to be erected on the church property bounded by East Mytrle, North Arcola and East Magnolia Streets. The structure is to be air conditioned and concrete walks are included in the plans. done no research on the age of Cabinet members prior to 1900. Brawloy is 43 and a native of Chester, S.C. His first Washington job was with the Office of Price Administration in 1951. He later worked in the office of Democratic Senator Olin Man Caught With Loot Admits Theft Freeport police arrested a man .shop, Bankston learned from the They report that the drivers were Linda McClain Thompson ol 224 Orchard in Ciute, in a 1953 Pontiuc, and Thomas J. JSverettj of 323 East Second, in a 1953' Ford pickup truck owned by Southwestern Bell Telephone Company, j Police said both vehicles were; i traveling south on Brazosport j MINNEAPOLIS (AP) —Minne-1 Blvd. when the Pontiac hit the!sota Governor Urville Freeman! pickup's rear. j said today he will return to Wash- \ In a collision at West Fourth and Cedar about 7:15 a.m., police said a 1940 Chevrolet driven by Freeman Plans For Transition , „„ about •r the theft was re- occupants that Fontenot ingtoji next week to confer about j transferring powers of the Agri-; culture department. Glynn 0. Stevens oi 211 Bay! Freeman and his assistant, Torn Street was going west on West, Hughes, arrived in Minneapolis shortly after midnight in the two •7 Shopping 'Til ported Friday. Officers also cleared up another (hell Friday, ve- covoring two guns. Louis Lanners of Houston told police at 1 p.m. Friday that someone had taken two cameras from Ihe galley of the boat, Susie C, docked at Corbitt Marine Ways in Freepori. Fourth. Officers said u 1%1 Pontiac driven by Patricia Matejowsky of 822 West Eighth left a traffic sign was in a nearby bar. Bankstonj.^', |)U , UK , jn from 0 , ,, l( , ^.^ said he found Fontenot with theji et _ Tn ,, y sa i ( | (|, e Chevrolet nil cameras in his hands on entering I the right front fender of the other the bar. He said Fontenot was j vehicle. trying to sell the articles to the After a wreck at 2:-10 p.m. in bar operator. Fontenot was the 1000 Block of West Fourth, arrested and' police were on the lookout for a made a statement admitting the! 1959 white Chevrolet whoso driver. National Guard jet lighters that whisked theiji to ma Capitol, where Freeman was named secretary of Agriculture by President- Elect Kennedy. Fnsfman said he experts to confer with the present secretary, Ezra<*r.ift Benson, ii".^t week on the transition. Tho outgoing Governor was noncommital when asked about 8 theft, Bankston said. The felony Ha said the theft occurred be-; theft charge was filed in Justice tween 6 p.m. Thursday and noon Friday. A movie camera valued at %\W and n still camera valued at $40 were in a seat with a lid, Lanners said. In tlie investigation, officers E. W. Freeman's Court in Freeport. Police also recovered two guns Friday and have a pickup out for a man whom they suy is aboard a shrimp boat in the Gulf found two suspects including Lc-l,-it present. Thc guns were stolen my Fontonot, cook on the boatltrom the home of Jim Goodwin, Edna S, Brazos. At 2:51 who lives at 519 East 402 Eust Fifth, on Dec. 8, and both were valued at $23. The .410 shotgun was recovered p.m. Friday Capl. C. t5. Utinkslun and Sgt. J. K. Teas- at an East Fifth Street house dale went to the BIX) Block otlwhero a man had paid ?8 ior it. West fc'irsl where they found a'officers said. They found the .22 .vh.Hi.' 11)50 Mercury filling the do- ! automatic rifle in a honu on •ip,'-in of Fonlenot's auto. ! Knsl Eig'li' uliore a resident had WUlc rcusUulc clictkcd u pawn- ipurchascd Uie wcauou ior $10. left the scene. Some chrome fromjprobajile legislative program . the left front fender of the car j administrative actions he will take when he assumes office next month. He said: \r"I wsirt to suy that I (Jon't Ihe WeatJier Cloudy to partly cloudyiUfev* ;;there is any answer that through Sunday, cold again I can foe arrived at by pushing a Saturday night, High Saturday tHjUott It huy take several years 5fl Low Sunday morning 40, toi (jftiravel." He artiledt High Sunday 58. "I hope and believe we will be able M find a sound and workable solution to the situation facing farmers — they do a better job and get pajd less tar'it," Ask«l whether the secrcta r y- shlp might be a political graveyard Freeman said he hadn't given ihe idea a thought, be swi. it's a Tide Schedule Stuurday. High 3:58 p.m. Low 8:50 p.m. Sunday: High 1:29 a.m. 4:48 p.m. Low 8:39 am. 9:35 DJU. from Munich Airport. A boa rd' dtwn at separate New York air- were seven crew members andiP° rts severa! miles a P art 13 passengers ' n ' J ° s Angeles it was discover^ "The Convair ba?«i at RAF;^ tha * onc of lhe victims, United Station Nordholt. is an adminis-> sUwartless Augustine Ferrar, had trative plane belonging to the US to mak e three separate swaps In third Air Force. The'plane left !<"•** to make the flight. She -: J had wanted to get home to Columbus, Ohio, for Christmas. Just 57 years ago today at Kitty Hawk, N.C., Orville Wnght made man's first flight in. ,/a heavier-than-air machine,. It was a 12-second venture into the air just a few feet off the ground. MECHANICAL JURY WHEEL IN SERVICE District Judges O. P. Hardy Jr. (left) and T. M, Quplpn, with MM. Jirnmis P. Biggins, dlstriel «V»k. Uwpuct th» new mechanical Jury wheel which Bre»oria Counly recently purchased. Betide* ill? power drive, the mach'na is, much larger than the old wheel, W' - "-VWM actvsHv a «m«U bar- ' Ml faihionid into »tund-curnk iuty wha«t. The population of Bratoria County, and in proportion ihe names of those eligible for jury duty, had grown so that the name flips in ihe old wheel lacked ihe free space for adequate mixing. The naw wheel is expected to provide much better mixing of the cards from which prospective jurors lie chose a. Billfolds Lost, Stolen Friday Thefts of a billfold, !,,,rse, trailer and conduit mender were reported to Freeport police Friday. Mrs. Leo Smith of 101 South Avenue D reported the loss of her billfold at 12:13 p.m., about 10 minutes after it occurred in a Tarpon Inn Village store. She said the brown billfold contained $100 and various cards and papers. Martha Crow of ^614 West Ninth reported that her purse had baen taken during gym class <tt Brazosport Senior High School. She said the black purse with a gold bar trim contained about $6 and various other articles. The loss was reported about 4:30 p,m. Don Uzzell told officers at 4 p.m. that a big four-wheeled tan. dem trailer had been taken fronj behind the golf course on West Second. He said the trailei wajj taken within the past tlnee day?, The theft ol a conduit was reported by A. D. ol 2023 North Avenue a.m. Baird told officers one took the item from bj^ J|j' station wagon >vhila it was nujay 1 ir, front of:a --iort b'wl«^J?« l ley about a;30 D.JU. on Dec, It. ' Nordholt yesterday and was en route back to the United Kingdom 1 that names ind passen- ased until been notified." ! A statement from the U.S. Air ' ln Washington, a member of (Force in London gives this ae-;'he Senate Aviation Subcommit- I count: '.'**• Republican Norris Cotton of 'A U.S. Air Force C-131 Con- Nelv ' Hampshire, called for a, Ivair transport plane crashed at j special boai-d of inquiry to look i Munich, Germany, today shortly !' nto tne crash. latter takeoff at "just past one p.' Neither plane reported any ad- ''ThTair'cra'ft''crashed into a| u P over New York in a . flight I

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