The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on September 10, 1897 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, September 10, 1897
Page 2
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fttfi ftAltt SlPTElMt -ID, \ THh DAILY CHKUNIGU. tln» S ., iat (niii'portntton ttiroiljrit the mail* at i I >** •4. 1 ! at. thfl »ffl«* oi • iitticfttiou, iW Bfwt State 5, M TEVONSM*. - - \Vm. Kt'yos, an oW resident of Tekon- frfja and rt pioaew.of MfcB^Bj ,d!ied at hfo homo jM th« village Friday night, Fniwrftl son-ton wtrt* h*Id«t the Metft- wdrwt chtiifeii SfcArday Aftftttwoti* Kev, ,1. W, SnetsHeti pffici»lin|t. A muatar'of f ftifti aliroad ^niwe fJHSMJnt ftt the - ~wetting: more largely attcftwlsa' thitn it has 'for ro/my fssrijri 'NoMp'ceial Imei- 0Wittpt;brtiinfct%*Mtr&8^te& True- wore efrpfcwfca* f<&B6wk "Mr, !>.' 'Tn f>laec frf Jbhii 8. Msu>rh , year was approved* a^grf-gsting $1,850. Thd matter of adding t# the school library Was Ir-ft to'the discretion of the -{ward. ' The total school census reported was 207 r »H%ht increase over last year. a The jpcttfmMMtitj&t thfl week h»p can-" " tered arrout a shooting affair th'irt oceftred hi tho township of Clarendon last Mon- dar night, ' Four boys, fiay mond Haikes, Ku t Benrretj Floyd Swartout find — — - Keefe entered the melon patch of Alyin JR.tricte and had jupt commaneed to piefc sumo melons, when they were fired u(>on t»jr.s0mt» on* 11 in hiding, Young 'Haikes ft>H t.o the ground dlletf frith No. four shot. His companions ran for the wpode nnd escaped another shot by tho failure ,of the f^un to $t\ off. The wounded boy made his way home with great difficulty, a cliptafirp tjf a mile and a half, his t-lotlripg saturated with" blood. Drs. KamRde.ll and Warren 'of the village were called to attend tiig case and spent tho greater part of the night in picking shot out of th«j boy's back. They counted seventy-two shot marks buttluvceeded iri getting hot nine shot. His bounds are very paintttl, but it is thought they are "nut dungeons, tinder instruction!; from Sin-riff Stone, Depntv P. E Alinn in>o8tigrtt< l d the rase resulting in the it>suing of a warrant, by Justice George Ihivis, for the arresi of Alvirt Ruri6k and • his/two sons, Fred .ind'Alvin «lr,, for at• t»tupt to Ttiurder. The arrested parties won- takf rTbefor-o J ustieo Davis'Wednes- daj- and upon the testimony of the nu nierons witftpsees, held the examination befow the prosecuting attorney at the to«n hall next Tuesday at J) o'clock. 'Their bail vms ti.\ed at 'iKJOO' which they secured in the village. Mr. Rntiek tuvd his boys are not vicious j>('Of>,lo and without doubt do not appreciate the gravity of the situation. Ono hr.phcaliou of rfr. Tboinan' Ecleotrisj Oil tflkwnWny the paitt of .the tnonl B«»ere burn. It iiMin ulral'faiuilj' , niulefn tnot-btfs," "cholern infantum, di»vr»'< i-ji, (Ijscnt'c'-j-. »nd all thwo other tVidlj eo(iniea t/'lhp little one* nreiufalb' bly onri'U by Wr. Fowlt-r's Ett'. of Wild Straw i»t«rr> .' / sympathy of tho community is with them, although no 'otte swch <s*trero<& inforcemeht of the right Jo ptoteet property. Young Haikes in in * fair *ay to recovery in a shor* time ihe shot lodging fcbstty in the muscles of his backi, ,. > Kdwitt ^rsnth reports 4t bwstwils and 26 Iba. r of eknver seed SJO acres. threshed in a half day* From the eam«i field he drew 55 loads of good hay. &fmts fatrot^m aw staearint ' tlreir the second timothiaseasort. received nearly fteWsn ttnb-I Shltte. A fine shoe dressing for tan and black fchoes. lA,r sal« by SfsS R. E. Billings. Sote agent, Delia head from sheep shflftred last spring. ^w"h' tfrthe TOfttipfelotls :cffed(i,of the Dingley bill. *• , RepfeaentAtives of th& free silver p»rty to the ntrtuber of t«eft?y-five 6* w$re rnided Ihis prttniflss of retiring poSttnas ter, R A. Culv^i- aud*t pteiSsiofts oit gdod, will, Winnifred Cttt1vor r the fotme?^ IkffifemftRter, witfe a purse of $1J.IMT with assurance ol their apprei-iatiott of hw faithful service fo« the past fomi* yenra, Co., Oa r Subject, to attacks of bilious .for Cholera and DiarrhoeapJteeiedy is only fiure relief.. It aotw like a charin. One dose of it givefc relief whew all other remedies fail. 6. D. SHAIBP, Pof flale at Groetie's I>rug. Mk-hlgun State Fair atdlrHUd Unpttts. M; G.It,!t. will 8ell'ti<*et» to Chraad Rapids and return Sept. 8' to 11 inclusive for one fare plus 50 cents for admission to fair. Tickets good to returft^epi 11 C. B. G«f j-roitt), Tkfr. Agt. QeV your job Work done at tie'tJHrorii- 3le°offlciB, CordetteU S. B» CSOSIN. • Notice. • I itm prepared to do ladies' and children's shamp-wing at their homes. Leave orders at Clark's barber shop, or at-35 «awt Green street. Mus. V. Farm Property Insured. I ant prepared to insure farm property ut one per cent for three years in a good tlr&t class company doing business under license from the Btate-insuriince com- inissioner. This is better than the tual com panics. * «» HKNKY BK^INER, Agent. From ^10, to $50 per year sny<jd each family -who will send a pupil to the Dress Tailoring schowl in the Watson building. I'uy Yoiir Taxes. I will be at the office of the ^Qerndon hotel during business hours until further notice, for the purptwo of receiving city taxes which are now due. Save the extra collection fee by paying now. M. S. £>F.T^,vVEK4!HE, Citv treasurer. Nor is the titae to get a piano. Soe i adf. 1 Ploni*. At Wa^n^jroT^caft g«t. the Albion and tfomer flour bf the i(W lb., fti yoilir iiwttbag^r»o ilgh* w«tghfe «if 9§ or 8S H«i; also Albion patent; th^J^^fl 0 ^ made hf It ' ..... ." 4Y*n)iritij.);r J -:i; -7— -^— _i ^ Mrs. frellft BtirgesB is prepwexi to do toaJiicurjBgfftndshawpoolngfor (hie te- dies" at their i ho«i*e, Jprij^fot maniour- hlg SS isentfl,- for shampooing -150 cents, Orders may "be left m Miss It. E. Billings'.of 4 r*siden^/wttli Sfr , oprwsite Pwsbytertan chotch.' ' Eh> you wtut a good Cftijicftt waifc? Cftll on GHsorge Afey. 1 will gii*ra»«ec a good w*lkt • . oftl^ . DR. LOUfB 8. JOY Will give in ed-JSlion to (fleneral prnc- tice, specfinl attention to diseases of eye and ear. Fitting of ftlasseg a specialty. (Spieciftl diploma on e?«, ent, nose and throat from Chicago Poly clinic.) ,\ ^ — ._^_ — —, — *1 ^ t Watsonr receive* dally 6hoiC« ^eeat^ne saches honestly packed, baskets well illed. Jas. Vftti 35aiit, jtpresom&n, ba* chairs aad teblea ta rant/or Karttes. . .1 ______ . ..- Tir /-. . _____ i The Place . \ To buy flour, graham, bolted meal,co«rBe meal, ground feed, bran or • middlings is at 0. A. Chesheift mill. All kinds of custon grinding done, liots of cheap chicken feed. J. Cunningham is showing nice—stock in apples of the "Maiden bluah" variety. They are from South Water street, Chi- Peter LockwOod, at the H.urd mill v 'Is prepared to exchange flour for wheat/ He handles the York villa milling company'e flour, one, of 'the best brands madev ______ j___ !_,-.. 1_, __•-_- ____ / I / Carpot laying, stoves blocked and set up, furniture packing etc./ Leave orders at W. E. Bosley &Son'&indF. B. Sny / R. £. SHAW. Always fresh and new; strictly high grade at lowest prices; prompt delivery. Give tiS a call and be convinced at the Perrinville store. A. WORTHY 'PALMER, P.rop. First class job worTfSnolvjP" 1 -' 66 dope at this office. The Teachers Works Garment Cutting school has been removed frop the Wat son building to the residence of Jlif rs. W, J. Clayborn, :M North Eagle street. * t ~ New Fall Goods. ' / ., ..'...... ..... __^ _^^ , ^ „ „ j / ' / Choice Dress Patterns, M " . ' ^_____^__ J _____ Silks t:o Match, , ni rt _ ._ ^_ ^ t Wash Dress Goods, in Fait Colors. .*' and , BLANKETS OUTING CLOT] Wbectmen Take Riding on the sidewalks in the city is strictly forrAlileft, tod hereafter $16 ordinance relfttiBfc th«retowitt t»e6ftforcfe<t The pe»*lty for violation ife * fitte »*> ex- , Marshal. By oi-der ot tjhe wayof. K. A yf J *' v -' ." . ^ Chnfrs Mtd tables lo rent tor parties »)f. W., L Aocottrtfc the etat^ pt. «th, to Uttt -the f>. -T. & i(. will sell rtiirnd trip tickets Mjirshall to Grand fiapldft ftt Sa,fJO. Fscoltent timers «aA<k to and from this point vitt this Hnetiow, the limn* l»twwn Marahairariiif Omnd Rapids heitig 2 hours and 50 minutes. for Hmo of trains, et<?. enquito of - ' * A, H, ApfSd*, Agti Maraftall. « Minlfif School, A High gfftde, state technicftt Practical work, fllective Cetera. Suffi- mer coursed. Gives ddtfrees of 8. B., E M, and Ph. t>. Laboratories, shops, mill etc., well equipped. For catalogues nd dress 1C$» wadsworth, Ph. ttoughton Michigan. REVIVO RESTORES VITALITY, THE GREAT SOth-foay. / FRENCH REMEDY, Vorfiiccs the above results in 30 OAV^i. It acts .owerfully and quickly. Cures when' all others til. Yottnp men and old men will recover their ° ovthful vigor hy using ftBVJVO. 7 It quickly nd surely restores from effects pf sell-abuse or <cess and indiscretions Lost Manhood, Lo^l 'itility. hnpotency, Nightly Emissions, Lost »?wer of eitber se*. Failirig Memdry, Wasting Diseases. Insomnia, Nervousness,-which unfit: .ic for study, business or marriage. It not only Hfcs by starting at 0ie seat^of disease, but is F Great Nerve Tonic and Blood'Builder nd restores boih vitaiity and strength to the nuscular 'and nervous System, bringing bacl. he pink glow to p»le cheek*and restoring tli< "re:*t ysmisr~h"ward» off Insanity'- and Cor. iumptlon. Accept no substitute. Insist on ha\ ag REVIVO, no other, 11 cart be carried ir. ve< locket. By rn\il,'$i.oo per package. In plai ^rapper, or f slx,for $5.00, with a positive wrls •en Kuarantee to cure or refund the money i :vcry package. For Irce circular address .^OYAL MEDICINE CO., CHICAGO U For Hale at Marshall, Mich.," by A. O. HYDE HUMPHREYS; Np. 1 Cures Fever.. • / No, 2 " ' ^orms. '_/ No, 3" " Infants'Di No. 4 '.**';. Diarrhea. No. 8 " Neuralgia, No. 9 Cures Headache. Dyspepsia. Delayed Periods. Leuelvorren. Skin Diseases. Rheuriiatism. Malaria, •' - , V W h oopl n g Cou.g h Kidrtey Diseases. t/Wnat-y Disease--^ 'Colds end Grip, UH No- 12 Mo -3 4 No • 16 No, 16, No. 20 No. 27 No. SO No. 77 Sold by Druggiats, or- receipt ot prtcu, $§«., qj? & for $1. PR, HpSfPHftinrX HoMBOPATSrtO Med, Co., mtfiiUikw *•» »* DM B. 8. £ Co., devote their attention to leases of the eye. ear, throat and Uioga autbrna and crnsnmp'lon and all Chronic, pri- vale and net TOMS dlsi-wea, deformltta*, sranulnt jBd ltd*, cross flj'e,dea.fnesis, dlnn-tarae, of the eari«, broncbitt*, chronic cougi, eWltre(blB neck) fever wires and uleens, Brlplil't (Hi-eu»«, rheum»tl*m, all disease* of kidney* and bladder, heart, ntomach and nerroo* di*ea<i«», chorea (St. VHfl» dance) general rfebilitr, nchrofula, *kln dl«6a»B«. Jlaeapes of tnen and %omon, and »U dlgeases due to Dad blood. Epilepsy, or fits, poBlUlfiiy'_*ured cy_a.niw. nd neyer IftUlnof remedy. Urn. B.. S. & Co rniike B upetlaity of all forms of rectal diseases, pll'S Ijtwual and external, itobioB and Weed ing, rectal nldero, flsiircrt.flstulH which are <jft«n taken for nervoue ana )oog trouble, all cured. pomembor we cure all forms of plle» wlthont pain Interruption or detention from btmlncfttf, afld withosit tba HBC of knife, nanatio-or lisa «r*. Comn iind b* corivtnowt. tOYOUNO. MtpDUE AGED ANUOI.DMEJt SnllcrinK from cpormetorrtiocu, imnoteucv -lost raaiiBood -or from woabneae brouaht on from errors or Indtaeretlona tn youth or orer ludul aeiioe In latatyear*, are given permanent reltef. Abvlute cares guaranteed; strictly coutUleiitfttl, Tumors ana c'aiioors cured witbout acids, kntfe. pain or Bears. Hew method*", Catarrh. Hew home traaiment. and cheap. Qunrantee to cure fVery case of dysptpela, cick headache, plie's, tape-worm nnd atrfctiire. ' t£r- We will give cpacisl attention la dldlcnlt cnsco and to case? other physicians bare failed \r> cure.* appljlu^ for troatinpHt wll! please bring S or 3 ouaces o! -urine fur auftly.alf. ThMC who are unahle to call, can write Inlt imrtimlaiB of ibelr cuso and hav« medicine (<enl «y eiprcfH'.with full instruction* how to be tain, n The flrtn of Dr*. B. S. & Co., were Incorporated cevitra! sears since with a capital Of «•""""• lieuce yon lake no cbanjse* If you »»| ' They are rusponclbki and well known. Address, m& itumf • wipf is*,jw. i up /** h fc 7 , tt I -s' .. ** 4 J _ ' „ ^~ to all part* of ttacity ',lml 1 HP D6d4l]iQ^ &1B6. oeat md SHEPHERDS', , Pa.; Torwttu,- 0nnaJa,' Jfttc ort, if, r,-- « tbp^wwds at wwitiums to b« ftilwl wit all ••4 if ft I * "• / » Look in upori>tfs before the Stock is broken. VV.R. utantbeiMinujfti SOO,«seJWMJU«. i yiM« &»«••« t|9CM^ iMDJT'S* <P> Mat;., Wl»4*o»i« Ster- vut U. S. CIGAR With H 17. H. tt^leo^lu>uj» Great IS Aj#k for ibe* . B. s. & a, CPl*l»rated'Hpeelrt!i*t*, Will Be At Marshall, Hotel Royal, »*iy Oitty Month, Pleasant^ Safe, Reliable DR. LANE'S . look Hnx 1<tO DR9- B., S. * CO-, an, Mlcli . .WANTS FUIIKD.ETC. Twenty cents a wceic for each notlc<^ »ot -P.H deeding UTO lines. IJo change lens tliau twenty cents. A GENTS *AKTKU-For war *tt Cuba, bj Senor (JUofiHta, C'ubnu rfpruwtittitlvo at WMhlngtou. Bndorsed by Cuban patriot*. l,u tremeuuou's demand. A bouunzu for SKenU; Only 11 50. Ijfie book, bigcomaiiHsinurf. Eyeri-- botly wuula {fie <mlp eauqAiett, reliable, book. Outfits fnw, Oredi, given." Fr«ti;b< paid. Drop all irseh aril luake &50U tt monei, witb W«r in Cuba, AddreHotodty, T11E .NAT1OM \1, BOOK UONOEKN, !i{0-3a» Uuitrborn rit., Chicago. F OR8Al.Ti OUEAP-Or eicbaoga ior»far)Bi: the pioperty Known a^ tlio ButUug property on B»ti street, for terms »pply to O. Uaiu the Inooruuce muu. »OK R Koo^uire ot oHJ« on North Mj MKii. WAI. C'UNSOK. l?OK RENT—Two story home on west -Ute I? su.ct. Enaniroof J.CAHV, F I OB «KNT-Ta v jlfc» and chairs for parties. Enquire of VanZunt, the axpreBuman. 17 OH liENT-Table* and ebalra forpartim .EngoUeot J. W, Leater, the populw M a FQ1RKST— S' K.Kaglo «treet. B. H OU»K of Mi toomtt to do»lr»b^ Itieotloc, to rent Kept ut. *"or pHrtlc«H»r* ioquirw ot Mr*. W j i,. J»uek. corner Mansion *«d Muitwiry L AD1KM, I i alt* big wugee,at buiau, and want «li to Jmv«^Hn> swne «ppf>ryitut^. 'Tho W»rk 1* rery jilearant and" will easily p»y Jl« . and will gladly fciood paril«ul«w» to all ' Of „ , box tttl, l _ ^ W ANTBO -iirl.fof uj . , .- City stsAABUu-flry. Brtcfr Black, M 1W W dieaa -f fca ow^aoj, Wi*t . tat W ASTS|>~ »p«cr»la«wt' tlw cW. ytaroiijc ' * WM>«.« W* at FOtt THE Stomach, ^; , Liver and Kidneys. K0tar CoffTpoim d Cures Dyspepsia and all de- ' rangements of tb§ Stomach. Kola Compound Cures Sick Headache, Torpid Liver and Biliousness. Kola Compound . Cures Constipation. fs a Brain and Nerve Tonic , and Blood Purifier. Kola Compound is the peer of all other jnefdicinee. •« , Kola Compound Cures Backache and Kid- x ney Troubles. Kola Compound Is natures remedy—potent yet harmless. It tones and vitalises the brain, nerves, muscles, heart and stomach; in" brief rejuvenating^' and building,up the entire sys- * tern, enriching the blood and imparting to the whole body the freshness " and • vigor of youth. Kola Compound Is composed of life giving, tissue building, Herbal and Vegetable Extracte, and contains nothing, injnriotts to the most delicate constitution. Kola Compound > r * Js indorsed by many eminent Physicians and Scieu- " If yon j» a»y detiingeiaent fytimqeib, 3St«* or Blood op Nereis* the Of $r. Iwtis ^ola Ct ^HftHpfttf. Jt will not §|« „ point vow, Price ^ eeut 7T ^ T ^? IT 5| «t *™ay ^EjV— fxurmsh ap^- one with literature, testi- mouials. et;. i» wonderful HSB beea setive jar«t T ^.- w _ fo* 35 yww> fb« . . devoted largely tofche study, ic cUf)£a8fy9|tk i»nd fiJHVftfffy of isale and tioii &ud ftdyioo #t ol C^HB ip towii ao4 wiUjwceiv»|»owt "'

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