The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on December 16, 1960 · Page 10
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 10

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 16, 1960
Page 10
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Page 10 THE BRAZOSPORt FAOtS ' SVNOPSIS. L nrnf toaiStwia toirf, for tSitlack pearl. H« now itgreto UtijAig put Santa's elve* and rclodeMto sleep* He trie* ,„ waken them/ by chanting Ml remem ER SEVEN >r KICKER sat with Ms f !« han ds - "Ican'tremem- ii that willbreak the spell,' iihapplly. mustl" cried Santa. thinking," sighed Gosten- i't. as I told you, lam very I <!° not remember things as I dld a hundred, years ago. ! why I would like to have my poarl. It will bring back my and my mlndwillbeyoungand * •Please!" cried Michael. "Please let me try!" ji WlHILE Michael watched in won•Make me the flippers an,1 lungs • ^ sct about pulling out Sr^iSSS* £ ^ofr-^b^ofglass, ' handle with two crooks on <-•-.-• •Usually," said eostenbrlckcr, ». travel sitting In one of Aecrooksbnt nil this excitement has Htcd me and* Upect we better mate ourselves com. lo sec tittle yellow cusmons •»'"»"the bottom and alatgreenquilttuckeil around the handle and bunches ot bananas hanging from Ac I*?•How do aB those things Bttefl* parasol when H* dowS" be «• claimed. •Who said afl those things arete there when it's dosed," retorted Gos- [ tenbricker mysteriously. "Grt ta now and away we'tt«o." Michael tntncd to SaWa. tatit* and B^oria 0^^ ^^ me to stay here and do what caathoughKwtfl aH'be uselessunless yo0 Rnd the pearl and Gostenbricker ds that wiB Kbrgotthtrt." There was nofliing** Aem tOMto tut crawl out rftfae parasol, fcWttup again. This time, Gestenbilckcr got the right words Ihe very firstttmeanil ., . i ___„ i.*f>*<**ti1«*4nlA tlwvflhfti T^fc-Mn,-*- ^=7id MicHael, hi, ^0^,^,0, / !e Michael gazed horrified at the eyes shining with excitement. hibes 01 pi Hnd me ^^ !u.u^"-»--- Lfal of sleeping elve.and Mr,. -oh, dear," said Santa 'I mean $•££%$£ and surely but remembersjhe magic word, mat «iB U fluttered her apron and ^-^—^ L^ W? Jng«mebefore^ }•*££. ^ GM « , rea sure ™ U M be dangerous mo ^b - «• fc ^ cheeky-'Wl, be ba^^ With all his strcngtn no™ »»»" KSSS3S±S A moment later, wheaMlchaelpeeped InaparasoL . , , .1 . t_ p »_. *.«•! 'Mtw Cf*mfA BUN! Isb .' 6S33, Buiv (ha Hit DUO Ins 16 12 Ml BBA This Bt »t <* FM ca mi loi apron Suddenly Coatenbricket'i face lit up and he said sharply, "PEELS .MELS.ELTTESEEVtEl" l' All eyes, turned and eagerly searched the room. But the elves slept peacefully on. Costenbricker drooped again. •Those musthavebeenlhe jamewords that put them to deep," he said dolefully andhe twisted his parasol round and round and pondered some more, Santa threw up hlshands andMra. Sanla collapsed in a chair. Michael stood in a comer and thought and thought Finally he came up to Cos- teibricker and said 'Are you sure 'you would remember the worialfyou ! bad your pearl?? 0 : " H, ABSOLUTELY," said Cos- .tenbricker nodding fall head vigorously. •Then Twill get the. pearl," said Michael. • '•What?" cried Santa. ID was nmatn-u. finally he was ready. He strapped a small round tank on Michael's shoulders and showed hlmhow to con- finished toys. At last he said, 'Very well. I must let you go, for unlessyou succeed we cannot have Christmas this year." \Hth Michael at his heels, he hurried Into his own private work room at the end of the shop. Hereweretools of every description, and shelves of strong rubber flippers. •There," he said, "You are now a Boyflsh and anywhere a Bsh can RO you can go, too." •Michael examined his treasure!. He could hardly wait to be away and at the bottom of the sea. =as±#s2 -..ygspssi .jb»-i-to»d.taW -JtoW^ JSa ,,.. 1-g ,, srrjMts; 1 sci^s--' put in every Christmas stocking mat 'Come, Boyflsh, we are offl year, jjoni wui*j» JK»™ " cheerfully.'We'll be back in no tims at alll' He climbed into me parasol and Michael, racking his precious mask and lung and flippers down among UK pillows, scrambled in beside him. A moment later, wuw*"iiw»»«r*-'-i— ovet the side Santa and Mrs. Santa were only tiny spedcs«a.viugjn>mfa» Wow. •Hare a tmna'tvaf saitt waste* tricker, 'and make yourself athome. It's along trip and I nap for I am over a- Ihoujand ycarsoia .andncedalotofrest Michael gazsd in womfcr at ffie ehrivelcd up face. "Arc you really .a thousand years old?" he whispered. his forehead, put his hand L._ — eyes and muttered unintelligibly to htrnseS. Nothing happened. Pcrspira- Hon broke out on me old man's bald head « he clenched his hands and .ought to remember the rightincama- Hon. He muttered on and on. Suddenly die polka dot patasol as ol as ime, he murmured. "And I feel every second oMt." With that he fell asleep. «W"HE PAKASOt sailed poacelolly I on. Michael fell back on the pillows and coveredhlmself with the soft comforter. After a while, he, too.fcH asleep. Wack rain. Thunder deafened them. The wind whipped the parasol mrer and over and around in dales. They plunged toward the earth. UK? were suckcd*ack Into the sky. Michael shut Ms eyes antMiungoa. Be wished, for a moment, that hchad nevcrleft home; thathe wawaKback tahisownlltdebed. Tl,cn, as sud&nlr«sthey.ranrtBto the storm they were out of it andUie parasol was sailing serenely through a pink blue sky. Costenbricker sighed with relief but Michael's eyes fiBed wllh horror. j»__ii •My mask and-flippeiS^Bwragl lie cried. They're gone!" inet. Randy wants a telescope and checkers. We need some good new trucks. Patde also wants a motor-boat that really puts out smoke. Randy wants helicopter. Love. (PS Steam SEND YOUR CHILD A LETTER DIRECTFROMSANTA'SHOME SANTA CLAUS, INDIANA Just imagine your youngsters face when he opens his personal letter from Santa, bearing Santa's official postmark. The letters are FREE and may be picked up and deposited in Santa's Mail Box in our bank lobby. HURRY. Deadline for mailing letters bearing Santa's postmark is Monday, December 18. Letters deposited after December 18 will be mailed ! locally. BANK OF COURTESY ^ LETTERS To SANTA 55:=- |£^r= \ I ... ,. am: -&W- tut /_ \LXc ^ \ For Dear Santa: »ar ooiiia* , , U( 'i have been a GOOD girl, j " Please bring me a Barbie doll. ••• " . _ . . „ rti^mnnt* na- DOI nl Tl BA1 ol MO Ban 110 I Mi: tui iU JU jfiease uiiuts i*«- « Please bring me a glamour babies.'Please bring me a Miss Dollikin.'Please bring me a Colored doll. Please bring me a baby doll with suitcases. I UKe dolls. Love. Gay Griffin Dear Santa: . I am little girl 6 years old.»^ I have been a pretty good girl g I think. . . I would like a real nice bicycle and a surprise. I have 3 little brothers, Bub' ba Bobo and Jackie. Will you please bring them something-^ nice. Love. i ^ Renie Groves i» Temple. Love. 'want a doll name Shirley ^ 3 Joanne Wathen ^ $ I have a;jB Dear Santa: I. been good. May I been good, way * ••"•- - g record player and records. San- a ta. I .want a basket for my bike 3 recoru pmjci «""* . ta I want a basket for my bike and a rifle and a cowboy haMU and a light and most of all I, g want a merry Christmas for :S everyone. _ , B Stanley Gartside Jr.'» From Now til Christmas! Givinq Away New TV's at Terrific Prices! ^^ ~jf • mHMBBV"" ••••i^^^^^* .. . ,—™n^*«*e«-^«3)fiSHKi»2t!!M)!»!«3' s 3' 8aSS \ i-v Dear Santa: — I would like the Wee. Baby, § , Doll in Playpen with layette-in ,.S the Wards Christmas Book on | S page 322. Love. ' S PS ' Donna Wathen j a Dear Santa: 8 My name is David Hanna. Ij 6j am 7 years old. My sister is:^ writing this letter. I have been j g a good boy and am getting good W grades in school. , jS For Christmas I would like W a toy riffle like rifflemen's; a S toy police car two pistols with G a holster, Jr. doctor kit, fight--a ing lady battleship and a po- JS lice costume. I like you!! Your ; W Friend. j 3 David Hanna « • ' IS Dear Santa: ' n I would please like to have g the following for Christmas: 1. ^ Tlifl blue and gray set. 2. Great- « est bittla i» history set. 3. Gun- s smoke set. 4. Junior trap drum fi set, 5. Yogi bear punchmg bag. S 6. Colt ^45. 7. Naval commander ^ suit. Thank you very much. Age; * 6J yaars old. ' B Handy Strickland i ^ J427 West 6th Freeport LVVI1 MI IIII* ^rm • »-• •••-•••—------ - REGUIAR $399.95 "NEPTUNE * REMOTE CONTROLS * POW.ER TUNER * LIGHT SCOPE NO DOWN PAYMENT 88 w/t ° f Your Old Radio or TV j^l Ad »• •* • •• »••—• LIGHT SCOPE REGULAR $209.95 NOW _ NO DOWN PAYMENT With Trade of Your Old Radio or TV ONE YEAR Warranty On All Parts! MANY OTHER [ ^^ 1 ^^^^^^^««'»s«« s « !K!: « s!S!tBtt REDUCTIONS ON ALL SETS I NITE TO 9 PM. EXCEPT WE D . Phone BE 3-1646 FBEEPOET

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