Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on January 25, 1935 · Page 4
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 4

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 25, 1935
Page 4
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T&B PAMPA DAILY NEWS, Patnptf, FRIDAY EVENING, JANUARY 25, 1936 TO III CHANGE OF VENUE IS GRANTED; MOTHER MAY TESTIFY TULSA, Okla., Jan. 25. W>>— The 'hivalld mother of 19-year-old Phil Kehnamer may testify for him when Ills trial for the murder of John dorrell Is held next month at Faw- Jbee. I Defense attorneys, -who yesterday succeeded In obtaining a change of venue, disclosed today that Mrs. jIYanklln K. Kennamer. wife of Ped- jeral Judge Kennamer, had been ask,ed to appear in behalf of her son. .-Teh mother of the defendant has been 111 for six months, but C. A. Ooakley, a defense attorney, said ; her physician would permit her to testify If her health is Improved by ,the trial date. The defendant told police he shot ;the 23-year-old dental student in 'self-defense In an attempt to thwart ,.an alleged extortion plot. . ;An angle— all but forgotten in frequent clashes between attorneys 'Over points In yesterday's hearing -'— itas revived today with reports ithftt the father of the late Sidney IjBorn, Jr., an Important witness, had .'.employed a private investigator to ildetertnlne whether the youth was murdered or committed suicide. The leather, Dr. Sidney Born, would |.tielther affirm nor deny the re- $.*'. Young Born, a friend of both if Kennamer and Oorrell, was found j'.iatally shot 10 days after the shoot- f Ing of the dental student. Officials KHave not been able to determine who HHred the fatal shot. '•;•' The defense motion for a transfer of the case, on grounds that the defendant could not obtain a fail- find Impartial trial here, was granted by District Judge Thurman Hurst. He will set a date for the trial today. Paul McLain Is t Headf Market as made this week where- Paul McLain took charge of the 'fa't' "the Home Supply Gro- Mr. McLain has been selling eat In Pampa for the past 4'/i a^s and Is well known here. t The regular stock of fresh and cured meats will be handled at the •market ' Merced, Calif., has replaced its fire alarm bell with a siren that can ,be heard' 10 miles. EVERYITEM THAT COUNTS •Use Dally NEWS Classified Ad SUNNY LIVING starts at the table How you (eel and how you look depend largely on the foods you cat. The balanced menu provides tho "bulk" to prevent common const!- patipn—caused by lack of this cs* »ential fiber. Common constipation frequently causes headaches, loss of appetite V,snd energy. Yet, in most cases, it «in be overcome pleasantly and Mfely by eating a delicious cereal. Kellogg'e AiL-BnAN is a natural food for normal individuals. It fur- "bulk" in convenient and concentrated form. ALL-BRAN also provides vitamin B and iron. Im't this sunny way better than Uking patent medicines? Two table- ii, jgpoonfals of ALL-BIIAN daily are imnally eufficient. Chronic cases, vith each meal. If relief is not oh. twined, see your doctor. Serve ALL-BRAN as a cereal, or We in cooking. Get lhe red-and-green ;.>. package at your gro- 'J W r'8. Made by Kel• ( 'x4ogg in Battle Creek. ALtBRAN 1 |lf(W> on the Sunny Side of Life PHONE 36 §crrtec imi «o«r(eoM 90-tey rnanntM on HAWKINS RADIO LAB, AJJ Make0 Typewriter* wad OWice MacWne* Clean. Bepajred. Worlc, Call JIMMIE TICE FANCY LARGE SIZE OLD FASHIONED WINESAPS LARGE FIRM CRISP AND GREEN POTATOES V. S. NO. 1 SELECTED RED TRIUMPHS 1QLBS.23C llfFOR faM BANANAS STANDARD'S QUALITY GOLDEN RIPE SATURDAY ONLY LB.3C THESE PRICES ARE IN EFFECT WHEN THE PAPER LEASES THE PRESS FRIDAY AFTERNOON. EXCEPTIONAL LARGE. .JT BO*-WASHED FRIDAY EVENING, JANUARY 25, 1933 PAMPA DAILY NEWS, Pampa, fexf§ LARGE JUICY NEW CROP CALIFORNIA GRAPE JAM MA BROWN 1ST GRADE SLEDGE HAMMER BRAND HIGH TEST LARGE SIZE FANCY TEXAS SEEDLESS COCOA OUR MOTHERS BRAND PILLSBURY'S BEST FLOUR ^BALANCED FOB BBEAD BISCUIT AND CAKE SI.96 SI.03 24 LBS. PRUNES Northwestern Packed Fresh Italian GAL29c PEACHES Yellow Cling Pie Fralt GAL39c PEARS Fancy Bartlett Halves GAL41c BLACKBERRIES £ GAL41o CHERRIES Sour Bed Pitted GALSSc SYRUP BRER RABBIT BROWN LABEL GAL 2gC GAL.54C SOAP CHIPS RICH SUDS THAT LAST LARGE <| f\ 60X19° FOB GENERAL USE WHITE KING GRANULATED SOAP For General Household Use LARGE BOX MARCO BRAND PANCAKE FLOUR; FINE FOR MAKING WAFFlS VALUES FOR MEAT AND PRODUCE PRICES ARE FOR FRIDAY AFTERNOON, SATURDAY AND MONDAY IDAHO WHITE RUSSETS SATURDAY ONLY BY THE SACK S1.45 WE RESERVE THE RIGHT NO. 2 SIZE VEGETABLES SPINACH, MUSTARD OR TURNIP GREENS CHOICE ARMOUR'S DOUBLE RICHNESS OF WHOLE MILK &TALL lOR ISMALL SCANS [APPLE Fancy Hawaiian Crushed GAL68c No. 2!<S White Swan Deluxe halves, heavy syrup PINEAPPLE No. 2 fancy jj Crushed or t Matched Slices! ; CANS FOR No. 2}$ West- Over Brand Choice 2 CANS, FOR CARRIED IN STOCK AT NO. 1 STORE CREAM PEANUT SQUARE No, 2 Sour Bed Pitted S CANS* FOR No. 2 | Northern Berries a ! CAN< FORi These will strike | BOX I CARTON/ SUGAR EXTRA FINE GRANULATED IN PAPER BAGS ROASTS LB. BABY BEEF SHORT RIBS TO BOIL OR BAKE Rolled Plate Rib Plain or Seasoned CHOICE CENTER CUT CHUCK CHOICE CENTER CUT ARM ROAST PRIME RIB OR RUMP ROLLED & TIED PRIME RIB CORN FED Q1 e lie FOLGERS Golden Gate Plain or Drip Grind GELATINE ROYAL IN MA. FLAVORS FASTEST AND QUICKEST SETTING RIBBON CANE SYRUP WHITE SWAN PURE DATES IMPOBTED PERSIAN LOOSE PACK iM23c SOAPS RED BEANS HOMINY TOMATOES PORK & BEANS TOMATO JUICE SOAP BRAINS BORAX PALMOLIVE OR CAMAY TOILET SCOTT CO. PICNIC SIZE ABOVALL'S PICNIC SIZE NO. 1 STANDARD PACKED NO. 1 TALL STOKLEY'S PICNIC ARMOUR'S COCOA HARDWATER TOILET ARMOUR'S BUFFET SIZE BAR CAN CAN CAN CAN CAN WASHING COMPOUND YOUR CHOICE EACH QUANTITIES OF ALL PURCHASES CHOPS CUTLETS LUNCH MEAT BAKING ? E POWDER ;19c50 PEANUT BUTTER Helmet Brand Pure OT.33c PT.19o CLEANSER PERFECT DOUBLE ACTION Fancy Black Or White In the Bulk Fancy Bulk Full Head BA® 19e Macaroni or Spaghetti elbows and rings LB. 15c Or Spaghetti elbows in the bulk BAG 17c FLOUR HEART OF GOLD, A GREAT WEST MILL PRODUCT Carried i" Stock at Stores Z and 3 Only ( LB. SACKl I LB. SACK' CRYSTAL ARROW FLOUR EVERY SACK A 4 I R FULLY iuL „ „ . GUARANTEED fcf SACK! Large ji :y t not a« ikln in s,'. HAMS 1st Glide Sugar Cured Shank CLOVERBLOOM Quarters LB. 3l l /2C BUTTER SOLID MOLDLb. 30k CORN FED SHOULDER CUT ROUND CHOICT CUT LOIN STEAK FANCY CUT SIRLOIN HINDQUARTER CUT ROUND STEAKS LB. LB. BABY BEEF • "• mm » 22o 25c UVEB! LB. 12 Another fresh barrel irge esh isorted HAMS WILSON'S SPEIAL SUGAR CURED 8 TO 12 LB. AVERAGE WHOLE ONLY SWIFT PREMIUM 10 TO 12 LB. AVERAGE 'A OR WHOLE FANCY NEW CROP WHITE MICHIGAN NAVY BAG No. 2 Pcarlctte Brand fancy sweet No. 2J* fancy first grade No. Z Size Fancy For Pies CANS FOR VEG-ALL Or No. 2 Mixed Vegetables for Soups and Salads | CANS* sFOR Ends as Cut splayed LAUNDRY P & G OR CRYSTAL WHITE GIANT 'BARS 'FOR REGULAR 48ARS IFOR P & G CLEAN QUICK SOAP CHIPS i LB. BOX' Mexican Ranch style in C'liili Sauce .CANS FOR MONARCH QUALITY GINGER ALE Sparkling- and Invigorating BOTTLE- Kept Fresh in Tin LB. CAN SALAD i DRESSING Largo 14 Oz, packed from Red Ripe Tomatoes ILage i Bottles I Long Shredded 1 in the JL Bulk 2 ' -- ~ Fresh I ' •' Young I PIG RIBS Small lean and iealy Fresh SM|I1 average \<i or whAe REAL YOUNG LAMB U. S. Inspected and Stamped PEERLESS HARDWATER OR WHITE KING TOILET ABOVALL'S PICNIC ABOVALL'S or VAN CAMP'S MACARONI OR SPAGHETTI, 6 OZ, YOURSTRULY TOMATO SOUP JUSTC BLACKPEPPER 1 oz LB. ROCK CRYSTAL TOILET TISSUE YOUR CHOICE EACH BAR CAN CAN CAN BOX CAN BOX ROLL Hooker Granulated made by B. T. Babbitt • »»§• I f k !• 1 !• SAN! FLUSH CAN SUPER SUBS BOX SODA Hf LB. BOX SPAGHETTI CAN CORN ir- CAN YOUR CHOICE EACH CAKE BREAKER 25< $1.00 VALUE Cuts cake without crushing it. Send 25o to PilUbury Flour Mills Co., Minneapolis, Minn., with part of label covering ineus- WKtwcAaKoim uring-siftcr on package of PJHsbury Snosheen Cake Flour PANCAKE FLOURS 19c / 2 Lb. 24c 4 Lb. 21c 4 Lb. 23c PILLSBURY'S o SMALL PACKAC^ PILLSBUBY PACKAGE HARVEST TIME PACKAGE HARVEST TIME BUCKWHEAT PKG. SHOULDER ROAST LEGS PREPARED ANY STYLE SMALL CHOPS LB. LB. 19ic 33c Fresh si e sliced to order Rolled, and -Tied hams DAISIES Armour 1 quality moked sugar cu ed •' >STEAK Fresh cel(ter cut pork shoulder LBS. FOR SLICED BACONS DOLD'S SUNFLOWER Dold's Sterling or Armour's Banquet OUR PRIVATE LABEL PREMIUM OR STAR BOX ARMOUR'S VEGETOLE IN 8 LB. CARTONS Sweet mixed foil 0134s Fancy Mvects in glass PICKL! Whole Sour or Dill in glass QT.17c A Four Tie Good Sweeper Value SALMON No. 1 Tall Selected Alaskan Pink FOR OLEO BUTTER SUBSTITUTE SAT. & MON., ONLY ned» fresh first L 25k PICKLES or d!H'!• EACH 5c SLAB BACONS End Cuts or Y-. or Wioc Slabs WILSON'S LAUREL WILSON'S KORN KING CERTIFIED OR ARMOUR'S STAR SWIFT'S PREMIUM TT "v»u uiuua LB. 24k 26j-c LB. 29k E A FLUFFY LOAF OVEN FRESH SATURDAY ONLY (STEM FAMILY STYLE CUT FROM CORN FED BABY BEEF CHOICE FOREQUARTERS BABY BEEF ALWAYS STANDARD'S QUALITY AND PLENTY TO CHOOSE FROM POULTRY POULTRY PRICES ARE FOR SATURDAY ONLY SUGAR E«r« Granulated SUGAR PURE CANE CLOTH BAGS 100 LB. SACK S5.19 D OR BROWN 2BA G 15C POWDERED OR BROWN IN THE A LB. BULK Jb BAG CHILI BLEND Vennedgcs 1 chili ' powder LB. 25c 2 BOXES' FOR POST BRAN JELLY SOAP Fresh crisp stock BOXIOc Penn Maid Brand Apple Jelly i oz. GLASS T. N. T. or Big Ben the Giant Yellow Soap that wont chap U BARSfe^JC TOILET TISSUE Standard Food Brand 3 Large' rolls FRYERS HENS...HENS ALL SIZES FANCY COLORED TYPE «*^e YOUNG TENDER HENS AND TOMS TOMATOES NO. Z STANDARD PACKED 3 CANS FOR GREEN BEANS NO. S CUT GREEN 2 CANS FOR PEAS NO. 2 SIFTED EARLY JUNE CANNED FRESH—THESE ARE NOT DRY SOAKED PEAS 2 CANS' FOR Black Eyed PEAS Black Eyed WHITE SWAN MEDIUM SIZE 3 CANS' FOR CORN ; NO. 2 STANDARD ^ PACKED SWEET , '.* 2 CANS' FOR CORN NO. 2 ALTON COUNTRY GENTLEMAN 2 CANS 1 FOR BEANS MEDIUM SIZE CANS WAPCOBA BY LIMAS OR BllOWN BEANS 2 CANS FOR SOAP FEATURES CLEAN UP Swifts White Or Quick Naptha Giant Size Swift Arrow Borax 43 Oz. Pride Washing Powder Quick Arrow SMALL" Soap Chips BOX ( BARS' FOR 6 BARS' FOR 2 LARGE I BOXES/ { LARGE" BOX COFFEE Bliss all purpose grind - LB. 24c OATS Large Quick Cooking Quaker or Crystal Wedding with glassware BOX 21c CRACKERS SMALL CRISP SALTED OLD FASHIONED BRAND TOMATO JUICE NO. 1 TALL BEECHNUT BRAND 3IF25C KOTEX BOXlO C THE NEW IMPROVED PACKAGE N STRICTLY FRESH COUNTRY—EVERY EGG GUARANTEED.— SAT. & MON. ONLY GOLD MEDAL KITCHEN TESTED it mm BILL SENATE STRUGGLE TO* OPEN NEXT WEEK? FDR CONFIDENT WASHINGTON, Jan. 25 (/P>— The democratic leadership, after - : driving: the $4,880,000,000' lamp * rum" bill for works, and relief '" through the house In a surge of power that flattened Ipst stand •-• opposition 329 to 78, prepared today for a more prolonged debate "' in the senate. Plainly happy over the house ae- 'lion in voting the money without'~* "strings/' administration leaders'" looked for the senate struggle to open next week. They expressed »i confidence thnt branch would ap-.« prove the bill, too, despite signs -f that som° republicans and demo- ' crats would make strenuous at- :„ tempts to delete certain of the powers the bill gives to the president. " After sharp fighting marked by).. cries of "Hitler will be green with » envy" from the group of republican opponents, the measure wan jammed;; through last night. The final vote ., found 27 republicans voting for the . administration measure while 10" democrats, Including half the Oeor-r; gla delegation, were in the opposl-. „ tlon camp The bill gained the sUp r .,. port of the entire progressive and farmer-labor delegations. . ; r Apparently taking cognizance of." democratic insurgents who succeed- .., ed in attaching some amendments to the bill and were seeking to "ear- ^ mark" funds for specific purposes, ,President Roosevelt had sent an ex- - planatory message to.the house. He had said "segregation of items" U was impossible because of the unemployment "emergency" and the > v "physical impossibility of weighing" and testing each and every project." .., Backing his stand, the democratic • i leaders had made a plea to support -' the president in his announced drive - L to transfer 3,500,000 persons from relief roles to public works jobs.» averaging $50 a month. They called •* it a vital part of the recovery cam- * paign. Among the attempts that failed was a move by Rep. MeFartane. (D., Texas) to attach to the measure the Patman bill to pay .the-$2,100,000,000 bonus with new treasury notes. It was ruled out of order.: ^ Official Pledge Adopted by the T«xu Centennial Commission l "I will think—talk—writ* . • Texan Centennial In 19S6I Thll l« t» be my celebration. In Ita mchlereraint I may five fre* play to my patriotle lore for Texn' heroic past; my torn, fldence In lt« glorlei that are to b»." Morton's Smoke Salt CLARKSVILLE, Jan. 21. <SP>— While many of the counties In . North, Central North, Northeast aild •%. Northwest Texas, which are pre- rjc paring enthusiastically for partici- uation in the forthcoming Texas Centennial celebrations of 1936, were •*• not in existence, as they are defined today, when independence "rom Mexico was achieved, pioneer resident;; of the territory, now embraced in those political entitles of the State, played their Individual roles in the stirring events of tlie . days of the Revolution and of the Republic. At that time, the womb of nature, from which were to emerge flourishing and progressive divisions of that portion of the. state, was feeling merely the initial . throes attendant upon the birth of , civilizing influences within their present confines. Grayson. Fannin, Cooke, Denton, Collin and many other counties, since created, constituted merely a wilderness in 1836, they were then ; embraced in what was known as "the Red River county," sketchlly.i designated as such by Mexico when . Texas still was in that nation's possession and itself was known only ,'. ns a division of the Mexican "State , ' of Coahuila and Texas." , Prior to 1836, this section had been traversed mainly by trappers an.(j hunters. When Daniel Rowlett came ( into the area, now included in the ; present-day Fannin county, -he-; found only two men who had come ' there to stay and had brought with ' them their families. These were ' John Emberson and Carter P. Olift, i r Hewlett, who was the first man '* to found an actual settlement in what is now Fannin county, came ' to the "Tulip Bend" of the old Red, River county, bringing with him •*:""• party of six families. The settlement, he established at Tulip gefld, first was called "Lexington.". The Red River county of today, greatly reduced in size from Its pro- Revolutionary vast expanse, was created in 1836, the year that Texas ' achieved its independence, from the > original county and was organized in 1837. SEE M. P. DOWNS For 6% Money On Good Farms and Borine* Combs-Worley Bldg.— Phone &$ Property , To Comfprt«bV Dr. Paul Owen* The nnfa>tt«t»i«t *? * I

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