The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on September 10, 1897 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, September 10, 1897
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• . . • . • • x/ The Daily -Chronicle . * * _ S -. * *"" ~ ™^B^^ f ' "" ~* -r. , >v * ' ''*Z\_ ^.. M&B8KA&1* MICHIGAN, FBIM'Y, SEPTEMBER tp t ,1897. |ttfr«t ttttttt* t*ft food pttre, ™ **«*«**» *«4 *•«*«*»<. ROYAL DAKINd tOHDfK CO,, Npf< YORK. Ratchford Says the Mifters Will Adbpt the Operators'Scale fee * MtJST LET OFF SOME ELOQUENCE A hovf form of Thousand-Mtilo Ticket; thf rdfltilt i>f Oiireful oonaid^rntion aad rfiatiussion hotwecu the railroads and their principal patrons, will b<« placed on sah*. Sept. let, nt -all important Miuhigaii Central ticket ofllcos, >TIle •ticket ieabld for §:«>.(X) with a rebate to the purchaser of SNUX) when used «p in compliance with its conditions nml is accepted on all UK' Hnwa in the Oontrjil_riipsc;Dger Association, forty(Iva in numbpr and covering <\ vast extent of Country. i^o milenge book has jet beon dovisod ao acceptable to all [>iirtio« concornod andso advantafjfous to the .holders. Kvery one who is likely to travel a thousand miles- in 11 year should avail thenjsolvpB of it, and should conbult the nearest Michigan Central ticket agent. Bt-fore » Vdt» In ,B*»ch«cl, Which tatter, * HoM^vei-, tto Ctattna Is Snfc for CtotAg to WttirfcJ-^fh* DUBttnlt «af*«ott yqfot Conventtoii—IUlnoli) C«*tWH«» to the Oppoiilllon— Two fteports «ri tloti* ComiUjf. Columbus, O., Sept. 10 r — The. eoAtrentlon remained in executive session until late yesterday '»f ternooiv adjourning until thla morning without having taken a vote on 'the proposed set- tfemeftf. President Ratchford Aald to a press representative last night: "You may predict with every degree of e«sr- talnty that a settlement will t»q reached, and that the action of the,' national board in recommending a settlement will be indorsed. The delegates are beginning to riee that the best thing they can do IB to accept the proposition of the operators aftd return to work at the price offered; While the Should hftve finished its business It was impossible to do so. delegate desired to say something garding conditions gin ht." own locality. pose being to sfirow the tlfat the company wa* not doing mor* tnan H had a right to do. Then h£ iaunthe<f Into dls'f usalo'rt eft -the str*s geaerafly, ' and satd that the meft Tittd QftKy 'themselves to' bWm&> for their fcrotibles, for^ they had allowed them- 'to fie Ud and 1 ' thrtt^ "sottf ttef« otit agath,;,' t>y Invlttnf leader' of th* rtHkiflg rtfhers at "Plurfi -Crcefe,'t&,f(*p^'tn his hara ^fef^r>t*a tne fttft wftft'tt iTertod^J 1 wrfhnth to ftwhme- * fl»t. BlflJh^lBfirt mad* of Be Afmlt'A aeeosatfpft -and. * " up ,. tot Armtt ap a "grijinjng, Cheerlf carhc- from th& aseitible Deputy An elegant lino of beltri, latest, stylos and lowost prices, ut tlulett i. Son's. A clever French \voman has designed thirty-six sepernto and distinct in sleeves "for the coruinjr soason: convention today Neaily ovwy re- and the convention to have their patn>"fYr>m the hfrusft. YoUflg as-to ,plar?• ftitfi'hghaitt under a'rresit, but that tftati noftde af. appeal to some fleptttifee wh# yi-effe in 6>>wagon to prov« bis assertions that He. Arnilt vlted him to ma,k6 a speech. The £r« nrt>"Vt*d forward to the support of their le^d<<rs, ftod Young concluded not to make the arres>t. BilUngharfr "succeeded in Beftihg; tbe striken* 16 retytr. to their' catnpt but the women remained and remarked tnat they wished to gat *t the t»e Artnits. The In tier stayed ii* tbe house in order t<? avc liMmuMe. The evicted families tfiovtd Uifir ROOC!S Into stables In thip twighbt rh; mi arid tipgan housekeeping In these temporary n;uar- tera). * \ At J. C. Deucl & GO'B. Cull i>n theiti before you buy tt rocker, thi'v have all kin^e and prices to suit the timo at the now Hatch block. Conn* in. iv 1 The Sunsllliift Ht«to, In the title of a generously j"li4.i»trnttid patii phlet of sixteen pBgcs in refereut;e to Sefukh Dakota, the reading matter in which was written by an eHihu»>Hstii> South Nnkota lady—Airs. Stella Hornier Arnold—wlictohiw boen'a rcMdent wf-Wta-Sutwluiie State mr over 10 years. \ copy will lie uiailtid to"- tlieaddrenii of any fiiriner.or. fjmiiorVwife, if sent at oucc to Hftrry Mercer, Michigan, PasnenKur Ageni, C'hioasjo. Milvritukof & St. Pau f railwayi 7 Fort siruot, W., Detroit Mfeh, ;_ J VfthUlon IMjx. In the lake regions of \\ i^corwiiP, Northern Michigan, Mmunoota, lows a«U South Dakota, nloug the linfrtof thuChicngur, Mil- wauk«« * Stt^ P.wl ttailwaj, ant hundred* «>( olifirijiiug lm.'nl;tu-H iirfciiiuteiitly litteil for summer hpmen, »»arly ail of which ar« located on or tifiir InKr* winch have not been .tinhed o'ut. TUunu resurt-v ratxife lU variety from the "full a«*n» for dinner" tn t}x« ilumjel pihirt ciwtuwo'fL/r 0vcry meal. Aiuoi4g the liiit are neiirt-.-. tunaUur to mauy of oiir rwder? a« t|»e ptrfectiwu itf northern euuier reaortt). Nearly all of the NVisconaii» . p<iiuU 9f interest-HrtJ witluu «i short 4i<t* tanee fromChrcngoorMitwaukw, nudnono ww 8a far iwajLilS» tbe "busy of eivUiKtttion" tlittt tliey oftuuot, be> Af«VI>ovra^Ur4vt-l ihq finest road in the , MUwaukw-ASt.Vairl Hallway, »two oent stamp lor a copy of. "Va- had to permit them When 1 they have finished the convention can got to work." The arguments that have been presented by . the officials..and .members of the executive hoard in la'Vor of a settltment have had Rroat \velght-wlth the delegates who h/ive eorne ty tho convention unjnptru.rted, and everr m.iiic of those with instructions have pone ao far as to eommunk'.ateyWith their, constituents asking to b> relieved of instructions that they ,tfiny be -free to vote as tbey ' deern best. .The 4}uttM>ion lliut I» UllHvult. •Should this drift of, sentiment continue until a vote is taken the proposition for a settlement wili undoubtedly pe "accepted. The question as to whether a "settlement on the lints proposed can' lie made general appears to be th-» stumbling "block at thisi time, if -the delefrateg from Illinois, Indiana, W*"-t; Virginia and portions yf .Ohio <yere assured ttvat the "aettlomt-nt would fo£ beneflelal to them .(is w<cil as : tii the mii\- ers of the Plttsburg distrlot th f 'J' would not hesitate to votfe for a settlement. The Illinois minera have not changed their position, and positively decline tp aeeept the terms of settlement proposed by the national board. The .of- ftciala b"ave partially met the mgunu'iit of the IHin6iB':mIntn-s by aayinfir that i'f the IlltholH: delegates u;lll agr»-e to a. <ejpt so th_at the nilnern of other can resume Work tb^ Illinois op» will be forced to pay the prle<s by their ; conipetitora In other' 'States. Sb«Hild Ijlliu'iig ftcraeto this arrange- mcnK Indiana and wSst Virginia will falf'lnto line wlthotil The Wfty *« O««t th« Ml«em Owt. Hazelton. PA., Sept, 10.—Striking mlh- «rs «0ntinued marching yesterday. Tt^^y' marched to Heaver Meadow 'c.oHl°iY and before nelug dispersed drove all the employes from the mine. There are more miners than at any time since the strike began. It Is said that nearly 8,000 are on strike. Arrangements tire .being\nv*de by the mlnerb' union 'for a general ^meeting, and the indications lire '' that 25.&OP' week. fields. men will strike within a embraced the entile Lehii;h Sfcflt lO.^teagflp bafte cores yesterday., At Baltimore— Lotris- vllle 2 r BalHrnph* 8; at Washington— S«pv£fand 9, Washington 9; at PHttadei* hta^Chtc&g'c t, PKlladelpriiis. a: *t 3r06&ljra~ Cincinnati if Brooklyn ?; at .New York— PlttsttUrg 4 New Yqrtc 4; ««fflfe) Pitfcbttrg 2, Ne* Yaflt «; at' Beiton—St. ix>a»« 8. So«ort 1*.* keagtfe: At St. Paul— Mlt- ' at - >'. fetf>»Jt IS; PROVING TM€ CORPUS DELICTI. State In tin- IitietKPft 1* »»>» flulinn to Huve I'urtloitif'iit tW«j \Voimnn. OhftwR", Sept. 16.— Both th«' : morning .and afternoon nessions in the trial of A. L, Lvietgert yesterday were consumed in taking expert testlmorj. Through chemical analysis the slate'muH c»tab- li^h not only the possibility of thehuman body DtHn*t'.dlssrilved. by tiie action of cnUstlc a rtj Heated to the boiling p< int, but als-o thf- tait mat the bits of pone; luur anJ iles-'H, aful scrapings of P'liikiKh'-bi'i/WT. u.atti ial • from the In- It'i-ior uf .Uir vat in tl\t xnu^gc- factory uro p< rliinis i if thr body of a human being. By t-xpt-rt. testimony they nxpet-l to p.roVo that-' Mrs* Luetge'rt'.s. remalntf are now represented by the bit 1 * of lioni', 'lltsh and hair presented. Two expert wltnecJtr*. have bfen <ulledi~r»i, Charles U. Gibson and t'rofoRsor. Mark n»lafon- laine.' Or. Gib«on, whose direct bxamln- Wednesday, ' goffered for thu state yester- wa» thai a pleie- of \fusi human flesh, ^n- niilahi dark stains t<>uld ».o< &y human bon«a w*re human 3, t»ua IftI Western AsSoctitlon: At St. < Joseph .i»B SJolnes fr, Si Joseph 3i at frock-., ford— trubtique d, JRpfckford 10i at Peoria »f ft,tpjd?i 4. t^Ma; ai'Bbflfnfi^Sn &, Jmrltnaton 9. Mother OiarRpd with infanticide. nmiifnpp, |tfteB.,SeRt. 10— W&rd has btfert r^wMwfed' by Proftseutftift Attorney PhllHpft from Justice of tfte Psjac'6 Raymond, of Wltaan, SpaKtlng township, tht£ n6unty, that he Iwjd for MC- aittinatlon a Mrs, I/aBounty, charged With • the muffler of h<*r "3-year-old daughter, \vho«e dead body was found In its cradle Monday. The coron»r'« jury returned a v^rdlpt of death fropi violence and nesleet. The little, body and head were found to be a wafts vt brutee? &nd sores. Attorney PhlHlp* will prosecute th& case at' once. Cygnet'* i>emt Wilt Suinlmr Nlni-. Cincinnati, Sent. 10.— Tho Enquirer's special ' £rom "Cygnet, O., says: Fred Synder, justice of thfe pwwe, died from Injuries received at the explosion. Tiles* <Jay night. This makes six deaths, and three others, Carl OiWicrfip, La; fayette Button and Herbert Stevens, are dylntf. Harry Stevens had both legs crushed, st> that amputation was neces- sary." _ ._..,.... ,., __ ; ' Po»tinlstreii«' Husband Arrested. West Superior, Wis., Sept IQ.— Andrew Miller, aged 72 years, husban-1 of the postmistress at Brule,, Wia, was brought here yesterday morning and lodged In Jail on a orlmhml 'charge. It Is said there was a pten to do violence to him which was pi-evented by the at.est; News, flh^M^L i^tf The ^tofc^tft ji Eveni Willfully fl StippI«£|3rt£rtt 19 csals a weeK (delivered X $1,25 for 3.month*( mall). A&&NT& IN EVERY TOWN IN The Evening News, Detroit* ffiM if Not Miracles? the great Four-C Remedy isdoing w6tk Wherever introduced as nearly miracuUwi as it ever falls to the any human agency to do /I will ei iem it a favor lor any one interested to write the person^ whose names appear below or anyone whose name may appear / among these testimonials.) My aim Is to eomlBCB the public of my sincerity and of the true merits of this BENEFACTORS OF THE HACK. Office of "KiHansHsn Titnw." I Kingfisher. Okla., Deo. I2.TW, f ^O*!«T«i«i»:-l believ* It niy duty to write »ou Mine in regard to the beneflolsl effect of Phclps' "font C Betnedy," so far an 1 urn peMonally con- A weefi ago Iswt ThoMdw, I WM taken , vlth a «evere attack of U grippe and In a short lime became to hoarse I Could not «pea^ aoor« a irbiswt. The- nl«ht pr«*fou« I hW coughed Coniuil«U>p U I»UI<Ii>il. ' The eommittee on resolutlona is about equally illvideij on the nuesllnii of a swttienient. and <wiil prooably pres»er<t two reports to the eonventinti today,,, Thei.e were some fiery apeeches in the >x^futivir- bexKidfi «f the «i>nvi'nti»»n >•<•«- terday by duli-Katea from Ohjo, IHhioig and- \Vest "Virginia. Secrtitury T, L.. Lewis.'<>& th*< »>hlo mirtfrs. said that nu matter what action the convention took it would not settl*- tht-'steiki-, and Or- ganlser Ray, who has been at work In West Virginia, chained that the conditions in tlw stat« were duv langt ly to it toelnj? oven un by non-union miners from Oblu and tb^e PittsbUrg dtrftuct. lit said that if ttuis* tw** Ji.-iirif-ts had fceen orgunized properly theie v\nnld hav*i. bauu uu U'uublt in bfiogtng, th« West Virginia mlneis liuo line. jEMMKUMttion. t>V«r U«I«K«Uu(. ppgsiticin to admit additional-dele-' fi-.o|ti P*«'n»ylvart*a ea^sed a •tortny 4i>s«iw4o?>- The Illinais Delegates objected »n tbe grottnd tha^ if ohe siaca '- ' - — friviltge U * The matter was ibj ali'on wa* bf.'jrtiii . further t«-Htlmony tUy, whlih in ilu.sii hf- prefii-nnTtl his opinion; • that were blood, l,'il H'.blood, and that th 81(M> Reward 8100. The rr- <l( IH of this paper w>ll be pbfised to learn i imt there is nt \cefi one dn-rtdwl diseat* thntwionoehn 1 ' been ab o torurii in. all it* Hlauxm and .that IB catarrh.' Hal IV UBtnrrli cure i« the unly positive cure now known to the niodioal fraternity. Catarrh being a ooustitutional disease requlrcn a constitutional treatment. Ball'a Catarrh cure is taken, internally, acting S'ireotly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of (be 8y»t«>ro, thereby dentroyiug the foundation Of the diseaw, . .apd «\v\ng the pntieot etrendth hv (vtiiUlin*- up the consfritutioD «n'l ««s-;«tin)j uatu> •» in Oiiin-f its work. Thf v'"t'fietor» havi> »•» ci""h '.niili in it* uarutive powern that, tlioy i.ffor --HP liundr»d dullnrs for any c«Be that it fhiin to cure. S«nl for list of »r»»iinopial». Address, l\ J, CHENBTf <fc CO.,1'olodc, O., Sold. by d UgginK Too. [_ llnll'H Family PiHn are the bept. x . Marly iheeutirp night ; just before retiring I todk i tesspoontul.audslcpttbeentlranlKhta* sweetly u ever I did life, notcoui?btngoBa*. . , mtirely reliaved before Uklng one bottle. Phelp*' Jouab, Cold and Croup Cure should be id every louseboia In tbe land. I send you thla wholly insotiolted by anyom>, for you arebenefaoton of the MOe in glvidg it the antidote for aome of the worn ftfflio»bn» to which it ii heir. Very Truly Yours J C.J.N , Editor. A MIRACLE. Kanifts City, Kansas, Dec. 84, "M • s ta«t Priday, Dec. », mjr attending physlolan (tated unless I waabetttt by mornlps• ta couW .lo nothintr for my relief. That night I com- nen<w» taking Ptrelp'* "Four 0" remedy, stopped til other medioiaoii. Tbe flt»t dose stopped my jouatt: slept and raited wWli a fewj&ore dose* •amoved all sorenoxB from my lungs; thanewnd lay I was op; tbe third day I was out on tba :oroh and to<tey was up town purchasing holiday iood». x Mies JEKKIB B'AMKT, ' .WashiDgton.Avu. and Summit St. GROUP CURED. On* dose of Phelp»' CQugb, Cold and Orou 2ure, trave my cblld liwtantjrellef when attaoke irith the croup. _ ' ^ W. E- Moon*, of Moore Bros,vOrpc»fi. Arkanias^lty, Kansas. .rduUfhousaSf and rat*s; for board, I inaterial tnifinrtanffi, as to admit 1 H. Hewfford, Oeu«Fal' l^awengej-1 delegateB might v-h*nge ,the vot^, the apportion wa« w »tr«/ng that' | you are going t«> buy H new pj|b of vliax shoes it wiB pay y^u t» Iwfcover Johu Butler's stock. Those of «lk «kiu riw eatirely new, aw ateo easy lX b \ T r-v~,? the bone:?, in his opinion. The .cro!-;,H>e)tamliiatIcn did not bring out -.anything of iniportnr.ce, and I'rofes- sor I.X'lafontuine was -called by the state. The prosecution i.-ould nol draw from ^rofessni 1 7 Of lafontain*' the a««frtion that the bits of .lieSh wtiv human lte*h. They 'might b"e human, but they inlght also be the flesh of an animal. Thejtnmf». he'was -sure wae human boiMsd, bvit-te- eardlng the flesh hu wast vtsp^-giiardsa ami i^reful in statement* 'At W> tlpn« durlhg the' day djd the def*>'dant display emotion, not even when the box v»Ub its grewsonie contents of Oi!»h and btne waa placed a few feet from him, near the Jury, At no time, did hi* hand tremtHe «r « JooK at ordinary-iiH tefe^r giv* way to pallor or aJh is that Liuetgart l» postteused at nervt; thiiti any otlu-r man who WUM ever ftft trial for murdof w ItKin thi of the crtoilpftii court b tiding. lft« If tlio'ltaby JH C'nUlntr Te«*th Be fltire and use that old and welt tried rfethedy, Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Sy* up for t'hildr»u teething. It uoothes the child, softens the guniB, altaye all pain. rw wind colic and la tb» beet remedy for diurrliwa. Twenty-five ceuta a bottle. . UNBROKEN REST AT NIGHT. 8. . J. M. Hutm>, Manacrt. . I Office Commercial Printing Co., > 196 South Clark St. I Chicago, Nov. 24, 'M ft. Phelpg, Esq., City. . SABSiB;— I wish to bear testimony to the great efficacy of your "Pour C" remedy In thnw and lubg ailments. As a rule I have been vki'tr tioal of the merits of proprietary medloiws, but have to contest that a test of your "Pour C" u convincing that ab least oBffTOady Wade Kiu^d] is worthy of use. My children all take it with out tbe least objection, from oldest to yon nfpf' and it is" particularly noticeable that benefit h almost immediate. 'A single dose wilt clu'ch mostcougbs in their beelnuing; it elves an un broken test at night. In my tarally "Four <)" is simply indispensable and I recommend It un qu»UOedly, Yours, J. B. HUUKO. ACUTE LARYNGITIS. Chicago, Sept. 2S. '85. Por years baok each winter 1 have Kuffereo with acute Laryngitis. Last winter wan so be it -J esuki -not lea»e«y room terAwa- wookg or npi-tili above a whisper. •! trivd every Icnovvn preparation from cough drops up and down nitb nd relief, then in (le»{«'ftttlo« 1 was induced to to try Pheip'* "PourC." The flwt doBc .relieved my cough, aivinit me the flr.-st niiilit'n rvtt ti.i weeki« Hall tbe bottle cured mv. I have uovfi been without this wonderful rvmi'dy »ino<t. It ia as different from other like remedies as malagae* from vinegar or sugar from sand. HIM. JOHBPH K . OIIUBB. . 6313 Mad t«uB Av«. IT is A MIRACLE. Conductor Eckard, rho Rollroiid .dent of the Neodasha Knn«t*» Iteldntur, to say of "Font 0." "Pnelp* Ii haVttvK a derful «ate-of bis Cough and Cold Rumedy. Wu personally Know It U just what it In od to OB. Too much can "t be saUl In It la sv miracle. • Iwiy utttu» houio from achopl out* day with his l«wd~Iiiaiy lacerated and bjcrdmg' and HUttering;>fr0at pain," nays Wr. B. J. He hftlt, with M*yer Bros. Drug C«., Bt. Ijriwis. Wo- "1 dfwwed the wound and applied Chamberlain's 1'uio Wfim frilly. -Alt »«ii^ ceased, and in u abort h<*al«d t without leaving a For wounds, sprains, e wf HingH and VW K1VV. aa.VB0«<*W*a.*0»a «a,*- «*« w «• a*) •*»•««•.••«.- --^ J- "' » — - - f r » C» , ,, • matter how long-standinfe, br deep, gto*. in fact 1 guarantee in all manner of , , Bronchial or Lung troubfe, not as a Cure-AU,but to gtve unbounfled satisfaction. Give it a'trial on the above conditioner* I tak$ all chance*. R, R. PHELPS, lift 53d. Strwt 1N €WGA60, ILL- t Proo, For sale byJW. T. DRAKE. \ knt>w of no tuedlcine or jt^i it . I Consider it a nereaaity." The 25 and {to pgnt nrr«ff fi »r <wl>«t,fif«M(io'» Drugstore. Michigan Mich., B*#t. i*i>«rt ffof bead b»iniBeric»g It; «i»iwk'were flying of. ot yield from Which wa? l,0*t,48 An average Jf,79 "bu*h«l* 4ft tfte tb* south*™ eouutlea wore U»an -62,000, Burns & Solids. "Wounds & Sores. & & Eruptions, Hands. BUM* wittoww t all mnoilsr <M•*»*«, »nf U atom »el it lot you. :r Sore Cows 4t Stings * pf and CiarksviU* ana «Vlti*id ibe fainlUfes of atriltere fr^na lit Armit bouses. 8»ioa the 0«etniU«B wert; gwjw; a wtab ^4 arnjt-4 witJi ciute pot tbe hauseB, mid th«« lay in wait fur tb* - At 1 t>. m. C. a»d 'nM>m4si H Pe AJtttit, witlft peputy Sbfcfia Sauiat;! Young tt i>a&& i>l t appe«ur«4 9^4 U>« eviction over agate. A *«rty «jE »«tl»bborhood by Inoft and aon tn eapect a gcod and dry' weather haa uudtiubttMily but th^ extent of d&ra- of whole world, and the reopUp <4 pla«er Jfcor*td tbe De & ball bau,.pick, b4p|f^ ITaty tao- i in sucb « b«I%ere&t tii* t 4(£ P« Armits were glad to witbip fiod^ of ooggetts io the early California offered |p prospector*. invtistors. ' again *pr«N5 *** giW fc*'«r wUl have , po«seeak>n of, thousanda o( people, CASTORIA f or Inftmta aad SOUTH W>t A MJU. Cwt Do WllU «1,000. Ae CM) buy M» KON* ot food Jfcwad lor 11,000. Pay 140) <*<>««; Waace ue in 3, 4, «&«t i» wot. Bacao also buy 100 «)bpl«»e*6« Id*: for »Hd batter from tba cows will pay all Joe. few Armit .cawe out OB tbe ptifcb and ike pe« » bin* to natUfce ccujpeioted to y a»d b* tLatered into »u of Out «MiftT*ctB wbtcb Ibe tba Jipg b*4 i^gtoot roads will have all tb*y Chica^^ Milwaufeie Jfc St. Paul railway, fto^'it» ofionejctinfe linos, offer the best feciUtteator reathiog the Ron further io|o«HyKtiu*i, street, Cbtcngo, , John Q L. Day Atteutloov aos tow revived ttwpiush ft. the to afepul but walke Mkb, Reduction In Prices on All Cooking Apparatus. \^ Gas Ranges $10.00, $13,00, $15*00 and $16.oo X; Boiling Stoves $1. to $5, according « - * _ THE WEJ^SKACnET ~^~"'.'.~,~7~ " LIGHT :i -,i INCANIMSCENT - GAS Reduced in Price After Get, 1st, Ptftm»> S*,00 each. 8h,^daWMl chimney, r ftjwl pioteeting pliade. (Siae cuts,) *,s J -J 'I f Many 0lte fowl l%**tea *fe»«l»» M Welsbach Lights Always Give Saxisfacaon, both an to HgW aqd eonp«ppMo» at gai. K««if 800 ipM 4a Marshall durijjg tbe p4at ye*r- ^ THE MARSHALL U3HT CO. f

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