Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 8, 1947 · Page 13
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 13

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 8, 1947
Page 13
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lecord Proves Progress Made By Scientists YORK, N. Y. —"Striking evidence of the progress of medical and sanitary science is the fact that our country has not had a major epidemic in a generation, and in the past half century we have experienced only 'one serious outbreak— the influenza epidemic of 1818-1919," according to Dr. Louis T. Dublin, second vice-president and statistician, of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. On the eve of the 100th anniversary of the American Medical Association, Ci. Dublin notes that tht prevailing mortality a century ogo was from two to three times what it is at present, nnd that according to modern standards, the death rates from some of the infectious diseases were incredibly high. "It was not unusual," Dr. Dublin states, "for the death rates from typhoid fever and from diphtheria to exceed 100 per 100,000 population; at present, there are cities Which havo not had f>. single death from either of these diseases in years. The death rale from tuberculosis in many ureas was well above 300 per 100,000; today, there are 10 States with rates under 25 per 100,000. Especially heavy wus the loss of life in infancy and early childhood, nearly half the total deaths from all causes occurring under age five." In addition, epidemics of cholera, yellow fever, .smallpox, and other diseases periodically ravaged the population. A yellow fever outbreak in Philadelphia in 1733 ; carried off more than one eighth of the population, and only five yoars later 7DAYJ5AWEEK SIMMONS Grocery & Market We have what you want — or will ffct it for you! 1213 AIcocli Phone Borger Iliway 171" Does Stomach Gas and Make Miserable? V so, here Is how you nic-.y get blessed relief in freeing your stomach from this nervous distress. It works Uila way. Bverytlme food enters the Etoraach a vital gastric Juice must flow normally to break-up certain food particles; else the food may ferment. Sour food^.^clcl Indigestion and gas frequently- ojiiise a mor- bjd, touchy, fretful, peevish, nervous . «tindltlon, loss of appptlte, underweight, : reEtlcss sleep, weakness. To get real relief 'you must Increase the flow of this vital gastric Juice. Medical authorities, In Independent laboratory tests on human stomachs, have by positive proof shown that SSS Tonic Is amazingly effective In Increasing this flow when It Is too little or scanty due to a non-organic stomach disturbance. This IB due to the SSS Tonic formula which contains special and potent activating ingredients. Also, 8SS Tonic helps build-up non- oreanlc, weak, watery blood in nutritional anemia—so with a good flow of this gastric digestive juice, plus rich red- blood you should cat better, sleep better, feel better, work better, piny better. Avoid punishing yourself with overawes of soda and othT alkalizers to counteract gas and bloating when what you so dearly need Is SSS Tonic to help you digest food for body strength and repair. Don't waltl Join the host of happy people SSS Tonic has helped. Millions of bottlea sold. <3et a bottle of 6SS Tonic from y&ur drug store today, BBS Topic helpg Build Sturdy Health. OOfl ftOAftDlNti HOUSE . . . VStB . . . MAJOft HOPPLE MY V10RD, 3ASOM, OLD MAN/ ERE t>lD VOL) UNEAfcTK THAT -.MPRESSNS UMtFORfAf - DM.' T'LL LEMD YOU lTT'sES-*—TKetJ YOU'LU gE CORRECTLY GARBED VMM EM vJe CALL THIS St*t ISA K|Nt>A MASH ^ MATURE, MISTAH MA30R ! IT'S A C'HAOFFEUR'S CAR A DOORMAN COAT AWD A IvMLOAR-Y Bf .WO MAN'S PAtfTS-"- ALL FUM klM- FOLKS/-«- 6V TM' WAV, IS 8&i^ DCWSR. \\JOTU »/ -_ ^4t&'J -V ._-•?•'• ^t^& OR IS fAV VJ^GE _Xl l«^:%^^^ S^W 5TILL SOM £WMf!r V"T*T r«SwV-V^» e - ^iP?L^ A Furuee v Wkjtim v ' _S^^±S OCrtRIP.M: PROBLEM •; WILL T06ETAKEM UP LATER = another epidemic of the same d!s~ ense took an additional one tenth ol' the remaining inhabitants. In H,r!2 a cholera epidemic in New Orleans killed off more than one tenth of the people cha-re. "The chances are remote Hint outbreaks like this will recur," Dr. Dublin comments. "Many of the disease'; which in yean; past took a heavy toll of life have been stamped out, While others have been reduced to minor proportions." Commissioner Says West Texas Fields Lead Nation's Oil MIDLAND—f/P)—The attention of the nation's oil industry i:i "centered on West Texas, the only area of the nation \vhich effectively can produce more oil than it is now producing," acording to William J. Murray, Jr., Texas Railroad Commissioner. Here to attend the opening of the 12th Annual Midland Rodeo, Mur- iny said. "The Permian Basin area of' West Texas with its huge, reserves und with its many new discoveries assumed national significance in meeting the increased oil demands of the nation." The Railroad Commissioner rode in the horseman's parade launching the rodeo yesterday afternoon and last night witnessed the initial rodeo performance. He was accompanied here by his wffe and two small daughters. His father, W. J. Murray, Sr., of Abilene, also was present. -, Here are the winners of last night's rodeo: Bare back bronc riding: Bill Hancock, Roswcll, N. M., first; Red Walker, Belton, Tex., second; Prank Finley an d Larry Finley, brothers, Phoenix, Ariz., tied for third and fourth place. Calf roping: Leslie WiUn'ns, Ysleta, Tax., first, time 15.4 sehonds; Red Whatley, Midland, second, 18.9; Zeno Harris, Las Cruces, N. M., third, 20.1. Wild cow milking: J. D. Holleyman, Ozona, Tex., 43.6 seconds, Louis Powers also of Ozona, second, 4C.5; Billy L owe, Crane, Tex. third, 62.3. Saddle bronc riding; Carl Olson, Alberta, Canada, first; Bill Ward, Angel- Camp, Calif., second; Kurk Greenough, Red Lodge, Mont., third. Steer wrestling (bull dogging): Tom Hogan, Tulsa, Okla., first, 9.2 seconds; R. L. Bland, Abilene, Tex., second, 9.G; Norman Person, Gon- zalcs, Tex., third, 11.2. Wild bull riding; Manual Enos, Fort Worth, Tex., first; Johnny Chapman, Port Worth, second; Wade Blessing, Glendale, Calif., third. A gentleman finds it imposible now to maintain both his surtaxes and a blonde. And since taxes are inexorable, the blonde has to go— mainly to work.—Anita Loos, author. WHILE LIMITED STOCKS LAST 107 N, CUYUR MOUNTED JUMBO Jumbo, the largest captive elephant in modern history, was mounted after death and now stands in Tufts College, as college mascot. BIG FISH The p-.rarucu. a fresh water fish, is found only in Uie Amazon river and its tributaries. Resembling a whale, it often weighs as much n:j 200 pounds. The famous Viilo ol Kashmir in India is about half the sizo of Yellowstone National Park in .the United States. • In Hollywood Ey EESKINE JOHNSON NEA Staff Correspondent f.TnJinson on KPPN Mnnrtny thru Friday, 2 p. m.) HOLLYWOOD—Are you tired of living a dull, humdrum existence? Da you got bored with your daily routine. Would you like to live ?.n exriting-, glamorous life? Well, you can. You can be a motion picture star for the small insignificant, sum of Sail. Now if n't that a stupid bit of chatter? Rut you'd be surprised at the mimbt-r of suckc-rs who fall for that same routine in Holly- > wood every year. We cull it the J phony littie theater lacket. IJul before I te!l you any more about it, I want to make it plain (hat there are many jjuod, leRi- timalc little theaters in Hollywood and its neighboring towns. The good ones provide a great opportunity for young talent. But where you find the good, you also find the bad. There are any number of shady operators in the little or racket who wait, behind the bushes of fancy promises for Little Red Hiding Hood to come clawing into Tlbllywood looking for fame. HOMETOWN SENSATION Let';; lake the case of Sadie Jom:s. Back home she is the sensation in the senior pltiy. So Fi.v'fg boards the train with a box ol c.nndy, her first orchid, and a head full of hopes and dreams. She has the idea that the train slops at Stage •J at M-G-M. But when she gets to Hollywood. Sadie can't even find a studio for the first three weeks. Pour months of tramping around to easting offices wears down her morale. Then along comes Mr. Phony Little Theater with the offer to give her a part in his play for the little sum of $50. He tells her that the audience: will bt full of talent scouts and she's a cinch for pictures. So she pays her $50. But she also signs a contract Sadie probably has no more talent than a scars-crow. Bui dues he tell her so after the first week and advise her to go back home and study home economics or marry her favorite boy friend? No. He- continues to hold out false hopes and collects more money on a regular weekly or monthly basis. TWO-WAY TAKE Now say that Sadie has lots of talent. She dors a couple of performances and Konif alert talent scout signs her to a studio contract. She makes money. But she suddenly discovers that "the phony little theater con- tiact which she signed has a little clause in tine print, just a little sentence she failed to read. It's a two-way take for the phony confidence men of the unprinci- paled racket operating under legitimate name. These few give the Whole Hollywood little theater business a black eye. The little theater has a definite and much-needed place in Hollywood. It discovers and develops talent for the entire entertainment inductr}. But unless Hollywood cleans out these phony racketeers who rob and cheat new talent that come to our town, we may find the time when the whole little theater structure will go to pot, and \ve will have no training ground for our future stars. $2,500,000 FIRE THOYES, Frtuice — ift't -• Fire which started last night in gu.-» line storage tanks here caused damage estimated at 300.000.000 franc:. ($2,500,000). Pampa News, Sunday, June 8, 1947 Pag« 13 Why are Prescriptions often Written in Latin? It is imperative that American policies, methods, purposes and principles be understood by the rommuii people of the world on both sides of the iron curtain.—Rep. Karl E. MXmdt (Rl of South Dakota. CANADIAN VALLEY PRODUCTION CREDIT ASSOCIATION a fast growing agricultural corporation organized in 1.934 for, and owned and operated by, farmers and cattlemen. Economical and dependable loans exclusively for agricultural purposes. Farmers and cattlemen with a sound basis for credit are invited to investigate our services. MR. C. W. ALLEN, Manager Will be at the Schneider Hotel Pampa Each Monday 10 a. m. to 5 p. m. ' <« • *••' C Perhaps you have no; iced that the prescriptions which your •-, physician writes are mually writ- • t*> ' ten in Latin.. No doubt you have wondered why. Prescriptions are written in Latin because Latin is a dead and never-changing language, universally employed in medical practice. A Latin prescription written in America or England can be filled in Puerto Rico, IJussia, or France, even though the pharmacist may not know a word of English. On the other hand, no matter where your prescriptions may be written, • we can fill them promptly tuid u<.cumtely. ThatJ J£ our specialty. PROFESSIONAL PHARMACY 107 W. Kincsmill Phone 1240 lively rings of platinum liant diamonds in ehan- ' glorified by twelve brll* nut styling. $335.00 Thrs* gorgeous diamonds in «tach UK gold ring, superior craftsmanship and Uelicata design. Mcgnilicent platinum duo blazing with eight diamonds in sparkling iiah- tail eetiing. $359,50 t A *— Capture the music, the gaiety, the love of her happiest day in these exquisite bridal rings—the most important rings she'll ever own. Choose them with care at Zale's, where each one is more beautiful than the last—where Zale's superb craftsmanship combine with Zale's low prices to give you outstanding value. See Zale's Styled in Hollywood collection today and COMPARE! Prices Include Tax 4 WAYS TO BUY: CASH f OPEN CHARGE LAY AWAY * UP TO A YEAR TO PAY DIAMOND IMPORTERS ORDER BY MAIL Smartly tailored ring-, yellow gold mounting set with diamond to please him. $SQ,GO . *«WrtIag »ttv« "Spurcllp lor bis tie, hand-chased side* with laddie do•ion in center. $4.95 Here's a popular Ronton lighter, with •teady 1) a m e, silver tinleb, monogram plate. $6.00 Cod will Hire thlt gold- plated IcnUe with stain- l«sa ileel blade and nail ill*. $3,95 A/gu» C-3 Camera With exceptionc.i (aa^ tures at low cost . . * complete with carrying $70.33 handsome piece of masculine jewelry will tell Dad he's "tops." He'll be pleased, too; if his gift is from bale's, where style and quality are highest at the lowest possible price, where terms are easily arranged. FATHER'S DAY — JUNE 15th Distinguished Bui ova for Father in a gold- tilled cose with 17- jewel movement. $59.50 Fine quality leather billfold he will appreciate with all ca-«vea- ieDt compartments. *$420 Handsome Banner with Jeweled movement, matching stretch band pi yellow gold color. $19.75 Good-looking B e n r u a watch, 17-jewt>l, uhock- reEista'm movement; watch of the airlines Use Your Credit at Zale's Prieet Includt Ftd,T«x DIAMOND IMPORTERS Authentic 32ud degree* liitq U ho'» a MaiOU, coived ol gold with teautiiully mount e d diamond. * no.oo ORDER IY MM .

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