The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on May 22, 1952 · Page 2
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 2

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 22, 1952
Page 2
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THE 8AYTOWN SUN. THUKSPAT, M A r zz. Coincidence Solves Theft Queer Court Mixup Straightened Out » A very weak case against M. D. shotgun end it is in ihe city police » Bilbery, charged with burglary, property room. « suddenly became air-tight yester- The Channelview case was con- | day because of en. unusual comci- tinned after the court heard the t <3&nce in. Justice of the Peace testimony of Mrs. Bonner Alien < R0*coe Z:erlein's court who said she saw Bilbery go in \ Bilberv was being held in Kous- *e McCullom home. She did not j ton city jail for .burglarizing; the see him leave and_did not see him ; home o< Joe Chambers and steal- ^l^ * fj" 1 - she £2 V d - :iSg & shotgun which he prevtaisly 0 , M ^ CuU ° m - a . fOi l« jn , an . « c * e ' hsrf sotd to Chambers. He was re- s f eii refinery, is locnea m the , JU^ed to county officer* yesterday P'^fi. during tne current s truce , 2fo£>!el here on s charge of bur- ^ d c° u1 ^ not W>*™ in «> urt ~ He 'gfary filed ageinst him by L R. McCallom of Channelview. if c- vCuIiom's shotgun was stolen during the burglary, A, V. Lambert, a. Housum t city ^detective, believing that Bilnery '•was being tried in Judge Zlerlein'* on the Houston charge, came Col- "*r -«-yy«'"y "-*"*" * A v** " ^* , *V%?]^ >*-!: will testify later. Sully Gets here to 'be a witness. He did not (Continaed on Pstge Two) know Urn Bilbery also- \ves Canted on the Channelvievr charge. Iri trying to untangle the the detective and &n assistant dis- iri^t attorney learned that the lege's once great "Praying onf-Ss" football team. His attorneys gave notice of intent to appeal to the fifth U.S. circuit court of appeals at N Bilbery is charged with Orleans. UntU the appellate court ailing to Chambers, then. from him, is the one thet ?.*as stolen from McCuHonrv Lambert said be had a statement 'from Bilbery re *.*« effect that iTe had bought zhe gun. from a. man nam<?-d Mc- Cullorr.. I-amswrt said he recovered the Former's Burned Up m'XAJTK, Minn., May 22.—(U 1 * —Fanner John Brackett was burned up Thursday because neighbors let his house burn do\vn. He said ttu\v would "not gel off a party lino 1 «"d let him call the fire department. V LINDBERGH 31EMOBIAL ?£fr LITTLE FALLS, Minn. — (U.E)— The town of Little Falls jnade a memorial yesterday of Charles A. Lindbergh's boyhood home on the 25th anniversary of his history- mafting flight across the Atlantic Oceanl The home" will become part of the Lindbergh state park in Little Falls. Special To Tr.» Biyrown Sun y Elec ......... >•• ..No Sale A!I«g Ludlum ---- * ......... 37'-= Aliis-Chalmer* ....... . ...... SO 5 -*. -Ajneriean Kepub ............ ol'-s A T and T . ---- ........... ..156 Aiser Woolens ............. 30 Vi . ...... .. 45 Copper Am. Cyasamid Beth Steel Calvaxt Oil •Caliiniet ind Hec : Canada So Oil Cessna. . Cfcl Corp -hrysler Corp J ^Creole Pet *-. - Crystal Of] / ' r ^Xcies Service r *• I>evidson Chem. .... "' 3-lJo-w Chem --J>u Pont Chem I •--Baseman Kodak ..... ; '~^- P&so Natural Gas i -^y i Tcnild j^nfr ...... r ITxeepor^ Sulph ».... ~- ^fen. Electric .-.. Ifotora md Rub .. te Saf , Tire sybound JBus ... rules, Judge Davidson said, Montgomery can remain free on bond. Montgomery said he • would re- m&Jn in office aa sheriff. He had announced May 5 he would run for another four-year terre. l?i sentencing Mo n t go m e r y, Judge Da\-idson said, "the officer ' of the law 5a the embodiment of the lew. There is a great responsibility on the head of the sheriff." "If he were a deputy, the responsibility would HOE be &o great.' Montgomery denied on the witness J stand that ^he ever "beat rhe government out'of a penny/* Gamblers had told of paying aim pro- pAXNfUXJOM"—(UJ?)— Vice Adno. HOUSTON fLE>— An 18-year-old F5LM CONTRACTS of two youthful sirsg«rs, Cbet Allen. 13, and Anna Maria Albaghetti are approved in Los Angeles by Judge Frank G. Swain.., Chet'. will 1 : get "51,000 weeWy. Anna Maria T *'as authorized to give 10 per cent of her earnings to. Music Corporation of America as her agent. The Columbus-Boychoir school, Princeton,, N* J., will receive S250 of Chefs paycheck. (International SoHndvhoto) h©f In Scooter Mishap tectiori inoney ranging from .*25 to S75 a month. Montgomery testified most of the money came from a. schoolboy t of the ^ Ce Institute student was fatally *!" injured in Pasadena yesterday nursdey , iViien j,^ motor scooter hit a soft C. Turner Joy stepped out Korean armistice talks Tnu ^ ^ with a parting blast at Communist spot in a road and skidded into friend he gave i3,000 as a stake negotiators and the statement that the side of an oilfield truck. S 12 « Sale for a. butcher.- shop. The butcher, he said was Paul S'Jggs, who became wealthy in a meat market chain he started with the money Montgomery .had lent him. Montgomery said Suggs didn't pay him back, but gave hin: a total of 56,100 in' 1S4S. including money he put u? for football bets; $3,700 in 19499 and.SWOr'ih 1550. He said the money was "straight, flat out gifts/' Suggs couldn't be called as a corroborating witness "there is nothing left to negotiate." The senior Allied delegate, who has served the entire 10 months The victim was Everett. Frazier, His father is Maj. E. E. Frazier of the \Vright-Patterhon Air Force Base near Dayton, O., v.'ho was reported en. route here " J — ""•and 12 deys since the talks began, another' is Mrs. 'Mabel Frazier, a. told the P.eda that the decision for jj ous ton school teacher. peace or more war in Korea "is in your hands." During a moving 1,200-word statement of United Nations aims, JOY said; Deputy Sheriff C. G. Wal&er said Frarier had jusl turned a corner onto a. shell highway when the scooter struck a soft spot and skidded into the truck. Frazier 37'-i € 59?4 -„_„,..„ , hosoital about two hour, o^ause tions ^vith sincerity and nigo. pur- ' Sugge etabbed his estranged wife po get ouc rather that you entered o d&ath, cut his 12-ye«.r-o:d them to gain ttme to repair your Try Sun Classified Ad&—Dial 8302 daughter and then scabbed him- se'f to death last February. .. SHi - 41 Vi Util 'JHouaton. Oil .. Oil ... 52 23 EOONOMF E,EOO\ T ERING MADISOX, Wl5. —(ILEJ— Dr. pold Fi said today his country has reached a "position for a h^elthy, selfrfius- taining economy." Figl told a news conference that-Marshall Plan aid shattered armies, and to try to. accomplish at the conference table \icf- A * fJQT!C£ what your armies could not ac-;*-*-* 31 ^*" PiWtiwK complish in the field." He then-turned his job over to 1^^*.^-^ b *«^'^II^M^: Gen., K. Harrison I onic Lodge Building and the land pa. which gl. chancellor of Austria, with the words, "May God be with i it is situated 3n Crosby. *v h?c fount.™ V.a« rPPr^Pi^ T,~ » opened _at 7_p.m., June 13, 1952. Sn.m- ADMIKAI. ^.-sce 194S has helped jAustria, "get -WASHINGTON —(HP.!—Rear Adm. s » '-wfarfo/? «« tha »-Aa« -m njmnnrriir* John ^RT. ,Rop (son Hodge No. 231 A.F.&A.M. reserves the right to reject any or all bids. For hull particulars see A. H. Garbs of Cros- jby Texas, or Ivey Bricson of Highlands, 'Texia May 15. 22, 29, 1952. Iron -.. -; Jupiter'Oil ?"Kfrby Pet . -.-..16^ ;..: 42. .... 26 nd Myers ^\ • > J"-"^ K ''-r3 : "' »'s )-' >^r ~* t.5?F^,*jt "9 sLz. ? Slack Trucks ' iSd Con Pec -Uximt-Dakpta Util Kat Dairv Prod Ohio Oil Packard jfotors • Pancoaatal Oil ......... Panhandle P, and R, ... Pencey's Inc , Ph-llipj Pet Pure \O;I ..r Richfield'7 Oil Repub Steel . — St. Regis Paper '. Sine-lair Oil — ~l Soconv--Vac .;./! Sou Pacif Stain Oil ; Cali£ Stan Oil Ir.d Stan Oil Ohio Stan Oil N. J Sun Oil Sunray Oil Texas Co Texas Gulf Prod Tex Gulf Sulph Tidewaer Corp .'. Union'Oil of Calif U. S. Steel Woodley Pet July X. O. Cotton up 15% on the road to recovery." IXXXT,TOTALED •" ' - , EVANSTON, HL —(ER)— Ndrth- svestern Unii'ersity officials said today that 84 bras, 107 panties, 63 slips and 23 girdles were taken from coeds in last, ifonday night's penty raid. , Roper, r commander of \' Pacific fleet destroyers, will rer [] lieve Rear Adin.^ Wilder D. Baket ]! as commandant;of the llth naval { ^district at,San. Diego, Calif., Augt V the Navy said today. Baker "will' retire, having reached the statutory retirement age oC 62. ?>§* ;*> I. it ^ tt -.; : *'f *. TRUCKS LONDON — OLE'— Prime Minister "Winston Churchill won approval in the House of Commons -last night for his plans to turn Brit- elns tongr-diatance trucking Industry oack to private oxrnersmp A Kovernrner.t raobon wa« passed by Commons by a margin of 305 to GALS, HERE'S YOUR BIG CHANCE! Leap Year Dance UP two weeks in. a Cleveland I ,v?ith an ulcer, Ted l^\ history in field of ,bandi«adir,g; is shown cordingf his varioua parts in show to keep it going: in a CIeve- : land nitcry":following- his collapse! during: a. performance. The "Is' flIP)— John M. Everybody Happy" man called in- 3E0ITOR DIES KANSAS CITY Collins. 61, editor of the Kansas a studio staff and recorded songs C5ty -Weekly Star Farmer, died 3^ mes from his bed HO that the e*r{7 today after an illness of sev- act eral weeks. He had oeen a patient at SL Lalce's hospi^l since i?ay 3- WEBB PIERCE TONIGHT MUSIC BY AND HIS SOUTHERN PLAYBOYS BROUGHT BY POPULAR BACK REQIT5ST continue. (International}, $] PER PERSON Affiliate—Libery Xetworks 1360 ON YOUR A^ DIAL 92.1 MS. ON YOUR F-M THURSDAY EVENING ft:00—Vv'ortd. ?fews. Roundup 6:15—Range 5:35-~Range Hiding Thne 6:45—-Are To u I.:sten5cg7 7:00-—Karlem at. 7 ,T:30_-^ira3or City. Softball . g;QO__Mooil Music 9:45—RTISS irorRan Stio'w 10:00—Sight Krftt-on—Bayto'wn Sun 10:15—Dreanatrae 11:00—Sign Off FRIDAY MORNING 5:00—Reveille P.oundup 6 :S7—Late Is'.c '7:00~TrIrJty VaUey Tunes SiOf— 'MorniiiR Devotional S:lo—Watching tbe Clock S :30—Late >"ew s S:?>* —Worirl. 1 o£ V.'onier 9: OO-^WorSd JCsxra . Roundup 9:15—Clicrches Ot Christ . 9:3fl—Dick Ea?or. ^ 10;0ft— 10:05—Start line 11:00--Lite News 11100—i!it! Day FRIDAY AFTERNOON 12cOO—Vr'crld News Ro .£%-ji*57--:^ •jf^.*jS^*i~ '-* r t =§f-^.- " <d&/ we cmnounce GRAND OPENING BAYOU CAFE AND CLUB KF/W• MAHAG&MENT: DOX & Gl^lTRUDE DRAKE TOMORROW NIGHT May 23, 1952 Come Out-Join the Fun! Dance to the Music of - Kewesi jLad Hbct Popolir Suinj: 3V2 Mites East on Hiwoy 146 $2.00 A Couple - includes ADMISSION AND $1.00 IN TRADE TICKETS THRU SATURDAY RIOTOUS SEQUEL "J4 CARROT RABBIT" LATEST NEWS MARYLAND CLUB CilLfiESH • L£SU£ CAfiCH THRU SATURDAY 2 ACTION HITS 2 0 XO. 1 BAMA, PEACH NO. 2 ^ LEO CARJLLO "PAHCHO VILLA Bdtn She Bars HOME DRESSED MAIZELAND . 2:0:.—Best.oa •5:0<-—Warren H-.-Jv,-rvrds •5:05—7^!. Vo- —ALSO— LASH LARIJE IN TONIGHT AXD FRIDAY THUNDERING TRAIL" FRESH, HOME GROWN Box Office Opens J., &-.SO Show Starts 7:30 LICENSE NITE TONIGHT & FRIDAY and 2 BIG FEATURES NO. 1 CiDARS DRIVE-IN RHHE FOT, Jr.. AlAK KALE, Jr. —PtUS— LA8RA TONIGHT IS LICENSE NIGHT! Csrtoon:" j: Trouble in SpoTt Feathers I Adulfs 35c — Children TREt * &SJI BKCCEHOl OURYEA'CRAWFORDaoaRE 2 DAYS STARTING FRIDAY .:fi*«*W<^>^i>*KA«W,-«-.%3!»^. IDJOTCMOHHHiV^EHRES^ — ALSO — "CHAIN LIGHTNING" — \V1XH. — Humphrey Bo^ert rss MENNEN 53c SIZE AND SHAVING' CREAM, . _ —

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