Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 19, 1946 · Page 8
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 8

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 19, 1946
Page 8
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s - „ paandHer OT Towns w«u»i jL~r,™- fcojrcts, son of Mr. ' ted Mft. Walter Rogers, is Improv- Itig; at ft local hospital after .an ap- jpendectotny, ftCA - Victor combination radio afld record player, table model also Small White table model radio for Sale ftt 409 Magnolia. Phone 2251R.* Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sweeny and Children of Amarillo have been visiting Mr. and Mrs. Houston Allen arid family the past few days. Mr. S*eeny, who recently returned from Japan where he had served with the Fifth division, Marine corps, is a nephew of Mr. Allen. Ladles coats cleaned to perfection. We give S&H Green Stamps. Master Cleaners, 218 N. Cuyler.* Lt. Mary K. Greene is a guest In the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Davis near Lefors, while on sick leave from San Antonio for 30 days. U. Green spent two years in the Pacific theater. She is a graduate Of St. Anthony school of nursing in Amarillo and a former White Deer girl. Just Rite Cleaners really know the art of cleaning silks. You'll be pleased with our service. Call 480." Janecc Franklin, 3 - year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Perry Franklin, 808 E. Craven, is receiving treatment at Northwest Texas hospital in Amarillo this week. Dance every Thursday and Saturday nights to Pinky Powell's orchestra at Southern Club. 75 cents per person.* Mr. I. L. Burrows, medical missionary to Assim, India, will be the guest speaker at the mid-week service in the First Baptist church at 7:45 Wednesday. Dr. Burrows, who is vis- .Ittng his sister, Mrs. Hugo Olsen. was sent to India by the Mid-Mission board of Cleveland. Ohio, and has been sttaioned there for the past six years. Not how cheap, but how good. Nu- Way Cleaners, 307 W. Foster.' Mrs. W. M. llafferty and son, .Scott, returned yesterday from Ranger where they attended the funeral of Mrs. Rafferty's brother, David Lawson. They were accompanied from Ranger by Lt. Mickey RaC- ferty, who is stationed at Will Rogers field, Oklahoma City. See the new 1946 Johnson out- jboard motors, now at Lake McClellan. Let us tune up or overhaul your motor. Parts available. Propel- lors In stock. McClellan Lake.* Mr. and Mrs. Mark Winton, 1003 E. Scott Ave., had as their guests over the weekend, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Trostle of Shamrock and Mrs. Guy Winton of West Columbia, Texas. Mrs. Trostle is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mark Winton. Income Tax Reports. Edgar E. Payne, 208 N. Cuyler. Phone 1434." For Sale: Gruen veri-thin IS jewel man's wrist watch. Been used 30 months. Call in person .at Pampa News.* Raymond B. Maddox of Miami, Texas, is reported recovering satisfactorily after an operation on his arm at McBride clinic in Oklahoma City. He was recently discharged at ' Norman, Okla., where he had been sinws liis return from cfeem. 14 ftwrr Smfofc. CKy caU. **h. 441.* Puller finishes. 514 Cook. Ph. 21fe.t* POT veterans cab Co. Phone J81S.* Mrs. Wayne Maddas of Miami is a patient at Parnpa hospital where she underwent an emergency op- trition early Friday morning. Have new shipment of parts and accessories, consisting of carriers, lights, saddle bags, sirens, etc. Roy & Bob Bike Shop, 414 W. Browning.* Rev. and Mrs. Sheets, "missionaries of China," are to be at the United Pentecostal church, 1046 W. Brown St., Wednesday night. Rev. and Mr.?. Sheets will describe their ej'oerience in the Orient. Wanted: Boys with bicycles for delivery service. Call 55 or see Mr. Vaughn or Rice at 408 W. Fosicr. Janie Crouch is recovering nl?ely in the Worley hospital after a major operation performed last Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Houston Allen, G39 N. Faulkner St., have entertained Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Graham and son, Rickey Lynn, of Durango Colo., during the past week. Mr. Graham and Mrs. Allen are brother and sister. He has just been discharged from the armv air forces. Set. Rex Robertson, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Tshirhart. left yesterday for Camp Smith. Ark., from which he expects to be sent to China. Sgt. Robertson, who has been in the army for 10 1/2 years, was called home by the death of his sister, Mrs. Ruth Catherine McCarthy, who was killed in an auto accident January 1C; and also the death of his brother, G. W. Robertson, whose death in an auto accident occurred Feb. 9. Mr. Tshirhart will leave today for San Francisco where he is a member of the merchant marine. ' "5? "^ ^ t. * C&J ** * * ***t i*"*^ S t r i ** 11 , r" />'' RleeCtefllwl" r*.TSSf' £ Y. I* P |||| ? • *'• rftfci?;: Centennial (Continued Irom page one) the wishes of the two republics now joined on one. . . . The Republic of Texas is no more." As thfc President spoke, the Lone Star flag was furled, then lowered, a crash of artillery gave the salute, and the flag of the United States was run up over the capital. The infant siatc's first governor took office with these words: "This day and .within this very hour has been consummated the great work of annexation x x x We have this day fully entered the union of the North American states. . . . Henceforth the prosperity of our sisler states will be our prosperity —their happiness our happiness— their quarrels will be our quarrels, and in their wars we will freely participate." An earlier ceremonies began promptly at noon with an eloquent prayer by R. E. B. Baylor, who called on "the supreme governor" for guidance, gratefully acknowledging his wisdom and goodness. The invocation was followed promptly by President Jones' valedictory and the oath of office was administered to Governor Henderson. The legislature had actually been in session since Feb. 16, and planned to resume its deliberations immediately to meet the new problems of reconversion from the republic to statehood. Does the Atom Bomb Explain Bible Miracles According to Edwin J. Dingle, world-renowned geographer, honored by leading geographical societies, the power of the atom as disclosed in the atom bomb, is small compared with little known and seldom used powers of the human brain. He maintains that man, instead of being limited by an average man power mind, has within him the mind power of a thousand men or more, as well as the energy power of the universe which can be used In his daily affairs. According to him, this sleeping giant of mind-power, when awakened, can make man capable of surprising accomplishments. It is as amazing as the atom bomb is compared with former sources of energy. Many thousands of people throughout the world have already tried his methods. Many report improvement in power of mind, achievement of brilliant business and professional success. Others report improvement in health, increased strength, courage, poise or energy, or a more magnetic personality. He tells how he found these strange methods in far off and mysterious Tibet, often called the land of miracles by the few travelers permitted to visit it. Here, he discloses, he learned rare wisdom and long hidden practices, closely guarded for three thousand years by the sages, which enabled many to perform amazing feats. These immense powers, he maintains, are latent in all of us, and methods for using them are now simplified so that they can be used by almost any person with ordinary intelligence. , As part of a great movement to make his methods available to more people, a 9,000-word treatise is offered absolutely free for the time being. It reveals many startling results. Readers of this announcement can get their free copy by sending a post card or letter to the Institute of Mentalphysics, 213 S. Hobart Blvd., Dept. W-56T, Los Angeles 4, Calif. Readers are urged to write promptly, because this offer may be withdrawn at any time. adv. —s republican plafi to wrtfe ft definite formnla tot junking ceilings. AS 6. spokesman for the agfiney told the house banking committee that fill controls except rents probably can be eliminated next year, Rep. Wolcott (Mich.), ranking committee republican, said he favors a system that would provide for gradual but forced OPA liquidation. This could be accomplished, Wolcott told reporters, by an amendment reo.uiring removal of price ceilings in each Industry when it is found that production has reached 75 percent of normal output. He would base the industry-by- industry decontrol on findings by OPA's own advisory committees, with any disputes to bo settled by the emergency court of appeals. Wolcott said he might offer this and two other amendments to the bill before the committee to extend the price control law one year beyond its June 30 expiration date. The others, lie said, would: 1. Redefine OPA's scope of powers "to confine controls to prices and rents and prevent use of the powers to control the economy." 2. Set up a pricing formula under which reconverting industries need not wait for an OPA price but could apply a specific percentage increase above their prewar price. This figure would be subject to OPA review. Administration supporters, however, are determined to push for' passage of the extension bill without change. The banking committee meanwhile invited Chester Bowles to return to Capitol Hill for questioning on his statement yesterday that under President Truman's new wage-price policy the prices of food, shelter and clothing—the three essentials of living—can be held at about their present levels. Pauley Hearing Continuefl from Puge One Pauley said. He said he did not suggest to Patterson that contributions be made by corporation officers. SWORN AS WITNESS At this point Tobey demanded to be sworn as a witness and then testified he had talked recently to Hitterson in Denver and the airlines president had confirmed a report that Tobey had received previously. When he started to read the telegram which he said Patterson had sent him in further confirmation, Walsh halted him. INTERESTS IN OIL Pauley told the committee earlier that neither Postmaster Gene Hannegan nor any government official had interests in his oil and other financial holdings. Under Tobey's questioning, he said he once discussed a possible investment by Hannegan but it never developed. Senator Tobey (R-NH) promised "new evidence" today in his fight to block Edwin W. Pauley's appointment as undersecretary of the navy. Pauley supporters, however, saw new hope for their cause in the senate's confirmation of another Truman nominee — George E. Allen to be an RFC director. The senate naval committee called Pauley back to the stand. But Tobey said the former democratic national committee treasurer would have to wait a while before presenting what Pauley described as a lengthy "affirmative statement" discussing his controversy with Harold L. Ickes. Allen, Pauley's former colleague oily the party's national committee, won approval to a two-year term as Reconstruction Finance corporation director on a voice vote. It came after the senate voted down, 43 to 27, a proposal by Senator Langer (R-ND) to send the nomination back to the banking committee for an inquiry into Allen's activities as a director of General Aniline and Film corporation. 1'trSiftAt' :2R—TnfttS 6y ftequeSt. :26—Thtftt*r Pagre. :30—J. t. Rwfodle. :4r»—Ivrna TYnnefn. :00--Here'* Howe—MBS. :lfi—Blnp fthylhm Bnj*n. » :30—Cnptnin Mliinttrht—MBS. :45—Tom Mix-MBS. :00—Fulton Lewis Jr.. News—MBS. :1B—Korn Kobblera—MDS. :30—Arthur Hnle—MBS. :4B—Inside of Sports—MBS. :00—Brotherhood Week—MBS. :30—Arfven. of The Falcon—MBS. :00—Dnncf Music, :15—Rtnl Stories From Renl Life— MBS. 30—Amerlcnn Forum oC the Air—MBS. 15—Dnnce Music. 30—The Better Hnlf-—MBS. 00—All the News—MBS. lB--Riiy Anthony's Orrh.—MBS. 3«—BtWic Howunl's Orch. -MBS. 5B—Mutual Ri-pnrtR The News—MBS. 00—Goo<lnitrht REMEMBER WHEN? Norman Brokenshire reminisces on nostalgic days gone by on his new program, "Remember," which features rare recordings of famed entertainers of yesteryear over Mutual Monday through Friday. WKUNEHDAY (i:8fl—Ynwn 1'iitrol. 7:00—Open Bible. 7 ::tO—Johnny Belts. 7:15 Scmi.-s on the RanEB. 8 Kill—Frailer Hunt—MHS. S:lfi—Shutly Vnlley Folks—MBS. S:30—Shady Vallei—MBS. S :B5—Momt'nW of'Melody. !>:UO—Once Over Lightly—MBS. 9:15—Pumpa Party Line. fl:30—Tie Tori: Time—MHS. • 9:45—Fun with Music—MBS. 10:00—Cecil Brown—MBS. 10:15—Elaa Maxwell—MBS. 10:30—Pinno Music. 10:45—Victor H. Limlhnr—MBS. ll:00--Lylc Van, News.—MBS. 11:15—Songs by Morton Downey—MBS. 11:30—J. L. Swindle. 11 -Aa— -Quaker City Serenade—MBS. 12:00—Sone Stylinge of Irmu Francis. 12:15—Shamrock Church of Christ. 12:30—Luncheon With Lopez—MBS. 12:45—John J. Anthony—MBS. 1 ; oo—Cedric Foster—MBS. 1:15—Smile Time—MBS. 1:30—Queen for n Day—MBS. 2:00—Griffin Reportinpr—MBS. 2:15—Pnlmcr House Concert—MBS. 2 :30—Remember—MBS. 2:4ii—Sonus in n Modern Manner. 3 -.00—Kraliin Johnson—MBS. 3:15—Johnson Family—MBS. 3:30—Mutual Melody Houi—MBS. •1:00—Tunes By Request. Tonight on Networks NBC—7 Johnny Desmond. 7:30 Date With Jmly; R Amos nnd Andy; R:30 Fibber Mcfii'o and Molly; 9 Dob Hope . . . CBS—7 Bilf Town; 7::)0 Theater of Ko- mtiiu'i 1 ; K Inner Suitatitm; K::U) Thin Is My Host; 11 Hub Crosby . . . AliC—8 Guy Lornbardo; !) Concert Time; !):30 Houxli-r Hop . . . CliS -7:'.l(> Adventures of the Falcon; 8:80 American Forum of th« Air; 11:30 The Heller Half. Tomorrow on Networks 1:30 a.m. Dayiimr: Classics; 12 noon Sketches in Melody; 7 Mr. ami Mrs. North; 7:30 Hildeuardc; S F.ddie Cantor; 8:30 Mr. District Attorney; 9 Kay Kyser . CBS—8:15 a.m. Arthur Godfrey; 3 p.m. House Party; 0:30 Ellery Queen; 8 Jack Carson; 7:30 Dr. Christian; 8 Frank Sinatra . . . ABC--10 Breakfast in Hollywood; 1:30 Bride and Groom; 7:30 Fishing ontl Hunting Club; 8 -.30 So You Want to Lead u Baml . . . MBS—12:15 p.m. Vincent Lopez; 3:30 Melody Hour; 7 What's the Name of That Song; 8:30 Spotlight Bands; 9:00 Radio Auction. KatheHne *tae Stuart, 18, half<sister of Mrs. Teal*. -CaS«n Hafcy, nephew 6f Mrs. Teal % marriage, who worked ns a dish washer In the cafe and Bud Kti&bles. Just after Mrs. Teal was stabbed she called to: her half-sister. Miss Stuart, who was sitting, at the counter, "Run, baby, run!" according to testimony given by Miss Stuart. The latter said she ran from the cafe over to Lightfoot's grocery, being closely pursued by Holmes. Holmes caught up with Miss Stu-, art in the cafe and "sticked" her three or four times. Miss Stuart had taken refuge behind Miss Norma Faye Eastman, employed by E. L. Lightfoot in his grocery. Immediately after sticking Miss Stuart. Holmes said ho went straight for vVliite Deer, walking along the tracks, and hitch-hiked from there to Dallas where he caURht a train for New Orleans where he was located, having relatives there. In the Union station at Dallas Holmes said he lost his knife, it falling through a hole in his pocket to his sock, and then somewhere in the station. Holmes said ne did not intend to kill Mrs. Teal, and when he left Pampa did not know that he had killed her. In the morning of the same day Holmes had asked and received of Seymour Teal money with which to pay a fine for being arrested at a possum house, said Holmes. At noon Holmes was in the cafe asking for a sandwich from Mrs. Teal who, said Holmes, refused to serve him, and threatened to kill him. Holmes said it was his belief Miss Stuart added to the threat while she was working back in the kitchen, "making mouth work," although he could not definitely hear what she was saying. Holmes said lie believed Mrs. ^Tcal threatened him because she wanted two pictures of herself Holmes was carrying in his pocket. Holmes did not explain how he came into possession of the pictures, but mentioned that he had met Mrs. Teal in Louisiana at which time he did not know she was married. Because of being afraid of the two women who had threatened him, said Holmes, he left the cafe, returning that night about G p. m., because Mrs. Teal told him to return, evidently to meet her husband in connection with the money borrowed ecrller in the day. Holmes said he wasn't "aimin' to kill' when he went back . . "I struck her over the gate," . . . "I struck her with a knife 'cause she said she'd kill me." Asked why he later chased Kath- fctey, s&vifte aa> for the State, first descrlbfe-ft the location and constraction of the cafe &nd the jfositionS ot occwflttny in the cafe. Calvin said he had been sitting in one booth ot. the cafe and that he had seen Holmes stab his aunt three times. Calvin became a bit\ confused, changing his testimony as to details several times. However, he claimed to have seen Holmes stab his aunt and that when" Holmes ran past him in leaving the cafe Holmes struck at him with the knife and he fell into the nearest corner. When Holmes left Hazy helped his aunt over to Brooke's hotel. She died within the next hour. County Attorney W.alter Rogers was the attorney for the State. Clifford Braley and B. S. Via were the attorneys for the defense, appointed by the court. Judge W. R. Ewing presided at the bench. The verdict was read by County Clerk Doe Patterson. Eisenhower To Vtoli Texas Aggie Affair EISENHOWER- COLLEGE STATION, Feb. 19—tfP) —Gen. D wight D. Elsenhower, chief of 'staff of the U. S. army, is expected to attend the Texas A. and M. college victory homecoming and muster April 21, president Gibta Gilchrist announced. In a letter which Gilchrist released, Gen. Elsenhower wrote "I will certainly do my best to get there" barring "any unexpected interruptions of schedule." Political Calendar The Pampa News has been authorized to present the names of the following citizens ns candidates for office, subject to the action of the Democratic voters, at their primary election Saturday, July 27. For District Judge: H. B. HILL For County Clerk: CHARLIE THUT For County Commissioner— Prcct. 3: • JAMES HOPKINS Prect. 1; JOE CLARKE Prcct. 2: WADE THOMASSON For County Attorney: B. S. VIA For County Tax Assessor and Collector:' F. E. LEECH Read Classified Ads In the News to Tcp Minstrel Show l*ienty of fhyt^tti fttsrn hot saxophones arid sme&rtttg ti-ohibones ot Keft Bennett's ofeftestt-ft trill set the mood for the 1917 Dixie Land Lions Minstrel to be held Thursday and Friday ftt the Junior high School auditorium. Dress rehearsal for the cast will be at 7 o'clock tonight at the auditorium, the final rehearsal after three weeks of practice. One of the special features of the show will be Btlly Hutchinson's rendition of Smiley Burnett's latest composition, "It's My Lazy Day," which the Lions club has received special permission to use. Smiley Burnett is a Hollywood actor for Republic pictures. Other features along with Uie GO- m.m chorus, the conventional end men and interlocutor, will be specialty numbers by Merrybelle Hazzard, Max Presnell, C. H. Branson, Dude Balthrope, La Nelle, Scheih- agan, Jackie Dunham/ Irma Francis, Norman Carr, Elizabeth Sevvcll, Joali Coonrod, Dr. Malcolm Brown and members of the high school. The Minstrel will be In two acts, with entertainment between acts. Still another highjight of the packed program will be a special arrangement 'by the "Squeaky Door Four," namely, "Sleepy Kentucky Bake." Members of the Squeaky Door and Dude Balthrope, Chick Hlckman, Bunny Schutz and E. O. Wedgeworth. h'eife. . the Held mild \& (MJT4 18 oflate tm tfi? mbJ-e feMet tie stated that lie Was that no major airline wtrtila %t-ffi* tereSled In making a stop W Pifft* pa befcause of the preftttiii'iy 6t $Jf$ well-established pott' at Aifiannd. "However," Weblj continued, "tl are fairly certain that a f6ed& UM will be established here affd iter field is adequate for one or mtrte bf these lines." The No. 2 army auxiliary field, around which most of the dis<hl§- sion has centered, is located ftbttul five miles northwest of Pampa and Is equipped with three paved hih* ways, forming a triangle. Webb said, however, the mahl- tcnance costs are very high on black* topped runways and that the sod runways used at the municipal field are in good condition and would ftC* commodate almost any plane fex* cept for huge freight liners Michas the army's DC-3. Spaniards landing in Mexlcd in 1519 found the natives of Yucatan using tobacco both for smoking and for snuff. TIGHTEN DP MINEOLA, N. Y., Feb. Motorists suspected of intoxication will tie put through an addition to the standard sobriety test by Nassau county police beginning tomorrow. The suspect—besides walking a chalkline—will have to recite: "Around the rough and rugged rocks the ragged rascal ran." And if can't recite—he's tight. MARTIAL CUPID HARBISBUBG, Pa., Feb. 19.—<tf>> —Daniel E. Sullivan, Emporium, Pa., farmer told an army recruiting officer, "It's up to us older fellows to get the younger men home so they can get married and raise families." , But the army turned a deaf ear. At 03, he was too old. The sun sends 400,000 times as much light to the earth as the moon, which reflects only what it gets from the sun. H. B. Hill says: My father often said, "Never try to beat a man at his own game." NOTICE THE STATE OF TEXAS, County of Gray. To those indebted to, or holding claims against the Estate of J. J. Crutchfield, Deceased: The undersigned having been duly appointed independent exec* utrix of the Estate of J. J. CrUtch- field, Deceased, late of Gray Cbun- ty, Texas, by Sherman White,, Judge of the County Court of said County on the 4th day of February, A. D. .1940, hereby notifies all persons indebted to said estate to come' forward and make settlement, and those having claims against said estate to present them to ,her with-, in the time ^prescribed by law at her residence, Pampa, Gray County, Tdxas, where she receives:'her mail, this 4th day of February, A. D. 1946. •MATTIE CRUTCHFIELD. Independent Executrix of the Estate of J. J. Crutchfield, Deceased. Feb. 5, 12, 19 & 20. Piles! Owl! —But He SMILES, Now Be wise na lie -was. Use same formula tu«d by doctors adjunottvely at noted Thornton & Minor Clinic. Surprising' QUICK palliative relict ol pain, itch, eorcnesi. Helps soften and tenda to shrink swelling. Get tube Thornton & Minor's Recta* Ointment—or Thornton & Minor Rectu Suppositories. If not delighted with thl« DOCTORS' way, low cost la refunded. At nil good drug stores everywhere in Pnmpn, at Cretney Drag. : (Adv.) Cardinals HAVE A COOL HOME THIS SUMMER! WITH FIBLAK ROCK WOOL INSULATION Homes insulated with FI-BLAK rock wool have proven to be at least 15% cooler in the summer, Call 2356 for Free Estimate » ite now while materials are available (Continued from page one) ness to journey to the Vatican to receive personal notification of their elevation. Failure of Russian authorities in Budapest to grant Cardinal Minds- zenty speedy clearance for his trip prevented him also from being present at yesterday's consistory. Read the News Classified Ads Building Japan (Continued from page 1) about it. I believe hostilities already had started." He said former Ambassador Joseph Grew received the message shortly after midnight December 8, Japanese time, ".rid immediately relayed it to Foreign Minister Shigenori Togo with ;i request that it be delivered promptly. Togo took . the message to the palace sometime later. (Hostilities began at 3:25 a. m., December 8, Japanese time). Water plays a large part in the regulation of body temperature through evaporation from the surface of the body. CARNIVAL By Dick Turner !R INSULATION IMPANY -OWNED BUSINESS WE'VE GOT IT HERE! Soil in the Panhandle-Plains area and the Pecos Valley is the best for growing any number of important and profitable crops—including cotton, wheat, potatoes, alfalfa, corn-^-and there's a ready market for everything that's grown. In the Panhandle-Plains alone, we grow 53% of M the wheat and a large "percentage of all tfie cattle in Texas. Progressive farmers are marketing to our huge flour mills, dehydrating plants, breakfast food and other manufacturer, We have everything in the Panhandle-Plains and Southeastern New Mexico including an abundant supply of cheap, dependable electric power to help the farmer produce more at a lower cost* SOUTHWESTERN -Jt, y i *• ? -i*oip ', ~°" '->'/* iVi" " h ;i<^ ^ f S i * ittoi&i, '«&'¥.'*. lit u. tf>»f. on

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