The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on September 9, 1897 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 9, 1897
Page 4
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»Aftv , mi, ,fr * fv Torn late tmftaitts wottld &!ek«n th* heart v any conscientious oately Ktjph ft stateof stey. - Wt» iindWakfc and nvrt}'a,hy lafife'tf<W delTdate* entniated fcrjnwr tiafeand td W- turn if as wholfl and sound ftf* wli«6 brought to ns. Anybody-can launder ^ sock or a handkerchief- It taWew art to •do tip" a lace curtain in the *ay they art? done at the , Steam Lnmulry, Hatoh Block. Fast Trains To ' - -.;, Bay View ' . " f . • Via . : .• : G: R. & i " Hummer fc uednle is now iu"effect. . Faet ilaj train No..7 leaves Kala• raazoo 12:30 p. m., and Grand Rapids 2:20 p. tnr., atri vmg Traverse City 7:0(1 p.m.,Petoskey 7:515'p. ro. Bay' VifW ftilKJ'p, m. and Harbor Springs 8:25 p. m. This Schedule 1 espwml1> necotnodates passengers corning fn>m Bother lines. Scud for folders anj further inform^*- tiim' to C. L. LOOKWOOI), (i. P. ,v T, A., ' •Ottinil Rapids, Mich. r..» TO MACK1NAC PETOSKEY CHICAGO.. T«IP» pen WICK BCTWCCN Toledo, Detroit /Mackinac PEIOSKEY, THE " SOO," MAHQUETTE AND OULUTH. ' ' cveny qveiMiNQ BCTWCCN Detroit and Cleveland Connecting with Earliest Trains (.t Cleveland for all points Kast, South afld Soutliwcut. 'und»rTrlp« JUM, liily, Aujmt and Sept»r»b»r Onl> 2 New Steel Passenger Steamer? Hsve jubt 'n-<>u Ruin for our Upper loikc KouU (.obtiuji ^300,0*' etch, -setitt far illus>"atcil p»inphltt. Addrets, A. A. 8CHANTZ, O. ¥. *,, DUTHOIT, MICH DeUolt & nievaiaw) Steam Hiv.» 1 RA1NKLIN ^ Cor. Bates *aji L^rn0 Sts,, DETROtT, W1CH. Only • IHoofc from Woodward AGENTS WANTED tr^tUiM til tit* Wft uime Hie produvljou of t-uc btWt-- !l%^ CJrc Ww-lt uf tbf Gmjt Of*n>r», Keuowued . IE alt tlie r4U^> 01 luerature tkcra .ia., Uttt ifia^t&ei'bQioJi H&fr , • ee CIHI «e touad the Wlor- 'by ew=ry Bible ,ie»4«,. "W*i «3 dic*vtiOtt <M t floi TO * Write for i THE HEMBY 0.8HEPABO 60. ,t i«^||»t|H«M«. And Catches a 0o*ftr» or More Pas* senders of a Western Railway iti a SMUTS HEAD-OS. Alt Ylhrp*' Kttgtfte hAAin Intn CM* with tbe Vlrtttoii l^ll To anili S<>*i<J<Ml— Hiin. ifrv J. Ar^ttn, «n fcn- , tw*** srnbi* ftr«f h. AitM Kas.; Sept. ft*-On* "ot the xVrS*SK*f hi Wife' IWster^ rfrf ift? Santa FeTirttiliroiMi o'cctii'rea' thn here 4|t about "t: So *'e16cfc fwel^fe ^"fittwen persotis and as' rnfthy more more badly hurC Ths fast mAlt train tolh* cast an<d the Mexico and California °eKpfesfi west-bound coIIWeS he4d-on.., The Ico and California .express was by two locomotlveis, and -when they "the boilers of alt three engines tore a, hoie Jhj the-, ground scr"deep the amokinfc tt&r of the 'weat-b«uwl we^t In ott top of. the threfe en?, and two mail cars and Vialancfii Without-tUrninrrtver, The p'assen-, in the smoking r-ar escaped through t»« ^'intSovfs. The front end of this car Wfia enveloped in a volume of.stliHns smoke and steam, bc<chln«r up from th^ w,reok below, and the" year dotf* was Jammed tightly iri the -ivrcck of thp cat- behind. The wreck caught fire from the engines. The cars In the hole and the*" smoking car burned to ashes' In no time. In climbing out of thf» smoking, car sev - erai men fell through the rifts Mnto the 'wreck -below, and tt Is Impossible to tell whether they escaped or wefft burned to death. ~ ' W. Jr. llrynn on the Train. The West-bound train carried seven or eight obachea. and its passengers in> eluded many excursionists who had been to hear Hon. -W. «f. Bryan speak at tho county falf at Burllngame. Bryan himself was/on the train, but was" riding In the rear Pullman some 400 feel from the cXra which wpre,jvrecked. Hn states that nothing hut a heavy jolt was ex-. pXrienced by the In hlacoach. /Bryan was one of the first nu-n in the crowd Qf rescuers. He helped tt> cany out the dead and wounded "and'gave thr- greatest 'attention tp their- caro. One poor ti'llow who Wa« , badly uminu-d called tt Bryan and said: "I went t<> hoar^-ou today. I am dying now, dud warrt to shake your hand and nay God btpfm you. If you* possibly can, Mr Bryan, get me a drink of water." Bryan went Into tbp fast mail car, one end of which was burning, and.came out with the drink of 'water which he gave to the suffering .pasaerigw. He brought out Cushions for othc-ra of th«i Injured, and wsis i.w.cryWhcro prcHent to'n\lni£tcr-.'to'. the .wants, of the suffering. Nunirn of the I>»-a<l anil Injured. Later.--The latest estimate/of the death roll Is that it will not,,fcxwed ten or eleven. During the pxtfieintnt early in the e\ ^nlng it \vas VeVorte'd th^it ntatly alH of the six post,il\I<>rlu on thu-tvHi tratn« wti-o killed-or missing. Two of the clerks \y<;re killed. Xll of thu itttwtMi ^ftv'e one-are twtre tir^ss- •criouHly Injured. The Hat ok dead as known at ftiU writing ,ls as follows; JHIIICM lir^nnan, engineer, and Nate Hollifter, flrt-ruan, Topeka; William Prisliy, engineer; — GonzalcK, flret'nan: 'J. f*. BautH, t-jcpreas rnt^aenger, kunsjasi City. .n. A. Oomti, postal t-U-ik. I-'mpuriu, died at 11 n'diutf; ,Shut- U-y. nn-rnan; Daniel McKennou. boy, Hum-as City; unKntfmr man. trarhp,' Hen VV r alters, flrenmn, of St. \U>, is A OO^K.N SKllNH'SI.' , Two Mu> uuU Oiut Will l»l«—Suiut'lHuly IIIniKleif(I Al»>ii|t Onlri-H. Tnesa at* ainouif the to-tlously Injured: ^iuud l^lllduy, l^u\\ if^*nci*, expre^iti mt;s? •vr.gfr, both lesa brok&»>, D. C. Ertfir,, Kansas C'ty, express tut^Heeoger, legs will die; John JPagaii, JTojptka, Mriiaaht'd; J. T. Bufltir^ county ,at:'|WH- countv, hlo bioktn, muy ahd amm b.i.kPn:'!,?. t*. Jtffetljg AtchiwSn, hip"c-ruiiitcj, O. A. VarTvI?iT, K;ni»aa^ City, bad4j; ,ljruij*wii- % Fdtrick, lCa'c6&» City, J»;^ 91 brokw; C. t>. A^ittmg, City of painfully bruised; , Mike 'ri»f vBgiiffer »tt the wt-stAbound tra.l» hftu r< tKived ojxiers. t,o meet thti fast mail at Ktm»rla, and was n^khig up jni^ tltu'i. These two a,r* the^ f«i«u-fet i rains bound train 'most have been rumrftig at ._. _^._r__. .^.*-?V_. Jtf. f.. .»£T^ .._&*?.. M -*• . *"" _r."_"*-r!?_ 7?Tiv* ?F '* r " % It tlte B*hy f« cutting Teeth Be.mire and use that old and well tried retttftdy, Mtfl, vfrjtwlow's Soothing Syrnp tat itihiidren teething. It eoothos th* child, ftofltenBtiio gums, ftltayfi all cures t^irtcf colic fttttf Is the best l6f dlArrbo<% "Pwenty^flre cents a btit- Bny your atafaofifcfy ftt Hie Chronicle "My. boy fcanae hoaw from school day with his hand baijly lacerated and- tttetwlitt|St' And suftVring gfeat pain," says Mr, E. .T, Schalt, with Meya* Bros. Co., St. lionis, Mo. "1 dwsBtsa the wound and applied ?Ohar$E»er)ftin'& Paia Bhtfjfi ftefity. , All j&ltf oeaeed, and: hi a abort time it 1 h^tod, withmit leaving a •seat 5 , t<V» tf ottfidg, ftpraiti«, &wflf irr$j and fhewtt!itisn>I knovsief «<& mdjciicf equal io it, I cotf aid**: it a n&etttfty." The 2» a ea for sales atGreen&>i;t>r«# Store* BirjJs. . _ a fine , for satev Calf ami«e£ then* Montoe street. SeM tim^ ami Harvont. la a ttooo" opportunity io enquire about fanning lands it) Soafch Unkotft. only one tinyn ride Irom Chicago. Eknmtiful opops of wheat, cotn, barley «nd tin* toward thq till r of (he soil. AH u MvcM And dairy country South Dakota load* all the world. Fits etnas {arm lands with nearby market* can now be bought for from $10, $12, $16, and upwards, ppr ncte, and this % the time to Invest, for further particulars write to George H.- Heaffortl, General PoasefJKer Aiteiit, Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Hailway, Old- Colony Building, Chicago, III. To tJ»ln ITIenh, To Sleep; Welt, _To Know wliut Ap|M»tU« ttutl Gwotl Digreatlon H trial of Htn»rt'« D ni, liidlau»|ia III N<> trouble is more couitnoa or more ane- uuderiloiKl ItiBfi uefvoua dy8(iep6ia. Feu pic hating it ihink that their nervefl are to blame anil are mirpriuod that they are not curwl by nerve nirUioiiio and spring retne- dien; the real neat of the mischief is lose Might of; the stomach 'is tho organ to "be r. t'he wftst-ljound ex'i>rfHa- UH* . around tt uljghi cur>-e, and mtt |b juaiL -Of the «ev*ii for ^gHrews nu iip tn? train «>{ t^«, Calif (»ri;ift fe* r-ar« flsw-te, and dtsuroyed. 3?he akw *a», ^badJjr n«»t more tfaa.n< ^ ft fast wwpi, *tl I ox,ne of tj»eiii .w oue tfcrrSUe, Evw-y «eat In Hue er<a«h torn from the fjtior ^a4 *m«ny pl that of" nwwl train received orders xftr^K #t ^aa sent to l t ^tujr<pi' the' to tijJie ttt> sidfft^ tj(iB|«, But tbjs was B.o , and lo pass 8. SuHtvaii was iut ta deatb -with m'W* M» I<ttWr«na by iw« other women. H*»- rieittt 1 bad just' iteiifi martieil. ;M.a.-y Po&l* ; eifttated sfee bad %ou her suvuet • Jtteajt frifjEf4 Uer an4- .per waded another woman to aid in tbe iaufd<;jr. <Att div R, j.j feat to * tat$f*~tue- to Nervulig ilyspppticu often do not have any pniu whatever iu the etomach, nor perhaps auy of the usual symptoms of stomach weak none. NervoUB dyspepM* t>lio«B itrfelf not ui th*> fttj.mnch so much as i» nearly ev«ry other organ; in "obine "cases the Jieart |isl|Htatei5 and is irregular; ui others the kidnfiyK are affecteil; in othcrH the bowels i»rocon*i-tt>uttd, wtlh hendacheH; utill others are troubled with low o^ llcsh and npp^tiU', williHiK'iuuulatiou Of KIW, Hour riaui^B iiud heart burn, i | Mr. A. W. Sh«r|R>r «.f No 01 Prospect St., Indianupolih. Iiitl:'. 'wrvea M follows "A U3ottve of i^urt, uuitiiude prutnps me to write thaw lew line* ri'«nr<iing the new and valuable use iuiu*, Siuurt'a DyepepBia Tab- lotu. I have *«-•« usufl«rmgfroni nervoug dyapepsiafi r thu iwt four" yearsfTSSve used Tftrioua patent itnedioiin H i^nd other rt-uie- 6dic8 without any favorahla resylt. They winTcttu w-i'gave toniporar) relief until the tffertt* of the medicine wore on". ^ 1 at.tnb- utv'd linn to my SedciHnry habii», bem< a Bi^>dkct'|K*r with little physical esercice, luut I «to «l d to Btrtto I hat the t a bleu have overcame all thette obutaolea fur I emned m llexh, aleep bctt.>r, and urn better •in every way. The above 14 written not for i ntoritty. 'hut i» bom d oa'sctual faet," , . UeHt'Octfully ynurw, A. W. HHARPEB, (>l 1'rospoct St., ladmnaiioli-, lud. It m safe to 'say that Stuart's OyiB-pepeia- TabloU will i-ure any stomneh weakuenn or di««afo fiincer of utooirteh. The) uure MULC Btoinai-h. KRU, loaa of <!«?«!) nnd ap|K't>te, slec|>tfKnne*i, palpitatiuu, heartburn; oiiustipmiou find headachw. Hend'fi>r vnlitHhil ; Ut*l« t>ook ou stotaaoh di^eoaeti t»y a4dr<.aning S^uartCo,, Muiahall. Mtch. All drugutaU sell full sir^jd packaues at 60 sent*'. i H-iSWheels, J * v. »' J -TV t <l -f fs^ssr 1 Twi •TVI.WI. TWEELDREDGE wAHSkMt THE BELVIDERE, P» [> »l..,»1^6««d«« w ^^«WM«l T^W^WPWWT ^P^r^pFr^p <?«., r ii ~v •' f sr * ^^ff^^W^T rVnik; .- ; AnbtiHiMi Wf. ^^^Hr*ff • «L«>»" ;*»r: •*• SA.5LONAM SOU PROPRIETORS CINCIMWATI» will l>e paid for the arrest nn<J convicf-irjiT of nny.roie For sivio by W, T, OltAKK ami A. O. IIY1>K. bottles. MUCH ALIVE. The STATE FAIR. The Michigan State Agricnlttiral'Society lita- been reported as dead. This is not tj?<ie. It is fully alive to the industi'ial interests of Hichigfth, nnd will hold one of its Old Time Live Slate Fairs at Gruiul BRapitlH. September «tb to lOtb, 1897. $ Litrtro iSxhibits. Fine Attractions, dtouil ict'oiniiiodivtious, D Keep this date for your outing. Preraiuijj lists rnniletl ou itpplicatSfiBi to U.S. PRALiCKjHecy.ttivaiul Ittii»icl,s.31i<-li. Willituii Ball, I»re». Three Opinions: CHICAGO RECORD is a model newspaper in every sense of the Harrisbiifg (Pa* ) Call. "There is no paper published in Ajnericti that so nearly approaches the true journal* /stic ideal as The CHICAGO RECORD." From "NewspaperdoM" (New York). "I have come to the firm conclusion, after a long test and after a wide cor par/son with the journals of many, cities and qoun~ -tries, that The, CHICAGO RECORD corner as near being the Jldeal daily journal ns we are for some time Itltely to find on them? mortal shores^'— Prot.J, f. tiatfielit It The Bvansion (///. 5oiti'%- nm$dmler$i euenjiphefe w4 'subscription* ' re&jvetl %; vtl posit wotftfa Address THE Cffl > m Modistyn-st. PRINTING at Chronicle office, D.T.&M,R.R. CiBciuali, JactwD i Matoi, m. S'S^ttEi r iiff! Aw.) st^tPHLJ 4, r»h«4 TJfcUSW J8w»r«w ct*f».. a. w. Jft RexTablets are sold undera positive guarantee to cure ' J or refund the money, And we stand by our guarantee, CUKES all Nervous Diseases, Impotence, Varicocete, Lost Vitality m old or young, Nightly Emissions and Wasting Diseases, and all effects ot self- abuse or excesses. Stops dangerous drams. A genuine nerve tonic. Shows imrnedi- ate improvement. The grandest remedy of modern times." Don't buy imitations. fact REX TABLETS. Price 50 ce.nts, or six packages (a full treatment) for $2.50, ^ by mail, in .plain package, on receipt ot price. Circular free. KING REMEDY CO M " SiSoWit! u , Por nalu at Maifhttll, Mleh . by A. O. I1YDK. _,^ TRADS , DESION PATEHT8. COPVRlCHTa, oto.' f"r lnr>>rmhtl»onTi'1 ftr-a Huwlijiuiili «rlt« to Sa'N.N «. m. !,Df S« .nii.'.t bvin-ri viviurliixitiiii.ntii .Kv'riy |u\t.-t«i. ta^MJ.^ur liy uHi-i lirMt ihr i/uhhc I'X u itotic'u gtvbU frt,Hi ut i << ntlflc j«t«' \r»n<l. >tJei«ililiy H'aiMniCiHl. 4iA n.ullci-ul ina«' klio ilit i») witliiMit it, Vv.-l, ly.. iftl.UUd yr ; «l.»i»!xt>itmtli«, A-iar^^. Sill f.<V 4 Vt ..,ui*u ' a new pair of kidneys ^ U th« titi»-ot », liltla boat, .- whitn Kive$ complete instruction concerning Dw work perfunn&i Dy the kW- neya, and tl>e harm done to the s»»tam linn t In.- y .f*il to iulld the duties l«Bpa»ed i s uf thu system and their Intimate r«- ee by ttuirTur tlie askinjt. <...;« B. POWELL, , , !«••; Osbilitv, OR. K. e. wetT>* AND BRAIN TRfirUflT fau«i.«wwMiai«««, xi»lEriw%«) •r U<W^A ^rf utoyj3ttj' inlwl ,-«3mii»iufl s«HPe *r e»* j t« WMM&mtmm* i > 5 wt a»*i«iw»'trwto« i^»»*.m»wlpi.ii ^ji^^^f^ffl* faf IB^^- For *M* by K 1 '- , i 'i * "~*_. '-"ti" rf 'v^ , r ] f ^'T " . t- - "* • . i ,, ..1.? .-.7 iBhftf'7 —1 «.,.--'?, ^,-..s.l__.

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