The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 21, 1962 · Page 6
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 6

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 21, 1962
Page 6
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Editorial—Adv BE 3-3511— Classified—BE 3-2411 THE BRAZOSPORT PACTS BRAZOSPORT AND BRAZORIA COUNTY, TEXAS. TUES., AUGUST 21. 19*2 US Studies Man-Made Space Radiation Belt Bv HARRY KEU.Y for resent evidence indicates U not accordmg to a staleme t I However, Infonnod source saidi The statement said it was gen- ! Ihe plnns would be chanced if the irrally expected that the blast studies reveal unacceptable hnz- would produce the radiation belt arris, 'and that "the phenomenon entails The new belt merged in its up-!no hazard to the earth or its at- n, H,,ain, ,e^j atlpr the reaction to reports of the new ra immct , iato , y Monday from the Defense ™T«it-j5 llIv „ btest lhn , „ rian , aKnri 5P lnr riialion helf. Lovrll said vigorous --- » „„,, 4h. Ence • Atomic Energy | ment and the Commission. The "new radialion belt is pri- cells in three U.S. satellites. The'protests against the U.S. high alti- ! cells were designed to capture thejtttde Hast had none unheeded „ , ."sun's energy and convert it into 1 "and obviously we are suffering marily above the path of run-en i^ ^ B^ ^^ equi :, hp mnf ^, m , cs wh , ch we in fact manned flights," the statement |{^ said.' i - Tlie belt—produced by the U.S. j high altitude nuclear test over thei Pacific July 9—varies in height, from perhaps 200 miles above the! earth to 500 miles. | These altitudes are higher thanj the American or Soviet space' flights. The astronauts' orbits varied from 100 to 167 miles above the earth, the Soviets' from 100 • to 145 miles. The belt rimmed the earth at, the time of the recent twin flights l lannra , Andrian G !eastern half of the nation Mon-jlOO. Storms Erupt As Hot Air C lashes WitKool Wave By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS { in most of the Far West—exclud- Tropical air from the Gulf ing the Southwest desert region, far northward into the where temperatures were above Nikolayev and Pavel R. Popovich. day, producing hot and humid j The storms erupted late Mon- The highest either reached was weather and setting off violent j day and Monday night as the flow Popovich's top altitude of ^ 5 ; s ( orms - m many areas. |of hot air clashed with a push of "The belt's relatively high alti-j Temperatures skyrocketed to j cool air in the Great Lakes re- rude plus indications that its ra-!the upper 90s and 100-plus north-jgion and sections of the North- diation - principally high energy ward as far as Kansas. Illinois,)east, electrons—is rapidly losing potency, gave hope there would be no delay in U.S. space flight plans. The National Aeronautics and Spaca Administration, cooperating in the study, said it ia proceed- Missouri, the Ohio Valley andj violent wind storms pounded Pennsylvania. Record readings for !,.„.,j ons across ( | le Ohio Valley the date were set in many cities, i into thE , ]s; or || leas t. \yind gust's The Southland got little or no relief from the long spell of mug- Vet Of 428 Films Soys Sfar Sysfem All Wrong K A It It At: KS, HAWAII —Army Specialist Four Henry E. Robinson, 2-1, wlmsn wife, la Nell, lives fit 1233 San Felipe, Angloton, recently coin [lifted 12 days of specialized training at the 25th Infantry Division's JnnRle and Guerrilla Warfare Training Outer in tlnwnll. Specialist Robinson received [raining In such subjects as river crossing, the techniques of jungle survival, land navigation and lungle warfare. Robinson Is n fire team leader in Company K of the division's 1st Battle Group, 35lh Infantry, regularly located nt Schofield Barracks. He was graduated from Annie- ton High School in 19lifi and WHS employed by the Texas Highway Department, Angleton, before en- FLETCHER BUILDING OPENED Mayor C. M. llelptm.till of Frrepnrt nml Mrs. Onier Fletcher attend to thp chore of cutting tlie ribbon officially opening the new building which now houses Fletcher Moving and Storage on Brnz.i>sport Rlvd In Frwport. I/ooklng on at left li Onier Fletcher and nt right Hnunsixirt Chamber t>( Commerce President Fretl 1'nlnier. At center Is little Miss Connie Carol Walls, two- year-old Eranddaughter of the Fletchers and daughter of Mr. nnil Mrs. Joe Walls of Angle- Inn. Tlie occasion \vns the grand opening and o|>en house SnlnsKiiy nf the new building. were clocked at 110 m.p.h. during a severe rainstorm in Cleveland. u , u, c o,— ., ~ ........ ------ ,sy weather. Showers, however, i ^^ mcn wc| . p reported on , s | lc(1 ing with its schedule to launch j brought temporary relief to some;, 0 dpa(h whpn the w1n(1g ts in a walpr , ower a(op a Wpst sj(]p Navy Cmdr. Walter M. Schirraj areas, with heaviest amounts into a six-orbit flight late in Sep.|Mississippi and Arkansas. Fairiv ^ tember or early in October. seasonable weather was reported j wjnds ,, p )o hurr j canc folTP ~ ~ i hammered Grand Isle, in northern Vermont, during a violent hail and rain storm. Severe wind storms also were reported in near-: by areas and in Plattsburgh. in! northeastern New York. The vio-i BY GOP New Frontier Days Party Held Clute Jaycee Queen Prizes Piling Higher Accident Reports Freeport resident, Mrs. Ar- Saturday about 10 p.m. C. Bennett of 1S02 Avenue Tlie vehicle was last seen lie , , , „ ., „,„,, ,,„, (•ported to Freeport police ed toward Highway 288 on SH 332.:P 10 '" 1 bas ' c Ir , "'""? ',. ,,' ' it 7:6 P.m. Sunday that an j the message stated, and had al-^kson, S.C.. and armedm 1 ta-| mr had struck her Ford pickup;damaged left fender and grill. \™» °" . th ! 5q ,. tOUr °' dUl> ' " in Mrs. Katie F. Robinson, on Route 1, St. Joe, Ark. lives SCHOFJELU BARRACKS, HAW"All — Army PFC Larry C. Lnmb, son of Albert J. I-amb, 50-t A/alea, Ijtke Jackson, recently completed 12 days of special- training at the 25th Infantry Division's Jungle and Guerrilla Warfare Training Center in Hawaii. I^amb received training in such subjects as river crossing, the techniques of jungle survival, land navigation and jungle warfare. 'ilie 20-year-old soldier, a surveyor in Combat Support Com parry, 1st Battle Group of the division's 35th Infantry regularly located at Schofield Barracks, en n.v non THOMAS HOU,YWOOI> (API — When Donitld Crisp talks about the movie business, Hollywood might well listen. It's not hns served ry tlie picture." He said the star system reached the point of Inmilly when the late C.ary Cmpor In his mature year* was still making love on thf screen to young girls. Instead of ifnshioning the industry around the merely hocauso Crisp i lnlonls of " frw nnn1rs . cris P " d ' as a'film actor longer!""'" 1 " 1 " r(l|lim lo 1'anl-hoaded ' than anyone else. He slnrled al per day in 190K, (hough he ; business tactics. If the stars don't go along, diiip Idem. playfully claims it WHS his father who made those early flickers. He has another credential as elder statesman lo the film industry. As advisor lo A. P. Clnnninl, he helped finnnce movies during Iheir formalive the Rank of Italy (now America), the movie Crisp is realistic enough to real- be thnl Ihe "good old days" won't come hack. Rut he also holds that some lessons can be learned from the past. borrowed J.'!,700 so I could finish dirccUng the bailie scenm in 'Blrlh of a Nation." he rt 1 called. "I did Ihem in Ihroe week* well, on* The actor is nowTiaking hisi' 1 ;'*',""'', "'i' 1 /" ^ ' T •I2SII, film. "Spencer's Mountain," i nt ' nrl " (l|< ln """* »P lhp Hank of business 111111 i iv <i', (in 11 niv n miniiiv^n • .. . ,>> . . . .. .. would never Imve grown lo what!"".'' lhoy " " h " lri '"' P" 1 "* wp "' it became," said Crisp. i , r wn , s directing n comedy on* .n... _ .._,. ,_, >day and quit at nooti. I was bnek up Ihe pic- and he paused for some reflections on the slate of the Industry. ure. In Ihe meantime I had gone over to 'Birth of a Nalion' and "I think the star system hasjj " jotten out ot hand," he comment- s plny " Grnnt nt Appomat- givttcn ed. "When you hnve n star running up the bill for one movie to S2K million by stubbornness—and I mn referring to 'Mutiny ont he Bounty' — then something Is terribly wrong. "When a -picture like 'Cleopatra' requires $70-SO million to pay off — partly because of one star — then somebody is being stupid. "The whole thing has gotlrn out of liniid. People like Frank Sinatra are not just .stars any more; they are moguls. J just don't thinic stars lire that Important. "Somebody has got lo blow the whistle. Somelxxly has got to stay on the set find say, "No, you can't spend $5 million for thai sequence; we'll find some other way Pick up for two The Litterbug and you By NEIL GILBRIDB WASHINGTON (AP) — A furry party thur C. Bennett of 1S02 Avenue I, repo: abou auto track, parked on the street, then left the scene. j Lake Jackson police investigate . Officers reported that alxmt S20 H a m j nor accident on Oak Drive . . .. .... ... P nzps in damages to the track's rightabout 2:03 a.m. Saturday. lent weather also hit areas to the to be given winners in the Chile rear fender had resulted. . : officers reported that William west, \\mds ranging from 60 to Jaycce Jamhoree Qllecn OTntf , st ; G E ,, iott o ^ m Oak Driv( , was S0rn.p_h. swept Ailentown -™ 1: conlin ues lo grow as more Bra-- Minor dama K es were reported; harki a 1!B9 Rpnault {rom , he Ph.hpsburg Pa. : , mer ^ n ^ lnrouncein a " a "'° arcidcnt ln the _ 3 ™ ! drive and the vehicle hit the left • i t t „ nn,.M-iii : Anothcr !*" ° r thunderstorms "-""P 011 meunams announce B , fe , ^„ Ce(]ar ahout 7:43 .. n( 1%2 Chevrolet narked' (won Monday night at a ™< '' nimb.ecl across sections of Iowa, P nzes to be <iona.ed. ip . m . SundaJ , ; ^',£ l^eet The parked ^ ; sponsored by KepuoiK.rtii, ttlsconsini niinois and lower i Eight area girls are entered in; Freeport police slated that a ! hide is owned by Ronnie L. Gil- The vehicle was last seen head- tcrcdlhe Army In July 1961, com- [Q rf j hp ^^^ '-•-•-' basic training at rorti ,, 'ci,,^,,,),..,' An alrcadv long could have been nde for S7'i million right hero Hollywood. Instead of throwing December 1961. „„ thp cmp ], ;1Ris „„ u ., Tnv |, )r , Lamb is a graduate of Brazos-, ym ,,„,,,, havp Riv( , n ||u , m ,- p (Q an unknown and let the story car- toy model of Atty. Gen. Robert F. Kennedy's dog, Brumus, won't he lne nua ., lall „,. „,., „ ^. S °X i !!,??? ti ^,^ t i aCl ;iI aI t ! fc.Klrf off reporters who tried to lllulllr ji him down as to his reasons. nSt month. " "'" ^" "' i "Excuse me, gentlemen," he said, congressmen. The Russian at first laughingly; raked western Kansas. — reported -"'•• ' hi Michigan. Damaging wind storms (llo competition, with the winner IftVi Chevrolet dri\-en by Ray H.j strap ot Alvin." police said. For a cleaner beach: Clear Your Litter and a Little More i Kansas. A tornado , 0 bc ^..^ , n . |he mmihcr rf VallRhn of ciulc was tacking out,: '_ sighted northwest of, , , . • . f rnm ., parking lot at the rear ofi .. _• • . «' «> «* -Cnl ^ "J^ m^ff^om «W«T « and hit a 1955, 4 _ H fl^ | Tlie storms in the various sec- Although Kravchenko has a ; an ,i walked off. .tions toppled power and telephone young son and daughter back| Later he said he didn't want to.lines, uprooted trees and dam- home. he gave back the toy he,_ t American politics. ' a ^ sma " huildines. "•""•••"•'^•••^™^^^™^™^™ > CL '" vul> "' , , r, ur The outbreak of the stormy "This is some kind of Repunli- , vcalhpr c . amr Rf(er anot ,, pr rta y:cates from Brown's Beauty thn event will so to finance Clute Clievrolet, larked on the east side Jaycee community projects. Recently announced prizes Include a 53 gift certificate for tho .'" winner and two $1.50 gift coiti-' 4-H Club Members Win With Records Specializing ARMOUR STAR Heavy Beef GIROUARD'S SUPER MARKET M« W. 2 . FrMpart Strypeeze I Strips Paint Fast: Semi-Paste or new m Non-flammable, ijf jean party," he laughed. He was dead right—it was :of oppressive heat in many parts'" auic ~; Jewelry from the Earl For ENJOYMENT of Cedar and osvned by John J. Glenn Brewer of Manvel and i poultry, sheep, and swine and has Dillon ot Freeport. 'Marianne Muns of Alvin were mitstanding accomplishments in The left front door ot Ihe Qicv-]selected to RO to State with thnirjnach project, 4-H officials said, damaged, officers re-!4-11 Oub record books at (he Dis-jGlenn also excells In leadership '"•"" ported. Itrict contest Aug. 16. Glenn cn-iand outside activities which help- rolet was damaged, o/ficers re lered his book in the Santa Fe;ed him have a winning 4-H club , : Railway Awards Program and:recoi-d of projects and activities, a of the East, Midwest and South. HO -' K " 1 "j-'rage in i^aKe jacKson; ^ child received minor injuries :;v] ar j an ne entered hers in thei they sa 'd- :parrj- thrown by Rep. William H. Record temperatures for Aug. 20 a ™ the Queen's ami Iwuquet of - m a two-car wreck at Velasco i jheep Awards Program. I Marianne has been feeding fat ;Ayres, R-Ohio, the GOP publicity ; ; 0 ppled in many cities as tlier- rc<1 carnations from the Brazos- an( j Gu j[ Blvds. in Freeport about; o ,), pr ^ members who won on : lambs for several years and has chairman, to make fun cf Brumus', m ometers bubbled past the 100-de-:P° rt Flower Shop. 9 a.m. Friday. : the c-oiint>'level and also compel- ; done an excellent job with her recent trips to the Justice Depart- gree mark. : ^" n ' e Freeport businesses each Freeport police reported that a'^j on the "District basis were Tom-'sheep projects, her advisors said, ment with the attorney general; One <A the red-hot spots was « onatln H a Sj g£t certificate for ]g-,g Oievrolet station wagoni mv f nn drv'who entered in thei ; while Kennedy's family was out of st. Louis which jtown on vacation. ;ond straight da The theme of the party at a ble, uncomfortable high of 101. one . , . . private residence on Capitol Hill'rfejree below Sunday's scorcher. 'Other prizes to be donated «•« "The Dog Days on the New H felt just as hot and sticky in >rcepon merchants include GET MORE KEEP HOME PAYOUT OF vo UR "TAKE HOME PAY" with our LOW COST ECONOMY LOAN CASH YOU GET $2028.27 2513.49 2957.40 30 MO. $ 80.00 100.00 117.00 34 MOS. $ 85.00 100.00 Above include! Life Insurance, Also loans for smaller amounts. ALLIED FINANCE CO. 141$ HWY. 288 Phone HAROLD LINDOFF JR. BE 3-2aft FREEPORT i-u-nui .-.[jin.1 «"-•>, . , J»» i_iiti.u,ci a.nuun nobuin-... (jonorv wio emeren in me baked for tho sec-l'!: 0 .^rnner a,e The Hobby Shop. drivcn by Jamcs A Hellon Jr . ofjZ rit , jUur e Award an d Earline y with a misera- ^ nsctl s * at >ncs anrt Rogers Bra7oria was RoinE nort i, on Vel-1 ^p,.,., who entered in the Beef il« tiirrVi r.1 1f\1 r\nr> '-'' t ?' 1 ^' «ir-/xrt tlli-rl r,nrt tl"lr aHomnHrtfT a ' . by asco Blvd. and was attempting ai , cft , um on , 0 Gu)f . Beef I j girlsi Frontier." Along with several hun- npar bv Belleville. 111., and Little ; diamond nn » from V CCS Je , wel " dred guests, most of them from' Rock." Ark., which wilted in the!"^, a , set ° f f eak knives ^"^ the Washington news corps, sev-1103-dcgree weather. There was no tj ° rflon s Jewelers. eral dogs attended. Brumus was, coo i a ; r i n the 102-degree heat in Anthony lingerie, Company; King Edward AMERICA'S LARGEST SEUER Invincible Dtiuxt not among them. Cincinnati, the 101 in I^ouisville Refreshments included liberal and 100 in Baltimore. Paducalv uruss; portions of "the hair of the dos,"!Ky.. and Nashville, Tenn. and plates of. cold hot dogs. i Washington, after a spell of un- Kravchenko smiled through a seasonable cool weather, was in series of jokes, the singing of the hot belt with a high of comb and mirror set from Evan's Tlie vehicle struck a 1961 Pon -i sc i ec ted on the state level in the tiac driven by Joseph H. Bush ot!g an ( a p e Awards Program and -Houston, with Nancy Bush, nine,j one in , he gh^p Awards Pro-, h ' h ' receiving minor injuries, officers! m , hat wi n get an a ll expense unjill, , , ," w, ( ;__-l X.U rtilh stated. , , . Damages were estimated at, rnntyri**;* and a tram case purse ^ foj . ethe pontiac and ^ tor iC"'B rM!l paid trip to the National 4-H Club in Chicago in Novem from Velfree. Tlie queen will also receive a necklace and earring set from ;the Chevrolet. I To e n t e r in the Santa Fe The Brazoria County Sheriff's!Awards Program, the boy or girl seeking the driver.has to be outstanding in all phas- qq McSpadden Jewelry- Each of the Department is o,.^ „ ...- - , .,„ . Ml ,,. h , K m,.,. , ,, . , h th eight contestants will receive a of a 1962 white Cadillac involved es of 4-H work. Glenn has pro- D"rthe^^^^ mem?" and the crush of question- Kansas City, and Tucson. Ariz. ing newsmen. New York City wasn't a bit cool The Russian laughed when w ith a sweltering 96. Neither was Imperial Cigoritlo Cafeteria and Russell's Cafe. All of the quern contest prizes Ayres handed him one d the four Chicago, also with a 96 and high ^^^^^^ toy dogs distributed as door prizes humidity. opened Lcc's Credit and jestingly suggested Kravchen- Early morning tenipcratuivs ^ jn (hc Braz rt ko "would like to defect. ranged from the 50s m the upper Ccmor a( Lake Jackson Kravchenko later said he did Great Lakes region and extreme Al , jv(? .^ Diamond will not understand what Ayres was northern Maine to 100 in Blythe, ^ ,„.„„,.„, ri , lri , he Jamborec FJH Redskin Band Names Officers Kem-illc saying. .Calif. ; scheduled for Aug. 15. The Freeport Junior H i g h i Jewelers Redskin Band climaxed its two 1 }'','. l f!L e .weeks of summer band t ra 'mrifr evpn t. ; with election of o/ficers for the i Th e Redskin Band will make its! •oming year, and plans to attend j first appearance of the season at | Jand Camp, which started Sun- j the opening football game of; Check The Advantages You Receive When You FINANCE YOUR CAR HERE! SEE US SOON! Select Ihe car of your choice from your local Brazosport Auto Dealer . . . then see us for low- cost bank financing. LOW BANK RATES. TERMS TO FIT YOUR BUDGET YOU SELECT YOUR OWN INSURANCE AGENT. YOU BUILD BANK CREDIT. LAKE JACKSON STATE BANK LAKE FWwvJ For a cleaner beach: Clear Your Litter and a Little More .Band Camp, 'day for a week. i Band officers are Richard Gar- 1 jrett, president; Denny Reed, vice: president; Gwen Hahn, secre-, tary; and Gayle Evans, report-! er. j Band members receive further; training, along with fun and re-j creation, at the camp at Hunt,! I Freeport Junior THREE BROTHER'S GROCERY NOW OPEN SUNDAY'S « A.M.—A P.M. lOf Lokt Rd. Glut*. T«i« THE ALL CLIMATE LUXURY FINISH with "feather—light" BRUSHABILITY AND WEATHER 'N WEAR PROTECTION BEST FOR HOUSE PAINTING BUILT IN! • COLOKS STAY IRIGHT • IDEAL FOK THIS CLIMATI • NO THINNEkS OR SSOLVIWTS ACRYPOLYRENE HOUSE PAINT Mirocl* LATEX PAINT for Wood! STRINGFELLOW'S MS W. Bioad Si. IE J-41II Guarantied by Gjod HouultMping ff'tnimu PER GALLON Frxport FORTY DOLLARS AND THIRTY FOUR CENTS A MONTH! This ia America's lowait-pricwl car—bar • none. It's the Rambler American Deluxe 2-Door Sedan with full family room. And you get juat as big a value (or yuur money in all the other Ramblers—American, Classic 6 or 250 HP Ambassador V-8. They're yours at buy-of-the-year prices right now! NOTE: Monthly payment* baud on mfr'n. furcated retail price, !< down, 36- mo. contract, normal carrying change*, fud. taxes paid. Optional equipment, transportation, insurance, state, tm £*nm local tuxes extra. J'ricos may ^IU vary with dealer's policy. • V M S(" H RAMBLER THE SAVINGEST DAYS OF THE YEAR ARE HERE-SEE YOUR RAMBLER DEALER American Motors— Dedicated to Excellence EARLE PEARSON RA MBLER 31S E. PARK FRIEFtm

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