Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas on January 13, 1939 · Page 11
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Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas · Page 11

Corsicana, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 13, 1939
Page 11
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THE.COBSlCAtfA tet-WEEKLY UGHT, FRIDAY, TANtJAJlY W, 1S89. KJ9YBM Markets : Local Markets Cotton ..... . ............ ...... 8.5S Cotton teed ................. $21.00 • Cotton ?f Texan Spot. Markets. DALLAS, Jan. la.— W) — Cotton 8.08; • Holieton, 8.35; OolVMton 8.30. >'e\v York Cotton Table NEW YORK, Jan. ia,—m— Cotton futures closed 6-8 hlg-hcr. .. High •V January .......... 8.31 ' ^ March .......... 8.30 July ............. 7.111 . October . ... ...... 7.01 December ......... 7.51 Low 8.28 s.;u 7.82 7.42 bv~...~ v _ 7.45 "spot "nominal; 'middling 8.85. 8.115-30 7.81) 7.48 7,51 New Orleans Cotton Table. NEW ORLEANS. Jan. 12. — Ufl — Cotton futures closed steady at net advances of 7 to 11 point*. Open Hlg-h Low C]o»o January . . . 8.38b ...... 8.40-b March .... 8.41 8.48 8.41 8.48 'May ...... 8. in 8.27 8.111 8.21) . July ...... ' 7.02 8.01 7.02 8.00-b October .... 7.1S2 7.113 7.52 7.M December ... 7.50 7.07 7.60 7.03-b Mar. (new) 7.81b ...... 7.68-b .May (1846. 7.04b ...... 7.71-b New Orleans Spots Higher NEW ORLEANS. Jan. 13. — W) — Spot : . cotton closed Meadr 8 potnta up. Sales ~ 1,780; low mlddline 7.4B; mlddllnr 8.B8; »ood middllnir 0.13; receipts 1712; stocks 706.014. j~ 1,; ow mne . "V »ood middllnir 0.13; rece « 706.014. _ ' 7 Liverpool Spots Liverpool Spots Illxlisr LIVERPOOL. Jan, 12.—UP)—Cotton !•• 000 .bnlce, no American. Limited dcmnnc lor spot, prices' 3 points higher. Quotations in pence: American, strict root' middling 5.00: rood itiltlilllnir 6.SB; nl-Hot mliWllnit 5..1B: middling B.SO; strict low • mulling 4.05: low middling 4.45: strict "good ordinary 4.00: good ordinary ,1.65 Futures doted 5 to 7 higher. Close Jan. 4.87; March 4.86: May 4.80i July 4.00: Oct. 4.83. New York Cotton Table, NEW YORK. Jan. 13.— If} — Cotton futures opened unohanrco 1 to 3 higher Liverpool, Bombay and the trade were takers ol southern otlcrlnKs. Jan. 8.25 March 8.31! Mny 8.0S; July 7.81; Oct 7.43; Dec. 7.47. in , slo! . . .. The market receded a few points later morhlnir under scattered commie '"ng and lack of follow-up morhlnir on^wvrly foreign buying and, domestic mill demand. Around midday when the list was 2 to 8 polnte not higher, March w sol V , demand was 2 to 8 polnle not higher, Marc doff to 8,38 from 8.34 aaprlco llxlnir , . wa» «atlsl Ird. Oct. was the trains and Provisions Fort Worth Cash Oraln. FORT WORTH, J»n. 12.—UP)—Demand lero was good for wheat but slow for th«r (Trains today. Wheat No. 1, hard 831-4 SB 1-4. Barley No. 3. nom 54-56. Sorghums No. 2, yellow nitlo per 100 bi nom 98-07: No. 3, whlto kalllr nom ia-t>6. Corn shelled No. 2, white 08-67. Oats No. 2. red 40-42. Wheat Prices Lower CHICAGO, Jan. 19.—W)—Fractional gains of as much ns 1-2 cent could not maintained In the wheat market to 1 i)»y and prlcen slipped lower late In the session. Closing Irregular. Wheat closed .1-8 higher to 1-4 lower con/pared with yesterday's finish. May 6» 1-4 3-8, Jtlly 001-43-8; chungcd to 1«4 lower, May , July 6*7-8; oats unchanged to 1-8 down. Chicago Oraln Table. CHICAGO. Jan. 12. — W) — WHEAT — High Low March .............. May ... 00 5-8 00 • • oo a-4 BO 1-6 70 8-8 70 July ... Sept. . . . CORN— March ,. May ... July ... Sept. ... OATS— May ... July Sept. Lact 683-4 lin 1-4 3-8 un 1-4 8-8 70 1-8 631-8 84 1-8 561-8 307-8 288-8 537-8 547-8 205-8 •28 1-2 52 1-8 62 7-8 8-4 587-8 54 7-8 3D 3-4 28 1-3 281-8 Kansas City Cash Grain KANSAS CITY. Jan. 13.— IIPl —Wheat 86" cars; 1-4 lower to 1-4 higher: No. 8 .hard nom 083-4 821-4. Closes: May 00; July 051-81-4; Sept. 065-8. Corn, 25 cars: 1-4 to 1-2 higher. No. 1 while 50. Clow, May 60: July 51: Sept. 621-4. Oats fi care: 1-3 to 3-4 Wirher: No. 2, white nom 30 1-4 311-0. Chlrngo Ca*h Grain, CHICAGO Jan. 12. (/PI—No cash wheati Corn No. 3, white 84 3-4. Oats No. 1. white 34-34 1-4. , . . 1 «teadlea at 7.48, a point below the high Only B.100 bales remained to bo liquid- contract, which expires atcd in the Jan. next week. . . New Orleans Cotton Steady. NEW ORLEANS, Jan. 12.—W)—Cotton future sopencd unchanged to *4 points higher hero to*'iv In response to steady foreign markets buying support. and favorable January contracts opene dat 8.33 bid, March 3.41. May 8.1B. July 7.02. Oct. 7.52. Doc. 7.60, March (new) at 7.61 bla and May '10401 at 7.84 bid. N. O. Cottonseed OH Steady NEW ORLEANS, Jan. 12.— Ufl —Cottonseed oil cloned Mearty: Weachable prime summer yellow 7.00 nominal: prime crude 8.871-3 8.00. Jan. 6.72b; March 0.7Sb; May 6.82b; Jaly 8.P2b. b—Bid. Chicago Potato Market. CHICAGO. Jan. 13.— UFl —(D9DAI— Potatoes 70. on track 345. totol US shipments 854: Idnho rURBOl*. Idnho ru*- »et Burtinnks US No. 1. mostly 1.05-75 occasional outstanding hlghor: Colorado red McChires US No. 1. cotton sacks 2.00-10 burlan sacks 1.00-7.12 1-2: Wisconsin round whites U9 commercials few sales 1.25: North Dakota nllw TrlumphH US No. 1. 1.571-2: cobblers US No. 1. 1.40-4!i 2-2: early Ohio* no percent US No. 1. 1.50: Minnesota Tied River section cobblers 85 per cent US No. 1. 1..15. New stock street sales bu. erMci Fllrsdo Bliss Triumphs US No. 1. 1.85 US No. 1, si7,o B 1.40. rrodneo Markets. CHICAGO, Jan. 12.— I/FI —Tlntter OB4. 714, steady, prices unchanged. Efnrs K t 175. «tendy prices unchanged. Poultry live. lr,ar, 35 trucks, hens easy. Plymouth Rock, chickens firm: hens 4 1-3 !b» np 5.7. under 4 1-S Ibs NEW YEAR SLUMP IN STOCK MARKET WAS RESUMEDJHURSDAY EVEN AIRCRAFT SHARES, FACING GOVERNMENT EXPANSION, TURNED DOWN By VICTOR EUBANK. NEW YORK, Jan. 12.—(yf>—The new year decline of the stock market gathered speed today after a brief pause for persual of President Roosevelt's arms message.. Even the aircraft shares—facing tha presidential proposal for a $300,000,000 . Increase In spending for army planea—resumed the downhill slide when a forenoon rally failed to hold. Selling was heavy at times. Transactions, ' approximating 1,300,000 shores, expanded appreciably over the previous session's figures. NEW YORK, Jan. 12.—</P>—The itock market put a foot forward or a rally at the opening today. Fractional gains ruled In most locks,' including American Can, Jhrysler, Bethlehem, Consolidated Sdlson, Montgomery Ward, Sears loebeck, U. S. Steel and General Motors. Pennsylvania, down a little, waa among the exceptions to the main rend. A recent spurt ,in rail equipment buying—beneficial to the agging heavy industries—was em- >haslzed by reports the Southern ^aclfic was Inquiring for 40 steam ocomotlves and the Union Pacific 'or 15. SUPPLY AIL OILS SHOWED A DECLINE Spain Ordered New Mobilization Men From 39-45 BARCELONA, Spain, Jan. 12.— -The Spanish government tc- _., 'ordered mobilization of all men between the ages of 39 and 45 in an attempt to stem the Insurgents' great offensive .In Cata» Ionia. Mobilization orders previously *. ( , had included all males between the ages of 18 and 38, All male civilians up to 60 years of age and others who, are unfit for service at the front weret ordered to join fortification brigades. Fortification brigades formed enrller tn the war were dissolved and their men sent to the Infantry. War Industries and supplies weve ordered militarized and all available armament sent immediately to the war zone. Four Members Family Are Seriously Burned NACOGDOCHES, Jan. 12,—</P>— Lillian Ruth Pleasant, 7, died of burno she received In a fire -which critically injured her father, mother and brother. Physicians at a Nacogdoches hospital. said there appeared little chance for the recovery of Lynn' Pleasant, 26, father of farm .'family living near Jarrtes- vllle. He, 'his wife and one-year- old son Tommy Gene were burned seriously when a can of kerosene exploded while Pleasant was 17: .. colored turkoyw 4 Ibs no 10. turkeys firm. Fort Worth Llreotork. FORT WORTH. Jnn. 19.—WP)—CATTLE, 1,500: cnlves 400: plnln rind medium fleers nnd yonrllhlrs Inrenlv (l.fiO. 8.00: butcher nnd beef cows 4.BO-0.00; o<td bond bulls 4.BO-n.oO. HOGS. 000- top 7.10: nnld Iw rltr butchers: nnoker top 7.00: cholco 17S-250 Ibs (1.7B-7.10 (food •wood to choloe 150-170 Ibs B.25-fl.f)0; pnckinir «ow« n.OO down. ... ,_ SEEP, 300; Jew irood wooM lambs 7.60. Chlrniro Wvwrtock. CHICAGO. Jan. 12.—W—(USDA)— HOGS. S5.000: top 7.50: (rood and cholco 100-210 Ibs 7.3B-50! 2ZO-280 Ibs »vfr- aitiis 8.85-7.25; good medium weleht and heavy weight and heavy packing eows 'CATTLE, B.OOO: calves i.aoo: be* (ed steers and yosrltngs topnea at 12.05 mostaly 0.00 to 11.00 market: common and medium heifers very active at 0.76 to.fl,00: bulls Jully steady at 7.25 down vealers steady to weak; llcht kinds O.M) down to 8.00: shipper klnrts 10.00-11.00 SHEEP. 0.000: today's trade moder ate active: early sales steady.: itood to choice wooled lambs 8.50-85: bc*t held above 0.00: sheep weak to lowers. Kansas City Livestock. KANSAS CITY, Jsn. 12.—(AV(USDA)—HOGS. 1,500: ton 7.35. Ooo< to choice 150-230 Ibs 7.25-36; 240-330 Ibs Sowe O.OO-2B. CATTLE, 800: calves 300; few loads of medium to good led steere 7.75-0.00 most fat cows 5.50-0.60; vealers 8.00 ' SHEEP, 6.000. No early sales slauichtoi lambs. Choice ftd lambs held abovi 8.50. building a fire in his house. Mrs. Pleasant was burned seriously 'when she rushed in to the room to help her husband flgh* the blaze. Pleasant threw the baby on a featherbed when the fuel explod ed. The flames burning the child's clothes caught the bed afire. Lll Han Ruth, burned from head to foot, was in the most erltlca condition. Radiator Repair Let tis repair, clean and flush your radiator, It cost'but little and saves lots of trouble. HEKODS RADIATOR AMD . ELECTRIC 4th and Main — Phone 868 LOOK • LOOK • LOOK PRICES ARE LOWER HERE Shortening, 8 Ib. carton ,73c Sugar, 10 pounds 45c Beans} Great Northern, 10 Ibs....... .39c Bulk Rice, 10 pounds 29c Paris Special Flour, 48 Ib. sack..... .$1.25 Bell of Paris Flour, 48 Ib. sack.. .'."„ .$1.15 Catsup, gallon bucket ..............38c Bulk Coffee, fresh roasted, 4 Ibs 50c Rosebud Matches, 6 boxes ......, : .. .19c Peanut Butter, quart jar .,.. «.v.-.... .20c Potatoes, 10 pounds ..,.,... 18c Motor Oil, 2 gallon can .....:.. , v . .r. .85c Motor Oil, quart can ....-,-.. ,-.-•.... .15c Crackers, 2 pound box , ....£....-.. .13c Hog Jowls, pound ... .„>• .8Vzc Stew Meat, pound ;.....-. .10c Fresh Oysters, quart — .-. .50c' Ijiulk Peanut Butter, pound .,.,......10c JR^rk Chops, pound ........... v .. .2Qc JplKns Cash Grocery WASHINGTON, Jan. Phe Bureau of Mines reported today November supply of all oil was i63,034,000 barrels or enough for 147 days. This compared with 570,028,000 Barrels and 151 days supply in October. 'Stock's 6f motor fuel (finished and unfinished gasoline) totaled 75,277,000 barrels compared with ''6,048,000 the previous month. The November daily average production of crude petroleum reachec 3,285,600 barrels compared with 3,284,800 In October. Dally average production increased in all major divisions of Texai Jxcept East Texas, turned upward n California but continued to decline in Oklahoma. Illinois 'with 319 oil wells completed during the month was second only to Texas n drilling and passed the 100,000- Darrel mark for the first time since :ho boom 30 years ago. A material decline in exports ol crude oil, coupled with decreases in runs to stills and fuel uses am losses, reduced withdrawals of crude oil stocks which, however amounted to more than 4,090,00( barrels in all grades. The demand for motor fuel greatly exceeded expectations, the bureau said, largely because "Indian summer" weather prevailed over most of the heavy consuming areas. The indicated domestic dc mand was 44,911,000 barrels or i percent more than November, lasl year. From the standpoint of motor fuel stocks, officials said, the No vember record was outstanding Stocks 'of finished gasoline incrcas ed about 500,000 barrels but unfin ishcd stocks decreased about 250, 000 and natural gasoline stocks de creased 1,000,000 barrels. Thus, of ficials said, the total of all declined for the first November since 1934 PICKETS TAKE! POSITION OFFICE TIAJUANA UTILITY r TIJUANA, Mex., Jan. 12.—(/P) —Tijuana and Ensenada were as sured telephone, light and wnte service for at least three day more, but pickets continued ti make themselves at home on th' ground floor office of the Bor tier Electric and Telephone com pany here today. The pickets, who moved In with food and supplies Tuesday, are demanding dismissal pay from M O. Barbachano, president of th utility company and also a road contractor. They claim the mon ey is due them for work com pleted on a highway job froir Barbachano last year. The pickets havo kept utllltj customers from paying their bills The company claimed tho mono; was needed to buy oil to operat Its generating- plant. But las night an oil truck waa permit ted to pass through the plcke line with fuel which will keep the generating plant operating fo three days more. Claims of the pickets amount t( 80,000 pesos ($16,000.) MARTIN UNSEATED AS . EDITOR AUTOMOBILE WORKERS NEWSPAPER DETROIT, Jan. 12,—I. dent Homer Martin, unseated a editor of the United 'Automobile VUSorkers' weekly newspaper, Iterated today that he would carry his fight to the rank and file o the union. He has demanded that the UAW executive board, In session for th third day ot Its special meeting call a special convention by Marc] 1 • for "a final decision" by the membership on the factional (igh that has threatened to break up th union. The board, supposedly divided 1 to 6 against Martin, removed him yesterday as editor of the- United Automobile.Worker and placed a publications committee of five In charge, •••-.'•• Martin said he would "press my demand- for a special conventloi before the board' and over the al or through letters to all UAW locals,'! ; .- _ . convenient, Cheap • • Jus Keeping Up With The Supreme Court -By The AP Feature Sc.rvloe- A year and a half ago there were no Roosevelt appointees on the supreme court When the appointment of Professor. Felix Frankfurter Is confirmed, there will be three. Only Justices Butler and McRcynolds arc now classed by new dealers as out-and-out conservatives. Important cases coming before the court concern the wage-hour and marketing-control laws. Here's the new court line-up: Charles Evans James Clark McRcy- Louts Dcmbltz Bran- Hughes, Ne\y York, nolds, New York, dels, Massachu-: 76, appointed 1930, 76,. appointed 1914, setts, 82, appointed. Hoover, t. Wilson.. 1916. Wilson. Fierce Butler, Min- llarlan F. Stone, New Owen J. hoberts, nesota, 72, appoint-. York, 66, appointed Pennsylvania, 63, ed 1922, Harding., 1925,'Coolidfee., v by Hoover, 1930., , Hugo Black, Ala- Stanley Reed, New Felix Frankfurter, bama, 52, appointed York, 54, appoint- Massachusetts, 56, 1937, Roosevelt.- C ed 1938, Roosevelt,, by Roosevelt,,l938 u Stocks Domestic And Foreign Crude Show An Increase WASHINGTON, Jan. 12.—(/P)— The bureau of mines reported today stocks of domestic and foreign crude petroleum at the close of the week ended Deo. 31, totaled 273,024,000 barrels, a net Increase of 1,306,000 barrels compared with the previous week. Stocks of domestic ol llncrease 1,128,000 barrels for the week and foreign crude increased 176,000 barrels. Dally average production for the week was 3,215,000 barrels or a decrease of 250,000 barrels compared with the previous week's level Runs IS stills averaged 3,115,000 barrels dally, compared with 3,105, 000 barrels for the preceding week Daily average Imports were 107,001 barrels. FOUR OIL FIRMS GET INJUNCTION AGAINST OFFICERS DALLAS, Jan. 18.— (IP)—Vow Independent oil companies yesterday obtained a temporary court order restraining state and county officers from arresting thalr drivers on truck law violation charges. District Judge Claude McCallum set Jan, 21 for the hearing Oh apllcatlon for a temporary Injunction. Capt. John B. Draper of the state highway patrol, two patrolmen stationed at Terrell and four other ppace officers worn restrained from nrrcstlng drivers, holding trucks nnd cnrgo ns evidence, refusing to weigh trucks and refusing to release property until after fines are paid. The companies asked damages of $800 for holding up their transfer of gasoline and oil from Longview to Tyler to Dallas and Denton. They charged drivers wore fined at Terrell for overloading without tho trucks having been weighed. The companies are tho Dixie Gas and Oil Co., Sharp Oil Co., and Ddoll Donnnho, all of Dallas, and the Little Majors Oil Co. of Denton. Emhouse F. F. A. Making Progress Calf, Pig Projects The .Emhouse Agriculture boys are making a fast progress on their projects. Four of ' the boys have their calves and the others plan to get theirs In the near future. Some of the boys plan to show their calves In the coming fnlr, and some plan to keep their calves for breeding purposes. Thn boys who have pig projects are doing just as well as the boys who have calves. Both calves and pigs are the main projects of tho boys. Waynfl Allen, a second yenr student has a registered O. I. C. gilt, B. W. Gamble and Fred Richards have registered Poland Chinas.— Reporter. . _ Sun Want Adi Bring Results. Complete Ons Service For •Rural Homes. Low Cost, Safe and Odorless. Let us show you and glvo you estimate. CHARLIE STEELY Plumbing Gas Systems 817 North Beaton Bankrupt Stock PAINTS AND WALLFAFEK 20,000 Rolls New Wallpaper from 60 to 12o a roll. ' House Point, $1.00 gallon. SAVE HALF TOOK MONEY 117 N. Beaton St. Used Car Bargains THAT INCLUDE EVERYTHING EVERYBODY'S LOOKING FOR! Nearly all makes of cars - - - Nearly n)l body styles - - - Some almost new - - - Some pretty old. All •'. Prices/ i / • Whatever you want In the way of a used eta- name it! Dollars to doughnuta we've got It. Our stock of used cars has never been more complete. 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Are, Corslcana. on sc , Call at 781 We«t 8lh Livestock Livestock for Sale 27 HAVE several pure-bred Polled Anguj ind Hereford calves sultaWa for 4-H Club fowleri. Calves located on my E lis county farm. R. T$. Carroll. Blooming rove, T«xa«. TOR SALE—Two younr roglstored Jersey bulls: also while Wynndotte cockerels, reasonable. H. J. Adams, a miles north of Corsicana on Hlffhway 7o Phone 0001F5. COR SALE—Several young mul« reaily |o work. Apply B. F. Freeman at Barry. Mall address Route 1. Corslcana, lex. International Sugar Council In Session LONDON, Jan. 12.—(/P)—The In- ternational'sugar council—65 dole- rates from 21 countries—met today :b study tho sweet disposition or ;he world. In the course of the convention, •which will operate behind locked doors for about a week, reports will be heard^on the sugar production and requirements of all nations and estimates will be made of the probable consumption during the next year. ...... Then export quotas will be assigned to such nations as produce more sugar than they conauma. Passenger Killed In Crash of Plane ATLANTA, Jan. 12.—(^-Injuries In a "flivver" plane crack up fifteen miles south of here proved fatal early today to Harold L. Knowlton of Westfleld, N. Y., passenger on a return flight from the Mfamt air raoos. Knowlton suffered Injuries to his ukuli and neck when a plane piloted by James Earl McOwlnn, also of Wcstfleld, crashed In a forced landing late yesterday afternoon. McGwlnn received a painfully wrenched back and a deep cut over his right eye. ——roil SALE—. 9 acres ot land about 4 milts south of Oorsloana on Highway 31, Prloo 600.00 cash. 25 acre* of sandy land with 3-room house and small barn, J rood well*, all in cultivation, near Duwson, for only $0150.00. . 8 brick buildings slio DO x 70, and vacant lot 60 X SO, stock of goods and, fixtures, located In Frost, Texas, owner dolnr a nice business, will sell at- a bargain, or will trade for good land near Corslcana. 0 room houso, filling station nnd 23 acres of land on Highway 75, south of Ooralcana. Prim $5000.00 on termi. MAJOH9 AND LEWIS RBAL ESTATE, RENTALS and LOAK8 120 West Onllln St. Phons 1788 Farm Property SO FOR RUNT—A three room rood house with 7 acre* pasture $4 month: also nix room house, 15 acres of nature $7 month. Rent In advance. Will rent for year If dclred. Mile out of end of Oak Valley slnb southwest ot Corslcana, Apply Mrs. Fred White. Route 3, Oorslcana. SWELL HOME-SITE IN NAVARRO OODNTT—23 ocro adjoining and level, overlooking tho- town of Blooming Qrovo, on pnved Hlghvrey 23. Will sell part or aJI on easy terms. 10 par cent cash down payment and fir* years on the balance If von want It, Opportunity to get close to good school and save tuition, fat particulars wo ma.—CsJ B, Kerr, Realtor, Oorslcans. Texas. Swap For Sale or Trad* . '55 FOR SALE OK TRADB—Several eholoB fresh, mlilt cow«. See A. H. Bonnw -at Bonnsr's Grocery 810 East 1st Av«. Phon« 137 or 78. FOR BALD OR TRADE—Thro» cpmlB.; three rear old Belgium horses wSlgWng about 1150 pounds es«h, ons smooth mouthed mule*, one g about 1150 pounds es«h, ons span ot smooth mouthed mule*, one Kyo-row used Massey Harris cultivator, will (Ml till fall time. Q.B.Moore. Putdon. Bt. •!. FOR mare Fnxl SALB OB TIIADH—flood 8 TWT 61*4 sultnble (or work or rldinc. Sw DuPose. Ban ottlo>. . Used Cars Automobiles for Sale' 87 cT5T""¥o'l'lSALB—-11)31 Fora ooacn, good - rubber; lOJO Ford coaeh. ww paint, new iipholslory; 1080 Forfl ftoyp*. clean, and good mechanical condition! 10IH Ford V-8 coooh, real biiy. For hargalm me McMillan. »t D»r and Nl*ht Oar-age. . Want Money Spent. In Refugee Work LONDON, Jan. 12.—(/P>—The British treasury, which reeontly loaned Cueoho-Slovakla £10,000,000 ($46,700,000), today aSked that'the remainder of the loan bo spent on emigrating refugees. Tho Czech financial delegation Jn London opposed th;e suggestion; - The loan- was originally asked from Britain for reconstruction of Czecho-Slovakla after Its -partition by the Munich conference. - Charter No. 1ZB08. Reserve District No. U. Report of Condition of ' • . • , THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF HIGHLAND, IN THB STATB OB 1 'TEXAS, At the Close of Business r on. Dec. 8l»t, J9S8. (Published In response to call made by Comptroller of. the Currency under Section 8211, U. S. Revised Statutes) ' ASSETS^ . Loans and discpunts (Including $1,304.50 overdraft,,)...,!. $96,827.14 United States Government obligations, direct and 600000 Obligations of States and polltl'cal subdivisions •«....•.« 8' 6 j|7.30 Corporate stocks, including stock ot .Federal Reserve bank.. 1,800.00 Cash, balanqos with other banks. Including reserve balance, and cash Items in process of collection ..'......,. Bapk premises owned $3,000, furniture and fixtures $2,000 (Bank promises owned ire subject to no.Hens not a»- sumed by bank) ••' Real estate owned other than bank premises....M.HW.-.I.•••.' Other assets ,, ..». .M.H .. •. •«•«•• • ••*»• • 103,202.19 5,000.00 1,891.38 40.50 TOTAL Assets «-...- OT.V-.,,-.,.-., $232,087,51 ...... , LIABILITIES Demand deposlti ot -individuals, partnerships, and cor- poratlons ., $167,185.97 Deposits' of United States Qovornmont .(Including postal . savings) .,..!..'.-« OT.Sd Deposits of States and political subdivisions v 529.02 Other deposits (certified and cashier's checks, etc.)......... 8,000.00 TOTAL Deposits „,., >.,.., $160,812,38 ' TOTAL Liabilities -^ ........- -.•.-.. '. -...-. $180,812.38 CAPITAL ACCOUNT Capital stoclt! (c) Common, 300 total par $100.00 V •••••••» 30,000.00 Surplus ...,, «,i i.:.,: ,.•......-...-.•.. ....-« 30,000,00 Undivided profits ...-...,...., 46.16 Reserves (and retirement account for preferred stock) 1,200.00 TOTAL Capital Account. •...-,'.-.:. .$ 6U45.1& TOTAL Liabilities and Capital Account,... ,... $222,057.81 State of Texas, County of Navarro, sst I, H. C. Davis, cashier of the above-named bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement la true to the best of my knowledge and belief, . H. 0. DAVIS, Cashier. Sworn to and subscribed before me this 9th day of January, 1939, C. A. STEBLB, ' Ex-offlolo, Notary Public, Justice of tha Peace, CORREOT-Atteat; M. 0. Hlllburn, Oueele Weaver, A. N, Brown, Jr., DlMCtor* ' ,','J

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