The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on September 9, 1897 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 9, 1897
Page 3
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TO" Itelt*V CBJtONKU'. 0, l*m. FRESH CAUGHT and ctm- AT 3. S. COX SUPPLY HOtWK I4f etnas- fk>vely moonlight night*. " . , Council proepi'djfegs today. " ' Very little ntjvVe thifc \vPStthcr. Tan and fwcklee are good forfti this year, . Miss Mand Wagner is visiting hi JonesviTle'. , , Harry Chfel«tltti,«f 3: i, * ^ " «1 .. t., Marshall friends* i Mrs. CitHfrj^ Bullrrd giws n bieydo party tomorrow afternoon. Marshall patfies wM ft firte-horso to Powers A Informaflow «s (« Sot, Gamp Sf ny < ? ifithft l^trhtpfati Dartr r^ failed flr>\Vn, w'^i founjl HH^fuUby nil sports and ht»i>tfrn| a«> the prwr-nt time, as fh |?et ntitin woods with'n gun i» at hand. It should be bornO in ffiind that State _ ttnio Warden Ch^n... Osbofnft, of th<« "800," is rigidly Rnfofcing th,eUuv,and with Hi provisions s6 plain, no o^criiso can b# offered £or violation, N»> 4eer or f*tlt arc to be hunted until Nor. t() ( ' 1899, '^n Bois Blanc Island Lake- Kirton y and in the - counties of -, Iiapeor, * Huron, -Santtae, Ma* Aljie^rtti, Ottawa and St. 6lair no be mow than «fti«jinJ8 AT* to be of tho for hafiti&g feh^rtt if to lie. frpm vcmfep* 8 ^ Novw'nbfrr tJ(i, Deer hi the "red cofft, or, fawn in the spotted Goat, are not to be molested, and any person havhig'lhe nkfn of any such animal in hiB,,^flptofr ia fa> IM> pwsumod guilty of Illogal hflhtjing. not to )»e killed on^ov of the the state,, and no jiit, pitfall dead-faH, trap» ffuaffold, snari?. net or Bimilar -^ttvix;* 1 ' is to be Uspd, not any or artificat light /is- to*, be Mrs. Will N orris of Bnj City t "»8 the atJesrof. her ruolhei. Mrs, 1. S. Voters. J President Andrews \vi1i not withdraw hi$ resignation from Brown univrrsitj. „ K. L, tyiirph> left for New York dtj >est«»rdav. tie svtll be absent ahouilop days. - / the extreme heat' no s/sainn of t$ie high school wat hold thi>« afte<« niK>n. / , ' ' T1)P new millinery Jinn of/«rnham A- Stone will have a fall op"nin/ou \V wines-' daj next. / . » .Too Watson, of Hrotuym, foniieth of this city, has just completed am ehgant IH>VV residence. : / Dr. L. S. Joy repbrtK Kidnej I'irtnell who has been wmerinu with -appendicitis much llftte/ today. .. , ,y e-lnvn>». French-woman -lids' diviiK)(«'d thirty -nix seperatts and dmtim't ft>le« in sleeves for tho VituninK se;ison. Kalamas'.oo SB t«» havi- a street fair next month, Something of this s>rt iii Mar shall would liven things .up a bit. jThe two year old ctwld of M i . .m<l iMrs. Oeo. Ijiit?, who has been ver} sick with cholera inftintum is reported out' of dan- gcr. It can never IM> truly said that pro-»- jiHrity reigns in .Marshall until \\e h.i\e a ijinw oppra hous^ and. a sytitoin of council Hcpt- 71h s IfW, Mayor Absent Alrip. . Mi'ntttcs of last rojywlat- mcetinp. read irf appnn od, - » By Ihf tlccordrr-. erf) Th«f. tht- Misr&hal, bn into w»pftlr the 7tianholr« on Mm Hpruee and finqlp etieet, work, ervision of- the street By Aid. rrf' Tbtit the inarshal be to ftottfy theownoraof the store, as tluv JOnftlemfTn store- 'to put a in front of * said store which would- be a strltiefHit^ protect ion 1 to pe- .' •Atteptod. 1 W, ,>o>, . rfccff. That th^ property ownorf* pn («nt Sfhujrleratrept jmd' north flor don street, be ordered to repair the., two, plunk wrtTk in front Qf^ it it M in ft if prof»erfy ( as jtjo ^ . By, AH. -Toy. ^'.wfn-o 1 , 2'httJ, the marshal rtictcd t^iinflpwtall the pt-mrnt ta tbe city* tod ojwbrr Ji rcptirf. <b >on«it of all rtekirtivft Oft raotioft of 'Aid street- committee \V»R Just h^c1^d• t pair By tho , That a to wsntewalk street ' i*^ ti tjin. i* .'*»? »» *»K»*v! "»*»*>. t' 1 .**" v * on thr< soutli side 1 of Clinton t f ro^ tUo JK$» { JiM «f Bob' er t Wfl- property own»d by th* 1 Vvrn. Ht'huy- in deer ;, and any person having ft on his heatt is to bo presnn}«Hf sire not •*> bxs u.*ll in <l<fW nnd «T6g»tr«rB«irHf tleer ar<> to be an dored nuisances and kilh-d, The iwiKon for squfrrel huntiua IB t October. 1, to 1 - Dwemlwr^Hyir and no ferrotp fire to lie upnl HI hunting. No wild^ turkey te to,be killed until i-, iind then onlv between November I, find November -'t(*. ifichmhe. , « The seawit) f<»r partridge, tfrouse, colin upd ijuail, prairie chicken and spruce ln s r( is to be from OctobW 1 to December I, inclusive. \ The Bca«fon for wild' duck and Vjtht* Wild water fowl is September 1 to .?a«- unry-31, frym half an hour bt-fore tnin- sct to halt an hour after, sunset. In the upper poni,npula the season is to be from September 1 loJanuar) \~> Wild pigeon are not to bo killed until liHtrV. ' jjJmpe tif all kinds, vvoodr'-liHcK- ;vud plo}cr «ui bff hunted only from October I to December 1. Wild fowl are. not to be hunted \uth Hwivcl or punt gnhft, baltcrieH or mines, nor by pneumatic l>outH. No cages, snares, trapN nets, i-\plo- ni\es. chemicals, or similar devices aje to be used m hunting anj ktnjl of \vild fowl, though cages, Krwrt«* and net ley 6»tate, flaW W?«lk to ^v. «-«.,— fottr ttsff wf"3fe r»f cpJnettt or «ne and one half or two tech pifco planfe laid prc*sa- wiKfe oft tlife« stringefSi RU<iH stnn^ers to lift no less than 3x4 dfttew 2x t pine, said walk to bo .laid oa the ^radft ef»t,tbli«he«l by the cofiimou CrtitnCil* Carried u and that the recorder 0v*f to fheownerK or oWUpants of the premiftex adjoining Raid sidewalk npt*Cf *<? ^W antl W^"^ Ou motiow of Aid. Grbfflfleld the reso, lulioti w»«f takl on the table until ,ih«» lif xt Weetidg, Billfiof-,7. H. Cruise A^Co., and H. iktnrWn WHC referred "to the Uriatico 'ommittee. The following 1ii)lp PagfBroft.Sil^riiJ: 7..II. F. Utiwlns.Ptl: Edward KeelerJ sSK K. VV. i Kint'h, Wh-: O't^ary JJros.. ^135; WELL WORTH YOUR WHILE rfy , _ ' * I , TO INSPECT OUR ELEGANT * > ,. - s ' \ ' . ' - * ^ i Line of^New Goods *--. more ufc^&ctire ' ,, of "..,'. Dtftss GOODS I SILKS. g fc See our 2&e all tie?. AIBO our iu 50c Cheviots. & Q. Corsets WJST O^f TH35 MARKKA- .- rrirmi »*,i»iv>-v'''- •»••—•-••- ----- .- , , , J(»c; Georyo Kockinycr. ?•'>• 3< Phelps, SI Ti: £>«vis Bros., s2.2."»; J. Munddy. r.'.r»0: J.Albriujrh, &W.(1. H. Watson, 1/1. \dsiiM",'W: O- W. Chaddoek. Out of the Bltftriv Ll>rht fUiirt: t >n. ?>5,f}l:,, sexton's time roll, £78.37: marshal'* Htue roll for w«vk fiuling \ua 28, 39.17K for week ending Hept, 4. *]1 ht. — 'Adjourned for, two weeks. 1 Svwnv, Recorder. SPKCl'ATx PRICIW IN UNDERWEAR AND HOSIERY \ All the Ija f« KID GLOVES » Of Every Grade and Color. CRASHES 4c yd. and upwards Genuine A Gjmplet* Line Childnh<s Underwear — ^-s. i - Mrfand MrB. Whlfolam wish to thank tlmir friendH and aoitjhliors for their kiadnoKB d'sirinK tin; mukncxs and death ' of Mrs, Wl"t>>la(i)'t4 iatlnT. So long as thf hot weather .eoutinues thoro will be no s»"^iou>t in th» ! - hiijh whool afternoonh. The «uornihii nes. Bum will bi-tfin at s (K> «iVlock and <"on tihue until 1 % 2::KK The milk limi»eotor wa'rt hi-Ve fl'ilit "LaiiwinK last wwk.' jLWH,»isl ",nf of th"«? vtihderHof lai'leal t!t)i<l di-i ijnt-d tii U*y interviewed \\& in the nuuhtv of Uie milk wild by him". " *- Thft fum-ral of the late Mr«i. f*. ti. Ki(»n will otyur from the llaptisi t-tmreii Fn day ttfU'rnoon *»t three o'clock The ^firieuds will aaseaibU' at the rt*W<-my/<>f • p. M. King Ui Murt*liiJH T tMtt»Bhip fit om» .rfelot'k.. , • .- , may be used to ciipture nuail in order ^ kocp them alive through the winter and the** to be hbcraVfd in the spring. IjirdK 1 - nenti" is forbidden, and insectivorous-hmU midi ii» robin, niKlithawk, whip pool will, llnch . thrush, lark-, swallow, \ello\\ liird, blu« bird, In own thr:mh«T, cat bird, Wrei , uinrtin, oriole, w. it.mj 'bwbolinkn arc protfcti'd. •>parro\vn <uid butcher -birdri ,irc fair No poruon^lwvo in his f b(»dv of uriy unmwl or Inn! men- tiout'd. more than Ihi" da>s <if ti r the <•*<• of the WUHOII fyr hunNn^ tlic »;»me, ,\ hm^ll Jat'kaoii'bLi.y tedbeJ bib fiitlu r for u waU-h until he w«s forbidden to to "matter again. At family it b'> for .-Hifiititii' pur- puM*orfoi home consumption. 4ittrialh for Molutiou for thin provision ,^the burden of p.rtHif mu«t rent on the defi-iid- aut. ' Vevuttttf to hunt gSuw for isuientiuV or pr«i[i.i«atory purpoHes m'aj b(> ia»m>4 b> the ^Hute warden. - " attoineyn ifr»» tiUproHwyte against the prov is.««ca wf the bill and tdierltfa, police oftfterh andj.cou- (J<tort Rea-onx Why Woolens Must \d- vaiico. Vniui »\Je\and»'r Hamiltoil''rt low tariff bill to rf>ti*n<' the ii rattened circum- Ktances of the trcaeury in IT-V.) t<> IKtil. The tarirt wu». a iiomnvil atfair. H*U- it was r.used b\ au< cowive auU tu nn aver- aye of 17 tKl i>ei rent The MrKinl* 1 }', tariff wai ."jt) per cr-ut ad \aloiem and He a pound freight on ttoolenfl. The Wilson tariff wa« "^ per cent ad valorem only. The pm/wcnt or Dm«|t»y bill in «."> p 'i cent ad valorem ami 1 1 cents a pound. faritf act of IStU hud («' a pound .on "wool, the Mi-Kmle\ bTtt lie, the Wrlyoi) ' bill mostly froi*. 'Che l)im,'l> bill li.isll or 12r. Thi> muwt raise the j)ric'' of woolens, Tarilf is wmph <v form of indirect tax- ,ilioti. The iuipitit-r p.*)-* the dut> at the frontier adds th« amount to former cost tln-n add-, ti profit on h»» investment foi the retailer who .iilds ,\ proht foi the cotifinmcr. Our uiidei'Wettr was all pin- mrtyd in. \pril niul ih nos\ in^toi-k. ' ' The tjcst i"" 1 iind "'le e.i<4s>hiil and solil. Our HUII-* and'jrt'tr AND MATTINQS • ^ ' ,_ " In this department w* have an exLra-liir-^e.and iaie stock '{Ri* no dealer is making a lower price on warrantable j^ootl, than we are. • i LJTNOLEUM IN ALL THE LATEST STYLES.,, \. . t • j »vnj Call and look us oveKbcfoVc the-asrorlmertt Iv broken. . Q PERRETT & SONS. | fur bia * ; rr{jture yorw*. lh«, jounvsfiter rejteatwd; ^"WJB*t 1 e^ ut^*. j.^ I saj' • urjto all- Ayatch", ' ' , ! Battle, Creel*,. Moup: O» Monday Miss Ada Tetttplettin, of Maruhall; at the cci»tn ;\re also in slock at'prkH> worth u utjirrj with ttuuu u. limj ot from $1U -Ur Vi^i or "from thirty d/iya tft-uix uionthe IB j<njl or both tine yfiil nu'priso«ittw*Ur PruiHHJwtkmw arp to bo l»gu«i wuhin on** jtwiftWH *h« titii'"' ttMj^otfc^w^ was eoiimuttwl, Thf act n»gardiMtf transportation and ti»dt»y. Our luvnHityK^ tailoring ijt-jMrtmcut it better sfocktHt thanvxei and otn pravt will prtivail until "Ur pr*«vnt stmik is cv haustcd. T. HiUN\no.' 4 >_,-_.u_-j-.--.T-: I | r 'I"' - CordnKo. fc».'B, CIWNI!*. Again we the kr|*ival \ Why Mot Educate *v»«t*. ,HlSu«l? . . , of Uie li^dwmiesr Rt FabricH that II«P i"Vnr been our tnne to rcc«iiv<- t find wVato novV tlfe arrival of our p:,iti?.H;? .>t our to ju.ike them Up into jfcsjleet Mtijsdiid ovfidMt^; ]iniKln»il *uul trim med in our usual elt«ant tiiHte. Scotch Hiiitttj),'« at CuUwaj HititingHat *2rt, K at $- r >, S'l- *7. * 8 'ind S!>. J. J. DE SHANE, TAILOK Wt»ayofi but None Jtoro and MHrshnU frk-nda \yho4a,tely 'from Califumiiu Maty? of the : tinxw'theru woro_ raytetfOiit. fhe I tiful rt> tats* wjired by hx>st««8 and ily slewed tittf; C»lifw»i» ^•xiiitted therv also* Tjhp -late w lw>ou? by w*n!ijjht jilaiuty t*)Jd how Jbu weew the -«*» aorta of f (^f»^5-«-w «-r -p^^.» J«8 »l tl)ia«ort. is no« »u tUt- vitj o« aH th* aijaira of Sittings dnil} f 14 on r^iqiy €l»tjdr*u. * b*,v« a ili'*! Cpu&h uaouog ITOIU f^r iueur, sjp$ak of it m tiw tuyh^at J^a«y have 6u.dt tfea't ^1*0 wwuW have *w4 wf 3er^uj> if JGi»amJjer- litm'ti €ty*#h Rtajj^y bad not beep givi-ij. Urug In i*6 tirtki lwUMt tivt'r tl ttm.. Tft- b,tdvs taroe, .•*."" hav« seeuf«<J:tilio agency for several First order de WILLS, parfcment w^ started i>y clothing "ictus or p^iiiib —-'•':>. HCJik Kwk," " n hcul •Mwk,"' a i'(« k tl*' 11 uttiiUfn. their life a nii.4 •ry to Ixjar — and! »1ili Jihcy tftjjo«->la\j ]}£. lav ui'p a ' y at "^ suu\*«rhjjj TS^i»\'tif» tlu- Msit'-<>t thing in tin 'worliji tii.fftv* this rtlajtid wtlt biwk.V ft l*lov* "^iliai-iA-ill *ft^I« V, atwl put-in K* t>i;n-f 11 UtMi «>tu- ftjiad t« jav li'i> Jusit.fiL," tJiia; Jils HI tiu.'i'ttiUrf'; \w kutaVjf, *<>irt thci| ;n «{*rj*Vi<jjHi: iilnp 1hi< otethtag because ot the tvseeflsity ot correct meas- , . still a/alls the faia-ius t>aauaa *^a $t to tie auiifet ee kanwp * |4. will rua un Falls Friday fer,uw*iaf Sept. I*. i'Vu romwi trip %G. Traifl U»vets MawliiiU 12tiU p. ta. Sauders and HcKajy will ur^ment TJnscrupulous i»e«. got into it sought to do to make it a $pecial business; so between tbfc profit w& a MR profit to ^ speqial sales* valu^. O14 end reli w1U-4e.tlii9. If you w&b to get n fit in this line at % little advance on f, J i.o eu4 «f ii luuugh my *. h Ladiea at the tmai-Qcsti amj ' tw aacure the 'patronage o and vtbitra who A4y unud ; Vheir Uae. to AJ1 ri & duo tke latu firm o| i'er pay*We to J. 8. wf ., . ^ditaa p*« &w food, l^*^ no*'' gu noiina AS quk^lj u^ anybody. EM^m'h Kldnty Pijla *»••.'ct-rtainly fts Risprtstni*^ " iV "wtlo by i*U djmter*. Price §^ twits Ujiiited by Fohter MiUbare Co , if V , suk- 4^cfl}4ior tltfetT. B. WO Start rifbt "M* Wm^dime or , as .-~t T II ' AND Of. Shorthand and, Typewrtiug, K <HI:I;K, ISIKMI. ut W)ifi, btitiHifili-<>I yimiii-' m«i anil «»niifii 1i ui- ir iwHul ami i'i"!li,iri!i. i-ilnt itum inn- In'*) c^ii|Hifil (HI--IIH-I- loili-jii* iu Hi i- CniloWor willf for imriu uluix n.«l *^. \ EstabH»h»4 I882\ Incorporated 1896 GEORGE INGERSOLL, GENERAL .** ' >' # t "S :Ji !=• Other' Ull. at I«V WUt » *"' it tne t,i»u UvMtf« lit Ijbt *aii o »«•»••" 'oar to * •*»* i'owittt\, S. LOUlstB WWK,

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