The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 15, 1959 · Page 2
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 2

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 15, 1959
Page 2
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Page 2 •i- Miss Afoy/e Is Wed •-"•''.- • -i" To Joseph I Fenn Miss Mona Mary Moyle o j.**ioa tTivsjia 41*0*^ ."ivfjic w* vc*- . v-»ui uauy oi TP Rosharon and Joseph Johnson College. The groom is a in marriage at 10 a.m. Satur flay Wi 'St. Thorrias Anulna Catholic Church, Angleton. Th< rites were performed by Rev Raphael O'Loughlin In a ring ceremony. Mr. anfl Mrs. fcto<"ard R (Of Rosharon 'ine per e»1 of (the bride an) thi , nom's ipsnwiis at* Mr, nn< Mrs. J. J. Fenn Jr. of Arcdln. The couple were married be tore ,«n altar decorates wSfh a- .arrangement rj wjitte warn* anfl ITTPP 'bB'*etT "* " *"-nr ers flanked 'the altar. Daring the oenemony dlr "auSic v..,.. —_„_„ ^, Mis? *r)ornf!iv Jean "Flimsier rt A1W, at the .organ. The 'tojfle wore A «own *f .tsEtetfi .anfl Alencon laC45 ' she was by ,her fathw. a ibasgue .waist .and , bateau fle^kV'v;. .TThe ; ,vt\k*> iitf i»c« was onibraidered .in seed .'.pearls Tradrtinnal Jons «levef, I *.!•-*»»• ^««UINi 1 WtU»)« SMC*-tW.- fCIIIWDO •I in points on theiiandt. fflhe tul oiuaaBi -meu- «JB.v livi » ^^r". vonierena .rendBred 'byi held in ConrftB oVer the -week- • -- H»—•<—» —. -m\ Jfgf.J' . ' ' Miss Lara Collins, past president and currently treMurer oj the ^elasao B&fW was elected MB. AHD MRS. JOSEPH .J.OHM8OH ffiNH Wed In Angleton Catholic Ceremony ,fhote gy Jack West'Freeport ElementciryPTA Has "Meet The Faculty" lerusth train. IThe bnide .wore a of .the ilaoe -whiah *»« «mhmi<3- eeed >in ««ed meatte And Mid iwr 'irxfertte Jfltwitii )Uvt*tan «eM She carnied ta bouquet vof step- hanctis .gnoiroUng 'three mhrte ocohidc tied with (white satin ribbons atop a pjatirar ibock. Miss Eliiabeth Vrrni, •stetcr for a two year term tn I** office «f Women in Government .'-'*M '-ftSltict S.oT "• ' -,--• aiSferaSjon of TBStPW ,'Oubs.' ' Mrs. Mary Heggison, president tit ihe fneepori dub, extended BB invitation to bold the conference in Freeport next, ".ear. Co-hotting the coiiterenoe neirf year u-ifla tie Fjweport club win be the Angleton. V«Jasco., And Laie Jscksoo clubs. The first meeting of the year for rthe West Freeport Elementary School Parent Teacher As- Faculty Presented •/HO. A. PTA Meeting Introduction .of faculty .members and launching their membership I t3rlve were highlights of ihe recent meeting of the O. A. Tlemiog Parent Teacher Association meeting. Mrs. Otis Brock, .president of the PTA, ^presided .at -the meeting. Mrs. iQpal '£vErsole, principal of -the -school, introduced the faculty. The PTA outlined some «tf <ne jilans ior the year. jitter -the meeting, parents went :to iheir .children's room to -meet with :the teacher. Teachers .explained .about the work the students will do this year. The ;membership .drive was ofScisMy opened that ; night ,-and membejsh^)s accepted. The drive -aviU .continue -through >this waek. I0j«« Ilizabeth Davidson's room :had 1he mo : srt jiatents pBesent;Bnd<will receive ;a -treat. .ulty" meeting. ... . . , sociation was .« '!meet *be Stac- •«• Ber «own *ns tiallerinB ity" meeting. - : ;•:;* >- • *as HalterJns Her«£h. Her Mrs. Edna Jlergugoh, princip- ttrtfoif mtftnhlrat '.bine Matin al of the 'school introduced -the *"x«!L ^ttay b»Bk hows m teachers. Special ..academic **!!• She carried » feathwed teachers introduced '-wace tfcirg. *Wte .camatioii ( bouQU«t styled r .,,„,_- n ; ..,-j.i.. > in m oemi-alrtlK "^ "-•• — ia Wire .Siemers, MM^^^VW^ Jack Bass, bpys phy«n»> *Suc- 3tion teacher; Miss IWta 3WaUl- din, .girls physical wSucation Mrs. Louise Anderson, .irpecls acat'emic; JSIrs. -h 'tnerapi«t; « Prtndle, ;inusic. Rev. 0. C. JHarper, jMttw *K the Freeport fiti C' ch, ; gave the Mrs. .Gladene won the attendance ' Toorn •««*4 «.«= roktcjuMfuw ^i&aw SOT, «raH«ranBKi • aor tioc ^i^Kiainf?. having the -most -promts ; pr*-; tlnbers <mgse 3ee Hubenrik and w " ^J sent. Mrs. Catfeyis stu'dientsi'igave a reading entitled ^"u:h* vGUB ham iipg ^nd Th* iiballco .Oaf Mrs. .C. A. -.Chrlrthw ^was In cliarge of rafsesbments jol,eake and .coffee ;that was atwwed «ft- er the .meeting. JSbout aao »t- aran. <jbose a •toast «Uk <Brew anfl maidxhig accessories. 5B«r worauje -was tfashiowd <tS ttaltanwn TOSSS Desl for Rome Strvpecu the guaranteed semi-pajte JPAINT REMOVED j Cuts fast and deep./ i] At paint and hard-1 ; ware stores. tOHICAOO rUPJi - A;bome ! typewriter dtsk now U Available, ; as handsome as any to b« Jound jidowntown. '.' ' ' i Designed by John-tf.^Keal '<for- 1 Brown-Saltman), the desk is fully finished in handcralUfl walnut with pastel .walnut itotoh- The center section houses any : modern portable typewriter. There are three drawers for sta- , tionery, a single top drawer and '#<deep file dorawer.. -.. • . The desk, tetail«1or*bout 1230. Vnr tihe aenflption iin Aujjleten Community IBotHe ; lmtnefliirtdy after (the <«ai«mons, * «htte doth •eov«3»n5-)(be:-)b J T'jfl*!* trtfle Jhidh tbdd tte wedfline 'Cdke opjMfl toy * jntaiatur* ibrHIe andjroom. Silver .»ndl«hra and * /iy- tftMl ^unfli iMPvioe £racetl ifihe Sfifi the exciting iiew «dleetiatt Firth carpets -stwtiag «t conven- ion included, Miss Esther Cnl- hpntcon. president ot Velacco BfePW aub; Mrs. AU1* Lovrtt of the Lake Jackson Jitro flTra tniicrs flitwroift^ vt&tt Her 'htfli the Freeport B&PW, were M». Alice Hargrove, Mr». NaaChcs- mey. and Miss I^ila Wales. The* t(h>M)Md . .crorlot She same tsw of \boimurt Jttofl iln ip'ltflc t«b- ;bons. Scwton tTetm .of : Arcola. «« . , Movie, (brother "w telfle, Bwiharon. . fif (the 'mtrther aff tH» sroom. Her .... In the house*iartjtJor the cejitton. .Miss Winona War- fltn. Anfieton, irefliatesed guests while Miss Joyce Schweinle and Nanette Kirkpatrick, both of BoshMDQ, ww*d Ihe pundb and cake. Tor a wedding trip .after th° reception, .the iride *w» a rpyal Wuw print jniit. Be aooes s Ties <*wre«b!*<& «md cbe wore .« white orchid lifted from her iridal Jbouauet. Upon irtfturo ^h« 'oourjfe will •make Ubofc- 'home tn Rresno where the jp-pom js in the cat• *om t «t- . The tiride gradurted AnKleton IKgk School «ri Lob HD Club Has IRfbbon Ties, Bows demonstration «n xihbon ylqg sad bowi jor jpackagei w.aj ihe furcgram for the Meant meeting xtf ihe I«l» Jtackscn Homt UwnoMtration jaiih. Hostesses to- .the Jneeitne, that was 'held in Jasmine jiaii were Mrs. L. R. -SraHh AW fcs. H. -G. ailUn^ton. A iiepprt was .mad* .an th* amlly picnl- '--M in Jtygusj nd .a !boat tnij raadr ibv ,club menhers an th* Houston ' tei. Our Lady of the Lake . «te of San Matces Academy A number of guests from owl town were In attendance al the wedding. local B&Ptyflub ConroeA/leeting The fhtcc grazoipott Bnsl- ness arid Prefesriorntt Women*! ChAs ; werYTOpiesentea at the ' Baptist s the Me w*«M Gloria UhdVeVisAr.gletoh,' arid Canrol QenMriing3, Temple . Mr; and, Mrs. O, B. Llndsey ' . Jimnlhiftof Temple, *r,e '• spiral and SVgular canflel- ent*taW -fcWh smilax .. vr 'for - sttln tows Mark- epw, jww, rrriM tt»«eti(bte rtne cer- , .gi*en fcy hw fcrth- M , Will Male* H»m. In fr'agogport wiflSratorla Ctotmty, Texafl. *uest1a? ( Sent. 16,1969 f •--• —•- ........ . ' * a ^" f Jennings-Lindsey Vow^ Said Tte *1«| Baptist ChnrSh »n Karl-p. IT.V.U _.,_,.;.. ''.'. .' ' and ton. An announcement was .made h*t * fair R«liy Qay would >e held today at the home «! Ma. Jiank Autfaerfoai. Items o be exhibit",) at Jthe tiAr aft in htune . Anyone inlecested warJt Mrs. R. B. Hill will b« ihe " "*- "• wet Xe«M j Oemonstoatien Association venticm to .h» v>*i/4 IM /•*, -•—•.-*•»"»"»"' •*»»'».l»MiW L3U»- ventian .to .be held jjj Galues- on Wednesday jthKnujft Jrjday TILE » R4TM » SHOWERS • WUIWBOABM JRRB • CjlSZ fUB Vy 7ft TILB W. » tmtra t!t t-tsn WalUce Jonei CT 1-2731 FASHJONETTES Mrs. C. R. Benkula presided at an executive nrwseUof »f U» Brazori* Parent Teacher A*- soclation . recently «t th« 3r«t- oria saementtry llbraiy- . ~ Glen Morris, new principal for the school, met with the group for tht first lime. Following reports from ' (tar bteiu «e emymbeK aafl 'van. Then do «vemWn» are Jackets, this ' pullovers, coats, , , , sklrti, *nd «t-ho»e .outflU «f itabiici that «lmulgte 0*1 pelts . otter, "teddy bear" xaouton, poof OOo, jnlnk. cblnchiHa. and the "shaggy flog" piles. * « • Th« tunic silhouette. to»i* to .force, AM -twe main shupeo — Ute slim tunic for daytime .coetumej «nd the tall *hnpe tor tmntof. ../.«•• Hats, hair and dress silhouettes <tam -entered * tlii^e-wny partnership for a complete ensemble look, say analysts for Women'* Wear Dally, a trade publication. Bats have tall graceful shapes to balance the wJdtfo «f ihe aiUwu- ' ette; fso&nf dottw «rc wdMft to go with' cocktail Iwte; • and hat and hair are styled to go together. • - * * • ' White taflte smtt kU^ove care. Keep them In dark blue tls- ur papej oi in omr futeae ba<> 'KMU «* »ejjt no -will -prwitm Hint «jti mweru. trw tnviuwn. or tbr i .thr limn*. ,» »uv«> iUb' nt» tarar 'loin .tmuia i . uqpm uuit- *<*• «mi-,or(wiou> «nnn> u. cbr jolo iitqiur ta»u> Ukr nuiUery Mr *vioit>. u> printn) n. 44- karat gold . « twi «rn Hvallablt In medium itrutth onl» Special washing ta PTA First Meeting Thursday mittee cbairmwi, 'Mrs". v Benkula announced the theme for " coidng yeari prograsj, 'Tike PTA Story; Visions *nd Ventures." V The first PTA meeting for the year is slated for Thursday at 7:88 p.m. At this tjml the memberehiji will 'be Mf(i<M to determine by vote if -all ifh« m— *ings wifl he h«l<l-*t'W(«ht, or -•* they should fee alternated between evening and 4*5rH meetings as te the past. JThe group voted ro pwrrfiase Then Hausnnohl Kn«M . NORTH CAKTON, O. fOTD— Msny women p»fer»the old- fashioned way of mopping floors — on hands »nd inoet That's the report of a surrey by an appliance manufacturer. 'The survey showed that 31 per oent of «J1 womeo who clean their iBtors «et idown «n hods'and knees; 34 per cent use moparand 2* per cent use both msK and •".elbow grease." Oajj U per cent of woman intenaeurt h»d someone else do the work for them. a bookshelf for PTA »»><.»!>« to it mfcht b« *vaUMMt to tb* membership «t cMtcluslHi a me«tingi. • It WM ate fttclM «• cc«. tinue giving $1 prizes at all meetings, with the prize going to the first child whose name is picked with one of his or he; parent* present '••'.topic at Thur«da»»« "Back to School PTA." the program meettqg far; fc* Mne-Knits Ct^y Hand-Made The luxurious textare European handJknJtt fc produced by American tiagm f acturew, due to a -won««r y«B Vvieh gire* «ie look mnfl f«el of silk. Carm«nt«. -made with new <«helr ytmt app'earanc* by tbefr practicality. They wa* snfl flry easily ; «nd quickly, keeping Bridwaaddt were Mies M«ry Lor BMbVt, «nt Mn. Kenneth Setter, anfl the Wrfle's son(, atts» Nancjr Cafl served M Junior Jfcey -wwt «<iUrad to -of lonor and carries "bouquets of JigHterpink carnations.'- •' -'- •The gr<J6m 'wa* attended by ils brother, Bobby Jennings of "astdena, as'-best ma'n. Jlfce fiitf W-ol this "Ortou Cantre(«".y«rn''w»s bj P»rfs fleslgner Gfcwnchy, *mt BOW rfti iQMd In «iis country fcr f artow kinds of attractive Jonrt apparel. Men s ftill Sdbctkm ol Sficpes and Colors • !••. «M« Import arrt part - of metft hats for TJieji* =are soft Ugbtwelgbt* m ealld and mixtttre i tap dneaaine fw*wjy jiutuam tor -v»*f v»v.«* iar oum i cfltons In tte new Wontf - - r c» an extremeHy varied selection -at sporti ana casual hafla as well «s .caps «w 'tetatrrewear. trend, new toats oe sesian»Bye»rJ , Xnere is Aj«;w«hape that wttL toy eacUcal|y ev«y and stocked in nearly every tiat store, tew. The model is caljed the tttatte- ' «8rto' I «tKltt»ias 1 been designed to be worn with the new Continental suits and.topcoats cun th»t it * a« -well -ft to. t* _3et 8««Jn OB Mie 'blacks, the Auav«d jatewt te derblei U jEtroonr Jbu er M * any Hn« glow .me M* lUflk. new er IB old ooanterpart8'ana-ao4M«rf ihe new Save time and steps by making ivt your fteri tor Ail. your banking nend* , -. . from checking accounts to taxings accounts from personpl loans to safe deposit fesUititi, We'll «*rvv jy«u w«l| «tl T.AKH vlA.CKSON. TEXAS Membei Federal Deposit insurance Corp "tn a twrtis- "front . IBM bofflce 1i»fl jlerres ending In points on the hands. t _ tht AJM was r*shione4 wJUi Hr* p» .hffle nn«tr« In extreme itfflness in tb» J»«*. The skirt from •wn pt lacn -which ended' n fifllness. • A erown tlera, jeallopea and' ——~—» with need pearls and rhtawstones, heia a tutle Uneer- '- v«tl. The Julde «rrtefl a 1 ..te hcmuuet Xted with white' satin ribbon in which a white •orch'-' was the center «i I'-nunded by stephanotlV. Aj Mdron «f tamor, MM MM9 f. ILyflt «t a cfocktafl length ot taaruaOte. the Utah " ' , drew . and net jnik^ "ot 'theTjodlco wag rimmed In a elttterlng design and the back' closure VMM ttny covered buttons. Short ptrTf it- fcct «JeaM sbMW endM to . . _ . . A f<ffl**refl*ht was joined the tmo wtMOM. 9h* wwe small hat of turquoise and :arrM * 4x««a«t of 4*>p r ink ' i - - • ' . jLytle. 3«v**r as ctBjdle lighters and whers were "Wayne Col"-"! *W* : Lindsey chose an ice blue ' - Stress, fashioned , Jvlth a twso waistline *»d a , The Jtoroft vHrn,!! nfl the batidefl - e totlh satin. Wtih this she worp mother wow «lk dress md «ci»worles. Both wethers «nwi Pink rosebud corsages. h«lfl on fh ei , -vi-ith ihutwic»i», fllfefclting the -way mie. iround 'iWbl with s»tt* ««ttn ., The bride's table held the three ***** -cake nd tqppefl rotaia- Suw irWiB *nd «rbom. Jihe .oth tafete mas adorned .with candelabra And gr««n«ry t*l 'WS+F T m !*> « th« IIOUBC party with the r«coption „„„ „„ Bertls Leonard, Mrs, W. P. Me. eormaek, «r«fl Ma. Alpwt JBto. ten, all rt MngWtm. \ Tor a -wedding trip the brWs wo—• a floral itwo-jjito- •—•»* with red, W«n?e «n« flwedwtitaatlrg. - merited rthlfi *»Ith o1h» grtu htrt, gloves •wid leweliy inC deep organe shoes. She wor* an ojcchld corsage. lithe icoqple wfll mMw home ta Heusteti and pacific Railroad. Tb» . 'Help Is a .guafluaK «f AnWiettM High «chot(l « Jtooag iwoiwwts Derrton. !9h* to * nmmfbtar Ml EkHn tSiatna Phi. (ffier iflrcrow tte av ffatiutte of tdtll«m Kijti Sehwl «* >•»•• tenflen *n» "yew while Jn the Wavy. ly .resigned Irotn the vyhcne he held tbtBanh tf oj>l<. Comerstxma Will Be Laid Sunday Few New JIhe sorcnratone wfll ,be laid or «he aew IllZflOfl St. 3*ttiolic iQhMMh ta Angleton «t '#0 pan. Sunday. 5Rie chutch s .located at iNorth Tina>y and Bedfiecnetit. In oharfe «f the loercmoales' wffl be Bev. John -Collins, -CSS, ft «v- *->nd. «e Is flh-ector of of the Basllian Fath)o Meet , 'The Brotherhood .of 'Lake Jackson n«t Bapttst Chuwbi Wffl meet at 6:80 ».m, tonight or a dinner ,and rneeUng. ' After the covered dish dinner n Fellowship .Hall, the BoyaJ yfoMss&ar boy's organization 1 of the churtSi -win present, ihe: ' ;<I ' ' The new ,church -*aU fc« tf modern corrtempcrwy AesJM. It wffl scat wo peuwas w* Include ttive <olawroenw-ioT delk igious dnstnuotlon. SHEU, VJEDMJESDAT 'IUPCOMI.: MEAT LOAF Open I «»B!f tw .821 COM MM. AWNINGS JBeynolds Aluminum SUPERS GULF AWNING CO i*OW iV .TSOISOPENINFR€€PORT TABPON IKK VILLAGE SHOPPING Nfs Ifef lK«wiii«ii «f TSO, Mtwl Vot> war mt bt fwpi* «f ft, but your child £00 ifat .hondkflpperf in school from eyestroin. - To he sufi» that All yavr child goes to sctoA tot* iiiJ t»« «(«nlnrf «t f SB now. The interior of each eye will be amiully «n4 «o'ientifioctly itcaminMl : fer •BMUfcfa '(tiieoic »r 4efect-4md for -visiml imperfactions such as astigmatism, •tnt/jde ttrHxifertMy near-slghteoneis ant '-^* IP AUUiS AU MOT MifiKi, vow Mr OM.IT 4*00 FOR THC Hff HNESX QUALITY Single And i J1WCEKU Pacftto-TUtitf CONTACT LENSES $65.00 Coir^pjfte C«t Jt much M (12(4* VW5€uttiWl£r WrMKi ky Or. «. J. Voters, Or. N, Jay £og«r» ^ TEXAS HOW .W TKREPORX TAWON BIN 2«J .ST. | U 'EH ALL DAY SATUBDAY

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