Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 19, 1946 · Page 3
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 3

Pampa, Texas
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Tuesday, February 19, 1946
Page 3
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™ ^'- 1 -^" s •'• lift ScottiS Enlotlain Troop 16 •TrrJttJJ 18'of tHc Girl Scouts was e§tmiariea at a Valentine patty FwSgJjr efenifif wherl Llwlyn Young;, a'HtetM; by WWiaa' Gail Franks' and SflS Arm Topner, was hostes? to the tftgffitiefs and leaders of tWe troop at' the hbm% of Mrs. J. V. Young, 1334 *erta-<fc'. 8oflqu"ets of red roses and tulips Wttfi r'ed hearts and candles were tlsW tb de'c'ofate the rooms. A dec- ^TStea Valentine btix Held Valemihe ftybt for each girl. "tlie hostesses planned the party as an activity" to earn their hostess ftSfreshhients were served to: Jbar)n Anderson, Shirley Biard, Pat£$ pherVerika. Sally Cobb, Jan Da- Visi Marilyn Fitzgerald, June Quill, ' JflHaribtle Hendricks, Sandra Sue Kehhedy, Carol Ann McClellan, JSyce'Kewnian, Laui-a Louise Whippie; "Heleh Kay Wilson, and the leaders, Mrs. 3. V. Young and Mrs; E. ft.' Davis. ^ Veteran and Wife Given Farewell Party A farewell party was given recently in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Merle Mqmmen, who are leaving to make th%ir home in Redwood Falls, Minn. Mr. Mammon was recently discharged from the army after serving' in the South Pacific. ..Mrs. Earl GHffin and Mrs. W. T. Broxtbn arranged the party. Going-away gifts from the group were presented by Latrice Broxson and darolyn Christman. ' Refreshments were served to the following guests: Mr. and Mrs. F. lit Burnett, Betty and Glen Dearborn, Mr. and Mi's. Jack Broxson. Mr", and Mrs. Jess Hatcher, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Broxson, Mr. and Mrs, Earl Griffin, Mrs. Wayne Christman, Mr. arid Mrs. W. T. Broxson, Miss Dot CarsOn, Miss Kay Heard, Miss Mildred Fulkersori, Miss Lucille Bilchl Sue Broxson, Norma Lee (ijUarles, Carolyn and Jerry Christ- aiian, Patsy Hatcher, Latrice and Junior Broxson, Gene Heard and 'the hondree.' bOC/CilJ and IN THE NEWS 4 * * Legion Auxiliary An initiation service and dinner were given last evening by the American Legion auxiliary in the New Medicines and Drugs Are Club Topic The Victory Hpme Demonstration club 'studied means of promoting the health of their families at 'the club's^ regular meeting Friday at the honVe of Mrs. Robert Page. Roll call was 1 , answered with each member de- scribing'"what'we do for tlie health of our family." Mrsi R.' N. Rhoten gave a, report on sulpha drugs and penicillin, and Mrs. W. Ml Brannon discussed other new. medicines. Afterwards a round table discussion was held' with the folohving members present' taking part: Mrs W. M. Brannoh'j Mrs. R, N; Rhoten Mrs; T. J. Watt, Mrs. W. A. Thornton, and Mrs. Robert'Page. , &..,,.' ~ —* ~«i> . "Wasps will go but of their way to attack only when their homes are molested. city club rooms. After the covered d!sh dinner, Mrs. Tommie Stone, Mrs. Mirtha Haralson. Mrs. P. M. Schwind, and Mrs. Clyde Prye were initiated into tne auxiliary. Mrs. E. E. McNutt had charge of the program and she was assisted by Mrs. Grace Hodge, Mrs. Roy Seweli, Mrs. Hupp Clark and Mrs. L. K. Stout. Each of the above ladies discussed a portion of the preamble tb the U. S. constitution in detail. Members present were: Mrs. Roy Hall, Mrs. Frank Shotwell, Mrs. W. H. McBHde, Mrs. Oscar Hiiff . Mrs. Lee Franks, Mrs. E. E. McNutt, Mrs. Al Lawson, Mrs. W. P. Vincent, Mrs. Hupp Clark, Mrs. L. K. Stowt. Mrs. Grace Hodge, Mrs. J. P. Schwind, Mrs. Mike Roche, Mrs. R. J. Kiser, Mrs. Vance Rhea, Mrs. Roy Sewell, and Miss Ruth Huff. - ^— Social Calendar TUKHHAY AAUVV mi-flu in City rlnl) rooms ill' 7:80 o'clock. Church of llic Jlrclhren W.M.R. meets. Movlcn Homn riomonRtrution club meets with Mrs. C. L. Cudncy. Cuiincil of Clubs meets in City club ooms with P.-T.A. city council «t 3 /clock. Hopkins P.-T.A. meets nt, 7:30 o'clock. WEDNESDAY Lnynl Women's class of the First Chria- tlnn church meets nt the church nt 2 -.30 o'clock. Holy Souls Pm-lsli council meets. Loynl Women's class of First Christinn church meets with Mrs. Frnnk Meers, 51i> N. Krone at 2:30 o'clock. Parish of Catholic Women meets wilh Mrs. Hampton Wiuiilell, 51!!) N. Ho- liart nt 8 o'clock. Circles of Central Hniilist W. M. U. tieet an follows: Blanche Groves with Mrs. Paul Skidmore, ^i.| N. Gray ; Mai-y Murtha with Mrs. II. li. Patterson. 1424 N. Ilussell: Lillie Htihley wit* Mrs. Ada NeCaee, 461 N. Warren ; Lyfliii with Mrs. Clifford Ryan. ll!lf> Duncan; ami Anna Snllce with Mrs. H. 0. Lawrence. Hell Home Demonstration club meets •with Mrs. Holund Dnucr. Purochiul school P.-T.A. meets at 3 o'clock at the school. •' THURSDAY Junior high school 'P. T. A. meets. Rebekiih lodge meets at 7 :30 o'clock, Hopkins Ladies Bible Study club meets in community hall. Thursday evening circle of Presbyterian church meets in church at S o'clock. Bethany class of First Baptist church meets with Mrs. H. U. Land>um, 001 W. Foster ill 1 o'clock. Fill DAY Vetei-jins of Foreign Wars Auxiliary meets hfr 8 o'clock 'in City club rooms. MONDAY ', Pythian sisters' 1 meet in Temple hull at- 8 o'clock. Kster club meets with Mrs. H. M. Cone t llU 'W. Browning, at 7:30 o'clock. Dry Gleaners Better Cleaninq Always' "•'''"•"•" SERVICE , Ph one 88 204 N, Cuylcr For Reliable Painters an* Paper Hangers, ' HOME BUILDERS SUPPLY 3MW. Foster Phone l4l4 L \<- ' f i '• ••• • ' .' LOOK OUT FOR Recent mediqnl rcpprta reveal' that an «ma«inp numNr of ehijilren tsml grown- UPB too) may be victims of Pin-Worms— often 1 without suspecting what is wrong 1 And ? theee»p<s8ts,"livine"inslde the human body, can cause real distrcBS, 89. wntcft out for tl^ warnjp^ signs th'rt may-, itican Pln-iVorma-resnecially the •grtyvftinit rectal itch. Got JAYNE'S P-W •nd follow the direct[on3. • , ' 'VS 'f^^, 6 JP'n-MTorjn treatment devel, opcdMn-the laboratories of I)r. D, Jayno & Soiu after years of patient research. The email,\easx-tp-take |"-W tablet*, act in a •pcoUl way to remove Pin-Worms, . A|k your drugsrlat; 'P.VV for Pin-Worms 1 t.E.L. Class Enjoys Covered Dish Lunch A covered dish luncheon was served Thursday afterho6n to members of the T: E. L. class of the Central Baptist church at the home of Mrs. John R.. Gray. Mrs. H. B. Kiiapp opened the meeting with a prayer and Mrs. A. E. Butler gave the devotional. Mrs. N. M. Jones led the closing prayer. Members present were: Mrs. D. W. Allen, Mrs. Pearl Erwin, Mrs. S. B. Hilbun, Mrs. N. M. Jones, Mrs. Roy Hallmah, Mrs. A. E. Butler', Mrs. H. B. Knapp, Mrs. Mae Monroe, Mi's. R. B. James, Mrs. John Browning, Mrs. Ethel Tipps, Mrs. Ziilr. Taylor. Mrs. G. C. Stark. Mrs. O. H. Gilstrap, Mrs. John Gray, and two visitors, Mrs. James E. Nelson and Miss Johlyn Roy Howard. Paris Jtekwear Is Shorfcu! to Chic Prances Carroll Lamb celebrated her eigh;h birthday with a party at her Home Saturday. Itef' rrt&ther, Mrs. L. C. Larhb and Mrs. W. F. Hallman -were co-hostesses. Candy favors were presented to the guests. Refreshments of ice cream and cake were served to Orvie MtPher- scn, Margaret Scott, Sohja Kitten- house, Barbara Conkliri. Ella Braly, Jo Lamb, Velois Hamilton, f ueid&y, , if U Parish Council Will Hear Book Review Parish council of Catholic Women will hear a book review by Mrs. Walter Rogers Wednesday evening when the council meets with Mrs. Waddell. 529 N. Hbbart at 8 o'clock. Mrs. Ropers will review James Norman Hall's book, "Lost Island". Other numbers planned for the program are a review of current topics by Mrs. Fred Leslage and musical numbers by Miss Evelyn Thoma, violinist, accompanied by Miss Elizabeth Sewell. Mrs. Henry Nash will be co-hostess. Stars Start Way to Fame at Fountain H was in Schwab's drug store in Los Angeles, the haunt or movie- struck youngsters where every waitress is an aspiring dramatic actress and every fountain clerk is a would-be comedian, that Motion Picture Director Mervyn LeRoy, some years ago,' first saw Laria Turner as she sipped a soda through' a drinking straw. Immediately he put her under contract'and rushed her into the lead in an important picture: Again' in Schwab's a few weeks ago, Director Preston Sturges "discovered" a new starlet whose name has riot yet be'en released by studio press agents. She also was sipping .a/ socYv through a drinking straw when spotted by Sturges. . Operators of fountains and restaurant's arc always grateful to patron's who use the drinking straws provided Jor them, thereby clirnih- atjihg'unsightly lipstick smudges on glassware. Plan a Patriotic Party This Week By CHARLOTTE ADAMS Associated Press Foods Editor For children, half the fun of the party is decorations, especially if the plans are simple enough so that they can make the decorations themselves. A supper party on Washington's irthday will be lots of fun if you et the young host or hostess con- oct place-cards which look like ttle colonial soldier's heads and a rum of the vintage of 1776 to hold he sandwiches. Colored paper is leeded, of course, to make round lases for the place-soldiers to stand upon. On each round appears the nitials of one of the, guests—per- onalized and attractive. The soldier heads can easily be made ol mall oranges, with features of colored paper pasted on. White absorbent cotton is perfect for a colonial soldiers' wig, and his tri- ibrn-hat is of black paper. For the drum, take any bowl in the house vhich is of appropriate shape anc use cardboard and paper tb cover t into the semblance of a drum. Next in importance, or more prob- ibly sharing the honors, .comes the obd. Here's a simple meal which iUDplemehtcd by milk (chocolate milk is usually the favorite) and a handsome dessert of ice cream with cherry sauce arid honie-made cake will 'satisfy the young very well. Drummer Sandwiches cvcum '/j cup chopped I'.-T. A. MEETS TOMORROW , The. postponed mc'etirig of the Parochial school Parent-Teacher's association will be held", to'rpprrow afternoon' at 3 o'clock. W. B. Weather-red, will" be the principal speaker and -his' subj'edt will ^e "Let's Get Rid of Prejudice." \ ' ' MEETIN.'G Kfteeting of" the Junior high school Parent-Teacher's association has been postponed foi one weeh^ The group will meet Thursday, February 28, lathei than this Thuisday, issHfcV *1*" >'i"?~T.>j£ ItWif MACKIN^e M&NP" RIOT! Barbara Goodnight Beverly Lamb, Blllie' Ripple, Mrs. Frank Ripple, and Mrs. Bill Toylor. tt * * Mrs. Jim King. F20 Doyle, entertained at a Valentine parly for her son, Richard, Thursday afternoon. Refreshments of cookies, candy hearts, and hot chocolate were served to the fourteen guests. Those present were: Butch Fra- zler, Linda Frazier, Audrey Lee Sar- eerit. Roland L^e Luedecke, James Weatherred, Dallas Sargent, Wanda Townsend, Rayjean Townsend, James Ingram, Shirley Ingram, Douglas Luedecke, Bobby Ray Burrows, Tony Sargent, Mrs. Fred Ingram and Mrs. Luedecke. * * * A Valentine party was given in honor of Doreen and Ni.a Parde in the home-of Mrs. Wade Thomasson last week, with Mrs. T. H. Farde as co-hostess. The Valentine theme was used in table decorations and favors were hearts filled with nuts and candy. Refreshments of ice cream and cake were served. Doreen and Nita's guests were: ina Jean Crall, Patricia Johnson, Jarolyn Donham, Crystal Scham- Ics, Reggey Lee Mayo, Billy Rose, Charles McCrcry, Freddie Woods, Henry K. Combs, and Ralph Ayers. Si * * Raymond Gary Chisholm cele- rated his fifth birthday with a par- y at his home. Refreshments of ice ream and cake were served. The following youngsters joined Raymond in the celebration: Jimmy nd Jere Blevins, Janis Lynn Foster, ack and Lola Kay Lathrop, Karl Citts, Virginia Langston, Mic'hie Johnson, Linda Isley, Jan Roy Roby, Vtary Lynn Miller, Linda Kennedy, Quilla Sue and Ola Ruth Beavers. VIrs. Ray Miller, Mrs. H. D. Foster, rid Mrs. J. B. Johnson were also guests. Those sending gifts were Rayma Kay Chisholm, Ronny Osborn, Miss Ora Johnson, Juanita Garner. Delia Benner and Mrs. Sally Smith. * * * Mrs. Joe Hodge entertained at a birthday party Saturday afternoon for her daughter, Rowena Eue, on the latter's seventh birthday. The youngsters attended the matinee at the Rex theater together and then returned to the Hodge resident at 501 E. Foster for refreshments of birthday cake, ice cream, sandwiches, and candy. Mrs. Fred Gary, Mrs. N. Dudley Steele, and Miss Hart Anderson assisted Mrs. Hodge in the serving. Youngsters who joined Rowena Sue iriv'her celebration were: nutn 18 thin slicofi wheat .bread chcesi! niayonnpiso Cream cheese and mayonnaise to;et-her until fluffy. Add nuts. Re- nove crusts from bread. (Spreac bread with mayonnaise, butter 01 margarine, if desired.) Spread slices of bread with, cheese mixture Top each with another slice. Cu each sandwich in half. Wrap ii waxed paper until ready to serve. Party Salad 1 tuhli'Spnnn Kclul'tlt cup raid rup Ixu'lipK Illuill . .juiciv OrntiBe suit lemon rulortnft t:it\t" coolscd, dice chicken ] /f, CUD diced .celer 'i h»rd cooked eggs chopped J /i cup real mayon- nais« ,. '/i Icaspoon null ',£ tcaapnon pepper Lettucn Soak gelatine in cold water fivi minutes. .Dissolve in bpilin^ watei Add' honey, salt, orange arid leiiioi juice. Tint with a bit of orange'foo coloring, if deeper,color is desirec Mix well and pour into an 8-incl- square laver pan, Chill unhl firm— combine' chicken, celery, 1 eggfe, rea mayonnaise and seasonings. Cu gglatin in 6 servings. Arcangq 01 lettuce Top each serving with heap of chickeh salad Serves six U. S. Designers Show Similar Accessories By KI'SIK KINARI) NEA Staff Writer 'NEW YORK. Om 1 fashion on j which Parisian and U. S. dc'smner.s j see eye-to-eye this spring is net:-.- | wear accessories. On both side-;; of j the waters the styles in these ar.' i cutting pretty 'much the same kind of capers. And probably for the same two reasons: the muiuplc- purpose usefulness of switchable -ic- cessories and because they are the shortest cut to chic when fabrics are limited. Flashes from Paris .showing what's what in neckwear are virtually an echo of what's coming up over hero. Cases in point MI-C front and back panels of print "silks'", button-on yokes, collars, berthas of starche:! organdy or crisp pique; trie'.: collar and waistcoat belts of dressy fabrics; and richly patterned scarves used in a variety of ingenious w-.iys. Both French and American designers borrow style ideas from the picturesque past. While Schiapar- elli calls her upjutting scarves ana chin-tickling collars "Micawbar, Americans half hide faces in c:-t- vats and other neckwear which they call "Regency Dandy." Panels are the something-new which has teen added to the ever- growing list of accessories. Not j much different from tlif Ameriom use of brilliantly-colored scarves, in- I ;fs;rated into dress rlesitiiis -mi\ pan- I el-;, i:; Piuou's li'-^c of polka-ciotted ! print fnbrif. fa a ior-al pjin' of I nilnro-st f,,i-.'.,i <!.',' « >» '1 « Personal Items About People in Miami Mrs. Rivo Btirnc'U has recently purchased the brick building in Miami which houses the pest, of fee and telephone exchange from Mrs. Ella Christopher. Dan Graham and Elmo Gill recently purchased from \Vcslpy Davis the building on Commercial street adjoining Ferp's Cafe. Dr. and Mrs. S. J. Montgomery were visitors in Aii'trillo over the week-end. j. K. McKon/ic w :-• !>n<;in :•.<•"-'• ; visitor in Amariilo Stuui''-'<a v after- , noon. We- !'•;>• D;ivi<; of Fampa visited ! his father. RuiKkiv. j Mrs. W. C. Scoit \vas a whopper in Pnmpa Friday. Mrs. Mpry Tucker of An.irillo visited lier fuUi'T. Sunr'ii.v and siUf'nd- ed services at th" Metiiodist. church. Ed EUii'.' <;f AmnnU'i. fonwrlv of Maimi. v.'.t-. ;'< visitor in Miami Sunday. Mr. Hi'.d Mrs. Bill C'.'ov.-foi! of Pampf were vi:;it.iii'-( th"ir parent 1 ' in M-uni Sunday. Mr. ; nti Mi-.-. Paul Bov/or.-.- ot Grandvie\v in G:v..v f.-oi' 1 .;- -vr.ri- visitors in Miumi ovri- the we-;:- rncl. Rr'V. Fch:::r A. "f filled 111'- p'ilpil ;il the - chureh Sunday iiiorniii':. charue of the Ar'lhomsi Ceta ean-.on,. V. Coffee held high hostess served plrthp'kifl coffee to: Mines. Nelle ."... . O'Laughlln. Edna Newifelhy Paircl. J. A. Mead; W. C. Scott, J, Coffee and the hostess. WAY TO RELIEVE DISTRESS This Double-Duty Nose Drops Works Fast! Yes. you get quick relief froth fluffy distress of head colds Vlt tie Va-tro-nnl in each nostril. more-it actually helps prevent many colds from developing if used irt ttttifi* Try it! Follow directions in pacfcagS, V1CKSVATRO-NOI He c.nnp Charles W^ss. Aaron Laverty, Jerry Joyrier, Charies Lockhart, Patsy Ann Putty, Emily Sue Alexander, Mary Kay Barren, Betty Lou Doggett. Bobby Fei;rell, Glen Harrell, and Charles Ho'dge. Others who sent gifts were Edward Wadlow, Bobby Epps, Paul and Omer Harrell, Mrs. Tommie Holderfield arid Mrs. Anna Hayes of East Tallahasse,' Ala. MIAA'T. Feb. 1!'. Mrs. K. A. Wydifjff v-•>'••• her "42" dub Tuesday with eiuht in attendant 1 ! 1 iilternoon j . Mr::. ,!. i ••FLOWERS • For Every -Occasion PARKER'S BLOSSOM SHOP 406 N. Cuylcr Phone 21 always use it-best prOot H'» , V GREAT COLDS >To Promptly Relieve Coughs and: Aching Muscles of Chest ColdslV . A wist- mot.hor will certainly buy, Musi.ornlc fur lirr child. All thru the; yours—MusVi-roln is always used whefc- cvcr thf Quintuplets catch cold. . , J Just rub Musterolc on throat, chest' and bark. It itiKlnnlly begins to relieve ; couching and aching muscles. It actually! hr4ps break up painful local congestion.' Makp.i breathing easier. Wonderful tor yro'.vn-ups, too! fn 3 strengths. . ^/ MUSTEROLE Health Studied at 20th Century Club » SHAMROCK, Feb. 18 (Special) — Mrs. Ben Parks was hostess to members of the Twentieth Century club and guests Thursday' afternoon. Sweet peas and snapdragons made attractive decorations' and corsages of red carnations were given as favors. ' Mrs. M. V. Cobb discussed the subject of "Health and Safety," and Joy Beth Parks gave a reading to close the program. The refreshments emphasized a. Valentine note. Mrs. Prank Sanders and Mrs. Winfrert Lewis were guests, with these members present: Mines. Vir- fsil A?an, Robert Baxter, E Bradley; M. V. Cobb, W. R. Doty, Glenn LaDue, G. B. Miller, R. Stuart Tisdal, Art Fleming and Bert Betenbough. • wlrch infinite possibilities as a wardrobe stretcher. The Patou collar, prototypes oi \vhich you'll find on our neckwear counters, is intereStins because it continues in a narrow panel at the i;ac': and fastens in a double-pointed .vestee-like i:elt in front. Accessories like this, which have great versatility, are liked by French American women for the same reason. It offers a quick-change artist a wide scope for her talents. UNCORK NOSTRILS For quick relief ; ,from -J / jt^^ hearf-'coid misery. v*p~,s-' e -J^^^ MENTHOLATUM DOLLARS AND TIME DENVER $17.60 in 3 hours, 5 minutes from Amarillo To COLO. SPRINGS, 2 hrs., 23 minutes To PUEBLO, I hr., 52 minutes • (Government tax not included in fare) For complete schedules, resei'valhns, call mtANirr AIRWAYS PHONE AMARILLO 2-4343 Patbu's versatile silk collar • and belt are joined at the back by a narrow panel. Pert Ensemble DISCUSS PEACE A discussion of the "The Anatomy of Peace" by Emery Reves, wil be led. by. Mrs. Carl Jones at the regular meeting of the Women's Auxiliary of the Presbyterian church, Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. Election of officers will be held during the. business meeting. BIRTHDAY- PATITV SHAMROCK 1 , Feb! 18. (Special)— Mrs. Florence Poole complimented her daughter, Eileei\, with a party Friday evening on her IQth birthday. Indoor gsmies pioyided entertainment fcr (;he group and refreshments were served' to the following guests: Freida Johnson, Ruby Wil- liattis, Calvin Stewart, tfaomi Ruth Robertson, Marga'ret Flowers, Milford Graham, Edward Hoilinsworth, Bei nice Hollmsworth, Minnie Mae iMoses, Johnnie Fae Smith", and Poble', ' KEEP FIT DIET Cot ' 7«on" 'oodj Save met/ fat an tuin if in lor 4c EXERCISE fen Minuet a Day Falet flw'gti Atvoy Exerti$ Series HP- 5 For OigwUpn Aid^ _ '««! OP«'' Sl' lov<(> Stows) *>«el OVERNIGHT PULLMAN SERVICE BETWEEN DALLAS. FORT WORTH-AMARILLO U Bock £ Standard, Air-Conditioned Berths, Sections, Drawing Rooms Gulf Coast Special NORTHWARD 9:30 p. m. Lv I0:4b p. m. Lv Fort Worth SCHEDULE Texas Zephyr SOUTHWARD Dallas Ar. 8:35 a. m. ' Ar. 7:20 a. m. A tiny daughter. SJJE BURNETT fovivsome for your Liny paVern 8U83 incUidfs a painty Utlle jumper and pantio, .a button-trimmed bolero and a pa't bonnett. Siinple as anything to ,niak;e—rj'our ABO Special today. Pattern 1 No. 8983 is for sizes 1, 2, 3, 4,' 5 "find-6 years. Size 2, jumper, 13/8 yards of 36-incn; bonnet and bolero, 3/4 yaid, panties, 5/8 yaid For this patten}, send go pent,s, in fS, y^iir, *iddie>s, w?e de «_.tin« H^ PA-HW '. to ^ue' Pwrnett, pamua; jvfesis 9:50 a. m. Ar. . Amarillo Lv. {*) 12:25 a. m. (*) Berths may be occupied as early as 9:30 p. m. if dosired. All Steel, Air-Conditioned Pullman, Coach and Chair Car commodations Again Are Available for Your Travel Convenience- Between Texas and Colorado and Intermediate Points -v,. Ask Your Railway Ticket Agent for Complete lnfo/rfl^t«yi FORT WORTH and DENVI

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