Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on March 4, 1969 · Page 5
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 5

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 4, 1969
Page 5
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Redlonds Daity Facts Tuesday, March 4. 1969 - 5 Scrub fo get out blackheads I An exceUent "teen scrub," jiued several times a week, is I to mix oatmeal witli bal>y I cream and apply tlie mixture al] iover your face. I With gentle, circular movements, massage all areas of your face, especially nose, chin and forehead. Remove mixture n-ith warm water, after several minutes, and wash your face with castHe soap. Thoroughly rinse again, pat face dry and I apply witch hazel This treatment will help dislodge tiny blackheads and dead skin cells. Volunteer hairdresser Soroh Henriques attends to the first patient. Miss Gorgi Armwood, receivirtg free grooming services ot the new beauty center at Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx. Looking on ore Dr. Nosry Mic>,elen, assistant commissioner of New York's Deportment of Hospitals ond odministrotor of LirKoIn Hospital, ond Jock Joffry, executive secretary of the New York Hairdressers' Board of Trade. All equipment for the new beouty center was donated by the Volunteer Beauty Care FuikJ. a nationwide program sportsored by Cloirol, providing finorKiol support to the hairdressers of America for their public service. Hairdressers' secret — freely helping others •y HELEN HENNESSY NEA WmiMfi's EdHer NEW YORK (NEA) — In the small neighbortMod beauty fb^ and in posh beauty sakins the hairdresser reigns supreme. Incw ou'.sklc world isn't vcrjlBeauty Care Fund. Its purpose ! with them. A now hairdo makes is to provide funds for the coo- them fed less rejected and tmuation and expansion of pul>- n-.ore a part of the normal lie ser\ice activities by Ameri-i world.** c='s hairdressers and cosmelolo-| Sometimes there was opposi- gisU on a naUonwide basis. For be*s the fellow who piiU the lion from the inslimiion. A cos- Beauty sabns and needed equip- icing on tho cake at least once incologiii from Jefferson. Wis., mcnt have been provided in 30 ' a w«* and sends us chicks tried to break dowTi barriers to grinls durins il.* first year of : tvsy fedins better-equipped to «-ork with the mentally retarded existence. HospiUU and other in" cope with the worid. and cUimcd she had no c^op- flilulions have benenicd — even, "i Will Shakespeare said. *Frail- erilion from the superintendent childrcn*s homes *1jere groom- t>- they name u »«man.** But oi the hospital. ins is taught — in Alabama, GLAMOR Wrra INDIAN ACCENT—The Indian innuenoe in PhiUp Vc- net's ^ning-Summer 1969 ooUecUon is evidenced by this sari-style yeUaw evening dress worn over matching trousers. The tunic collar is embroidered with guttering green stones. (UPI Telephoto) MTERLOCnNG RING SETS W* invit* you to inspect and use our shop servie* developed through years of experience. III I. th/h mmm num Takes time to slim midriff ii*s a rate woman today who .^'wDukln't admit that "vanity" would mote aptly apply than does Win's "frailty." And why not? You've come a long way, i lady, as the televitkia cammei>j 'ctal says, and frailty sure doesn't apply any moce. Yet we do fed defenseless Ui I wc must face a job, PTA meet' itng. bridge dub or even a neigh' bor if our crowning ghiry it a string}- mess. And we gK to the i hairdresser at the earliest oppop :iunU>-. So much for the But he's new in this tn>e of California. Idaho, IlUnois. Indi- n-cric** she wrote in a letter to ana. Mississippi, Missouri. .\e- the Volunteer Beaoty Care braska. Nevada, New Jersey, Fund, the hairdressers' public Ohio, Penns>ivanla, Rhode Is- service group. "And be put land, Tennessee and \Visconsin. the beauty sakn under the su-i Tlie newest achievement is the pervision of the nursing staff. I beamy center for patients at Ihe head nurse doesn*t go to aiUncdn Hospital located in a de- beauty saloo or care." Ihe vol- prived section of the Bronx in unteer couHn't get far in her New York City, endeavor to hdp tbe patients The hairdressers stiD give of under that setup. But she spoke their time without pay, but the (0 the institutioo*s social wo,^r^ Volunteer Beauty Care Fund who is now toing hard to now makes it possible for them I change .'Jie ^tuation. to u-ork under better conditions fortunate . beauty program has and with equipment that is not ... .*« A. fart^L' SoinS «"> »l ^ Ughthouse makesWft or borrowed. t '^L^ ^^f« *e B«nd. too. ! Jaffry mainuins, •*Scratch a But there are others - hosjatai ..^^ actnady teadi tbe blind haiitlresser and you find a dedi- patients. prison inmates, worn- mental institutkws. the " , ct< in Jal£r>- cated man." The fact of the Vol' how to unteer Beaut}- Fund proves his handle themsdves. It's a "cindi" to be st.vlishly ir^jr "l^i^TL^ ' "id- "We teach them . small-waisted: and it lakes is Sl ~2rrfM «i n«»ii. hair *•"'«"»'"*•> their own hair and confidence jusUfied. Clairol pro- smauwaisiec. ana ia«es is gccause of Oitstveiifi^^hw. ^ ^ ^^1^^ ^.y^ ^ ^ cians the time and talent — and According to Jaffrj-.'there was aU to prove their bdief that a litUe Ume and slightly more j^^j^ across tbe cwntnr. ^r;;;;^;;^^*.- ^«Vrin. ,„ • most of whom are sensiUve and'«™^b'> 8"">Tng. Try doing the fdkiwing excr- creame,mierpret -vamiy " no difficulty in getting the hair-v hen a «t>man stops carmg "morale. ctse: Stand with feet slighUy apari. knees bent a little, arms stomadi and bmtocks muscles fedmg good, said Ja«k .^ip^^ Still this could not tho- eouldn*l have without this ?!? .- .u . 1^ I drfjsers and cosmetologists or- atout her tooks she has given We beliexe that todong good ^ ^^j^.^ ^ ^ ^^^^ „p ,if^ organizaUon is «>d, without moving arms, push }^^««uUvVsireiary of the,?f J*"^-,^^ hips as far to the Idt as yoo ^^^Voric HaiMtessers' BoardlJj^J ^^ZS i^'i^'^ ""^^l,^^, d«.*t tun. us baddng. dr>mi any more,** Jaffty said. , . .u ^'e* York Hairdressers' can. then as far to the right Trade. "And so for years Trr putting on a dance record „ i^ve been devoting our time for ^xetrise badcground musie. uj^ tpj^ sick «id l^- l,,^ m. unique. Were JSghCost NuTlkaring Cnrecfly Mtsel ippoiiilMiits Npish iKStf CMrfidNCC Meedess Ristikes HAROLD L PAHL U.7lh Sl^ RtdMs 7f3-5444 Leak Smart, IM Cut* •Hie ke,- to bring stj-lish is ^^^^.'^^J^' fc,., looking -smart" never "cute." "SJ ^M ^Sf w..^i.h If you're still hanging en to that ^^^^ t*^ 'I. * . «»A^M« ™-»Ti^^L .^.,«-'th him about mutual cts ^diT ^cilar^ ;;^-^„"^',i"r wTSS^ tf*?xr .s .r .rs?"dS '."'.t' ^tvrnTjr ^vTofn 'rt UTi ^U she cdors her hair that 'only the "Slarines." "We're dealing in something Lawrence M. unique. We're offering human privTlesed to our commumties concaved the Volunteer happiness." without pay. eqmpment or the Sirhan on witness stand, admits shooting Kennedy cviuis iKi u.i> iContinued from Page 1< 'with the open palm with whidi haiid«^r"°<liuid"kn^"'' as Sirhan finally testified at h« JJ^SJ^'^f^^JSlfc*"^ vas calm, neatly nothing but the troth. may create an mifwgettable im- But has that artful manipulator; uUI. He ^ .^Iwitness box and leaned forward! m.«t die before June 5. 1968 Knaa deep in Rut* Scatter rugs are getting more side I burdened with you tales of bears unpaid wtitk at bospiUls, prisons, mental institutions. pS^y^STtbTS -^^^ ni wageri,^^, in intensity Jews kicked us be sakl out of trodoctioo eC acrylic fibcrB.j nwy are bona washable, vUdi not "For years we have been <h.> and another passage: "My determinaticn fo ellm- inate RFK is becommg more land more an unsbakeaUe Sirhan was called after his j obsesswn." Smother had told of his being* "Did you write that?" Cooper makes them snitabie br «se in !!,*2vJ off" ^^SHi?i«P««« » " J"««' eUbto 's nomt, piayieoms or ..p.^^ ^ ^^^^^ ,^"^1 lem when be was « >^C «wyj brought aV«g what equipment; Siihan took deep gasps of breath bdore we could — like band dryers.! And it was worth it I wish l,,,^ were articulate enough to de-''^'*** J™ scribe the fcwk to the eyes of «** courtroom, those pecqde. . Sakl Owper: "Take the mental institutions. < "Sirhan. you are charged fa All tbe patients aren't incura-' count one of tbe indictment with b|y in. But they fed that the! the offense of murder. It is — 1 'alleged that on the Sdiday of June, U68, you shot and killed Robert Francis Kennedy, a Sure I do— all my friends do— read the Beauty Page every Tuesday in the— Yes, I did." Before Sirhan todc the stand. Cooper toM Judge Walker the walldng to the! defendant wanted to apologize to the fortress-j for his courtroom conduct last ; Friday when be declared be wished to act as his own sttorney and axwld be wiHtog to die to the gas chamber for premeditated murder. Cooper sakl Sirhan wanted I$5a NalMi, dneetor of the Palestine Arab delegation to tbe United Nations, to act as an advisor to his attorneys. Mrs. Siihan toM of her son witnesstag terrible scenes to Jerusalem tochidmg a tmcUoad of Arab girls with thdr breasto you on orj June shooti human betog. Dki about toe_5th_t< Robert Kennedy?" "Yes, I did," Sirtian replied. Then Sirhan was asked whether he also shot Paul Schrade, a United Auto Workers'slashed and Israeli aokfien executive who was to the'clap|4ng thdr hands and saytog Kennedy party. 'that was what happened to "If the indidment says I shot] those who wouU not leave tbdr bim, I must have," Sirhan said.| homes. "I was not aware of anytUnc" He had taken the oath with his fist to the air rather than Siihan was expected to be on dired examinatien all of today and to remato on the witness stand through Wednesday. LET US Arronge Your Trip |/ AIR / SHIP / CRUISE |/ TOUR MAKE VACATION PUNS NOW! Nt stnke cterge mt A m JH reserve fkwi|ft is um*ea*iMA m l .eilnMA«e. OEMUUI SELL IT TOMORROW With tow-cost Classified Ads REDUkNDS MUSIC ir STUDENT DISCOUNT • Miskal Insfnineirts Sales and Service 125 Grama St. 7914112 BEAUTY BANK SALON Welcomes back RUTH McCREERY She is looking forward fo serving her past pafrons as well as new. EXPERIENCED HAIR STYLISTS PHONE 792-2263 204 E. CITRUS, (Across from parking lot. SMuriiy Bank) Pre-Easfer Special FROSTING Reg.$25 ONLY__. 15 • OFFER EXPIRES MARCH 11 • aAlNE JOANNE JAY JANET DOROTHY INA Days: Man. thru Sat. ivas. Thurs. A FrL BROOKSIDE BEAUTY SALON 12«3lraeksidt BATHE IN THE SPELL OF CHANEL NO 5 Eau de Cologne, from 3.S0.09 For The Bath, from S.O0; After-Bath Oil Spray, BaOi Powder, Bath Soap 5.00 each. CHANEL THINK ABOUT THIS - k the pharmacy where yeu get yew preacriplions filled, open seven days a week, twelve hews a day, Sundays, hoTidays and can yeu reach yow Pharmacist to on emergency at night by telephone? WINN'S DRUGSTORE • S&H Green Sfampi •Gift Wrapping • Free Parking • Hours Free FrtscriptiMi Delivery in Rsdlands — Mentona en orders phenad in before 4 p .naa 793-2804 Daily-9-9 pjn. Sunday —9-5 pjn. CoiMf CoHwi It O mh 9'

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