The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on September 9, 1897 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 9, 1897
Page 2
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^ ^ wtpm th* Mftr<rtt&U, vyrh., p(Mrt.nffiet rtf tr.uisfmttfiWon through thfl mnlf* at rtwno innl irtlrebawp* «nly could ttsfr the j.The nfrft departure actually A tw6 ceHt ratio all « within Ocntral territory, nod \wt to iht- Mtdi^itari Ofnftel and other th? mite«g&' system, which Ihfr' SiibHenptiontt we***p^ ft* the nfflte of A. 164 "KaM Stntp J. M, MOSES, L0OL. Tl'ii? state i is proving tourists *an» at homo, again, and teja to ons they art*. flot sorry. \ Mr, aftd Mm. Mr, and Mrp. Norinmi Brown. Our advwtifting colttmns ate always newsy (.therefore., daiaat l&Uto road thtjjtt. Airs, 'Flo$i Jofrnfion Who'has tfljeii « nt jJ>r. Siuttoy's reiafrwjtl to tie* . in Tjansjng on Monday last. ' This wt k .ithetHta4tragh on HohowJ. *Jhil- - •dren aixl Mtrtuner resort •proprijptors> It According to £he statorfent i&Ktiod yesterday (>> HftcfMary Gardner, Michigan Tbt- ««nifr its fwr August atwl some itwHl evre bt" heard will be aii excursion ftveT the D, t. ^- M. to Toledo on Sunday, th* J*2tb« MirP for the round trip $1 ( good returning Monday. .The shei iff ntid other KftlftruftjEoo cwun- ty oftkvrH are after th« -dynaittiterft who htivt" bwu o{>er^\tlng Big n-wards IIAVP been Mtss Mury Dean, clerk in thu United Statt-s e»pr«w office at t Vlbton, h;is firtst tlnit she is fi winn«r of the 8'25 prize offered lo tbf clorlft sending i tfji 1 bwt fcfKTrt fdr the- month of April. Ouwkim inspectors at Lurcdo, Tux, hn«e found an iniuluiiued l>a^ on a trntn with SiSA*HHI worth of diamonds^ jewelry «vnd other v»luiiUos in it. If anjoirp in >l!ir.sliall has Io«t anything of the iund tb«y Crtii soouv<> it by sending to tin* authorities at F^irodo. A Sa«;in<»w dispatch hajs: Th« (iruitd Trunk is* issuing ('xuhtti)^c 1 J!rl<cts U; «n> One who presents one ftf^tlit-ir inili'.in'o |buoks. Hitherto the- One Hi'plii-atiouof Or. Thomas' Eck-ctrk 1 (til taUeiiiwHJ iltu 'IIKIU • f. the u i osl Hevere It its no ulciu family hniment. oholura lufnntmn, and (ill thot-u othc-i liitle ouo* ur.tHiifalh- 's Ex', id Wild iiuirl'U«, diarr)i(.oii, iljHeuUffy t-nmikft t.<>(l c <rt'U by l>r A C'tttfr fos nnions Co., Oa. * I r)een snbject; to ^tacfes of bilious colic several yearn Chamberlain'ft Gholora anfl J&iai-rlwwft Retaetly ie only ftwwi relief, It Acts l!fe<* A * Omv dosf of it gives relief wbctt all 'other remedieB fail. , ' (J. t>. SHARP. , wdft at Omsne's Bf ug." - C. ft, Rv will sell Hok<*s to Owmd: HapiilR nnd rehifh 0ef»fy ft to ItinclttdiVe for onr-fare p!t(R 50 «entft for ad mission to Mr. ,Tf cketa goi»4 fa vefaMft Sept« 1 1 tJ, E. OtK^OHt>, f kt, tt«a . Halls. *lg»«(M« C3et yon? job woir|< done at the Chronicle offlte* ; " '*-,"?«: Tobaeeo cai^-is a ifJc fw tho tobatcw babit^ « is \ A. O, CWdefcte. \ Xot CROSIS, lam prepared to do ladiea' and chiF : dren's shamp,»oiiig: . at their 'homes, at Cflark*6 barber ishop, or V. street. MB». Property Insured. I nn» prpparwl to Insure farm property at ofle per cijnt for three years in a i|<ni{ first eluaa compunt doing business" im &VT lic^nao front the stotoInsurance con»- miewoner. This Is betlor than tbn Hu tual (.'ompiuiie^, l"TiT"vnS r R jdvN KII \ fftnl, J. Cunningham ta showing nice stook in"sitjpl(ia of thfr"Maiden blush" variety. They rtr«y fmru South Water street, Chi From 810, to 850 pj?r year Buvwl each fiunily who will efcnd a pupil to the Dress Tailorinp rt;h<Mjl in tho Wnt«on bwilding. Tay Voiir Taxos. I will be at tfew otliL-ei of the . hotel during business bourn untilfurthcr notice, for the puritose of receiving cily ^:i\eft which are rojw doe. Save the ex- Ira colhtction fee by paying now. M. S. DcLA\ T . City t UuM Shine. A flue shoe dressing lor tan fwnd black For sale by Him K. E. Billings. Sote agent, l>e^ Bli*f«8 k ' j 5s tttft tteW* to got a piiino. Hw' Fiftpf. *& At Watson's you cwn get -f.lw Albion Homer flottt'lty t,hellri<> Ih,, In j'onr own bags, ftt^^fht we%bi of W bf i& tfei al*> Albion 1 patent, tfce b^st flonr mwtlo try it. i* prepared b» c|o and shamptioing for trie ta- dien at their homefi, Fricefor >tfftnte«D- ing 05 eentei -fw Bhampooin^: 50 ttoat*. Ofderstnny !» left at W!ea' K. B* Billings' or at resilience, xdth- Mm . , opposite 'ProBbytetiab ehuroh you " want » Call-on fJtwge '\ley- walk, ty ty'e,ht walk"? I wilt gwara»t«v. DR. LOUIS S. JOY Will ijive in ndlition lo general prac (icft, apecinl ntteiitipti to diseases t>f and eatrtfr-Fitilftjat of t?tft8S«s peci»>tUplomttois-6j'ft < ear,throat daily choite froesttone hofaeetty packed, baskets Vaft tables to rent for partjes. W«1i"Ht«sr. in^ on fho moWalks in ih^eity is «ftriptly forhidd«n,'aud hweftfte- tho or- relaMtij? Uiereto will Thp prtiAlty fbr violation te » By wttor r»f the amyw. veUt, Mamhnl. . Will MftrshaH, Hotel FRIDAY, OCT. Accr»unt the State Hopt. 6th to llth -the D. I 1 . & M. will sell found trip tkfcetfs Marphair to ^^rsnd llapidft at ,*2,$0, jfswHetit tinft is made to fttwl from thJH pV>«$t f via thift line *!2W,. the time between Marshall and OtamT ' of , tj. AMWB, Mjditgftft A high #rmlF „ etate t«ehrtic*l ecliool. Practical work. JSlTOtjvr-system. TTHtf tfoniwja^ GjVcS tjpgfpfs o| t R-B., M etc ^To buy flouf v graham, bolted j meal, ground feed, bran or middlings is atC. A.'Chesher's* mill. All kinds of rfuaron grinding domv Txits ,of olu«a|> chicken feed. _ • Jint? of belts, latrat styles lowest prices, at Mulett ' VVe have all the latest tlhing» In the way o! job type. |\4er Lock wood, at the Hurd mill is prepared to exchange flour for wheat. He 4ianaira the Yorkvillo milling company's flour, otnl^trf the best brands made. \ ^_™,_-_ — , - - , Carpet JWinK, stoves, blacked aud set Up, f urnitariKmcking etc. Leave orders at W. K, BofllW A Son's and I'\ B. Kny- defs. \ R. E. Always'fresh and HPW^ strict!} high frradp at lowest iificoa; iirornpt delivery. ue a cull aud bo couvhjct-d at thf' Perrinville store. \ A. WORTHY PM.MKR, Prop. I 4 irst class job work at Iow,|>riew5 done ut this offiyo. IViu'hirn Works Garment Cuttin has bwri removed from the Wat biulttinjr to ttic residence of Mrs. W. J. Glayborn, :»1 North Kagle street. New Fall Goods. Choice Dress Patterns, Trimming Silks to Match, . » * " Wash Dress QoodS, in Fall Colors, of Me* THE QREAT * goth Pay. DRENCH REMEDY, '.fidsiriss tlw above results in 30 DAY5. It acts dAcrfully and (jiuckty. Cures whfn all others <]. Young mpn and ohl jncrt will recover their .rt-Ttfu' vigor by usinj? RfiVIVO. It quickly ,!•! surely restores fiom effects of scll-abwseo MLCSI atkt iii'li^cretlons Ixist Mnnliooil, Lost 'u.ility, 6'Hnotehcy, NiRhtly Emissions, l^osi ••ver/at either sex, Failing Memory, "Wnstiiu 'iscases, Insomnia, Nervousness, wMchiihfit; .6 {or stuil)s busi(ip« orTuarnagc.' Hnbtonlj - f cS by starting at the vat drdtatosc', but is i Great Nerve Tonic and Blood-Builder 0 ' riA restores bftli vitality an<l strength to (h ii,:seultir and nervous cy&(etn,'T>rihgin£ bad. lie pink glow to pale chctks and restoring tlv tre of y«/utJ». I( wards'Vff Innanrty Con sumption. Act'cpt nosubstittrtp. Insist cnhav ni; RKVIVO, tit> other, It can bf e;irrit><t ii vf >o;Uet. Hy mail, J-.oo per lurfcag^in f>Ui. , rapper, or six fur $5.00, with iv'po$Uivfe-;-w(!t in Kiiarantce to curr or rcdind (he money \; ;vcry packnge.-:For (rci:circular ncldrcss • '. i'JOYAL MEDICINB GO;, CHICAGO ». Kor :tal(»at Miirsball, Mich., by A. O. HYDE HUMPHREYS' I C titles Fover; and •Wo*'" NQ NO;, No. M T Nu No. No. s* 4 " Diarrhea. (> (iu.f«^ 10 . "• ' It. " 1 < I * l 1 '* _15 Cucr.. 'jti J\rii»M'.^r»- \ )•».l^•»^ 1 l;(^ r.Vl'l )(.^ wf ' Mod. C«.. Ill Williaja Ct. S, Y I. fi. SHEPHERD Keeps none but th« BEST MEATS f *To l«3i Itrll. Goods to &U mri¥ of the city, ,/ • Qopgddhbg^dpjg^ %ery i, You BLANKETS OUTING GLOTMS. »«; Look in upon us before the Stock is broken.; ^ PPER. , can, always get $ clean eut 1 Pleasant, Safe, > * Reliable - DPhr-LANE'S COMPOUND T)r* IS *. * of «t> dlft «fiffj)CrT«n* rtrf aiT ami to , ernnti tit l »»»V ( ' ft!/ , , j|«ii»rt/l)i<{netkK«vf t rti. nnrtulceTp, B.Mbt'K dtc«s*«, rbctimstli-m, »U dwase" of kiditpye «»* Wad/to. hf»n, awl Ui-fvoii rtifeast". <!»<'«» ''- ?•''"" w-tioral rtnc to I d hl-ooi. ". . , T, 'irlUB, pOftHnciy c«rort DJ R m« " f»f"rWlii]"<ifi»ea»Pi*, pil»» I ilerrm) tout fsli-rnal, tfliitiB a«(fl WeeOu**. H Ct»l Hloerff, fliinrf<ti«ttil» roithlr, WixCnreil Kfrnenilwrwc i nn> ntl.ft>nnn .r ('!]<!« wiflimit ;i«to irit^irnjitfOTi or i1(-ti-ntli>D "rooi t)in>im'w»« »u<l wjtlioui UK'. * Stomach, Liver and Kidneys. Kola Compound ASDOU) MKN shftcrtiiK fr«V «|>crm<'torrh<M-n, imrotfiit-t liwt manh«mrl —*r from weakif«»» brought «ti fmin at tt>d(*cU'llo»» In youth or itvi'4 iintol gruec In 'nipt>*»*". »rc (ftvoii iR'rmrtiHT,r relic! Alii"»'ut« tures giairarilfed; slnctiy, f. ntftn t)r««Fc, Nnw Cnturrh New home lrpiKttt»c»t. „«,...„.., to fiirc oery case of dy. itfe iMMi'lttUii.', jillfi-, iftfe worm nod Mini fc^f We will atvei«|)'<•!»( ntlpniiim to cascH und to fat>«s otlwr p|jyclei«i« h»v, w pnn>. 1'rn.iwm applying l«r tr. ntntfi Thoso *ho »cc «uii'il»to call, cau wfii DV ujttinii'.wnh Itifl iiiettuol ou»h»*tii '«• 'Tho llrm-fl' l)r* B. S. * Co , won- im cfp -^viTRl yvartt sliu;« with. » c»iiii».l »f 3 •httiititt you «»ku Hfich»uc<» it you «raiploj- Jl'tiny nre ri^pom-ibUi ami well t.,«i^i. l , (y o lull 'V*<t«a inktn iran <! ^MX". lb«tn. t o<iie 11M> DRS-B..S. &CO-, Mu»K«!k«n. Mich WAM'S Twenty «>nU » WPKK fi>rft«^-l> notici* not; ex. exttut! Itvt) Uui*.. N<>«;imHt!«''l<iH« than' twi-niy. e<mt«i. • .. ; . ,.' ' ... . "" -: .1- UKNTM WAf^riUt-l.'1'r wiir lit '*u)>»', 'lij KiuliWuMrt by X'trtnu ttnU'iuts. v in 'lbaii<l l (V tntri!in/» 'tat «ts<>Ms> OuU SI SV HiK lMH)k, hi({™iii.iiin«H.iix-. .Kv«O' v u'nuiH tl") /"ily enuu/i*f-t), . ruiijiUlc, li'iik, lltH tiii' 1 . • l.'irtdi Kivfi). 1'rniijlit (lakt. Drop All irs*lt imi rndku JliOU. »' 'mum'i.' with War lu ' Addrw* loit'tj. :1'UK .NATION U. utir'jimi ^i., tlliit «««' C«rt»s Dysp-'pBia and all <U*- rangpracnts o£ the Stomach. Kola Compound rps Sick Headache, Torpid Lrvor and Bljiousuese. Kola Compound Cnros Constipation. Is a Brain and Nerve Toriid / and Blood. Purifier. , Kola Compoiwwl is tfaft peer ot all • other -mod Koia Compound . •- .-.••'!- -Biijckache and Kidney Kola Compound / ' ' . •' ' y' ' Is natnms remedy— potent •yet- harmless.' '" It tones ami v italixos the brain, nerves, oH, Jtenrt.aiul stomaoli, . and V 'OK HfcN r-Huu-^ou Ximtt. Mudinou /h uqimuot ' MHS. \VA1, ITtUK HtiM r -'l 1 «f<*'-tory homo cm went ^l JP »td«t. Ebijuiivol ' J.t'AKY. t^Ult KtST-TttMes and rhajr* fur J; Kuijuire of Vttn2uul, tliti ttxprvUbJ KKNT— TahJcc nui5 cbuir* for p»»ttn« 'hutjUifr .it J . tt, U*i«JT, UIB puptuar i'x U lMJSK KOifttHJJT— No. •*> N, Kft^lu Vfl«r<- Ur#t U«or ouulb. H UL'ftK ot»ts roi|iae lu <l«trfruW» luc ixtit h«ji«O*t )>** purlirumr* U \li*. W L. JmcC. n.uunr Mmwiot* «»iU wt L Al'IT 1 ^, l',i ail In tiuv« lUc wuik i« \i«y y!ttt>Ant mm «', and uui _o_... Building up the entire \ ' ./ tern, •".eurichihg the bl'ood ";/ "'.and imparting to the whole / %>dy the freshness and f yonth. Kola Compound 1 Is corai)()8«<l Vrf life Diving, tissue building, il«vbal ^nd Vp|iefuble Kxtractb, . and contain^ nothing injurious to the most delicftt^ t-oustl-s Kola Compound Is indorsed by miiny e , ,_ iteiit' Physicians r aud J^i lg lay Mm s, ^. v, *,. o. . ft* .' i la.: Atio Tae&, , U. It fflifiiasttr. ^ &rf J>, i oext few f; C-iuhiitiii mid ! 1 1 mm* k-itvu & : For Jlgr , , Out, U. S. CIGAR W Kn Citjr &UMMU tv* . w KOU CPBPBIIH Cum ' » It you are" 4ftratjg0meutT 'of TRY A eorrw: Of I?*'. Lane'a Kola *t!om- powai. 1^'wijl not diaap- 1^^ Ejriee 5C)i-<sa^6L awJ *1 |ier -UattH , - - ' - " Ko|a Eugle Jitot-k, foruer Btat« and Eag? 4 * btraetS; wKb will to fip-nwh w»y=-, tur . 10 . «. llu. W/ A $tt*0~-8ev. y» l»aua u» t U'tw Uo • *«wi«u. tU. W Ajif JU>T_A. ^«y(aki,'«)M«psJrf« w*u t,o anjt 41*' m^^^M»wsJ»I»a««tete»? tor HW «w ? *«Ww4r»!H A SKf*JHft.i* < !S* li e: A ttmry of «« 01 fte teirt 54 male wui f eiiial«. tvm #n*i FREE. ' T.V t,V . -I

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