The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 21, 1962 · Page 2
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 2

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 21, 1962
Page 2
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editorial WRITER HELPS CIFY TO REGAIN COURAGE A Facts columnist demonstrated recently that there is a vast amount of human kindness and sympathy In the public that will show itself whenever the need makes itself felt. Jim Bishop, whose column appears three times each week in The Facts, is one of the m«rt popular of newspaper writers. He is raad by millions. A few weeks bark he passed through the small town of St. Cloud, Fla., and lingered to write a column about it. You may recall it. In his precise, uncomplicated way he described the futile efforts of St. Cloud citizens to build a much needed hospital. Their despair Was much the same as that c-f Sweeny Jaycees at one point in their now successful project. The people of St. Cloud had labored mightily for 10 years, Bishop told, but finally they seemed to be stymied. It wasn't an earth shaking column alongside the news of nuclear testing, political upheaval and the Billie Sol mess. It did touch the hearts of many people throughout the country, however. Maybe you were one of them, and maybe you were even one of the increasing number who tried to lend a helping hand. Since Bishop's column appeared, hundreds of letters, many with a crumpled single or even five dollar bill, were delivered to Mrs. Beddington, who has been spearheading the St. Cloud Hospital drive. It goes a long way to prove that the pen, in the hands of a sympathetic writer such as Bisliop, is still mighty; that it can dip into the inkpot of human kindness more readily than into gill, and still j prod people to emotion nnd action. The unexpected nationwide response to the St. Cloud problem sparked by Bishop's column has not yet dented the dollar deficit. But it has given courage to the people in their uphill struggle. The St. Cloud Newspaper said: "Every mail brings in the cheers from the people of America for our SI. Cloud Hospital. And with their cheers, our hospital team just has to win." This is part of the continuing role o£ the newspaper: To seek out and publish the information which is the basis for public action; to help unite those of similar viewpoint; to bring together a need or a problem and those with the resources to fill the need or solve the problem. THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS F^TABLISHED 1*12 Publhned <Hh/ and Sunday except Saturday by Review Publisher!, Inc., 307 I. Park Avr, Freepert, Texas. Jamc* S. Naben, ^resident. PUBLISHER ._ EDITOR ADV. DIRECTOR, ROBERTA DANSBY Managing Editor LEROY BYRD Women's Editor SEORGE FERGUSON Sports Editor NANELIE H. MALLORY Office Manager THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS EDITORIAL PAGE PAGE 2 BRAZOSPORT AND BRAZORIA COUNTY, TEXAS. TUES., AUGUST 21, 1962 NOT OUT OF THE WOODS YET JAMES S. NABOBS _ GLENN HEATH GEORGE L. BEACOM — ERNIE E. ZIESCHANS Advertising MoHgger MORRIS FREEMAN Mechanical Superintendent E. E. HENDRIX Circulation Manager PEARL GLOVER Classified Manager World wide iwwi coverage by Tht Associated Press. Meinbtr or tans Dolly Newspaper Association, Texas Press Association. SUBSCRIPTION RATES ly carrier, dally and Sunday, $1.50 per month. Mall rates upon request. All mail subscriptions payable In advance. Entered as second class matter March 21, 1952, at Hi* Fnesatt, T««as, Post Office, under the Act of- Congress of March 8, 1870. Try and Stop Me •By BENNETT CERF- HOUSE. APPROPRIATE , COMMITTU Paul Harvey News •y PAUL HAOVEY We Run Things Better Than He The world Is divided, left n n i-Eht, between two kinds of people: those who think individual nrp competent to manage thcl own affairs, and those who think Government c«n do it better The architects of our Republic thought they'd found the bes combination, but we're still ing; about it. And we have been compromising their blueprint, granting to Big Government a greater and greater degree of authority. , I think Uncle Sam is a lousy I business man, a miserably incompetent manager, « lazy'work- er, and chicken! I think Americans, Individually, are good business men, excellent managers, only a little laity — and they can whip anybody when they get mad enough. How did everybody ever get brainwashed with the notion that "Government can do It better," where there is so much evidence to the contrary? Every public clamor to turn a private transit system over to Government ownership has re- suited in increased fares and decreased service. Our Government tried to Invade Cuba without the help of American individuals and got clobbered. Sam can't fight without us. His military establishment is shot through with waste, duplication, and sometimes incredibly bad planning. He's a farce as a farmer. He lanet "in "less' agricultural manipulations siig Rest that Sam can't bn trusted with your money. Sam'* Recounting office rubber to send M aid to countries though we have rubber buys other other stockpile. He'* nlwnys buying things which he already has lying around unused: 11 ri <llk and 12 other items I con nRmc If I have to. His financing of social security s notoriously Insecure. Sam Is In debt so deep thRt Just he interest on the debt amounts o 10 million dollars a day, and he can't meet payments even on the ntercst. Who can possibly construe Big Jovernment to be more capable nan we, the people? Sam has more hired help nm- ling around than Rnytlme In 10 r'ears. His payroll is a record illlion dollars' this year. The only vay he can pay his bills is to :eep printing more dollars worth ess. Eventually, unless we stop ilm, our dollar will be worthless. It's time for Americans to stop sking their Government to tend o more and more chorea. Big Government is Incompetent to manage our affairs properly. Let's back off from this mushrooming bureaucracy, and get the eins back in capable, competitive irigs prices (which he will not al- jlow the rest of us to do), and still sloshes around in so much red The World Today THE DIDN'T RUB OFF By JAMES MARLOW Associated Press News Analyst WASHINGTON (AP)-The Ei- Does it make for a great presi- ! directly opposite course. denc - v? ! Through two terms he sought President Eisenhower, for in-'to run the presidency with an air senhower-Kennedy handling of the;stance, had immense personal ]ot great calm. He almost never presidency-a policy of let's be, popularity. But a recent poll of j deviated from this policy. With nice and not get mad at anybody | o historians not only didn't put;his political philosophy of calling -has mixed blessings. President;him among the great or near-:no names, he was called none. Kennedy has stuck with it except;great presidents but placed him! By throwing no mud he avoided for his bout with Big Steel. 'away down among the average, j getting splattered. He'did nothing ands. Let's revive the system which made us the powerhouse of this less than 200 years: Government doing for us only those things which must be dene and which we cannot possibly do, • 1» U u 1, «ii« vtllllll we lilllUUl JAft&iUiV UO, ink he has to keep coming back I and leaving us otherwise a'lone to you and me every year for Government is a good servant, to you and me every year more taxes to bail him out. And the scandals involving his I god. Business Mirror a bad master, and a treacherous Foreign Investments Show Definite Slump By SAM DAWSON AP Business News Analyst NEW YORK (API - The grass isn't looking quite so green on the other side of the fence to many American Investors. A DEVOTEE of the quaint cable cars that still climb the! **• steep hills of San Francisco tells of the day a young j girl with a pony tail leaned over the opening between ttuj tracks to see the cable actually i ti operation. Her pony tail slipped into the slot and was whipped around the cable. Off she went amidst screams and lamentations. A resourceful bystander hopped into his sports car, raced ahead of the girl and neatly snipped off her pony tail Eisenhower, after watching forjto spoil the- image %f-«nims<»tf -and The rush of business investment which raises a natural question: Iticularly as she slithered by. When the young lady regained her composure, she gave her rescuer what-for because he had sacrificed her pony tail! Washington Scene By GEORGE OIXON '°" gr 5? s '_ j** a jti™ no doubt was one of the great ""[keys to his popularity. If he had jbeen constitutionally permitted to jntn for a third term, and wanted I to, he almost certainly would have I been re-elected. 37 Varieties Of /Sfon-Compef'f;'on lost some of their luster and political uncertainties have grown in some areas. But billion of retained earnings also was poured into the expansion move. Last year this had dropped to $1.5 billion of new money plus SI billion of retained profits. The department thinks this slowdown Is continuing this year. It also believes other forms of investment abroad are slowing! ihis year. These include new pur-i chases of foreign stocks and' many U.S. corporations have announced increases for IT capital spending abroad this yearj^, 1 President Kennedy watched thisl and a siz able number have appro- I Eisenhower technique for eight |P riatpd amounts equal to last i years from his seat in the Senate. I ye*"'- Tola's compiled by the ! With the exception of Kennedy's ! blowup with the j he has followed WASHINGTON —When I wan-(said Mr. Taft. "What is your oth- dered into the hearing room of|er criticism?' the Senate Finance Committee the j "Don't use both sides of a other day I spotted Charles P. i page," I said. "You have no idea , . .. ... Taft back among the spectators, j how difficuU it is Jor work-dodg- lsho * ed - lhey dld not have nursing a pile of press releases trs jjke me to paste up both sides, on his lap. „; a pa Re . But the thing that is j steel industry, this technique i rather than the more direct, ag- jgressive reactions of Roosevelt land Truman. But while the voters could ap- 'prove Roosevelt, Truman and Eisenhower—as their re-elections Commerce Department, however, show a slowdown in the buildup of overseas subsidiaries which rose last year to $1 , up from 5850 million in and bank loans and other term investments, which rose to $1.5 billion from The reasons the foreign investments pastures look less green this year, the department says: "Reduced growth rates in Europe, branches. andi unscttled conditions In Latin I America and economic difficulties I |in Canada." This rush of investment money i „ abroad was one of the phenomenal ,' tne funeral picture doesn't apply to all corporations by any of the 1950s. Investments abroad tripled during the decade. Foreign assets of U.S. companies grew at. means. Some with a big foreign '«""« *.-,, U4 u.o. tu,i.i«,,,« xrew a , Ph">t expansion program under- a faster rate than did their do- way "^ announced the spending mestic ones. ! llls ycar w11 to P last year's out- «* « Along with the financing of sub- abroad ' there was I slid into a chair next to him, itching me most is: Aren't >'°" j each plec ion eave hIs Democrats ' P urchasi "g °' stock in foreign ,^ ,„,„,;,-,•„} „,(,„ fcn ,„„„ r,mtor,t i^nlnr, /.nnlrort. In oil tho t'allc „* Kai " "CCUOn gBVC HIS UCmOCratS . ™ _ . , . . , _ . ? I and inquired why he was present, j going contrary to all the Tails of control of "A Wall Street security analyst," the late Herbert Bayard He told me he was waiting to be this century?" Swope liked to point out, "is as cautious as an Indian elephant, called in support of President: "\ ot exactly," replied Mr. ... . to a bridge, he Kennedy's bill for a more liberal, Ta f t "M y f auler advocated a- h . holds firm, he next plants his foreign trade policy. more moderate tariff policy 1":^"^ The son of President William 1909. I remember he told us boysj- Congress while times. companies and of foreign bonds. . When one of these sagacious mastadons come Jrn^t f ,"* "A" 1 !?'?,. tl ^, k ' " front feet on it. If it still stands, he aits on it. After that, he i • sends another elephant over first!" * • * Sighs Poet and Clothes-Cloaet-lnspector Richaid Aimour: "You, cannot buy, you cannot lease Aa durable and crisp a crease As that your trousers soon acquire When hung on hangers made of wire." O IMS. b» Bennett Cert, Distributed by Kin* Fwturu Syndicate j Howard Taft and brother of Sena- j that Teddy Roosevelt before himj tor Robert A. "Mr. Republican"'had dodged the issue." Tail handed me one of his hand-' "What about your brother?" outs, which identified him as cr>! "He was a protectionist." ad founder and general counsel ofj m j Mc <j m r . Taft. "Bob and I dif the Committee for a National, f ere( j on very (cw ,hi ngSp electing him three times. ! A!1 "' 'his was part of the out„ „ . , .,, _ flow of dollars that troubled the It was mixed with Truman who, | mon manaRers . took office in 1945, in-| Most , roub | esonie 0 , al , pe r . a Democratic congress, haps was , ne riod ic fli h(s „, te DAILY CROSSWORD ACROSS LDull pains 6. Crinkled fabric 11. Arrange, a* folds 12. Russian revolutionary 18. Evil spirit 14. Beginning It!. Scientists' workrooms: abbr. 18. Wet earth 17. Sun god 18. Ostrich- like bird 16. Succor 80, Roman 7 21. Grooves 23. Young horse 34. Temporary departures in discourse 27. Level 28. Minister to 29. And not 30. Racetrack wager 81. Often: poet M, Treasurer: abbr. SB. Big , circus tent Sfl.PJy aloft 87. Helpers 30. Barrel plug- ID. Lime trees <1. Antiquated 43. Treatise DOWN l.To confuse 2. Top of milk 3. Beef snack 4. Primitive epic poem B. Oriental coin 8. A cumulus 7. Pull apart 8. Half em« 8. Of the Muses 10. Necessitates 16. Faux paa 19. Devoured money into other world^. lay. Others have stressed that they plan to spend more overseas if Congress doesn't change present methods of taxing profits on such subsidiaries—that is, taxing them when they are brought back as I dividends rather than when they are earned abroad. Corporate plans have more than over them. _». m.*<? *i_ »-, . '^'"-""- in in *uuiic.y mm unit:i wuiui __ - , - , . after 1946, the Democratic I cap ^ ah All plavcd a , ,„ th( ,,The slowdown in the European Congress was replaced by one run! dc , icit ln paym e nts which found! * rowth ra(e <*"* n ' b^ 0 ™ "PP" was elected, Con- its dramatic form in the drain of I?.!, Until recenU >'- *"<* Perhaps U.S. gold. This was far from a this is one reason the Department one-way j 0 ' Commerce ^nkt investment ,. I trends may be in for a change. by Republicans. In 1918 Truman with a Trade Policy. He asked me what.~« diametrically ^pSed'" onJDe^ocrSc S^LaT i*!? 1 ™' ^f 1 «™«™**<™"*, I thought of It. 'foreign trade policy." '1950 ">ngress again In, fn tnls mmtTy lota | led y, blllion! I glanced at the 20 pages and "Then you're the onlv Taft who: In'Eisenhower's first two veare']" 1%0 '. more than d ? ubl ? *" 1950 IDprf Curian Part said it might take me a minute to I has ever been for really iiberal i the record oThisRepubI can C^"^' ' nvestments ln U ' S ' "^1160^130 1*301 digest it because I can only read U.S. trade policies?" igress was unimpress ve TOe ln " casod an average rate of J350 a few thousand words a minute; "I wouldn't say that. My broth-!Democrats go , "Z-oMn the 1™I 4 "/ T , u , « DAMASCUS. Syria (AP) -THe faster than President Kennedy's er's son, young Bob Taft, who is elections and ta the next two, ^"^""JT^ 1 " 1 ,? 13 abroa , d i Sovlet ""'"I 1 and Syria •Igiwl a ' m lne nexT two : far outstripped this. It now totals new cultural agreement Sunday to Jtrnrvrv TUESDAY ON tV Z CtTANNRT, 0 CHAKNKT, 44 XtJltT-tV ' • wnou-TV I I CHANNKIi 44 XTBK-TV I* Fuller, Bnfbarit Luna; *n • American. (iRrlciilturwl 'expert . believe* Iht Vtofr- mimese people he In «ld« 'are willing to let him *:S9 Q Cuplnln nob Show ID Edge of Night BJ Who Do You Trust? 4:00 ^J I)lfiV"Trnr.v; Cor.OB Q) Mnhnlln Jnck*rm Slngi _JD Amerlcnn.Tlnndslflnd .H e .i.. r 5-P??i. V:05~iB"MOM Tlu-iitrn — "Th« *:*> '{I For-.Tljrt . . __ Other Ix>vf," n ft r h * r n to -M B .T»rT O'a'oeit It«nndu^ Slwiwyrk, David Nlvcn —N*w», WMthfr, gpdrt* Q) News, Weather (B Ntwii, Weather, Sporl* . ,„ .Sho\Vt-"Clo«« • to My Henri," Rny Millnnd.f Q) Knrly Show "The Big Shot," Humphrey Rognrt, Irene Mnnnlng, Slnnlcy , ., Ridge s Susan Peters, I0!l5 0* Rlchnrd Trnvlii . „, - • (iene Tltrney, Fay Bnln- ter; t couple find a void In their llvei nnd ndopl 4;SD fli Rocky anrfTflJt'Ffltndr '' 8:JO O Air Force Story ID Whlrlybirds ' ' Q) Quick Draw McGrnw. a baby ~ k:IO O Almanac *" O Americans at Work TUESDAY KVKNINO (:M.Q New*, Xpnrtu O What's New? Q) News, Weather IB News, Sports, Weather 6:13 (O NBW»,~Weither~~~ D Wslter Cronklte, News, lOtIO O ' Man, IJIIInn Roth, Adrte Kenyon, n»rhnr» Strcl- unrtd, Hndily Greco, Henry Olrnon; COIX)R CD Wire Service —• "Tht Johnny Rnlh Slory," *l child It tracked 'to a locked refrigerator car Ui,10^B) Follow -that M»n It MrjoToonmitt Dr irethir* ID News Flnnl' , li:IO i Dehbfo Druke WEDNESDAY MORNINn _ BD A13C Kwnlng Rejiort «:SO Q IJ>rnnil^-"Thi-"~h»re- ————__ foot KM," .!<•»< endangers Tlme^Channel, Program hU Ille to Itef n, boy (rom ~8U» >ll; repent; OOT.OR O Science nnd Heicnllsts ID Window on Mnln Street - -A college student believes thnt his female toucher is In love with him; Hurt Brinkerhoff; re- pest ID BURS Bunny 7:00 O Meet the Or'gnn tO Password :- RitR Mo- ." !!I(> .IB People Are^Funny rcno, Bill Ciillen »:00 O S»y When •• ID Bachelor Father - g Calendar "Blossom Comes to yis-- .. .™_.**_~. 1 '!! it," Peter's ncice turns »:M O_IM«y Your Hunch; the house into ehnos; re- __ CD Ncws ._JF«rm- Report .y BJ Mr jCaboose, "Engineer 7:80 OjTMorning EdHloii*Newii __ Sports __ _ »:(» 0) Capt 03 Cadet Don pent 1:30 O Alfred Hitchcock Present*—"Trie Case' ol Jf. J. H.," Barbara Bn.xlfy,. Robert I-ogRla; a. meek secretary full* In love 10: * <) with & man with n arrndy past;.repeat O The Way ' Q) Dobie Gillis — Dohie's new love tries to get him i 0:5 5 "|D"CBS"NVvv7 to quit school; Tuesday ;.-^-Si^ -ir. Weld; repeat H:«0 O Your Flrat Impres- O) New Breed -- "My Ji?"' COI ^B ' • Brother's Keeper," Margo- ® Love of Life Sgt Cavclli's" reputation is ._. _O_TenneS8ee Ernie Ford at stake when he'arrests 11:30 O Truth or Consequence* a trouble maker;.repeat fl} Search for Tomorrow ID I Love Lucy (0 Morning Movie—"The falcon Strikes Back,". Tom Conway,-Harriet Milliard ^ .^ B Price I» COLOR -. . _ID_Verdict Is Yours 1D;JO B Concentration Q) Brighter Day Q dependenra SW, Bendlx, David AfcLean, Julie Adams; an agent In- "l^ veHligates a truck driver -™. l! ' _ who nelU pep pills; repent 12:0 ° B Susie O Crisis . Q) News at Noon IDComedy Spot — CB Jane Wyman Prea.-n,. "Mighty O," Craig Ste- n . ls ffll^rShepheTdThott' ' vens, Ix>Ia Albright, Alan -•- ----- =~" -- — -- - -----Hale Jr; story of two petty ll:3 ° O Highway Patrol officers and their shenanigans a :3o"O Ccrnrpa"s~rir"''sTuTh African Encounter, Part 0) As the World Turns (Q Camouflage 12:55 (Q ABC Midday Report 1:00 O Jan Murray; COLOn Q) Password Q) Home Edition Newt --_ _ 1:SO B Loretta Young 0) House Party ID "Monday Talks"—Part II in a series of five programs on economics; David Schoenbrun, host (Q Yours for a Song 8:00 B Caln'« 100 — "Miirdi-r By Proxy, 1 ' Cain prepare* a fllrn«y murder con. uplracy rase BKulnHt a murderer; repeat O Idens in Focus ID Talent Scouti — Juliet Prowse, Alan King, Hilde- : _ - garde, Tom Poston. Gor-•J! M - ID -™L.? e * I _ don and Sheila MacR«c 3:00 B Mako Room for Daddy (B Alcoa Premiere—"Tht Q) Secret Storm Hour of jhe Bath," Robert O Queen for a Pay __ 2:00 B Young Dr Mahuie (D The Millionaire IB Day in Court t:30 B Our Five Dcuglileri 0} To Tell the Truth CD Seven Keys :ONTRACT BRIDGE By B. Jay Becker (Top R.cord-Hold.r In Mai/trt' Individual Chomplon.hlp Play) Went dealer. •North-South vulnerable. NORTH 4AQ94 slow-poking 1200. running for Congress from Ohio eln ln< ' | i fj ns, even though Eisenhower i mnrp th» n I looked up from the bottom of 'his year, wrote a liberal trade was being re-elected. • ' . ' ' Page 4 about three-quarters of an Policy plank for the 19fiO Repuhli-: Kiscnhowor retained Ircmcn- Companies HUUP hour later and announced I had can platform. It was a very good'dous popularity but it didn't help|| n etr investment 1 two criticisms to offer. plank - by the way (indicating:his party's congressional candi.!.irii.H«, .«^ hi 1957 when added ,™ er ' lcrk side of him( this is The rccoid of Kennedy's firet I 1 " 1 by his ^ m ocrats, 30. Domineering- 32. Not genuine 33. Cornered 35. Membrane 36. Mast 38. Underworld god 39. Resort , also unimpressive. In Novem- 34 ly, "you, a Taft, are heaping ridicule on protectionism, which is my , son supposed to be a basic Repuhli-:^ k-an article of faith. You state " al ' ren - ber it faces its first election test. ihere and I quote: J " he (or U ' e New Frontier's : Still, Kennedy's popularity re, , . . trade expansion program?". limains hleh "-I deplore the utter pessimism k ^ H v ' "™ n , lg "' • fnr nrntertlnn who ! '• *" e ''lifercnce between great , tor protection wno ; pe , er Ta(t declared . -• billion. The biggest foster cultural ties between the American two countries on the basis ol billion to | "mutual respect o? national sovereignty and noninterference in domestic affairs" of each other, a joint communique announced. The accord provides for artistic, growth rate of Western Europe. In 19fiO investments of new mon-j scientific and educational ex- ey came to J1.7 billion, and J1.2|ehange«. 10 33 *y WIUIAM face of a new world rade tita oaUne resuictio ine ota-ume resuicnons. , have now been dr have npHin nrniirtHi doom as 1 "''" *"" uct "" tu «"i«"«u-incss and great popularity—in thej h^ve so rnanv tnesTfore ° ally lhat he was ' At lhis P°mt. «>« of historian-was shown in 1 I" 4 ,™*!/" "L ™,* ,^L : S««tor Harry F. Byrd, the com-j a recent poll of 75 historian, taken mittee chairman, c-alled T a f t j by Arthur Schlesinger Sr. of Harpere to the witness chair. Mr.jvard. His son, Arthur Jr., also in 37i Ta " ridi( ' u!ed tne kind of protec-|a Harvard historian, is a Kennedy Varieties o.^Government ^^^^^^^l^^^ tion to avoid competition. who invoke » Mr . Republican^! magazine section the 75 ranked I tart winter. "You will note that I keep re- name. ;Roosevelt among the great prcsi- 1 lilhtT peaung that '37 Varieties' line," He told the Senators: "This is;dents, along with Lincoln Wash-i said Mr. Tall. "It is the exact a new world, yet the 37 varieties,Ington. Wilson and Jefferson. number of amendments that have of protection proposed by some of i They placed Roosevelt third he- been offered to stille competition,, your colleagues are a total re- hind Lincoln and Washington. but I use it so many times be-!jcction of the world." They put Truman in the near-! P'rnatural subject*, duett they cause I think it lends spice, don't When Mr. Taft finished with an i great class: behind Jackson, " y° u? " especially - pointed dig at Sena-1 Theodore Roosevelt and Polk but "Why?', I temporized. tor John G. TOWCT, the 36-year-!ahead ol John Adams and Clove-! YOU'RE TELLING ME! Pntt WrMer MILWAUKEE police reprimanded two young«ter» for losing inowball* at a Khool i bug, the boyi having >to»d the : New York Times Sunday | wiowballa In a food freezer ilnce Misguided fore- 1 I t The Bvrmete government announces it'll ban all movie* about viitchttt, ghottt, other su- , "Oh, you know," replied Mr. old GOP mossback from Texas, : |ami. i'l'aft, "it gives a piquant pickle he rrtuniL-d to his seat and asked The allusion." me if I'd gotten it straight on how!away I "You may ' tionist dodges don't know your JIICKICS. incyi ••yen," i said, "it's t>een a leg have 57 varieties, not 37." |ular family roller-coaster hasn'tjclassed "You can't trifla with iigurea," it?" ' Holding. figure ordinary evenli t dayt are tcary enough! ! I I these historians dow n on put Kisciihower tht-ir list—1 111 know your prolec- the Tall family had gone up and:Htnuii|> the 12 [jji-.suk-nts listed as s," I said, "but you: down oil tradu policy. -average, just ahead of Andruw your pickles. They, "Yen," I said, "it's been a i eg- i Johnson. Next came the two they .iu twotoey failwe.: Grant and ^ Meat contumptlen In the U. S. incr*a»*d four pounds per ptnon In lh» la»t year. Witnen or ham- burg*r» or both? I ! 1 Tle Mo0 ™ held on to Jerez - Mven « nturt *» flwlly •urrenderin* it back to the Spaniard* — Factographf. Maybe the main reason they hated to let it go U that Jerez U the center of the true iherry wine making Industry. I I I Orandpappy Jmktna xiya he can't undantand why restaurant lerven are called waiters — ttnce it'i the customer! who do att the waiting! '. I I Fuffinu* pufflnu. It fhi nam* of a tea blrd-natura ll»m. How. •v«r, w* wndenland, it h puf- f*aty hormUit. ! ! I Political writers often rufsr to "iplinur parties." Thonu, we gather, mult be groups ju»t large enough to hav* 4 plat, form with a ilngf* plank. WEST AKJ8783 32 EAST I.J766 South 4 V WKQ.IB33 • J1032 + 1001 SOUTH *10 V A106-I 4KU75-1 + Q82 Tho bidding: Went North Kasl 3 4 Dble. PnsH Opening lead—five of clulm, Good play la not Invariably rewarded, for example, take this hand played in a duplicate pair tournament. North's doublo of three upadeH Vrtn certainly not the be/a of all possible hid*. H would havo been nioru apprupi latq tu bid Uue« notrump uvor t h r a o cpadc.i—North coulil hardly ex- poet his partner lo pus.i tho double, and any tiiiit rcuponsu South might make would go pant the probably best contract of three notrump. Houth rcHpondfd four hearts and Wtsl led a club. Declarer won It In dummy untt led the nine of hcnits. Kant, an pleased with the contrucl thut ha hadn't doubled, covered with tho jack. South took the ace. West unexpectedly showing out. However, South didn't let Utt 6-0 trump break upset him. H« made the contract deirpltt th« bnd division of tnimpi, H« cashed thrta rounds of dl»- mondn and ruffed & diamond in dummy. N*;;t h« took two high club*, ending- In tit* hand, and ltd hta fifth diamond, ruffing In dummy with the eight. But, who by thin Urne had only trump* left, ovemified with the queen. East could then do no b«tt»r than cash th« kinjf of heart* and return a heart, but South had tho 10-6 loll, doth of which worn high, and they provided til'.ks number nln* and ten. South scored, In all, threa trump tricks In Ma hand, and four (llHTiioiid-i and threa club* to make the contract. £u»t wan disappointed by th« rcuult, of course, but h* shouldn't have hcon, South had made fuiir hearts, surprisingly enough, for a scoro of 62(1 liointx, liul ha wound up with a bottom on the board. At the other tables, th« Norlli-.South puli'ii fither con* iracted for three notrump, making four for a score of 680 points, or elso collculed at Uait 700 polnU for defeating Wwt In a high spaUa contract. AII uf which t.howa that It doesn't much matter how well you i/lay tho card.t If tho bidding land.* you ill an inferior contract. The bldduig- Is at leut Important u the play. (O 1M3, Klnr reiturei ByndllMt*, be.)

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