The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 21, 1962 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 21, 1962
Page 1
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5 U.S: STUDYING NEW MAN-MADE RADIATION BELT IN SPACE-SEE STORY ON PAGE 6 Per Single Copy To Subscribe Call BE 3-3511 Freepert VOL. SO NO. 148 THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS SERVING BRAZOSPORT, ANOLETON. W«T COLUMBIA, BRA2ORIA, SWI1NY, OLD OCEAN, DANBUftr and DAMON feeti ClOHlfl.d: II J.JM1—All Order OKlews It 3-3S11 Per Single Copy To Subscribe Call BE 3-3511 Freepert Associated Press Member VOH STILL SPLIT Police Chief Ordinance OK'd On 2nd Reading An ordlnnnco making the I,ake Jackson chief of pollen n pail I Inn to he appointed hy Iho dly man' nger was pnssrd on second road- Ing Monday night. Voting was still split among Counellmon as It had been on Ihe first Trading hut proponent!! of the ordinance did pick up one vote. This left Councilman B u ddy TUESDAY, AUGUST 21, 1962 Baker casting the only negative vote. Two weeks ago when the matter was first put to a vote, Councilman Ed Barrett hnd voted with Bnker. This week Barrett ' made no comments during a n- other hour-long discussion of the ordinance but when Ihe vole was called, h e joined Counciltnei Jim May, Kay Holmherg and Howard Brown in npprovat. Registration, Meetings Set By BP Schools The Mayor Kara Cooper wns absent from the meeting due to being; out of the city. He had been a j firm supporter of Ihe ordinance' giving Ihe city manager full mi-' thority over Ihe chief just as he! has other city department heads.; Baker still contended lhat (lie: council should retain Ihe right In 'confirm Ihe appointment of the. chief but he did not oppose the! change of the position from ani elective one lo an appointive one. Some of the around a dozen persons in the audience did question Ihis point, however, asking why Ihe council had decided on the change. Brown, presiding as mayor pro- lem, tried to explain the council's reasons saying it was felt t h n city would have a more uniform opernilon with all department heads appointed in the same manner. He explained lhat the city charter had provided that Ihe council could make the change without a vote of Ihe people. City Attorney Frank Stevens 'ommenled lhat in most home •ule cities such as fjike Jackson, Ihe chief of police is appointed, j lie said that Ihe position hnd bf-n Brazosport Independentjle/t elective at the time of the ANNUAL R Crafts Will Return To Jobs Wednesday AT FREEPQRT Recreation Program Support Considered WORKMEN TO PASS MILLWRIGHT LINES Craftsmen idled by fhe Millwright strike at Dow eon- ruction project!j have been directed by their local unions fo man ,(,.,, ,obs Wednesday, though apparently Millwright pickets will remain at the gates vest™ Monday by rr fives of unions a/filiated with =11 ( i~ </ u ^ LEARNING BY DOING TCCIMIBP tjrnoiw Janiei Key nf Like .lackiim and BnhM Sno (irlffev nf llomtnn nrp rcprmenti/iff Texa» Junior Aohlevemenf at the 10th annual .IA ranferenee being held lhli Meek nt In- illarm I'nhorslly In lllnninlngtnn. They are shown here looking iivrr a lev, nf (hr annual rf-p.irN prepared hy eneh nt Ihe I.-MI •IA miniature companion Other Hr:i/mp,,rl Acliie\ers nltrndlng the- conference are John liny of Ijike Jackson, Jnnlrr Kdwardi of ('lull- and .lark Taylor nf I'rerpnrt. Whether the city of Freeport 1 H. E. Hopper, athletic director i Councilman D. V. will pick up tne summer recrea- for Ihe school district, told Unagreed: the city has some re-'""A vote taken at the meetin* nn lion program dropped by the council he was informing all three sponsihility to furnish recreation proved informing M rr,n, h,', school district will depend o n home nil" cities of the arc,-, that "f woiidn't IK- selfish to the point telegraph that those un er the whether it can be fitted into the the program hnd IK™ dropped by of excluding others, but if enouah'G a I ve * t on Counci nriJie ' lrai?lors arp <™Hn»ing the o«m- new e,ty budget, the school systems, with the hope use the program, we should re- lion would return to work \Vednes'^ lcle silcnre lhat h ™ Prevailed Councilmen Monday we r e that the cities might continue the ceive some funds from another day morning since the * lrike hew unanimously favorable to seeing program. , om ,, c ." He asked if youths from lii the telegram the Galvoston' July ™' bat the pra,™™ continued. The school district in the pavt other cities used the Teen Can- Council stated as'reasons or h"' A " n<Wlialors will though some fell that most of the two years has n,t back from an teen. .native that Ihe Mi 1«rights ° nl .v *at thcv are program was more properly the eight-week, six-hour-a-day pro- Hopper said it was area-wide. though on strike have full em'^rpempnt that no'statement" ; All members of (he ne E otiating | teams for the unions of the Houston District Council and the ««"• tractors MonrJav . e ave u em oon^lion o, ,,,f s-nocM uls iriH..gram to tne present six-week. "I think we should provide tills ployment, and (hat their negotia-' Either wa the hi - - - w- 1 " 6 except through a jofnt School District will hold Its general faculty meellng nt 10 a.m. Monday In the Brazosport Senior charter adoption since the late J. S. (Cap! Brown was (lien elected and there was no desir Either way, tho hill is paid by four - hour - a-day w-hedulo. and program regnrdless of who comes lions with contractors" inVoiv'os statement. |taxpayers, councilmcn noted. But, next year will drop all but swim- to it," llarsdorff said. work jurisdiction matters Mondav two n, h |as a city program. "there are niing n, the hi*, s.-ho,,!. The "I Ihink we shouid. «co." Dr. MS? we e s"n. Mon- 'M£ LocL ST " Ju; .l fewer taxpayers, said Cr.un- swimming will continue localise May = •' ••*••••'••••-<- « • - ..-••"-"". . '-"' -"• to High School Cafeteria, with stu-jhurl his feelings by abolishing the dent registration «et for later In elective office, the week. On Thursday Aug. 30, all elementary students will register from 8:30 to 11 :M a.m. On the Councilman Ray Holmhorg said that he "felt Ihe chief of police job should not IK? political." He pointed out that it was ivot alwavn same day, junior high students i possible to get a qualified law will report to their respective; officer from within residents of schools, with seventh graders to i the city as would !«• required if come 8:30 - 11:30 a.m. and eighth the position were left elective, grader*, J - 3:30 p. m. Ninth im^-W and «ll Berlin Wall Violence Brings Red Protests lly CAKI. IIAIITM.H 'tempt to cot more Allied supi BKKLIN (APi — Tlie Russians for Rerliners along the wall, tried twice to protoM stoning their Brandt wants a Western pled-^r One of Ihe half do/on persons! military buses hy West Berlinrrs for rcfusces who are wound-. 5P6QK At PlCiliC ie. wall and fall h/i.-k en Freopor; slrould pick u p -et. Tlie Council agreed. i these programs, in the eurtnii°d * • 'forriV of the past two years, the ins Tradns Council has voted to nenihers. commented or nd-jand WPr o bruchod off by Maj. BE 3-3581. sons with questions about place orleinugh to get the best chief ^^noTon me" mis'sion' hradii.^ liwf and o""™' Jr "° r * 1(v * CTl £'T ' hr " IPP! ' (h " >ah Slrrrt gaXs'nf'Lv manv propl* from time of registration may call the sible since he felt this position i tors Sund-iv and Mond-iv ni-i t lo rom ""' VU " !t ' hmrh ""^-""n and the Surf- „. . ., ,. v ' in ., i d .. school administration office at was of great important- to the 'I™.,, "ho^lr^sb'wesi Rr ^ in '' iHrnt * awlm} °" ^»r side Jeliy^ Kach familv ,-iiterrfinc -"^-^-^ "-----!"-— «-•">'• liners'an^cmlbvThe fan] wound' ria>S "' anli " Comm »nist-nnd the event should bring a basket . Councilman Jim May answered i ing of an^Eas (Vrnnn re nc,,' hv w)n|ptim(%s ami-American _ riot- lunch for its members. Those who WedTnerCCIST that Ihe Council had and would i Fast Berlin'border 'guard* '""' r " lmil:;i " ns Monday niiht in prefer to cat at home are invited continue to consider bettor nayi "On his «rc<-nd c-ill the'.Soviet """'' violrnt "'-"break in West to attend and hear Yarhnroiich Partly cloudy, warm, widely for the police department. Holm-'officer was told lint Oen \Vr«on nf ' r ''" * in "" lhP t ' ommlmis ' R ht)l " s P r;!k - scattered da;, time ihundershow". tak ' bei-R said that In the cnntomnNt. ; ,...„ „„. -,\..,jl.,h',. ,„ ,„-.,, i',;' m •• ""' "'"" t'«-oush tho city a year All of Yarlnmu»irs friends in or?, moderate southeaster^- od budget for next year an In- ihes^kcsrr'', s-id " R "' " ;C "" " f invilH to thc olfl *" v ^ I - (1W toni = ht 7S - "mh Wed- ^ rilvH is being considered for ;',e Soviet' buses." ,,,'kini; replace- -,, A ", ^'l'"" 1 " 1 .. 10 -. 00 " U> - st Brr " '^bi"nni family picnic-. ncsday 91. ^mle^Pomtcrl out that the "--"''-,'" ^S.. 1 . 11 ^^'^ . war '"g'u."and k frl,nT\ile sS"w*r! Rockdale Pastors Veto Game Provpr WCIW VUIIIC TlUyCl nOCKDAJj;, Tex. (AP) - The ministers of Rockdale have gone on record as being opposed to By TOM MASTKR.SOV RIO DE JANTCIRO ?APi-A Brazilian jetliner with ID! persons' _ n Jf_™^_!2 » "'as voluntary on Ihe part of :the individual union member on ] whether he crossed the Millwright ! picket line. However, he said, all j.iohs would be filled hy those i available /or'workT ' Individual craftsmen fold 'Die Facts today that their position was that the vote Monday in |Galveston was in effect removal ...... . , l0f Galvoston Council sanction of : plane, a fire department official iho strike, which made it illegal. They intended to go to work, they Brazilian Plane Crash Kills 13, Injures 21 represented at the meet- Bnl<-r- U No Rendezvous Of Sriace nemnnstratnrs were reported in fn-nucn. stonin, of Ihe Sav,c, bus and a time to play." The Rockdale School Board, however, decided to continue (|, 0 'strengthen the appnintment with the charge. Student Council ,, contended. j Immediately prior to the vole. I May said the confinnatioi prntivt it against \n'.ilh.'ul rioters. 'Hicse snur<-,'s said \V;ttsnn is (icmanding that Ihe West Berlin vowed to return tonjyht sti-otrzer ihan i".'cr, but police v. cic cmi dent Ihey ciitilil hamile ttie:u. ! °d rt . v - of military- and civilian Maj Andrian>i-v, s;iid the •sp.n-o procram." The L'.S Doit the outset An;:. 19. "We fen^e Ponnrtmont rofusod to com- were reiidy to shako each oth- men-, er's hand :.ral to o.icb The Nulional Aeronautics and other en tho initial successes." Sin. o Admirislration said avail- aboard skidded r.ff , h e runway on ° ffil " ia ' S ™ d " r«s.sengers were said. ff Monday nishl. plowed missing hut some were known In .^ ^ ^ through a thick concrete seawall have survived and !eft the air- i,.p mv " .i^" 1 ^ 'p'"".- lnr ' 1 " n flames into Guana- p.-,rt without notifying anyone. anri VortaWe r-n-ineTrs Ivira Bnv. Most of the pa^engers The Panair do Brasil airliner makers (whose representative were rescued or scambled to safe- carrying 93 passengers and crew was not prcsrn , a , , he ' time n f of 11 stopped over here on a flight |i,e volei Painters rjihnrnrs Offk-ials said a, ,eas, n persons from Buenos Airos, Argentina/to Tier's.' P K™' *£*%%£. that in Coun- busi- illwright Lo- neco- contractors "involved Oakes To Speak itho matter was imnwlPria'l mW,"! 1 « 1 "''" i ' i "- ;lli "" ' : ' k '' "» noc,-sx-,ry Mil ho lx,s,xl his vote on ,!-,„ lad P™'™"'"-"? ""™»r,-s I! \cnt Ihe ro.-k luirling. space was l.t a bio tracking station information tv.nrds wen in.i cales the two vehicl Fishermen Aided Bv Coast Guard Two parties of fishermen in An airline official said the pilot, Renalo Cesar, reported that when he tried to lift the DCS off the runway, it faded to lespond normally. R , lshin! . ,. ( , fu5pd comment, the , mion snok esman said. Thr „,„•„„ representative said The aircraft's radio operator, , hat nn T | iurs dav there would be hy a Free- O.*mar Anlerio Korreira. said one a mPP , inK of a |] cra[ , s of , he |thnt the m.-ivor, who has also Dave Oakcs, Republican candi- boon a councilman mid oily man- Hrandt also would like Ihe \\o-it- .-, . ' (> , p ' •ni Allies to take over from West .1.: ' ' ul>1 " 1 , XA "'"; , '"" '' ;lll ' s thr Uv " ^'hicles never p,»rt Coast Guard Station crew in engine began shaking as the plane ni ,| f Cnasl ar( , a u was pxpecierf ' ro ' Berlin nolico Ihe iob of i«lroli-i- .-.(vni-viip!, \.«t.,^ in an.t Uo.^er loiaeiner than I'M tho Station's -in foot bott over tho approached the takeoff point. 1 No-no's I\' ucro put into prodoior- nnie 'Hie stoning* have occur nil in Ilie U.S. stvtor of I^-rhn for winch 111. wall. Failing this, ho may date for Congressman from tlie.nger, was cniivinciil lhat it shm-ld Ninth O.iigi-c.ssioiwl District, will bo led out </ H-.e ordinance U-"«>n. as top reptcsentalivo of s-penk tonight at 7::iO p. in. at Iho Ilo added lhat he felt the cili- ""' ixvl| l 1 - vln - I" 1 " 1 ' 1 '- h " s »H''»-»c seek permission fixim tho Western mined orbit with exceptional ac curacy a< ro^anis l>oth time and weekend. In Ixith c.isi Ihe outlxvirris do- Mkolavcv said that he complet- volopod rquipmont trouble while:T!rJe Schedlllf .-d Ins iccoid-hivakic.-. 35-hour at Iho oast southeast lump, about «*«»»•».»••• Lake Jai.-k.son Biink Annex. public 1,1 invited. The "'us "are just us fullv piuhvled" iuithoul the confirmation since Hie city maii.-i»er is answerable In Iho council. JMKKTIMi ItATK j 'Ilii- Cnuncil changed Hie ;»f the next regular nieetin-,' I lei 'Hiesday, Sent. -I. since the re gular dale falls on a holiday. meet the three Western commamlanls in an at- conunandanls for WoM herhn IMV . ,, .. . . .. , . . ... place. said. lice to fire in prot.H-tinn of cscap- ..... ', , .,.,,,,, • in- i-ofii-eos ' " limi>lll;llol >' cstal.lisnod fluhf through siwce by paraoluno 15 miles off Freeport in tlio Gulf. Todav Wes, Borl'in Hi.v a,e ui.lcr '«"•««>• '•»''« communications ins,,-ad of landing ab-x.rd the Vos- A Coast Cuanl spokesman said Higl ; l..;,,-n..,l I,,,...- each other felt an.l IOK III as iho Russians ihal in Ixilh instances, tho boats t ,, w orders lo fire illlo the Kast sector only if fired upon din-oily. Often other a h.'ippy jour- il ilp LJ Modelers Club To Present Movie Riverside Counti-y Club Mgr. TOM SI.OANK iui(.i faniily, Iho new residents at 101 Ixilus in I.akc Jackson. . . DAVID (iKRNANI) of FP. es- pccially happy to win a .set of encyclopedia in n llouM.-ti newspa- they must stand by helplessly as F.asl (ierman Iwrder guards shixit down Piecing refugees. 'Picro is 1^1 irnlication that Hrandt will get any of his requests. 'Hie Western Allies are extremely warv of anything lhat The Uiko Jackson Modrlors ,,,j,.hi ' ptwuke Kasl-West hl.xi.l- Club will present a movie entitled S | 1O( | a | iuis (),,. wall. "Shii|»- and Flow: The Fluid l\\- American Army sedans drive nainlcs of Drag." at S p.m. to- imo n, s |. n ,irtl Kast Botlin many i nii'.ht m Koo.111 11 of ihe l.-ike ,j lm , s „ ,| av , and u U.S. Slate Do-; !(s..n Fn-st Mcth.Hlist Chinch. ,«|-| m ent xpukosimiil in Washing„ , , , hl ' 11 ' «'" I"' »« i'h,i|-uo In view i,,,, loiiiru-mod Mondav Iheir right j .cur lifter II crashed into a Inv the film. 'Hie public is invited I..1)1 „, ,[„ N ' • • ' Stolen Cor Found; 3 Bovs Sounbt 'Ilirco voiiths who led n stolen t the time. „,.,.,. n.'.v." Ho tol.l tho nows iMiifi-rcnco, nt- There were four fishermen His refereiH-o lo Iho proximity teiid.\l by atwiit 50(1 Soviel and .a b o u rd Iho l«it aided Sunday, of the s|»ioeships at Iho start .if foienn newsmen, he jumped ,xit and two anglers in the outboard Ihe reputed «mup flight folloH.d of his sp..c.>liip as it neaic.l a brought in on Saturday, the ." of some s.micos in ihe l.imliiig in Ka.'akhst.m ,-ii*i . aine s|Mkosinaii said. West as to a rondo/voiis. Wi-stern down by parachute while tho Vos- In each instance, another l»«t- imliors noted they were sovoial I, k 111 lande.1 sopiiraloly. er came to the Station to report, apart when tin- I'opuvich said ho also p.uachut the need of assistance at Ihe pop-j I- 'ular Uulf fishing spot. that tho matter of the Millwright strike would ho discussed there. Craftsmen cf several unions have told Facts newsmen during the past week Ihal there had been growing unrest among idled mm over Ihe complete silence on ne- , gotiations, together with persis- in lo a local marina. Wednesday: tent minors of work jurisdicfinn High 7:45 a.m. and 11:51 p.m. involved in Iho Millwright con- Low 2:2S a.m. and 3:19 p.m. tract negotiations. hundred mil flight ended l.tst Wednesday. '" '''""' s^.kosman carelul-i per contest xince Ihe I1KKNA.NDS !" l "" l> s »W'"a.v night are the oh- I" Ibo film and l.i Ihe club | y avoid.-.1 «,iin K luilber. saving; wore among Iho Frce|Kirleis who J 1 ' 1 ' 1 "' " SP '»rcli by coiinly offj. inu 1 . hc^uiiiiiii; at 7:15 p.m. ,,,,iy thai the eiinio .iue-.|ioii nf were hard hit by lliuncane iVirla ' r ' s ' n "' stlll l 1 ' 1 ' 1 °' ""-* '''m *hoiil.l i|,e wall was "very ucmely U-ing i which desirojiHl many of Iheir ( '''"'.' P "'''''' rili ''' '' ''• '•''"''• '"' "' ' llll '"' : - 1 '" lki; '' l ">- 1 "'r- mscussod in Horliii." U.S. spokes-i possessions. '"" s " i(l Hra/ona County Sheiill's cinfl owners and o|x-ratois. or lo men in Berlin were- equally can-! I'ARI. PRICK, hack homo liom : ' ll>l ',' :li '" i "*"* M *"* "Kiccrs in aiivono mioie.-.|ed in moving oh ,, m , s . ' : Camp Polk. |ji. . ni'iklm: a search Mondav niuhl Joels Ihrouuh fluids with incn-as- The Uniicd Slates and Iho S.i- DOROTIIY JACKSON and KA- ''"''' '"' A ' ''""' '"''' '''"''' '"''"' '''' ''""'"'"''V »»'' »'"' '>»• b'.isl viol I'liion issue.1 waniums lhat THY STRAND nnrkln'i! hirlhl-us ''""" lll:r ' '"" "' ;l1 " ''"'' h " s I" 1 " 1 ' 1 ' '"I' 1 ", ''lub officials pouil (uiihcr xi.ileiuv at tho wall could Ir-dHy. . . ' sln "' k " "' H"' H'lil lilock out. hiU( , Sl . n ,, u ., ,,,, 1M ,.iucncc> But ComiiiL- un for Iliniiv linlhdiv' "' Kylr% ""'"'• ( ' !l "' s "''' ""'''' '''"' 'dm was | h.v AM ii Hie Soviel i-xniiiiaiid.ini in IV-lin, 'wishes Wednesday i AUGUSTA -""I'M" '" ""' V'' 1 "'' 1 '' ""'" Slil "'' (l '"'' "' Sha|lil '"' " " s! "" ; "' 1 '"'- R V ' *««"'"'• "i n ^ l> RICHTKIt ' lo " l; walking (ouiinl Hi K hway L'KS. . M,us;n-luisell.s Inslilulo of Tech p,opo>al hy Ihe U.S. commandant, And Around The, (miniv '' °" l ' l "''' ki " K ""' '*'" l>o11111 "'. ""'"KV. thr.iugh the Nalioiml Com- • Maj. lion. Alhorl Watson 11, for The MARVIN pp-fivijc ...... !" fl "' ( ' ls '"'"^ i< bad l«-on slolon inntoo for Fluid Mechanic.-, l-'ilms a foiir-power lalk on wavs lo real tanov to I.«» ni » H,I ''" rli '' r "' ""' rv ™'"* ; "'" nl T ' K ' " l " 1 '' 1 ' " K ''" nl lly lhl> f^'" 11 " 11 -' 1 '»•>«! 'urlher incidonls. o ,e> hmuo und ™, , f " Snlil " "' Hf ' y " W11 - • * " V ^»'«<-""-«- M«scow radio war,,,,! ihal IV,- MCHAF R\rK( ?u • ,' '""' "'""' Wi "' " di "»««» i '- 1 ' 1 ' '»"' »'""'• '•" *" l-nir P..IK two lin tension is "dirccilv iiu w, fom-i hi,;V i " m • ' n "" "'"' I| ''' ivas siiiml l>y i ' h ""«" vvh "' h " i:i h " >• ' i "'"« hi ''"- «•"""--""""" i» »«• -•" MRS F «',,",*', =, y ' ' ' ""' ll '" "' K " P "' kri1 "" '' y ""' '""•>• a '" : ' """"• «"""""« K - "•' K»»'l-- «"•< "•""'• < -*"^' n Mtlpni i» r . M 1 ' 1 ' 1 ''' 1 """''''• ''""' a '"'" P "" " ; ' S i " sl "' <1 > v """-'" s ''-'I miiiutcM; and :'. calls tor „ Uorm.ui [u-„ o tieaiv a patient in Commimily Ilospi-,,,, ihe youths, .mo of which was Fundamental Concepts Ul', ond,., K Ucslein OCCUIMI,,,,! ,,J,i.: " 'wcanng a led tceshiit. Inunulosl. 'in Berlin. lly THK ASSOCIATED PRESS WASHINGTON (API — Secrelary of Stale Ucan Rusk put nn piessure for measures to ease Berlin wall tensions in a iiastily called conference with Soviet Ambassador Anatolv- K. Dohrynin today. W'ASHIXtiTOX (AP) — A che<'k uf nearly 4II.MHI money or- ilcrs to ><•«• if Billie Sul Kites s.-nt gifts to inure Ihan Inn Waih- inglun |>er»it>imge!i has *'druv\n a complete blank," a House *ub- coinniitlee aide *a«d UKla>. L'MTED NATIONS, N. Y. (API — Acting Sccieiarv-General U Tbant has given Katanga President Moise Tshomlw a week to 10 davs to accept a new U. N. program lo unify the Con.^o peacefully. WASHINGTON (At 1 ) — Sen. K»tf» hefauver. l)-Tenn.. utd today he will ask Ihe Senule Antitrust and Moiinpol.v niibi-nnimlttee ThU week to \ute c.iuteiupt of ConKrcns c'ilutituis ai;!iinit four steel companies. NflV LAKE JACKSON CHURCH UNDERWAY 'Mils i, '\\ the s.iulh . ; . pri- . vti> I 1 ;-'.'.- .- I 1". Ml •"•'• 'I, .1.1 I 1 -" - i- 1. HI ..( i'i.. \v,n • -ii (>.ik> ( liur. Il uf -I- ! r i.'1.'.l .:. a site (-''I .»•](;:•• •• I. H'-liI i> ,ve . old A-;:.-. loll Iliud Illli'i-.i-i lli'ii. .M.'iiili.-is h.uf be nieclii.i; in A. I'. Krulrl Si l.oul viliile n.:ikiiiK pbilts I .. the cbnrcl.. (be se.-niul of ill tl.-1101111- nili.'ii in ihe i-il>. S.'\eral nlhi-r church addi- lii.n and . I.P*|( projects an- al-.-j being ..irne I out in Lake Jackson ul presfiil. KL'AI.A I.L'MPL'H. Malaya lAPi — Indonesia stands an excellent chance of coming out on lop in any Papuan plebiscite on self- deiei initiation held in once-disputed West New Guinea. U ASIIIM. l(l\ |A|>) — The House leadership will try next Monikt.v for a vole on a pr<>ik>se4 amendment to the ConsfUtftion prohibiting Ihe poll tax as a requirement fur voting In ftlleral elections.

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