The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on December 15, 1960 · Page 18
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 18

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 15, 1960
Page 18
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Brazbsport and Brazoria County. Texas, fhitrd., Dec. 18, fftfi BH.A Z00 POST PACT? CLASSIFIED 101. BU3I. OPPORTUNITIES ids. HOUSES FOR SALE 3 Mrtraom. urfe Kitchen Anlni room, family room, WMI. rark for back fttt. (THA only M4.M rboirthly. ». L. MALTOB, * 7 - 77 " OROCBRT STORE ANT) SNACK BAR— nullalnrt ander lenne. Bxcellent T lor*. linn. Dolnl ucxxt MislmM. Cnll fin 8- 507ft. im""b»yi KAUMARK AlMtriok norne «rnllj> m Math Tinpon. Balance 1109. monthly, taxes, Inmirahce Included. 102. HOUBE8 FOB SALE A VBiiY CHolOB comer lot on 4th Street, ono of the very few left. w. i. fjoEM imrAjt n. : * AI.KKKA nr, H.IMJ RB MHO A RARB OPPOlttUNHY—Lovely homfl In the country featurlnir 'oat bed* root™, 3 natlu, electric kitchen with family room, Inntn utility room And double inrnite. This home has 2200 uruflrc foot of living arts and is an *xc«r>lldrml buy. Let tine consider year trade. MXH3TJSR * ABHOC. }OT 7-iffl, CY 7-7708, Or 7-72SH. CT7.6S73 BRA7.ORtA—J bedroom home, corner lot, separate dining room, exceptionally large living room, service porch, wired for wanner and dryer. Call 8W 1-7349. BRATORIA—Harden Acrtj-J bedroo-n. Blngle bath, ulnglo garage. Smnll down Doymcnt on W year loan. COLBMAN IAJMBP1R CO. AN 5-S4ZJ. IDS ABB LAttB-» brtroont family room. 1 car garage, MMtru knehen, Inmiiat. ed, patio door, your BfeMnt lot' Of equity rally be awenrt la trade. B. L. Gala Week Of Entertainment On Cotton Bowl Schedule A gala Cotton Bowl Festi v • 11 up to the 1961. Cotton Bowl Foot- Weelt of entertainment, «portn; ball Classic between the Arkan- event* and spectacle win offer ajsas Razorbackfl and the Duke BRAZORIA—ddrton Acres homo — 3 bedrooms. Intti and half, double *«»»«. 30 year loan, (mall dowrt payment COT.BMAN LUMBER CO. AN 5-24S3. BUT TOUR rtOMH TODAY HI MAGNOLIA—3 nod room, low equity, M PBItniWINKLB-2 bedroom, fenced, 2J x a JtulMlns In renr, tarn lol 114 OLKANDIIR—ft mdroora, «ll brick. 1M CHKHRY-KOO. Down 813 MAoNOI.tA—3 bedroom, family room, la* equity. Joo Talbot and Roier Draw JOE TAiaOf REAI/IT OT 7-4111 or OT 7-S4M CurTR—21t rtrockman Road. An out•landing value for only 12511. down and financing arranged at 136,18 per month. Just »e<XI. tor this comfortable 2lwo> room rottago with enclosed porch and I rtoublo Knrage. Ask tor Mr. Cooper at BB 3-2678. CLUTB-531 McKee, 3 bedrooms, fern*. 414 WEST 8th-3 bedroomn, c«iy term*. Hnv» 2 and 3 bedrooms-Owner will consider side note as part of down pa,vmrnt BE .14222 ABC REALTt BB J-323J F.RREPOIIT-1834 WEST Ulh-Filll brick all white 3 bedroom home. 114,400: BOUTH TEXAS REALTY, BB MUD. FRKKI'OIIT—1U5 Went 7lh. Onncr will KI1 2 bedroom home. BB 3-8100. FREEPORT—A very spacious B bedroom now?, 114 bnthj. central heat, electric kitchen, larffe den, lots of storage space. w. i. <jor.u BRTAJI JR. * OLKMN BE J.JJM BE 1-I9W KRBEPORT—1030 Weil 10th El.—3 bedroom*, a J. DAVI3 REALTY. BE 3 5229. FREKPORT-A 2 bedroom homt m Are. 0 with • Idling price tax. W. i. (JOF.t.) ItrtYA.N ill. A Of.KNM* BK l-lKt ill; 1-tlm GJ'S $50, DOWN Will Pay All Of Your Closing Costs and no imymtBts dna until 1, 1961 BtJT THSB8 ABE ONU? 11 HOMES LEFT 8 Bricks sad « Brick »nd Cedar Shakm IMMEDIATE POSSESSION HALLMARK HOMES LEO ANDERSON, Afcnl CY 7-7010 Finals Rodeo will open Dec. 26 The Cotton Bowl Festival will Jam-packet! program of activities for Dallas visitor* starting the day after Chrlntmai. The Festival, of course, loads Blue Devils on Monday, Jan. 2, The 1961 Classic will be the 25th annual Cotton Bowl (jame, marking the Silver Anniversary of the j parade, the "world series of ro- idco," a Broadway musical show, a style show, Texas Sports Hall Few Thousand Seats Remain For Big Bluebonnet Classic money- winning cowboys of 1060. "The Music Man," Meredith Willson's delightful musical com Peter Pan's Christmas Story _ .. , _„.,,., «,.,„.. w *>uu »T 111,71/11 j UCII£IIL1UJ. lllU.Mt~£U lAJIll- of lame luncheon, college and edy, will star Forrest Tucker and high School basketball, tennis and j the National Company in the bowling tournamems. i State Fair Music Hall nightly By Walt Disney 101 PINOAK-Ennllr- i bedrooms, 1U baths, electric jttctwn. fenced, 1 car ffnrnjfe. equity, H750. B. I* SAUBR. RBALTOR. Cy 7-771L LAKB BARBARA. TlJWind Park BUB- division. Just eempretlnf I bedrtxftn name: 1 tall bttfcj. Tuptian electric kitchen, anet ntnily room, emtral hectlnjf, arc* 3 nr garage with ihop urea, Wa«h»r— dryer conneetloiu. On W * 1W lot, only UUOO. BCTLOWO * scrru co. m MIU Ot HWT M»-CInt«-« wdroom. Cora- merlcal Area. K. L. lAUER. RRALTOR, CY 7-77S1. NEW IIOMBS BARBARA VJliAOB-Lnke Wood Drlre, i bedroom brick minim, electric kitchen, attic (an. BRAZORIA—S bedroom on Maw ran -nd Wllion BL UrUa lit Electric kitchen. Attlo tan. Se. Q. L. Mao UoXar a can AH 5-JM BKAZOSPOHT 'UHBgB CO. I NEED A DlSSUlSE SO'S I CAN.... AHA! WHAT'S THIS? JOLLY GOOD! wow THE SEVEN DWARPS ASS EiSHTI . Qt- WHILE THE OWARPS WASHiN' UP FOR SUPPER, I'LL MAVE r A LCX3K AROUNO! J I'M SORRV, ELSIE, BUT CCX3KIE IS MAD AND WON'T SPEAK TO YOU IF THAT'S SLSieCRONK. TELL HER I'M MAO AN ° -If. TALK TO HER 103. LOTS rOR SALE CHOICE um iv KNOLUVOOO. Solei office at Low Road and Pin* «. KN(l!,I,WOOD CY 7-4M1 Day or NI|M JONES CUEEK-A beautiful lOOiMtr ilu with a 4 room houiw- W, J. (J(IEL) DllfAN JJt. * OLKMNA BE 3-2D29 BF. 3-1310 PRBKPOUT—A 3 Ticrtrooni home well- located to Elementary School. Can , move you In for a imnll equity. tV 1. IJOKL) DIIVAM JR. « (il.r.NNA , tlK 3-2021 BE 313*1 FREKPORT— Looklnn for a complete i bedroom homo well located, quick poa* nesulon? Wo have It. W. 1. (JOEL) BRTA.N JR. « CLE.VXA OK 1WI • BE 1-UM ITKBBPOBT — Very clean 2 bedroom home on Avenue 1). Can offer very In- Icrestlnft financing plan If your credit and earnings quality, If. J.' (jftKI.) BKVAN, JK. t QUT.XNA HE 3-:»Z1 . BK J-IJM PEACH CREST SUB D1VI31ON-2 acre horaettu on BUM TJOIUWH. Excellent location. torn* 'rtes. Vrs. W I* Tiller BB 3-2341. SOUTHERN OAK8 cr«k front lot 100 X 2(0. only s.1250. E. L. SAUER, REAU TOR, CY T-77lit IW CnEEK rromag* tot In SOUTHERN OAKS, BcautlfU ihad* trier and itone itepfi to creek. SHOD. OB ROWLAND. REALTOR, CT r-6543. 104. BUSINESS PROPERTY FRONT* IE—up to 12S' on Bwy 288 for lean, tOD> dHp-thelled- ld«al tor used eax lot. Win Improve. BE 3-3159. BLONDIE ^^? ^AH'LU BET EV'Ptf 1OO PERCEMT AMERICAN PRfZEFlGHTER WILL BE WAITIN'THAR, AT TH* > AIRPORT; TO SHOWTHET RED WE HAINT VEt-tOW//" BOOMCHlKWltL PIND OUT WE. " HAIM>T BOOMCHICKEN.'.' j-^ 0 ?,'Ae.-| Tha c; toraowi tia 4* &? ^ctange •^v^ m. m % ft%a LIL' ABFER LAKK JACKSON— one 01 the top hnm«« in this area, 2 complete bnthj, paneled den, 2 ear uarngv, central hrat, electric kitchen. W. J. UUKL/ BRYAN JK. A GI.*.V* BE 3-2B29 BE 3-U9Q IT YOTJ an looktnc for B tnuU ntlte of tiTp offlcci well lociteil, w* have them. W. J. (JOEL) BKTAH. OL « nLEX^A BR 3-IB2* BE 9-UN 105. ACREAGE FOR SALE OYSTER CREEK COMMUNITY— S bedroom brick, 96x150 corner lot S, L. Bauer. Realtor. TUXAS BETTER HOMES CV 7-7701. .. OUR BEAirnruiv MODEL 3 bedroom, Itfc ballis liomc at ItQ Birch, JJike Jnckson, shown by appointment. Centrally lien ted and air conditioned. We will build on your lot. Will "11 thli niodol liuusR. Your lot accepted u dftwo ; payment B. L, Sauer. 1 LUMBER CO. CV 7*7761 Tim HOME WOULD nKNT FOR.W. MORE TIUN TUB PRESENT MONTHLY PAYMENTS. Buy now and bank tat reit. DOT West 7th Strxt Brand now FHA 3 bedroom harp* with eKtra larf« family room. Monthly payment* only 178. with very low down payment SOUTH TEXAS REALTY. BE S-3410. 103 BIKCH-4 bedroonu, 1H baUu, family room, centrally heated, air conditioned with. h«at pump FHA. T- *•- ?H:*r P^S!V>.' UULK LUVTBER CO. . AN 5-2881 «• OY 7-7761 tat PIN OAK BT.-» bedroonu, (amlly room. 1H baUu, uuitlaud. Reayu•Wt^ ed. electric :ltchen, t car a«rw«. only IIU75. FIU ' Jim montnly. a. L. 8AUEH. RBALTOR. TEXAS SETTER I10HE9, CY 7-77IL LAKE JACKSON— Dupler. Two 3 bedroom unttu. good condition, rented. Bell •qulty. balance 4% note— or ' will finance UO'-i. Tnke lido note. Excellent rental Investment. CY 74908 day or Fv FARttWOGD TERRACE— All th» Important iMiturcs are In thll better than . n*w tiatno. Panelled family room, 1H baths, rrniinl heat, doubta garage. Terms on eaully. FI/1ETER * ABSOU. OV 7-Jm, OY 7-TIOS, CY 7.7JM, CY 7«TrS MOVE W nv CHllICTMAS—Ncw > bedroom lionic, at 1807 W»l llth Utreet, m batlis, extra large panelled kltctwn* family room. Ver, 1 attractive entry. TKXA3 1IBALTY, BE 3-3410. HAVENWOOD Jtut Imanlnel All lirlck! .1 bedruomi. 1H balh5. central heat, bulll-ln iitova and oven, aop&nita untlUty 3 car larai*, lOOxlOO vrcoderi lot. IIIMI cttli. IM.S3 monthly. No elating ctuUI Call UY 7-4261. SOimiLANO ItEALTY CO. HEW HOUSES UNDER CONSTRUCTION 0* CKNTEIi WAT—J beilroom nrldc, air conditioned, inirner. »H OE'.NTBIl WAY-4 bc'Tooim. filO C'ENTKi: WAY-3 bcdnxmu. 101!) (m',\MOl'.K-3 bearaonu, 1 bath, J car Kurutfv. 1031 UYCAMOIIR-3 bvdraanu, t bath 9 car gnrujfu. 105J HYCAMDllK—3 bedroonu, 9 b*Uu. 'i car Atrage. 1099 Hft.'AMrmB-i beilroomi, 1H baUu, • 2 car gmajfc. 11)57 8YCAUORU-I bedrooms, 2 batha, 2 car garage. Many other plans to chouife from, TEXAS nimTEtt IIOIIES M Forest i 'uk> IJHW 0\T 7-7701 418 HKDWUOU-s bmlrounu, dun, Z.I POINUETTU- Uentral lull SS5. montuly. SIM OAUUU1UU—Duy or rent Ull WKhT lOlh-Hiot or l>a» vnui;h»so. 116 UAHDKNIA-4'W. numtlily. 853 MAONOLlA-Cjriiol and fenced. Ill CVFUUHii-Beautllul yrrd, UOU iq. ft. Uvliw area. MJlKtKR • ISSOC. OT I-2i?J UY 7-7708 01 M8M OV »<»75 ALMOST NINE ACRE? of land C10M to ntvr Angletm Senior Hlgn School. Financing available. Call TT ttVS after S:00 pjn. ACREAGE—Lou JH acrei la Gotten Arm. Bai Natural <I*i. 146m FLOETER * ASSOC. OY 7-5(T7, CY 7-7708, CY 7-7286. CY 7-«67S. ISO ACRES—AU cleared erant tor few trees In choice location, P50. per acre. Ternu avaltabla. 10 ACRE!) ON BLACK-TOP ROAD — 115.000. total. H.1SO. down, Balanea on nolei. 1} ACRES en Brlgane* Road. BOO. per cere. Will finance 7ti ACRRS-WUd Prach Community. 3H deared. USA per mere. I7SO. down, SSS.41 per montb.- . 8 ACRES—BraKtrta—erweeoy area. 12900. RSO. down, bolanc* monthly. ROWLAND REALTY 215 ACRES on block top road. Moatly cleared with large oak< and pccani. Kaay terms to IS yean to pay, CAMERON REAL ESTATE, Branru, sw 9-M» ULVK7 THAT'S ( NEEDS TO SftlRV- ft-vMORKlM ONHtS HOBBV SNTJFPY SMITH . . — ola: 17 acres between Danctger Bwy. and Old Damm Ro*d. fl. D. OUTTOT, REALTOR. DI MSU. Welt Columbia. ISIS. MOBILE HOMES 45 FOOT 2 bedroom 1B50 model mobile home. Good condition, see at 604 North VeUKo, Anglaton, TI 9-7341. 1»7. TRUCKS • TRAILERS PICKUP-19O) one. 'i ion. sell or tnit, »13 N. Ctienan«a Tt 3-50SS. 128. USED CARS FOR SALE CHRYSLER NEW YORKER-WM 4 door •edan, I5SS. OY 7.7729. CLEAN 1851 Chtvrokl for Mto. Thta la * fine work car. Call CY 74000. rORD-1954 glondard shift, 137$. BB J- 4127 after 4 p.m. PLYMOUTH-1353 savoy 2 door in excellent condition. Air conditioned, CY 7-017*. TRADB WILLYS STATION WAGON Good condition, value DM., for Pickup truck. Will pay difference. BE 8-2074. OPAL-1959-Laaded with catrai Including air. 29 miles w gallon In town. OY MM". PICK UP PAYMENTS-On 1960 Ford Country sodan V4 nine paiotngor IN-U per monUi. CY 7-25M. 209 SROlJKMAN-Cluti.—2 boilrouni, oej- tachcd J car guraiio. 100x150, B. L. SAUliH, RflALTOH, OY 7-77U1. iio HROCKMAN-Clute 2 bedroom 1J5' x 12 r cornor lui. only 16500. ffi. l» BAUDK. RUALIOll. QY 7776L HELP FIGHT MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY Mgscuui owiorm Assocituom OF AMEKIC*, INC., 1791 tresdwly, NEW Ttrk II, hlw ««r| BOYS. IP YOU DON'TSrOP RIN6IN' MV COORBSLU™ ...t'LI. CATCH AN* KISS 6 VERY I ONBO'VOU/, BETCHA. THAT PUTS AN END J T THEIR SHENANIGANS/ GRANDMA WHAT A viewJ you CAN see EVER/ P6TAILOPTHSCAMP PROM HERS WHAT KNP OP A VIBW \ / OH, A PO VOO SET FROM THB Jf NOTHIOJ9 OTHER SIPS OPTHfi J \ MUCH MOUNTAIM? BETTLE BAILED |Dec. 26-31. Tliis is the show with "Seventy-Six Trombones." The 21st annual Cotton Bowl ! Basketball Tournament will bring I together schoolboy cagcrs from all over Iho state In a tourncv Doe. 2B-29. Four famous Texas athletes, Kl Aldrioh, Bobby I,iyne, Matty Bell and Bobby Morrow, will be inducted into the Texas Sports Hall of Fame at a luncheon on Dec. 31. The Southwest AAU Collegiate Basketball tournament leaturing eight outstanding small college teams will be held Dee. 28, 29 30. The fourth minimi Cotton Bowl Tennis Tournament, Dec. 28-31, will decide the Texas Tennis Association championship for boys, and girls and the junior divisions. The Downtown Quarterback Club is to have its annual Cotton Bowl Breakfast on Dec. 31. Climax of the Festival Week will be the spectacular Cotton Bowl Parade in downtown Dallas on Saturday momint;, Dec. 31. Dozens of marching bands and elaborate floats will be featured, along with the Cotton Bowl Queen from the University of Arkansas and her princesses reprt s e nting the other Southwest Conference schools and Duke University. Dachshund Makes Good P^frfever Dog lovers will find the December issue of TEXAS GAME AND FISH magazine a very interesting edition, according to the director jof information and education, .Game and Fish Commissi o n. iThere are two Illustrated dog j stories. I . One of the stories deals with the ,'bench and brush champs which i came out of the South Texas wolf I hunt held on the Perez Ranch I nc-ar San Diego in Ortobcr. This jis an animal event that attract' top hounds from all over the Southwest. Then there is the story of a water sprite, in which Hal Swig- ?ett tells how his dachshund retrieves. This little animal, which is only a half-dog high and a dog and a half long, looks like a drowned rat when it emerges from the water, but according to Swige it always brings in his birds. While ft scattered tew thousand ticket'? still are available to the 'general public for the Texas-Alabama game in Houston Saturday ,(1 p.m.), Bluebonnot official* relate "without reservations" the Saturday game will he before a . full house. In fact, with any kind ! of decent break in the weather, i (here is a good probability bleach- ;er seats will go up In the north end zone to accommodate the fans ,who make a late declsUn to at: tend. j Millions more fans will see the 'coverage (with Houston only j blacked out). Tom Harman and i Johnny Uijack will be the TV I commentators, and the telecast jwill be originated by KHOU-TV : of Houston. | A busy round of festivities and i activities gets underway when the ; Alabama team flies in on Thurs- i day for an afternoon drill. The Crimson Tide is due about 2 p.m. I at Houston International Airport, • and will work out at Rice. The : Texas team doesn't get In until i Friday at 4:45, and will not have , a pre-game drill in Houston. Another Bluebonnet feature, unique to bowl games, will be a big , bonfire and pep rally lor fans of ! both schools at the triangle in front of the Shamrock-Hflton Hotel on Friday evening at 8 p.m. The famed Tyler Junior College "Apache Belles" precision drill team will join with the outstanding bands from Alabama and Texas to provide the pre-game and halftime shows on Saturday, and the 'Bama "Million Dollar Band" will play at the Friday night bonfire-pep rally. \ Not only does the Bluebonnet Bowl's second offering present a special treat in two "bowl veteran" teams from two strong lea- i «ues, but it shapes up as perhaps ' the most evenly matched contests of all the post-season offerings. Enthusiasm for the game is particularly high among the rabid . 'llama boosters, who are coming a long distance for this game— yet will number some 5,000. Included will be Governor John Patterson of Alabama, who will be introduced at halftime along with Texas' Governor Price Daniel, and school president Dr. Frank A. Rose. Vcd. - Thnrs. » Fri." •WBPRISK PACKAGE" 3Iitri Gaynor WHITE BASS MOVE The white bass are beginning to move, according to reports c-oming in from many of the Texas lakes. Their annual migration upstream starts about this time of the year and will continue through January. Some big catches already are being reported below the Marble Falls dam. BIRD BOOK SELLS There lias been heavy buying of the FIELD GUIDE TO THE BIRDS OF TEXAS, prepared by Dr. Roger Tory Peterson, for Christmas presents, according 10 the Game and Fish Commission. These books, listing all the birds of Texas, with many pictures in L-olor, are being sold by Hie Commission at S3 each, which is the actual cost of production. The first printing of 25,000 is almost mne. SHOW STABTS 6:10 PM THTJKS.-FKI.-SAT, FEOM THE TERRACE PACT, NEWMAN JOANNE WOODWARD AND—WALK LIKE A DRAGON MEL TOR.ME NOBTJ MCCARTHY ALWAYS TWO CARTOONS GORDO P..FAMILY CHRISTMAS A NEW TV RCA VICTOR The Wlnilow. "living Color" «HM4!« TV *ilh big 260 iq. In, E lelurt. Rec»Ivti In color and todi-ond-wMl*. 3 beautiful fln- l.hti.3tO-CK.B7 PRICED AS LOW AS with these performance proved features UKI 1 ins IN 1 — Sie blaik.ond-wkU. AUTOMATIC CHANNU IQUAUIIH- proflrami 01 wall 01 «Kdling color »Jww» Ktipi pfctu/* ot fclghia qualitr I«V|J, •««! on (lie ion* 1VI la manr difficult rcctptlaa areOL TELEVISION CENTER CY 7-2911 36-B*CIRCLE WAY LAKE JACKSON Game of Life $B Lil Stinker -$2 Truck Transport $5 Microscope Set $8 up Tiny Tears $1198

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