The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 20, 1962 · Page 5
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 5

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 20, 1962
Page 5
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BRAZOSPORT AND BRAZORIA COUNTY, TEXAS, MON.. AUGUST 20. 19** THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS Living Viruses Made from Inert Chemicals Editorial—Adv.—"J6 3 3511 — C'irlfisd—BE 3-2611 PAGE 5 ° " v ""'"™ i "< It was noted, In Dr. r'nchran'e.'ical complexity of livine crll«," Hint lhr> hulldinj? of hf naif), "piaiTs n | n a more aim- the vims slniclim> was not entire- plr> environment" for InvestiRal- ly man-dircclrvl. Mng il and finding means lo con- The corlo Hint (julrlfd the cnm-i' rn l "• plnx combination of chemicals to! "Our work should open entirely form the viruses was derived:new vistas In virology and ittedl- /rom n molecule wilh no living! cine brintfng us ever closer to an 'properties, tnlton from nn Infected understanding of the nature of life tlmn plnnl. It was Ihe command mech- itself," ho said. "«• ;!!^ sr to n*4ta Hi* technical report was for a American Phylo- Society at Oregon at Ulnh Slate University, heads a|Cf>lls, C' bran's tram used four ,11, j ,, . ,_,„, ,. . men, plants and rpw , al . ( .|, | Cam (here, supported ;chf>micais—triphosphales of aden- •Hhrd his exnerl. animals. In men,__ «*V j™«- pa ,., ia ,, y hy Rranl ., frnm ,',,'<. Marine, Rmnoslne, cytldine and uri- nslilutes of Ilenlth nncl thejdine—elements generally assumed U.S. Atomic TCnorjjy Commission, j before to make up viruses. "Viruses have nrvrr born pro-! Finding the key to put them to- ducod before outside of n living jRrther in the exact way to form cell." hr said, noting that viruses-viruses was the hurdle. Essen- oftcn have been reproduced in 'tially Ihe virus is a complex chain detail, and vrry acniralol should Iw 1 nble to select calx lo Inlr-rrupl il." , Vlnises nrr liny agents whlrh fcvcs," said Di. Grnrgp W. Coch- cause disrrisp in men, phi ran, who ' monls at a sclentlcic meeting colds, polio, measles, rhickonpnx, :ji nn . i lw > '' (v - yellow fever, sleeping sickness ! However, tin said (lie most R|R- and vnritnis other disposes, nificant result was Hint by prmluc-1 There havp been indications IIIR vlnisrs apart from n living HIP.V may cause some (onus of crll, Ihe virus-formation process cancer. They cause world pen,J | . ll^J I . , .,• I ' OlU'n NHVC l»:l'll ITUI IKJIIC'PTJ 111 Hilly Hlf" VH UK IN ft COTTlnleX Cllam ssfn ^ ;™Zs rl ™ lyln i n«r S ':™r matprtBI "" i!linn «-"r*-'7«•«-»»*•••*<*«»>r»•*-»° »» **» 1 ' T,,,,,, '" i, .. . . ing cells, as in nature. a particular nucleic acid that They are smaller Mian baclma ,, mvrvcrt ,,„ saWi , hp vims- makes up the vims, Cochran said, mpy can tw seen "nlyf nrm inR operation was impossible As the genetic guide for ar- inonfl 0 t wnnnn Pr r maE lo sludy '' lrnr| y lin ' lf ' r s '"' n ''""-i ranging or synthnsizing the chemi- Th™ nvi.t™ „!,„;,".""' llmf ' s -Dillons, Blncc it was mixpfl up wilhicals, Cochran's team took some J., „„ n T lh"».tands of other biochemical juice from H tobacco plant Infect- between living and nonhving rmi: ,- lom Knln(? on ln , nc! ,.,,||. Lj with tobacco mosaic virus, and a linn netwmv separating thp viru.-produc.tion filtered It through an flfjar jell fil- process "from tne great biochom- ter lo remove life cells and inter- ~~*'fpring elements. "Synthesizing molecules." containing the secret formula for as- jsembling the chemicals into vir- .usos were thus extracted He said I the molecule guides could be used over and over again to make! more viruses. ROAD RACING SETS 2 CARt, TRANSFORMER. TRACK, DUH CONTROL THREE BROTHER'S GROCERY NOW OPEN SUNDAY'S 8 A.M.—* P.M. 10? Lofct M. Clot.. T«di Hobby House 101 WIST 1ROAD MY.'.-NOTHING J' ' COIJLO WAKE HIM UP Hl'i^ I THMNK H£'0~VU r ' RIGHT THRU ) S ( /«. HYDROGEKJ-BOMB ) J._^V_ Ev PLOSION . ' « A >*—•- DO i SMELL POT PaAer NOODLES JUST A FEW 0- ITHCXJSANDERS. ??-THAT'SAGOOO .r-HE-S REALLV VJORTH YOUR WHILE.'.' A POOR SELECTION HERE AT TME POST OFFICE TODAV, WALTER LET ME EXAMINE THAT THAR EVIDENCE. GARNER O'SHEft YOUR HONOR I AIM TO PROVE THAT J.K.EUUM TOOK THIS JUG OF CORN-SOUEEZIM'S OUT OF SNUFFV'S HOLLER TREE AN'- I PUMNlO. HE JUST KEEPS SAVINS.*PONt E.' I'VE BEEM Dow Develops Pour-On Insectside For Cows An easy - to - use, effective;Z>E was done at the Texas Divl- chemical insecticide Is now avail-.sion Agricultural Station at Lake able for Gulf Coast ranchers in-'Jackson. P'ield (rials for the pro- terested in controlling parasites riuct were begun in 1!T,8 and con- on their beef cattle. tinned for three years. A limited Known as Ruelnne 25E, t h e market test was done in 1961 product can hp applied hy simply with the product being introduc- pouring on HIP backline of an ani- ed on a full market scale this mal. This means no injections, year. drenches, capsules, or external Ruelene 2/>E received clearance spray guns. You just mix the from the U.S. Department of Ag- chemical with water, dip in, and riculture in 1961. p ™ r ""• Or. Paul Uidwig, Dow entomo- Developed by The Dow Chemi- legist, hpaded the product plan- cal Company, RiHenn 25E is a ning of Huplene 2'iE from Dow'* systemic inspclicidp, which means Midland, Michigan, Agrjcultunl that it is abosrhed into the ani- Research group until April of this mal s system, and works from year, at which time he transfer- within to kill grub larvae at a red to the Texas group, picking very early stage before it can do up the research and development any real damage. Ruelene 25E work here such » 0n h m ' S ,r XlCI ™,' pa , rasilc ^ Stockman's Supply, located in Now ?h" ? Cat " e li( ' e ' An K' et ™- is '"e «•! distributor in^H ri I, T u 1 ^ SUch 3 " for Rul ™ e !BE in this area, insecticide. It should be applied DR. PA!!!, UIimiG, DOW ENTOMOI-OGIST, SHOWS KAHE OF RtlELENE ME USE Ra !"' hM ' Jfr °y Blgrl rfnd " Cat1le : Kand y Xewnmn, Distributor, Watchen Publisher Gets Medal For John Birch Attack as soon as possible after heel fly activity ceases, which is during Ihe months of July, August, and September in Texas. The product should not be used after October 1 in this region. Ruelene LT>E can he sprayed as well as poured on. In fact, it is recommended that animals to be shown shortly after treatment be sprayed. This is suggested since some animals may show slight scurfinness following the pour-on application. Otherwise, the pour-on method offers advantages over spraying. It is faster, cattle can be worked through a chute; it is more effective, providing a high degree Sun. Men. Tu«. Wed. l*mQ-GOLD»YN-MAYCH „,.,,„„ WATERVIUJ3, Maine fAP) -^edilor of the editorial page of Ihe,been service as a United States New honor came today to an 85-.New York Herald Tribune; Rob-i senator, as a regent of the Uni- year-old fighting California news- ert E. U Strider, president of Col-'versify of California, and as a!"' control with one application; paperman-alrcady twice honored by College, and Reginald Sturle- leading citizen in his home city !"' is ™°™ accurate, each animal | for -distinguished journalism since vant, chairman of the Colby Col- Concerned when Ihe influence of i being individually treated accord•he challenged, last year, the nc- lege Board of Trustees. .the John Birch Society began to!"* to body weight; and it is more Iiviiins ol the John Birch Society, Die mrfdy-faced Tom Storke itself in Santa Barbara he;«'onomical since there is no run- a miiitanlly conservative group, eludes in his ancestry Spanish, took the position that any organ!-j off or waste. A committee, including noted Lieutenant Jose Francisco de Or- zation seeking to influence Amer-! The recommended mixture for newspapermen, now has named teRa, who discovered San Fran- iran opinion should he exposed to!the pour-on application is one part Santa Barbara publisher Thomas c ' is co Bay and the Golden Gate the judgment of the public. i Ruelene 2.iE to two parts waler. More Storke to be the 1962 re- in 17H9. Slorke went to work as a A/ter Birch Society leader Rob- 1 Just pour a can of the chemical cipirnt of an award giv»n yearly W-a-wcek rub reporter in 1898 in m Welch assailed former Presi-'into a pail, refill Ihe Ruclrne 25E by Colby College in memory of bis native seaside city. Throe dent HKvight D. Eisenhower and'can twice with walor. and add alumnus, martyred editor Eli- years later, wilh S2.000 he bor- Storke's close friend. Chief Jus-'the water to the pail containing jah Parish Lovr;oy. rowed from a druggist, he bough! lice Earl Warren. Storke's news-i the chemical. When shot to death in Alton, Ihe Santa Barbara Daily Inde- papor attacked the society in fea-1 The solution is then poured onto 111. Nov. 7, 1837, Lovejoy was de- P rn df'iu. ^ t ure articles and editorials. I the back of an animal at a rate fending—against a mob-^his news- Storke's News-Press, a daily of "How." asked Stroke, "can any-:of one ounce to 100 pounds of p.nper plant and his right to pub- morp lhan ^- rf ^ circulation, is- one follow a leader absurd enough! body weight. The only equipment lish truth as he saw it. HP has lhcl llnoai n'rsc-nndant of the little, to call former President Eisen- needed is a long-handled dipper jboon hailed as "America's first "'"dependent" ;ind other newspa- hov.or 'a dedicated, conscious which is graduated for levels of ! martyr to the treedom of the P° rs Slor ke acquired. agent of the Communist conspir-:2, 4. 6. and S ounces. Such a Still working, six days a week, acy?" ; dipper is furnished free on pur- he j»mtinUfiSjlis lona-lield belief, ni, nnvspnprr contended Birch-', chnvsc at Rvirlrne 25E. ! lis- ers used Communist-style tech-i If you plan to use a spray ap- sy-'niques to fight communism and;plication, the recommended mix-: in slating its editorial be- accused them of "indescriminate'ture is one-half gallon Ruelene lie's.' character assassination." ;25E to 25 gallons of water. This He used his newspaper for Within a ye,^r. Storke reported i amount of solution should handle many a crusade — against the that disclosure of Birch Society ac- approximately 25 head of any Southern Pacific Railroad, which tivities was all that was needed i sized animals. Ruelene 25E is sold once dominated California: for and that the temperature of the in half-gallon cans, the Santa Vnez Dam, which guar-iciry's bodv politic was about backi The basic research on Ruelene i Owner-editor of the Santa Bar- antped ^^ n., rbara . s wa(pr ',„ norma [ "" ,. ^Itara News-Press. Slorke ,s doan s , Jpp|y j, estrovenicCTSsfu|ly<ori Hjs ^^ priz( , awarf of California publishers, having , ne rebuUdinR 0 , his dty in nefv brouen , concraw i ator> . messages i • given 61 of his 85 years to run- Spanjjh architpcture a(ter a 1925 (rom a!1 wer |he ^^^^ includ .; nmg his newspaper. earthquake. He played a key part ing one from President Kennedy, ] USED » BOATS • MOTORS • TRAILERS Jousan Marine 123 N. ftulf II 3-1141 plT«. The nw&nf. to be presented Nov. .- . ,. ... 8 at Colby's observance of the h«t a new.spaper ^11 no 125IH annfversar>' of Lnvejoy's. ^ lo ° r W " " spcct " " slaying, will recognize Storke as .. " s a newspaperman of "integrity. craftsmanship and character," iwho has continued the Lovejoy heritage of fearlessness and free- :dom. The Colby College announcement noted that Storke last No- the California Demo- praising Storke's "sturdy comic- cratic convention delegation to tion and judgment." vember received the Lauterbach Frank ] in r^iano Roosevelt in 1932 Tom Storke said, "It should not Award given each year to an American newsman for outstand ing work in the field of civilian lib- Arties. He was cited for "pointing ! 'out Ihe dangers to American fre* 1 i !dom created by extremists of the radical right." In May this year, the Colby announcement also noted, he received the Pulit/er Prize for editorial writing—for calling attention to what his newspaper said was a "campaign of hate and vil- ideation" by the John Birch So- ^ ^ ^^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ '''rno committee that chose him _ LONC '. B ff"' C f f ' 'APl-^erhirlhplace, Tientsin. China, for Ihe Lovejoy Award consists of p""* \ orstal! - a rduclam Cm-.with her Uhite parents 10 Horlx-rt Baickor, editor of the ed- ' 1 "' l " il - « '""""« no * n "ohance.years ago. The parents had es-j itorial race of the Hartford to wpar ""' ro - val roh< ' s she won l ' a P* (1 as children from Soviet' Iconn . amrant • Knvin D. Can- as Miss International Beauty. communism. j ham editor of the Christian ?ci- She is returning to Australia to she said she'll remrn home to once Monitor; Dwight E. Sargent, i-ontinue preparations for a career fulfill her contract as Miss Aus- N»w Thru "KID GALAHAD" Elvii Prafley TERMITOX CONTROL ROACHES, ANTS, SILVERMSH BEDBUGS, MOTHS & FLEAS FREE ESTIMATES CHERRFLX.LY GIVEN BE 3-4391 THE TERMITOX CO. SURF SUNDAY ONLY GUNS OF NAVRRON GREGORY PECK ANTHONY QUINN ALSO THE HUSTLER PAUL NEWMAN thus assuring Roosevelt his par- be considered courageous to stand t>''s nomination. up and defend what God and the Among his many honors have | Constitution have given us." Beauty Refuses Movie Offers, World Travel YOUR CINEMASCOPE THEATRE BETTLB IAILEY WE'VE HAD TWO HOLDUPS, A SCANDAL, AN'A WEPOIM' IN THIS NEIOHSOHHOOD IN TH'LAST FEW DAYS ... ...AN 1 HER PACZTV-UINE TELEPHONE HAS BEEN l — OUT O'OBOIW ALL WEEK.' Allen Academy Classes Start September 10 ion a» Allan Military Academy i" Bryan, Taiai, v.har« claual itar' on Saptambar 10. Small claual. ouMandinq '"- llruclorl. ipacial tutoring and com- as a welfare worker—intent on tralia. It runs until Christmas, helpins people who. like herself, Miss VV rstak, 21, Intends to are refugees from communism. study EnB | ish . c,,^^ and psy . She declined offers of lucra- chology to prepare for refugee live film contracts, and she does work overseas. She already is not want to lour the world as fluent in English and Russian. Miss International Beauty—an en- Tania posed uncomplaining and doavor which earned her prede- with a wai-m smile for the crowds iffwr £.'."i.0<>0 of photographers who clamored . "I've t;ot as much money as for pictures Sunday. Talking to I want." she said. She won $10.000 iu-\vsmen, she frequently became with the title Saturday night. She confused in answering their ques- said it will RO into her father's lions. building insulation business in "I am sorry," she told them, Sydney. ; "hut I'm still in a daze." 'T;.ma :'l, felt she wasn't pretty Early last week the shapely, cnouizh for the contest, which brown-haired gui said she did not expect to reach even the semifinal field of 15 plucked from original entries representing 50 i countries. "I felt I didn't belong," Miss Verstak explained. "The Australia The judges disagreed GRANDMA al ona in (ha if tha leading prep icnoolt United Stalai. Clatlei at Allen Academy itatt i the laventh qrada and continue J^ * ' * e» . «-> *« GORDO *«» * -- _ • *J ^•^^S& MAHACtTA ,6OOF£DJ Jr . ~. *~> i 1 ' ,* 11 it :i v -TTv-, TV HOSE WHEELS 0V US LESS ++\ft:. I , \ c^» ^ - • • H v-3 ' - ' ^ijA?.^ • • .^JfJP^^^ Wv/ttiOj} iaq** Writ* today f° r * ff»« cata- loq for • comptita description ot t ih« ichool and it* «ourt«t, Tarmi m«y b* «rr«nqtd. V Allen Military Academy BRYAN. TCX AC ' " " i i BEEF PATTIES MADE FROM ARMOUR STAR IEEF 5 Lb (A ToA ^ Pkgl. »V Pound 1 PER LI. 55 GIROUARD'S SUPER MARKET 62i W 2nd Frwport academic itanderdt. Thil prepare! tion. 1 . ttudentt to enter trie colleq* of their choice and qiva* them a firm _ . r» ;i foundation on «hich to build their JjORlD |3I!S livet. Allm Ac.demy qr.d^t.. ha». SAN SKUAST1AN. Spain (API- contest wasn't for beauty. How bean luccenful in almoit e>ary Odirials said a small plastic could they choose me from all field of endeavor. Your ion can h,)inh explodwl Sunday near Ayele those girls?" qet a better iiart by attending At- palace, sumniiT residence of Gen- Oscar Meinhardt, executive pro- len Academy, »hich ii mcognind pl . a | j.-]- a nciso-v r'ranco. duorr of the pageant, said it's all I'lie blasl damaKc<t only Ihe right wilh him if the new queen windows of a nearby villa. Ofti- dues not accept the commercial •ials Miid jxilice found an unex- offers which started pouring in on iKniixl bomb in the same area. her even before she was named winner SaUmlay. 'Just as long as she upholds the dignity of the title," he said, "there is no objection. And I know she will. She's a wonderful girl." After completion of her tour as Miss Australia, Tania plans to re-j turn to Sydney University at night • to brush up on her languages, and I to help during the day in her father's business. Next year she'll return to Long Beach lo crown her successor. Then she hopes to go to Switzerland to work in refugee-aid organizations. LINCOLN HEIGHTS COLORED SUB-DIVISION HOGG MANSION RD—West Columbia Thrt* Btdroonu—All Modem F«ofuf« Beautifully D«cotot«d $150.00 Complete Down Payment W. C. MEYERS— t Salomon SM At Siib-DlvUlo* or Call Tl (-6291 Anqleton, T»i« HOMfiBUILMRS

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