The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on September 8, 1897 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 8, 1897
Page 3
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: SOTMfcfc 8,.'18»1 >mim< j. s. cox, sr. A Wm. HertniRftW nntf GPO. MeClary, of to Marshall Sunday on wheels and wwrt tho gu&rt* of Bernan T. MeClaty *t Wtn. Mat tin's. Joseph CUMinghata! had becfo rfcceiv- Uoaty shitanento; of plums ftlnd peaches thi»« week, $Vy ftre.fgedved f ram the orchards of this grower oft the lake shore. Jflftefen thoW»d program^- ftftl t«\ county fai* te be held in this city Sept. ,28th, to Ocfe iB*» ifiduaive. A few deeif- rOVXTV OFFICERS AFFKC'TEn, /aw* Whfrh Will Sllfl?nt1yC1»Bti«rf> Tlictr fVe 1 *. Now law wont into «flfect last week, Which effect the the county reg- hprfeiffcpr, .at- want one Call at oncfe. "able Oreek Monday i " A. remaic nntaketi, -the Infer, treasurer and clerk. In MM* registers tachm«M»te on relaJ recorded instead of-fifed, Tht? formpf. price waft S&W per,fu1n#, but under ftw new* law the charts will bo the same as for pttrtsr fcgsrf papers, 11 cents s font*. IB tte treasurers, office, for issuing eft* tiftcates showing that the taxes on prop- tt -j,. Urty tor five years preceding the da.t* of I the instrument, the *~* ™- in w 1 n """*" and t>r.vIXm for ^eleetfotiu oandr- vot ^ai-kf ft.jshw.wii'. Aad tht> farftwfl- toUfbe ' From lip {twttfajeif thtfy are ^eanng- From the thistitfbrirl te» the' fcoa,' If the biker SB a she-flflo- ' Or the biker is a"he. w ~ " - ' fell brMfft bar Mrft, Wm, arm-a day <>r two Tho pupils of the High HchSol had their pteluws taken this morning. 1 There will fee "another dance «t thfi clttlf house, Wednesday ^ A now cov»rsH> has boon introduced into the HiRhBchtioI vfhich ift to bo ralk-(Uhr> Course, The wcatht>r for lower Michigan- fair and wjinjitvr tonight. Thursday office, 7» eMits will ^_ ^ htfntert Ucowee, ot which will go^to.the county to,pay ttn> bitls tBajtniay^be ihoufr'c'd by d^pUty gmtift wardMSs^ tt there fo a sur plus left in th<* tfoafittr£i;% htftttfa It wil oi \.iw&\fa> &f ^crnj^.Othw, hot I atwffaHfl^fiedtQftQrfe th^ towb'ap eido down, ^oyj^fafed cm a. youtjjtt JfelldW tost. Jtislice Keiley hpld > 'o0urt until ihree o'clock this morning to dfifsg&e 1 of their cases. The verdict w««f tt.TO anchor 20 days h> jail. Charles Fre'd went to jail,' office. defraytflg the expense of his th^ ttertlth <rf Wives Art* !Ntf isan w what-h«^i<n»id be if te can ietirejy pursue his cotfl* through lift Tho W. C. T. have been promised nt tho count v fair and they to have some good speakers present, Mrs. Emma C. Eisenhart, wife «f Dr. Chfis. A. Eisonhart, a'former resident of fchift city,, diedjast f hurrtday at her home in York City, t*Hj l)r. .TaineH Dolingy, «f Toledo, Ohio, *ha» l>een appointed chief surgeon of the 'Detroiot, Toledo Ac Jtfrtwiiukee, with headquarters nt Toledo. \ v . There wris quite an interesting school election in Albion Monday ni«ht, 7»i!> votes being cast.' Karl Knight and lit-Ins Fall were.ta>-x v loi'ted trustees. N Free Prensi Onlj 38.0M bein« bid for ,the Globe, mills, at Tecmnwh, appraised at Slr>,t)()t) the sale has Mien eiilted 1 utT, and the projierty will be held pending "the return of .prosperity." Tho Daily Courier published at Coldwater is a new corner to our table,. Likf il» parent'the Weekly Courier it is neat and newsy. -Weoitn see no reason why '"it should-not have n 'suci!e88fiHl career. A. J. Murray, fanseveml'years pawt, the superintendent for the state public atthool for ^epondenrcjuldreu at^ Cold- \v»t«f. has resigned to accept a bettor position.. It is understood that he will euga&e in cdutytioml \vorkinMinnew>ta. \Ve are informed that Dun Mclaughlin had n ri^ht to vote at the school meeting Monday high't. Tiie prop) rty at! tl-.o »uth woet corner of Hanover and Hani- ilton atreots belongs to Uan and hip winter and Dan paid the-taxes Uwt falV which would entitle htm to a vote. Dainty farce, comedy will hold the «t«ge afthfc Hamblin opera hoiwe, Baft* He (Creek, Sept, ft, Hoyt's "A Bttnch of Keyt?,", m one of the best muflieal skilts' ever presented to the pa1>lie. It -has an amuting story, "m hill of wit and music and Manager Bothnor raftlv season selects the cleverest comedian's and pret- jtieftt bunch of girls 'that the Railto can furnisli. n lt is just the kind of show to drive a Way dull cure. Michael Wiikie, a K>'«»<'U ) laborer n! Albion, was found in HperUtilfrlnke Tuesday by Jacob Wortman. His' horse which'was hitched near by, aroused •\Vdrtiuan's suspicion. Wiikie left homo Sunday undei? the influence of liquor His face was badly bruised from it fight with 1'hi'iip Parr, which oecured on Sunday. T?he eon>ner'ti jury brought in. i» \-erdict of death by drowning; -accident' ally or with suicidal intent. The examination" of Tom Hyan, the hobo who WHS arrested rtt Chelsea on the i of hip boififf guilty of upttlng fire to the house occupied by Prof. Webb, ;i£ Albion, drew out a large croWdSatur- ufteriiodh. The jury were out but and brought in a verdict ••It-is said that a bitter hfe Mtow feehig*. itttdlwiv ftequontly w ftod this if tr«e f o^pecirtriip'- In the c.aso o hu8lfltnd*r«8taafding their Wives.' health Thousands 0f taatfied women are drag ginR out ft 'miserable «xfetencJp and eoh Untie to suffer from day ttnlay becatjs thcynro tiffwitltng to cojuj>lAtii to' th httsbandr who, through df«» WELL WORTH YOUR WHILE tO OUR EteEGANT One of New Goods ., " : We kive liefer displayed it'morp attractive , j^.'l^ . , . , 1 '-' *. '- *® "i' . as<%ortjne'rtt of DRESS GOODS I * ^ u, . Great Bargains in this Department. ,our 25c all our iu 50d Novel- drive X of riot jttuilty feeling ia >jjrin#inff up respecting the aiuuteur detective, who worked on the case, as ho proved to bo a brother Prof. Wobb. A 'now- plague* JH now potato plants in certain portions of the stale to caUHO the farmer'trouble. It i^s long, jtrooh worm, whos'e attacks*\upon growing potntoes are ravenous nnd^d^- Btruetive. It sweeps everj thing lK«fore upon -rt, worse than llu* po, Monday, September, |:$th, Corbet light will take plu«V VerisCopet in Hamblin's opera hf»uSf», Battle Creek. ArrangciueDtH luue h«en ruako for tt direct electric current, which means no more flicker. The whole entire 14 rounds will be'given. Thiaintho most rfialistie imtertaiuiuout evei given, A TekoDBhs^ dispatch tSiiya; A .of four young wen' raided Ci. \V, patch Monday ni^rt, , , tutobug. which hoa been unuduaUy >tn evidence this summer. X. Jyd-too stated to a reporter of the state r/publican, nt Lansing, thnt from 'three .acres of potatoes, Whieb -hi; owned syhthwaKt of the city, four bushels' of potato l>u«a have been tak^n up to this'time. Mrs, P. H, Kinjjr died Tuesday afternoon at the hom/of her sy>n, 1*. M.KinCi In Marshall township. Mrp. King had beep feeling as well -sis uniitl Up toyester- day niortiiE(g. when she complained of a jmin in bp side. As «h« had }t$vn BiiV!- jw-t to (Mich spalls not iuuf)i was thought of it aKide from giving a reme<Jy that had boen'usfid si|cc<?sf ally liefore, and after a while ahe «iid she felt better but did not get uj . About four o'clock M r. and Mr» . King both happened to be out of the room for t\ short tiiuo not (oauibding Uvt» and upon Mrs. Kin^s return sho not or wilr not, underHtand their tion. If he would devote a little time t cttreful study of the different method advanced for the euro and prevention » those distressing ailments so peculiar t women, he would soon bt> able to advipo and assist her in recovering her lost health and strength* ^By thfr »ec -of- ifA«?*f>u.\ Bi.os«t»M thotiBands of women suffering from womb and ovarian trouble,*leu<Jorrh«>a, l«iinful periods, dull drapginjjr pftinp, baokachw, headache, de-Jj>ondenc> and tired feeling, have found a way to help themsflvea. It is a simple home treatment that enables womeu to treat them selves in a common sense way witrjoub tho aid of a doctor. A, speedy inexpensive cure that has proved, n blwwinijj to everywcak woman or girt that has given it a trial. ' Ask your druKRiet for, magnolia IHOR •joni. tf he does not keep it take no at her hut send direct, to the compan.v for it. Price, one dollar for a box eon tain ing owe month's treatment. Xhfrir book entitled "A Book fof Women" with cfrcnlara. ana tromontals sent free by mail t<? any tuldrem). \Vnio t^i HorTH B«!NI> ftn'MKOv Co^/ .South Betid, Ind. ^VH letterK tire opened; read and answered by women./ Letters re jIueAtiiifj'mediCiil advice /tfrc referred to their lady physician inm all (,'orrespond- enee /reated with afcHoteat confidence.' ^ottcf. I am prepared to do ladies' and children's BjrfunpoohiK at their homo. Leave pfuerS at Clark's bjirber shop, or iJreen'strwt, MICH. V. W. Ci-AUKj. CASTOR IA iFor Infants and'Children, TSifM- / BEST ON THE MARKET. SPECIAL PBlOtiH f^/ UHOERWEAR AHD JWSKRV Wr> rHl* plfif-n you a- to <«)!li !|ij4in(1\ «.»! pruc ,''.'" ' A^l the tatrat fads antt Staples iji ' .'. D GLOVES Of Every (trade an'tt Color. 4c ytf - amr Genuine Bargains. A Complete LJnO of ChMrm's Underwear CAF^PETS AINlD MATTINGS clepartm*m4 we-hayc-iin vxiia. lar^and :ne stock this season'and ^ no deaK?r is 'making a lower price on warrantable wHl - than \ve arc. s ', ** LINOLEUM IN ALL THE LATEST 'Call and look «s over be/orc,tlxe aarortmeut i?. Broken. ETT -f*r\- :" X SON Again we annonce the arrival of the uiuulHome8t.Jitoek_yj[ Fall Fabric" tlmfc hiw «vt-r been our good fur» tune to receive, and we are now awaiting thr arrival ol our p«trons nt owr stole, to nxake them uj) into perfect ftttin« . and overeoatw. (hushed and trmi ilfUtntt Of Falls The D. T. & M. will run an excursion i Niagara Fallir Friday Sept, good rerurning Bept. H. Pure round trip ST>. Train k-aves Marshall,]!! M p. m. |f¥6u Hfere'B tlie Way to of the We«fln«ss uud Halkes got 78 email shot ia htfi back, and rj} ojd jj er doa ( tl was un( i ou btly due to : it took a, iloctqr hulltia* uigjiit to .picfc| o}d ^^ . • theui put- Othf?H www hit. TtjisiyekMi patch has baao a «of t mark f ors6me time. la,t«et thing in the way of nt i« Hills, wli«reWii vid« th*ir ri*i*>8t8 to & p'ek^kvtfl with a g^d. lan Jwad inyitu thett* down to the .thi* 9*rt took oat conclave of Marshall Np,. 17, Kt*. T. will be ,ev«tii»g Sept., 8, at 7,30 1 W. H. Po&ffjt. B.C; daj. datt^ of the oexjt i» Calhoun conpty, tW Best annual Ht'ikU-wutir '4* tu Octoliejrl:, inctusive. ^j should lwb««(ie BtrieOy i #11 bufitouaa and dl ao to ° forty -Biiutti 10 case* of burn's, Hiin,*! t OtfeW seei4*Dtftl pmus hlt^y to ctwae to hui)B«iH»' body, D». Ttiou-.a " give* almost ifustaut rvilcf.' o'ckwk. . Madam l^'Fevre, astrologist, > voyant is now ia the cJty aod .bVcun»«ttfl*J on att the atfairu pf life, ;d huajan deattuy, Sittings daily from i, to 10 p. m. a* ^ark IMMUU^, Ba«t Btat* Street. Opea Huu<laya. \'.— v .. ~,, .... ..„».—. ,, It Saves tba Crow»y CWWr«H f tw, Va- rWe b»t*.« splendid on C6amMwrtPW'£ Ci>ugh and oar ^i!MsU«nsr» eotwtog fSfoui far ', epeak ^ it io the hi^h*at huvo Said th&t their Cough Hwu^dy l&dtutt beep Some people Suffer with rieadaelu'» iuiy~pw>p10 ttwwonr tjw time, many UMUV people HM.¥'I ,/. , tjw real 0.1^4 of.thdr aches, ; fewer y«t kuo^y h*w c*aaijy tin y ti»q a cure. JutJi ii word of rtpUiitttioii before tlu»t wlutt we niy wtrue. iwwk if H«a iwy-M«t(? <rf tu« feidueyB. It acUfcs; tltat'i* ft 'Siga tl»4t the kidneys oot worfeiHj^ properly, »»- . , nted in our- usual -elegant and |nirfecl r.'iMtf. Scotch fiuitiri«« at «J7, Enj^liHl) J. J. DE SHANE. MERCHANT 'TAlIiOB ' *,u . \- ;.' *, ,,v\,-.rtAfi We havesecu Why Not Educate , —AT , .' , wa k«ii w, $ffjs thu fl}t«J s of Die blow' iwpreg aeW, hriwgfu; ^hiuh, II uegkctw! tteir lli with puiaono m»wy u witb d> or utbet towel ciM»- bso«#tt ou by vJiaj^e uf w«tei sad 7 P»A 408; of Or. FuwlwV Ext. of tbif ftiii >us r Mountain Java, it is- the s ' Hall Groeue'« Prwg Store, 51) oeat ' sjzos for, aale ut it , sws.1 s Mr. J>ttvJ.t (:, wdl known h.tniw:iro will Stpuet, great of tit n ^ . OidiS h^«of]feTOfji » great ^««{ frowi ku)^- "uiliaenls; he «Usswil*5 his <jtaMlitio»i m cum «s follow^: M I W 4 htt»i, l«a«! !«*& wltieli I feup|>oto waft tauwmt by wiy fei<,' i«?ys , wa*e«alUkt4 W »«yr bed during IK*' iiitjM-fes. I migttt s^y, <*%H»'1l«»e to timt f ii«v<j liceu lit tluU condition for yean Tte wrtn*ry orgwisffl wa» »ffepl*4, una t»iu scant, hl^f «ok«"*a, wad' difficut . J gotabo* wUicU i Sandertj iui4 McKary will open dreea Uiafeiftg rooms ovw tfee *fe»tract oflies, at tfae bufticwss sod the patpaoa«« of thvir f rieudj* aod *£bfx their li^fi^ _ Get your ]ot> at the die the tete 6tm at ?< du*jand p;iyabl» to 1. K. two boxes of »)} ib« , , difficut I was ia «t bad etwjje wbp. f DaaB'B.KWwy PiUs ttt)ou beard. 1 huve Ms*tl nov and the pills bk. ri^Ut for special order de started by clothing manufacturers rth0 olotteing iaer6ba»ts, Butt^w make it a ec^l»it^ or aea^eet v urement. TJ^qrupuloua men go$ mto it so^bfc to do business by giving big i to make it a special busi»eas»f o be tt^stwer*s profit, spcl a bl^ profit to a special sales* man tfre cj»»tomer gets poor v$ltt& Old »nd able booses will do this. If you a IHtie Bdvane^ o» made clothing prices see our lines; Kidney Pttta ««s the right plwi." rtee,, 50 CJo.. rtg Sit kind done wittim wttbe F* i awl Ui H . E*.gls AND Sch)ol of Shorthand and IIATT4.K CIHKUK, MICH'. i \'h»*ff tiuntjrt'dx of young HIPII .tiul woi»rtH lt«*o i.-i,nrt»(l a Useful ami iih/fllaJlili'wliuiition , «'i.n Cull iiu or writ* for-piwtlciitttFH «iul Established 1882. Incorporated 1896. GEORGE INCERSOLL, ' had eifhU't-it ydttrji-'exi^rdmoi; us Freest*win utvo spectiil lirtfeJiUon to, ,.^.,v.^ in t'T^butti Court*. ^ Partle* havuiK biisUie^ti in probikt^tourtu WILLS, and •Other Legal Papers to Kejtl iistute ,. fj r«>al«i , ' luuur i>f4T« OV M^OttHt^if, «"ft«*ty ui C«lb.<*i»n D» 25 -AJ » s<M*i«fl of ib« grf^ttW e 9lfflyft >r , wto w*»u'y v fctifl*i ib« )jkr«b*tis «ffioc,4rw ci^yof of ' Dwwi^togwy*4ttB*tj»«ft«HUv»dulyv*?l&e« of toftFy ' Uueil^y prujiuu ittart—«» in- dwuttusBt i>ow on & »ttU>6 >imut, fufportiujj to , u «iock la l&tt fo «* «;<J for Uite ** , llio <«. mtu.', tu.', « 14) 6JXJU

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