Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 8, 1947 · Page 5
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 5

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 8, 1947
Page 5
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Fish Game Rill Mils ' Htmse 2 Minutes laie AUSTIN — (/P) — Texas still has frtorc than 600 local game iaws in effect today as the result of a conference report reaching the House two minutes too late Friday. At noon Speaker W. O. Reed had called a halt to lawmaking, Tv;o minutes later the conference report on the bill which would have empowered the State Game, Fish and Oyster Commission to regulate 1rfg gome hunting and fresh water fishing arrived from the Senate. "Killed by two minutes," mourned Rep. Claud Gilmer who had nursed the bill up to the final stages. Earlier in the day Gilmer had asked the House to reject a Senate amendment which would have Included salt water fishing in Ihe bill. The amendment was eliminated and a new conference committee appointed. Senate And Souse confetees agreed on the elimination. At four minutes before noon the Senate approved the report But it was two minute;; past the adjournment deadline when it reached the House. The measure would have repealed more than 600 local laws now in effect. Local Semi-Pro Nine Set to Play Memphis A group of local baseball enthusiasts who have worked up a semi-pro club here have scheduled a game with the Memphis Town Team for 2:30 this afternoon. Henry Stephens, local club manager, has asked all players who are planning to make the trip to meot in front of Cretney's Drug Store at 11:30. Frank Shea Displays Veteran's Poise to Beat Yankees 3 to 1 larket Briefs Texas To Pighf Pccos Rivo? Projecf Nevrs, Sunday, June 8, 1947 PAGE Aged G!«sscock Co, The palaces of Roman nobility contained a throne — to be used when the pope visited them. FINEST REPAIR SERVICE Refrigeration * Domestic or Commercial Radios * Any Make General Appliance Service * P. A. System CALL FLO YD D ALTON Phono 1644 MAYTAG Tampa When every youth begins to save, f So great will be the worth, / Year after year . . both want and fear, Will perish from the earth. • • 9 / No better lime than now to star! a savings f" account for your child. a a a V [i Citizens Bank & Trust Co. A Friendly Bank With Friendly Service Member F. D. 1. C ST. LOUIS—W>—Pitching with confidence and poise of a veteran, Bookie Frank Shea registered his seventh consecutive victory, a ^tor- ling three-hitter, as the New York Yankees defeated fne St. Louis Browns 3-1 yesterday to even the two-game series. Shea's only loss of the campaign was handed him by the Boston Red Sox 1-0 in his initial start. The victory cut a half game margin off the first place Detroit, Tigers who now lead the Yankees by one game. The Browns managed to hit Shea safely in only two innings, combining doubles by Paul Lehner and AI Zarllla to tally their lone run in the fourth. Ncls Potter, suffered his fifty defeat against two wins. garnered the other safety, a single to left field in the fifth inning. Shea walked three and fanned six. NATIONAL LEAGUE CHICAGO— </P) —Joye Haynes turned in a four hit eighth inning relief pitching stint yesterday as the Chicago White Sox defeated vhe Washington Senators, 4-0. It was the Chicagoans' seventh straight win over Washington in as many meetings this season. Haynes replaced Johnny Rigney. who started and retired after one inning for Chicago. He's a son-in-law of Clark Griffith, president of the Washington team. Rain postponed Philadelphia at Cleveland and Boston at Detroit in other American League schedules. In the National League Chicago at Brooklyn, Pittsburgh at Philadelphia and St. Louis at New York were also postponed by rain. Joe Louis, Jr., Is Born at Mexico City MEXICO CITY—(/Pi—Joe Louis, the world heavyweight boxing champion, has a new son. His name is Joe Louis, Jr., and he's a heavyweight too—ll'.i pounds when he weighed in. Joe said- lie hoped the boy, born May 28. would become a champion fighter. "If he's as lucky as I am, he will be." said Joe. Interviewed on a golf course at San Diego, Calil'., after the birth was announced yesterday, Louis disclosed that he and his wife, the former Maj'Va Trotter, were remarried last July in a small Indiana town near Chicago. He couldn't remember the name of the town. Louis and his wife were divorced in Chicago on March 27, 1945, after nearly 10 years of marriage. They have a daughter Jacqueline, 4. Joe seemed surprised that the remarriage was news* and said he had made no effort to keep it a secret. Mr,-. Louis said she sent a cable to' Joe telling him.of the baby's arrival "and he replied that he would come 'here as soon as he could." Iu San Diego, however, the champion said instead that he intended to meet her in Chicago. Although Mrs. Louis said she named Hie baby Joe Louis, Jr., the nurses at the clinic where he was born just call his "Peso Complete" (heavyweight). "He has lost a few grams since he was born," said one nurse, "but he's still a big baby. Just look at those hands, and see too, how long he is. He's Peso Complete." The first archeological evidences of the wheel date back to Mesopotamia a city cultures. texturize as i you cleanse with "pasteurized" face cream / by he-Lena -rub-in stein •satiny, supple, smooth-textured skin is more than a matter of simple cleansing. And Helena Rubinstein gives you more than a. simple cleansing cream in "pAfT|gmzio» FACI CR?AM. / For unlike ordinary cleansing .creams, it contains rich emol- lients that help coax your skin to petal-textured loveliness. " MCI C«;AM for normal or oily skin,- 3.50, 2.00, 1.00 "M|Tig«i*ip" FACI CRIAM iPiciAi for dry skin, 4.50, 2.50, 1.00 plus tax BEBBY'S PHARMACY JOO S. K fi TJSAS CITY I ] ••..' Lions Plan Softball Diamond ai Park i Pioneer Dses ! J--.K; WEST TEXAS-NEW MEXICO LEAGUE Friday's Results Kuiiiio.'k ::. iMinnti r.. I'.nwr x. Anini'illn !'. AnuirHIn Lnbliork T'nmpii .. Tjninr'sn Hor^cr . 10, Alhmiucni'i" STANDINGS \\* \j Ill 'J't IS 2" IS a:( '; 1") 21 x ::•> Today's Games '-:ii WUkli]l:nl <;J ovr-r divi.J'jii nl 1 I il'lb; 1 !! diamond ;il Hit: ! hr>r P:irk »( thr Lion:; ITRU- i W;i.s Hmciifnn-iiirif'tme in Mio i-.'di.M. C.'liuiT'li basfinu.'nl '<iil '" Al;:o fl'iii'i;;. thr rrs::inn. Tom ilci'f.'lif.'t' jot f,':;ifi'.'ji]. O. K. Ciii.vJnr a.iri Mr) ivp jjr. M. McD;iniol. wu'e v/f-lcoriiod a'-* Kiimiir.'i' 11 r"v iivriiljr'1-i, of the < lub, it \viii • •,}•;;< !\ i f lour vofal r-rilfctioii.'. "?-Jjt- r iit, <-' f -ls "" Mid !>n ." '"flic Mr-ui I Lovr." "Di-r-p I'": Pin-pin ' and "M." I.iiil." by Winnie UK; • AH' 1 ! 1 -, v.-'m ac'.'.nmpaniwl ;ii. UK: l';miy)i - T/Tr-, Kve rr.'.irlcnt of •i Friday at. 11 f'ily, Sii r ^ if-nr.v usury, niy rriiirhcr. is Want Ads FORT WORTH LIVESTOCK (All slilllilillK ilH-llHli- l''riiln\':- ^:l / AMERICAN LEAGUE Wen ins OiV \, I> l!r> 17 New v<it-k :;••! i!' Ck'Vi'l.-md IS IT I'Mi'lliHli-liihi'ii".'.'.'.'.'.'.'.' Jl i'a U'ilstllllUlnli 1^ .j-'l, st. i^oni.« .'.'.'.'........ TT . ?:i '. NATIONAL LEAGUE Itriinklyii :!'•' is New Vni-k X* is Unfitnii .'. .'..'.. . .' L'l C'n Pliil.-Klclphin L'» i.l <.'inc'iiiii:.itl L'» l'i; St. Louis IS l 1 "' TEXAS LEAGUE STANDINGS ;', I IU .' I'Yu-t \Vnl-lh '!'.< _.'i .'• ri;i!lns ::i> -ii IJi'anniiint . - s -'.* oklnlinini! city .... -I ::- Tulsu -'•'! ::S;in Anloni'i -•• •>- Holy Sculs School liriieeie aiM Spring Fes * m June 8, 1847 Holy Soub Sc'ioc!, 612 \V. Browning BARBECUE BY AN EXPERT 1 p. rn. Til! A dull.-, $1.00 l' ^KTTS WW-'S-ffTW Tt'-f I ',T A £W-Jf Children 60c Kramer Bough in the list of feminine stars, already is in New York and plans to leave June 12. She will team with Mrs. Todd in women's doubles. Bob Falkenburc of Los Angeles and Pancho Segura of Ecuador, two more among the top ten players in the U. S. rankings, plan to go to England after the Heart of America Tourney in Kansas City and Tom Brown * of San Francisco, fourth ranking American star, will leave June 21. QV'ITE A TOAD ON NEW YORK—(/Pi The Liberty shop Paul Eunyan wobbled fhivercci at sea a few days out of Liverpool, England, Chief Engineer Leonard W. Balcntine reported yesterday when the ship docked hern. But it wasn't the cargo—1,200 ions of Scotch whiskry— that gave her the wobbles. Balcntine .said the f-hip's propeller had snapped. CHICAGO GRAIN i 'I (l( 'A i !i i. Jim.. 7 '-I 1 , i: iiimls in .\licl\v-M, 'i-ii Au n\\in \vln-i] Sl.l'T'i \v;is ri-:uli'-il in thi- in- n.-uiniKii-y liiiuni iil'ii-r UP- fii-M U'nrhl war. I'.t-st ))|-iri-s Wt-l'i- 1101 Inilinl ;\ini''!. ho\V'\'^l'. us !n':v.-\' nl'i't'it - I al;int; fiui'f- cil In i In' fiii.'il luilf hiiiii-. Traillim <m I hi' i|n\\-iii urn In I-IIIH' rxl rrnirly a*-li\'i', ti-'U'l ii nla r!y in Ilir last III iniiiiiti's wlii'tt iiiiici'inis ;Mn)v- lus.s oi'di i':- wi'fi' iiin'civi'i'i-i). l-'inal pri- i-i's wi'i'i' i-ln.-'c tu tli.' 'lay's ln\vs. \Vli.-;ii 1'inislii'il 1',-!' , Inwi'i-. .luh- Iliuh'-i', .Inly ?I.SX''. -'.'.. and u;ils \vi-n's-'.'i liiuln'V, July HTU-'i. FORT WORTH GRAIN Nn. i' inii'ii iM^-::. i'i. I'.iii-ii-v N.I. n. i.i.-i.:,n. <in(s \'n. :l wliili- l.lii-I.IV; No. I! Formerly of Fampa Office Supply Is Mow Associated With Call Lloyd for AU Office Supply Needs. NOW IN NEW LOCATION 1J9 N. Frost Phone 1233 S KIP styling for a moment — it's pretty well admitted hy now that Buick has called the turn on the shape of cars to come. / And for the present, slide over performance — with that big bonnetful of Fireball power, nobody's going to challenge you much on the open road. What else has the trim Buick got that others can't quite come up to? ~ " " ~ - You find one big answer where the cobbles are plentiful, the cat- tracks tangled, the bumps big. This brawny traveler has a ride — a smooth, level, easy stride that makes you think of a canoo drifting in quiet waters. One reason: It was Buick that first introduced the American public to soft, gentle coil springing on all four wheels. It was Buick that first made it Tuno In HCNRY J. TAVtOR, Mutual Network, Mondays and Fridays THESE DO IT — jinir h'lii-lnit-i/t'nllt' full if>rhir/.i permit i'iti'li <u7/tV/ In ".*tr'/> itvt't" humps us it I'i'dchi's ihi'm. It ix t/n* imk'pciulcut (ttd'in t\j cried whi'tl .'4ii/ i/i'-v/'.v lluiili it\ mm, /;iY.u I'luiyiiiii'y nn iiny iitl.l nil ruuJi. possible for each wheel to step over bumps as they came along, leaving the frame and body to pursue their level way undisturbed, Buick's coil springs keep their gentle softness always. They iieed no greasing or attention. They arc unaffected by dirt f wear or the weather, and breakage is practically unheard of, The net of it all is that you put yourself on fvasy Street when you seat yourself in a Buick. You make every road a better road — every ride an adventure in smooth and buoyant comfort. Why not drop in and learn more? 4 Whethcr you have a car to trade or want to talk on a "clean deal" basis, you'll always find a warm welcome here. ONLY BUICK HAS ALL THESE! * AIRFOIL FENDERS **IRE8AU POWER '^ *SUENT ZONE BODY MOUNTINGS *BROADR1M WHftlS* *ACCURITE CYLINDER BORING *fUrEWEIGHT PISTONS *BU/COU SPRINGING itfUU-LCNGTH TORQUE-TUBE DRIVE * PERMI-FIKM STEERING * CURl-AROUND BUMPERS *ST£PON PARKING BRAKE *D£EPFIEX SEAT CUSHIONS *N/NE SMART AKJOEtS * BODY BY FISHER TEX EVANS BUICK CO., INC _ _ j ' * 117 N, BalUrd St, m *A * I $w« ill %\ ca g iillissfiHli iV-. : : : :-;-:-So*>t ,*" PANHANDLE LUMBE8CO,, 42Q W.Foster

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