The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on September 8, 1897 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 8, 1897
Page 2
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TEK DAILY CPONICLK * I-^TTH I'fojn*ty lfts«rf #, . I a«» prepared to insure fiwra property, at rUMs p&t eftwt lor ttifrea y*»rn fe * good rim* cl«*» cOTBp«ay doing b<i4£to«# «n* ftftf Ik-etiSK frrttft th* «!*** J«iStt*Ati(ce $W»la to foefctef. '-*Njo #*# I**** 'U>i«.««»» _*'. _„ IWttj.«t»H»W*<t. H* 0*M* t«IW ***** , F't HSNKY Agent. 164 a, *#. j ''I,.-' , •-UV fj. wt*M»n»a* r<itttrfled teffle ttottt Ohio fast evening, t ^ l^ies A-Ifro ShMey hatfMttrtierf toffr n, visit ill Chicago, " Mts.;it. i. MJtnbPr \\s\t ih '•* f , B. Oenel, In the etiite circuit race? at iirt#Fr?ti Satebary, dl PJttabufg, P«. 4s vigitiug' he*, parents, MJC, apd Mtts, Win. K^ilev, - ^ M«v C». B. Bowley .was in Battle Owjek yfeetordny on btisiin< w. tx t- o. - •• «, K. B. Ftetche* and a, returned ^estprday'trotti a ^5 in Ht. .JrtfRtph. Judge. Smith, who has Jbet'n at Bay Vi^* for a few weeks past, returned to his hoim< in Hastings Monday. subject U> attacks of tot 1 eevCTnl years. Chauul>erlain'8 Cbljt' Cholera <tnd Diarrhoea Jternody is only sure relief. It actsluTe'a chann One dose of it gives relief when all othe remedies fall. ---- &• for sate at (Iroene's Drug. tf > "*/*tl.rl*tiIpnFt«it»» »j* •!•(•»-"'«-^es™-^^ ^ r ~,^.--^ n applrt o» fte^Mridjn ««£ wwjj. Ph«jr are , say^l *feo wilt send « ptofl in the - ;^t)fSMT3Kf,WAfcttS' ' v R«l».l Shine. A fine shoe dt*e»ing«for t»n and black Fe^lalf >y Mift? K. ». .Billings. is to if&fe » Pianft See the |»iifttty v eeding '$%&'. By order of the At Wst8bB'»^ya cAa (Tet tW Albion Mr flow trtfer^fr H»., *» y*>ta)f , no Ifeht w^ght of 96 ot 98 Ib^; intent? tte best flout tnftdfr try it. . , _______ _ t -_ - la- Mrs, a«i«iuriBg! ftnd stiantpooittg foif dies ftt tbeir homes, Price fof iBtSSesnt*, for MuJtBpo»»in» 50 Ofdetslna^belleft at Mia& K. tings* or at"tesid^nce, wltli^w. , opposite Presbyterian chttrch. Wtrttt ifl prepaf^a^.to take buihlrof celne^t #aM&. for the wment, whiclt s thebfeetin thewlartd,. ilr. RetttBcnler had sevfen yeart experience ih cement busilnfees in the bM country. Wcfck for tbred years, »- Jo *ovt wafife * Rood c&mattt \tailk? Callo^George Atey> I ^ ——*« gqod walk. What A Man fan P» With Ae cfta buy 160 new* of good land for $1,000. l^ay »400 down; balfHte* w ™»»men«* dtie ift 3, **«!«» Syea™** cen'. He «ma alw buy 1<W oh«n«?e ewes for $300 and 10 «dod «•«» f°* 5 30 and batter from ths CO*R wi» psy *H farm and fntnily expenses. The tocrenw of shee and wooVwill jwyeftthe-aujttgagBta^nmJ it. duo. In five yours h«> will have s.fntm «4l paid for and wetl 8Wok6d, For dwcrip tive lists and prtccs «ildr««s H. F- Hunter, Jtp migration Agent for South Dakota, 295 street, Ohieago, III. it j'ttjv Your Taxes. I will be at' the n}liu« of the 'Horndoo hotel during business hours until further notice, for tl«» purpose of rct-piviujj city taxea which are now duo. Save the extra ctilleetiori fee by paying now. - . M. S. DELAVKKOSE, • i - , City treasurer. GilTord'fi 1?>ii>acco-cuje is a scientific • spmiii 1 fur the tobacpo' habit. It is $£uaraiitt"6d to cure in te|) daj'B^ No cure, no pay. A., O. HVOE. ~\Mi - ,\ hifrh-xgrade, state technical school Vraetieal work. Elective system, Sum TOOT courses. Gives degrees of S. B., B M. and Ph. D.] eti- well wjuiitjwd. For catalogues ad dress M. E. WntJilWOTth. Ph. D M direcor Honghton Mii'higan.\ j ItfLcliiffan StaiP *'alr at Grand Rapid* M. C.I*. R, will sell tickets to Grand Rapids and return Sept. 0 to it inelusiv for oW fare plus 00 cents for adniisrtioi 'to fair.\ Tickets good to return Snpt. 11 0. B. GIFFOMU. Tkt. A f ' Cprdettc. S. K. CKONIN. Nazareth Academy A t)otmling Stilifol for Young Ladies Terma, $lOO p»r Year. For particulars apply to HISTI'UtS OF ST. DR. LOUIS 8. Will give in «d-«ttt>& t«* fetteral ioe r «peetnl attent«»n <o rtisewnB* of eye sad ear. FittirtJt of glasses Special dlplonia on evte» e&f, nose ami tftroatffonv ChioaRo Pnlyclmic, >« ,. Watson receives daily chdic* f'.. peachy hooestJy packed, baskets w«l Hiding on m (4dewalk»l*tth«*lty feere»ftof the e«- R. Ch»ir» Wid table* fo tetfi fbt.pArt»e* ' ' the statw'f air «t(| lltfi The D. f, A M, 'trip ttekotS -MaffiTtaiT ' . rd fromlhlw polnt^i* fe S mm 'between Mrirshttll A liaptdt 1 beiag S libtjf^ ¥&d ftw" Fof tftae f^CrHws, efe. M^iite rang »-r"-rr- TS-^-^-pr rr*~rz?- r r*zr^ „ Vfto Z»nf,, jtprewtnftiv* b* ohairs and tables to rent lor parlies, , ..r .•'••- • . ~ N fh« Place To buy flour, graham, bolted laenUcoarae meal, ground feed, bran or middhflas JS • C. A. Cbesher^ mill. All kinds ot 6to» -grinding done. Lots of cheap chicken ff«d. An elegant litte of belta, latbst styles and lowest prices, at Holett & Son s. W&have^all tha latest things in, the way of job type. _. L Peter Lockwood, at tho Hurd mill is prepared to exchange flour fojr wheat, lie handles the Yorkville milling company'e flour, one of the best brands made. Carpet laying, stoves blacked and eot up, furniture packing eta Leave wders atW. B. Bosley & Bon's and P. B. Sny- der'e. -. „„«,.* K. K. SH.VW. WM Marshall, Hotel Royal, , QCT, 1 \l\vaya frneh ilnd new; strictly high 'grade* at lowi'fit pricen; prompt delivery. Give UB a call and be convinced at the Perrinville store. ' A. WORTHV PAI.MKK, Prop. trtfi'ofiteAir' FRENCH REMEDY, Produces tli-- .\1iove msults in 3° DA VS. It acts poY'ptfully and quickly. Cares when nil otbcf s all. Vounfi men and o)tl men wilt recover theii ovtlifu' vigor'by using K(BVlVp. It quickly •.n»l surely rest ore's from effects of sell-abuse 61 •xccs<! and indiscretions Lost Manhood, Lost /tiality, hnpotency. Nightly Emissions, Ldst *t>wfcroi fiiri>ct sex, failing Mewiory, Wastinf is^-ascs, Insomnia, Nervousness, which.unfit' "•«•« by starting aj the scat of disease, but is : Oreat Nerve tonic:and Blood-Builder ltd restores both v'rtalilyand strength tii Hi nu'-culitr'anil nefvous system, hiinging bar '.a pink glow to pale cheeks and rcsttjrinu tli ?re of youth. It wrvriU off IiwttiWy and Cot umptinn. Accept no substitute. Insist on ha A£ UBVIVO. no other. It can Se carried i»- • v socket. By ro.-ul, $i.,oo per package, in plai .rai^ci, or »l* t«r Ss-wi, with n positive writ on ituarantec to, cu're or refund the;fnimey v t •' cry package. For frrc circular ml(lrc&« ' ,tt)YAL MEDICINE CO., CHICAGO 1L Kora»1fl»tM»T«h»ll, MlcS M by ' % A. O. HYDE B S & «'•>.} tlerote ^Wr AUtulloo to ' of the eyis csr, thrt.ftl »nd (uOpg n)T ohn>n!c, prl- . of Tm ' hS I' V-°. ^ (bt. Vltu«i B<>c a e,, ,.< ~ «» <if men and tromcfl, and »l. First class |ofa work at low.prices done at this office. ' . Tl»e Toat'herB Works GaririenTCuttwi? sohpol- has -been rem«ved from the -Wat son b'uiklinj,' bo the rcsidwicc of -Mrs. vv. Olayborn, 34 Ni*tU Eagle street. of TWlttl <11»ea«r«, pili« lilomBl Bird , ItuLluJ "nabJecaji-lL WCtMnleow ««ur ( . 8 ,fl S tn|H 4h"ch am often tofet'n for nmnm* anil , MI cUr«U Kemwubar *c c«u<- »Il p* without, pain IhU-rnlptloh or from Imsinpss, and wUhom thy «=»- <i nnut.Uo or %» nrv. Come ttnd te vi AUKD : Trimming Silks to Match,' Wash £>ress Goods, in Fail Colors, HUMPHREYS No. 1 Cures Fever. No. 2 "" Worms. . Nq 3 ,. " JnfentsLSlsense No. 4 ••'. "*•'-' •Diarrhea.''.. No. S " Neuralgin. ' No. 9 Curep Headache. . No. 1C "•- Pyspepsip. fsfor't 1 -' v " : DfeUjyed No. 12 •'•".'. Leucliorrca. 74o. 14, ' : ." Skin .Diseases. No-:-.-IB C'uiW No, '16: f ' . No. 2O . -''V V»'h-0oi''lufj 5Joucjl :No. &7 •" i iCidiicy DLsohsa:," No. SO ••' •" 'Ui''''!^^!!';/ Di-"- v a--ie.s No. 77 " . Colds and.Grip. Sold by Drugging or sent wr^iH*! on receipt of- iiruav 2SCx. or 5 iur $1. Pit. Ht'MPHUKV»' HoMJBfM>A-r,im! M\?irA ot DwEA'.jai M.VU.KU FnKe. Msd. CoU 111 William St., H. Y. ••pyriwlorTliooa. imnotcucv-IojJt froja woahupoi 1 bruught <>» from otw iu youth or over untal i, tiro Rlvsn tH'rtfitiiH'Et ttilii'f «?„,«« t ,«,.,- B ^ranieKil; strictly conflO^tlul, TikinoK''and c»iicera < im-tf wltliout ,i»;itis knife P»in ormwr*. Jicw m«thodi>. Cutarrh, New home troanucnt. autl cheap. ,. Ouur»tit<e to euro every CWM* of »lok headaetic, pIlfK, tftpo worm miii fltrlfjnre. cn«MJ» and to cucea othPr pliynlrunift Iiuve ltt)l «'| U> cure. VersjnB applylut; for tn'ftMWitl wl|i ple«»e bring 8«r il on^uu<>! nrm«Hh>M*it«3Nwtjr Those wbcurfl unameto cnli, «»n »<np '"» oftholr CHSU «n.l hav" --"«'«"—- Stomach, Liver and tmrii tiv exi»r«««,*IHi full Instruct <m« how <o l»e t«U« 0 Th« Orm of Wru. «. a. &** , ww«> ''"'^^/JJ. 1 i-evoral j«at» aluco wuh » capital of Jfu.lW", heuer yon tttku tin cbr«iie<i»lf you o3»iiU>jr th« m They wo reRiionFiblo and w*U kimwu. ' DRS-8..S. &CO-, Kolsf Compound Cures Dysptr-psia and all de- rangements'of the Stoniaelu Kola Compound Ouros Sick Hendache, Torpid Liver and Biliousness Kola Compound Cures Constipation. Is a Brain and Nerve Tonic and Blood Purifier. Kola Com pound is the peer of all 100 , WANTS FOII K I) ETC. TwentroonU « wcoS 'for uacb hotice n«t oeetllug ttve Hne». «<i o6un«B IB*B thuu twe ocnts. •.,:.''.'- ' . : . . ' TT^HTED-An iu>jirentic« to Icftru (lrt ~- ' KNT-Omul h'»m«o ttiifl b»rn nri ow NortJi MarnbaU »«•«««.. i »outhewt ..cor nur of. »i»4 Maraii'uli ttTi-imu. ;: Kiiqulraol . M1W. WM. CwN W W AN w AN1ED-A girl tor geuonll liouii. m S. If. . OKOK 1 S'd . If i «tr—• IS-'*"' T. R. SHEPHERD Keeps aoue bqt the BEST MEATS .. Gooflfl delivered to all parts of the city but ao'pMdhng done. Jhreqj- thiug neat and clean. YOU can always get a clean out at _ __ , ...... ... ..- , l^OR K8NT— Two (ftorv hou.B ou wwst- »>Utf I? »Uiet. Euutlfruof J. OABV. H OUSE o( tlx looini* iu d«»irabl« lucallotvtit. relit Svpt HI. Kot p*rtl^ul*fi* Ipt^uirt" i^t Sir*. W>. J.<, buck, rornsr MiMi*iuu tuul >iwnwrr> streets. ' .' - . s - otlu»r Kola Compound Cur^B Baokttcho and Kid- uey Troubles. Kola Compound Is .natures remedy-^potent yet^ harmless. It tones aud .'.'.''vrtatkes the brain, nerves, inuscjles, heart and Btom^h; in briel rejuvenatiiig and -bttilding jap the entire system, -, en richiag the _ bloocl .aud iuipartiug to the whole ; bbdy the fe-eslmess aud ' vigoT of youth. Kola Compound Is composed of life giving, tissxie building, Herbal awl i Vegetable Extracts, And contains/nothing injurious to 'the inosfdelicatw. conati- ,—tutiou/ , nil to Uaw oupv, Will ,rmaity, n , WOrtt U very p4ta»i>iint *»<l Will Hftnly P»J* »* w«*kly. Tin* fa ft • rteuwptkm. I w»»t «ii. njotti- Il '«" "W'' 1 * »rUeul«M t» all eadiu - A. iiVJB KteN'f—M» »!U1t(niv at Lyo»'l»V*> IP finlfl^a^^t, »iii 111; (<i ,113111 I>!l^« Aug. tu. fcVt u>r«u» v «u»j" r "" ^^">" and f2.!4 .>" ^M l*!*!!^!/^ QUTllH>i broken V '• ' ' In wpon us Moi* the Stock is • • • ' ' • « \ , - . ••. ' : " - •. ,-\'''' ••• •• S. V. R, LEPPER. « few » to al tbii) uttttio victory. Kola Compound la indorsed by wany erai- neut PhyBiciftiis andocieu- fltfaer Rwiies fwmi, Ver or - lltM^XJSlferA brJ«bt, tffttKetw-^ww-Jf"f^tS ^l^-%.^^r»auw .4* JMwteUi JMKtW&iUJ&jr. %^j^^«ffSr^C2 r !2"K A 4M.-t>l|M>l^i|« ^^H&^jjiqpiiaVrTV& , W !«°l4«Jm!»«r.i^(«»*»'..w?*J. tur U. S. CiGAR - WUu * t% ». FUtg tw a Liibel,, •jw ^flgyy wi W&«rM«4 W attuili-W. *» W w. w Ctf Dr. Lane's Kol^ Compound. It will not disap- ppigt^ipk-. &i^ ; SO^fiejB^s aj»d fl per bottte» ' . at his office . in le Biock, c0r^r gtate p^« ajafeffe, who wfll ' be p!0aaed to furnish at>>;• one wit^ Ijt^wtiW, fc»^" aioniel^, etc., regarding tb& wonderful remedy," w Or, Lane - - • • Has tfae . w -*—&$* The laat 25 45lf *»-*« vw •*« C«fc»» ij aS*te,-««to« w»»^ap»>i the Wfvt male and female. tkm and ftdyiee «»* in ^I 4' '-.. '^4* _^.'s ". , S*A. »"t t

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