The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on September 14, 1959 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 14, 1959
Page 1
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I?' If Weather Cast ,VOL. 47 NO, 148 Mostly cloudy with occa»!c4> « rain and continued miUI through Tuesday, moderate iff fresh northeasterly Winds. Low tonight 66, high Tuesday 78^ Stars the .. *,.^.»v»iv* B IlftS -— and, while crowds a various events failed to : up to the figures hoped It appeared that a profit was realized on all f Pifh had been hoped tnat the o! cover"th d br ' n ? '" e " 0ilgh for the "little Spanlsh-speak- are taught En- Officials had also kept their fingers crossed that there might e surplus funds to Warrant Ian» being made to open an- Oier similar school in the lute pr-» ,,, here around 30 j any of h a . ., " event * "how Saturday night at Hopper r. UUn * African £« tor Tlto Ol "* sr do- his services to (op the Hh "',r. f<!rtal ners at a Span! ,B "u tyle Variet y 'how. Lee 'Pancho" Norton was emceT onA f°"" d 15"0 Persons were far hi r the P erf °rmsnce! far below expectations. Tito m °, v , ed by 'he lack of responses' »«n..i I £' Bavc an eloquent appeal to the audience to give ' H i". ""SK" to tne 8ch °<* H "on ^' t0 / r - 8lon f wllh i n *„£ M , Announcer Paul Bpesch, Mexican Teenage Riner Artemio Cantu Bodriguez.1 - zoree '^•Mexican sombrero, the audience, an* u—,, h After his first number, 'Tito was presented a gold key to °rh f eeport by Fies ' a Gen. Chairman Ralph Ehrlfch singer wore the ' foTmnT '? l he "*«*« area £L t i £ hi * Performance. When the PA system was back tlir°i,"? l"t er ' : th « audience till insisted he continue his ict from the bleachers. whlte ed and ing audf ence partlcipat- Tito and his 14-year-old Senlrt? 0 ? 1 S0 " were to S P™° :"' "ten* here Saturday, leav- co 8 city y by Plane ** Mex- Prior to the show Saturday l» sin«r „. iajten for™™ 8 * ' area TI4- uto was Singer Elvira guez of Houston. o ^i' C ; Armstrong of 608 North Hock Island in Angleton, was the winner of the, trip to Mex- fcp, an annual fund - racing Project held as part of tg Baby Sitting For Voters Was One Y WCA Service Lake Jackson Carnival Termed Success Jackson Junior Chnm. i^n^v,.,,-. .u. .. ... ° ''- 01 an "< u e au ------- - -tiiMalif^Ul, youngsters— attended the a ' ~o «» games uj men antique autos and drew considerable attention. in'down- ' !.^£SS^»»*r-«B4 evening „, «w«jBire/jffe Jumor High School'Band. Casey'i . . - -~.—7>«Hu*v,u the movt [popular car at the meet/ with the recepuon accorded them In Lake Jackson. The group went by bus for a tour of Dow Plant B while thev were here. * Saturday's carnival activities &°' S"^ the morning with a bicycle decoration contest which ™; as . w °|? ^ Kay Heath and Wade McHoy. Since the trophies had not arrived, their prizes were an electrically powered model airplane for the boy and plastic roller skates for tne girl. 'Taking second place for the boys,w« Hickla Raboura who s T7 «*»wwurii' WOO wwa c>p, pistol. Frances Carlyle and Barl>SrrH«*t& Ued fti «twnd place in-Hhe division for SM* and they Were awarded In the afternoon, near the! 'The club officials express 3 second P lac e ittHtie division ft gSSSLffajjjgut^^te^^ and they Were awarde Ike Okays Labor Reform WASHINGTON (UPIJ-Presi-11959. Wanv „, ». .,: con^Tufh J^«S SSS &£* l «-]- thJSSlff F a un£ Pfag hand -" y ' **« RC/SSfA CLAIMS: billing with fci high ALVIN ENTRY _ 8£hoo ,. Quttn n supper cafeteria. Next door, on the lawn, 14 con. cessions were operated by civic church and school groups, with all profits going to the Fiesta The afternoon sports tyo« variety show, which featured bait casting expert Dave Hawk, drew only a small audience! grand ball, held for th4 7 - time this year, was considered * success. It was held FH day night.; ;.'; c u \ ¥ Direc tors chairman, said .today that it will b« A few days before,the actual ffi i&ncial outcome of the Flesti s known, since ticket money las not all been turned in and m f re tsome outstanding zills yet to be paid. Several burglaries and thefts ^ U , t J?h WaS ^ enfronj irom Velasco Sea - burglary was re- -., Sonny Allen at 8 "'• Sunday. At 9:45 ajn. the h, 4 ? 0 "' ? 4 inches ** and . lnche£ wide, was found on he levee near the company by biUs •»* Not Distan for the Hilt of Fair ^..,.1 U>i» ytar. Th« annua^ec* *«t it a highlight oi «,. B« •OPf> r?.*rM«« **_f^. * - fa *» held Chamber ••"«•»=' maay signed the new labor reform bill designed to clean up racketeer:" g 8 .u d °^^ abuses uncovered - management field *he new law is officially call ed the Labor-Management Re porting and Disclosure Act o others will not live until later. A.'G. DUNN HI, leaving soon for Germany where he will be stationed as a helicopter me- .chanic with the Army . . DONNA FODDRELL, leaving lor Huntsville to enter SHSTC where she will be a sophomore n ii Th ?J vi i de * ran «ing and com plicated law makes the bigges change in the nation's labor statutes since the Taft-Hartley law passed 12 years ago. Its enactment was the outgrowth of the Senate Rackets Committee's disclosures of corruption, racketeering and dis- r . e jjf. rd °f ""'on members' ghts three-year investigation. The new law turns the spotlight of publicity on union operations and requires public reports from employers in some cases. It also imposes new curbs on union picketing and eeondary boycotts. Major provisions: tions consultants also required to report, 90 daya after their fiscal years end, any payinents or loans to union officials or expenditures for the purpose of interfering with workers^righu t°vei rganlZe an d bargain collec- Impose regulations on national unions that place locals <" trusteeship, with criminal -""- for violations. MOSCOW OUPI)—The Soviet Union planted its hammer-and- aickle—marked rocket on the moon today. A top Soviet scientist said a manned flight to the moon was "a matter of .the not too distant future." The Soviet space rocket 7 hit mance should .-. , Tonight mem ben at the Bra in p^^^-ffi3?ayri^-*- *he-«am4 l tfene that the .? * a membership meeting to TassrneVw agency carriedIs TM? * """^a""? committee /or- the evening very five years. el»h., x«J^ _?"* ,™.^ .^ eater achieve- Tonlchw ,l« ^^«_-^ „_ J Also on the promm in» h. Jjve years, either by *ec- student . Coming up fdr birthday MARY BROCK, being ap- ported to the office of publl- Give rank - and - file union members equal voting rights, free speech at union meetings freedom from unjust dues increases, protection of the rieht to sue union officials and a- samst improper disciplinary ac- tlon. . Requiie all unions to file public ers . . . MISS JOHNNIE WITHERS, having to call a janitor to re-' trleve one of her LJ third' grader's shoes from the school! roof.where the youngster had' acridcntly kicked it JEANETTE SMITH, leaving Sunday for Big Run, Pcnn., for a visit with her daughter . . . An Angleton resident, MRS BEr.THA BEAVER, learning of the death of her fatlio- Wtr,. LIAM LAWRENCE WA'': 'H who died at his home in Ar-' c;dia Friday. Services \vcre heW Sunday at the Arcadia Mcthoulst Church their opera , V^iWiH Provide for removal of union officers for misconduct and ^!TJV a .!! d ! da !<» *» "nion « "•••* ^4. VAVCi ments in the future. Alexander on the program wffl be report from the presi- or unon office to inspect membership Require union officers to be bonded up to a $500.000 maximum and assume fiduciary responsibility for union funds Prohibit union loans over $2,000 to officers. Bars Communists from holding union office. Permit state agencies ;> . ^"^ Fwjwrrs in me safe were intact when it was found and brought to the police station, , At 1:21 pjn . Sunday Mae t^arnnrnitirV. - t_ • . . *** J.4,1 p Scarborough reported ' t hTt had broken ' ' oen ^ Town Lounge on North 18th Street and taken the contents of the juke box money con >s Rob Safe n between Friday and a call at 8-30 t_i.i .'. **«. Yf, \^, Each Urt liae a 1««^ A TT« t .« was taken between Pn ay ""o™ 1 "* Mrs. Fontaine told police. e. 14-year boy was reported a shoplifter at 6:39 n -- to his parents at- 7— investigated. Freeport Post Offce re- «*a5?*£We a j all .. at . 8 =30 ajn. Saturday. ™ ch " d has a large US painted on it, the assistant postma*- ter reported. atV™' blUtold was ' reported at , 1 . 2:22u P.m. by Larry Week! oi the. shrimp boat, "r. B " H« said he had made a phone call trpm a booth and left his wallet with $70 there. Later when wa/ Public Meeting Tuesday To Discuss WC Bond Vote The West ColumbI a Citv Council called a R ,,t,n. _rii y Sept. 6. pubUc Tuesday to hold an " ssi °n °t the upcom- lssue to b e voted on ' valued' a '^StLJT it™ 7 "™ to Freeport police at -3:38 p.m. Saturday Dan Depnrtter of Star Sea Food ~O< Sola CnmcwtnA *-n~.i, **_ _ the from Co. said someone shrimp about a ,, », , ~ ~- "• -i^vrttirer lid the information had come SfVH boat * captain, Richd Henderson. ^^ A burglary was reported, by Don Shreves, 823 West Sixth, at z:35 pan. Saturday. Taken were a 410 Wtachesier shot[un, 10 gauge double barrelled Smith shotgun, a .22 au- ic Kemington rifle, a Colt 45 revolver wth holster and k - 1 ' and a 30.0« rifle. taken were a navy blue —-- bag and air mattress, a tan hunting coat, and a 10 inch untmg knife. Total value of to the voters in the city, to Attend the 7:30 p.m ession in the high s-bool audi torium. At that time he will f. lve ;'•*:,complete*report on the Cnanc W:'"atu^ of the city. I ii yop are a : citizen of this community and especially s tax payer in the city of West Columbia, : it is very important that you attend; You, thVpeo- Pl,; are the city. You are a stockholder in,this company. Your interest and your children s interest and future will be discussed," Pond sa'd Pond "said he will welco-n discussion by the people at th meeting, concerning tne bom sewer system. A $200,000 bond issue is proposed by the council in ordit to finance the necessary at* pansions and improvements to the water and sewer systemi. The account was set folio win* "engineering survey of the CltV S CVCtam nt»J 4l_ _ _. ... . Pond said that he will e»» answer .any issue and.the necessity tor th issue to expand the water an< . Shreves reported. The theft of a pressure pan om the back yard of 1708 fest Sixth was reported at Has Operation Walter V. "Buster" Curry o Freeport, is reported to be do ing fine after an emergency appendectomy operation abou 2 ajn. .Monday at Dow Hospi - Employers and labor rela- lations Board declines to ac- Jarrell Rites Set Tuesday A former Brazosport resi-1 dent, Ross S. Jarrell, 51, died of a heart attack at his home in Aransas Pass at 7:40 ajn. Sunday. ' i—•"••~ujun. Mich. (DPI)— Fn lv «"«y of Michigan astro- physieis* said today he believed Russia Weed itsrnoon shotbe- l^^* » kn ,* w no one couid d| prove it* claims. « the Russians did it, I will the .first t 0 congratulate cept. At Anqleton — ~j. xuc cooiter atter the operation. Brazoria Seeking Resident Utility Company Repairman dogs must be rc'nuavmtcd as he keeps running ;,i ( o what appears to be the samo dog s all the time . . . MRS. L. L. REEVES of Cospa Mesa. Calif., arriving in Clut Sunday for a surprise visl Thespian Drive Continues Gain Aiound Th« Counly: MR ami MRS. LEWIS HUFF oi WC, entertaining two motorcyclists overnight when the two man inquired about a place to camp out overnight. The cy clists, one from Canada and one from Holland, left Vancouver Canada, six weeks ago, travel- Jed down into Mexico, and were headed for a return home via the east coast ... ieraldine Lee. rcituuiiie L<ee, Any one of those workers will assist anyone interested in in ~—. ~~ H . UI1V oam mai several new members have joined to date, and many more are expected before the close of drive, which will g la,t WmaUon concerning The rS^;j«|!^ls;s ^ m.vo_ wiiKeas, aertha! nlavhniica io *W A ~« *i__ *_ Clara -" v ~ ) "" wm «ev. jonnny Beard officiating. Burial will be in Restwood Memorial Park with Freeport Funeral Home in charge of arrangements. Jarrell, a construction worker, had lived in this area since 1937. He was a member of the Mt. Houston Baptist Church and the IOOF Lodge in Freeport. He has lived in Aransas Pass about two weeks. Survivori include his wife Ruth; daughter, Brenda Ruth Doth of Aransas Pass; three brothers, Horace Edward of Freeport, Howell Winford o: Lake Jackson, and Julius Jar. rell of Avenal, Calif.; two sis. ters, Mrs. Alma Tuggle of Panhandle and Mrs. Arlene Neighbours of Amarillo. „. 'But keptical. I frankly be quite easy to mechanism inatal- icket -o the signal — off at about the Russians said it was members of the Citv Prayer Period T n \ Sweeny First Methodist Church will be open for prayers Tuesday from 10 until 1 p. m . to observe .the arri.' vay in this country of. Russian Premier Niklta S. Khruahchce^ Sun Data , Sets today: 6:28 p.m. ' i , Rises Tuesday: 6:08 S«U TUMday: fc, r — • •••* M4UUU. If they put dye on the moon ,r ^^> (l ,._- so we could sM ' convinced. But ""ve no way ol claim, so ] went ahead fun for pro- Haddock was a member of rvfnJ2.* ern * tional Astronomical Congress group that visited her CouncIThave-again^ea^. quest for a Community Public Service employee to be moved to the Brazoria area. J. L. Donaghey, manager of the utility company, told the council recently that he had talked to the company several " on the matter, and times —*r*»«.«f «uu whereas they did not consider the issue a "closed book." that tivity in the Brazoria area warranted a full time at this time. Sweeny Doaaghey replied that a man Donaghey said a recent six- was ^ansferred to Sweeny in month survey showed that it January, 1854, and that at that dlv^ m " W £ > ^ mately f^e "me Sweeny had 685 meters £? ^XtnTS T± fc*S» *** ^ °°» «0 they conoJMOcid " —•-——- - »•*» m *uu uuic m&n Tryouts Saturday For Talent Show us man tohfL^^ 06 Hoad and ol d man to Town residents were taken into . iMriHf Is Set Tonigfcf orfi Board o* ComnUi "-^™^p «onen wilt vw ^wSN*. w tonight at ,7^0 in of , • tentative * on a Selection of talent for Brazoria Brevities of 1958 will be- 8^ Saturday, sep't 19, with audittoM oi entertainers from Freeport, North Freeport,: Jones Creek and Oyster Creek, according to Mra, Mildred Collier, • co-chairman of the judging committee for these respective towns. ; Persona from these comoaun- nie« desiring to trj out for the •nnual County fair show are requested to be at the' Knights 9th SU JfteeWvat 3* W W * St the above date.,. In addition to MM. Collier, IflfrtMAM H« 4..J_._ *__ ' A t ' The vwiety show is «hediU-- FinaU y. ° C 1. 6 - » » flight I —"—«—vuva wue MiKen into consideration he felt that Brazoria would definitely qualify for a full time service man Fossel said that during th recent tropical storm, when all Unes of communication wer dowrj, the city waited almos fOllT hnnre *„. - , for - — - serviceman Kemp Danford, city -••--' drove to Wes ea ior uct. 6. as a highlight of ^Penntendant, drove the Brazoria County Fair in Columbia to call one Angleton. No admission charge Had the water sup IS mnf4a n*«;..:..l_ jj • I n ..^ -*M . :T awp . son is made, officials said. uue Had the water supply been cut off, and there had mae, ocas said. cut off, and there ha Rules governing participation Ore, there would have w - - n costumed. In chairman, of . , for these quired. Mrs. Rote —— »-«in» Voung, general chairman of the talentihow, stated that final eliminations hL* S 1 ? 1 ?^' bMis **" b « closed book with us." ,, Mayor Fossel replied, "The matter is not a closed book with Mt either; we still feel that Brazoria warrants and n*ed« a full time service man, WMj^^ljMi to *• ** al J.O.Johnson Wins Clute Council Post Less than one. fourth of Clute's qualified voters ^turnrt out for Saturday's straw vote out they voted about three to :wo in favor of J. o. Johnson filling the city council vacancy. Johnson, who has been city planning commission chainriatt, received 150 votes to 91 given W. W. Ward who had held tli* council position but resigned when his eligibility to hold fnce was questioned. Although the Saturday elec- on actually has no legal ita. us, the council has committed self to appoint the winner to n vacancy. The matter" arose when it as discovered that Ward had old his only city property sev- ral months ago. City Attorney Tom Kenyon interpreted the Clute Home Rule Charter to mean that Ward was no longer qualified to hold the office. To clear the way for .city business. Ward resigned and then filed as a candidate to t u e straw vote, in the meantime acquiring another piece of property. A total of 244 voters came to the polls Saturday but three ballots were improperly marked and could not be counted, election officials said. The city council hopes to arrange a meeting for 7:30 pjjj. Tuesday, City Secretary F. M. Sanders said Morfday. If the meeting! cjmes off, Johnson will probably be sworn in a* councilman at that time, ha said. . Police Report Lake Jackson police invetti- sated two prowler calls over &e weekend. Chief J. S. "Cap" Brown said one was the result of a rattling window and the second was due to children prowling around a parked pickup truck. . . HD Club Bally Day The Lake Jackson Hotte Demonstration Club win him Fair Bally Day Tuesday at • h "~- of Mrs. - " Members are asked to brbic ems that they plan to exnj- ••'.. i --• ,A

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