Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 8, 1947 · Page 3
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 3

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 8, 1947
Page 3
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Siilih Officer Gives Suggestions for the Conlrol o! PoliomyeliHs • AUSTIN—Df. Geo. W. Cox, State Health. Officer, has issued the following statements and suggestions concerning the control and prevention of poliomyelitis which is now occurring in certain sections of the state. At orie time it was generally believed that this infection was transmitted primarily by discharges from the respiratory tract. It is now believed that poliomyelitis may be another-of the several gastrointestina Infections. Therefore, control measures mtist include clean-up campaigns and improvements in sanitation. Stringent efforts should be made to eliminate house-flies, mosquitoes and] rodents to destroy their breeding places. Every effort should be made to institute approved garbage collection systems, and secure safe Virater supplies. Where adequate j municipal sewage disposal systems are not In operation, it is necessary to install and maintain sanitary ! septic tanks, and outdoor privies. 1 . All swimming pools should main- PHARMACY Is Our Profession I FTCB Prescription Delivery For Kent — Wheel Chairs ami? Crutches. PRESCRIPTION LABORATORY 119 W. Kingsmlll Phono 1920 tain those standards approved by the Texas State Department of Health. This includes maintenance of proper chlorine level. Where such standards are not maintained, those pools should be closed to the public. All raw foods and vegetables should be washed thoroughly before use and protected /from filth and insects. All food handling establishments should adhere strictly to the state law concerning the sterilization of dishes and utensils. Those restaurants with insufficient personnel to maintain approved sanitation, should close one or two hours a day so that employes can assist in maintaining cleanliness and high sanitation standards. Approved milk supplies, rodent control mnasures. high sanitation standards, and stricfpersonal hygiene are nil important. Polio cases should be quarantined for 14 days and excreta from cases and contacts should be handled and disinfected with the same scrupulous care as in typhoid fever or bacillary dysentery. Over-exertion in children should be n voided. Children should not visit homes where there is illness. It is advisable to reduce to a minimum all human contacts, especially in children during an outbreak of this UNis not advocated that schools, churches ant! theaters be closed. Early symptoms of infantile pa ralysis are headache, fever, vomit ing, drowsiness, followed bv stiffnes^ in the neck and back, when suspicious symptoms appear, a physician should be called immediately. Mainly Moil!' Pampa and Her Neighbor Towns Quality Upholstering Since 1937 BRUMMETT FURNITURE CO. 317 S. Cuyler Phono 2060 M«, HOW FADED- LOOKING > AND DIRTY YOUR < { CURTAINS ARE. YOU'LL NEED NEW ONES THIS ' .YEAR I'LL HAVE NEW ONES ALL-RIGHT 515 SO. CUYLER SHEPHERD-CLVDE LOCKHflRT IOWNERS- BUT THEY'LL S MADE NEW AND BRIGHT BV AMERICAN AMERICAN STEAM LAUNDRY PHON PAMPA, TEXAS GAS Refrigerator giislf /ef , fi**n^ S Come see! The famous silent Serve) Gas Refrigerator now brings you a bushel-size Frozen Pood Locker — big enough to hold up to 60 standard-size packages ;,. plus moist-cold and dry-cold storage for fresh meats, fruits and vegetables . . . plus Servel's different, simpler freezing system that more than 2,000,000 owners know csn't wear or get noisy.»Stop in and see the new 1947 Seryel Gas Refrigerators now on display! YQUR ORDER NOW FOR EARLY DEUVERY THOMPSON HARDWARE CO. "Kr~ and Mrs. Tony .Smith, 32-1 N. Banks, and Sir. and Mrs. Evcr- ptt Smiih. 715 S. Gray, had as guc-sts in their home during the past week Mr. and Mrs. Elmo Smith and Mr. and Mrs. Ted Smith of Flint. Mich., and Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Smith of Crystal City, Mo. It was the first time the five brothers had been to gether in 20 years. Clegre Instant Ambulance P.2454.' For Rent modern one room fur. apartment to working coupe. 425 N. Starkweather Ph. 2470J.* Miss Janlc Branson, daughter of Mi and Mrs. Cuilford P. Branson. 701 N. Sometville, has arrived home from Nashville, Tenn., where she was graduated from Ward-Belmont Preparatory School. Miss -Branson war- president of the Senior Class nr.d. during her two years there she was an active member of the Athletic Association, a member of the Beta Club. Home Economics Club, and Round-Table Club, and received her W-B varsity letter in hockey. She plans to atend Amariilo Junior College in the fall. We have all popular brands of beer by the case, cans or bottles. Pampa Liquor Store, adjoining Rider Motor Co." Sale — Shrubbery half price. Legg Nursery, 212 E. Tyng.* Miss Betty Jean Reynolds, daughter of Mr, and Mrs. Frank E. Reynolds, will arrive today from Lake Forest. 111., where she attended Ferry Hall, a girU' boarding school, tor the past .two years. She nlso completed a year in college mathematics at Lake Forest College. Public Stenographer - Abbott Building. Room 4. Ph. 630 F. Crum." Mr. and JVtrs. W. T. Judkins, formerly of Sherman, have been visaing in the home of their daughters, Mrs. W. L. Epps and Mrs. J. G. Baird, Pampa, and Mrs, J, H. Smith, Levelland, before Mr.'Judkins embarked for overseas duty with the govermcnt. Mrs. Omlkins will reside in Pampa during his absence. Mohograny dining: room suite consisting of table buffet, server, and (six chairs for sale. An excellent value. See it at Bruco Transfer Co. 62B S. Cuyler, Ph. 934.' Dance to Pinky Powell Wed. and Sat. at Terrace Grill. We specialize in Sunday dinners.* Midshipman Jack 'I'. Baker, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Baker, 906 N. Oral', was presented with an extra-curricular certificate for his achievements in Trident Society activities at the U. S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, Md. The award wa? made during ceremonies held in Tecumseh Court on June 2. The Is-ident Society has as its objective the promotion of professional knowledge, literary ana artistic endeavor in the Brigade of Midshipmen, and thu enlightenment of Navy friends everywhere. Fans! Fans! Fans! Also four sizes in room coolers or air conditioners. Modern Appliance." 2 outboard motors for sale, also 12 gauge pump shot gun. K. & R. Service Station 322 N. Cuyler.* Hand tailored suits. Plenty of Woll-ens Harry Schwartz. Ph. 1994.* Miss Ruth Mathicu, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry P. Mathicu, 1152 N. Starkweather, is home for the summer from Texas University at Austin. Order a tailored suit from our wide selection of latest styles and fabrics. We do alterations, relining and repair work. Paul Hawthorne Tailoring Shop. Phone 920.* Stanley Products Special Sale. Call 586W- Mrs. Waechter.* Sno-White Washileria: Pick-up and delivery service. 601 Sloan St. Phone 2580." Mr. and Mrs. Claud Wilson and Don were called to Elk City, Okla., Friday evening by the serious Illness of Mr. Wilson's father. J. W. Wilson. They had returned Thursday night from Grand Rapids, Mich., where they spent their vacation with Mr. Wilson's sister. Those 20 and 24 inch bicycles are in. It's really wonderful exercise to ride a bike. See them at Roy and Bob's Bicycle Shop. 414 W. Browning.* Capt. Wyiulcll LaCasse, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. P. LaCasse, 415 N. West, arrived home Wednesday on terminal leave. He has spent the past year as finance officer at the Air Transport Command Base at Tokyo, Japan. G. I. Attention—Pampa Business College is approved, both day and night school, under the G. I. Bill of Rights Visit school, 408 E. Kingsmill.* Miss Evonne Berry, sister of Mrs. Clinton Evans, Pampa, and daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Berry, former Pampans, and now of 2425 W. Jewell, Linda Vista, San Diego, Calif., holds the only University of Southern California journalism scholarship awarded this year to a girl in Southern California. Miss Berry, Kearny High School Senior, has been active in school journalism in her four years of high school, is editor of the school annual, and is feature editor of the KHS News, student publication. The scholarship is for one year but is renewable if grades are satisfactory. For complete cleaning satisfaction and prompt reliable service, send your clothes to Pampa Dry Cleaners.* Miss Jacquelyn Wilson, daughter of Mrs. Iva Wilson, 427 Crest, is home for the summer vacation from Cottage Grove, Ore., where she attended school. She. plans to return for the fall term. Be conservative hi the right way. Save your clothes by sending them to Master Cleaners. Fuller Brushes, 514 Cook P3152J.* Mrs. H. T. Beckham, Jewell and George, have returned from Ama- riilo where they visited Mrs. Howard Ojjle, daughter of Mrs. Beckham. For Sale Cocker Spaniel puppies. All colors. Very reasonable. Al Lawson Kennels. Phone 239'9.* Misses Betty and Mary Myatt. daughters of Mr. and M^. Cecil Myatt, 601 N. Nelson, are attending summer school at Texas State College for Women at.' Demon. The Southern Club is open every Sat. and Sunday nites. And don't forget to attend our anniversary dance Wed. nite June nth. Come early.* J*ost— Small, rust brown terrier dog, name "PeJow". No collar. •OhHrt's pet. Re'nyard, Frank W- Baker, pall }393.* Charles P. Bishop, W, Sl/c, „„ of Mrs. J. P. Bishop. 400 N. Christy, Veterans Legislation Gets Nowhere in SOth Legislature AUSTIN -iff-)— Voters who expect ed to see returning veterans aris anc: revolt during the 50th LegisJa ture are .still looking; for the firs signs of smoke. Most of the predicted bloody bat ties dwindled into minor skirnushc with a fe-.v scratches and bruises. At the beginning of the sessioi the Texas veteran had: <1> A veterans state service of fie to disseminate information an maintain liaison between veteran organizations. <2> A veterans service bill givhi him priority in seeking employment <3> A constitutional amendmenl approved last Nov. 7 by Texas vot ers, authorizing the state to hr-lp veterans to purchase farms am ranches. After 143 days of lawmaking tlu Texas veterans has exactly ' thp same things—and no more, This Legislature has failed U, agree on a veterans' bonus, to reorganize; the veterans state service office, or to set up the administrn- Ition for the authorized farm and ranch loans. The apparent answer is that this Legislature was not veterans Legislation-conscious. Greatest possibility of a .veterans bloc lay in the House ulfere the roll showccl 84 veterans. However, only one measure passed the House—a revamped bill by Rep John Bell of Cuero to set up a board, for resale cf state-acquired lands to World War n veterans. The 72-hour adjournment rule caught Bell's bill in the Senate listed as unfinished business. At an earlier session this week opponents of the bill, most of them ex-Gi's, argued that it was "maud- line sentimentality . . . fixing to put the vsteran into bankruptcy." The only other veterans' measure to reach the debate stage in either from tiie Fleet Home Town News Center at Great Lakes. 111. Miss Patsy Francis, Erich. Okla., is a guest in the home of Miss Jewell Beckhnm. chamber was Ren. George Nokes' proposal to replace thp' veterans service office with .-a state board of veterans affairs. It passed two readings in the House but was not brought, tip Tor final pas?a?e. The vc-tpranr, bonus nur-stion thundered .several limes but'c:iused no RTcat ronsternation. Rpp. Gordon Davis of Wsco pro- pored to give World War II veterans SGOO.500,000. Several days later he included World War I veterans and raised the. ante to 8800,500.000. Rep. Roger Q. Evans-of De.nison suggested $300,000,000 to £400.000.000 in bonuses rnlisting from S200 to SI.000. Hep. James C. Spencer of Athens proposed bonuse-, of S50 to $500 to total about $200,000,000. All remained buried in subcommittees until earlier this week. Evans succeeded in obtaining i hearing on his bill before the House acting as n commute as a whole. Spencer .submitted a reworked version cf his bill a.s a .substitute. The entile question was sent to another subcommittee. Another veterans matter this SPS- Fion v.'as A Sf 5.000 appropriation re- c;uer;t from Uio veterans <,tnte service office' !o administer the on-thn- job training program under the GI Bill of Rieiils. Legislators granted j the appropriation but placed the j moi.ey in !hc hands of thp adjutant ! general. j Pampa News, Sunday, June 8, 1947 PAGE 3 PORTRAITS •« COMMERCIALS Smith's Studio 122 W. Foster Phono 151« • We fix flats. • 24-hour servlco. • We pick up Hats. McWILLIAMS SERVICE STATION 424 8. Cnylcr Phone 37 Panhandle Transfer & Storage Co • r. ~ ._ -* Byron Dees Pampa 916 W. Brown Ray Cox Amariilo N. Taylor Agents for UNITED VAN UXES 48 State Coverage Bonded — Insured Phone 102ft MR. C. C. DODD, Manager WE HAVE PLENTY OF STORAGE SPACE ^ PROMPT COURTEOUS ZIPS AIL THE WAY! lafifomia'i most talked about shirt.. .The Round-About* ... masterfully styled, beautifully iailored! Treat Dad to trie casual comfort of'the California sport shirt that IS different! ADWR7MDIN $ I • M«chon!eol patents and design copyrights p«ndlnj Pampa Texas Those Famous NO FADE Deluxe We timed the staging of our famous Nofade Shirt Sale just right far Father's Day buying. Our shirt buyers spent weeks arranging this event, spcuring the weaves, patterns and materials of the quality we de- monded to meet our standards. When you see the shirts you'l! applaud Anthony's for these wonderful values. I IMS The sport shirts are pf luana type and gabardine type rayon fabrics in white, solid colors and soft tones. They have two- way collars, two pockets and either long or short sleeves. •H Dress shirts in this group are made of:—woven broadcloth, fancy combed mercerized broadcloth, oxford cloth and end- to-end woven chambray The texture and weave of thote materials' are superior to any we've seen. Collar styles include regular, wide-spread and button-down, Genuine ocean pearl buttons. Every thread Sanforized shrunk for permanent fit. Collar sizes H to 17. Sleeve lengths 32 to 35. 2 for $7,00 Here's the "Hottest iuy" in Town One of SHORT or ORISS SHIRTS "Better broadcloths, fancy vat-dyed shirtings, better quality rayon materials. We urge and tnyite your compar;$on of these shirt values. the Best You Ever Sow for $5.50 SPORT SHIRTS Famous "sparkle-weave" material. Casual sport types in natural and tan shades with contrasting throat insert. Long sleeves A super shirt! $ mjf for |9.QQ

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