The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 20, 1962 · Page 2
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 2

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 20, 1962
Page 2
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iidffortel STATf BOARDS ARGUE HIKfD PARKS BUDGET Brazorla County and its legislative representatives may have Ho put up a fight next yenr to support (he State Parks Board intention to share the. cost of maintaining and developing the public beaches at Surfside. The reason is that stale budget officials and park experts are In conflict on the popularity of the stale's 50-pli* public parks. The Parks Board told the Legislative Budget Board it wants a total of $2 100,000 to improve four parks and increase funds for others. This sum, though about twice the. usual budget for state parks, is still below that of most stales. At stake in the increased budget is an item of $50,000 with which the Parks Board intended to begin the state's responsibilities at the local beach. The sum was included as a result of a persistent campaign by the Brazos-port Chamber of Commerce Tourist Committee, headed 'this year by Bill Sandlin. In support of the increased budget, Reese Martin, vice chairman of the board, claims record attendance. His optimism about public use of state parks was shared by Elo Urbanovsky and Charles Doe)} of Texas Tech, who are working on a master plan for Texas' recreation facilities. But Jess M, Irwin Jr., governor's budget director, and Vermin A. McGee, director of the Budget Board, were reluctant to recommend the Legislature's approval of a plan to: Spend S600.000 to improve the newly-donated Wheatley Ranch in Blanco County (which already has a state park): $550,000 at Lake Whitney State Park; $650,000 for a new park in the Big Thicket; and $300,000 to- a new park at Falcon Lake. Those would be huge steps in developing recreation for the state's own growing population, and in making Texas attractive for the rapidly-accelerating tourist movement that in many more aggressive states has become a huge industry. If the Budget Board cut* heavily into the ambitious plans of the Parks Board, other new proposals for fund use, including the modest figure for the state's only seaside park, would likely fall by the wayside. The Budget Board's recommendations have a strong Influence on the appropriations made by the Legislature, and omission of an item in their report means an uphill fight by its backers. Sandlin and his group managed to get their foot in the door for slate help for the first time with the Parks Board recommendation. The group intends to follow this up with the same kind of effort when the Legislature convenes. Brazorla County effectively controlled littering, speeding and other problems at the beach when it was used largely by i» own people. Now during the vacation period, the out-of-county beach users havs become an ever-increasing majority. The problems that arise have grown beyond the county's resourc* and moral responsibilities. , ., We hop* the Legislature will accept its obligations now as effectively and willingly as the county has handled its own share. THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS EDITORIAL PAGE AND BRAZORIA COUNTY, TEXAS, MOM., AUGUST 20. 1962 SPEAK IN HASTE, REPENT (N LEISURE MARCH OF EVENTS POLITICAL PARTIES GET UNES CROSSED By HENRY CATHCART Central Press Association Washington Writer W ASHINGTON—It appears that one of thejnost difficult things for either political party headquarters to do Is keep an accurate record of their faithful leaders. The Republican Party l» constantly sending appeals to Democratic Party leaders and vice versa. Recently, Ben. Frank Moss of Utah, a Democratic stalwart, received an appeal from the GOP that he hasn't gotten over yet. It seemed that for a mere ?10, the GOP was willing to make Mos« a "sustaining member" of the party witt hints of all kinds of nice things accruing him. He'd get a personal membership card In the GOP as well as periodic bulletins on how the campaigns were going. All of this wai sent to him with a covering letter from Rep. William E. Miller, chairman of the Republican National Committee, who declared unabashed: "We're counting on you." Moss declined the bargain, but commented: Senator MOM "I knew the Republican. Party was in trouble, but I didn't know how sustained it Zrttred by GOP was. I don't believe I should give them any money, but I would be glad to give them advice." These arc my grandchildren- Pamela and Robin Frechette — and they are Identical. Nothing •mrts more than for me to say 'Hello, Pam 1 and have the kM point to her little chest and say: 'Me Wobhin." The diction is lousy. Robin Is a dreamer. Pamela is the old ladyj Jim Bishop, Reporter ly JIM IISHOP We Have A Dog, Little One Soys The in ins are four. They are i now, She also tries to help her plump lillle blondes, wllh Ian (mother In Hie kitchen. Rnbin faces and large blue eyes. There j wants to help hut she always grls MONDAY ON TV 2 jromr-iV 8 KHOU-T.V .1.1 Csptaln B«t> Show Edge of Night Who Do You Trust? 4t*» i Ulek tntijt COUIR > Mahalln Jsckson Sings is something especially sweet about little girls. Sweet and nib- bly. detourcd with mud pies, or a' squeaky doll. A few evenings ago, after all hands had climbed out of the tub and into their nlghlies, their father told them about sin and hell. They listened wide-eyed. When they heard that hell Is n place of fire, Jim slapped his thighs and said; "Smokey Ihe Bear says you shouldn't play with matches." They have been lold that a new of the family. Hobby lives for'haby Is coming soon. At the last fun; Pam is a worrier with a big|pre-natal examination, the entire conscience. They have a younger | wilher, Jim, who Is now three, and he la a soft sentimentalist ,'ith a hutch haircut who Is easily pushed around. There is an even younger one, Kevin — he of the moon-faced mile with the nose wrinkled and the eyes squinted shut. And, in two weeks, there will be a new one. Any questions? Their mother, Glnny, has always loved babies but she Is one of the few I know who can romp tribe accompanied mother to the office of Dr. Albert Higdon. "Well," he said smiling at the twins, "which would you rather have, a brother, a sister or a dog?" Robin glared at him. "We have a dog," she said haughtily. Yesterday, they stopped at our house and I forgot that the Frechette kids do not knock on doors. _ : Theatre — "t'P In tlie . World," Norman Wlftdom, M»nre«n Swanson, Jerry Desmond 0) Early Show - "Jimal* Captive," Otto KriiRer, ... Jerome Cowan KTMMV 1 ot tlvt half-hour pro- gramt on th* rol» or government In bu«lne»»;( money and growth, credit and taxes, buslneii profit! and re-lnve«tm*nt ind tM« inttrnatlonal flow of itoH; David Schoenbnm, hort >wm W«»tn*r, News, Weather News, WMlller, Snort* _ 4iM fl> Rocky and HU Friends 4 M flp Kltlrlk'i Clubhou»e_ 8;JO Operation Lift Whlriybirdt Yogi Bear I was In ttie bedroom with a pair] of shorts in my hand, when 1 saw the doorknob turn. I leaned against Ihe door, shouting no!" and managed to jam on the floor with the youngsters j foot through the botlom of without appearing to be condes- shorts. "No, one Ihe cending. When she reads Winnie The Pooh to them, or the Ugly Duckling and Hansel and Gretel, you can bet that she is as Interested in the story as the children. When Ginny was my little girl, she had yellow hair and big blue eyes. Now, at age 25, her hair has thickened and darkened. Her It was Robin. She had to go to the bathroom. I put Irousers on. Then I bowed her in. She asked if I would help her unbutton her shoulder straps. I did. The whole play suit fell to her ankles. She went to the bathroom and came out with a new roll of toilet tissue. "This," she said, "is sog- husband, Charlie Frechette, Is a gy." square block of a man with redj "It's what?" I said. She re- hair and a disposition like little j peated the words. I don't know Jim. Charlie never fights City < where she learned "soggy," but Hall. For a big fellow, he's sol she wns right. The roll was good MONDAY EVENING 8:00 O News, Sports ~l What's New? i News, Weather i News. Sports, Weather t:15 O News, Weather 1 Walter Cronklte, News ABC Evening Report,, «:.W fj Sen Hunt . O Redman's America — "Village Indians ot' the Plains" ID To Tell the Truth KIllS 0 tjil* Show—"Lady In the Dark," Ginger Roger*, Ray Mllland, Jon Hall: a e) musical comedy «fnoul • woman edllor ind her psychoanalyst __ IB:JO (B_ABC Final Report 10:30 O Tonight — (Trnnefco Marx hn»t for this week, (luld Del Corral, cjowmle Sominnm, Charlie Manna, Harry Ruby, K. 0. Mw•hull; COLOR Rlverboat 0> I2:io O Debbto Drak» ..... — ... . .TUESDAY MOKNINO • Time, Channel, Fragrant' 4:00 (0 Operalion Lift Bronco Layne'n wagon train Is marked for extinction by . 7:00 O Today 0) News, Farmjlepprt _ ' a former guerrilla leader; - 7 ., 5 |j)~MrjSbooie^KnRlneer l:SO (0 Morning Edition News. repeat 7:00 O NnO New» Special — Spoils of 1:00 (D Capt Kangaroo Cirant Wolfklll, NBO ncwn OL^^'J^! 1 _ cameraman, who was ft «:80jBJ'cople Are Fumw prisoner In Laos OJ Pete and Gladys •:0*~O B T When Q| Calendar Q) Jack LnLartne Show »:SO O rla-yYour Hanehj ^ pleasant that I can't imagine anyone wanting to fight him. The twin girls tend to spoil Ke- and soggy, the bowl?" Did you drop It in 1 said. She nodded gravely. "It slipped." she said. vin. They will take toys from! A little later their daddy came Jim and' give them to the little I In from work and they greeted one. When mother gives Kevin a [him with big kisses and Identical cookie, she says, "Say thank you" j speeches. "We been berry good and the girls say: "He can't. He's | all day what did you bring us? a baby." Last week, when Ginny 11 lold them a story about their Bv GEOFFREY ATKINS I It could have been in any of a [Southern Europe and the Balkans. | told Pamela to summon Kevin! cousin Stephen Angerami, who FRANKFURT. Germany (API dozen cities in West Germany as j For them the streets of West Ger-jfrorn the backyard, Pam said: ;had been told to ask God for any—A Greek fisherman a'Turkish thousands of foreign workers|many, with its prosperity and;"You call him. You're his moth-:thing reasonable, carpenter a Spanish farm labor- poured out of factories, mills and;high wages, are paved with gold.'er." I Th e next morning, at Dre^^; er and 'an Italian bricklayer building sites. | "\v e have money in our! The children have an eight-1he said he would never ask oon. ' His moineri Spotlight BOOMING REICH IMPORTS LABOR 7:30 O Price I» -Right t COLOR O Anthology SJ Father Know* Best — "Bud and the Debutante," Bud Is dating the daugh-' tcr of Springfield's richest citizen ; 'repeat 1 ___ --------- _ (0 T,aw ot the Plainsman 10:00 O M™ I» Right; OOI/>R -?'Clear Title," Buckhart ____ro_Verdict Is Yotirs investigates a death and 10 . so Q Concentration finds a town In the grip g) Brighter Bay _ _ ... S'OO'O Hey God, shut the door 1 and he 01 1 Love Lucy Q Morning M"vl«—"Tli« Meanest Gal. In Town,'-' Jamex•' Gleason, Za*U Pitts h Precinct — "New In the Precinct,'. 1 11:00 O Tour First Impression; Detective Carella almost COLOR looses him life while on an .0} Love of Life assignment with » ""* __J0.. T ™ n l s -!5L5£™L£2£_ nian; repeat 11:30 O Truth or Con«equenc«-s O Evans on Psychology QJ search for Tomorrow —"Great Thinkers: Paul (B Kours for a Song J. Tollich" . _ work here in.Germany for a long There are more than 650.000 home to his family and is saving'first prize. They put him in an- um," Fred MacMurray, June .Haver; a uranium Tl j r , SD AY AFTERNOON time."' •"""•• " foreign workers in It was 6 p.m. in a Frankfurt many. Most come bar. jworkless tow; West Ger- from poor, and villages in scooter. Try and Stop Me •By BENNETT CERF- other show and he bit the judge didn't. | and got third prize. At the mo-| The twins didn't think it waSj ment, he's the local hero. They!funny. They stared at me, andj cannot understand why he always!Pam said: "Why didn't he?" igets "wibbons, no money." 'Just give me time. There must Pamela helps to make beds be an answer to that one. . . To ppe r News at jjoon Jnne Wyman'resc, •nrr'virwc DIC * EN It's easy to see how clerical errors creep Into this kind ol political mailing, Involving thousands of names across the country. But there) are some at GOP headquarters who suspect a Judas In their midst. They believe that an error involving a who agreed to fight a man aa prominant as a senator of the opposition party may ba ,j ue i w j t h, pistols right more than a mistake—a, sneak play to give the Democrat* a chanco to poko fun at Republican "Inefficiency." aftpr-riinnpr C that he trotted out for all occasions. It concerned a bitter argument between an Englishman and a Frenchman • POETRY CORNER—Telstar, the highly successful satellite that relays television programs between the American and European continents, has caught the Imagination of the western world. And tt'« brought oat tha poet In Rep. Joe M, Kilgore, Texas Democrat Kilgore dashed off the following poem—sort of—to commemorate the project: "Twinkle, Twinkle LH Telstar! How I wonder what you are— Up above the world so high, Sending 'Wagon Train' into the sky." To which another poet added: "Little Telstar in the sky, Up above the world so high. What will Europeans say When our commercials come their way?" * • • • • MACARONI—To many readers of White House goings on, Macaroni is the name of Caroline Kennedy's pony. It is also a product used extensively in Italian and other dishes. Recently, the National Macaroni Manufacturers Association was planning its annual meeting. In appreciation of the publicity boost given their product, it decided to name Caroline the "Public Figure of the Year." And, to show further appreciation, the NMMA composed a portrait of the pony's head, outlined in curly egg noodles and filled to with elbow noodles and short spaghetti. AJ1 that's needed now is for the nation's tomato cannera to provide the sauce. where they were, with guests cleared from the room, and candles extinguished. The brave but humane Englishman (remember this is Dickens' story!) was unwilling to shed blood, so he groped his way to the fireplace, and discharged his weapon up the chimney. Whom did he bring down but the craven Frenchman, who had 8-15 | still have deep roots in their own j j countries. Homesickness is com- i mon. i They are also less able to adapt ! themselves to Germany's north- jern climate. Thoughts of their j sun-drenched homelands make (their longing to return even I stronger. Even so, most are prepared to stick it out for a year,, until they have saved up a small I capital, or the economic situation j in their own countries has im- i proved. The German government has agreements with Italy, Spain, Greece and Turkey for quotas of WASHINGTON — A young wo-.self then you'd have understood,' labor to meet the specific require- man wi(h ^ ^mon^Hc namejsaid' Ymeldana Ymeldanovna, nee ments of individual companies. l ( Ymel(ia (prorounc ed "Ymel-jAnna Karenina. "You nearly The workers are guaranteed *] Anm ymeldanovitch Ymeldanov-; snapped your neck, although you minimum term of employment. , , ifipd me we were having!are far from wci.shtless.55 German employers sometimes .^ Sena(e Djn| Room , go to starring lengths to keep I ^ Dr Q ^^ Talbol , who j astronauts ^^ ^ ,„,„, ^ the force content. 'helped screen our first seven as-!possible effects of weightlessness tronauts. | while in training. The Russian cosmonauts were' "Because," replied Dr. Tulbott, Washington Scene By GEORGE DIXON •^•^MM^HMHM^M^V^MMMMOT^^ 0 "™ 9 n ^ r ^*.MMi To Know, Medic Needs To Orbit hunt in Las' Vegas ends ,j ;00 | with headaches and no | uranium; repeat ( Six —• "The rrrri Dave tries to fii'rJ even an old score with IZtJO O Highway I'srtrot a gangster; repeat OTAs the World Turns g^b'Tra-veTciuD"-^—" ___«ELE a J^ u " a « e ._.« — — ,, :55 Q, ABC Midday Report »:00 O "T h re sh o 1 d * tor —. -~~—— 7S&' n "morrow-'-An hour-long 1:09 O J»n Murray; COW examination of the new ID f Tassw ?F* . ... . dlrrcllOM of »clence; Alex- __P Home Edition Ne«s ander Scourby, .narrator; ijjj fj) ,\nc News Report i O Ixiretta Young Q) House Party (B Dragnet O The School Story BJ Hennesey — llcnnesey offers^to buy a Hi-Fi for -j Adm Shafer; repeat (Q Ben Casey-"0dysscy Franc^ ^dere^^Fa y l Spain; a Refugee d^or mee's resistance from Dr D r Malone The lllionairB (jj Day j n Court jg Jo Tdlih. Truth P Seven Keys , One big construction company in Frankfurt houses 1,000 foreign workers 'n gaily painted wooden huts, each well furnished and with its own garden. They are free. The workers also get free laundry service, free language instruction, i free medical attention, with TV and radio sets provided in recrea- _ Casey in his diagnosit.of »:35 JfJ CBSNewi . . a P a . ti £ n iL r ?P ea - t _ J :Oo""oTliil»rRoom B:JO O Progrcsi Parade ID Secret Storm OT-'Money Talks"— Part (B Queen for a Day Macaroni Maktn Happy crept there for safety! Dickens admitted that when he heard this story in Paris, it was the Englishman who climbed up the chimney). V • * It is not unusual for an author to disdain his publishers, but! li° n rooms. William Makepeace Thackeray was more vociferous on the sub- '. They have sports fielus and can ject than most-possibly because his master-piece, "Vanity Fair," ;buy a substantial meal in a can- had been turned down by eighteen publishers before one was jteen for one mark <2> cents), .ney ™ r " r ' found willing to take a chance on it. Thackeray found himself, This costs the company a lot of l 10 ^ at """n™' Mahorev with a friend, in the drawing room of a publisher's home, await- | money, hut one of its chief ad- rence » £he^ M-tawy. ing the publisher, one morning. The carpet in the room was a mimstraiive officers, Rudolf still up in the air at Ihe time, but'"science has yet to figure out how 1 left them there and came run- to simulate weightlessness on the ning to feed with the renowned ground. The only place a man.' • aero space doctor because I »aS| ( . an be tested for it is above zero beginning to feel kind of weight- J gravity, and no doctor has K<ine | DAILY CROSSWORD less too. !up with a space man yet." Dr. Talbolt, who is a professor j We were joinpd hy Mik( , Uor . at the University of Ohio School man exmlliv( , director of the of Medicine, arrived with Dr. Sid-, Na , ional Mental Hc-alth Commit- gaudy design of red and white. When the publisher appeared, Thackeray announced, "We have been admiring your carpet, sir. It Is most appropriate! You wade in the blood and brains of authors!" O 1M3. by Buutt Cut. Distributed by Klac feature* Byudlctt* THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS Schaefer, said he is satislied with the efficiency of the foreign workers. "Once Ihe initial language barriers have liocn broken down they soon become integrated and rela- of ou illustrous Washingtonians. ?/ ^^ tee - ' asked nim '' he lhou R ht jprolonged orbiting might affect a [man mentally. "I don't see why it should," Mr. . . .. i i ' i u'ni i net- wily n MIMUIII, mi. Mrs. Mahoney seemed to think Vrfouriy. "A Dr. Talbott was pnvy to inside, • in ormauon about Ma J Andruin ^ mentally." Nikolayev and Lt. Col. Pavel Pop- , ,. nvk-h hocause she asked him why "nut grounds you," Ymelda Nikolayev and Lt. Coi. Pavel Popovich because she asked him why they didn't come down. 1 between them and (he Gcr-jhim to the answer, excellent," he observed. I "I don't know why FVTABUSHED 1*12 Published d'lly and Sunday except Saturday by Review Publishers. Inc., 337 i. Park Ave., Freeport, Texas. James S. Nahon, president. . JAMES S. NABORS ._ _ - PUBLISHER GLENN HEATH — EDITOR GEORGE L. BEACOM — __ AD\ YOU'RE TELLING ME! -•y WILLIAM Rin- Omtrat Press Writer WITH TWO Soviet astro-1 but came within a quarter I "Many of them renew their con; tracts — usually lasting nine months—and some of them have hoen here for as long as four years. These are mainly younger workers. The older ones usually 'go home afipr their <'rst nine months. "That grounds yim," Ymelda ! told mi' sycophantically. I asked the distinguished ^rcHip; in general if they thought the; doesn't come down, because he's!Russians were slaying up for any. .bachelor." I said, "but Popo-1 purpose olher than In set a hard-| 20.'l*rge worm is.To IrrlUto vich undoubtedly known where heUo-boat record. Mrs. Mahoney Kairij 21. "Gone With : better off." jthey might want time to stutly 1 Ymeldana Ymeldanovna looked j the capitalist invention, Telstar. as amused as Khrushchev at the Ymelda suggested they could he ERNIE E. ZIESCHANG Advertising Mauager MORRIS FREEMAN Mechanical Sup«rinlend«at E. E. HENDRIX Circulation Manager PEARL GLOVER Claulfled Manav*r ROBERTA DANSIY Manaqlng Editor LEROY BYRD Women's Editor GEORGE FERGUSON Sports Editor NANELLE K. MALLORY OHIc* Monoatr same time, Russian Premier Khrushchev can now engage in one of his favorite pastimes — double-talk— only this time will really mean something! it World wide news coverage by The Associated Press. Member ol fens Dally Newspaper A»ociarion, Texas Press Aucuatic«. SUBSCRIPTION RATES ly carrier, dally and Sunday, SI .50 per month. Mail rates upon leanest. All mail subscrtpHons payable In advance. Ufered as second clou matter March 21, 19S2, ot the Preepart Tuat, Put OHice, under th* Act ef Congress el March I, 1170. A fisherman of/ the Ivory Coast, A/rica, reports binding a record-size sea cow— 300 pounds. Wonder \ohut he used — a lasso T I I ! The U. S. will tend 1,000 port able radio* te underdeveloped countries— newt item. It THAT Hie way, otki F.E.F., to make friends and Influence peeple? than for this company gets a minimum of 132 marks illtt) a week. 1 | i Germano Vergilio, 23, from the Nappy, that was more close enough! Greenland's icecap average* North 1,000 feet thick—science item, earns llalian luwn $37.:iO as of Udine, a bricklayer. that's no cap, that's a tall top- "There's work for me at home per and then samel . loo," In- said. "But I would only !!! get half as much as here and TK» main «Mff»nn<* bttwun certainly wouldn't net tree accom- a good golUr and a duff«r, at- mudation and oilier beneUts I en- wn» a linkt-happy friend, it that joy in Germany." • good §olf»r »lwoyi playi over | Krnilio Marino, 36, Iron) Bari in hit h»od. : Southern llaly, summed up the ACROSS 1. Greek god of war 5. Genuine t. Indian signal medium 10. Mistake 12. Actor Lawford 13. A campaign 14. Part of "to be" IS.Man'M nickname 16. Adjust 17. Japanese meowre 18. Confront 46.Trea covering DOWN 1. Patriotic hj-mn 2. Method of learning 3. Piece out 4. Indian measure B. Memorable 6. To blunder 7. Ascend 8. l.lken 0. Not dons* ll.Soak.i flax IB. One-spot card 10. People of Alsace 22. Like 23. Examina- tion 23. On 27. Wrinkles 28. Certain song book 30. Open container .ll.Wentlhy 32. "The WlM Man" 83. Egyptian capital n sa nncEts^ EP Banna S tatwu 58. Embrace* 40. Btnd th* head 41. Goiter Bnead 42. Biblical n»me United Nations. blazing a trail for an orbiting Kv Dr. Talbolt said he would like, and Charlie Show. to be in a position to examine! Drs. Tulbott and Karbtr said Nikolayev and Popwich in alxxjljlhey hart to be KoinK iM-caum- they three weeks from now, haKlcningiwcre due to testify on liralih fund to add that this was a not a probability. desire*, !n«**»*ls bcfur'e llie Hcnylo Appro-! ((nations Conimillre. As we left' I think it'll take about three; the Senate dining room, Senator weeks to determine if they sutler-jKrank J. I-ausche of Ohio came ed any after effects from the pro- 1 in and reported Ihe Senate longed plained. had i lie ex- just voted" lo limit debate for ihe first lime in 35 years. f)o you believe there will b«| "Did Ihe shrimps whistle 'I)ix-i 1 I I | feelings nl many: Flying saucers may just be . -\\ e are grateful for this|nienls," replied some sort of electrical phenom- ,j, am .(. ui earn a good living. I scrcener. after effects?" asked Mrs. Ma- iioney. "Not unless Ihey turned their heads loo sharply while in orbit, or made too many abrupt inove- ie?" 1 inquired. Kveryone locked ut me blank-j ly. I reminded them Dial Senator ] Richard B. Rutsell of Georgia had! said: atronaul -, "I'll vote to gag the Senate when Ihe shrimps slur! whistling ena, according to some »cien- is not much work for m« ! I jerked around at this and a«k- The Duke of Wellington ajid j he sees one naturally gets a Napoleon never met personally,'shockI tisu. Well, anybody who thinks , v h eie j [rime Iroin, but when Ijed why turning thnir heads too have saved up some money 1 will;sharply might induce ijo home. Back to my wife and | tress. after-dis (family — ajid the *un." "If you could tiavt teen your- 'Dixie.' "I'm *urpiii*d at Senator Hussell saying thai, "said Ymeldana Ymeldanovna, alias Or. Zhivago. "He «tol« it bom Khruschev." the Wind" heroine 24. Rellovta 25.Instruct 2S.U«ed as a wall hanging 31. Fabulous bird 34. Pastry 38. Printer's measure 36. Eskimo 37. At horn* SB. Chinese dynasty 88, Once called "Cathay" «1. Bandleader John Philip 43,Whlto- plumed bird 44. Celestial being: 4fi. Revolvers • 8

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