The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on May 21, 1952 · Page 2
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 2

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 21, 1952
Page 2
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PAGE 2~ THE BAYTOWN SUN, WEDNESDAY, MAY 21, 1952 Bach To Compete With Wrestling On TV Symphony Orchestra Starred In New Long-Hair Series By ALINE MOSBY street would show symphonv or- the little screens would hardlj' HOLLYWOOD OB — Westerns and caestras, and they would stop iraf- show 90 musicians, anyway. rr. westiing on television will get com- blocks." petition next fall—from Bach and fie. People Beethoven. A top conductor. Werner Janssen, revealed today his symphony orchestra is starred in the first television movies of long-haired radio symphony programs, tried *° interest TV big-wsgs in his musical movies two years ago. TV couldn't afford to pay much and On these three-minute "masterpieces in miniature" the orchestra plays "Tales of the Vienna Woods" while the camera follows a ballet ... or the orchestra is shown playing excerpts from Bee- Ihoven's Fifth Symphony. Janssen is : sure that the public will be happy to find good music sandwiched between panel quiz shows and .puppets on TV, "I'm sure Beethoven will be a relief from puppet shows," the conductor said. "When you've had nothing but hash for dinner, a little caviar is good once in s. while. "In 1933, for example, 1 was con- "They said it was too classi- would line up for cal," he sighed. "Television was Janssen, who's guest-conducted starting out like radio. Europe and on network ''I've done more symphony radio than anybody else in the business. I saw what was happening . . .one classical program after another went off." He launched bis idea again this year and is filming 100 of the three-minute movies. Now he's swamped with offers. The films can be combined for longer programs, or for showing in "art" theaters. They're filmed in color, with an eye on the future of TV. Heart Attack Fata! To John Garfieid was more; prominent there than here. Television trucks in the Medicine Han Has (Continued From Page One) ca. said Garfield had been scheduled to do a summer stock theater tour. Garfield was born Jules Garfin- Side. He was featured or starred in /'Waiting for Lefty," "Awake and Sing," "Golden Boy," and "Having a Wonderful Time." Garfield got a movie part in 1937, and soon he was a star, specializing in "tough guy" roles. Among his pictures were "Tortilla Flat," "The Fallen Sparrow," and '"The Postman Alwavs Rings Twice." Garfield married Roberta Mann, "I don't think the public will object to classical music on TV if it's done right." Gomg-Away Parfy Set For Guard UTTLE LULU * TULSA — (TIE)— An Indian medi- »- cine man7 who left his dissatisfied £ patient to "do some reading" aft* er making her r.ose bleed, set up ^ his teepee in county jail today to .*: wait out a $250 fine. *• Common Pleas Judge Lewis C. £ Johnson assessed the fine against «• Jesse Devis after Davis pleaded £ guilted to a charge of practicing *; medicine without a licensed He sent t- Davis to jail when the Indian £ couldn't raise the money. s* Eula Stankark, the patient, said & Davis promised to cure her of * cancer of the nose with his "In} : ', dian medicine." But, .Miss Stan^ kark complained, Davis left when &4 his treatment caused her nose to f£ bleed. ftj "He said he would have to do vy some reading to stop the bleeding," :' she said. Men of Company "E"' of the Texas National Guard will be given a big going-away party after drill next Monday night at the armory. The company is leaving June 1 non-professional, in 1934. A for summer camp at Fort Hood- daughter, Katharine, five, died in The going-away party will be 1945. A son, David, was born in given by the recently-organized 1943, and a second daughter, Julie Women's Auxiliary of Company Roberta, in 1946. "E'.' Members have been asked On April 23. 1951, Garfield testi- to telephone one of the following fied for three hours before the' to' find out what to bring: Mrs. House Committee on Un-American Ray Fowler, 4311; Mrs. Axel Scho- Activities as a "co-operative" wit- yen, 64S3; Mrs. Paul Winningham, ness in the investigation into com- 9350. Lt John Channing questioned. Mrs. Joan MacColl, son Dougltvs CHICAGO HOMICIDE INVESTIGATORS are searching for new information which might help solve the mysterious, fatal shooting of Mrs. Joan MacColl, 23, tavern owner killed while police' Lt. John Chaining stood by. Cnanmng: said he was summoned to the bar by Mrs. MacColl to discuss a business problem and that she grabbed his revolver from its holster and shot herself while his back was turned. He was off duty at the time. (International Sound ptiotos) munism in Hollywood. He swore that he never had been a Communist and, to his knowledge, never had known one. Asked whether he ever had been Children also have been invited to attend Plans for the party were made at a meeting of the auxiliary last night. The women also plan to urged to join the Communist par- visit their husbands at Fort Hood ty, he replied: "No—if I had been, I would have run like hell ... I detest communism and all it stands for, its suppression of freedom, the destruction of culture, and a threat to the peace of the world." during the June 7 weekend. iier Finds Cache Of Peary's Party FAST DELIVERY! Political and Business Calendars and Xmas Cards Don't Be Too Late—Insure Dial 6705 3316 Minnesota (Continued on Page Two) net post, although President Truman's administration now has less than seven months to go. Senate approval of his appointment came late yesterday after six hours of debate in which McGran- ery was criticized by Sons. Homer Ferguson (R-Mich.) and Arthur V. Watkins (R-Utah). • They denounced his behavior as a judge and as a former subordinate Justice Department official, and questioned his knowledge. of the law, McGranery was defended by Chairman Pat McCarran (D-Nev.) of the Senate Judiciary committee and by other Democrats. Sen. Herman Welker (R-Ida.) also came to McGranery's aid several times. The 18 votes against McGranery \vere all from Republicans/Fourteen Republicans joined with 38 Democrats in voting for h:.m. The Senate vote was preceded by an ftnpassioned speech by McCarran, who said that 'ifcGran- ery's Ufe * demonstrated that "greatness can come up from ob- scurHy." McCarran predicted a "great ca-.. reer" for McGranery as attorney general. I'/A LOOKING FOR A MATTRESS FOR MY LITTLE GIRL'S SEP.' jVO sees here's (streel [Wild I crow HEY, ONE SEEMS OKAY/ Oil! ANCHORAGE, Alaska —UI£)— A veteran Arctic flyer believes four sealed metal boxes left in the FOP T WORTH (U.P) Cattle 2000 Arctic waste by Adm. Robert E. IN CHICAGO to attend a meeting: of the committee on arrangements Slow steady to weak' commercial Pear >''s polar expedition 43 years for the July Democratic convention, national Chairman Frank E. Mc- and ' good slaughter' steers and ag .° I ? ay cont ;ain "priceless histori- Kinney admires the symbol of the party on the veil of a hat worn by yearlings, 26-32; choice scarce: few head yearlings to 34; utility lots. removed LO a museum. Lt. Col. William P. Benedict of Paradiese, Calif.; and Lt. Col. Joseph O. Fletcher of Shawnee, should be vice chairman Mrs. India Edwards. (International Soundphoto} 23-26; beef cows, 19-22; few head smooth young cows, 22.50-24; canners and cutters. 13-18.50; bulls, 18-. 26; medium and good stocker Okla., spotted Peary's cache while yeerltngs, 27-32; load choice under making a low-level flight over the Try And Stop Me By Bennett Cerf A CERTAIN prominent Philadelphia clergyman likes to spoof over- ardent temperance workers with a story about a preacher who hated liquor with a fiery passion, but couldn't recognize it unless bottles were clearly in evidence. Attending a party where some liberally spiked milk punch \vas being served, the clergyman thought it to be plain milk and down a whopping: 'beaker before his horrified parishioners could stop him. They awaited his words of denunciation with sinking hearts. But the preacher simply smsvked his lips and exclaimed soulfuUy, "Glory be to Heaven for a cow like that!" THERE'S A painter up in Pro- vjncetown who puts his whole soul into his work. After adding a new coat to "Ye Olde Gifte Shoppe" he tacked up a sign warning, "Wettie Painte." SAX JACFNTO MEMORUj, Bevan Gafford- La P Leroy Baker—Bayio-An Mrs. John Ryan—W Dr. Harris H. Santi- Mrs. Albert Blake-Cht Mrs. Earl Eowers-Cajj/p Mrs. Joseph Gre-gory-is Sterling:. Truman Reding—3322. sola. Ireland's linen indu ished &s early as 1210. LEGAL BIDS TOP. BCS We WiJi receive l-:d« forts buses. R.[Rh: r-isfrvfil !o" ae- any or ai; bide. TS'ijj^ rear "i our terislna!. Goose f^THi District. May 19-20-21. Motor Tune-Up ALL CARS Regular 4.80 A MAT SPECIAL AT Ferguson Motors 700 W.LTEXAS 500-lfos., at 36 for steers, 35 for heifers; common stockers. 23-25. Calves 700. Slaughter offerings slow, weak; spots lower; high grade thin stockers active and •: firm; low grades dull and weaker; commercial end good killers, 2732; choice 33-34.50; cull and utility, 18-25; good and choice stockers, -31-38;-mixed steers aid heifers 337 to 356 Ibs., 38; few lighter weights to 40; common and 1 medium '2330. Hogs 1,000. Butchers steady to 25c lower; sows steady; feeder pigs strong to 50c higher; choice 180-240 Ibs., 21.25-21.75; choice 155175 Ibs.,- and 250-380 Ibs., 19-21; sows, 16-18; feeder pigs, 15-17.50. No Sale .... 37% SOU ice shelf bordering Ellesmere Island north of Greenland on May Airway Elec .. 4, the day after their historic land- Alleg L-udlum ing at the North Pole. ,^. AlHs-Chalmers - Benedict .-set-- the C-47 - iplane American Repub 51U down at Cape" Columbia and* the-.-7 > ai } d T .................. 104-71. cre%v walked to the cache a mile- Amer woolens was marked T>y broken Anaconda Copper .; - Beth Steel Special To The Bayiown Sun -54% 42% Wake island, in the Pacific, has a shoreline of only 12 miles. WE WILL BE OPEN MONDAY MORNING sled runners set upright in a tripod arrangemenL _ The v flyers- were believed-to be .the .'first persons to visit the spot: in 43 years. . In his first interview since returning from the Arctic, Benedict said he gave orders to his crev.-- men not to disturb the four boxea packed inside wooden crates. Nan Takes Spleen le SAN ANTONIO —UP>— When Patrolman Tom Farley Jr.. walked up. 59-year-old Luther B. Williams had smashed a vent window, kicked dents in the side and front-fender of a car and was in the process of bending its license plate double. Williams assured Farley he was neither drunk nor crazy; only "blankety-blank mad at this blank- ety-blank car blocking the sidewalk." As the car's frightened Negro chauffeur tried to move it into a crowded motor firm, Williams cursed and ran into a nearby funeral home and was calling police headquarters to complain about "this rude officer" when Farley caught up. Williams was booked at city jail Calvan Oil ........ i Caluraet^'and Hec .. Canada So Oil Celanese ..... Celotex Cessna Chi Corp Chrysler Corp Columb Gas Creole Pet .... Crystal Oil 22 Cities Service ...............101 Davidson Chem 35 Dow Chem 110 Du Pont Chem .............. S5 Eastman Kodak ......;•.•;.. El Paso Natural Gas ... 37Vs Fairchild Eng 6 Freeport Sulph 36 Gen Electric ................ 59% Gen Motors ................. 54% Gen Tire and Rub 27 1 :: Gillette Saf 31 Va St. Regis Paper ... Sinclair Oil Socony-Vac Sou Pacif Stan Oil Calif Stan Oil Ind • -• Stan Oil Ohio Stan Oil N. J Sun Oil Sun ray Oil ... I2?s,_ t Texas Co ... 40*L> Texas Gulf Prod , No Sal« Tex Gulf Sulph 102^ 6 V< Tidewater Corp 44 Union Oil of Calif ,... 43. y, U. S. Steel 33 " Woodley Pet no sale July N. O. Cotton off 19 ots. 7% 8- . 42% 76'i . S4 21'^ 54 % WAX STOPS RATS 45TH DIVISION, Korea OLE)—Pfc. Amos Elliott, Worland, Wyo., has developed a secret weapon to wipe out rats invading front line bunkers. Elliott removed the lead slugs from carbine cartridges and refilled them with wax. He and his buddies then opened season on the rodents without danger of wounding each other. REP. EMANUEL CEtlER (D), New York, heads a House group being set up to investigate President Truman's seizure of the steel industry and 14 resolutions pertaining: to the seizure. At least one resolution calls for an tnvestiga- , tion with a view to Impeachment, if; warranted. (International} Philadelphia and Boston estab-^ lished street railway lines in 1857. The safety pin was invented in 1843. LAST TIMES TONIGKI •GROUCHOMARX-MAWEW ? WILLIAM BEN01X — PLUS- iALi FiX" STARRING JOHN IRELAM) Sef ;ter inspection : or Insurance Gulf Oil Gulf Stat Util 22-H Houston Oil - -.. ......... S2 H L and P Co 20 : i Humble Oil ................. 76.1= Imperial Oil 36?s Interlake Iron ......... 16 Intl Nickel 41^ Jupiter Oil - 3** Kirby Pet 25% Libby McN 7?i Liggett and Myers Loew's Inc Le Land for malicious mischief and using •'Mack T ruc1iIS abusive language. San Jaci 14659 Market Srreet Road P. O. Box 9626 H ousron 15, Texas PERPETUAL CARE FUND Reported by South Texas National Bank, Trustee As of December 3 1st, 1951 San Jacinfo Memorial Park Cemetery Care Fund $25,822.80 Less Income Not Disbursed 747.85 ^V £.. $25,074.95 {g-Real Estate Mortgages ; $ i 5,012.30 "* Casn on Hand „ , 10,062.65 $25,074.95 The foregomg ?s a correct statement of the above funds in the custody of the Bank, as Trustee: As of December 3! st, &"" v.l-951. _ C : SOUTH TEXAS NATIONAL BANK OF"HOUSTON, TEXAS, -- * TRUSTEE BY: ARTHUR TRUM, VICE-PRES. AND TRUST OFFICER v -Amount of Perpetual CarelFund allocated for Perpet- - ^^-,^ : -?-o^LCare now in process of collection and to be ^"^^-"pa^d to trust according to Trust Agreement—.......530,653.30 ...™ ,..555728.25 63 U 16 46 r fi es 24% Mid Con Pet Mont-Dakota Util "Nat Dairy Prod ...... .*...... 45*i Ohio Oil 56 3 ackard Motors .:....,...... 5% 'ancoastal Oil .............. 3% Panhandle P and R ........ S% enney's Inc 68 Phillips Pet 55% Pure,Oil ............ 61% Richfield Oil 62% Repub Steel . ...... i . 40 : .i an ostrich egg. A key rate inspection of Fresh Water Supply District Eight by the State Fire Insurance Commission is scheduled before Aug. 1. Leo Font of the Wcoster Volunteer Fire Department said today. "We have fulfilled the minimum requirements set up by the commission," Font said. ''We do lack 500 feet of fire hose recommended by the commission, but it is on order and will "be accepted for credit." Font also noted that George Hawley, engineer for the commission, had told him Jn Austin that the water district was badly in need of water meters and would probably need another fire truck "within two or three years." Font told a meeting of Brownwood and Lakewood residents at •the bond issue meeting last ni^ht at the Little Shamrock on Burnet Bay that he "hoped and expected" the district to pass the inspection which would lower fire insurance rates. Venezula is the world's third largest producer of petroleum. It takes 18 minutes to hard boQ DRiVE-lN Hwy. 148 North 2 Win. From Tov»n ' LAST-TIMES TONIGHT DOUBLE FEATURE MARINE AIR-DEVILS »W HOT PURSUIT... irv •* THIATffF * PHONE THE RIOTOUS SEQUa TO 'Cheaper By The Dozen' \\ , iil'J CARTOON "14 CARROT RABBIT™. |JiTIIS.C-»UB-Ut — PLUS — Cartoon: "EARIA" TO BET" ADULTS 35c — Children FREE NOW SHOWING THRU THURSDAY [THE Cartoon Latest News "•leoisEHlllEf WILLIE —by Leonard Sansome Affiliate— Li bery Networks 1 360 ON YOUR AM DIAL 92.1 MG. ON YOUR FM WEDN'ESDAT EVENING 6:00 — WorM News Rocnd Up :15 — I^ange Riding :ST»^Sp<krts Review :3S — Ranjre RWing :00 — Harierr^ at S«ven M1D-H1GHT SHOW 11 P.M. ESTHER FERXANDES ANTONTO BADU "CUATRO YIDAS" 9 Colorcs Naturales ENDS ITSO IMS? Box Office Opens-Show Starts — Admissions — Adnl»; Children FREE fi:00— U. S. Navy Show S:2rt— Facts Forrin 5:45— Leie Jr. CoBeg* S:«m — i'ocxi i!t^*t- 9:45— Music In The Morgan 11:00— ftign Off for Today THURSDAY MORNrNC 6:00 — R*veiH« Rconrtup 6:57 — Late trews Valley Tunes : I>«votlr*nal S:I5-rWatching- The Clock S^ta— Wafchinff Tha Clock 8:55-^WorM : Of V»o»«n 9:OOr-Wortd News Roundup S : 15— -Church e» of Christ 9-30— Dtek Kason 10.-OO— Wawr«n :Ed»-ar.1a Newscast 11:00— Late- NT«ws 11:02— Mlrt Bay Mat-net THtmsDAY 12:15— S'orJ 12:20— Mid nay M*?inee t :ffl>— Top Tune? 2:0(v-— Xeorst Summary ;0.>— Be«i On Wax X'o T, exi C a n a LAST SHOWING TODAY "FUGITIVT-: IJ.DY 7 * "ROOM FOR ONE MORE" STARTS THURSDAY LASH IARIJE in 'THUNDERING TRAIL" Sin mmm SMITH mi Cartoon X ews Serial 2nd BRODERTCK «••» * - VijC LICENSE

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