Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 8, 1947 · Page 2
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 2

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 8, 1947
Page 2
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PAGE 2 Pampa News, Sunday, June 8, 194T Cases Heard til Bfetrrct Court fHstrlct Judge Lewis M. Oood- friday afternoon in 31st Dis- Court granted a divorce to Loven from his wife. Pay , on grounds of cruelty. The e was married in August, 1940, Btfef separated in March. 1947. DVrtrig the afternoon Judge Goodrich held a hearing for a restraining order in the handling of community property funds in a Lipscomb County divorce case. The hearing was held in the Gray County District Court Room to save Judge Goodrich from making an extra trip to that county. The throne is the ancester of all chairs, which originally were symbols of authority and rule. Deafened Now Hear With Tiny Single Unit Science has now made It possible tot the deafened to hear faint sounds. It is a hearing device so email that it fits i'.i the hand and cMbtes thousands to enjoy sermons, music, and friendly companionship. Accepted by the Council on Physical Medicine of the American Medical Association. This de- vied does not require separate battery pack, battery wire, case or gar- tnent to bulge or weigh you down. The tone is clear and powerful. So made that you can adjust it yourself to suit your hearing as your hearing changes. The makers of Deltone, Dcpt. U. 1450 W. 19th St., Chicago 8, 111., arc so proud of their achievement that they will gladly send free descriptive booklet and explain how you may get a full demonstration of this remarkable hearing device in your own home without risking a penny. Write B'cltone today. Adv. City Begins AH-Out War on Mosquitoes Large quantities of kerosene and UDT is beinc; used by the City Health Department in an all-out, effort to control tho rapidly increasing number of mosquitoes here, Sanitation Oificer Ray Salmon, announced yesterday Salmon, who said thftl complete annihilation of the pests would be virtually impossible dvie to the fact that there is so much water standing in Panhandle lakes, also stated that every effort would be made to control the winged menaces here in town. All alleys and garbage cans in town will be sprayed with DDT. Balmon said, ami the success of the venture depends on the co operation of Pampsi residents. After the garbage is sprayed, residents are requested to wait several hours before putting additional garbage in the cans so that on effective kill on both flies and mosquitoes can be made. 117 Boy Scouts To Attend Camp One hundred seventeen Boy Scouts, from 10 troops of the Adobe Walls Council have registered to f.tend Camp Ki-o-Wah, the area summer camp at Lnko Marvin, east of Canadian. The camp will be open for four one - week periods, from June 9 through July !>. Director of the camp i,s Tom Cochran; assistant director is James II. Armstrong, and Doye Ray Bridges is waterfront director. Sweet Gas WET WASH Cc per Ib. AMERICAN STEAM LAUNDRY 515 S. Cuylcr Phone 205 Ideal Beauty Shop Offers You First Class Beauty Service . and Cosmetics. Elsie Ligon Owner and Operator 409 Crest Phone 1818 We Aren'l Physicians We are flattered when some of our customers ask us to suggest medicine or procedure?, when they don't feel right. Thanks foi* your confidence—but see your doctor. We are specialists only in fine pharmacy. TWO REGISTERED PHARMACISTS ON DUTY WILSON DRUG 300 S. Cuyler Phone 600 fContlmitJ From Pape 15 demaric' is rmc^ for pipeiln? ga;;, the local carbon blari; plants fould be shut off from Ihn supplies of sour gns. Bnt if tliry are prrmitted the use ff sweet iris, as petitioned in the Senate bill, tliry could continue to opci'.itc: nnrl industry in the Panhandle could continue to grow. The state derives from taxable produced gas each yenr about $3.000.000. according to tho 1946 report from the state comptrolcr. Tax is bfisecl on the viilue of gas produced, nrd is set. at a.2 percent of that value. "Whereas the carbon black industry in Texas uses about 14 percent of the gas produced in the state, it pi'.vp abrii $1.500.000 in taxes wi its products. This is as much as ih(- entire rovenur; from gas. The industry also pays n part of the $3.000,000 which the stpte receives in revenue from production of gas. The Supreme Court of the U. S. has held that it would be a burden on interstate commerce to tax gas piped out of Texas. Therefore, it is explained, if the one and one- hnlf billion cubic feet of gns piped out of Texas daily was used to make carbon black, the state would get about $2,737,500 more in manufacturing taxes per year than it now gels. This does not count ud valorem tax the state would receive as industry grows to a point where it would consumn all this gas which, now goes out of tlin state. If tbp bill is pnssed, one gas irmn snicl, not only would it, make a market for the resources in the shut-in well:;, nncl create more industry; bul it would also .stimulate the de- velopmrnl of more acreage, and increase tux revenue for Texas Counties nmi schools. Tl tho bill is passed, it will enable the industry of this urea to remain here; bin if it i.s nut. passed, then the industry must move on, Tornadoes [CoiitlMiu-d l-'ri.iii f'ntte I) against a typphoid epidemic were taken after health authorities expressed fears an all night downpour had contaminated the city •water supply. Streams were out of their banks in many sections and a seven year old boy was drowned. Flood threats also continued in .southeast Nebni;;kn :ind northeast Kansas. Com planting in Indiana, only 20 percent completed, was further delayed by heavy rains and overflowing .streams in the lowlands. Al Gregory. S. D.. a woman help- in?; her husband push their stalled ctu- after a 11011 r cloudburst Friday night war, .s\vepi lo her death in ttic flash flood of a nearby creek. New B-36 ti.'ontliHii.'il I'PIIU Pasf- li Staler; n .•..trat.ppu: advantage in air vnr. HP sjiid Hint, the nunihcr ol n.BKreKPlvc nation.-, was limited and they were rcmot.i; except by air. Under these fiunditions, he as- sertud, tho J5-M pivoy tho U. S. the advo.ntayc II. can carry ,", Ijijinb lo;id Iwicc thai, of any existing plane and carry it twice as fur. II- ran carry 10,000 pounds 10,000 miles. Whrrc the B-20 can carry 20,000 pound:; 4,01(0 miles, tho IJ-3G can haul 72,000 pounds the same distance. Read The Pampa News Want Ads Fistula Fads—Free Associated Ailments Explained •IU-|iii(fi- I''ki-:K IHIOIC-- :iliuu( Kisiula, Iti-ctul Absn-sM. Pile* nnrl i/tln.T ivc-lnl ;uid cnlnn dlsrir- ll OPS: iilsu ivl;iic(l ailmrnis, iinrt Inlt-sL con-fri iv<- I real men I.s. Thorn- Uni iM- .Minor Clinir. Knlti' Will, !)2(! 3Ir<..Vr HI., k'un.-as (,'ity, yo. KPDN 1340 on Your Dial SUNDAY fi:"ift—Sign 'on. 7:00—Young Peoples Church of the Air—MBS. 7:."0—Shamrock Church of Christ. S:00 -Assembly of Gorl Church. 8:30—Voice of Prophecy—MBS- 9:00—Bll.-le Institute—MBS. fl::iO—Comic,' Pape of the Air. 10:00—Pilgrim Hour—MBS I0::;n Lutheran Hour--MBS. 11:00—First Baptist Churcli. 12:00—Married for Life— JIBS. 12:30—Bill Cunningham—MBS. . 12:45—Theater Pn#e. 1:00—Open House—MBS. 1:30— Tilt of the Week. 1:35—Musical Memories. 1:45—Memorial Hour. 2:00—House of Mystery. 2:30—True Detective Mystery—MBS. ;i:00—The Shadow—MBP. .1:30—Quirk as a' Flush—MBS. 4:00—Those AVebsters—MBS. -1:30—Nick Carter—MBS. r>:00—Mysterious Traveler—MBS. 5:30—California Melodies—MBS. r,.no—A. L. Alexander—MRS fi : :jO— Voice of .Strlnes—MBS. 7:00—Exploring the Unknown--MBS.— Poulile or Mothlnff—MBS. S:00—C'lliriel Meatier—MBS. 8'3<i- nwiond Hockrldge Phdv—MB.s. D-00—\Vllllrtm Hlllman Reports—MBS. <l-15—Dance Oreheslra^-MBS. 9-30—Dance Orchestra—MBS. 9:55—News—MBS „ 10-00—Olrl Fashioned Revival Tour. 11:00—Record Show. 1\;30—TJecrrrd Show 12:00--SiKri Off. MONDAY 0:29—Slsn On. f!:.'!0 —News. d'3S—Oene Morton SOUKS. fi'r.O—1310 Ranch. 7-:00 -Brlitoi's Diary—MBS 7:ir,—The Open Bible 7 ; .in—Brealtfast Rhythms. S'o'fi—Arthur flnethe—MRS • R.-ir— Faith in Our Tlme-MBS R-SO—Say It With Munlc—MBS. 9:00- Pampa Party Line. fi-ir.—Tell Your NplRhhor—MBS, !l'Sn— Heart's Desire—MBS. 10:00—Fashion Letter '0-on—Musical Tnlerlurle. tn':10—IDs Malent.v the Baby. 10:K>—Coffee Time. 10-30—Coast (Uiavrl on Paracle-MBS. 11 ; 00—fertric Foster—MBS. 11 : ]r>—Smile Time. L. Swindle News. I) -4S—c'lipckcrhoara Jnmliorcc—MBS. 12:00—Music Ala Carte. 12'K,—Local News. 12:30—•ninncrbfll Jnniboree. 12:ln—People Know KvervUiin. 1-00—Oneen for a Hay—MBS. 1-30—MIIH|C> For Monday.,—.Tackle Hill Show—MBS. 2-00—Rrsklne Johnson— JIBS. 2:15- The Johnson Fa milv—MBS, ?'.tit-Two Ton Baker—MBS. ?—Lll'tlp Concert. .1:nn—All .Keenest Rhoi*. 4 : no—All Rettuest Show. 4..jr,—Adventure Parade—MBS. SUNDAY ON NETWORKS XIIC-C!:.-!0 Jiiiniw Melton Concert.. " only Kids' 2 XBC Symphony; ; I,,.]' Pan r Comedy. 0 Ale.' TempleUMi <•,:!« Fi'iHl Allen and IJofl'eK, 101 ",,,'• tl ° Fjimilhii- Mnsk-i S:?,il Klrst Plan "cHS-'lu A. M. InvilMtlon U' ^"' ; iepftr! Unfavorable For Canadian Dam DALLAS— (IP)— -An unfavorable report had been turned n\ by the U. S. Army Engineers Corps today on a proposal to nrrct. a flood control dam on. tho South Canadian River in the Texas Panhandle. The Corps. did recommend, however, that if any other federal agency constructs reservoirs in this basin, that provisions be made for flood control storage. Col. Henry Huichings. Jr.. division engineer, disclosed the unfavorable report in a letter released here. ' . Plans were for a dam in the vicinity of Sanford, Tex., or Tascosa, Tex., in an improvement program from Union, Okla.. upstream to the Texas-New Mexico border. Hutchings' letter said: "Detailed investigations have shown that the estimated average annual cost for providing reservoir storage capacity for flood control at either the Sanford or the Tascosn sites would, in each case, materially exceed the estimated average annual benefits that could be expected to accrue' as a result of such construction." Pcnillr » i \|V( V HI A M Ww Arts Qiiartdt ,^ n i H^«WHh^;y»s«? i^, Kt &Lr^??J:r*iL 1 s. CullO "r.'liureh Mouac Man Held Here Is Taken to Wheeler Dick Broyles, arrested last week by Chief Deputy Sheriff Jelf Qufli- Slc. was UUen to Wheeler County Friday aurl placed luitler custody of Sheriff Jess Swlnk. Broyles Has been charged with burglary in connection with several burglaries in Unit station. , Gutheric was also called inio Wheeler'' yesterday to investigate a reported burglary committed there sometime Thursday night. The chief deputy reported that he dici not know the actual nature of the breakln except that several tires were stolen from an appliance business there. Stalin left ... a fashion favorite for active or spectator sports . • . tailored of bates san- forized cotton gabardine . . . there's a big buckled belt to slim your waist . . . anil .special features including a concealed zipper front, big hip pockets anil cuffs . . 9 to 15, ?«.50. tec Bhi.rls in all colors and sizes . . . and the newest thing to give zip to your tee sliirt ... a shoulder pad to give you what you sited, §2,93, ' jeans to play in ... roll them «ip or come in and see the jean pedal pushers . . . two colors to choose from . . . blue deniin or faded blue denim . . . sizes, 10 to II). pedal pushers $3.50 jeans $3.93 Comer Cuyler and Foster (Continued From Fnee 1) reflections of the "Stalin Doctrine". They regard it as the Soviet answer to President Truman's program ol assistance to Greece and Turkey, and the policy being formulated by U. S. Secretary of State Marshall for continent-wide help where the views of east and west have clashed. Hungarian sources in Paris said yesterday that Hungary must be "written off", temporarily at least, as n positive factor in the contest between European Communists anc anti-Communists. They predicted that the new government, with the Communist Vice Premier Matyas Rakosi as virtual dictator would encounter underground resistance from "about half the population", but they said there was no posibility of actually ousting the new regime. The Communist coup, they said was the direct result of the course of events taken in Europe since President Truman first announcec the loans to Greece and Turkey Hungary and Austria, have been the big question marks for the Russians in the broad expanse of theii structure reaching from Poland to Yugoslavia. The question mark in Hungary now has been erased. A similar procedure in Austria seemingly Would not be so easy. The country is not occupied by Russia alone, but by three other powers, the United States, Britain and France. This point was punctuated by Washington dispatches quoting authoritative sources as saying the United States government was prepared to abandon peaqe-making efforts in Austria and keep occupation troops in the country indefinitely to prevent a Communist grab. Regardless of what may happen in Austria, however, the long- rumored Soviet-sponsored "Balkan Federation" may be regarded as an accomplished fact, regardless of whether it is ever formally organized and proclaimed. In Italy and France the Communists lately have been squeezed out f the governments. Texans (Continued From Page 1) commander, charged with ordering the ateck, Who was called 'an in'- clficipat and inexperienced officer in a resolution adopted by 'the 38th Division Association. The resolution oa!led the Rapido action 'one of the colossal blunders of the secand woi'ld war.' At that convention pi the association in .January, 19^, Ainsvvp'rth was elected president of ihe organization. Later, he and other Texans vigorously, but vainly, opposed the promotion of Clark in permanent rank. Naytor apparently ;uok ho part in £hese proceedings, "The War pepartment liad now-.' fug to say about the Rapido River angle of Alnsw.orth's case, but it was stated by persons 'present at the tj hearings tftat this was not . In th.e penta,go.n, th»e . .toJJs .that poMcgl Jres- ; sure was being broy&ht into pjay to F, E. Davis Named To HeadvCotton Men CORPUS CHRIST!—(/P)—P. Earl Davis of Harlingen was elected president of the Texas Cottonseed Crushers' Association at the closing session of the organization's 53rd annual convention here Saturday. He succeeds Ray Grisham of Abilene. E. F. Czichos of Dallas was elected vice president. Serving on the board of directors with Davis and Czichos will be P. W. Hendrix of Vernon; Hugo Schmitt, Seguin; Ray Grisham, Abilene; O. A. Simmons, Lubbock; W. L. Weber, Tafb; T. J. Han-ell, Fort Worth; Jack Howell. Bryan; Richard H. Blyth Paris; and D. B. Denney, Wolfe City. Speakers of the closing sessioi were Dr. R. D. Lewis, director o: research as ths Texas Experimenta" Station; John F. Maloney, Memphis Tenn., and W. Kemper Bruton o: Dallas, representing the Natioua Cotton Council of America. Grade Reports By GRACTK AU.F.N U.Vn-lcsryn.. ETAOIN ETAO1NE Well. I see that, something called the Women's Bureau at Washington hns put out a pamphlet giving aclivco to College girls. Don't try to choose between marriage or career but get ready for both, the booklet " J " " says. That's a wonderful example of stradling, even for Washington, where a man who stays on one side of a fence gets awfully lonesome. This Womens Bureau advises Otucte girls on how to p,ct a job but it's silent about how land a husband. I guess maybe the government doesn't want to get any embarrassing letters beginning, "Dear Uncle Sam: I look your advice about getting a job and I got one. Then, I took your advise about getting a husband and I got one. Now, please kive me seme advice about how to get a job for my husband." Kieburg Answers King Ranch Owner MEXICO CITY—(XP)—The joint Mexico - United States campaign against the foot and mouth disease among cattle of 16 states was explained Friday night by Oscar Flores, undersecretary of agriculture and Mexican co-director of the work. Flores said tho disease had been eliminated in some districts and halted in o'.hcrs and that the campaign is proceeding satisfactorily. Commenting on criticisms by Robert J. Kleberg, Jr., owner of the great Texas "King Ranch". Flores said the-United States and Mexico keep separate accounts of their Joint expenditures such as pajftnefti for cattle killed. He said when slaughtered cattle are sold on the market the «•?. ccipts RO to the Mexico-U. S. Joint- Commission and are used in the campaign. Klebcrg. in ft comment made at New York Wednesday, said "unless there is an immediate slaughter and burial in quicklime on the pre" mlscs. without any attempt at salvage, it (the foot ahd mouth disease) is a direct threat to the cattle . and dairy, sheep, goat and swihd industries here." Tho largest Belgian mineral pior duclion is coal of which over 25 million tons are produced each ycav. All Texas Crops Progressing—USDA AUSTIN— (IP) —Texas commercial vegetable crops continued to show satisfactory progress through the second half of May, the United States Department of Agriculture reported Saturday. The only unfavorable conditions reported were in parts of the lower valley tomato areas, where two periods of heavy rains retarded progress and caused some damage, and scattered areas in North and East Texas, which were said still to be a little too wet. USDA said a good crop of East Texas tomatoes is in prospect. Onion harvest is half done in Central Texas and good growth is reported in North Texas. A good crop of Central Texas potatoes is in prospect and the Panhandle summer crop is in good condition. Cantaloupe and watermelon crops, late in all districts, promise good yields in most areas. IT'S HEBE THE An Odorless, Safe, Economical Garbage Disposal Unit. It Dehydrates All Kitchen Garbage. You will marvel at its appearance and praclibilily. SEE IT AT— LANE SALES CO. 715 W. Foster Pampa, Texas ANNOUNCEMENT H. R. MILLER K. I. (JACK) DUNN ANNOUNCE THE PURCHASE ' OF PAMPA OFFICE SUPPLY In the future as has been in the past, we will continue, with the same fine service. Tho firm name, address & phone number will remain unchanged. "Everything for the Office 211 N. Cuyler is the Score Compare the cars in number of QUALITY FEATURES MOST HIGH-PRICED CARS HAVE LOW-PRICED PLYMOUTH, HAS LOW-PRICED CAR #2 HAS LOW-PRICED CAR "#3 HAS 21 . 20 9 8 if i! N Value yon want Til by far The new Quality Chart shows you the 20 'features of high-priced cor? (oun4 in'lqw-priced Plymouth. It proves that neither of the other two Iea4ia9 low-priced care has hall qs Wgay ojl these features. Your Jiearby Plymouth dealer will jrlad to show you the Quality ^hojrf. H$'l] apcept y,«jur orde.r» •999:4 ?<we p| you» present coy whjUg ywVe x woittRg (<« Y9W - f

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