Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas on January 13, 1939 · Page 3
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Corsicana Semi-Weekly Light from Corsicana, Texas · Page 3

Corsicana, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 13, 1939
Page 3
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THE CORSICANA. SEtyl-WEEKLY LIGHT, FRIDAY, JANUARY 18, 1989. THREE Ill LABORER PUTS 'TEN DOLLAR BILLS \ IN CHURCH PLATE . SHENANDOAH, la., Jan. 10.— (IP)—They are still talking about the shower of $10 bills that fell in the collection plate at the tlrst Christian church here Sunday. The $10 bills were placed in the plate anonymously. On the ' unmarked envelope were Instructions that the money be used to re-decorate the building. The Rev. M. F. Lyerla, pastor, of County Home demonstration Clubs said he learned the Identity the contributor, but refused divulge his name, other than to say that he was— A farm laborer working by the month. Navarro County PTA Council Luncheon On Saturday at 12:30 The Navarro County Council P F. A. will meet Saturday at 12:30 at the Navarro hotel for a luncheon meeting, it has been announced by Mrs. N. J. Middlehrook, Rich land, president. Mrs. Holt, presl dent of the Twelfth district, wll be the speaker. All members are urged to at tend and reservations 'should b< made to Mrs. Mlddlebrook some time Friday. Slngtni? Friday Night. The regular Friday night sing Ing class will meet at the cour . house Friday night at 7:30. Th public Is cordially invited to at Oak Valley Club, Bloodtestlng to rid poultry locks of white diarrhea pays he poultry raiser, Miss Clara E. lettlger, home demonstration agent, told the Oak Valley Home Demonstration Club, In tho home of Mrs. E. F. Minor January 9. Three reasons for ridding the lock of white diarrhea. Miss Rettlger said were 'increased egg )roductlon, increased hatchabll- ty of eggs and prevention of newly batched chickens being carriers and spreading the disease with a probable loss of 60 >er cent of the young birds be- 'ore they are ten days old. Miss Rettlger exhibited a box and a needle used In blood testing by a local poultry man. She explained how to extract a drop of blood from beneath the fowl's wing, mixing with a drop of Pullorum disease stained antigen and when dropped on a mirror tho warmth of the fowl, If this mixture dries plain the fowl is allrlght, but if it crystallzes and turns a little blue the bird is a carrier and should be culled out. The nine members present reported 2,820 containers, canned in the home pressure cookers in 1938. Mrs. W. B. Owen was appointed kitchen demonstrator. Mrs. 3. H. Willis was a visitor from the White's Chapel Club. The next meeting will be with Mrs. L. K. Carraway, Jan 25.—5 Reporter. tend. A large crowd is expected with a large number of singers taking part on the program. Sun Want Ads Bring Results. LOCAL TEACHERS IN MONTHLY SESSION ON MONDAY EVENING Meeting In regular monthly session Monday night at the Senior High School, members of the Corsicana Teachers' Association heard two members of their own faculty speak on educational trends and problems. Miss Sarah Holman spoke on "A Reading Program for Elementary School Children" and H. C. Allen gave an address on "The Responsibility of the Pupil." Association members elected Misses Annie Maudo Shaw, Alma Armstrong, and Anna Bell Klber and H. C. Allen to the District House of Delegates which will meet In Temple Saturday. W. H. Norwood, superintendent was nominated to attend the meet- ng of the state House of Delegates. Julius Dorsey of Dallas, the scheduled speaker for tho evening was unable to attend. In speaking of a reading program for the elementary grades Hiss Holman said that more than 20 per cent of the elementary pupils' time la spent in reading and practice for reading. In spite of the excellence ol reading material available the reading problem of the pupil Is a continuous one. Miss Holman said An allied problem Is the fact that many of the pupils who have learned to read well have not developed a taste for good reading and do not read widely, she con tlnued. The reading problem is not ex cluslvely a problem of the ele- ADAMS CASH GROCERY 210 North Commerce • Corsicana, Texas FRIDAY AND SATURDAY Beilt on Earth, AsU ^ ' ^ ._. 1*>9 SUGAR COCOA BROOMS 5 String, Each .., '.AMP GLOBE. No. 2, lOo value 05c mentary school, but Is applicabl to the high school as well, Mis Holman said. At the present tlmo she reported, an active reading program is going forward in the Corslcana schools. Tests are being given, pupils in an effort to discover their basic reading faults and to set new grading standards. The pupil as well as the teacher has a responsibility, H. C. Alen told the teachers present. Self discipline is Invaluable to the student, he said. Closely linked with self discipline* Is responsibility. Responsibility is important If the student is to un'derstand the purpose of education, ho said. Mr. Allen said .that facts or the ahlllty. to think are as important as anything In education. "The boy or girl who has accumulated a store of facts is not necessarily educated," he said. "Facts are Important only when they are under the control of self discipline. The student must realize that an education Is not the means toward avoiding work but the means which will point the way toward doing more work more efficient- Annual Meeting First National Elect Officers Directors and officers of the First National Bank of Corslcana were re-elected at annual meet- ngs held Tuesday afternoon. Bank fflcials reported the Institution had completed a very successful rear and was In a strong posl- lon for the future. J. N. Edens, president of the ank, said all officials v/ere optimistic and that ample funds were available for financing all of tho needs of the community, either new or old enterprises. Total resources of the Institution as re-, ported on Dec. 31 to the comp- roller of the treasury amounted o slightly in excess of five and half million dollars. At the annual stockholders meeting, the following directors were re-elected: J. N. Edens, Mrs. Kate H. Whitselle, J. L. Whlte- selle, J. D. Cunningham, R. D- Fleming, J. B. Fortson, R. L. Wheelock, A. M. Mllllgan, J. H. Roberts, J. L. Collins, J. N. Gar- Hty, C. A. Tatum, J. N. Edens, Jr., W. C. Stroube, Mrs. H. O. Johnston, A. G. Elliott and H. R. Stroube. The following officers were renamed at the meeting of the new board of directors: President, J. N. Edens; vice-presidents, A. M. Milllgan, Mrs. Kate H. Whiteselle, H. R. Stroube, J. L. Whiteselle; active vice-presidents, J. N. Gar- Itty, and A. G. Elliott; cashier and trust officer, J. H. Roberts; assistant cashiers, F. "" Llndaey, Chas. W. Croft J. H. irown, S. W. Allen. MUSINGS OF A TRAVELLER ON MT. OF TRANSFIGURATION* Sturdy-legged Men Were Jesus and His Companions, Who Climbed to One of Harmon's Heights for a Rendezvous With Moses and Elijah—Glimpses of Glory. By WH.UAM T. ELLIS VICKS Vapo-Kub, Sfio size ... LARD Bring Your Bucket, Ib. . 09c PLENTY BULK GARDEN SEED ly. Following the addresses, Mr. Norwood complimented the speakers on the excellence of the material presented and expressed a wish that in the future more programs of a similar nature could ba presented. Dallas Woman Burled In Frost. DALLAS, Jan. 10.—Mrs. Fannie Strain Reeves, aged- 40 years, died at the family home Monday. The body was taken overland to Fros where services were held Tuesday. Surviving are her husband, Ray Reeves, Dallas, and other relatives. K. WOLENS AND OIL CITY WINNERS TUESDAY NIGHT Oil City defeated the Dr. Pepper team Tuesday night in the Y. M. C. A.-sponsored Independent basketball league, with a score of 34-25. In the second game of the evening, K. ' Wolens defeated Rural Shade, 44-20. Wednesday night Byrd will play Powell at 7 o'clock and Navarro will play Kerens at 8 o'clock. At 9 o'clock the Navarro girls will play the Kerens girls. Friday at 7 o'clock the Powell boys' team will play Union High and at 8 o'clock Navarro will play the State Home. At 9 o'clock the Bryan Independent girls' team will play the Y. C. A. A. Coca Cola girls' team. Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock Plckett will play a team which has yet to be announced and at 3 o'clock Montford will oppose ''an unannounced team. Thursday night Dr. Pepper will play Union High at 8 o'clock and Currle will play Bazetto o'clock. at 9 Team standing of the independent league is as follows: Team— W. L. Pet Oil City ......5 01000 K. Wolens ..4 1 800 The Right Way Is The Cheapest In The Long Run Use Genuine Ford Parts \ On Your Next Repair Job O There is no substitute for the Genuine Ford Parts. Use' them in all of your Ford repairs. They're dependable and will give longer and much better service. o Our mechanical department is fully equipped with all the special machinery and trained mechanics to do your job well, no matter how large or small. 'o Our parts department is one of the most complete in , the Southwest. CALKINS & DUBLIN. INC. N. 12th Street Telephone 262 Dr. Pe Rural !PP< Shi ier lade .2 2 .2 3 600 400 Less than year ago I spent i eight weeks In Palestine; and, despite the killing times that prevailed, Milady and I went to and fro over tho Land. One of our outstanding trips was to Caesarca Phlllppt, with the ascent to Castle Nimrud. When we returned to Tabgha after dark we learned that the road we had taken was officially closed, In fear of the terrorists. It was while sojourning in Caesarea Philippl, or in the villages nearby—for Jesus never overlooked tho little villages— that the Master took His three most intimate friends, Peter, James and John, up into the mountain for a prayer retreat that proved to bo the marvellous experience of the Transfiguration, Nobody knows tho exact site of the Transfiguration. Before the days of historical research, graceful Mt. Tabor, near Nazareth, place. We now know that there was by many thought to be the was a village and a fortress on top of Mt. Tabor In the days of our Lord. Nevertheless, Tabor's peak, which can be reached by automobile, Is worth visiting for the' view, and for the beautiful church which now crowns it. Scholars are agreed that some spur or peak of Mt. Hermon wai the spot whore heaven touched earth, when Moses and Elijah representing the Old Testamen Law and the Prophets, dcscendee from glory to talk with Jesus about the subject of supreme In tercst to heaven and to earth— tho approchlng crucifixion of th Saviour. A Traveller's Memories After an examination of the an clent town of Banlas, dotted wit" antiquities, and a picnic lunch eon by the spring that is th main source of tho Jordon, w set out to climb the nearest spu of Mt Hermon, to visit the ruin of Castle Nimrud, one of th greatest remains of Crusader pos session of the Holy Land. W secured horses and donkeys 1 the village—such horses!—and se out for the steep and stony as cent, much of it trackless. Som cowboy may have my chance th next time. Returning, after ha\ Ing been twice nearly throw over a precipice by a horse wit saddle' slipping down over it neck, I decided to walk down— the stoniest road I have eve traversed. Nevertheless, the mighty cast with/ Its matchless view was am pie reward for the cold and dl ficult climb. What builders those Crusaders were! While my companions, two priests, a Scotch soldier-archaeologist, a Palestlan government official, and Milady, prowled about the wonderful works of the vast fortress, I sat In the sun, sheltered from the Bazette ,...-.•..-..1 3 250 Currie 1 3 250 Union High 0 3 000 Box scores for Tuesday night's games are as follows: Oil City, 34: Player— fg ft pf tp F. Doolin 2 1 0 5 W. Doolin 4 119 Kennedy 4 1 2 9 Pollard 3 208 Allmon 1 103 Totals ,T.:.-...14 8 3 34 Dr. Pepper, 28: Stokes 4........3 Reed Compton Dosser 1 0 Adams, 0 0 White 3 0 Denbow 0 0 Sloan ••! 0 626 .0 00 0 .4129 2 2 1 0 3 6 0 0 0 2 Totals 12 11025 K. Wolens, 44: Player— fg ft pf tp Hobbs 5 1 1 11 Sessions 0 1 1 1 McClanahan 7 0 0 14 Gill Armstrong 2 Frost B Wheat ...... .1 Jamison 0 Tramel 0 Totals 20 Rural Shade, 20: 0 010 0 0 0 10 -2 0 002 0 0 0 000 4 3 44 2 4 1 4 0 4 1 4 024 Griffins 2 Coffey • 2 Henderson 1 Trent i 2 Fan-Is 2 Davis 0 000 Totals 9 2 0 20 Referee, Broughton. Corporation Court. Two charges of Intoxication, no of falling to come to a halt lefore making a right turn on a ed light, and one of speeding irought offenders into the Corsl- iana Corporation Court Thursday nornlng. Four persons were arrested by :lty officers during the past 24 'lours for investigation. Poultry O Poultry We will pay top price for poultry, at,all times In. line with, market conditions. Will pay following until i.ext Monday: Turkey Hens, pound 17o Toms, Market Price According to Quality. Good Colored Hens, lb....llo Good Leghorn Hens, Ib... 0o Cooks, pound 60 Good Colored, Fryers, S}* Ibs. down, Ib Uo Good Leghorn Fryers, lb..Uo Number One Hides, Ib... 7o Good Sound Pecans, lb..5Wo Fresh Eggs, dozen Uo A.B.Walker and. Son biting blasts by a bit of wall, and while enjoying the rare, rare view, speculated Upon this outstanding summit as the possible site of the Transfiguration. Incidentally, I mused upon the physical prowess of Jesus and His friends, whose sturdy legs carried them all over the Land, and up many a mountain. Lusty, out-of- doors men were they, and not the pale, effeminate figures of our stained glass windows. If this spot, most accessible to Caesarea Phlllppl, was not the scene of the Transfiguration, some one of the other peaks of Hermon under my eye was surely the place where was enacted this unique and transcendent drama. I was certainly In the Transfiguration area, as I pondered the meanings of this great transaction for the life of today. The Great Change There come moments to all sensitive spirits .when things spiritual are more real than all that s material; when heaven seems closer than earth; and the divine Dosslblllties of tho human for .ho moment emerge, Wo are more than flesh and bones. As ons has said,, "We have bodies, jut we are souls." For a brief time on the-moun- :aln top the spirit of Jesus shono :hrough His bodily frame. Lika His heavenly companions—saints who also had been "despised and rejected of men"—Christ's outward appearance changed to a glistening whiteness, as If He were suffused with light. He was transfigured, so that His whole being glowed with supernal radl- nce. Was this a for.e-gllmpse of tho state of all tho redeemed? We know from the fact that Moses and Elijah appeared in recognizable identity, that personality persists beyond tho grave, This Transfiguration experience, climaxed by tho Voice from tho clouds affirming Christ's sonshlp to God, was a fortifying experience for the forthcoming ordeal of a little hill-called Mt; Calvary. Jesus was reassured of His status and mission. His comforters were the great ones of ancient Israel who had themselves walked the Sorrowful Way. There are those, even among the clergy, who disparage or subordinate the cruflxlon of Jesus. Yet it was the one theme deemed worthy of discussion by the glorified three on the' mountain top. A sermon without the cross In it is not according to tho pattern revealed in the mount. "Forbid it, Lord, that I should boast, Save in the cross of Christ, my Lord." Peter Speaks Up. Chrysostom called Peter "the mouth of the apostles," He was usually the one to speak up first, though often without thought. With his two companions, weary and sleepy, he had seen the unparalleled wonder of this rendezvous of the three glorified mountain men—Moses of Sinai and Nebo; Elijah of Carmel and Horeb; Jesus of many mountains o o o oooooooooooo o , o o ' The Sunday Sobtol LBS- o o eon for January 15 is "Po- o o ter Sees Christ's Glory."— o o Matthew 17:1-18; II Peter 1: o o 16-18, o o lat were His refuge for prayer, ho feelings of the beholders ere of awe and ccstacy and ansport. Why not abide in this oly spot? So Peter proposed that ' he utld three booths, such as these ut-of-doors men so well knew, nd that they remain on the ount of Transfiguration. Ah, loughtlcss Peter, even you should avo known that experiences of gh feeling arc never porma- ent. They have their place; and od pity tho person who has ever experience an hour of oos- acy; but life is to bo lived, not n rare mountain tops, but down n tho plain where sin and suf- crlng and service havO their bode. No commentator has over mlss- d the significance of tho fact hat the Transfiguration was fol- owed by contact with tho crowds clow, and tho healing of the plleptlc lunatic. There Jesus ex- lounded the truth of faith for jervlcc. Our high hours must work out through tho common days. SEVEN SENTENCE SERMONS I sum up all my desires for you In tho single prayer, that you nay be kept from the peril of th< esser good.—Henry Churchll King. • • • Humility Is the first sign of t healthy spiritual state—Gelkle. Is thy cruse of comfort falling' Rise and share It with an other, And through all the years o famine, it shall servo thee and thy brother; Love dlvlno will fill thy store house, or thy handful stll renew; Scanty fare for one will often make a royal feast for two. —George H. Morrison. • * * He hath no power at all tha hath no power to use.—Bailey. • * * Be sure your sin will find yo out.—Numbers 32.23. • • * Two men looked through prison bars, The one saw mud—the other, stars. —Anon. • • • No one is worthy of the best the world can afford who has not schooled himself to do without It when It cannot be obtained except at the prlco of dishonor.— G. W. Cooke. WOMAN PRINCIPAL TEAGUE SCHOOL TO GET BOYD AWARD Special Subscription Campaign Daily Sun Was Won By Girl In the recent sixty day special ubacrlptlon campaign put on hrough tho regular carrier boys f the Dally Sun and which clos- id January 1, Miss Bettln Sue 3onner was first place winner; /ampbell Olllesple, Jr., won sws- nd place and Posey Holljngsworth was third place winner. Substantial cash awards were made to tho winners with many new subscribers being added to he Daily Sun subscription Hat. '""red A. DuBose, circulator, made ho awards Tuesday night. Attended Jackson Dny Dinner. KERENS, Jan. 10.—(Spl.)— Lmonff those from Kerens at- omlltiR tho Jnckson Day Dinner »t .the Adolphus hotel In Dal- las Saturday evening were Keprc- sentatlve James E. Taylor, Postmaster J. C. Clayton, ChalrmAh of tho State Board of Education Dr. J. C. Blair, anad Navarro Co. Democratic Chairman N. a, Cr iwford. ase Misery COLDS to Lead the field in Flour £= 48 i $1.09 Shortening"14' 39c Meal ''•'•" 2O '-. 29c tf *»*»«* «•**«*£ <"• Spaghetti^ 60*. — ^ macaroni «^ z ^-sc Pork & Beans --•• -' 5c Brooms Oleo V Liberty 8-Sew Bach TEAGUE; Jan. 11.—<spu—MISS Sallle Mounger, principal of the O. M. Roberta grammar school here, will become the first woman to receive tho coveted"W. R. Boyd, Jr., Civic Service Cup at a community-wide banquet to be held In the basement of the First Presbyterian church next Monday evening, Jan. 16. Misa Mounger was the unanimous choice of the TeagUQ Business Mens' club delegated by Mr Boyd to select the person in the town most worth- of public recognition for community service Her work in pushing the care of underprivileged children in the O M. Roberta school and her ftom- munlty pride and loyalty demonstrated throughout her twenty years of service as a teacher ir the Teague schools were two of tho chief factors in winning 1 for her this honor. Sick and Convalescent. Mrs. Vitula Miller of Kerens la resting well at the P. and S. Hos nltal. She Is a medical patient. Mrs. Buddy Scarborough of Kerens has been discharged from the P. and S. Hospital. Mrs. H. A. Hagler of MesquUa la improving at the P. and S, Hospital. Mrs. Pete Lewis of Purdon un. derwnnt an operation at the P and S. Hospital Tuesdy, Mrs. J. M. Marshall, Corslcana 5 is expected to be able to return to her home Wednesday afternoon from the P. and S. Hospital. J. W. Holsey, who recently un derwent a major operation at the P. and S. Hospital, was reported Improving Wednesday. J. M. Bradley, patient at tho Navarro Clinic, was doing very well Wednesday. Not now/ ... thanks to Blttk- Dratight. Often that droopy, tired feeling is caused by constipation, an everyday thief of energy. Don't put up with It. Try the fine old vegetable medicine that simply makes the lazy colon go back to work and brings prompt relief. Just ask for BLACK-DRAUGHT.. "An old friend NOTICE • Interest through and including the calendar year of 1988 will bo paid on consumer's deposits, Bring your deposit receipt with you when you call at our office for your interest, or mall it to our Corsicana office, Morth Main Street, Texas Power and Light ' Company I5c Best Spread 2- 23C Pancake Flour Tomatoes " ra Vienna Sausage Potted Meat Hot Sauce Big Hit Sib. No. 8 cans Good No. 1-2 Lunch can IOC Good Lunch Chefs Pride 2 No. Soz. bot. 5c 5c 5c -MEATS- Briafcet Seven Roast Heavy Beef Steaks Young Tender Ib. 12 2 c * 15C Bacon Pork Sausage Lard Fish Old Fashioned Ib. 100% Pure Ib. Pure Hog Fresh Water Ib. Ib. 19c I5c IOC IOC Lettuce Icobortr ' 3 £ 10c Apples Oranges Turnsps and Tops Purple Globe, A . J A_ Green Topi J ' or \\J\j Wlnesap doz. 288nlze Calif. doz. ISc Southland Crackers Peanut Butter 8lb. boxes Frontier qt. 23C Butter Prunes Safowa;

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